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Via: “Brother of [Nikolas de Jesus] Cruz victim brutally twatterslays FBI over Trump raid.”

I like the cut of this man’s shiv. Straight to the beating heart of the Creep State! Mueller isn’t even pretending to be hunting for Russia collusion anymore, is he? (That’s because Clinton-Britain Collusion is the real collusion, and Clinton lackey snake in the grass Mueller knows it, so he’s been making himself busy finding *anything* on Trump — including perfectly legal hush payments to past porn star lovers — to cover his own ass for his failure to evidentially support the fantasies of hysterical shitlibs.)


Tucker Carlson joins Ann Coulter as the most redpilled media personalities still permitted a platform by IngSoc to speak uncomfortable truths openly and freely. But for how much longer?

Die for Trump first, die for Tucker second.
-MPC Status Updates

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Shiv Of The Week

Sometimes a picture stabs a thousand shivs.

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Baron Ungern-Zimmerman (TM) draws the Shiv of the Week by drawing an excellent analogy between Western women and that Twilight Zone episode featuring the evil, all-powerful child.

[The swarthy rapefugee] hit the right baboon buttons on the back of her brain. The strongest, smartest, handsomest, best color-coordinated, well paid, conscientious, most well spokended, fat penisted, masters of ceremonies, best tile laying, or most talented at playing the kazoo do not survive. Only the fittest for the conditions which they face.

Unfortunately, the current conditions are similar to that Twilight Zone episode, “It’s A Good Life,” where an omnipotent child holds everyone hostage according to his whim. That child is the unleashed vicissitudes of the female hindbrain.

This is what happens when you give too much social and political power to women: they act out, refuse all personal responsibility or accountability for any of their actions, and demand immediate satisfaction of any whim which happens to cross their minds.

In other words, it’s like giving power to a child. Don’t expect good things to come from that. Do expect caprice, cruelty, and short-sighted stupidity.

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Shiv of the Week goes to the person or persons who put up this id-rending sign in the beating heart of Shitlibistan. Bonus shiv points for making it look like a legitimate State authorized welcome sign. I would guess Sabo did this handiwork, and for obvious reasons can’t take public credit for it.

Trump should retweet this photo with this simple attached message: DEMS WANT CHEAP VOTES, GOPE WANTS CHEAP LABOR. THEY GET MS13! That would go a long way to scaring the living FUCK out of the Globohomo Uniparty, and practically guarantee a successful realization of his nationalist-populism MAGAgenda.

As reader PA has said, shitlibs have to know they don’t own the public spaces. Not anymore. There’s a new agitator in town, and he’s had it up to here with the leftoid orthodoxy.

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Twatter link. JClod throws around a lot of pedophile insults. Skypological projection? (yes)

More predictable lack of self-awareness from our chosen caricature:

Do bottleneck tribalists have no mirrors in their homes?

Save these confessionals of distilled anti-White Christian hate from the likes of JClod, because when #110 arrives no one will be able to feign ignorance about why it happened.

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….the world of bitter bitches and spiteful betas.

From Chavo Ruco (Gab @chavoruco):

Look at these respective ages and you can see why Jonah Goldberg is so invested in white-knighting and moralizing.
Jonah Goldberg, 48
Mrs. Jonah Goldberg, 54
Mrs. Roy Moore, 56
Roy Moore, 70


That wasn’t a shiv, it was a battle axe that cleaved Goldberg’s soul in two.

So much sublimated bitterness and spite from prissy white knights who couldn’t pull the young tail Roy Moore pulled. The history of the world can be explained by the envy of the beta bitchboy mob and ugly feminists clawing and tearing at anything beautiful and true and natural.

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“You call that a shiv? Now THIS is a shiv!”

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