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Heritage America is blessed to have this man as our President. Our avatar.

PS Have fun counting up all the shitlibs in the comments on that Twatter feed who don’t know what “per capita” means.

PPS Call it the Trump Blessing. Lindsey Graham has learned to love the fight.

“The other side has proven how badly they want power,” Graham said. “What else will you do to get power, if you want power so much you’ll ruin a good man’s character and his family.”

Graham, who sits on the Judiciary Committee and had previously supported President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominees, conveyed his anger over the Democrat’s antics.

“I’m pissed,” Graham said. “I voted for Sotomayor and Kagan because that’s how it used to be … when a new president comes in he gets to choose the judicial nominees.”

Invoking the attacks Democrats have made on prior Republican Supreme Court nominees, Graham asserted the party had to learn that there were electoral consequences for “playing dirty” and losing.

“Why is it always our people?” Graham asked. “Why us? Bork, Thomas, Alito, and now Kavanaugh. Why us? Because it’s a noble cause in their eyes to destroy a conservative judicial candidate, and I hope it blows up in their face. I hope politically they pay a price for this … losing is not enough, they need to pay a price at the ballot box.”

As an emailer wrote, “Graham is now WOKE. It’s something.”

It really is. And we can thank Trump for waking the slumbering saxon beast.

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From commenter L, a perfect set-up and demolishment of a gaggle of virtue clucking swpl shitlibs:

My favorite thing to do is to out-radical the lefties in my 98% White lefty neighborhood. At a dinner party a while back and this one lefty is spouting pro-illegal immigration nonsense. Rather than argue with him, I proposed to the whole group that I wanted to start taking contributions to open a non-profit that would go around buying good homes to use for multiple illegal immigrant families at once.

Me: “Think of all the families we could ‘save’…”

You could feel the love in the room building.

And then I dropped the bomb: “You know, there’s a house for sale right down the street that we could buy if we could just pull together $20k. I’d totally be willing to trade in one of my Benzes to help…”

The group, “Which house do you mean?”

Me: “You know the one right next to . . .(lefty loudmouth)…it’s perfect for this…”

The feeling of horror from every single sound being sucked out of the room was palatable. I never surrendered the frame, but every single person in the room realized that I had just nuked their bullshit from orbit. All without saying one contrary word.

My wife LOVED IT.

Congratulations, L, you have earned the Chateau Shiv of the Week (some say to be so recognized is akin to knighthood).

Yes, those White shitlibs are all about Love Wins and Open Borders….as long as the tokens of their empty virtue are resettled into neighborhoods where only Trump-supporting Whites live. Once their emotionally adopted pets get a leetle too physically close, the virtue mewling spigot shuts right off!

PS Your wife loved it because, like all women, she is aroused by a man demonstrating social dominance. All women adore a de facto fascist; all women loathe a weak man.


Comment from Theodora,

The irony is that while many shitlibs are hypocrites when it comes to #refugeeswelcome in their homes and neighborhoods, a lot of Christians of evangelical and Catholic persuasion are true believers ready to relocate Somalis and Guatemalans in their own families, streets and cities. Oftentimes the cuckservatives are more dangerous than the shitlibs, because the latter are virtue-signaling attention-whores while the former are self-sacrificial masochistic fanatical lemmings. Hypocrysy versus stupidity.

Agreed. In the way you’ve explained, the sincere christcucks are bigger threats to America than the phony white libs. Maybe because they are stupider than the SWPL libs? Stupid people tend to take their own gaseous rhetoric seriously.

FYI I have a post in the queue about refugee resettlement NGOs (aka fonts of genocidal evil). While HIAS [Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society] is in the news now thanks to Bowers, Jews are not the only subversive group active in the demographic displacement business. Many Catholic and Evangelicuck charities are happily relocating Somalis into your backyard.

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The strongest man in the world recently got engaged to a petite minx.

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson plays Ser Gregor Clegane “The Mountain” on Game of Thrones. More importantly, he’s 6’9” and currently the strongest man in the world. Even more importantly, he got married this weekend in his native Iceland to a 5’2” Canadian, body-building woman named Kelsey Morgan Henson.

His arm is bigger than both of her legs together.

FYI, ladies, THIS is what a female body-builder should look like: in shape, not shape-shifted into a man.

A reader emails,

The BIG, strong guy gets the sweet, petite hottie.

How come she didn’t want a pasty little guy who respects her and would never proceed to first base without a signed, notarized consent?

How come he did not want a strong wahmon with blue hair, tats, and a muffin top instead of a waistline?


Big men are often found coupled with petite women. Naturally, big-framed or overly-muscled women psychologically project their preference for a big man to complement them onto men, fooling themselves that big men have the same tastes as big women. Nope. Big men, like medium-sized men and small men, prefer sexy lithe slender white hot foxy ladies.

And all women, big, medium, small, prefer men bigger than themselves.

It’s the God of Biomechanics once again making mockery of feminism and puling soyboyism.

Another little truth that feminists and soyboys run from: hsmv women LOVE LOVE LOVE to feel impotent and vulnerable in the arms of a physically powerful man. Candy is dandy, but tossing her around like a rag doll in bed makes her knickers slicker.


Shiv of the Week:

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The NPC meme is the best meme since Pepe. This thing has legs.

SJWs and generic unaffiliated shitlibs have two thermal exhaust ports: they are most vulnerable to mockery which targets their fears of being conformist suckups and of being unoriginal, predictable bores.

The NPC meme — a humanoid graphic which substitutes a blank ASCII face for expressiveness, to which is attached standard neolib boilerplate — is the sort of soulkilling reminder that the SJW hordes don’t think for themselves and lean on digestible anti-White pabulum to help them feel unique. It’s a clever repurposing of the autism slur to apply to social media consumed leftoids who mouth late night talk show shibboleths thinking it makes them renegades.

Once again, the fine volk at /pol/ earn the coveted Chateau Shiv of the Week for their NPC meme addition to the memescape.

PS How will you know the NPC meme has pierced shitlib vitals? By their wails of protest, of course:

ps NPC is a role-playing video game acronym meaning Non-Player Character. NPCs were stock characters inserted into games to help progress the storyline. They said the same lines every time you met them, which is where the humor of the meme originates.

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The clearest analysis of feminist psychology is that it’s egocentrism driven by raw envy, and psychological projection is how they obfuscate that fact about themselves.

“I know you are but what am I!” It’s the mentality of a child.

FYI the guy who posted this got personally banned by Lil’ Lucifer Jack Dorsey. (It’s his company, after all. The buck stops at his bugdesk.)

The surest way to get kicked off Twatter is to post stone cold truths.

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Woowee that shiv pierced the inner sanctum where little shitlib virtue signals are born and sent out into the world.

For more of these stone cold shivs, see this list of id-killers collated by AE.

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Juan McAmnesty deserves nothing less as an epitaph than President Trump Instagramming a photo of himself in the Oval Office accompanied by formulaic condolences.

For this version of a Happy Dance, Trump earns the Shiv of the Week award. Those poison-tipped shivs that prick the skin ever-so-subtly to deliver an area effect lethal dose to the coalition of phony admirers and globohomo co-conspirators who wagon-circle the deceased warmonger are the shivs most worth savoring.

PS Songbird died on the same day that Ted “I promise this immigration act won’t change the ethnic composition of America” Kennedy died, nine years ago, and from the same cancer. The Lord works in hysterical ways.


From commenter Ralph Stanley,

NPR and social media are gushing over John McCain. Their obvious lack of sincerity is extremely creepy. They always despised him, except to the extent that he and Never-Been-Married-Lindsey Graham could serve as opposing voices to Trump. Now they pretend to honor him? This is the stuff of ghouls.

I mean, I’m supposed to listen to some lisping, limp-wristed up-talker praise McCain’s military service and take him at his word? Much like the cancer that ravaged the senator’s brain, the media is increasingly a tumor metastasizing inside America’s soul.

Honestly, Trump’s response is actually more sincere and respectful — rather than pantomiming affection for a political enemy, he is offering condolences to the family. Anything more than that would have been interpreted as phony, weak, or both.

Good point. The thing that really drives the LeftMedia insane is that Trump is sincere like they have never been in their miserable lives. So when they lash out at Trump’s “lies” what they are really doing is projecting their own lying shitsouls onto Trump and the Sincere Americans who support him. There’s no spiteful envy quite like the envy of a zero integrity lying sack of shit for xir’s laudable betters.

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