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From thefinn,

“If you like your western civilization, you can keep your western civilization”

Trump 2020

A bit unfair to the Greatest President in my lifetime, but not wholly without merit (“I want lots of people to come here legally!”). We’ll see how the next two years go.

Don’t think of this as a black pill. Instead, think of it as a prodding pill, to coax Trump to keep his campaign promises to the forgotten Americans.

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Ace of Spades richly deserves the Shiv of the Week award for this post in which he takes a steaming dump on Brian Stelter’s penishead and notes that transparency has starkly exposed the lying, malicious, corrupt, leftoid shills which populate every tier of the chaimstream media.

As Mollie Hemingway has said several times, Twitter did improve transparency, and that transparency in turn reduced trust in media.

You showed yourselves for what you really are. We noticed. We adjusted our estimates of you according to the new information.

The thing is, what twitter exposed was not that you were leftwing. We already new that.

What twitter exposed was that you were also dumb, easily duped, eager to believe self-justifying conspiracy theories, thin-skinned, arrogant, incompetent, disgracefully lazy, psychologically (and almost certainly physically) inadequate, dunderheadedly unimaginative and unwilling to consider any idea not within the braindead leftwing Incela Corridor Conventional Wisdom Bubble, prone to the most cowardly go-along-to-get-along sort of groupthink, and weak.

Before Twitter, you were removed from us. Anyone who’s removed seems exalted. We knew you were leftwing political operators, but, and I hate to admit this, your remoteness made you seem like you were… elite.

Now we’ve seen what you really are. You’re C- minus students and fat-assed pencil pushers with a nose for sniffing out the right dicks to suck.

You’re fucking pathetic. You’re Salon Commenters with a personal makeup budget.

That’s what Twitter revealed.

Ace is proof that a person becomes a better writer and thinker when the veil of lies is lifted and forced politeness and aversion to hard truths is abandoned. If I didn’t know better, I’d think Ace was on the precipice of tangling with the [Special Person] Question.

I like to believe I had a positive, osmotic effect on all these newly minted shivlords.

From Heather,

You did, but no one will ever admit it. But don’t feel bad, you escaped Cassandra’s fate. She had the gift of prophecy but was cursed because no one would listen to her. People have listened to you but your curse is, you’ll never get the credit.

If I have helped birth a revolution, I can live without the credit.


PS It’s all on-topic, every last jot and tittle. Pat Buchanan had a couple of great articles this week, one on the separation of political victories from policy victories, and the second on the Democreeps’ descent into nauseating pandering to their black voters, and slandering of America’s heritage.

PPS Dems today:

PPPS media self-awareness MIA:

My heart breaks. No really, it does, I swear it.


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This isn’t a shiv, it’s a scythe.

Scythe of the Week award goes to Trump, for cutting that batty old witch Pelosi in two:

Trump strikes back at Pelosi after a day of silence

The president abruptly yanks Pelosi’s international trip after she pulled a power play by postponing his SOTU address.


Some days, Trump’s tweets and WWE governance are enough for me.

PS James Woods on the Demcreeps’ treasonous plan:

PPS You need this: A Donald Trump ring, from Skull Jewelry. Peacocking: Trump Edition. SABO quips,


PPPS The Master Troll had Pelosi’s luggage returned to her on a cart.

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Shiv Of The Week

That one hit the Left ventricle.

When leftoids got power under Globohomo rule they discovered they liked it. When leftoids realized their power could be entrenched by welcoming and abetting the invasion of tens of millions of Dirt Worlders to vote them into office in perpetuity, they liked it so much that they turned their backs on struggling Heritage Americans and focused all their venomous sophistry against them, until the Deplorables fought back and presented the Left with, first, Trump, and next with….

PS Related: The rise of financial blacklisting.

Can you imagine how scary it would be to live in a world where your livelihood depended on having the ‘correct’ politics? It’s the sort of thing you might expect of totalitarian regimes – Baathist Iraq under Saddam Hussain; everywhere that has ever tried communism; increasingly, Xi’s panopticon China – but definitely not of any liberal democracy in the 21st century. […]

If I were impeccably ‘progressive’, this would be a doddle. I could monetize my content through ads on YouTube, I could crowdfund donations through Patreon, I could promote my work with regular appearances on CNN.  But if you’re snarky and irreverent and you won’t play the virtue-signaling game then your options are much more limited. Any deviation from the path of ‘woke’ righteousness – even just a misjudged joke or a remark taken out of context – can get you branded a ‘far right’ extremist and your audience won’t be allowed to pay you even if they want to. […]

The more important question is, though: ‘Who gets to decide what is hate speech?’ From YouTube and Twitter to Facebook and Patreon, Silicon Valley’s answer seems to be: the kind of Social Justice Warriors who think any viewpoint to the right of Bernie Sanders or Jeremy Corbyn is literally Hitler. […]

Since when did tech sites acquire the function of moral guardians? And when they do, aren’t they creating an even greater injustice than they are purporting to address? Isn’t this war they are conducting on free speech precisely the kind of oppressive authoritarianism that liberal Silicon Valley types ought to deplore? […]

[T]he rot goes much deeper than Patreon. The real pressure, it seems, comes from the payment providers – Visa, Discover, PayPal, especially Mastercard – which have taken to using financial blacklisting as a way of enforcing progressive ideology. ….. Even liberals are starting to worry. Banks and credit card companies, says the left-leaning Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), have become ‘de facto internet censors.’

Where is the DOJ? In bed with their Big Tech and Wall Street lovers, giving each other reacharounds?


Shiv of the Week runner-up: your President Donald J. Trump.

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Shiv Of The Week

I’d call this a memetic killshot.

Is there any position the Democortez Party leaders presently take that they didn’t utterly contradict just a few years ago, before the Reign of Trump drove them over the cliff of power-mad insanity?

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Heritage America is blessed to have this man as our President. Our avatar.

PS Have fun counting up all the shitlibs in the comments on that Twatter feed who don’t know what “per capita” means.

PPS Call it the Trump Blessing. Lindsey Graham has learned to love the fight.

“The other side has proven how badly they want power,” Graham said. “What else will you do to get power, if you want power so much you’ll ruin a good man’s character and his family.”

Graham, who sits on the Judiciary Committee and had previously supported President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominees, conveyed his anger over the Democrat’s antics.

“I’m pissed,” Graham said. “I voted for Sotomayor and Kagan because that’s how it used to be … when a new president comes in he gets to choose the judicial nominees.”

Invoking the attacks Democrats have made on prior Republican Supreme Court nominees, Graham asserted the party had to learn that there were electoral consequences for “playing dirty” and losing.

“Why is it always our people?” Graham asked. “Why us? Bork, Thomas, Alito, and now Kavanaugh. Why us? Because it’s a noble cause in their eyes to destroy a conservative judicial candidate, and I hope it blows up in their face. I hope politically they pay a price for this … losing is not enough, they need to pay a price at the ballot box.”

As an emailer wrote, “Graham is now WOKE. It’s something.”

It really is. And we can thank Trump for waking the slumbering saxon beast.

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From commenter L, a perfect set-up and demolishment of a gaggle of virtue clucking swpl shitlibs:

My favorite thing to do is to out-radical the lefties in my 98% White lefty neighborhood. At a dinner party a while back and this one lefty is spouting pro-illegal immigration nonsense. Rather than argue with him, I proposed to the whole group that I wanted to start taking contributions to open a non-profit that would go around buying good homes to use for multiple illegal immigrant families at once.

Me: “Think of all the families we could ‘save’…”

You could feel the love in the room building.

And then I dropped the bomb: “You know, there’s a house for sale right down the street that we could buy if we could just pull together $20k. I’d totally be willing to trade in one of my Benzes to help…”

The group, “Which house do you mean?”

Me: “You know the one right next to . . .(lefty loudmouth)…it’s perfect for this…”

The feeling of horror from every single sound being sucked out of the room was palatable. I never surrendered the frame, but every single person in the room realized that I had just nuked their bullshit from orbit. All without saying one contrary word.

My wife LOVED IT.

Congratulations, L, you have earned the Chateau Shiv of the Week (some say to be so recognized is akin to knighthood).

Yes, those White shitlibs are all about Love Wins and Open Borders….as long as the tokens of their empty virtue are resettled into neighborhoods where only Trump-supporting Whites live. Once their emotionally adopted pets get a leetle too physically close, the virtue mewling spigot shuts right off!

PS Your wife loved it because, like all women, she is aroused by a man demonstrating social dominance. All women adore a de facto fascist; all women loathe a weak man.


Comment from Theodora,

The irony is that while many shitlibs are hypocrites when it comes to #refugeeswelcome in their homes and neighborhoods, a lot of Christians of evangelical and Catholic persuasion are true believers ready to relocate Somalis and Guatemalans in their own families, streets and cities. Oftentimes the cuckservatives are more dangerous than the shitlibs, because the latter are virtue-signaling attention-whores while the former are self-sacrificial masochistic fanatical lemmings. Hypocrysy versus stupidity.

Agreed. In the way you’ve explained, the sincere christcucks are bigger threats to America than the phony white libs. Maybe because they are stupider than the SWPL libs? Stupid people tend to take their own gaseous rhetoric seriously.

FYI I have a post in the queue about refugee resettlement NGOs (aka fonts of genocidal evil). While HIAS [Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society] is in the news now thanks to Bowers, Jews are not the only subversive group active in the demographic displacement business. Many Catholic and Evangelicuck charities are happily relocating Somalis into your backyard.

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