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Pseudonymous author Publius Decius Mus wrote the equivalent of a pig-roast of #NeverTrump cucks. “The Flight 93 Election” is a great piece of punditry, because it doesn’t shy from the existential truths governing all human societies.

The truth is that Trump articulated, if incompletely and inconsistently, the right stances on the right issues—immigration, trade, and war—right from the beginning.


[I]f [cuckservatives] are right about the importance of [familiar conservative principles] to national health and even survival, then they must believe—mustn’t they?—that we are headed off a cliff.

But it’s quite obvious that conservatives don’t believe any such thing, that they feel no such sense of urgency, of an immediate necessity to change course and avoid the cliff. A recent article by Matthew Continetti may be taken as representative—indeed, almost written for the purpose of illustrating the point. Continetti inquires into the “condition of America” and finds it wanting. What does Continetti propose to do about it? The usual litany of “conservative” “solutions,” with the obligatory references to decentralization, federalization, “civic renewal,” and—of course!—Burke. Which is to say, conservatism’s typical combination of the useless and inapt with the utopian and unrealizable. Decentralization and federalism are all well and good, and as a conservative, I endorse them both without reservation. But how are they going to save, or even meaningfully improve, the America that Continetti describes? What can they do against a tidal wave of dysfunction, immorality, and corruption? “Civic renewal” would do a lot of course, but that’s like saying health will save a cancer patient.


The whole enterprise of Conservatism, Inc., reeks of failure. Its sole recent and ongoing success is its own self-preservation. Conservative intellectuals never tire of praising “entrepreneurs” and “creative destruction.” Dare to fail! they exhort businessmen. Let the market decide! Except, um, not with respect to us.


One of the Journal of American Greatness’s deeper arguments was that only in a corrupt republic, in corrupt times, could a Trump rise. It is therefore puzzling that those most horrified by Trump are the least willing to consider the possibility that the republic is dying. That possibility, apparently, seems to them so preposterous that no refutation is necessary.


Your [cuckservative] job is to show up and lose, but you are a necessary part of the show and you do get paid. To the extent that you are ever on the winning side of anything, it’s as sophists who help the Davoisie oligarchy rationalize open borders, lower wages, outsourcing, de-industrialization, trade giveaways, and endless, pointless, winless war.


First, the opinion-making elements—the universities and the media above all—are wholly corrupt and wholly opposed to everything we want, and increasingly even to our existence. (What else are the wars on “cis-genderism”—formerly known as “nature”—and on the supposed “white privilege” of broke hillbillies really about?) […]

Second, our Washington Generals self-handicap and self-censor to an absurd degree. […]

Third and most important, the ceaseless importation of Third World foreigners with no tradition of, taste for, or experience in liberty means that the electorate grows more left, more Democratic, less Republican, less republican, and less traditionally American with every cycle. As does, of course, the U.S. population, which only serves to reinforce the two other causes outlined above. This is the core reason why the Left, the Democrats, and the bipartisan junta (categories distinct but very much overlapping) think they are on the cusp of a permanent victory that will forever obviate the need to pretend to respect democratic and constitutional niceties. Because they are.


The sacredness of mass immigration is the mystic chord that unites America’s ruling and intellectual classes.


This is insane. This is the mark of a party, a society, a country, a people, a civilization that wants to die. Trump, alone among candidates for high office in this or in the last seven (at least) cycles, has stood up to say: I want to live. I want my party to live. I want my country to live. I want my people to live. I want to end the insanity.


The alleged buffoon [Trump] is thus more prudent—more practically wise—than all of our wise-and-good who so bitterly oppose him. This should embarrass them. That their failures instead embolden them is only further proof of their foolishness and hubris.

I like the stab of this wielder’s shiv.

Go there and read it whole. It’s a nourishing meal.

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Sam Hyde, funny guy and Trollocaust survivor, has taken his ballsy street theater — punking shitlibs on their turf — to the airwaves. His show, “Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace“, has premiered on Adult Swim. It airs Fridays at 12:15AM, Eastern Time. (I haven’t watched it yet, but plan to. Anyone who has, chime in with your thoughts.)

Here’s Sam asking an asian girl about her asian privilege:

Sam Hyde earns CH’s Shiv of the Week. He sets a good example for aspiring shitlords everywhere.

(One reason Sam effortlessly trolls shitlibs into self-mockery is that he’s a sturdy dude. Most of his targets are smaller, and this disparity would reduce the risk of a prompt physical altercation while increasing the odds of a tempered humorous exchange.)

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A reader worthy of wielding the obsidian Chateau shiv sends a screen cap of his Tinder response to a single mom-by-choice. The lols are strong (and frequent) in this one. (Reader’s Twatter handle is @FUSigma.)

How to teach cause-and-effect to Millennial Tinderellas & impose sanctions on single mommery:

(It’s especially effective if it’s done immediately, so that the reason is obvious.)



A few thoughts:

First, this reader’s Game, however little of it he revealed here, is tight. He promptly starts off with a qualifying question, to which the single-mom-by-choice eagerly feels the urge to defend her skankly honor. The quickest seductions occur when the woman is thrown back in the defensive crouch. In fact, the line “So how normal are you?” could legitimately serve as an effective, all-purpose opener. Don’t even bother with the “hi”, just stroll up and drop that hamster nuke at ground zero. It’ll get laughs from the cool, self-confident (read: thin and cute) women, and that’s practically the same as foreplay.

Second, I commend the sly follow-up leading question; not “are you divorced?” (which can trigger an offended rebuttal), but “how long have you been divorced?” This is assume-the-slut Game, and she couldn’t resist correcting his assumption.

Third, this woman is weaponized American Whore, marinated in decades of feminist cunt indoctrination. Her answer — “I’ve never been married lol” — indicates a confidence with, or an obliviousness to, how she’ll be received by men for admitting she shat out a bastard with a fly-by-night jerkboy. She thinks men will praise her. And why does she think men will praise her shitty life choices? Because she probably has experience on Tinder stringing along thirsty beta and omega pre-op Millennial males to treat her nicely and boost her ego major, in return for a fraction of the sex she lavished in one night on her sperm donor.

Fourth, notice all the “lol”s Alayna scatters throughout her banter. This is a tell-tale verbal tic that hints at the desperation and self-doubt lurking underneath her tough skank facade. Insincere LOLs are an attempt to coax intimacy, and a conversational bonding, that doesn’t yet exist. Beta males do it all the time (which is why  they fail). The scattershot LOL is also a ploy to distract someone from keying in on the LOLyer’s personal flaws (which in this case is the single mommery and Samsonite sprog).

Finally, my opinion is that the best message shiv to deliver single moms-by-choice is the pump-and-dump. Leading her on to get what you want out of her — a quick and dirty no muss no fuss lay while avoiding tripping over her kid’s toys on the way to the bedroom, and then ghosting — will leave bloodier stigmata on her soul than the curt “Unmatch”. The problem is that very few men can pull off this cold-hearted maneuver without getting physiologically attached to the pussy and returning repeatedly to that over-used well, because very few men are alpha males accustomed to living with the knowledge of endless sexual market options. Therefore, an alternative special lesson to teach the feminist-brainwashed squadrons of stupidly proud single moms is what FUSigma did here: the rhetorical pump-and-dump.

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Take a bow, everybodyhatesscott, for your magnificent evisceration of our resident she-male, The Spirit Within. You have won our first combo COTW+SOTW.

TSW: Anybody notice that Drumpf’s anti-immigration platform conveniently overlooks the fact that his grandfather (Germany), mother (Scotland), first wife (Czechoslovakia), and third wife (Slovenia)–

–are all immigrants?


Melanie slipped into this country on an H1-B visa, which is intended for highly skilled workers. She’s a model.

What a fucking hypocrite.

Hey dumbass. You have a duty to your fellow countrymen and not more immigrants cause grandad was an immigrant. Jesus you’re a dumb fuck faggot. This is why Voxday doesn’t trust immigrants and he’s 100% right. “I was an immigrant so we should let in more immigrants” If you went to dinner that a friend invited you to and brought 8 other friends cause “I was invited it’s only right I invite everyone” You’d be ridiculed as the piece of shit that you are.

Let’s take a moment of silence here to marvel at The She-Male Within’s viscera glistening on the serrated edge of that mighty shiv.

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The Trumpening earns Shiv of the Week for this soul shot:

I’m sure that Trump will accumulate plenty of SOTWs between now and his inauguration as Leader of the Fashy World.

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Take a look at this photo of Marco Roboto hugging – or trying to hug – his wife Jeanette.

Vagina dominator parses the pic with a shiv twist most lethal,

Very interesting Rubio photo, Corey. How many of the diseases of modernism can we see in just this one photo? He has fag-face and at the same time he has the face of a scheming jew. And who dresses like that?

The woman is completely repulsed by him but she also appears to be an anorexic and a bulimic, the facial thinness in conjunction with the nasal-labial lines being indications of the poor condition of her intestinal flora, which bring on those conditions and other “mental” issues. She won’t hug him but clutches the phone, which she may not be able to put down as the skin of her palm has possibly grown around it.

Note the star of david pattern near the hem of her dress.

The hair indicates depression. She is confused. What color should her hair be and how should it be styled? She can’t decide and won’t listen to advice. So she just lets it grow out, like sidewalk grass outside a derelict building.

Two very unhappy, confused modern people.

Congrats, VD. You have won the Shiv of the Week.

Rubio’s body language reminds me of another sad sack beta male.

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Steve Sailer unearths video of presidential candidate and ur-cuckservative George W Bush deriding “racial profiling” and calling for less scrutiny of Arab airline passengers eleven months before 9/11. Attaboy, W! For this, Steve earns the Shiv of the Week (sharing the shiv with MPC).

Trump, are you reading? Are your people reading? This is what’s known as GAME SET MATCH for your side. You win. Take every opportunity to shove this inconvenient truth into the plush betaBush faces, and make the entire Hivemind equalist leftoid apparatus and Cuckservatism, Inc. squirm with discomfort.

In related clown world news, a swarm of callow female Canadians and their manlet Cacucks elected a vapid shell entity multikultist, who loves foreigners more than he loves his fellow White neighbors, to lead their country further down the browntown shitter. This cipher, Trudeau, fabulously adores hijab-covered muslims so much he wants to import millions of them and preside over oath-swearing ceremonies that resemble a Charlie Brown Halloween costume party if Charlie Brown was a spiteful, backward ingrate committed to the creation of a worldwide caliphate.

Are we in clown world or the lunatic asylum? Ahmud the hoax bomb maker (yes, the nerdo and his fifth column CAIRhead parents knew what they were doing) was warmly received by president Butt Naked to participate in a ritualistic war dance becoming all-too-common nowadays: the celebration of another victory in the gleeful extirpation of Whites from their American cultural birthright.

Oh, and Butt Naked wants to take in thousands of Syrian refugees swindlers and no doubt resettle them in the Whitest parts of America. You know, as a lesson for the others still laboring under the delusion that their Diversity™-free neighborhood is safe from enrichment.

American Whites need to know EXACTLY what all this signifies. It is nothing less than CULTURAL GENOCIDE against White Americans, and White Men in particular. And, if left unchallenged, the ANTI-WHITE CULTURAL GENOCIDE will soon turn into an ACTUAL ANTI-WHITE GENOCIDE, red with the spilled hatreds and perfected vengeance of the degenerate freak mafia.

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