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She gets around‘: NFL star ex-fiance of Jeff Bezos’ new lover Lauren Sanchez claims she cheated on him, expected him to pay for everything and then kept their engagement ring when they split after four years together

ALPHA: giving a young hot chick a bag of Skittles for her birthday and she still loves you

BETA: falling deeply in love with a botoxed, road-worn slut and losing 70 billion in the divorce settlement after your wife finds out

Be Skittles Man, don’t be Jeff Bozo. The billions aren’t worth the effort to earn it if you’ll only blow it on a haggard slut with clown lips.


From P.K. Griswold,

I hereby amend my previous comment wherein I speculated that Bozos warm-opened this skank.

Nope. She opened him.

Sanchez’s hamster recognised Bozos for the pathetic little MARK that he is (probably at a dinner party he hosted) and she moved in for the hypergamous killshot.

Read the text messages; she had him eating out of her hand. Just a matter of time after that before she got her big payday. Good for her. She got what she deserved and so did Bozos.

You reading, Anglin? MONEY IS NOT ALPHA.

Sanchez is the classic femme fatale, minus the femme.

When you endured your formative years as an incel nerd and spent your twenties marinating in self-doubt about your ability to attract decent-looking women, a sudden influx of billions of dollars won’t fix your confidence problem. You’ll still see yourself as that lsmv loser, so when an aging beauty comes onto you, you fall in love.

This is Jeff Bezos.

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Aging, retired porn whore Jenna Jameson did not like Yann Moix pointing out that 50-year-old women are unloveable. She bitched back at him on Twatter. You’ve gotta read the responses in that thread to appreciate just how brutally this walking diseased orifice who opened herself to thousands of cocks to make a living was owned by a crew of shitlords with no patience for fluffing another slore for the skankocracy.

She unleashed a beast…

There’s no safe space for glorified hookers anymore. The id monster roams freely.

PS Jameson sobered up, got married, and had a daughter (who is a good bet to grow up to be a high-def receptacle like her mom). I suppose that’s a lifestyle improvement, but you really have to wonder about the man* who would wife up a Wall-imminent ex-porn actress with a back entrance video catalog of all the men she fucked before him. Talk about sloppy thousandths. It’s one thing to make an honest woman of a fresh-muffed college girl with a few regrets in her short life; it’s quite another to rescue a has-been slam pig from the brink of spinsterhood and lay with her aglow in delusional self-satisfaction as if your pink legume has a chance of applying any friction to a vagina warped beyond recognition by the jackhammering of a caravan of migrant cocks.

PPS I have to laugh at Jameson for becoming indignant at slurs against her age, but indifferent toward and even proud of insults directed at her career of spreading her legs on camera for random pile driving. This goes to show just how badly the Wall shiv pierces female vitals; women know at the deepest hindbrain level that their window of sexual allure is only open for a brief spell, and shuts with an authoritative thud. Zero-point-sero SMV is the threat that women fear most.

*Wonder no more. Here is a pic and relevant bio of Jameson’s hubby (he’s an Israeli criminal….the phyzz is hilariously on-point):

My speculation on the nature of Jameson’s marriage was correct. She converted to judaism as part of an implicit deal with her shyster israeli husband: “I’ll be all the [special person] you want if you rescue me from suicidal post-porn depression”.

A lifetime of shameful whoring and the approach of the Wall wonderfully focuses a ho’s mind on the value of becoming very pliable to the demands of men.

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Vixen signaling.

She looks like she has enough experience to know.

Trevor Goodchild provides the capstone,

This is the ideal Clownworld female. You may not like it, but this is what peak hypergamy and lack of social feedback loops looks like.

Remember the CH post about men experiencing better sex with hotter women? ANALogously, women experience better sex with more inconsiderate men. This isn’t a looks thing for women. A handsome niceguy won’t rock her womb like a beat-up jerkboy will. The Aloof Asshole Attitude is the special romantic ingredient that adds heat to a girl’s pink pleat.

Gently make love to the typical Americunt? Get outta here with that softbore coring. Toss her around like a rag doll and slap her face with your dick? Now you’re cooking with fash!

PS That thing to the t-shirt girl’s right? I bet it calls its dog “ruth bader ginsbark”.


Segueing the topic of this post to Game, Bdog comments,

I heard that exact phrase from a girl I met at a hostel last night (maybe it’s a meme? I wouldn’t know).

Here’s how it happened:

Halfway through the pickup she called me an asshole. I agreed and pointed to an omega guy nearby and said I would introduce her to the dude, since I’m an asshole and he looked super nice.

That’s when she said: ‘Yeah but nice guys cant fuck.’

No need to say what happened later that night.

Btw I 100% recommend offering to hook your target with another guy during pickup – it’s an incredibly powerful attraction spike.

Co-sign. This is a great reframe when a girl INDIGNANTLY *wink wink* calls you an asshole: Agree & Alternative.

SMASHER OF THOTPUSSY: “Yup, I’m an asshole. But that [omega male] over there looks nice. Right up your alley. I’ll introduce you to him.”

GIRL: “Wew, I’m sliding off my seat!”


From commenter sartaglo,

The shirt is available in XXL, for those with massive cognitive dissonance.

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A man can lust for a slut.

But a man can never truly love a slut.

That pang of disgust will always be there, pulling at the bonds of intimacy, until a split or a quiet loveless resignation resolves the dissonance.


Men are disgusted by sluts on a visceral level when commitment is being considered, because a slut represents a cuckoldry risk to the man who should make the mistake of honoring her with his monogamous sacrifice.


Fatties don’t lust for fatties.

Feminists don’t lust for soyboys.

And now…science SEZ…

Sluts don’t want to be friends with sluts.

College-aged women judge promiscuous female peers — defined by bedding 20 sexual partners by their early 20s — more negatively than more chaste women and view them as unsuitable for friendship, finds a study by Cornell University developmental psychologists.

Notably, participants’ preference for less sexually active women as friends remained even when they personally reported liberal attitudes about casual sex or a high number of lifetime lovers.

From a reader, “study defined promiscuous as 20 partners by early 20s. that’s how far we’ve sunk…”.

Twenty partners over a LIFETIME would have qualified a woman as an unmarriageable slattern not so long ago.

Another reader,

I don’t know if women hate anything as much as they hate competition.

Nothing drives down the price of women lower than other women willing to give it away for free. Even sluts know that it only takes a sluttier woman to start a race to the omega male bottom.

Darth Curmudgeon agrees,

A single slut in a world of virtuous women would be a potent force. A slut in a world of sluts is just, well, a slut.

The frenulum always swings back.

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If you think women aren’t capable of scamming a system already designed to favor their interests against the interests of men, you haven’t been paying attention.

Nothing quite says “upholding the spirit of child support law” like an evil, diseased cunt sport fucking five different random men in one month and trying to ensnare one of them in eighteen years of indentured financial servitude to the bastard issue of a gotcha pregnancy.

And instead using the child support winnings to buy herself new lingerie to impress the next five lovers while her kid scrapes by on a soda diet paid for with food stamps, and huffs paint behind the Piggly Wiggly before his 14th birthday.


DEUSVULT puts it more succinctly,

Translation: “I’m a whore. Who do I sue?”

There’s a reason why healthy, confident, rising societies keep checks on female sexuality, and why failing societies are marked by female libertinism and indulgence of female whims.

These kinds of women aren’t made; they’re released from guardianship.

You don’t have to “make” girls into materialistic, exploitative, amoral whores. It’s the natural state of femaleness. All you have to do is remove social constraints on female sexuality and let nature take its course.

The child support system was built upon over the decades, starting from a worthy premise — to protect children who are victimized by divorce during a time when most women were SAHMs — and morphing into a man-hating resource extraction racket for despicable whores to have their alpha fux and get beta bux to foot the bill for the exploding single mommery if there’s no alpha around to pay.

What man in his right mind would sign up for that? What man with a shred of dignity would willingly and happily support a rotten system that rewarded and incentivized dysfunctional female behavior while maximally punishing men for the briefest and most trivial of courtship transgressions?

No man would. Only psychological eunuchs cheerlead for such a system. In the end, what men won’t tolerate will fail to survive. The majority of men will not tolerate the status quo, and so one day, soon enough, this gynarcho-tyranny will crumble to dust.

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Ralph Stanley walks away with this week’s COTW:

These “social trend” clickbait articles love to pretend they are somehow “shedding light” on some unknown truth about female sexuality — as if the muslim world hadn’t been covering up their women for hundreds of years. For chrissakes, they literally force their women to wear blankets (with a small slit so they can at least see where they’re going).

You think they don’t know the score already?

By the way, speaking of photos, look up the image of the subject of this piece (and the author of “Untrue”), Wednesday Martin. Her face is Exhibit A for the modern heroine of the magazine world: liberated, over-medicated, over-penetrated, over-educated.





The coldest truths are poetry.

Like bare branches set against a slate gray winter sky.

Your modren heroine:

Note the manjaw, receding hairline, concorde-tipped nose, and thousand cock stare.

Verdict: too much T.

To her credit (and to our nation’s discredit), she did manage to have kids (sons and daughters), who will no doubt grow up to be basket-case sluts and wilting soyboys….or tradwives and amoral PUAs if they read this blog and revolt against their schlockmom. Her second beta provider is named Moser, which answers the question of what sort of man would willingly wife up this succubus.

From a Gabber,

You need to familiarize yourself with the author of the book being pushed here. Her name is Dr. Wednesday Martin, and you’ll see more from her in the future. Her shtick seems to be “married women need to be poly whores to be happy”. She was the one pushing the “skirt clubs” in the press last year (i.e. married women going to lesbian orgies).

What’s important… and DANGEROUS about her, is that she has the ear of the upper crust in New York, the people that run things. Their wives hang on her every word. And her latest book is about how women are these ravenous sexual beasts and, sorry men, one of you just isn’t enough.

If the elite actually take her message to heart, that might not be a bad thing. To date, it’s been more of “listen to what I say, don’t watch what I do, proles” from the elite, but if they start drinking their own cunt-aid and destroy themselves, who am I to counsel otherwise?


PS Our culture is fast becoming a playground for tyrants and despots. A Virginia teacher was fired for refusing to parrot Newspeak.



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[The special people] will never stop.

They will have to be stopped.

And that means denying them sinecures, refusing to engage them publicly except to mock them, shaming them for their tribal animus, and most importantly to STOP LISTENING TO THEM AS IF THEIR OPINIONS OF US MATTERED.

Latest: The normalization of open female hypergamy, polyandry, and cuckoldry is underway.

Why men should give their wives a cheat pass this Christmas

By Rosa Silverman

When I told my husband I was interviewing a writer who thinks men should give their wives a ‘cheat pass’ this Christmas, he understandably had some questions. “How would the wife find someone suitable for the occasion?” he wondered. (We were talking in the abstract, of course, and I deemed it safer to treat this as rhetorical.) I assured him that yes, it was all very unfeasible, and concluded he’ll more likely gift me jewellery.

And on and on it goes. I won’t give it more print space; you already know the themes: masochistic beta hubby whose first inclination is to wonder how his wife would find a suitable lover during the brief holiday window, a witchy-looking, bitterbitch [special woman] who fantasizes about screwing Gentile Chads while projecting her resentment of her mewling menfolk onto the goyium, a spiteful quest to subvert everything true and good and beautiful of White civilization and replace it with the world-on-fire market dominant minority model that characterizes the world’s shitholes, a raging, man-hating, slut-glorifying, cosmic order- and sexual polarity-corrupting advocacy for unleashed feral female sexuality and heavily regulated male sexuality….

But really, why bother rebutting this ENDLESS stream of bullshit and lies by a psychotic crop of Inner Party apparatchicks when I could just as illuminatingly post a picture of the author and leave it at that.

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