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Christine Blasey Ford said she “would be prepared to testify next week,” so long as senators offer “terms that are fair and which ensure her safety.” – New York Times

“terms that are fair and which ensure her safety” = she gets to freely slander a good man, no questions asked. Please clap.

A reader notices,

Yesterday the Democrats said “she must be believed!” not just heard. They are literally trying to shut down ANY questions into the accusations. They are literally demanding that the world simply BELIEVE all of it.

This is the leftoid M.O. about every other tenet of their idiotic anti-white equalism religion. It’s a totalitarian update on declarations of faith.

We’ve gone from:








Next stop:


Big Taint Taleb has said the false accuser of a crime should be subjected to the same prison sentence that her victim would have received. This would remove the moral hazard of unequal repercussions for the accused and the false accuser. Quim in the game.

A significant number of rape accusations are fabricated (or, charitably, “misremembered”). The number varies anywhere from 40-60%. FBI and DOJ and State level court case stats paint a startling picture of female mendacity. An even higher number of sexual assault accusations are false. Women sometimes lie, deal with it. And the way a healthy society deals with it is by making the punishment equal for accused and false accuser alike. The rate of FRAs would dry up overnight.

It’s a perfectly just solution. If a rape conviction can land a man in jail for a decade and ruin his reputation for life, then the false rape accuser should suffer the equivalent punishment. Only in Clown World is this sensible position deemed misogynist hate speech.

“You must believe.”

“But she waited 30 years to dump this flimsy accusation in the news. It reeks of a political hit job.”


“But she’s lying.”






ps tangentially related, it’s time to play “count the kippahs”:

While you’re eyes-deep in this horror show, count the weirdly colored hair and pussyhats too.

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The Chateau is no longer an outpost in a dark world. The dark world is an outpost of the Chateau.

File under: Ladies, if you act like a slut, you’ll be treated like a slut.

Subcategory: Liberal women, rape fantasies, and the PoundMeToo SMV signaling hysteria: A Theory of Femme.

Via Steverino:

Why Are Liberal Women More Likely to Report They’ve Been Sexually Harassed?

On Twitter, a guy calling himself Zach Goldberg does these amazing long tweet data dive explorations of hot topics. For example, he has a new one inquiring into why liberal women are more likely to report being sexually harassed than conservative women.

I don’t think he has yet ruled out all other reasonable explanations. For example:

– Liberal women turned liberal because they were sexually harassed. […]

But Goldberg has come up with a barnburner of a correlation I’d never heard of before, which you can read here.

Reposting the Twatter thread here:

The whole thread is worth reading (I’m sure AE would be interested in this treasure trove of sexual market data, given that it was largely pulled from the GSS).

Lascivious Summary: Liberal women are more likely than conservative women to report being sexually harassed, because liberal women are more likely than conservative women to have erotic rape fantasies (i.e., women tingle when they think about being forced to have nonconsensual sex).

Most women have “forcible sex” erotic fantasies, but overeducated liberal women really run with it. And remember, fantasies are based on real desire. If they weren’t, by the property of randomness we would hear of women having sex fantasies about beta males. They don’t.

Other findings: Alcohol and working in an office where one is alone with a lot of relatively alpha male bosses are somewhat predictive of the likelihood of reporting being the “victim” (sneer quotes now backed by hard data) of sexual harassment.


number of sex partners + rape appeal appear to be doing most of the heavy lifting. Unfortunately, this data set did not include a measure of ideology; but the effects of Party ID point in the ‘Democratic’ direction.

I’m working up to something, bear with me.

Another finding: The data don’t necessarily show an increase in workplace sexual harassment in the PoundMeToo era (roughly the past two years); what it shows is an increase in *reports* of sexual harassment. Media saturation coverage of isolated sexual harassment stories grabs women’s attention and motivates them to jump on the sexual harassment victim bandwagon.

That said, considering some of the other media effects I’ve previously shared in the context of perceived discrimination, I do think it’s at least plausible that the salience of the issue in the media–and the concomitant prestige/sympathy that awaits those who claim victimhood–produces these sudden upward swings in the reporting base rate.

In other words, the ‘real’ base rate–i.e. what the average person (i.e. not gender studies majors) would consider sexual harassment–has remained relatively stable overtime, but that media salience + the broadening of the definition (to include even innocuous or unintended behavior) encourages a kind of ‘identity-expressive’/socially motivated reporting.

Propaganda works (especially if the recipients of it are psychologically predisposed to accept the premises of the propaganda because parroting it would increase their social and/or sexual status). In sum, the Chaimstream Media has weaponized the minds, bodies, and souls of our White women.

So here we go with my Theory of Femme. Women are natural attention whores, and shitlib women are the biggest attention whores. As a woman becomes more conservative, she is less interested in attention whoring.

Media propaganda feeds into women’s natural conformism; their need to be socially accepted by the dominant in-group. For shitlib women, this means conforming to shitlib fads, like PoundMeToo. Combine women’s conformism with their attention whoring and media coverage, and you get sexual harassment moral panics.

Furthermore, the attention whoring is really a sexual market value display. Women who claim to be sexually harassed by men are implying that they are so desirable men can’t control themselves in their company. Shitlib women who dream of being erotically raped would, naturally, boost their SMV signal by casting themselves as victims of rape-y men. SMV signaling is reward enough, but shitlib women also get a…tingle…in their nethers when they imagine themselves in the role of the overcome woman who had no choice but to give in to the brutish alpha male.

Here’s the catch: most shitlib women work in fields where they are surrounded by flappy-wristed soyboys and supplicating male feminists. These are not the men erotic rape fantasies are made of. The PoundMeToo cyclical sexual panic can best be seen, then, as a sexual wish fulfillment hysteria coupled with a disgust for the weak males who by convenient proximity would be unwittingly enlisted to play the role of the irresistible, dominating, self-entitled alpha male. Women hate that these soft males are their “fantasy fuel”, so when one of these soys makes an innocuous gesture that can be misinterpreted by a battlecunt with a chip on her shoulder as sexual harassment, they get taken to the she-shed for the requisite social shaming and livelihood destruction.

And now we know why single White women with college degrees — nearly all of them shitlib — signal so hard for open borders to the Brute World. Maybe they aren’t signaling. Maybe…juuuuust maybe….these shitlib chicks want more aggressive men to fill in for the role of the rapist hunk of their deepest starkest sexual fantasies.

That is my Theory of Femme. Someone notify Jordan Peterson and see what he thinks.

In other common sense news, it takes two to tango. If a girl dresses slutty and acts slutty, men will (often enough rightly) assume she is DTF. The failure to communicate only occurs when the slut gets the expected solicirations from betas she’d rather not entertain. This mismatch between endeavor and reward brews toxic spite in sluts, who take it out on all men, making themselves less commitment-worthy with each year closer they careen to cat ladydom.

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The late Anthony Bourdain’s girlfriend, Hapsburg ho Asia Argento…

…didn’t wait long to throw the barely cold body of her former lover under the bus when she claimed he was the one who pushed her to make a hush money payout to her underage loverboy. #YouToo?!

Those dead beta males…useful in a pinch when a psychoslag narcissist wants to burnish her public image and shift blame.

Argento, for those who don’t know, was one of the leading wights in the PoundMeToo movement, a first accuser in the Weinstein scandal. Now she’s hoist by her own poontard. And Harvey himself has called her a hypocrite. He may be a sleaze, but he’s not wrong. He was just a sleaze surrounded by sleazy women who enabled his sleaze. Infinite sleazeback loops.

Bourdain is emblematic of so many contextually alpha men who in their souls are still anxious, nipple-latching, outcome-dependent betaboys who can’t or won’t play the playettes. Soulless cunts like Argento feast on these types. And it’s not exactly a one-way street. Bourdain gets to tap ass that a non-famous Bourdain likely never touches.

Bourdain killed himself because he was distraught that his lover Asia Argento was a serial cheater who was probably cheating on him with 17yo boys. Bourdain’s Pain is existential; a tragic figure who didn’t fly too close to the sun…he flew straight into it. Happily. Suicidally.

It’s just another dreary dispatch from Clown World.

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Damn Crackers wonders,

What’s with all these chicks cheating on their MMA boyfriends? Didn’t some dude land in jail for beating up his porn star cheating girlfriend?

Good question! Have the immutable laws of attraction been revoked?

NO. What we have here is a penumbra of those laws. A labial efflorescence, if you will.

How is a hard man victimized by a heedless ho? Sometimes men get duped. It happens, especially to men who experience sudden fame and cash in their inflated SMV chips for a sexy HBharlot they can’t properly handle.

Some hard men are hard only on the outside; their ignorance of female nature and clumsy relationship management, missing red flags left and right, betrays an Inner Beta. These men are the perfect cat’s-paws of manipulative minxes, who use them for the “leader of men and crusher of my enemies” thrill and who exploit their gullibility and blindness to women’s soulless sexual natures.

Likewise, hard men often attract schizoid sexpots who can’t decide which flavor of alpha male they want, so these chicks wind up fucking around to satisfy an ever-shifting panoply of tingle permutations. These are the r-selected sluts who flit from cock to cock, depending on mood. One day it’s MMA fighter, the next it’s brooding artist.

(A wag asks, “What’s a K-selected slut?” It’s the difference between a nice buzz and vomiting on the sidewalk.)

Then there are the HBsociopaths, designed by God for fucking all night and into the day, their lithe bodies and sweet aroma releasing a man’s animalfuckpower to prowl a 48 hour bender tearing them up from the inside. These psychocunts love to fuck hard men, and they love to test the limits of their intoxicating feminine power by fucking around on hard men. How far can she push it with a man who could snap her neck? The mystery embedded in that question energizes her hamster-clit-vaj Bartholin’s axis until it is oscillating with Pure Sploogery.

Finally, hard men typically don’t have a soft switch. They’re hard, all day every day. Women who hook up with hard men can begin to yearn for a more romantic touch as the hardness pile drives her into a predictable persiflage or overbearing cavebanter.

I think that about covers it. Still, it’s better to be a betrayed hard man than a loyally bound soft beta, because at least as the former you’ll get to Pound Town with a hottie, even if Pound Town has weak border security.

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Wisely, you could videotape her treachery so you don’t have to listen to hours of her insulting denials:

Not always, but often enough, when a man acts blasé upon discovering his gf cheated on him, it means he’s got side pieces and doesn’t care very much about his primary’s fidelity. Or, he could be a stone cold chronicler of slore perfidy, a man of focused mind and icy blood, who knows videotape evidence utterly exonerates him in the court of social opinion and ruins his whore’s reputation with any man worth having and with any woman worth befriending.

Cast to the cock holster wastelands, is she.

A twatterer asked TJ Laramie (a UFC fighter) why he didn’t smash the interloper male. His reply,

This video was worth way more than a charge

In Current Year Clown World — aka our dysfunctional Gynarcho-Tyranny — Laramie is right. This was the smart play. Public humiliation of a whore > State sponsored punishment for defending one’s property from an invading force.

Some understand the nature of the game:

You went about it correctly. Unless this guy knows you personally the anger needs to be placed on the person in connection with you.


When that dude walked in the house he knew another man lived there.


So did she.


Realtalk that will upset the White Knight Wünderdorks: when a ho cheats, she owns the infraction. None of this “oh but he seduced me” or “he took advantage of me in a weak moment” crap. This is the dawning of the Age of Awakening. Men who are the least bit clued in to the rough and sleazy nature of Woman know that ye faire maidens are neither, and will willfully, voluntarily, gleefully cheat if circumstances and plausibly deniable hamster-fueled PR align for sexploitation.

Every man’s cold rage should primarily be directed at his cheating ho, secondarily at the cheating ho’s accessory to the gine crime. Women are the gatekeepers of sex, it’s always been that women exert ultimate control over who gains entry and who doesn’t, and women are especially and zealously discriminatory in their governance of that control.

So when a woman cheats, she meant to cheat, and she could have stopped herself at any moment leading up to the act. Laramie beating up the male accessory, while surely satisfying his primal urge for revenge, would have, absent complementary punishment of his ho, indirectly relieved her of some measure of guilt and agency, and established the peculiar precedent that whatever shit she pulls going forward will be met with his feeble anger deflated by depletion on the relatively more innocent party to the treachery.

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Max Woke quips,

I’m sensing a sexual assault charge in this weasel’s future.

His accuser will be the boybody slut standing to his left, while he will wish his accuser was the redeemable redhead two slores down.

If you barged through that herpes wall, groping everything in your path on the way through, would they even have grounds to complain? You’re self-avowed sluts, what’s the problem?

(i only partly keed, because it takes two to tango, and if women want to be treated like porcelain objects no man shall brush against then women have to fulfill their end of the deal and not walk around in camel toe shorts baring their floppy tits while demanding white knight protection and lesser males to avert their gaze on punishment of psychological castration.)

Male chivalry doesn’t exist in a vacuum. One sex’s duty requires the other sex’s duty.

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One of the greatest tunes (and visually arresting music videos) of the ’90s — Tool’s Stinkfist — uses the symbolism of fist fucking to warn against creeping consumerism in both the material and romantic senses. Stinkfist’s pairing of the vulgar with the transcendental is right in the Chateau wheelhouse. Pure poetry, and possibly a proto-vision of what would later become this blog outpost’s overarching theme.

Knuckle deep inside the borderline.
This may hurt a little but it’s something you’ll get used to.
Relax. Slip away.

There’s something kinda sad about
The way that things have come to be.
Desensitized to everything.
What became of subtlety?

How can this mean anything to me
If I really don’t feel anything at all?

I’ll keep digging
‘Til I feel something.

I bring this up because Tool’s frontman and creative genius, Maynard James Keenan, was recently PoundMeToo’ed by a slutty groupie.

Maynard is as pozzed as any Left Coast musician, but surprisingly he is not on record as an anti-Trumper. The little political stuff he’s said is radically banal, by the standards of his artfag subculture, which means in the current climate of Leftoid Intolerance he stands accused as insufficiently anti-Nazi.

So maybe that’s why he was just MeToo’ed. Or maybe our society is being corrupted by lonely attention whore has-been roadie skanks who upon approaching the long midnight of post-Wall sexual obsolescence decide to spit out totally unverifiable 20-year old sexual assault accusations against famous men to scratch their itch to be vaginally relevant again.

weev has the deets:

actual Maynard quotes:

“Trump is not your enemy”

“We have the privilege to do that because of active and former law enforcement and military, defending our right to do so. Those of you who are law enforcement and military, your job is to defend our right to act like whining, entitled snowflake assholes – myself being one. Snowflakes, your job is to respect them f**king doing that for you.”

Regarldess of these quotes just read the lyrics of “Hooker with a Penis” and “Vicarious” and tell me he’s not our guy.

Maynard is a singular musical genius, unlike any other, and even if he wasn’t now that Neil Peart is retired Danny Carey is objectively the greatest living drummer. Forty Six and Two, The Grudge, Triad, Ticks and Leeches. Listen to the drums in those.

Don’t you think it is pretty likely that baseless impropriety accusations by an anonymous Twitter account getting massive coverage by the (((music journalism))) industry is a direct result of Maynard’s statements in regards to our President?

“I went back to a trailer with a rock star and watched a movie in his bed and we ended up having sex. It was rape.” Seriously, who believes this?

No one who doesn’t have an axe to grind against the expression of normal male (and female) sexuality. And by normal, I mean men are attracted to youth and beauty and women are attracted to power and fame. Put the two together, and sparks fly (which is later retconned as assault by spiteful slores).

I hope this Synchronized MeToo Menstruation will end soon, despite the overwhelming majority of the accused coming from the one group that I despise for their efforts to ruin my homeland under a deluge of Dirt Worlders…

The Bad Hair Brigade

…because the whole media-crafted enterprise reeks of forgotten sluts clamoring to revisit a few seconds of fame to slander and demonize famous men with whom those sluts didn’t have the integrity nor the horniness self-discipline to walk away from when the lay-for-play proposition was put before them.


The Judge comments,

Lol “..he rapes in every city”

It’s not enough to have fucked a rockstar. Now you must be raped by one.

There’s something to this cynical take. A couple generations of coke-carved lithe groupies getting banged out by rockstars (which is something of an anomaly in the sweep of human history) has inured the public to the reality of it. Everyone expects it now, so it’s no big deal, for better or worse. How’s a groupiegirl supposed to preen when throwing her legs open for rockstars has lost its cachet? Of course, she says she was raped by a rockstar! It’s not much of an achievement to be a rockstar’s ho-hum Tuesday night strum receptacle, but to arouse the ardor of a rockstar to the raping point? Ladies, that is the stuff of GRRLPOWER.

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