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I’m fed up with America’s remote sanctimony and civic indifference.

Just two examples from the millions available:

Marco Rubiobots: “The poor suffering Venezuelans. We must invade!”
Marco Rubiobots: “White advocates getting kicked out of banking services? Free market man.”

Anti-White spigot AOC wipes a tear away from her cum-stained cheek…not for the working class White man whose town is ravaged by cheap immigrant labor and alien way of life, but for the bawlin’ beanlet who died because its momma was stupidly negligent to take the kid along on a thousand mile trek through desert to storm America as an invading force.

Fake piety for distant outsiders and genuine malice toward neighbors is the shitlib M.O., and it’s time it was exposed, ridiculed, and driven back into the abyss from where it was belched up.


Cuckservatives love to chest-beat about “the American mainstream”.



Shitlord: “they have to go back”

Shitlib: “you have to go black”

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Summary: White shitlibs know Diversity sucks, and will do and pay anything to get away from it.

A GoodWhite lady teacher tells a horror story about her time in the vibrant trenches.

Public Education’s Dirty Secret

Bad teaching is a common explanation given for the disastrously inadequate public education received by America’s most vulnerable populations. This is a myth. Aside from a few lemons who were notable for their rarity, the majority of teachers I worked with for nine years in New York City’s public school system were dedicated, talented professionals.Before joining the system I was mystified by the schools’ abysmal results.I too assumed there must be something wrong with the teaching. This could not have been farther from the truth.


Washington Irving High School, 2001–2004

My NYC teaching career began a few days before September 11, 2001 at Washington Irving High School. It was a short honeymoon period;the classes watched skeptically as I introduced them to a method of teaching French using virtually no English. Although the students weren’t particularly engaged, they remained respectful. During first period on that awful day there was a horrendous split-second noise. A plane flew right overhead a mere moment before it blasted into the north tower of the World Trade Center. At break time word was spreading among the staff.Both towers were hit and one had already come down. When I went to my next class I told the students what had happened. There was an eruption of rejoicing at the news. Many students clapped and whooped their approval, some getting out of their seats to do a sort of victory dance. It was an eye-opener, and indicative of what was to come.


Guards patrolled the hallways, sometimes the police had to intervene. Even though the security guards carefully screened the students at the metal detectors posted at every entrance, occasionally arms crept in. Girls sometimes managed to get razors in, the weapon of choice against rivals for boys’ attention. Although I don’t know of other arms found in the school (teachers were kept in the dark as much as possible), one particularly disruptive and dangerous boy was stabbed one afternoon right outside school. It appears he came to a violent death a few years later.


As the weeks dragged painfully into months, it became apparent that the students wouldn’t learn anything. It was dumbfounding. It was all I could do to keep them quiet; that is, seated and talking among themselves. Sometimes I had to stop girls from grooming themselves or each other. A few brave souls tried to keep up with instruction. A particularly good history teacher once told me that she interrupted a conversation between two girls, asking them to pay attention to the lesson. One of them looked up at her scornfully and sneered, “I don’t talk to teachers,” turning her back to resume their chat.


[Long-term suspension] was unthinkable in New York, where “in-house suspension” was the only punitive measure. It would be “discriminatory” to keep the students at home. The appropriate paperwork being filed, the most outrageously disruptive students went for a day or two to a room with other serious offenders. The anti-discrimination laws under which we worked took all power away from the teachers and put it in the hands of the students.

Throughout Washington Irving there was an ethos of hostile resistance. Those who wanted to learn were prevented from doing so. Anyone who “cooperated with the system” was bullied. No homework was done. Students said they couldn’t do it because if textbooks were found in their backpacks, the offending students would be beaten up.


I tried everything imaginable to overcome student resistance. Nothing worked.


The abuse from students never let up. We were trained to absorb it. By the time I left, however, I had a large folder full of the complaint forms I’d filled out documenting the most egregious insults and harassment.There was a long process to go through each time. The student had a parent or other representative to state their case at the eventual hearing and I had my union rep. I lost every case.

It used to be, in 90% White America, that abusive students would have neither state representative nor parents to “state their case”. The parents would be called in to the school, listen to the teacher’s complaint, and then tell their kid to shape up while apologizing on the kids’ behalf to the teacher.

The abuse ranged from insults to outright violence, although I myself was never physically attacked. Stories abounded, however, of hard substances like bottles of water being thrown at us, teachers getting smacked on the head from behind, pushed in stairwells, and having doors slammed in our faces. The language students used was consistently obscene. By far the most commonly heard word throughout the school,literally hundreds of times a day, like a weapon fired indiscriminately, was “nigga.”


Although the school was always on the verge of hysteria and violence, it had all the trappings of the typical American high school. There were class trips and talent shows, rings and year books—even caps and gowns and graduation. High school diplomas were among the trappings, handed out to countless 12th graders with, from my observation, a 7th grade education.


Students came to school for their social life. The system had to be resisted. It was never made explicit that it was a “white” system that was being rejected, but it was implicit in oft-made remarks. Youngsters would say things like, “You can’t say that word, that be a WHITE word!”


It all fell on deaf ears. It was impossible to dispel the students’ delusions. Astonishingly, they believed that they would do just fine and have great futures once they got to college! They didn’t seem to know that they had very little chance of getting into anything but a community college, if that. Sadly, the kids were convinced of one thing: As one girl put it, “I don’t need an 85 average to get into Hunter; I’m black, I can get in with a 75.” They were actually encouraged to be intellectually lazy.

The most Dantesque scene I witnessed at Washington Irving was a “talent show” staged one spring afternoon. The darkened auditorium was packed with excited students, jittery guidance counselors, teachers, and guards. Music blasted from the loudspeakers, ear-splitting noise heightened the frenzy. To my surprise and horror, the only talent on display was merely what comes naturally. Each act was a show of increasingly explicit dry humping.


Brooklyn Tech, 2004–2009

Brooklyn Tech was considered one of New York’s “top three” high schools. Students had to test in.

Brooklyn Tech: 61% asian, 21% White (current numbers)

Despite the disruptive students at first, the classes were manageable. What the youngsters lacked in academic rigor, they made up for in verve. However, as the years passed, micro-management became more burdensome. Supervision became stricter, with multiple class visits and more meetings. Some “experts” up the DoE ladder decided that we had to produce written evidence that our lesson plans conformed to a rigid formula.


Victory Collegiate High School, 2009–2010

88% black.

Victory Collegiate High School seemed promising.


It could boast of Bill Gates money, and was one of only two or three new experimental schools co-located in what was once the venerable South Shore High School. It served the local, partly middle-class, partly ghettoized black community. The principal informed me proudly that the students wore uniforms, and no cellphones were allowed. The classes were tiny in comparison to other high schools, and there were no disciplinary problems.

Stay for the twist ending!

Despite the devastating blow to my career, I set out hopefully on the long commute to Canarsie. The metal detectors should have clued me in. Any pretense of imposing uniforms was eventually abandoned. Cellphones were a constant nuisance. Administrators turned a blind eye to the widespread anti-social behavior.

It would be repetitive to go over the plentiful examples of the abuse teachers suffered at the hands of the students. Suffice it to say, it was Washington Irving all over again, but in miniature. The principal talked a good game, believing that giving “shout-outs” and being a pal to the students were accomplishing great things, but he actually had precious little control over them. What made matters worse, the teaching corps was a young, idealistic group, largely recruited from the non-profit Teach For America, not the leathery veterans who constituted a majority at the two previous schools.


The “language arts” department (the word “English” was too Euro-centric) made one obligatory bow to Shakespeare—a version of “Romeo and Juliet” reduced to a few hundred words. It was common knowledge that the Bard was “overrated.”


In the classroom, the children did as they pleased. Since the classes were smaller, some students managed to learn a bit of French, but most obdurately ignored me. One memorable 16 year-old fresh from Chicago loved French but was contemptuous of me. She was tall and slender, quite beautiful, and in love, it seemed, with another girl in the class, who was not blessed with similar beauty. Throughout the year they were an item. I finally managed to separate them, insisting that they change seats when it became increasingly difficult to stop them from necking in the classroom.That was when, despite her love of French, the Chicago girl left my class never to return, except once, when we were watching a movie. She came in, sat down and watched with us, breezing out again at the film’s end. This was not unusual behavior. Some students had the run of the hallways, wandering around as they pleased.


On one memorable occasion, I said to them: “You are not here to play, you are here to develop your intellect.” The puzzled stares this remark elicited spoke volumes. It seemed an utterly new concept to them.


When the language section was over and the math part began, however, students stopped working. They sat there staring at the desk. I quietly encouraged them to make an effort, but the general response was, “I ain’t doin’ it, miss, it’s too hard.” I could not get them to change their minds; they sat doing nothing for the rest of my shift.

The preliminary test results that came back in the spring were abysmally low—despite the fact that every single response bubble on the math test had been filled in.

After the terrible 2010 earthquake in Haiti, a number of Haitians joined the school. These youngsters were remarkable for their good manners and desire to learn, for their outstanding gentility in fact. They provided a most refreshing change, but it didn’t last. They quickly fell into the trap of hostile resistance.

Negression to the mean.

By June, things were really depressing. Not only was the academic year an utter failure, word spread that 10 girls had become pregnant. Since there were only about 90 girls in the school, this represented over 10 percent.

It used to be a scandal if one student out of 200 girls got knocked up; now there may as well be breastfeeding rooms in the schools.

The majority of the pregnant girls were freshmen, targeted it was said by a few “baby daddies” who prided themselves on their prowess and evolutionary success.

The Darwinian order doesn’t care about our Eurocentric ideals.

Once again, I finally and suddenly broke. The threat was from an unlikely source, a big lad who was always subdued. He was in the special education program, and never gave any trouble when I substituted in that class. But one afternoon, for some unknowable reason, this usually gentle giant came up to me and said, “I gonna cut yo’ ass.” That was the final humiliation I would suffer in the New York City public school system. 

I left that afternoon never to return.

This could be the book cover blurb of White Shitlibs: “I left that vibrant scene never to return.”

Now you know why anti-racist liberal GoodWhites talk one way and act another way. They are SCARED TO DEATH to put their little darlings into black and brown dystopian schools. White lib parents will sooner mortgage their lives and drive themselves insane memorizing useful euphemisms in order to buy a house in a good — read, White — school district, than to watch their kids suffer a torrent of verbal and physical abuse from the aPOCalypse.

But they can’t say this out loud, or they’ll be read out of genteel shitlib society and branded with the Scarlet R.

There’s another reason. The White shitlib is a status whore like no other. The Diversity™ is a status whore multiplier, jacking up the price of homes in vanishing all-White neighborhoods. White shitlibs moving into these oases get a status thrill up their legs. They’ve made it. They’re in. They aren’t like those other White people who struggle to get by in shittier communities.

If the Diversity influx ended tomorrow, and the Diversity already here was repatriated to their natural ecosystems, the value of the typical White shitlib’s home would plummet. Suddenly they aren’t paying a premium to avoid Diversity; now they’re just another White home in a White town in a White nation with White neighborhoods stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Absent Diversity, there is lebensraum. More regions and towns and city centers open to White colonization. Affordable housing. A cooling of tensions between the White classes. A more equitable distribution of good schools. More trust. The beginning of a revitalized social contract. Doors left unlocked when away.

We had this, once. We can have this again. We just have to give up our cowardly lies.

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Astute. Porter has made the best defense of “don’t punch right” I’ve yet read.

A reader adds,

It’s because the Left has successfully established a framework in which left is moral and right is immoral. Thus, the extreme left is at worst impractical, but the extreme right is barbarous evil.

‘Don’t Punch Right’ doesn’t mean you lovingly embrace beady-eyed social rejects with swastika tattoos and defend them at all costs from attack. It means you do what the Left does with their sanpaku-eyed social rejects with neckbeards and post-op vaginas: you don’t join your enemies to attack them. Instead, like the Left, you change the subject, mildly defend them on abstract principles of “giving a voice to all”, or mildly rebuke them for the minor sin of “letting their justified anger get the better of them”. If all else fails, you ignore them or pretend you don’t know what’s going on and dodge any questions about them.

This is something I believe the normally smart blokes at MPC lost sight of.

AntiDem writes,

Mostly true, though the Pelosi old guard is doing everything it can to keep the AOC wing of the Democratic Party in check.

Sure, but do you hear Pelosi the Clapping Seal directly attacking the character of the Shriekin’ Reekin? Do you hear Pelosi calling for her to apologize or accusing her of “not being who we are”?


Pelosi is doing what I wrote above: in between mildly snarking at AOC, Pelosi is ignoring her.

Another reader notes,

The left is in power and had powerful people in their favor even before they took over. Rules of engagement change with circumstances.

Absolutely. The Left only has to fight one enemy: straight White men missing the grovel gene.

The Right has to fight Leftist freaks, massive institutional power, the bureaucracy, and, most critically, an Enemy Media.

The circumstances are different for us, and we have to fight like guerrillas against a much more numerous and logistically powerful foe engaged in asymmetrical warfare.

Our source of power to date has been Counter-propaganda (COPROP), and the Left knows this, which is why they have redoubled their efforts to kick us off every platform that matters and to demonetize us from existence.

Nonetheless, those asymmetrical circumstances which call for a smarter handling of our “extremists” compared to how the Left handles their extremists does not necessarily also mean we throw our front line warriors under the bus with ostentatious sanctimony, sniveling like house eunuchs begging our despotic overlords to spare us the ignominy of association with our own side.

Ignore Right, Chastise Right, Excuse Right, but don’t punch Right.

PS Porter writes at the Kakistocracy. Check him out.

PPS Another reason not to punch right: it shifts triangulation patterns. Triangulation for the flank-protected Left means the middle way is located between the center-Left and the extreme-Left. Triangulation for the flank-sacrificed Right means the middle way is between the center-Right (which has become the official “extreme-Right” absent its flank) and the extreme-Left (which has become the official “center-Left” from the pull of its protected flanks). Both triangulations are Left-ward shifts. The Right needs its flank, or its center is exposed to heavy fire.

PPPS Greg Eliot on why there isn’t an equivalent ‘don’t punch Left’ garment-rending national conversation,

The simple reason for this is that men on the Right have a more natural sense of objectivity and a deeper sense of right and wrong… we like the idea of brotherhood and comradeship, but a sense of personal honor also demands that you don’t countenance lies and deceit, even in a brother.

Of course, it’s hard to gainsay the argument that White men had better start thinking tribally, above all else, if we are to defeat the enemies that have been doing so since time immemorial.

But it is hard to try and rewire what God and/or nature already wired so thoroughly.

Greg is right. This isn’t idle conjecture either. Besides our lyin’ eyes, there is a growing body of evidence from the sciences that the races differ in empathic ability.

That “sense of personal honor” — aka integrity — is a notable trait of the White race, and there are racial differences in how willing people are to police their own. Whites are the undisputed racial group champs at policing their own. Other races are extremely tribal when it’s them vs us. No other race but Whites so thoroughly trashes their own to appease the Other and to abide a personal code of honor that imparts moral agency solely to Whites.

But the Integrity Gap exists within the White race as well as between races. Conservative Whites are generally more integrous than shitlib Whites. Again, not idle conjecture. Haidt has shown in his moral foundations theory that conservative Whites place equal emphasis on all moral dimensions, while shitlib Whites emphasize only two: fairness and harm. Shitlib Whites are so morally underdeveloped that they cannot even fathom the moral thinking of conservatives. It’s not an exaggeration to state that the morality of shitlib Whites is like a child’s view of the world.

Owing to this intra-White morality difference, Whites on the Right tend to be more sensitive to the failings of their fringe, while Whites on the Left can more easily tolerate the sins of their own fringe. Hence, the natural outcome of ‘don’t punch Left’.

Which is all a roundabout way to say this isn’t getting resolved except through another civil war.

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Remember Derbyshire’s PSA, “The Talk“? Now there’s a complement called “The Talk Down”, courtesy of ¡SCIENCE!: (via Washington Times)

White liberals ‘patronize’ minorities, study finds

Liberals present themselves as warmer, less competent to minority audiences

White liberals present themselves as less competent when addressing minorities, while conservatives use the same vocabulary no matter what the race of their audience, according to a newly released study.

Yale and Princeton researchers found that white Democratic presidential candidates and self-identified liberals played down their competence when speaking to minorities, using fewer words that conveyed accomplishment and more words that expressed warmth.

On the other hand, there were no significant differences in how white conservatives, including Republican presidential candidates, spoke to white versus minority audiences.

This study buttresses my belief that White shitlibs know their equalist antiracism virtue signaling is bullshit, but they just can’t help themselves. Feeling morally superior to “unenlightened” whites is a drug to them. They can’t quit it. Withdrawal would be a bitch.

It also confirms every shitlord’s suspicion that White liberals are condescending pricks who psychologically project their racist feelings onto BadThink Whites who don’t have, or care to have, the tact to talk down to nonWhites.

Conservatives, it turns out, are the Real Egalitarians. Shitlibs just mouth the word while acting in complete discordance with it.

The leftoids doth protest too much. You should automatically assume any White person who goes on and on about White racism and White privilege secretly possesses both, and hides her true feelings from herself through acts of exculpatory negative transference that slander heretic Whites who are too gauche (read: dignified) to “get with the program”.

White shitlibs have a lot of unresolved, conflicted feelings stemming from the enormous gap between their actions and their self-conception, and yapping nonstop about the racism of others that secretly percolates in their own ids is their way of stabilizing the dissonance.


From Kelly,

Somebody on Twatter commented on this issue: “For my own personal safety, I often find myself having to “talk down” to white liberals.” Good one.

I prefer to talk straight and carry a sharp shiv.


irishsavant comments,

Yet gay mulatto is credited with being one of the wittiest Presidents ever

The flip side of White shitlibs’ condescension toward nonWhites is the fraudulent attribution of admirable traits to nonWhites (aka Wakandaism). The shitlib talks down to the black person while artificially boosting the merits of the black person. It’s a one-two punch of smug patronage that reveals the White shitlib’s bloated self-regard; she dumbs herself down to assuage her lessers, and unctuously flatters her lessers to obscure the reason for her condescension.

Also, a lot of White libs really do suffer from Magic N__ro Syndrome, and in their zeal to wish this magical creature into existence they indulge a ferociously cloying n__rolatry, imparting near-divinity to their onyx icons.

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This photo captures the totalitarian absurdity of Big Tech better than any other I’ve seen. Taken from inside the hardened bunker of a Faceborg office:

White and Asian Faceborg employee nerds scurry about doing the actual work while murals of crazy-eyed browns and blacks glower overhead, mixed in with messages about the myth of biological sex.

The Empire has no clothes.

The photo is part of a story about a Faceborg executive, Palmer Luckey, who was fired for supporting Donald Trump. (great name btw, both Luckey’s and Trump’s)

[In 2016, Luckey] donated $10,000 to an anti-Hillary Clinton group.

His donation sparked a backlash from his colleagues. Six months later, he was out. Neither Facebook nor Mr. Luckey has ever said why he left the social-media giant. When testifying before Congress about data privacy earlier this year, Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg denied the departure had anything to do with politics.

Perjury. And a violation of CA law against discrimination based on political affiliation.

Internal Facebook emails suggest the matter was discussed at the highest levels of the company. In the fall of 2016, as unhappiness over the donation simmered,

Far left Faceborg executives who donated millions to thecunt campaign were pissed at this one employee who donated $10K to a NAAAAAH QUEEN group. Imagine the intensity of groupthink required to have such a skewed perspective.

Facebook executives including Mr. Zuckerberg pressured Mr. Luckey to publicly voice support for libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, despite Mr. Luckey’s yearslong support of Mr. Trump,

Leftoids like Cuckersperg can tolerate “dissent” if it goes no farther than libertarianism. This is proof that libertardianism is an insipid, cowardly ideology that pussy White men adopt when they dare to be different but don’t want to piss off shitlibs.

Tech executives concede that Silicon Valley is predominantly liberal—Mr. Zuckerberg said in Senate testimony that it is “an extremely left-leaning place”—yet they have steadfastly maintained that politics doesn’t play a role in how they police content on their sites.

Psychopaths are good at steadfastly lying.

Mr. Luckey, a Long Beach native who was home-schooled by his mother, has sometimes been out of step with the largely liberal culture of Facebook. A fan of big cars and military gear, he drove a giant tan Humvee with machine-gun mounts and orange toy guns. He once was forced to move it from the Facebook parking lot after someone called the police in to investigate, according to people familiar with the episode.

LOL snowflakes.

Mr. Luckey has been a longtime supporter of Mr. Trump and wrote a letter to the then-reality-television star in 2011 urging him to run for president. Mr. Luckey has told friends that reading Mr. Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal” at age 13 sparked his entrepreneurial imagination.

Damn, this guy was on the Trump Train before anyone but Trump himself!

Mr. Luckey’s fallout with Facebook began in September 2016, when the Daily Beast revealed his $10,000 donation to NimbleAmerica, a pro-Trump group that paid for advertising mocking Hillary Clinton ahead of the 2016 election. At least one billboard paid for by the group featured a picture of Mrs. Clinton and the phrase “Too Big to Jail.”

Mr. Luckey’s donation and the perception that he might be associated with a group that at times traded in misogynistic and white-supremacist messages,


Facebook employees expressed anger about Mr. Luckey on internal message boards and at a weekly town hall meeting in late September 2016, questioning why he was still employed, according to people familiar with the complaints.


“Multiple women have literally teared up in front of me in the last few days,” an engineering director, Srinivas Narayanan, wrote in one internal post following the meeting.

Everything gone wrong with America is summed up in the above sentence.

Some virtual-reality-game developers said they wouldn’t work with Oculus in the future.


After the incident, Mr. Luckey became more, not less, political. One month after he left Facebook, he hosted a fundraiser for Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas. He has since founded Anduril, an Orange County-based tech company focused on using artificial intelligence to protect troops, performing search-and-rescue missions and bringing “Silicon Valley thinking and funding to defense,” according to its website.

Someone on the dissident Right should get in touch with this guy about funding a parallel media-monetization universe to undermine Soylicunt Valley’s grip on the information gateways.


From Tam the Bam,

“White and Asian Faceborg employee nerds scurry about doing the actual work”

My liege! I pumped the pic up ctrl++++++, because I was suspicious of the insertion of the term “work” in that context.
And the stereotypes are even more stereotypical.
The Asian gent is stuffing his face with some no doubt infarction-inducing glop while on the go.
Soyboy with the clipboard is esculating his iPhag.
And schlubbing away in the background, shirtsleeve boy .. well just look at the splaying angles of his (flat) dyspraxic feet to the line of motion, as he orbits a business-suit basic-bitch. Can’t tell if that’s a (((hatlet))) or just a premature bald spot there too.

Keen eye. The dysgenic overload hits the lowers and uppers with equal ferocity but in different forms.

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ben tillman has a great comment about the delusions of GoodWhites who think they can sever themselves fully from BadWhites in America and not suffer any consequences for it:

This is a point that I’ve tried to make several times. For your typical NYT reading leftist – Jew and gentile – the destruction of bad whites will make the country look like California. They’re fine with that.

High-income liberals can buy their way out of the masses and live just fine.

For a generation or two. But each generation, the tax burden will go up, and the income will go down with the result that the situation of their white lineage will regress quickly. Not to mention the quickly expanding likelihood of intermarriage by their descendants. No, the destruction of “bad whites” is ineluctably connected to the destruction of “good whites”. “Good whites” absolutely cannot survive without “bad whites”. No way in hell.

This is exactly right. GoodWhites who think they can escape to coastal shitlibopolises and live a charmed life in perpetuity free from the “irredeemably foul“* BadWhites are fooling themselves. The bill for replacing White America with Third World America will come due, and it will be enormous. Payment will be made in one form or another, whether in higher taxes, safety, mental health, freedom of mobility, cost of living, lineage continuity, cultural familiarity, social trust, shared values, basic livability, or aesthetic pleasures.

That’s why it is always a laugh to me that there are SWPL shitlibs who enjoy stupidly snarking that BadWhites are paranoid for believing minorities are “coming for them”. Yes, they are. Maybe not with guns a-blazing (although they do that, too, disproportionately), but they come for us in myriad ways that make life less enjoyable. They come for our welfare, paid with our taxes. They come for our hospital services, paid with our insurance premiums. They come for our peace of mind, paid for with exorbitant housing costs, home security, and expensive school districts. They come for our vote, by diluting our political voice and forcing us to live under a government that only marginally, if at all, addresses our concerns, and is more often actively hostile to them. They come for our culture, corrupting it to suit their lowbrow preferences.

NonWhite Diversity costs Whites A LOT, and in my book that means they are, indeed, coming for us. They are coming for our way of life and twisting it, unconsciously, into a facsimile of the shitholes they left behind. And yet evil, hateful bitches like Michelle Goldberg express glee at the prospect! Love wins!

Likewise, the above empty-headed shitlib sarcasm is why I have no patience for that other trope shitlibs weakly trot out when the debate has taken a turn away from their control: “You’re just being played by rich White people who use divide and conquer to keep you focused on irrelevant issues like mass immigration and away from their greed”. Funny, they are always circumspect about exactly WHO comprises a healthy share of those “rich White people”. That aside, rich White people don’t have to play divide and conquer; the Diversity™ brings the divide and conquer on its own. All the rich White people have to do is make sure the Diversity™ can storm our borders. As for rich White person greed, it’s not a mutually exclusive concern; we can oppose both a greedy elite and open borders.

ben tillman again, on what WN really means, and how it’s been demagogued into a Fake White Supremacy:

I wonder how many times Goldberg had to go back and change “replace whites” to “replace white nationalists” while drafting this piece.


Good point. After all it was never about replacing white nationalists since that term has not been long in common usage. The immivasion and push to diversify were begun well before that term became popular, and were directed at White America, period, full stop.

The primary features of a white nationalist are that he (1) notices his people are being exploited while being replaced and (2) objects to it. Replacing “whites” and replacing “white nationalists” are precisely the same thing.

A “White nationalist” (as the term is deliberately mis-used by the media) is just a White person who has misgivings about the mass immigration of nonWhites into his homeland. A “White supremacist” (as the term is mis-used by the media) is a White person who dares to object to mass nonWhite immigration. This is how the media Anti-White Hate Machine works: it takes White people with reasonable and justified objections to open borders, and demonizes them as Nazis.

*Michelle Goldberg is irredeemably ugly.

PS Here’s Forbes on why birthright citizenship is a scam and what it should be replaced with (a truly beneficial replacement):

Children take on the citizenship of their parents, irrespective of where they’re born…it’s quite the same as children born to US citizens abroad. They take the citizenship of their parents, not that of the country of their birth. It’s the way citizenship works in most of the world.

Birth tourism, anchor babies, and illegal immigrants giving birth in the US for the purpose of citizenship is obviously a torturing of the 14th amendment, if not a fraud. The children of diplomats (temporary residents) born in the US do not become US citizens–why should other transients (not permanent resident visa holders) giving birth be granted citizenship to the new born?

Anchor babies and birth tourism are such a self-evident scam that only a full blown anti-American cuck like Paul Ryan could support it. Which he has, once again stabbing Trump and Heritage America in the back.

PPS Hey Michelle Goldberg, is this hate speech?

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