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How often does a generation witness the wholesale death of a religion? Not often, I’d guess, but it’s happening now, livestreamed and hashtagged in real time. The religion that is dying is Equalism, the doctrinal tenets of which are:

  • the races are biologically equal
  • the sexes are biologically equal
  • any inequality between the races and sexes is proof of heresy, cultural corruption, discrimination, and White male animus, but certainly not of innate, evolved biological differences

Modren White liberals (aka SWPLs aka shitlibs aka leftoids) are fervent disciples and proselytizers of Equalism. Their xenophilic devotion to the Word of ZOG is total. Nothing to date has shaken their proclaimed faith, not even the death of their own children at the hands of the Exalted Other.

Note that I wrote “Word” of ZOG, not “deed”, because in practice, in their personal lives, shitlibs quite often betray their beliefs, and just as with any guilty soul shitlibs have constructed mountains of rationalization and sophistry to reaffirm their faith and prostrate themselves before the altar of their grotesque god.

Zealots who have lost the will to tolerate or “forgive” apostates are often the wildest transgressors of their stated beliefs. They project their own self-flagellating shame and guilt onto nonbelievers, because it’s a lot more fun to flagellate infidels.

Religions usually die genocidally or from low fertility leading to attrition of followers. Rarely do religions die from conversions. (What typically happens is that the converted leave behind hardier believers, by a process known as “boiling off”.) Sometimes religions are demographically altered via conquest or adoption, but even then the essential nature of the religion continues reverberating in its new form, and the closer the religion’s adoptive followers are, genetically and hence culturally, to its founders, the more generationally durable the religion’s essential nature.

We wait to see how the shitlib religion of Equalism will die, but die it will, as must all Lies that can’t hide behind supernatural deniability. The shitlib religion is entirely earthly; it has no sustenance from divine provenance or guidance. When earthly reality collides with shitlib equalism belief, there’s nowhere for the shitlib to find succor. She has no heavenly God to affirm her beliefs. She has had ¡SCIENCE! to comfort her, but real science has not had her, not for a long while. If anything, science is now the Equalist’s serpent, offering poison fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Race and Sex that she bites at risk of banishment from Gentrificationland.

So she must find comfort in Ideology, and in the ululating embrace of her all-too-human Affirmation Allies. Her Father then, is her ego, her Son of Man her purified POC, and her Holy Signal her unassailable virtue.

But all three parts of that Trinity are conspicuously falsifiable. Destructible. Her virtue is belied by her superzip residence. Her purified POC is exposed as a charlatan upon close contact. Her ego…very strong, tough, but not impregnable….lacks any transcendence and is vulnerable to mockery and ostracism. Her ego is killable, which means she will do anything…ANYTHING…to guard her ego against the killing blow.

If the leftoid equalist’s ego is god, then don’t expect a peaceful surrender to apostasy. Any tentative steps toward reformation will be met with zealotry, bordering on zaniness. The death of the equalist’s god is akin to the death of the equalist herself. If her Ideology is her Identity, then abandoning her Ideology is abandoning herself, and all she has been, and believed, and perceived of herself for her entire life. Metadeath.

Remember, she has no succor in a divine being or a divinely inspired Word. She has nowhere to console herself when her ego dies; at the moment of ego death it’s the illimitable void for her, preceding her corporeal death. She will be a walking zombie, softly muttering shitlib platitudes to a tiny coterie of the Ego Dead who mutually masturbate each other’s self-conception as the world moves on from them.

So how do we know we are witnessing the death of the shitlib religion?

By their screeching.

By their despotic overreach.

By their enthusiasm to burn the heretics at the stake.

Believers of the European ancestry persuasion whose religion is unchallenged, or who have an unknowable divinity to whom they can subordinate their egos, are generally good-willed toward nonbelievers. They may defend their beliefs when insulted, but they won’t hound their interrogators and try to destroy their lives. Their belief is strong and therefore sturdy against attack.

Contrast with White shitlib believers in Equalism, a socially constructed religion which is daily challenged, and before which shitlibs cannot subordinate their egos, because their ego is their god. They lash out in a lunatic rage (what I call “wokebursts”) at heretics, chasing them from the public square and impoverishing them with the assistance of the State and Corporate priest caste.

Shitlib Equalists lash out at heretics not because they strongly believe, but because they begin to doubt.

It’s the creeping doubt which drives them to tyrannical inquisitions against nonbelievers and skeptics.

Shitlibs aren’t secure in their faith. They secretly, subconsciously worry that they have hitched their wagon to a false prophet. Their religious insecurity brooks no challenge or heresy, because it is paper-thin and fragile, and must be quarantined from even the cuckiest incursions of skepticism.

When one defends a fortress made of gossamer, the best defense is to prevent a single enemy from taking up arms against it. Once the enemy has amassed, it’s too late; the fortress will fall in an instant.

This is where equalist shitlibs are today: in that limbo between unchallenged rule and overrun by those who would cast off the shackles of freakqualism. The Lib Limbo is dangerous. It is Orwellian, dictatorial, oppressive. Evil. Now is when the brave dissident risks it all, running into the teeth of a Societal and State apparatus that has maxim guns pointed at him.

The shitlib knows the maxim gun is the only thing between losing her religion and continued rule over her Fake Fiefdom. She will aim all her whiny firepower at the scattered dissidents to prevent an army forming on the horizon. Desperation compels her to a malevolence that would have shocked her in tidier times when her power was uncontested.

Along the theme of this post, Patrick McDermott wrote a good post titled “How White liberals will wake up“.

White liberals can be maddening. They proceed through life happily proclaiming their devotion to progressivism, completely oblivious to the brewing demographic dangers on the horizon. Indeed, most polls show them doubling down on their beliefs in the era of Donald Trump. If you try to warn them, they will stare at you blankly. If you are a friend or relative, count yourself lucky that they still tolerate you and your beliefs.

I’ve gotten that blank stare from shitlibs. It’s the look of someone whose brain function temporarily stopped; a glitch in the wetware triggered by unauthorized inputs.

As for doubling down, yes that’s what ferocious believers in a discredited religion do, when renouncing their faith is the only alternative. There will be many more wokebursts before this religion has loosened its grip on the shitlib heart and mind. There may even be the ultimate wokeburst: war.

White liberals are neither evil nor irredeemable.

Oh, I wouldn’t be so sure of that blanket statement…

The road to perdition may be paved with good intentions, but most of them will awaken before we get there. Our collective struggle will be difficult, but they will be standing with us when we emerge on the other side.

I like McDermott’s optimism, but it’s more likely that the White shitlibs “standing with us” on the other side will be markedly fewer in number than the ones standing against us during the journey there.

Understanding how white liberals will change requires first understanding how their minds work.


Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, first proposed in 1943 by Abraham Maslow, explains human motivation as the product of a variety of competing needs.


Two of the needs in this framework are particularly important for understanding white liberals: self esteem and love / belonging. These needs can be evolutionarily traced to our status as a social species.

McDermott goes on to write that as long as White shitlibs’ Physiological and Safety needs are met, they will focus all their mental and emotional energy on satisfying their Self-Esteem and Love/Belonging needs, and that this is why shitlords can’t dissuade shitlibs from their Equalism religion using logic and reason:

In today’s Western societies, anti-racism has come to be viewed as the morally correct position and racism as the ultimate evil. This creates substantial incentives for conformity in our racial views and rewards status-seeking behavior (sometimes referred to as “virtue signaling”) on racial issues. In those cases where this dominant moral paradigm conflicts with an individual’s other needs, such as the desire to live in a safe neighborhood, rationalizations provide the necessary cover so that white liberals can avoid guilt and cognitive dissonance while simultaneously engaging in hypocritical behavior.


As challenging as these barriers may seem, however, it gets worse. Research has shown that human beings are highly resistant to facts that challenge their core convictions. They will seize on any information that confirms their preexisting beliefs and if their beliefs are challenged, they will simply ignore or disbelieve the source. Stronger challenges to core beliefs can even backfire, causing people to double down on their original position.

Troy Campbell, a researcher on the topic, explained it this way: “As causes become our identity, we don’t just believe we are right anymore; we need to believe we are right to maintain self-worth.”

The Missing Ingredient: Fear

Liberalism’s close ties to its own version of morality – combined with the universal human needs for self-esteem and social belonging – make this an exceedingly tough nut to crack. But crack it will. How do we break through these barriers? The answer can be found near the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy: the need for safety.

To change White shitlib hearts and minds, attack their stunted amygdalae.

Most white liberals will not be convinced by rational arguments, no matter how strong or well-supported those arguments may be. They will only be convinced by threats to their basic safety. This, in turn, points to the real barrier. Most white liberals do not feel threatened.

Two points. First, I’m not certain shitlibs *can* be convinced by threats to their personal safety. Part of the shitlib psychology is a twisted masochism streak, a sort of cognitive Stockholm Syndrome by which shitlibs come to identify with their own insecurity, considering it a good thing in their lives. Related, I’ve seen shitlibs almost glow with smugness when describing the hazards they face living in the urban playground. They are proud of their powerlessness and lurking victimization.

Second, it is true that most White shitlibs don’t feel viscerally threatened by encircling Diversity™…yet. Gentrification and segregation in microcosm have done a great job insulating shitlibs from real fear. This insulation CAN be breached if the Diverse Hordes become numerically preponderant, but we aren’t quite there in the places where it would do the most “good”. The rapid gentrification and relocations of vibrancy to the exurbs of the past fifteen years has succeeded in putting off the “Escape from New York” awareness level needed to scare urban White shitlibs straight back to sanity. Lower White shitlib fertility and later marriage has also had a delaying effect on the return of shitlib sanity, because they don’t have to concern themselves with “good schools” until a couple of decades spent in the anonymous sex hedonistic plunderdome has fully marinated their dismissive, sanctimonious attitude toward racial reality.

This gets to the danger of allowing shitlibs too much power to control the discourse. In general, shitlibs are less forward-seeing that are non-shitlibs. If IQ tests could measure foresight and ability to see long-term consequences from present-day actions, conservative Whites would blow away shitlib Whites. Perhaps you wouldn’t even have to control for class or education to see this disparity.

The White shitlib perception of reality can thus be reduced to a narrow range of “the black guy I know is cool” and “oh, it’s a shame about that murder, but it happened in a different neighborhood and he was stupid to walk around there at night”, which naturally leads to “yeah, let’s invite more Vigrants into our country because they’d all be cool and chill and it torments those awful White nationalists!”.

In contrast, the White shitlord perception of reality is more inclusive of future possibilities and fallouts from current experiences. The shitlord knows “one cool black guy” is not a stand-in for “30 millions blacks” and that a murder in another neighborhood could just as easily have been a murder in his neighborhood, which leads to “it’s not a good idea to bring more antagonistic foreigners into my country which I have to bequeath to my posterity”.

Most [White liberals] do not see a civilization that is crumbling around them or a brewing threat on the horizon. They see a thriving economy and a skyrocketing stock market. Yes, race relations are not perfect, but they think those problems will sort themselves out as soon as we solve the challenge of poverty and get rid of Donald Trump. Immigration is beneficial. There are no meaningful differences between people. Trump voters are just suffering from irrational phobias and “white anxiety.” Times are good. What on earth is there to be afraid of?


The sad reality is that few people who are living in a bubble are able to see it until it pops. The rare iconoclasts who are right too soon are usually viewed as social outcasts and misfits. The liberal bubble is about to pop, however. The signs are all around us.

Number one sign: the social media censorship and boycott swarms of any public realtalker.

The coming awakening of white liberals, which in the United States will probably occur over the next decade, will be primarily due to five factors.

Meat and potatoes time. McDermott lists these factors as “instinctual ethnocentrism”, “growing direct contact [with nonWhites]”, “cultural threat”, “explicitly anti-White rhetoric”,  and “political threat”.

He thinks political threat holds the most promise for waking up White shitlibs,

The fifth factor, political threat, may be the most important because, unlike the others, it cannot be avoided or ignored. The principal source of this threat is the nation’s changing demographics, which are empowering minorities and shifting the Democratic Party sharply to the left.


The reaction of white voters to such hard-left ideological swings is well-established. Two of the most left-leaning presidential nominees in modern history, George McGovern and Walter Mondale, were trounced at the polls. More recently, moderate Republican gubernatorial candidates have a solid track record of defeating far-left Democrats in deep blue states. What accounts for this? Many white liberals, particularly those with high household incomes, are not as far left as they think.

White liberals may not feel threatened by the left today, particularly with Republicans controlling Congress and Trump dominating the news on a daily basis, but that will change in the coming decade. As the nation changes, the mainstream media and social media companies may try to clamp down on opposing views, but they are unlikely to repress the emerging voices of the far left, who will do far more to open the eyes of white liberals than conservatives ever could. They are our unwitting allies.

If you thought Trump 2016 was a bellwether, wait until Trump 2020. That’s the election which will tell us if White shitlibs are salvageable or if we have to go our separate ways.

One idea that needs to be a part of this discussion is the premise that White shitlibs may very well be *ethnically distinct* from White conservatives. Albion’s Seed gets into this, and the basic theory is that America was settled by four different strains of Anglo Whites, which persist to this day in voting patterns, habits, moral outlooks, and social organization preferences. If so, then White shitlibs possibly see themselves as *ancestrally* distinct from White conservatives, or at least feel it in their bones even if they don’t consciously acknowledge or express it. A feeling like this could mean that White shitlibs convince themselves that White conservatives are just as “alien” to their way of life as are nonWhites. It isn’t true, but the narcissism of small differences and the shitlib striver mentality of not wanting to be associated with “downscale” White cousins (and being embarrassed by downscale White culture and politics) empowers White urbanites to hold tight to their hatred of and bitterness against White flyovers.

And, of course, no discussion about White shitlibbery is complete without a mention of the disproportionate contribution of those [very special] “White” shitlibs, who are in fact racially distinct from goylibs and goycons. (If you’re feeling charitable toward the specials (why would you extend them that which they rarely extend you, tho?), then you could substitute “ethnically distinct”.)

How will we know when white liberals have changed their views? It will probably not be immediately obvious. Most will not publicly proclaim their shift. There will instead be occasional calls for bipartisanship and arguments against the growing tide of identity politics. And then there will be silence as former liberals say less and less, daring only to whisper among friends about their growing concern about the direction of the country.

Ideally, the shitlib ego slowly and peacefully conforms itself to the coming Train of Truth.

Catastrophically, the shitlib ego snaps suddenly, convulsing our shared nation in a festival of reckoning.

Over time, it is not unrealistic to assume that voting patterns at the national level will begin to mirror those of the South, where white support for Republican presidential candidates commonly reaches 80-90 percent. In the long run, however, it will not be enough. Demographics are still political destiny.

Does anyone outside of dissident blogs and besides Ann Coulter, Tucker Carlson, and Stephen Miller understand the absolute certainty of this ugly truth?

The Soviet Union, one of the 20th Century’s two superpowers, was destroyed by its adherence to an ideology that ignored human nature. It should not be surprising that the world’s other superpower might also be destroyed by an unrealistic ideology, in this case one that willfully ignores the world’s long history of ethnic conflict.

Diversity + Proximity = War.

Equalism has been described as a “totalizing ideology”, which to me means conformism to it must be total or risk the wrath of the deranged priesthood and their mind-jacked foot soldier automatons. If so, then America’s anti-nature ideology of Equalism could just as assuredly destroy it as the Soviet Union’s anti-nature ideology of Communism destroyed its empire. Sad coda: The Soviet Union only lost ethnically different satellite states. The core Russia, comparatively homogeneous, remains and is by some measures growing stronger. In her eventual defeat, America would lose satellite *states* and *regions*. There would be Core Americas going their own way.

A comment from advancedatheist, including replies, deserves reposting here:

Working-class white American men tend to have more experience with blacks, Hispanics and other nonwhite groups because they compete for the same jobs and the same kinds of downmarket housing they can afford.

Whereas more affluent whites have the wherewithal to isolate themselves from having to deal with POC’s and their dysfunctions.

You can easily form misconceptions about the Other when you lack experience in dealing with them, so this can explain why better-heeled whites tend to hold unrealistic views about POC’s that blue-collar whites simply laugh at based on their daily reality of having to live among them.

One White-behaving POC can completely disorient a White shitlib’s worldview. So fucking gullible!

UrbaneFrancoOntarian replies,

Completely agree. Growing up, I lived in a 90% white neighborhood. Very left wing, lots of nice white people. We had a few “people of colour” – the friendly Japanese couple down the street; the happy Indian family – even a mixed race couple! Beautiful! Everybody smiling and getting along.

In school we were taught that white people are bad because of our “racist” past. We should feel bad for racism and treat all races with respect. Well, that made sense to me. I didn’t see anything wrong with the 10% of wealthy, well-adjusted minorities in our area. Racism is so stupid, I thought. These people are just like me!

My white friends often snarked at our “lame”, “white” neighborhood. No diversity, no culture!

Then came university….

Indians, Muslims, Chinese, Arabs, Africans. Wow, what a mix! Amazing diversity and spice! That’s when I started waking up. In small numbers, these people are okay. But in large numbers, they are invaders.

More precisely, “in small numbers, these people are deferential. But in large numbers, they are rapacious invaders”.

They hate us. They don’t care about “Canada” – they want our money and our women. Hostile foreign invaders.

Petty fights. Religious/ethnic disagreements. Cheating, corruption and nepotism. Rap music. All kinds of degenerate things, 3rd world things, that I was sheltered from in my early, white, life. There is no culture, nor cohesion. Your skin colour, language, religion and ethnic group determines who you talk to and make friends with. Just like the 3rd world.

This is our future. More of them are pouring in every day. I see the future now, because this level of diversity will soon spill out into every corner of North America. They will make Mexicans look like great people, believe me…

I’ve tried warning people back home, but they just don’t believe me. “Well I work with an Indian and he’s a great guy!” “I had an Arab taxi driver and he was a great guy!”. More rationalization. Our blindness will be our downfall.

White liberals are in for a rude awakening, of course. But when that happens, it will be too late. Our country is already gone. We just haven’t noticed yet.

The race is between Noticing and Dissolution. Tragically, enough Whites won’t notice until it’s futile to notice. At least, that’s the way to bet.

TTSSYF responds,

So much of life is driven by numbers or percentages. Just as the human body can tolerate small amounts of unhealthy foods, so can an otherwise healthy society tolerate small numbers of dysfunctional or unassimilable people. Both the body and society would be better off without these unhealthful inputs, but they can at least tolerate them and still thrive. Also, in the case of society at large, there can be intense pressure on otherwise dysfunctional or unassimilable people to suppress their nature and conform to the norms of the dominant population and make their presence even less of an issue (e.g., the few blacks who work in a predominantly white company will hide their resentment, if not outright hatred, for whites and save it for when they are at home and can speak in ebonics with black family members and neighbors; the lone Muslim family in the neighborhood will likely be friendly to the kafirs, etc.). But once the numbers and percentages change, all bets are off. And I am afraid we are on a collision course with this reality, which began with our importing African slaves but was held in check by their relatively small numbers, and which has been ramped up and likely made inevitable by the changes in the immigration laws in 1965, with our now allowing over one million legal immigrants each year from the Third World.

Quantity is its own quality.

And quality is its own quantity.

One Somali will impose a burden that a hundred Dutchmen could not.

Numbers and nature are of the essence, so it’s the height of insanity that White shitlibs eagerly press the open borders to the Dirt World pedal to the medal. The unrepentant destruction of their homeland is apparently worth it to them if it peeves the Deplorables.

Well, they had better enjoy the feeling now, because the bill will come due and they are gonna get a sticker shock like they’ve never had before.

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I read (I think over at Sailer’s) an astute observation about diversity: the more diversity you have, the more elitism you get, because the shrinking pool of native stock Whites will create more barriers to entry for every American pastime and institution and recreational park and neighborhood just to keep out the “gifts of love” and the damaging impact they bring on their arrival.

A swelling population of behaviorally and culturally alien invaders tramples on carefully managed public spaces that natives responsibly enjoy and sustain in the manner that suits their own preference and temperament, provoking an elitist backlash that locks out not just the invader horde but also downscale native Whites who can no longer afford the price of entry.

Diversity is anti-egalitarian. Rapid and overwhelming and multiracial population growth exacerbates class divisions and widens the gulf between the haves and have-nots, both between Whites and non-Whites and between White classes.

Diversity + Proximity = Emergent Caste Systems.

Possibly this explains why well-off Whites support the Invasion of the Nation Snatchers; the ravages of Diversity provide an additional avenue to high SES Whites to flaunt their higher social and economic status over lower class Whites. The capability of fencing oneself off from the invited vibrancy is itself tacit proof of one’s high status, but first the vibrancy has to be brought physically close enough to trigger the escalating status contest among Whites proving they can buy safe haven from it.

That this lethal intra-White status whoring game will mean the destruction of the nation which has provided the means to accumulate that status matters not to these reckless, virtue aggrandizing Whites. The dopamine hit from flexing their elevated station in America — and sneering at “flyover rubes” — is worth more to them than bequeathing a livable homeland to their own posterity, never mind to racial cousins from less morally sophisticated towns in the countryside who are currently dying by the thousands in an auto-genocide of opioid-induced suicides of alienated despair.

The evil motivating this elitist White compulsion to leave less fortunate Whites at the mercy of a forced repopulation project and of a totally unnecessary and preventable imposition of hardships and miseries is almost too great to comprehend.

Wars have been fought to bitter, disputed ends for lesser crimes.


I picked this quote up from another source, and thought it was too good not to share,

Your greatest loyalty should be to your family and your folk, not to the needs of a stranger. It is more heartless to abandon those who place faith in you than it is to neglect the needs of an outsider.

This describes the corrupted relationship between elite and non-elite Whites. Noblesse oblige has devolved into noblesse malice.

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A great comment from Asagirian,

To clear thing up, we need to speak of White Elite Privilege.

The US is really about White Elite Privilege, not White Privilege.

White Elites really do have privilege and work hard to justify & keep it by spouting PC cliches about fighting ‘white privilege’, thus spreading the blame around to ALL whites, most of whom don’t have privilege. It’s a trick of spreading the blame to stay in the game.

We have to stop talking of ‘White Privilege’. The term is too broad and genetic. Too often, the debate is about ‘there is white privilege’ vs ‘there is no white privilege’.
The problem is ‘white’ is too expansive and inclusive a category, including everyone from Bill Gates to toothless hillbilly in W. Virginia. So, ‘white privilege’ is pointless as it includes even dirt poor whites with nothing and are often victimized by black thugs.

But there really is White Elite Privilege. Paradoxically, in order for White Elites to keep their own considerable status and privilege, they must denounce ‘White Privilege’. It’s so very convenient for them because they, as the clever educated and affluent, get to pretend as agents of ‘social justice’ against the white working class and ‘deplorables’ who resist ‘change’. (Diversity also favors the elites over the masses. In a homogeneous society, the elites with MORE are at moral disadvantage to the masses who have less. But in a diverse society, the haves can hug Diversity [mostly as tokens and peons] and accuse the have-nots of their own kind of ‘racism’ and ‘xenophobia’. Thus, moral advantage goes to the elites.)

To expose and bring these a**holes down, we need to use the term, White Elite Privilege. Or White Comprador Elite Privilege because white elite privilege is in service to Jewish Super-Privilege. As Jewish Power has rigged the Narrative to make Jews holy & pure while making whites sinful & guilty, white elites must appear to atone for their past sins in order to justify and keep their privilege. Jews exploit this psychology by steering guilt-ridden white elites to serve Jewish power and Zionism, and the white elites play along because it isn’t too difficult to shout out ‘Long Live Israel’ and wave the Israeli flag. Sure beats being dragged to labor camps for re-education.

We need to talk of White Elite Privilege vs White Mass Problems. Change the terms of the debate, and people will think differently.

Reframing is a core Game concept for a good reason: it’s a powerfully effective persuasion technique, of women, of voters, and of gathering revolutionaries.

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I’m fed up with America’s remote sanctimony and civic indifference.

Just two examples from the millions available:

Marco Rubiobots: “The poor suffering Venezuelans. We must invade!”
Marco Rubiobots: “White advocates getting kicked out of banking services? Free market man.”

Anti-White spigot AOC wipes a tear away from her cum-stained cheek…not for the working class White man whose town is ravaged by cheap immigrant labor and alien way of life, but for the bawlin’ beanlet who died because its momma was stupidly negligent to take the kid along on a thousand mile trek through desert to storm America as an invading force.

Fake piety for distant outsiders and genuine malice toward neighbors is the shitlib M.O., and it’s time it was exposed, ridiculed, and driven back into the abyss from where it was belched up.


Cuckservatives love to chest-beat about “the American mainstream”.



Shitlord: “they have to go back”

Shitlib: “you have to go black”

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Summary: White shitlibs know Diversity sucks, and will do and pay anything to get away from it.

A GoodWhite lady teacher tells a horror story about her time in the vibrant trenches.

Public Education’s Dirty Secret

Bad teaching is a common explanation given for the disastrously inadequate public education received by America’s most vulnerable populations. This is a myth. Aside from a few lemons who were notable for their rarity, the majority of teachers I worked with for nine years in New York City’s public school system were dedicated, talented professionals.Before joining the system I was mystified by the schools’ abysmal results.I too assumed there must be something wrong with the teaching. This could not have been farther from the truth.


Washington Irving High School, 2001–2004

My NYC teaching career began a few days before September 11, 2001 at Washington Irving High School. It was a short honeymoon period;the classes watched skeptically as I introduced them to a method of teaching French using virtually no English. Although the students weren’t particularly engaged, they remained respectful. During first period on that awful day there was a horrendous split-second noise. A plane flew right overhead a mere moment before it blasted into the north tower of the World Trade Center. At break time word was spreading among the staff.Both towers were hit and one had already come down. When I went to my next class I told the students what had happened. There was an eruption of rejoicing at the news. Many students clapped and whooped their approval, some getting out of their seats to do a sort of victory dance. It was an eye-opener, and indicative of what was to come.


Guards patrolled the hallways, sometimes the police had to intervene. Even though the security guards carefully screened the students at the metal detectors posted at every entrance, occasionally arms crept in. Girls sometimes managed to get razors in, the weapon of choice against rivals for boys’ attention. Although I don’t know of other arms found in the school (teachers were kept in the dark as much as possible), one particularly disruptive and dangerous boy was stabbed one afternoon right outside school. It appears he came to a violent death a few years later.


As the weeks dragged painfully into months, it became apparent that the students wouldn’t learn anything. It was dumbfounding. It was all I could do to keep them quiet; that is, seated and talking among themselves. Sometimes I had to stop girls from grooming themselves or each other. A few brave souls tried to keep up with instruction. A particularly good history teacher once told me that she interrupted a conversation between two girls, asking them to pay attention to the lesson. One of them looked up at her scornfully and sneered, “I don’t talk to teachers,” turning her back to resume their chat.


[Long-term suspension] was unthinkable in New York, where “in-house suspension” was the only punitive measure. It would be “discriminatory” to keep the students at home. The appropriate paperwork being filed, the most outrageously disruptive students went for a day or two to a room with other serious offenders. The anti-discrimination laws under which we worked took all power away from the teachers and put it in the hands of the students.

Throughout Washington Irving there was an ethos of hostile resistance. Those who wanted to learn were prevented from doing so. Anyone who “cooperated with the system” was bullied. No homework was done. Students said they couldn’t do it because if textbooks were found in their backpacks, the offending students would be beaten up.


I tried everything imaginable to overcome student resistance. Nothing worked.


The abuse from students never let up. We were trained to absorb it. By the time I left, however, I had a large folder full of the complaint forms I’d filled out documenting the most egregious insults and harassment.There was a long process to go through each time. The student had a parent or other representative to state their case at the eventual hearing and I had my union rep. I lost every case.

It used to be, in 90% White America, that abusive students would have neither state representative nor parents to “state their case”. The parents would be called in to the school, listen to the teacher’s complaint, and then tell their kid to shape up while apologizing on the kids’ behalf to the teacher.

The abuse ranged from insults to outright violence, although I myself was never physically attacked. Stories abounded, however, of hard substances like bottles of water being thrown at us, teachers getting smacked on the head from behind, pushed in stairwells, and having doors slammed in our faces. The language students used was consistently obscene. By far the most commonly heard word throughout the school,literally hundreds of times a day, like a weapon fired indiscriminately, was “nigga.”


Although the school was always on the verge of hysteria and violence, it had all the trappings of the typical American high school. There were class trips and talent shows, rings and year books—even caps and gowns and graduation. High school diplomas were among the trappings, handed out to countless 12th graders with, from my observation, a 7th grade education.


Students came to school for their social life. The system had to be resisted. It was never made explicit that it was a “white” system that was being rejected, but it was implicit in oft-made remarks. Youngsters would say things like, “You can’t say that word, that be a WHITE word!”


It all fell on deaf ears. It was impossible to dispel the students’ delusions. Astonishingly, they believed that they would do just fine and have great futures once they got to college! They didn’t seem to know that they had very little chance of getting into anything but a community college, if that. Sadly, the kids were convinced of one thing: As one girl put it, “I don’t need an 85 average to get into Hunter; I’m black, I can get in with a 75.” They were actually encouraged to be intellectually lazy.

The most Dantesque scene I witnessed at Washington Irving was a “talent show” staged one spring afternoon. The darkened auditorium was packed with excited students, jittery guidance counselors, teachers, and guards. Music blasted from the loudspeakers, ear-splitting noise heightened the frenzy. To my surprise and horror, the only talent on display was merely what comes naturally. Each act was a show of increasingly explicit dry humping.


Brooklyn Tech, 2004–2009

Brooklyn Tech was considered one of New York’s “top three” high schools. Students had to test in.

Brooklyn Tech: 61% asian, 21% White (current numbers)

Despite the disruptive students at first, the classes were manageable. What the youngsters lacked in academic rigor, they made up for in verve. However, as the years passed, micro-management became more burdensome. Supervision became stricter, with multiple class visits and more meetings. Some “experts” up the DoE ladder decided that we had to produce written evidence that our lesson plans conformed to a rigid formula.


Victory Collegiate High School, 2009–2010

88% black.

Victory Collegiate High School seemed promising.


It could boast of Bill Gates money, and was one of only two or three new experimental schools co-located in what was once the venerable South Shore High School. It served the local, partly middle-class, partly ghettoized black community. The principal informed me proudly that the students wore uniforms, and no cellphones were allowed. The classes were tiny in comparison to other high schools, and there were no disciplinary problems.

Stay for the twist ending!

Despite the devastating blow to my career, I set out hopefully on the long commute to Canarsie. The metal detectors should have clued me in. Any pretense of imposing uniforms was eventually abandoned. Cellphones were a constant nuisance. Administrators turned a blind eye to the widespread anti-social behavior.

It would be repetitive to go over the plentiful examples of the abuse teachers suffered at the hands of the students. Suffice it to say, it was Washington Irving all over again, but in miniature. The principal talked a good game, believing that giving “shout-outs” and being a pal to the students were accomplishing great things, but he actually had precious little control over them. What made matters worse, the teaching corps was a young, idealistic group, largely recruited from the non-profit Teach For America, not the leathery veterans who constituted a majority at the two previous schools.


The “language arts” department (the word “English” was too Euro-centric) made one obligatory bow to Shakespeare—a version of “Romeo and Juliet” reduced to a few hundred words. It was common knowledge that the Bard was “overrated.”


In the classroom, the children did as they pleased. Since the classes were smaller, some students managed to learn a bit of French, but most obdurately ignored me. One memorable 16 year-old fresh from Chicago loved French but was contemptuous of me. She was tall and slender, quite beautiful, and in love, it seemed, with another girl in the class, who was not blessed with similar beauty. Throughout the year they were an item. I finally managed to separate them, insisting that they change seats when it became increasingly difficult to stop them from necking in the classroom.That was when, despite her love of French, the Chicago girl left my class never to return, except once, when we were watching a movie. She came in, sat down and watched with us, breezing out again at the film’s end. This was not unusual behavior. Some students had the run of the hallways, wandering around as they pleased.


On one memorable occasion, I said to them: “You are not here to play, you are here to develop your intellect.” The puzzled stares this remark elicited spoke volumes. It seemed an utterly new concept to them.


When the language section was over and the math part began, however, students stopped working. They sat there staring at the desk. I quietly encouraged them to make an effort, but the general response was, “I ain’t doin’ it, miss, it’s too hard.” I could not get them to change their minds; they sat doing nothing for the rest of my shift.

The preliminary test results that came back in the spring were abysmally low—despite the fact that every single response bubble on the math test had been filled in.

After the terrible 2010 earthquake in Haiti, a number of Haitians joined the school. These youngsters were remarkable for their good manners and desire to learn, for their outstanding gentility in fact. They provided a most refreshing change, but it didn’t last. They quickly fell into the trap of hostile resistance.

Negression to the mean.

By June, things were really depressing. Not only was the academic year an utter failure, word spread that 10 girls had become pregnant. Since there were only about 90 girls in the school, this represented over 10 percent.

It used to be a scandal if one student out of 200 girls got knocked up; now there may as well be breastfeeding rooms in the schools.

The majority of the pregnant girls were freshmen, targeted it was said by a few “baby daddies” who prided themselves on their prowess and evolutionary success.

The Darwinian order doesn’t care about our Eurocentric ideals.

Once again, I finally and suddenly broke. The threat was from an unlikely source, a big lad who was always subdued. He was in the special education program, and never gave any trouble when I substituted in that class. But one afternoon, for some unknowable reason, this usually gentle giant came up to me and said, “I gonna cut yo’ ass.” That was the final humiliation I would suffer in the New York City public school system. 

I left that afternoon never to return.

This could be the book cover blurb of White Shitlibs: “I left that vibrant scene never to return.”

Now you know why anti-racist liberal GoodWhites talk one way and act another way. They are SCARED TO DEATH to put their little darlings into black and brown dystopian schools. White lib parents will sooner mortgage their lives and drive themselves insane memorizing useful euphemisms in order to buy a house in a good — read, White — school district, than to watch their kids suffer a torrent of verbal and physical abuse from the aPOCalypse.

But they can’t say this out loud, or they’ll be read out of genteel shitlib society and branded with the Scarlet R.

There’s another reason. The White shitlib is a status whore like no other. The Diversity™ is a status whore multiplier, jacking up the price of homes in vanishing all-White neighborhoods. White shitlibs moving into these oases get a status thrill up their legs. They’ve made it. They’re in. They aren’t like those other White people who struggle to get by in shittier communities.

If the Diversity influx ended tomorrow, and the Diversity already here was repatriated to their natural ecosystems, the value of the typical White shitlib’s home would plummet. Suddenly they aren’t paying a premium to avoid Diversity; now they’re just another White home in a White town in a White nation with White neighborhoods stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Absent Diversity, there is lebensraum. More regions and towns and city centers open to White colonization. Affordable housing. A cooling of tensions between the White classes. A more equitable distribution of good schools. More trust. The beginning of a revitalized social contract. Doors left unlocked when away.

We had this, once. We can have this again. We just have to give up our cowardly lies.

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Astute. Porter has made the best defense of “don’t punch right” I’ve yet read.

A reader adds,

It’s because the Left has successfully established a framework in which left is moral and right is immoral. Thus, the extreme left is at worst impractical, but the extreme right is barbarous evil.

‘Don’t Punch Right’ doesn’t mean you lovingly embrace beady-eyed social rejects with swastika tattoos and defend them at all costs from attack. It means you do what the Left does with their sanpaku-eyed social rejects with neckbeards and post-op vaginas: you don’t join your enemies to attack them. Instead, like the Left, you change the subject, mildly defend them on abstract principles of “giving a voice to all”, or mildly rebuke them for the minor sin of “letting their justified anger get the better of them”. If all else fails, you ignore them or pretend you don’t know what’s going on and dodge any questions about them.

This is something I believe the normally smart blokes at MPC lost sight of.

AntiDem writes,

Mostly true, though the Pelosi old guard is doing everything it can to keep the AOC wing of the Democratic Party in check.

Sure, but do you hear Pelosi the Clapping Seal directly attacking the character of the Shriekin’ Reekin? Do you hear Pelosi calling for her to apologize or accusing her of “not being who we are”?


Pelosi is doing what I wrote above: in between mildly snarking at AOC, Pelosi is ignoring her.

Another reader notes,

The left is in power and had powerful people in their favor even before they took over. Rules of engagement change with circumstances.

Absolutely. The Left only has to fight one enemy: straight White men missing the grovel gene.

The Right has to fight Leftist freaks, massive institutional power, the bureaucracy, and, most critically, an Enemy Media.

The circumstances are different for us, and we have to fight like guerrillas against a much more numerous and logistically powerful foe engaged in asymmetrical warfare.

Our source of power to date has been Counter-propaganda (COPROP), and the Left knows this, which is why they have redoubled their efforts to kick us off every platform that matters and to demonetize us from existence.

Nonetheless, those asymmetrical circumstances which call for a smarter handling of our “extremists” compared to how the Left handles their extremists does not necessarily also mean we throw our front line warriors under the bus with ostentatious sanctimony, sniveling like house eunuchs begging our despotic overlords to spare us the ignominy of association with our own side.

Ignore Right, Chastise Right, Excuse Right, but don’t punch Right.

PS Porter writes at the Kakistocracy. Check him out.

PPS Another reason not to punch right: it shifts triangulation patterns. Triangulation for the flank-protected Left means the middle way is located between the center-Left and the extreme-Left. Triangulation for the flank-sacrificed Right means the middle way is between the center-Right (which has become the official “extreme-Right” absent its flank) and the extreme-Left (which has become the official “center-Left” from the pull of its protected flanks). Both triangulations are Left-ward shifts. The Right needs its flank, or its center is exposed to heavy fire.

PPPS Greg Eliot on why there isn’t an equivalent ‘don’t punch Left’ garment-rending national conversation,

The simple reason for this is that men on the Right have a more natural sense of objectivity and a deeper sense of right and wrong… we like the idea of brotherhood and comradeship, but a sense of personal honor also demands that you don’t countenance lies and deceit, even in a brother.

Of course, it’s hard to gainsay the argument that White men had better start thinking tribally, above all else, if we are to defeat the enemies that have been doing so since time immemorial.

But it is hard to try and rewire what God and/or nature already wired so thoroughly.

Greg is right. This isn’t idle conjecture either. Besides our lyin’ eyes, there is a growing body of evidence from the sciences that the races differ in empathic ability.

That “sense of personal honor” — aka integrity — is a notable trait of the White race, and there are racial differences in how willing people are to police their own. Whites are the undisputed racial group champs at policing their own. Other races are extremely tribal when it’s them vs us. No other race but Whites so thoroughly trashes their own to appease the Other and to abide a personal code of honor that imparts moral agency solely to Whites.

But the Integrity Gap exists within the White race as well as between races. Conservative Whites are generally more integrous than shitlib Whites. Again, not idle conjecture. Haidt has shown in his moral foundations theory that conservative Whites place equal emphasis on all moral dimensions, while shitlib Whites emphasize only two: fairness and harm. Shitlib Whites are so morally underdeveloped that they cannot even fathom the moral thinking of conservatives. It’s not an exaggeration to state that the morality of shitlib Whites is like a child’s view of the world.

Owing to this intra-White morality difference, Whites on the Right tend to be more sensitive to the failings of their fringe, while Whites on the Left can more easily tolerate the sins of their own fringe. Hence, the natural outcome of ‘don’t punch Left’.

Which is all a roundabout way to say this isn’t getting resolved except through another civil war.

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