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From KL,

D.C. metro recently decriminalized fare evasion, noting 90% of citations were issued to blacks. Here is a wrinkle: D.C. students, who are primarily black, get free Metrocards. They lose this subsidy after finishing school, and D.C. is an expensive city. I would favor subsidizing youth, but this gets lost in the broader racial issue.

In all the big blue cities, mass transit fare hikes for declining quality of service is a perennial complaint of the locals.

The richer, nicer White parts of those cities don’t mind the fare hikes too much, though, or at least they don’t agitate for fare control or fare reductions. Obviously, Whites can afford the higher prices for getting around town, but the real reason Whites are ambivalent about or even supportive of fare hikes is that expensive public transit — or missing public transit — has been used for a long time by urban shitlib Whites to control access to their nice neighborhood sectors of the city.

When there is talk of expanding subway lines or bus routes, or of decreasing the fares — or in the case of DC, NYC, and San Tranny, talk of decriminalizing fare evasion, which is tantamount to a fare price reduction subsidized by law-abiding pale riders — the shitlib Whites will complain that the loss of revenue (or the cost to taxpayers) will bankrupt the mass transit system. You have to read between the whines to know what they really mean: fare reductions and fare evasion decriminalization make it cheaper for vibrants from the bad parts of the city to travel to the White parts of the city to bless the gentrifiers with some vibrant vibrancy.

In a very real sense, controlling geographic mobility of the underclass is the urban White shitlib’s substitute for a wall separating White neighborhoods from the ghetto. Expensive housing, physical distance, and transportation inconvenience are the equivalent of Trump’s Wall for urban shitlibs.

You will never hear louder screeching than that from well-off Whites in a nice part of a city fighting against a proposal to extend a new bus route or subway line into their guarded elysium, especially if that extension directly ferries shitholies from an across-town shithole.

Decriminalizing fare evasion, like many coastal shitlibopolises are considering in the name of “racial justice”, will encourage a flood of enrichment and the attendant criminality into White urban enclaves. I would not be surprised if crime rates shoot up in the near future in these cities currently experimenting with “remedying” the black-hispanic-White disparate policing impact.

This is the abandonment of the Broken Windows Theory, which states that cracking down on small crimes creates an environment which prevents bigger crimes. But BWT was too successful; violent crime fell, because loads of blacks and hispanics were arrested on minor charges before they could graduate to committing worse crimes. Now that the aPOCalypse is taking over America, the racial fault lines in criminal behavior are once again front and center, with the AOCs and Corey Bs and Omar Sharias enthusiastically calling for retrograde 1970s high crime era policies that would warm a blue-haired SJW’s vape-clogged heart.

It’ll be interesting to watch the contortions that urban White shitlibs twist themselves into as they scramble to find socially acceptable reasonings to justify opposing the anti-White political and social momentum toward decriminalizing black and brown criminality. Or maybe they’ll just bend over and take it, as the country replays Escape From New York one more time. The lessons never take with shitlibs. They have to keep relearning them at the point of a mugger’s gun.

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All across the developed world, people are having less sex.

Calhoun’s mouse experiment is everywhere if you have the eyes to see.

I can supply some reasons explaining the decline in sex frequency among modrens:

1. diversity (it causes cocooning)
2. obesity (it causes loss of desire)
3. population density (it causes mental health problems)
4. soyboys (self-explanatory)
5. video games
6. porn
7. female porn (teevee)
8. pathological narcissism metastasized by social media use

That last one is crucial to understanding the problem behind the Breaching of the Sexes: the study notes that men and women are spending more time on “looking good” and less time putting those good looks to use in the bedroom. A pathological narcissist wouldn’t want to risk his or her image by actually sleeping with someone who would find out what they look like the morning after, or discover how skilled they are as lovers. The Social Media Narcissist recoils from intimacy because it demands a pence of vulnerability to be true, real, and valuable. It’s safer for the maintenance of her image if she struts and poses on her world stage, full of snark and gogrrlies, signifying nothing, than to risk it all by stepping out from behind the ‘shopped selfie to place her painstakingly animated Marvel Comics heart at the mercy of another.

As someone noted on that Twatter thread, sexual frequency isn’t the same as sexual distribution.

Why can’t you address the elephant in the room. 20% of the men are sleeping with 80 % of the women. Most men 18-34 get infrequent or no sex at all. The dating market is cruel as any free market.

Sex frequency may be down, but female hypergamy is up up up, and more intense than ever.

The Breaching of the Sexes will soon give way to the Bifurcation of the Sexed And Sexless, and finally to the Bounty of the Sexbots.

Unless Generation Zyklon re-embraces a benevolent patriarchy, this story has only one ending: Hard Times Ahead.

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Millennials are causing the US divorce rate to plummet [ed: “plummet” is hyperbole]

Americans under the age of 45 have found a novel way to rebel against their elders: They’re staying married.

New data show younger couples are approaching relationships very differently from baby boomers, who married young, divorced, remarried and so on. Generation X and especially millennials are being pickier about who they marry, tying the knot at older ages when education, careers and finances are on track. The result is a U.S. divorce rate that dropped 18 percent from 2008 to 2016, according to an analysis by University of Maryland sociology professor Philip Cohen.

Sometimes superficially good news conceals much worse news. This is the case with the latest divorce rate statistics.

The Shrillennial divorce rate is lower than previous generations because

1. they are getting married later in life when they have fewer sexual market options to tempt them,

2. fewer of them are getting married (marriage has become a signifier of UMC membership) and

3. PoundMeToo has scared them to retreat to their fapatoriums.

These are not good developments from a society-wide perspective.

From Doom Chesterton:

in the year 2050 the last economically viable unmarried heterosexual man will have his career destroyed by vague, decades old accusations from the last non-lesbian female, and the divorce rate will go to zero

women hardest hit

haha. Delayed marriage is really the killer tell of a culture in decline. Delayed marriage works to everyone’s benefit in one context: when women are kept (relatively) sexually pure during their premarital years, largely to avoid the “alpha widowhood” syndrome which occurs when a woman has supped of alpha male staffs and consequently can never fully commit her love to the beta male with whom she will inevitably settle.

What’s the difference between a woman who marries later in life after her body has been spent by a decade or more riding the cock carousel, versus a woman who marries young, divorces, and remarries? If anything, the latter likely has spread for fewer cocks than the former. In this case, a higher divorce rate could signify an emotionally and genitally healthier marriage market.

And the latter likely has more kids. A dried up husk of a careerist battlecunt shrike at the ripe old age of 37 would be lucky to pop out 1.2 non-autistic sprog with her soypplicating beta hubby.

If you’re interested in making America great again, what you’d look for is an egalitarian trend in marriage — more long-lasting marriages in the middle and lower classes — and more younger marriages with larger families. You’d also do like Based Italy and make it harder for women to initiate divorce, since women are responsible for 70% of family breakups.

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Jay in DC writes,

I jump on Tinder every now and then just for shits & grins. It is definitely heading downhill in a big way. It is similar to what Hermes stated above. As Clown World grows the ‘list of demands’ gets longer and the attractiveness of those demanding gets lower. Also those insane 35+; women speaking as if they are 20 and have all the time in the world is exceptionally common now.

The current market is insanity incarnate. First of all, they are VERY fucking hostile. Fully half of the profiles I flicked through are just angsty, angry, demanding, and entitled. Who the fuck wants to be around that for even a nano-second? I will tell you who. Thirsty ass beta herbs. And they are LEGION. This is why allows this shitshow to continue.

Then you have the fact that we are down to about 1 in 10 or 1 in 20 women with a normal BMI. That reflects the thing we talk about on college campuses too which is even more distressing. Because at 18-21 you are the BEST you are ever going to be, its all downhill from there. If you are a hambeast then? Yikes…

The West is fucking miserable in almost every aspect. Maybe in the in between places it is still somewhat normal but based on my own experience and talking to the peeps I know in other urban areas, its shyte pretty much across the board. Pozzed Gynarcho-Tyranny is our system of government and life in general.

For the reasons Jay and Hermes give (and which I’ve written about before), I abandoned online dating a long time ago. I saw the writing on the wall: it was always going to end in a veil of beta male thirst and battlecunt entitlement.

Face to face, eyeball to eyeball, cockas to tingle, is the only way a man can break through the entitled bitch field now. And yes, the poz has gone national. I’ve been to almost every major “I’m With Her” city, and lived in a considerable number of them. All the big blue shitlib cities are the same — same shitlibbery, same slogans, same bumper stickers and window signs, same restaurants, same museums filled with the same ugly modern art, same “celebrating diversity” murals, same graphic tees, same apartment and condo glass-encased architecture, same local papers written in the same smug activist style, same craft breweries and gin distilleries, same nightclubs, same bars, same faux grimy music halls, same luxury indie theaters, same outdoor hanging lights, same “ironic” themed Millennial venues, same vintage shops serving the same shabby chic clientele, same cocktails with the same pop culture inspired names, same fertility-killing cost of living, same pride parades, same language of euphemisms to describe the same fucking thing (staying away from blacks and browns), same uber drivers, and same entitled overeducated battlecunt shrikes.

About fifteen or so years ago, a blueprint was set for how to gentrify cities, and it took off like wildfire through every shitlibopolis, sea to syphilitic sea, and in the process all the local flavor, the uniqueness inherent in such a large nation like America, was flattened into a smarmy White hipster beanbag romper room.

Channeling J Derbyshire, “Goodbye, weird, wild America.” This is what happens to a country when it imports too much mutually antagonistic nonWhite Diversity: a leveling of wonderfully peculiar White subcultures into a corporatized, MBA-approved mash that only distinguishes itself in relation to the utter dreariness and dysfunction of the nonWhite communitaaaahhs encircling these White urban hospices like a gathering enemy army.

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During moments of pop media regurgitation, I have had White girlfriends say to me, a White man they were happily fucking and to whom they professed their love, that, in so many words, “White men are the problem with society”.

Try to wrap your head around that lawgic trap.


Atavator comments,

Heartiste, remember Larry Auster’s “3 person morality play” in liberalism? Good White, Bad White, Other. Just about every movie people watch follows this script. Shitlibs say this kind of crap so easily because they simply assume that YOU assume they’re putting you in the “good white/redeemer” category. And when they say “white men” are the problem, they mean someone… out there.

It’s a disgusting filthy lie of a worldview, but few women have the ability to think their way out of that programming, and would probably express surprise that you would even take offense.

A big part of what we all need to be doing is making people PAY in some way (even if it begins with disgust and anger) for parroting this loathsome garbage.

Perceptive. (RIP Auster) This is the mentality at work here. When women find out I’m very much the badwhite of their nightmares (defying their expectation of the form and style a badwhite should take)….well, they get a little hotter in the panty blotter!…even if long-term they must know it’s not gonna happen between us.

It’s evidence of a profound sickness in our culture when you really digest what’s happening here:

SWPL White girls are trying to connect with White men by slandering White men. In the twisted landscape of their damebrain, these chicks think that bashing BadWhites to a White man is romantic, an example of “shared values” that White girls need to feel with a man before they’re ready to receive his swarth-free seed.

That White chicks don’t even contemplate the possibility a White man will ever object is an extremely damning indictment of the SWPL White men who share their social strata: the girls are probably right; vanishingly few craven soyboys will ever call them out for their insipid anti-White posturing.

Until they meet a stone cold shivver like yours truly. A subversive who swims among them. A rebel right under their noses.

Batrachian writes,

Women relate to things on an inchoate, emotional basis. They don’t understand themselves, or what the fundamental drivers of their behaviours often are.

The same women that feel deeply offended by the very proposition of societal eugenics and hierarchy are also the first to be socially-Darwinian in their attitudes toward men.

CH Maxim #77: The fealty to equalism women signal is belied by the ferocity with which they sift and sort men in the sexual market.

Evolution likely saw to it that women would not be aware of their subconscious motivations, lest the fair sex lose the ability to dupe beta males (self-duping authenticates other-duping).

Complementarily, evolution saw to it that men would appease the Sexual Darwinism of women by avoiding any show of weakness or expression of emotional vulnerability…or die incel. Over the eons, men have been selected to indeed be less emotionally vulnerable because instinct usually trumps affectation.

Autarky writes,

[Women’s] biological programming is to avoid social exclusion. Only when white men are seen to be more powerful than the media will ‘their opinion’ change.

My quick rebukes may not have changed their opinions but it did shut their pieholes. For a spell. (My reply to anti-White virtue sniveling women is along the lines of “you have me confused with someone who will listen to your crap”. Or mouthlove.)

Batrachian again,

I’ve often wondered about the lack of self-awareness involved in this [White women signaling anti-White bona fides].

It’s understandable that they’re primarily acting out of fear (the west has become utterly isolating and tyrannical in a way that few are able to articulate) but I doubt anyone openly acknowledges this.

Is fear driving the epidemic of White women to posture against White men? Yes, if you believe that White women believe social ostracism is guaranteed if they don’t parrot the Anti-White Party Line. Something else is driving it, too.


SWPL, overeducated, over-employed, under-childed White women, for reasons I’ve explained at length in the pages of this blog, have become disgusted with their White men, the soyboys and bugmen and effete toadies and “Concorde-nosed moguls” who are their sexual market confederates. No man is standing up to them; worse, these low T lackeys are cheering on their race-traitor White women to ever greater depths of Hajnalian subversion of their shared homeland and culture. On a primal level, one has to wonder if shitlib White women are lashing out at their own weak men through the barbed tips of anti-White agitprop.

And why these same chicks flee to tumblrrhea to tell of how they relievedly surrendered to a proudly White MAGAman and were beginning to question everything they thought they knew about themselves.

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earl comments about a strange disturbance in the American sexual market:

‘Your “tight young hotties” with lean muscle mass, flat asses, long legs, thigh gap, and washboard abs are mostly MTF transgenders with fake tits and makeup’

It’s just as possible they are females jacking up on roids too.

In any case just look at how the hips sway…the pelvic bones of men and women are too vastly different to change with hormones.

Look I don’t buy the wacky m2f conspiracy theories, but I do see a lot of women in the big blue cities with boy hips. It’s unsettling. And there are enough of them that it’s very noticeable, and not just background noise in a sea of shitlibs. Something’s fucking with the sexual polarity, and we men of European Christendom have a duty to find out and fix it. Make Women Women Again.

So many possible explanations. Was a generation of masculinized women born circa early 1990s, manifesting an unconscious “Gaia-esque” evolutionary response to an environment that had radically changed to reward aggrocunts and their soyboy lapdogs? Or is there an environmental toxin that it fucking with the biological development of modren shitlib wahmen?

Maybe earl is right. More women are taking steroids, or the pharmaceutical equivalent. (I doubt that could account for the total surge in phenotypic she-males.) Roids are known to produce rapid fat loss. The obesity crisis could have encouraged more roid use among boardroom chasing broads who know that fatness is a signifier of proleness, which is a perception worse than death to your average SWPL status whore.

Of course, steroids robs women of their softness, which is a critical component of their femininity, replacing it with a carved hardness and a six pack that will kill boners dead.

Ironsides adds,

Possibility #3: women with boy hips always been there, but due to looking, dressing, and acting feminine in all other ways, it was simply overlooked. Now they’re projecting ersatz-masculinity so their narrow hips get noticed as we naturally attempt to spot other features matching up to their battlecunt persona.

If this is true, then the evolutionary explanation becomes plausible, because it would require multiple generations of sexual selection to produce a significant subpopulation of Born Trannies among all female births. Maybe that is happening, as post-agrarian modren life has been with us long enough to create peculiar envirocultural pressures that have increased the reproductive fitness of masculinized women. (sounds unlikely, and unstable over the long term)

And yes, feel free to shudder at the thought. Earth Androgyne is not exactly my idea of human progress. District Gine Hermaphrodystopia is the side of history that we’re careening towards.

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Shitlibs more strongly identify along ideological axes. This is why, for instance, they can’t tolerate the company of those with differing world views. (White libchicks are the absolute worst at tolerating those with opposing political views.)

And, although I don’t have confirmatory data at hand, I suspect shitlibs are more likely to wander and become itinerants, always looking for a shiny new city to infest. Personality studies have found that shitlibs tend to be more novelty-seeking, or to put it less charitably they tend to have higher disgust thresholds. This desire for novelty and filth probably contributes to the shitlib “born to run away” compulsion. They just can’t handle too much niceness (read: Whiteness), order, and comfortable functionality. They need to feel distressed. They crave chaos in their lives.

How do I know this? Well, I have been surrounded by shitlibs. I’ve swum in the deepest waters of their subterranean cultures, taking what I wanted from them while leaving behind that which repulsed me. I know them pretty well, tbh, how they tick and what emotional keys are tickled in their hamsterchords.

I bring this up on the heels of the recent exposure of Stephanie Wilkinson, the proprietoress of the Commie Shrew, excuse me, the Red Hen, who hounded Sarah Sanders out of her restaurant and followed her like a psycho down the street screaming libanities at her, as a shitlib vagabond.

The rootlessness of shitlibs is intimately connected to their ideological fence-guarding in a positively reinforcing feedback loop. The shitlib leaves for a strange new locale, loses touch with everyone before her, and finds new friends at work, bar crawls, or expediently through shared housing.

Each move in the shitlib’s life brings more severing of social connections and greater stress finding and stringing together replacement social connections. (Family connections are surrendered for good.) There’s very little organic or authentic thread tying together the nomadic shitlib with her new sets of friends…no common upbringing, no schooling experiences, no history or unique local culture, and most importantly no shared memories which is the most powerful bonding agent.

Into this toxic atomization the one binding agent strong enough to overcome the disintegration of traditional social and family bonds is ideology. A fevered, frantic, hysterical attachment to ideology becomes the substitute for natural bonds, and the shitlib leans on ideological identification — in herself and in those who would be unwittingly auditioning for inclusion in her social circle — to screen for friends who will meet the lowest standard in friendship: someone who won’t irritate her with an opposing viewpoint.

This is why shitlib friendships (and similarly, romantic relationships) in the big blue cities are typically superficial, transient, and transactional: the only common ground is hatred of [X] and how one votes. When ideology is the foundation of friendship, those mystic unspoken bonds of reassuring familiarity get twisted into a grotesque facsimile of affinity, one based on an overweening insistence of ideological compatibility and purity. With nothing else to connect them to each other, the shitlib relies on ideology to shoulder the burden of standing in for the missing authenticity.

And ideology can work, for a while, as a values substitute and proxy for relationship complementarity, to create and maintain relationships (which is why city chicks will stress “shared values” and “Trump voters swipe left” when pole shopping), but woe to the friend who steps out of line one day and utters a deplorable bit of crimethink through the bottom of a cocktail glass. When ideology is the glue, a trivial difference of opinion on a point of order can feel like a gross betrayal.

The problem is a long-run one. Besides the lapses into crimethink, shitlib relationships dissolve easily and perfunctorily with work relocations and life stage changes that demand more social involvement and commitments than simply ideological conformism. The shitlib is bothered by these demands because they throw into stark relief the inauthentic nature of her friendships.

What is evident to the meanly keen observer is that shitlib friendships start to take on the veneer of artifice, fraying at the edges and duct-taped by snark and late nite talk show references. The very fact that shitlibs strive so hard for social authenticity prevents them from ever realizing their goal. They are their own worst frenemies. It’s a variation on the old “if you have try to be cool, you aren’t” aphorism.

De-urbanization and a revitalization of towns and smaller-sized cities geographically dispersed more equitably throughout the country will go a ways to helping shitlibs form real, lasting friendships that can survive the occasional disagreement with a Colbert monologue.


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