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The Sass of the Pupating Bugman

It was not part of their hive,
It came to them very late,
Stuffing their rears to feel alive,
When the Bugman began to pupate.

They were not manly dudes,
They were shameless — a fucking disgrace
Till every T cell should be removed,
Ere the Bugman began to pupate.

Their uptalk was wow just wow.
Their eyes were shifty and gay.
There was neoteny from chin to brow
When the Bugman began to pupate.

It was not masculine nor proud.
It was one with the corporate state.
No one thought it mentally sound
When the Bugman began to pupate.

It was usually overfed.
It will puff into carbface.
Through the incel years ahead,
Tweeting neoliberal boilerplate
As the Bugman began to pupate.

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This “Finnish” woman won the Miss Tampere 2018 beauty contest. Tampere is the second largest city in Finland.

The globohomos are just taunting us now. Good. Their coming demise will be all the sweeter for it.


From killercreekbryan,

In an age when absolutely every institution is failing all tests of legitimacy, why should international beauty contest be any different?

When decline happens, it’s closer to organ failure rather than isolated wounds.

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A Union Mine High School student is facing battery charges after an altercation in her classroom over a Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” campaign hat, reports CBS Sacramento. In cellphone video, a teacher is seen trying to subdue fired-up 17-year-old senior Jo-Ann Butler after she became enraged at a classmate for wearing the MAGA hat.

She grabbed the hat off his head.

“That’s a racist and hateful symbol,” Butler said.

She is now facing two counts of battery, one on her classmate and one on her teacher, who deputies say she slapped as he escorted her from the room.


Know a man by his enemies, and the enemies of President Trump are, nearly to a xir, gargoyles.

Or in this case, the love child of Shrek and Andre the Giant.


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CH is on record noting the disturbing trend toward physical and behavioral masculinization of American women. Maybe the Pill is the primary culprit? From the BBC (Big Blubbering Cucks):

With an affordable source of progesterone found [Mexican yams], researchers turned to its uses as a contraceptive. The birth control pill hit the market less than a decade later. Marker, on the other hand, mysteriously disappeared from public life and became obsessed with collecting silver.

Maybe he couldn’t handle the knowledge that he had unleashed one of the Six Sirens of the Sexual Apocalypse?

The economic and social side effects of the pill were as profound as they are well-documented. Sex could be enjoyed without fear of pregnancy. Suddenly women could devote their 20s and 30s to furthering their education and careers, rather than housework and nappies.

Shareholders rejoiced.

But right from the beginning, the pill has had a secret.

In recent years, scientists have started to realise that the brains of women on the pill look fundamentally different. Compared to women who aren’t taking hormones, some regions of their brains seem to be more typically ‘male’.

Whoo boy, buckle up, this ride’s gonna unsettle more than a few feminist snowflakes.

There are behavioural changes, too. Women on certain types of pill aren’t as good at coming up with words – something our gender are usually highly skilled at. On the other hand, they’re better at mentally rotating objects, as is often the case in men. […]

Every brand of combined pill on the market contains the same type of synthetic oestrogen, ethinyl estradiol, and one of eight synthetic progesterones, called progestins. Ethinyl estradiol prevents the body from releasing an egg every month, while progestins thicken the mucus at the entrance to the cervix and conspire to make the womb inhospitable. Even if an egg slips out and becomes fertilised, it won’t be able to settle down and start growing.

So far, so good. But though the hormones are effective at preventing pregnancy, they aren’t perfect matches for our natural hormones. The end result is that these synthetic versions also have effects that you would never get from raw progesterone. […]

The women were sweatier, hairier and spottier. Some noticed that their voices had deepened. Nearly one in five baby girlsborn to mothers taking it had masculinised genitals. Some of these unlucky children required surgery.

Is the Pill the genesis of Clown World trannyism?

Generally speaking, the older, cheaper brands of pill tend to contain androgenic hormones, while newer, more expensive ones tend to contain anti-androgens. This may be one reason that just 17% of women on the combined pill in the US take the anti-androgenic versions.

Is there a class distinction developing between feminine and masculine women?

The scans revealed that several brain areas were larger in the women on the pill, compared to those of women who weren’t. These areas just so happened to be larger in men than women, too.

But gender is a social construction blah blah Hi, My Name Is Feminist!

The study involved a relatively small sample and didn’t separate androgenic and anti-androgenic contraception, so Pletzer cautions against reading too much into the results. But other research has hinted that both types of hormones actually may be changing our behaviour.

Modren society is a crash course in how many endocrine disruptors can be squeezed into the environment (and up SJW buttholes).

Other studies have found that women on oral contraception remember emotional stories more like men – recalling the gist more than the details.

Lol “you never listen” (said by soyhubby to manjawwife)

They’re also not as good at recognising emotions in others, such as anger, sadness, or disgust – just like men. It looks suspiciously like certain types of pill are “masculinising” women’s brains.

Perhaps the most striking evidence, however, comes from a paper published in 2015. This time, Pletzer compared the brains of women on the two types of pill with women who were not. Several brain areas were larger in the women whose pills contained the newer, anti-androgenic progestins.

Crucially, these changes seemed to be affecting their behaviour.

Two brain areas were particularly engorged: the fusiform face area, a region about the size of a pea that processes facial information (from photographs of friends to cartoons), and the parahippocampal place area, which important for recognising places (such as cityscapes). These women were also better at recognising faces.

Hey, let’s mess with the primal forces of human reproduction. What could go wrong?

To complicate matters further, all combined pills contain synthetic oestrogen, which is feminising. This means that the same women may be experiencing both ‘feminising’ and ‘masculinising’ effects on their brains at the same time.

jfc worst of both worlds. You get a passive-aggressive battlecunt. “honey, did you remember our second date anniversary? No? GET THE FUCK OUT NOW BEFORE I DROP A #METOO ON YOUR SORRY BETA ASS”

No one could have predicted that an ugly yam would give rise to a feminist revolution.

Mexico hasn’t been sending its best for a long time.

The pill has repeatedly been called the greatest invention of the 20th Century and is said to be responsible for a third of the increase in women’s wages since the 1960s.

Coincidentally, it’s also been responsible for a third of the decrease in women’s lifetime fertility and lovability.

But contraceptive pills may have a darker side. As Pletzer wrote in 2014, when athletes take steroids we call it ‘doping’ – it’s considered abuse and strongly condemned by society. But we’re happy for millions of women to take these hormones every day, sometimes right through from puberty to menopause.

When you fuck with the laws of Nature, don’t be surprised when Nature fucks you back. The God of Biomechanics will not be denied for long.

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What does Mass Dirt World Diversity really mean, on the ground? How does it tangibly, palpably, affect the lives of ordinary Heritage Americans?

From Jourdan,

This is how they take over. Political types always yell about how “Latinos don’t vote,” but given their numbers it hardly matters.

First, you notice that a majority of little children at the elementary school level are Latino. Then bilingual signs appear in the grocery stores. Then shitty little stores selling burner phones and money wiring services. Then a few fatal DUIs, often killing elderly White people or, as in the case of the guy who made A Christmas Story, a family. Then the local Police Department has a “Gang Enforcement Unit” and their budgets are now through the roof. Then the civil rights cases start, so your local cops start pulling over you going to work at 68 in a 55 zone, while studiously ignoring the beaner beaters completely out of code and not street legal.

Then there are zero White kids at the primary level. “Social Services” becomes code for “Free stuff for Latinos.” To the extent people are still walking around in your town, they are 4’11” latinas, each pushing three kids in strollers and each so pregnant they are wider than they are tall. Then the state comes in with the “women and infant children” program, congratulations, sucker, you’re paying for those kids.

Then the annual New Year’s Day story about “the first baby born here in X!” mysteriously always feature a blank-eyed latino couple, and the white anchors coo over Baby Rodriguez or Gonzalez. You begin to notice that you haven’t seen a White baby be the first born in the New Year for ages.

A few more years pass, and every service job imaginable is filled by brown people. The town you grew up in, with young White kids hustling to mow lawns, and local high school teenagers working at McDonald’s and Dairy Queen is dead as a doornail. In fact, speaking of fast food, you used to like to grab it on the go every once in a while but now ordering is an ordeal and the food always sucks..who puts that much mayonnaise on everything? (Answer: Latinos)

The new Gang Enforcement Unit isn’t doing too hot, so they need more manpower, bigger budgets, maybe hire a few consultants from the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department to help out. PTA and other school meetings are now held in Spanish, because 85% of the students’ parents speak Spanish in the home.

A few old family restaurants have been bought out. One–it was Jack’s Family Restaurant, you remember it fondly from when you were a kid–is now purple of all things and it’s called “El Pulpo – Mariscos” whatever the hell that is.

A few old bars are now hangouts, and one is Salvadorean and the other Nicaraguan and there are fights. People get stabbed. Fire Chief says he needs more paramedics, budget needs to go up, so property taxes go up again.

Local hospital is in crisis due to ER room write-offs in the tens of millions. They shut down. Now, if something happens, you need to go to the City, about 40 mins away, maybe 25 if the ambulance is going Code 3, but what if something happens?  That was part of the community here. Now, it’s all strip mall “Urgent Care” places run by arab-ey looking “doctors” and rumor is that there is a lot of Medicare/Medicaid fraud going on.

Your high school, the one you lettered in and still go to all the football games, now has a metal detector at the entrance and two cops posted there full time. There are fights between the latinos and the 20% of students left who are White. The school counselors are now all bilingual and latino and they have posters up on their wall from strange organizations like MeCHA, that speak openly of “Brown Pride.”

You’re paying through the nose in taxes. No public benefits are going your way. Now, your youngest is getting to high school age and you’re thinking private school, but, Jesus, how will you afford that?

Well, it’s Sunday, so you’re not going to think about it right now. You’re going to watch some football with the guys while your wife takes the kids to the Aquatic Center for some swimming and cute pictures. Just not going to think about it right now.

And then you hear your wife pull up and the car door slam. She walks in all business, herding your three children in to go upstairs and change out of swimming clothes. You notice: no one is wet, or has been wet.

“What happened? Is everything all right?”

“No, it’s not all f**king right. You won’t believe what happened. I’m standing there juggling towels and floaties and the Parks and Rec guys are telling me it’s now $10 a kid for a day swim pass, so I roll my eyes and I’m digging in my purse to get my card out, and then all these little mexican kids go flying through the front door and I’m like ‘Hey, why aren’t you telling them they have to pay’ and the guy is like ‘They have red wristbands” and I say “So?” and he says “it’s a program we have here at the Aquatic Center for disadvantaged youths so they get the benefit of swimming and lessons in a safe environment” and they just kept piling in and I’m thinking we’re already paying through the nose in taxes, and now I have to cough up money for OUR KIDS WHO WERE BORN AND RAISED IN THIS TOWN so these people can swarm the pool for free.”

You’re hoping she’s done there, but she’s not. You can feel Sunday slipping away. The “boys” can hear everything going on, but you can bet your ass they’re staying out of this one.  She continues:

“And there were so many of them, and they were SCREAMING AND YELLING and it was chaos, and I just, I just, couldn’t do it, so I told the kids we were leaving and I turned around and walked out of there. Then, before we get to the car, James starts crying, says it’s ‘no fair’ and that I promised we’d go swimming today all week, which is true”

And she’s looking at you, because, you know the deal, you are responsible for fixing this. You think. Or maybe she’s just venting.  But you do what you can.

That night, you get the Sunday Night Blues and Monday morning comes around, and you’re driving into work and you’re looking around your town and you’re thinking:

This isn’t my town any more. I don’t know what to do.  I don’t know what to do.

Am I racist? Jesus, am I becoming one of those guys. I sure sound like one of those guys.

And you’re stopped at a red light a few blocks from the office and here they come, slow walking across the crosswalk, two toddlers in tow, one in a stroller, and both pregnant, and both talking as loud as they can into two cell phones.

And you laugh, because hey, it’s all okay, because these people right here, right in front of me, them? They don’t vote much.

A powerfully effective rhetorical strategy for rousing the apathetic and unnerving the jaded until they apprehend the existential threat of Mass Diversity is the anecdote, an everyday lived experience recounted in detail so vivid you can feel the deterioration through the words.

No need to mince words…this is conquest.

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When will Shanica Johnson be fired for anti-White bigotry? For her hate speech? Not holding breath. (If anything, the NewYidTimes will be calling her for a job interview.)

She seems a bit confused about the workings of miscegenation. If black men increasingly shack up with White mudsharks and make mystery meatballs together, that means fewer black men for black women, who have to find partners outside of their race or go to their morbidly obese, steatopygous graves lonely and prognathically bitter at the White men (or any men) who aren’t interested in relieving black women of their YASS INCEL status.

Second, middle aged White men are rapidly becoming a minority IN THE DEMOCORTEZ PARTY. The Trump Party (née Republican Party) will in reaction become a party predominately comprised of WHITE MEN and married White women who retain allegiance to Team White.

Then we will have the grounds established for Civil War 2. Beautiful.

The bigger picture here is a trend I’ve noticed taking shape in the past few months. The Diversitroid Fuggernaut and allied degenerate freak White leftists are attempting to drive a wedge between “middle aged White men” and all other Whites. They are beginning to wake up to the fact that being virulently bigoted against ALL Whites will blow up in their faces, so they’re massing their anti-White firepower against middle aged White men, the putative leaders of any nascent political movement that would more explicitly advocate for White interests. Their strategy is a simple one: ostracize established, effective White Men who are admired in their communities and natural born leaders of anything worth leading — i.e., make them “uncool” — and the splintered White factions awakening to their wholesale dispossession won’t have a strong, reliable, authoritative base of White men to effectively gel around in opposition to District N1g.

The Grotesqueries have convinced themselves that if Whites flee from any association with “middle aged White men” then there is nothing stopping nonWhites from terraforming America into an arab bazaar, a black ghetto, and a brown favela. A baghela (heh).

They may be right; but I suspect they have overlooked a powerful force cresting the horizon:

Generation Zyklon.

PS White men have to stop spending shekels on sportsball. It’s the only message these ingrates will understand. More precisely, it’s one of only two messages these ingrates will understand.

PPS Pointed comment from FastEddie,

Yep. Don’t know how many times I have to say it. Quit adding to the narrative that the n***ers are the cool kids. They’re not forbidden (that would set their panties on fire faster than the f*g from Twilight.) They’re just diseased, gross, and the only women who mud shark are jokes.

Turn off Afroball
Cancel Jooflix
Raise your own SMV personally, physically, financially
Do not bang mud sharks. Ostracize them.

If just 25% of White Men did this, at the very least, we’d bring afroball to its knees. (heh)

Glad you’re all my bros.

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The InfoWars saga (and Daily Stormer before it) are meant to be object lessons to discourage the others. The swarm-like nature of the operation by leftoids, against a readily identifiable and personalized crimethinker, betrays its real purpose: to silence an entire segment of the population.

Active censorship is just the tip of the speech-chilling iceberg. Like I wrote, leftoids are playing with a super-weapon which in their hubris think they can control without blowback. They will overreach, as they’re doing now, and the weapon will turn on its wielder.

There is only one way this super-weapon remains in the control of one faction for a sufficient length of time to generationally entrench its power: by ratcheting up the lethality and area of effect of its payload. Mass censorship requires increasingly totalitarian suppressions to prevent its use from provoking an even more righteous counter-attack.

Mass murderers like Stalin knew this. And here we go again.

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