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lmao look at this mewlers’ row of ugs, fugs, bugs, and gaypedofaced soys. These are the in-house emojis of Apple’s corporate executives. Jony Ive is in the first row, second from left.

Half of these androgynes have sanpaku eyes. (Whites of the eyes showing on the bottom = drunken addict-prone degenerate. Whites of the eyes showing on the top = sociopath.)

It really amazes that our globohomo overlords are such creepy looking untermensch. Now that the curtain is pulled back on The Great Poz, we are free to mock them mercilessly until a better class of men replaces them.

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From COTW winner jax, a glimpse into the dystopia coming soon to an American town near you.

The SF Bay Area, which is where this freak is from based on the pictures, is a look into the future for America.

Feminists roaming the streets looking for beautiful women to shame or corrupt, and men to harass and humiliate. Weak, frail half-men towing the freak mob’s agenda in the hopes they will taste feminist pussy someday at the expense of the world their ancestors built. Third world pests living in third world shanty towns driving wages down for the declining heritage Americans, flooding their schools and hospitals and laughing at the Gringos who pay for it. Skyscrapers housing techies and worker drones, who on average, are living check to check on out of control housing costs and expensive gadgets and “experiences” which do nothing but further drain their soul. A middle class more zombie than human clicking away their lives while the world around them crumbles and becomes unrecognizable; finding purpose in cheering for their successful sportsball teams who are owned by the elites that hate them and played by the people who despise them. Elites, in their still pristine neighborhoods counting their shekels from their portfolios; attending community town halls to ensure that their neighborhoods and schools stay pristine at the expense of everyone else. No go districts where “diversity” thrives and law and order are non existent. That thriving “diversity” wanders out of its box every so often to terrorize, rape, and rob the already terrorized heritage Americans. Hordes of far eastern people who saturate the market with their dirty money and corrupt dealings inhibiting young and middle class Americans from moving up. And suburbanites who gleefully ignore the impending collapse and flee when it gets close preferring to run and be blissfully ignorant than face the reality of the world they live.

That is the simple outline of the bay area for anyone who lives in reality. My apologies for the rambling lack of cohesiveness. Unfortunately, the Bay Area lives in a virtual reality, as designed by the technocratic elite who are invested in the current system. The people will only see diverse food options, plenty of weed to smoke, and nice weather until they can’t anymore and they are too powerless to fight. A catastrophic earthquake would be the kindest thing mother nature could do.

My God that was a chalice of purified truth. Quaff it down, before it curdles and you can no longer extract the girding nutrients and energy from it to fight the war against Globohomo.

The tiny sliver of a silver lining worth pondering is that Darwin can’t be denied. We may go through hellfire, but in the end, when the bodies are strewn and the land smolders, those who buy into globalist shitlib poz will see their genetic contribution to a far-future America reduced to nothing, while those who reject the lure of cunt-bug-soy IVFocracy will fruitfully seed a reborn America with their super-based children’s children.

Or, our Freak Future will yield with a vengeance to our Right Wing Trad Squad Future.

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Was it the (((propaganda)))? The Pill? The refined factory-made carbs? The SCALE? The sexual market chaos? The enabling thirsty betas? The Diversity™?

Maybe all of the above. Whatever the foul source, our women are flying off a cliffside with a vengeance, and taking their homelands with them. We either collar them, or allow them to continue steering the ship straight into the rocky shoals.



Anonymous probes,

Why, prey tell, Mr. Heartiste, do you think this girl on some Alpha’s boat aping him by wearing his hat flew off the cliff?

Take a few minutes and peruse your former GF’s on facebook to see what became of them.

I don’t. It hurts too much to see the wreckage wrought.

I get you. Alpha widowhood and its cuntsequences are another feature of a recklessly liberated sexual market. The detritus of damaged thots.

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A reminder that all of the leftoids smothering the airwaves with their anti-Trump, anti-White brain droppings are some combination of ugly, fucking ugly, androgynous, and obese.

This. Is. The. Fuggernaut.

Foot soldiers for the Lords of Lies.

A degenerate freak parade of losers, fatties, sexual identity deviants, and headcases whose sole reason for living is to shit on all that is True and Beautiful because they resent anything Good in this world that throws their ugliness into stark relief.

So the next time you feel the need to engage one of these leftoid creatures in debate, just know what kind of shoggoth is on the other end, and you’ll stop bothering trying to reason with it and start shoving its bloated porcine body in an extra-wide locker. Unventilated.

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Here we learn what happens when you try a very risky trust fall into a low-trust crowd:

How do the French say SEND IT? @samsarmy

A post shared by Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) on

Correction: How do the “French” say SEND IT?

Or, as a commenter put it:

Depends, what African tribal dialect are you asking about?

Heh heh heh.

This happened in “France”, during the riots in the wake of their Cantina Cup win. I see a crowd of Africans. I don’t see French. But “égalité”, “fraternité”, or something.

When a high trust people must mix with a low trust people, the high trust people lose. Naivete and gullibility are poor survival traits.

I can’t make out the race of the jumper, but if he’s a trusting White hurling himself into a crowd of indifferent blacks who watch him plummet to his death, then the symbolism would be too perfect.

Racial differences aren’t all about IQ. Behavior matters as well. And behavior, like IQ, is largely innate and heritable.

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“France” won the World Cup (aka Cantina Cup).

“France” has a beautiful countryside.

Paris is in “France”.

“France” has a rising crime rate.

At what level of Diversity do White countries require qualifier quotation marks?

“France” imported scabs, ringers, and mercenaries to win them a World Cup. The “US” imports them to win fatter paychecks for oligarchs and elections for Democrats.

Your White country, too, can experience a culture changed “for the better” for the low, low price of the annihilation of its heritage. Isn’t a trophy in the Flop League worth it?

Related, “France” bans paternity testing:

Inner Hajnal White nations are committing full spectrum cuckoldry, in both the metaphorical racial sense and the literal gynarcho-tyranny sense.

About 20 years ago the French health service had every hospital in the country get DNA from all new babies and parents.

The study revealed that 10 percent of the fathers named as fathers were not the biological fathers of the babies.

That’s higher than the 1-3% cuckoldry rates I’ve read at dissident blogs. Anyone have a link to that study?

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Everything wrong with America in one snapshot.

Vagina dominator adds,

This is from a blog someone here (thanks) linked to called Dating Data where the woman in this picture produces her dating data like some autist from fourchan.


1) Which one looks like a Predator and which one looks like Prey? Shouldn’t the man be the scarier looking one?

2) On the 10-scale, what is her number? Can she even be found on a female scale?

3) How big is her clit? Compared to one of your fingers, a dick, or a salami, for example.

4) Is it alright if we let the naggers have her or could that produce something unpredictably dangerous?

I’ve argued that a reversing sexual polarity is both a sign and an accelerant of civilizational decline. If we accept the premise that men vary from low to high T (or from lsmv to hsmv), and women vary from low to high E (or from lsmv to hsmv), then there are four ways men and women can match up:

  1. low T male with low E female
  2. low T male with high E female
  3. high T male with high E female
  4. high T male with low E female

The most stable relationship match is high T male with high E female. The sexual polarity is aligned for maximal attraction, as the God of Biomechanics ordains it.

The least stable relationship match is high T male with low E female. A man with options will scour for alternatives without a second wasted on guilt if he is somehow in the situation of dating a fat chick or a broad-shouldered feminist. Here, the sexual polarity wobbles on its axis, as attraction over time will run in one direction only (girl -> man).

The next least stable match is low T male with high E female. This relationship can work for a while if the low T male has compensatory attractiveness traits, such as wealth or charm. But his womanly disposition, “I’m With Her” mentality, and puffy soybody will put off hot babes who can get the whole package. As above, the sexual polarity wobbles, attraction running generally man -> girl.

Where it gets interesting is the low T male-low E female matches, which are increasing in frequency in our late stage weakening culture. This is the union of two lsmv losers who have essentially switched sexual polarities, the man being more like the woman and the woman more like the man, as exemplified in the above two photos. The low T male + low E female is also known as The Fuggernaut. Paradoxically, although this relationship is marked by reversed sexual polarity, it can often be stable (although not as stable as a properly aligned sexual polarity one would see with a high T man + high E woman). Its stability is a function of there being a begrudging acceptance that neither party will do better, and although reversed, the polarity does possess a weak attraction force. Low E women sometimes need the effeminate nurturing of a low T man, and low T men sometimes needs a rock-jawed ballcutter to be aggressive and lead them to unwhispered pleasures of the disfigured flesh.

In the long view, however, this last relationship match-up is deadly toxic to a healthy civilization, for it brings with it unseemly baggage like cuckoldry, slut pride, the relinquishment of paternity certainty as a founding principle of committed relationships, loss of male dignity, open borders cheerleading, pussyhat degeneracy, and infertility (crooked sperm and ossified cyst-splattered wombs don’t combine to be fruitful and multiply).

hsmv men + hsmv women bring good times
good times bring lsmv men + lsmv women
lsmv men + lsmv women bring hard times
hard times bring hsmv men + hsmv women

*hsmv = high sexual market value
*lsmv = low sexual market value

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