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Lichtof, on attending a mimosa brunch in a major shitlibopolis:

One of my many red pill moments was living in a DC suburb and having to go to a mimosa brunch thing that bitches love.
My girl wanted to show me off.
6 other couples at the table all engaged or married and every one of the ‘men’ could have passed as gay. They even dressed gay..pink clothing…shorts..and all with high voices.
Me being hungover I thought I’d stumbled on a joke or something.
I acted a jerk and had two of the bitches eating out of my hand and none of the other ‘men’ knew what was going on.

Aside…I turned down a fuck from a white Colombian last year. A farmer’s daughter ..attractive, fit and I’d say loved a good fuck but she had big shoulders and just a little too much ‘t’.

Ladies, we men of impeccable taste and evolved slaydar can spot the slightest deviation from normal T levels in women…the shoulders that are a 1/4 inch too wide in relation to hip width, the gorilla feet, the man hands, the dusky tufts of lip hair, the pubic thatch that migrates across the pelvis-thigh crease (the nappy valley), the narrow hips, the wider waist (even if toned and taut), the flattened swayback, and of course the mark of the Lawyercunt Beast, the manjaw.

To the larger point, cities and in particular shitlibopolis strongholds that have a new pet grooming store open every week, become beacons for effete males where they resettle in large numbers and their scent of overactive aromatase suffuses the air. This scent is a turn-off to women, including the effete male’s polar opposite the high T careerist shrike. But libchicks love these harmless puffboys as asexual company whose only purpose appears to be inflating the egos of crass unfeminine bitterbitch pussyhatters.

Oh sure, occasionally a puffboy will pair off with a pussyhatter (usually after the pussyhatter has run a marathon through MAGA cad cock and needs the shitlib social acceptability imprimatur of a compliant beta borefriend), but you can tell neither of their hearts are into it; they’re hooking up for appearances rather than passion.

Worse, the coastal cities produce endemic toxins via food and culture channels that saps its male inhabitants of their T. So a double T whammy sets up….nancyboys gravitate to the cities, and their nancy-ness is amplified to an acute degree by the urban lifestyle. Only the strongest and most willful of MAGAmen can resist urban gayification. You have to be extremely confident in your masculinity to spend a lot of time in the cities plundering the sexually unfulfilled shitlib chicks downing mimosas by the vat to help them forget they’re on the slow track to a loveless marriage with uptalking vegetable lasagnas without worrying that you’ll become one of them.

The good news for men who don’t measure up to a Paul Bunyon standard is that it doesn’t take much inborn masculinity to shine like a diamond dick in a shitlibopolis. A recognizable bicep, a neck thicker than a pencil, a voice that doesn’t mimic little girls at play, and a cheeky ZFG attitude that isn’t concerned with constantly assuaging girls’ egos and reaffirming their insipid politics is enough to storm a pink-hued brunch like a Viking Berserker and insinuate yourself into the sexual fantasies of an entire HR department’s worth of alpha-starved feminist Trump haters.

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Surplus women.
Male paternal investment.
Female dependency.

williamK explains,

You’re missing an ingredient.

A boner favorable female to male ratio is a necessary but not sufficient ingredient for female beauty.

Due to the outsized spermatazoa-to-ovum ratio and the longer sexual market viability of men, you can never truly skew the female-male ratio enough. There will always be men who will give the less good looking women a throw occasionally.

Its not that given the choice of women, men only choose the most beautiful. No. Given the choice of women, men will choose all of them.

Even the ugly, fat woman was 18 and do-able once. (Especially in the evolutionary environment we’re talking with lower obesity rates). And that’s all it takes. She’ll get knocked up and pass on those genes.

What you need is an environment where women are dependent on men. This is most effectively imagined by food. If an African knocks up 50 women, its good for him. The women can gather food for her and the babies. He doesn’t have to see them ever again. An ancient Scandinavian does this, and all 50 women die on the frozen tundra with their fetuses and his genes die. They NEED him to win food for them because they can’t hunt or fish reliably and there’s no gathering to be done. (Now parlay this thought to racial differences in approach anxiety).

It is good ratio, but also male parental investment and female dependence that creates beauty.

Drearily for lovers of Truth&Beauty, the modern Western sexual market may select against the production of exquisite female beauty.

Surplus women?

Nope. If anything, there’s a surplus of men in the West. Infant mortality rates have dropped, technology has brought immense comforts, wars of attrition are largely one-sided affairs now, and there’s been an effective elimination of male-skewed early deaths from hunting and disease.

Male paternal investment?

Retreating. Presumably it’s still an innate disposition in White Western men, but shocks to the functioning of the sexual market have incentivized a gradual shift to caddishness and delayed family formation, especially at the margins where there are men who could go either way (towards a dad or cad lifestyle).

Female dependence?

Nope. This is the big one. As I’ve argued here before, female economic self-sufficiency like we have now in the West creates massive negative feedback loops in the Male Commitment-Female Commitment Worthiness relationship. And as williamK notes, female independence (in which women can feed, house, and clothe themselves) not only pushes women to emphasize fulfillment of their desire for sexy cads, but it pushes men to DE-EMPHASIZE their beta provider skills. Men don’t feel inspired to wife up self-sufficient women; men DO feel inspired to provide for and protect vulnerable women. And in en environment of female dependence, men will be careful to choose the prettiest women they can get, because they will be investing a lot in her. In contrast, an environment of female independence encourages men to spread their seed indiscriminately, because the pressure to provide for careergirl yaass queen shrikes has diminished.

Executive summary: The West is currently selecting against the efflorescence of female Beauty and selecting FOR the effluvia of female Ugliness.

Literally feminism means more ugly women and fewer beautiful women. Feminism is the ideology of Ugliness.

PS I have to disagree with one point williamK makes about men being willing to fuck anything that moves. It isn’t true. Like I’ve said before, I wouldn’t get carried away with this glib smear of male looseness. Eurasian men do have standards, which they exercise even when the have effectively limitless options in mate choice. Fat, ugly, and older women really do suffer a romantic and even sexual penalty in the modern dating market. So I’d amend williamK’s comment to say that a sex skew favoring men CAN be sufficient to move sexual selection toward producing more beautiful women, but that for maximum effect the emergence of widespread female beauty requires all three preconditions — female sex skew, male paternal investment, and female dependence.

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Meet The New Cigstache

Ah, Cigstache. Old timers at the Chateau will not-so-fondly recall her as the representative “zero” on the 1-to-10 female beauty scale.

Well, it’s time to meet your new Cigstache. Say hello (through your plumes of puke) to Tacotoad:

I get a thrill from torturing the retinas of my readers. It’s not like some of you don’t deserve it.


Let’s make this more interesting. Which woman would you prefer to have for extremely platonic lunch company?

I can tell you I’d choose Cigstache, no hesitation. She looks earthy, like she has some good stories to tell, and I bet she’s not a man-hating femcunt. Tacotoad….or should I write (((Tacotoad)))…likely has a distinctly caustic personality belied by her inbred mutant physiognomy. So with Tacotoad, your ears are gonna hurt as bad as your eyes.

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