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Pantifa losers have stepped up their warfare tactics and are now targeting well-known anti-Left TV pundits for harassment. Today, the mewling little pencilneck freak parade surrounded Tucker Carlson’s home and threatened him.

BREAKING. Activists ring doorbell, hold protest at the Washington DC area home of @TuckerCarlson, racist, sexist, bigoted FOX News personality. So far no one has opened the door.

“Tucker Carlson, we will fight!
We know where you sleep at night!”#KnockKnockTucker pic.twitter.com/A3S3c6croi

— Smash Racism DC (@SmashRacismDC) November 7, 2018


“No borders! No walls! No USA at all!”

This is what we think of your racist rhetoric and fearmongering toward immigrants, @TuckerCarlson.#KnockKnockTucker pic.twitter.com/2KHHPzQGkx

— Smash Racism DC (@SmashRacismDC) November 8, 2018


Smash Racism DC also posted a picture of a sign on Carlson’s door with his address written on it — which was removed by Twitter after inquiries from journalists. The account remains active however, despite all the threats made on their feed.

The group dispersed a couple minutes after the police arrived. No arrests were made.

No arrests were made. Why? This seems like a clear case of stalking and harassment. Why are these obnoxious pantifa shits permitted to get away with this? Would you like it if your kids were huddled in their bedrooms hearing a mewling mob outside the front door menacingly shouting “we know where you sleep at night”?

If the cops won’t do anything about these left-wing domestic terrorists, then eventually their victims will do something. So here’s a suggestion to our new acting attorney shitlord. Make an example of the “Smash Racism” miscreants. Perp walks, jail time, and public ridicule.

Here’s another suggestion, for American patriots: dox this Smash Racism gutter filth and do to them what they love doing to us. Show up at their basement apartment hovels and shout at them all night, until the cops show up. I bet more than a few of these limpwrists would piss their panties and take a break from the radical anti-White protestor life.

PS The vid is down, but the ringleader shouting into the megaphone is a giraffe-necked freak named Mike Isaacson.

I wish the video was still available, because you’d hear Isaacson’s voice cranked up to Rage Mode, and let’s just say that he sounds EVEN MORE EFFETE than he does in that Tucker interview. A lisping, uptalking, gayvoice.

The shitlib NPC never fails to confirm stereotypes.

PPS The rise of housestalking by pantifags is a serious escalation in aggression. What you’re seeing are the first volleys of Civil War 2. I wish I was kidding.

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The future is overfed.

This is a pic of fat gross boxwine catladies mourning Claire McCaskill’s (D-Pussyhat) loss. If you push the middle one over, she ain’t getting up.

Talk about a boner-killing, America-killing line-up of rough mugs in the Ballsy-Ford tradition. Is there a factory that assembles these haggard banshees by the millions? They seem to be everywhere nowadays. Big ol manjaws, leathery skin, ****


bzzzt ORANGE MAN BAD beep boop


**** blubbery fupas, yenta glasses, perpetual scowls, and of course the requisite femcunt slogans. “The future is female” “Woman 2018” “Believe Women” etc. Is this ritualistic vapid sloganeering supposed to help them forget about their desiccated wombs and romantic worthlessness to any man with half a choice?

(The male version of these broads is sitting behind them in the gray jacket, rocking a T level that is half theirs.)

From End Cultural Marxism,

Do a Twitter search for “white women” (in quote marks). All the dindus, mestizos and muzzies are hating on white women big time because of election.

I wonder what the thoughts are of normie white women reading this hatred…

Yes, White women did not sufficiently support the aspirational Dem cult leader candidates Gillum, Abrams, and Beta O’Rourke. 41% for Beta is well short of the 95% of black women who voted for him, and DAS RACISS. (“But wait, CH, by that logic isn’t it racist for blacks to give only single digit support to White Republican candidates?” Shhhh, go to sleep now.)

I’m a big fan of this recent coalition of the fringes crack-up. Maybe it’ll wonderfully focus White woman minds. It’s a two-pronged attack on virtue signaling White women. They get it from shitlords calling them catladies, and they get it from nonWhites calling them racists (and in a most revoltingly paternalistic manner).

I approve of this pincer move, because FULL SPECTRUM SHAMING is the only thing that will jolt White women out of their anti-White mass hysteria.

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We are at a fortunate time in history to witness the enemies of nationhood, in their hubristic zeal, reveal their designs on America.

Counter-Semitism is basically taking any position that benefits White Gentiles. This is how [the special people] increasingly define themselves: in opposition to an ancient foe. You are a White person who doesn’t want your homeland flooded with refusees from shitholes? ANTISEMITE! You are a White person who prefers living among people who share your values, tastes, temperament, and worldview? ANTISEMITE!

It’s a transparently self-serving rhetorical device that would be a hoot if it wasn’t dangerously and effectively leveraged to the literal and openly stated goal of population displacement. I wish we could afford the luxury of laughing off inane self-contradicting rhetoric like this:

But we can’t, because too many gullible Americans are hypnotized, or cowed, by it. (Btw, this meme really captures both the letter and the spirit of leftoid lunacy.)

Of course, it isn’t just [the special people] agitating for dissolution of nationhood. Plenty of puritan retreads among the ranks of post-christian whites are in on the assault. It’s just that the former 1. punch well above their weight class and 2. are unmatched in their vitriol for Heritage America.

That sounds like anti-White hate speech to me. Where’s the ADL? (cheering it on)

Delegitimizing Gentile-silencing hate groups like the ADL and SPLC is Job One for nationalists.

Ultimately, this comes down to spiteful minorities and misfits abusing the power they have managed to acquire to stick it to the well-adjusted, likable, and physiognomically appealing majority. Call it the Revenge of the Misfits. The archipelago of misfit oys has gathered its forces and stormed Goytown, casting out all the fun, gender-based toys. Their rule is cruel and merciless, a leprous, thumb-tucked fist cloaked in a drag queen’s opera glove.

What’s that saying? There’s no cruelty quite like the cruelty of the weak given power. Amend that to “the weak, vindictive, tribalistic, and paranoiac given power”, and you have described Post-America 2018.

The first thing to go into the Fuggernaut mulcher is an organically emergent set of standards, which The Fuggernaut can never meet, so they must destroy them. Then social ostracism for those who continue to abide the old ways of freely calling the beautiful “beautiful” and the handsome “handsome”, which implies that those who don’t get called those things are ugly. And Misfit America is schlock full of uglies. The end game is the destruction of Truth and Beauty and the Glorification of Lies and Ugliness. Not just a standard-less world; a world with new artificial standards, ugly standards, that supplant the natural standards.

From smart reader J.R., who notices that Rubin’s tweet is a window into her 𝛾id.

Rubin reveals a lot about the [special person] mindset here and why most of them support Open Borders and nation-wrecking Mass Immigration

they feel excluded in normal healthy societies, they feel like an Alien
so they support Open Borders … so that everyone feels like an Alien

when you go to Walmart or the DMV and find yourself surrounded by alien hordes who worship alien gods and speak in alien tongues and feel outnumbered and alienated … [special people] like Rubin think that’s great

you finally get to feel what it’s like to be a [special person]

but [special people] evolved to thrive in those conditions – we didn’t

Returning to the topmost screenshot from a member of the Twatter bluecheck tribe, I have a helpful clarification and a suggestion for Mz Rubin. One, aliens don’t need to be “cast” that way. They come prefigured as aliens. Every group on earth knows an outsider when they see one, no extra effort needed to make them outsiders. Which means you can’t force people to accept aliens as kin; what is easily perceived is not easily suppressed, (not even tyrannical thought policing can long suppress the mind’s eye).

Two, separate nations exist for a reason. If you are an outsider, it makes sense to live where you would be an insider, instead of terraforming a host nation with the demographic churn of hundreds and thousands of outsider tribes to help your tribe live as a less-conspicuous outsider and feel better about yourselves.

This is the plot line of Revenge of the Misfits. Since misfits can’t take on the normal healthy majority directly, they recruit misfit allies to play a game of dilution called “If I’m a misfit, then I’ll make sure you’re a misfit too”.

Or: “If I can’t win, then no one wins.”

It’s scorched nation policy. It’s also despicably petty.

I won’t mince words. Deliberate demographic terraforming that immiserates the majority of the host nation to satisfy the desires of your outsider tribe is evil. Living in a nation of, by, and for your tribe, where you experience the benefits of nationhood as a member of the privileged majority is good. No amount of skypistry will change this fact of humanity.

If it bothers the Rubins of the world SO MUCH to have to live yoked to a happy, healthy, self confident White Gentile majority, then by all means…..MOVE TO WHERE YOU’D BE HAPPIER. There’s a country just for you. Put that dual passport to use.

And this goes for any migrant who plops on American shores hating us from the get-go. No one forced you to leave your idyllic homeland. You may return there to escape Oppressive Whiteness.

I’ll punctuate this post with what is possibly the vilest example of anti-White Christian bigotry I have come across. There’s plenty of anti-White hostility pervading the airwaves, but the example below written by Peter Beinart stands out as especially egregious. From the Jewish Daily Forward:

The Special Kind Of Hate That Drove Pittsburgh Shooter — And Trump

Appeasement will not work. For Jews, the lesson of yesterday’s massacre is very simple and very old: Protecting the strangers among us is not charity. It is self-defense. Every time Jews defend the right of American Muslims to follow sharia, we protect our right to follow halacha. Every time Jews reject politicians who demonize Latinos we make it less likely that those politicians will demonize us. “Hate them, not us” is a losing strategy because once empowered, bigots widen their targets. For people who define America as a white Christian nation, Jews will never be white enough.

Robert Bowers accused Jews of “bringing” Muslims and refugees to the United States. To him and all the other white nationalists Trump has emboldened, our answer should be: Damn right. We will demand a humane policy for people seeking refuge in the United States and defend those immigrants — no matter their race or faith — who are already here.

Will do so not only because we were once strangers … Rather than seeking a separate peace with Trumpism, we will look for allies among the despised and abused. And in that way, we will defend not only Jewish ethics, but Jewish lives.

Peter Beinart is a senior columnist at The Forward.

“The Special Kind Of Hate”…that drives Peter Beinart.

Revenge of the Spiteful Scumbags. Instead of thanking America for giving Beinart a place where he can be Beinart-y, this vicious ingrate wants to burden America with more spiteful ingrates from all corners of the world (except White Europe) so that White Gentile Americans will be too preoccupied dodging Diversity™ to notice Beinart’s demonization of them.

Here’s an inconvenient tikkun olam, Petey. Be comfortable with your outsider status. Don’t hate yourself so much that you psychologically need White Christian America to stop noticing your [specialness]. And if you weren’t busy flooding America with sullen third worlders, White Christian Americans would not have a problem with you. Far from your paranoiac fantasies of victimhood and martyrdom, the reality is that a majority White Gentile America has historically allowed your band of merry misfits to live freely here, and would continue that tradition without the added burden of 100 million plus nonWhites and nonChristians. There is no straight line from “opposing mass third world immigration” to “demonize [the special people]”.

But for some whackjob reason that only a clever silly could concoct, you believe that bringing more alien groups into America and allying with them against the interests of White Gentile America, then ruining the lives of White Gentiles who dare to object, is the winning strategy that will somehow magically decrease the sum total of demonization instead of do the exact opposite.

PS If Kevin MacDonald’s thesis is so wrong, why do the subjects of his thesis loudly affirm it so often?

From Pale Rider, a Wolfe quote that draws a connection between misfits and whorenalists,

Tom Wolfe said it best:

“If you ask me, newspaper reporters are created at age six when they first go to school. In the schoolyard boys immediately divide into two types. Immediately! There are those who have the will to be daring and dominate, and those who don’t have it. Those who don’t, like John Smith here, spend half their early years trying to work out a modus vivendi with those who do… and anything short of subservience will be okay.”

“But there are boys from the weaker side of the divide who grow up with the same dreams as the stronger… and I’m as sure about this as anything in the world: The boy standing before me, John Smith, is one of them. They, too, dream of power, money, fame, and beautiful lovers. Boys like this kid grow up instinctively realizing that language is an artifact, like a sword or a gun. Used skillfully, it has the power to… well, not so much achieve things as to tear things down—including people… including the boys who came out on the strong side of that sheerly dividing line.”

Sailer said that Revenge of the Nerds marked a cultural shift that was one of the most important in the last century. We are seeing a course correction, back to the natural order of things.

Our sophistic misfits who deign to rule over us are sociopathic dweebs; high school dorkwads and gaywads who never got over their atomic wedgies and vowed eternal revenge against the cool kids. Now they are getting their revenge, in the form of dissolving Chad America and replacing it with NOWAG America.

But like Pale Rider wrote, we are living through a much-needed and horribly delayed course correction, back to the rule of masculine men and their doting feminine women. Don’t expect the wadiopaths to give up without a hell of a shriek.

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Meet the new lord mayor of Sheffield, Magid Magid.

The new lord mayor of Sheffield, Magid Magid, announced his tenure to the world on Twitter in a font only marginally better than comic sans. At his mayor-making ceremony, Darth Vader’s Imperial March from Star Wars played over the speakers, followed by the Superman theme tune as invitees made their way to the seats. And thanks to his suave, unofficial inaugural photographs – showing him squatting on a marble staircase in the Sheffield town hall, clad in his livery collar and Dr. Martens – he has been pronounced a “zaddy” (a sexy, fashionable man who could be your “daddy”.

But the reality is that Magid, who came to the UK aged five as a refugee from Burao in northern Somalia (now in Somaliland)…

That’ll be all, Britain. That’ll be all.

Countries that are unsalvageable:


No chance any of those countries will walk back from the abyss without societal ruptures that basically carve out new White nations from the decay and detritus.

PS The author of that glowing hagiography of Magid Magid and his quest to destroy Heritage Britain is Charlie Brinkhurst Cuff:

It’s almost as if tribalism crosses national borders and sets up shop wherever it goes!

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From CH commenter Bucky,

That can be said for almost every POF profile

FACT: most mudsharks look like this whale. Old, blubbery, and desperate.

FACT: despite the above fact, our 30 year old Nigerian can STILL DO BETTER (and he knows it)

“I’m happy. I’m overwhelmed.”

Can we make #DisappointedNigerian a meme?

From commenter clarence boddiker,

90 day fiance is the basic cable television warehouse of the most beta cringeworthy soys out there.

There’s a new trend now, highlighted on the show, dudes who are trying to get 3rd world 4’s to marry them even though neither one speaks the other’s language. So, this dude travels into South America to marry some 20 year old meh chick and their married days and engagement are spent speaking into an iphone’s translator feature.

So we’ve got obese catladies marrying disappointed dindus who will love them until they get the green card, and we’ve got soyboy betas traveling to jungly paradises to meet schwarzenegger’s maids and coo at each other through iphone translators.

A dystopian prophet like Houllebecq could not write stranger fiction if he tried.

The post-modren West is the story of deeply ugly people, inside and out, trying to escape the reality and demands of the sexual market. I have coined it….The Fuggernaut. And it will consume us if we don’t beat it back to the abyss from where it was belched.

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You can judge a man by his enemies, and on that accounting, Trump comes out a champion. A veritable avatar of Light and Goodness.

ed: had to turn sideways because the ballot wasn’t big enough to conceal the blubbery nethers.

Absolutely sexually, mentally, physically, and psychologically worthless. Terminal velocity impact. The Wall can only admire its destructive wake.


Are we all done vomiting? Let’s proceed.

Older catladies have lost what few marbles they had left. The younger ones are teetering on the edge of babbling lunacy. These miserable losers plaster their ugly naked bodies all over social media and imply anyone would want to grab their lumpy hagflesh. They think a point is made, that Trump and his supporters — aka normal humans — will cower before their aggrofuggery, and repent. Or feel impotent before the combined might of flapping wizard sleeves.

They think they are influencers, as if human nature has changed overnight and suddenly sane people with working disgust thresholds will forget to be repulsed by the sight of them, and join their gross, sweaty hugbox to beat back the bad orange man.

And of course, the middle finger. Can’t forget that. The degenerate freak mafia deliberately makes themselves as disgusting, repugnant, grotesque, and unlikable as possible, pursuing the dual objectives of warning predators of their toxicity and of signaling to other freaks a safe harbor to…let it all hang out.

The Fuggernaut has no purpose but to revel in their fuggery, and shove it in our faces, recapitulating the acts of ritualistic humiliation the Soviets would visit upon suspected dissidents from communist orthodoxy. “Look upon our hideousness, and dare not flinch, or we will screech like banshees for your soul on a platter!” “Our tits hang to the floor! Feel our empowerment, cishet White man!”

(From a Gabber, “Please, pass them out more ballots.”)

Or a flammenwerfer.

From Garth V., a pithy bit of insight revealing the shared motivation of ugly shitlib broads accosting people with their ugliness and totalitarian marxists forcing subjects to swallow their propaganda,

They get off on making you repeat their big lies. The more obviously false the lie is, the more you debase yourself in repeating it. When you instead affirm the truth, you’re letting them know that you will not be their slave.

The lie here is, “These are strong, empowered women. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.” The Fuggernaut wants us to abide this Big Lie, and in so abiding we debase ourselves. We bring ourselves down to their level.

I say no to that. I will affirm the truth. I will tell these immodest creaturas that their ugliness is epic, their hearts black, their souls possessed by demonic forces. They are gutter filth.

Our enemies are ridiculous. And they are poison. They must be unlatched from the body politic before their venom seeps into the heart and arrests civilization.


Commenter Double E coming in hot,

these shambling hogbeasts are always finding some random excuse to get naked to squeeze whatever drop of validation is left to get from their wasted bodies,

Yet they are the first to shriek anytime the body of a woman who is actually attractive is shown or appreciated in any way.

Feminism, and now its current year version pussyhattery, is the means by which ugly broads neutralize the competitive edge of pretty women. Naturally, it fails, because the god of biomechanics is not easily fooled.

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Lowe objects to my characterization of the people in that cringe-worthy Beta O’Rourke campaign ad.

Why is uncool to do a dance? You sound like a crazed dork, talking about fuggernauts, when it’s just a video of people dancing.

They’re ugly, they’re blobby, they’re unsexy, they can’t dance, they have stupid cultish instincts to latch onto any soy-drenched nancyboy who mouths the right universalist platitudes, and they’re singing out a gay man’s name to the tune of a very gay song. It’s more that just a video. It’s manifest depravity.

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