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I’m not a black piller by any stretch, but it’s useful to read smart, iconoclastic black pill takes on Trump’s presidency to date, by people who have an affinity for Trumpism. Too much optimism or cheerleading can trap one into a dangerous complacency.

Complacency can lead to terrible outcomes like this one described by Butch Deadlift:

It’s not clear that the GOPe really minds a Dem wave in 2018.

They can win by losing, blame Trump-ism, claim it was tested and found to be unpopular, and that we need a Rubio-like candidate to win. Create ambiguity.

Meanwhile the Demographic clock is ticking.

Trump-ism needed a smart strategy to avoid this fate, doesn’t seem forthcoming.

Too much blind faith in Trump risks election losses that feed Uniparty delusions and will mean the next Trump, if he comes, won’t just chip away at the status quo. He’ll swing a sledgehammer.

So a little black pill every now and then helps unclog egoistic gunk. Just don’t get addicted to the pessimistic thrill. Not all black pills are created equal. Mendo had the best take on Black Pill taxonomy:

There are “the sky is falling” black pills and then there are “let me question some things” black pills.

Then again there are “ain’t I a-stinker” black pills, some of whom just love to post dour shit.

On the topic of reasonable skeptic black pills, Agnostic has been a good source (until recently…he too seems to have succumbed to the siren call of black pill overdosing). For instance, I don’t endorse this latest Agnostic thesis (too glib with the historical comparisons), but it’s interesting nonetheless: Is Trump the new Carter, and Bernie the next Reagan?

The triumph of the pure examples of the new zeitgeist will come as vindication to candidates who had previously run in their party’s primary (and when it was incumbent) but lost to a business-as-usual candidate. Reagan ran in the ’76 primary but lost to conventional Ford, and Bernie ran in the ’16 primary but lost to conventional Hillary. They were both just a little bit ahead of their time.

Why doesn’t the natural party for the new zeitgeist go with it right away? Probably because a major change is more likely to come from a party that is more desperate for a win, especially its voters. They’re more willing to take a high-risk high-reward gamble — Democrats on Carter in ’76, and Republicans on Trump in ’16. After being jolted awake from their laurel-resting complacency by these shock victories, the more natural party learns which way the winds are clearly blowing, and takes over its comparative advantage issue.


Like Carter — or at least, Carter’s administration — Trump, or at least his administration, will probably be remembered as one of the worst due to the schizophrenia, paralysis, and general malaise that comes during the necessary initial shifting of gears during re-alignment. Neither will get credit from the general public for giving the first push in the new direction, although historians will point that out.

Agnostic analyzes elections from a traditional economics angle. Who votes for whom is based entirely on personal economic well-being. The problem with this analytical premise is that it can miss big paradigmatic shifts in electorate behavior.

Polls and quadrennial elections are largely unaffected by slow demographic change, and therefore can be successfully analyzed from a purely “economic self-interest” angle even as demography (aka racial electoral power) churns the electorate from underneath. But eventually demographic tsunamis smash the old algorithms to smithereens. What worth is the White working class vote when Whites are a minority and US politics has descended into a third world theater of tribal gibs-jockeying?

Will Bernie win in 2020? The possibility is not remote, and Trump supporters should act now to prevent the election of a soft-headed commie with a love for open borders and Diversity that he got far away from when he moved to Vermont.

Bernie will be 79 by 2020, but I’ve no doubt that Trump fears a Bernie candidacy more than any other opponent. Trump has internals; he must know that Bernie eats into Trump’s White working class base like no other Dem. Thecunt won’t be around then to steal the nom from exotic sports car-driving Bernie. (she’ll be in jail)

All of which is to say, if Trump wants a second term, he had better get back to fulfilling his populist campaign promises instead of gloating over a tax cut and a roaring (for now) stock market. The afterglow of these old school conservative GOP initiatives has left Trump’s base muttering “meh”.

The reason a booming stock market (or for that matter a booming economy) doesn’t galvanize Trump’s support beyond his base to include independents and party-switching Dems is because the US has bifurcated into a dual economy. Forty years of stagnant wages and insane housing costs should have been a wake up call to CoC Congressional Republicans.

This is where Bernie, or a Bernie clone, can chip away at Trump’s support and win in 2020.

Bernie’s actual policy proposals are dumb as shit commie prescriptions like “free education for everyone”, but he talks a storm about fat cats and corporate malfeasance, and does so with apparent sincerity, so that alone will call back those White gaymulatto-voting Dems from their flirtation with Trump.

The risk of a Bernie-populist Dem winning in 2020 is that it’s a devil’s bargain that could sufficiently dupe the White working class into switching over from Trump and not realizing that the torn-up trade deals, tariffs, antitrust, and higher taxes on the wealthy come included with a poison pill: open borders and amnesty.

The counter to this scenario is that it’s a new era of White wokeness, and the White working class won’t nominate a populist from either party who wasn’t loudly opposed to mass shitholie immigration. Bernie would have to do a 180 — or rather a 360, back to the views he had before the BernieBro era — on immigration and borders to reinvigorate his chances in 2020.

Addendum: Take Agnostic’s black pilling with a dash of salt. As with all aggro-contrarians of Agnostic’s strand (hi pman!), you take the insight with the petulant refusal to vacate dead end lines of thought. (His “conservatives are cat people, liberals are dog people” was his most inane theory to date, and perfectly illustrates how try-hard he is about bucking conventional wisdom.) Agnostic is deep in his own kool-aid when he isn’t even giving a perfunctory nod to the obvious shitlib fanfiction that is Wolff’s book. FFS some of (((Wolff’s))) passages read like blue tickmark Twatter timelines of deranged conspiratorial celebs. All Agnostic has to do is listen to recent gloats by Wolff that he wished his book would “take down President Trump” to know that most of the book’s content is low grade lib wish fulfillment.

(Why Trump let that slimy reptile anywhere near the White House is a mystery for the ages. One look at Wolff’s liver-lipped physiognomy is enough to convince anyone with working vision to keep him at a million arms’ length.)


There’s plenty of time before the 2020 election, so here’s a ray of hope for shitlibs on the brink of a mental breakdown from all of Trump’s winning:

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East (and South) of the Hajnal line is the helical elixir that will save the White West.

When can targeted miscegenation do good? @Aquinas prompts this question with the following comment,

The admixture of a little Southern European basedness and tribalism is what will save domesticated nordics. They are over evolved toward pathological altruism. This is why so many alt right people are catholic.

A touch of Outer Hajnal White blood, ironically, will save Inner Hajnal Whites from their self-destructive excesses.

For those new to Hajnalianism, an explanation: The Hajnal Line is a geosociological concept. It’s a line that separates (more or less) NW Europe from Southern and Eastern Europe. Inside the line, White Euros (such as Germans and Englishmen) evolved extreme out-group altruism from selective pressures imposed by the manorial system and the Church’s ban on cousin marriage (out to the sixth cousin, I believe). Furthermore, inside the Hajnal Line there was a period of European history when the death penalty for violent and not-so-violent criminals was administered frequently and remorselessly, which had the effect of culling the impulsive predators from the NW European White genetic stock.

Unfortunately, we have a dire need for the services of those predators today.

If Inner Hajnal Whites are to survive, they may need the blood of Outer Hajnal Whites coursing through their veins. If you consider this ethnic cleansing or the counsel of an ethnicity traitor, be assuaged that a little interethnic White mixing goes a long way. The Cuckosphere wouldn’t need much. Think of it more as a vaccine. We’d be introducing a small dose of foreign agent to save the whole body.

Iambic Summary:


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Once again, shitlibs who love SCIENCE will have a major cogdis to overcome, because their totem to liberal reason and intellectualism has discovered that babies show racial bias in picking their playmates.

Two white adults divided the toys, one equally and the other unequally.

Seventy per cent of the toddlers chose to play with the researcher who distributed the toys fairly.

But in a second test, when one researcher favoured a white recipient over an Asian one, they picked the ‘fair’ researcher less often, the journal Frontiers in Psychology reports.

And the babies are more likely to help those who share the same ethnicity, which is known as in-group bias when people favour those with the same characteristics as oneself. […]

The study revealed when it came to picking a playmate, the babies seemed more tolerant of unfairness when the white recipient benefited from it.

They picked the fair experimenter less often when the unfair experimenter gave more toys to the white recipient rather than the Asian one.

The researchers say this implies that babies can take into account both race and social history when deciding which person would make a better playmate.

Professor Jessica Sommerville of the University of Washington said: ‘If all babies care about is fairness, then they would always pick the fair distributor, but we’re also seeing that they’re interested in consequences for their own group members.’

I’m really starting to wonder if there’s something to the disparaged evolutionary theory of kin-based selection.

This latest study lines up with a previous study finding that 6-to-9 month old infants show a marked in-group racial preference for own-race adults and for associating nice things with own-race faces.

Technically, babies aren’t racist, they’re racialist. They prefer to play with and to be supervised by own-race babies and adults, respectively. No doubt, further research would find similar preferences among nonWhite babies (for totally shocking reasons, the research to date has focused almost exclusively on the racialism of White babies. Things that make you go HMMMMMM.)

Racialist babies are proof that God loves the separate races and wants us to be happy with our own kind. Libs could use a gleeful reminder at this point of the post that the fact of racialist babies proves racialism is inborn and not the product of social conditioning or patriarchy or White privilege. Our racialism is normal, natural, healthy, and inspiriting. It is also comforting, particularly to the most vulnerable of us. Our beautiful inborn racialism is the product of millions of years of evolution, and it won’t be dislodged by a few decades of shitlib social engineering and anti-White agitprop, nor should it. If freakqualist shitlibs want to abolish Beautiful Racialism, they will have to do it at the barrel of a gun, for they are up against human nature itself, and we know how those Wars to Eradicate Human Nature usually go.

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A Music Video Idea

Staking claims to a moral high ground doesn’t have to be the sole purview of the Leftoid Equalist gimposium. The Maul-Right can do it too. I had an idea for a music video that would be a great example of recapturing moral ground ceded to the anti-Whites.

If you were an alt-composer of catchy tunes with a flair for the dramatic, you could write a song about censorship as a tool of the establishment Left (gussy it up with lyrical license). In your music video, you croon, ladies swoon, then halfway through, still singing and playing as before, total silence envelops the scene. Your voice is nothing but soundless mouth-moves, your guitar gently sleeps. Suddenly, black tape appears over everyone’s mouth. A Goolag-clad mystery figure is seen pulling the plugs on everyone’s amps in a cutaway. None of the central characters in the video notices, but the silence continues baffling the viewer.

A minute of silence passes, visuals still proceeding as if all was normal, then on the last note the lead singer rips off his black tape, perhaps aware of his silencing, and belts out an E major howl of protest.

I wish there were more artists on the Right, because it’s not like our side is lacking for material, inspiration, or enemies to lampoon. Maybe everyone on the Right needs to suffer a little more under the boot heel of their equalist oppressors before their artistic instinct can flourish.

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It’s incredible to think that it wasn’t so long ago America was so based, and so full of heritage pride, that the US Navy could release a training film on how to succeed with brunettes (because blondes are apparently easy lays and don’t require much in the way of effort to seduce).

(For whatever reason, the video isn’t linking up in WordPress, so go here to watch.)

The advice given in the Pussy Service Announcement will sound familiar to Chateau Heartiste guests…because it’s basically The 16 Commandments of Poon commissioned for release by the US government, before the levers of power were handed over to (((social constructivists))), SJWs, tranny freaks, and the globohomo bathhouse alliance.

First of all, be late. That’ll show her you’re a busy important person, and you’re not TOO interested in her. Play hard to get…this will make a great first impression.

Game concept: Flip the seduction script. Be the chasee, not the chaser, of girls.

Laugh it off. Apologize? Aw come on, don’t be a square.

Never apologize. Contrition is as little tolerated by women as it is by the leftoid media fuggernaut.

Be masterful. Protective. Grasp her arm firmly and steer her…to the car.

Kino escalation.

Always lead your woman.

Chicks dig it.

Oh, and don’t forget to light your cig with the candle sitting in the middle of your restaurant table.

Make sure you’re seated so you can see what’s going on. Makes for a more interesting evening.

Dread game.

Good stuff. Would recommend, without hesitation.

The twist ending is that this is the dating behavior the US Navy does NOT recommend for finding, meeting, attracting, and marriage-closing mid-20th Century American women. Instead the Navy believes men should aspire to the opposite: chivalrous White Knightery, pedestalizing pussy at every opportunity, and generally being a boring, if polite, beta schlub.

I don’t know if this “ladies first”, pussy pedestalization, “be a gentleman” anti-Game advice worked in 1967 (I doubt it), but it’s interesting that the culture at the time was strongly committed to this view of the dating scene. That tells me either beta males had it very good then and could afford to “be a gentleman” without losing out to sexy cads, or that cads were ascendent and the wider culture was beginning to push gentlemanly courtship as a reaction to a growing threat to cohesive society from sexy ZFG alphas and the women who couldn’t get enough of them.

PS Anyone notice that the man playing the cad in the first part of the video who supposedly demonstrated bad dating protocol is, shall we say, a bit on the dago swarthy side? And that the man playing the “gentleman” is a Whiter shade of pale? Heh.

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I’m not given to retrospectives (mortality reminders are a buzzkill), but this reader’s email deftly describes the incredible cultural influence of the internet realtalk revolution collectively known as the manosphere, a loose affiliation of men who, cutting to the pith of it, were tired of pretty lies and wanted the ugly truths. The manosphere itself was a child of seduction forums, where men actively trying to crack the code of female attraction would share ideas, with all the SJW and PC window dressing stripped clean. They were the proto-shitlords of their day, uninterested in virtue signaling or status whoring for the benefit of admittance to polite company. The manosphere later expanded and fed a whole new vocabulary and theoretical framework to dissident factions like the alt-right, /pol/, Frog Twatter, and neoreaction. (Even MPC, no friend of the PUA life, has a thread titled “Examples of Beta Male Faggotry”. The lure of realtalk, no matter the source, is irresistible to iconoclasts and modern heretics).

What started as a get laid guild became the greatest unleashing of rhetorical and memetic testosterone in modern American history. Cucks, shitlibs, manlets, fatties, and feminists were swept aside by this tsunami of refocused and revitalized T, particularly of the White man’s T. The question remains whether the manosphere’s Frankenbeans monster — their testicular shiv of the bloated and sclerotic Lords of Lies — has achieved apotheosis in President Donald J Trump, or if there are bigger and ballsier reckonings to come.

Message I sent to someone that may be of interest:

One funny thing about the game guys. They are empiricists because they wanted to meet women and, as CH puts it, get love and sex. It is really wrong to say it is just about getting the rocks off. They really wanted girlfriends, too, but the girls of today are all too often damaged goods. But to do any of that they had to overcome a lot of lies and programming, and even learn new vocabulary, and be hardcore realists and empiricists. Only facing reality and facing the truth about men and women would get the girl back to the crib and get the panties off. No emotion-protecting lies will do it. And over the decade or so this conversation has been going on, the habit of being hardcore realists and empiricists has spread into all areas of thinking and acting. And also the guys involved in the conversation are maturing. Ten years is a long time in any human life, especially from the 20s into the 30s and beyond. So ingesting the red pill was like a magic potion that was supposed to make you into a mighty poon-slayer, and it worked! But the magic was far more powerful than anyone dreamed. And it kept working and all kinds of new powers kept emerging until the initial thing became secondary to the larger goal of living a life aligned with reality, which may even mean moderating the demand for female bodies, as nice as they can be, and as necessary as they sometimes seem to be.

Strange to have been watching this from the sidelines all these years.

No one would have predicted how it has played out so far.

“A life aligned with reality”. A government aligned with reality. A nation aligned with reality.

That is the manospherian Realtalk Revolution’s legacy, and it is as Beautiful as it is Truthful. Instructions for a life well lived inevitably became a warning and a remedy to a society rapidly draining its life force in the abattoir of anti-reality. The Virtue Snivelers can deny reality, but reality will always belie their denials.

And ironically, I don’t consider the Chateau a “manosphere” outpost. I don’t know what I’d label this place, but “manosphere” seems too constricting. I’ll call it what it has meant to its many guests and wanderers: A rejuvenating retreat from a mad world, and a beacon to those who feel like strangers in their own land and time. The best description may be in how you leave this place, rather than in how you came to it: as purposeful and impassioned men.

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The revolution will be animatronic.

News from the Emerald Guile: A sexbot brothel opened one month ago in Dublin, and customers are lining up for Dolly the Dirty Bot’s very special services.

GONE are the days of blow-up women with perpetually open mouths – sex dolls are rapidly evolving and becoming more lifelike than ever.

And now a brothel in Dublin is renting out a silicone robot sex doll for £80 an hour.

A bit like a buxom Barbie doll, the blonde android has massive boobs, an hourglass figure and eerily lifelike facial features fixed into a sexy pout.

Described as “Ireland’s most realistic sex doll”, Passion Dolly arrived at the Dublin brothel less than a month ago and dozens of punters have already had their way with her.

Weighing eight stone with 32 E boobs the doll imported from America has a metal skeleton covered in silicone and responds to vibrations moving like a human.

tbh, would bang, if I had no other satisfying realflesh options. A hot sexbot is a huge upgrade for loser men stuck with fat broads or for old men facing a sandpaper snapper desert of nursing home grannies.

When customers arrive they will find Dolly – who you can rent for £80 an hour or £40 per half hour – lying on a bed in a dimly lit room.

Condoms and tissues are also provided.

You couldn’t pay Dolly’s clean-up crew enough money.

Her owners explained: “We have had her about a month and have had dozens of visitors, mostly Irish men and ranging in all ages.

“Some of them are a bit lonely, a few have social problems interacting with women, while others have a fascination with dolls.”

Omega and beta males in a rut will be the primary users of sexbots. This will unleash tremendous shock waves on the sexual market, placing enormous pressure on the sub-HB7 Western woman who will experience an accelerating decline in the number of thirsty men willing to entertain her feminism, anti-femininity, and even garden variety coyness.

Sexbot brothels will be the predominant service until prices drop low enough that private sexbot ownership is feasible for the masses. We are far from end game in the sterile jizz pens of the sexbot brothel.

I found this news via a Christian website. The author predicts consequences from the sexbot revolution that sound very similar to what CH wrote on the topic years earlier.

For instance, here is the author Andrew Bieszad, 2017, on the implications of AI sexbots for human relationships:

What you are watching is literally the process of divorcing human beings from attachment to each other and, as a result the complete destruction of the family.

There are some people who are looking forward to the changes that sex robots will bring, because given the current developments and trajectory for the future, which will take some time to realize in a more complete fashion (and this is with everything- after all, a computer from 1995 is very different from a 2015 model), but when it is reached it will redefine the nature of sexual relations in ways that have never been reached before. […]

This is an incredibly dangerous road. If fertility rates are low right now, the sex robot will cause, worldwide, and absolute fertility collapse in all peoples, since sex affects all men regardles of race or place. Women will find themselves competing with a fantasy found in a machine to realize the unattainable, which is the perfect form. Men will to the same, pursuing the perfect vision of their pleasure, and for every woman that there may be, a better robot can be made to replace her.

Remember how in the West corporations outsource work to third world nations and destroy their local economy while benefiting a few? This is the outsourcing of sexuality to robots, thereby collapsing male-female relationships and creating a dystopic world in which pleasure is the rule and families are the rarity since people would rather pursue their fantasy through sex rather than use sex for its created purpose.Families will exist by choice, not by natural events. It will further isolate and again, make marriage something done by choice, not natural action. It will destroy the conception men and women have of each other by offering them a pleasure they cannot naturally have easily and everywhere, thus making human sex boring. Machine sex will pervert the very institution of sex itself and immerse mankind in an ocean of sterile hedonism.

CH, 2007:

But, outside of self-pleasure and procreation, would sexbots replace real women?

For some men, yes.  The replacement would be total, at least until the dating market adjusted to the new reality.  For other men, sexbots would be a part-time replacement.  The result will be a shift in the mating landscape that will put selection pressures on humanity equivalent to a massive plague or a catastrophic famine.

Sexbots are a very real threat to the established order because men’s sexuality is so visually driven.  Compared to women, it is a rather simple affair to create an alternative sexual outlet for men. […]

Either marriage will take a bodyblow from which it will never recover, or paradoxically divorce will decrease as husbands inclined to stray fulfill their cravings for variety with non-human mistresses.  With the sequestering of betas to their sexbotatoriums, the price of alphas on the market will skyrocket.  They will call the shots in matters of marriage — I see a regression to sanctioned polygamy and overt adultery.  This will herald the end of Western civilization. […]

Conclusion – The entire market structure of dating will shift seismically in the direction of men becoming choosier and less willing to please and women becoming looser and more willing to please.

Do you think I prophesy the future for shits and giggles? I’m here to save the world, dammit! With amused mastery, of course.

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