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Even a blurred phyzz is a reliable indicator of shitlord status.

kwicherbichen adds,

The phyzz of the beggars was just as telling. Part of the globohomo army.

Trevor Goodchild says shitlord phyzz is evident in the voice,

The voice really gives it away. Clipped, calm, zero uptalk.

“You call that a good cause?” should be flying on banners at the next Million MAGA March.

Oh wait, there’s no scheduled Million MAGA March on Washington?

There’s your problem, right there.

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Hate crimes against White people wearing MAGA hats are on the rise. That’s a real hate crime category with an exponential growth in numbers of cases since Trump was elected, which the media doesn’t want to cover.

“81-year-old Trump supporter assaulted over his MAGA hat”

“Bully attacks, intimidates, high school Trump supporter for wearing MAGA hat”

J.R. cuts to the chase,

this isn’t about MAGA Hats

this is about race

this is just another Violent Black [and hispanic] attacking a White Kid

the MAGA hat is just the excuse

The MAGA hat has become the symbol of uppity Whiteness, and blacks don’t like a White man who doesn’t automatically bow and scrape before his kangz.

Uppity Whiteness is the real sin. A cowed and defeated White person knows his place, but a White person donning a MAGA hat is telling his putative superiors and tormentors that he kneels for no one. That’s what is driving the rage against the MAGA hat. It’s a symbol of Whites abstaining from submission.

Perhaps Whites could wear this MAGA lid instead, to ward off potential hate crime attacks against them:

PS Alex Of-Color tacitly says having White kids is immoral.

Things that will never happen: AOC telling Africans to stop having so many babies because she’s hypocritically trying to save the earth from the comfort of her $3,000/month one bedroom apartment in an all-White enclave of DC.

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Here’s another feminist and soyboy myth thoroughly debunked by ¡SCIENCE!.

Contrary cherished shitlib snark about “toxic masculinity”, it turns out the Real Angry and Moody Men are low T Vox readers.

…paradoxically, it’s often men with low testosterone levels that are moody, depressed, and even angry, while men with normal or high testosterone levels are generally sociable and gregarious.

Dr. Christina Wang of UCLA found that men with low T were likely to be snarkier and more aggressive than men with high T, but once the snarky ones received T replacement, their attitude and anger disappeared (1).

The Exceptions

Improper usage (very high doses) of testosterone or steroids could elicit aggressive tendencies (“roid rage”) in men that might be predisposed to such behavior. Likewise, socioeconomic status can play a role, too.

Experience (and a couple of studies) shows us that a good deal of societal misbehavior comes from men with high testosterone levels but low socioeconomic status. Men who are high in testosterone but also high in socioeconomic status can usually restrain themselves because they know they have more to lose.

Link to original study.

The following mood parameters were assessed using a 7-point Likert rating scale: angry, alert, irritable, full of pep (energy), sad/blue, tired, friendly, nervous, and well/good. When compared with the baseline period, T replacement led to significant decreases in anger (P = 0.0045), irritability (P = 0.0009), sadness (P = 0.0033), tiredness (P = 0.0035), and nervousness (P = 0.0291), and significant improvement in energy level (P = 0.0020), friendliness (P = 0.0072), and sense of well-being (P = 0.024) in all subjects as a group.

We conclude that T replacement therapy in hypogonadal men improved their positive mood parameters, such as energy, well/good feelings, and friendliness and decreased negative mood parameters including anger, nervousness, and irritability, and direct correlations between serum T and DHT with mood scores were only observed in the baseline period when serum androgen levels were below the normal range.

Remember, folks, anger is low T, rage is high T.

Masculine men are typically the opposite of the caricatures of them by envious low T males and spiteful lsmv females.

The masculine man is happy, upbeat, friendly, and energetic.

Low T Fake Men like the fruit cups who work at Vox are bitter, anxious, unfriendly, angry, and irritable.

So low T men are like women then.

Maybe this explains the PleaseMeToo movement? Shitlib women are surrounded all day by angry, moody, sniveling, low T twees.


Not too far off-topic, if you squint: A judge has ruled that a men-only military draft is unconstitutional.

This is great. Heighten the contradictions of shitlib equalism. The best cure for America is pushing the patient to a near-death experience.

An emailer chuckles,

This might be bigger news than I’ve seen in a while. Men may be the more expendable sex, but there is a group of women even more expendable than all of men, feminists.


Squint a little harder, and you’ll see the relevance in this study.

Associations between Dopamine D4 Receptor Gene Variation with Both Infidelity and Sexual Promiscuity

DRD4 VNTR genotype varies considerably within and among populations and has been subject to relatively recent, local selective pressures. Individual differences in sexual behavior are likely partially mediated by individual genetic variation in genes coding for motivation and reward in the brain.

Okay, next step, let’s see if this gene varies by race. HOLY COW SHUT IT DOWN.


Keep squinting.

Genetic counsellors are the professionals who advise on the results of tests for hereditary conditions, often after samples have been taken from foetuses in the womb as well as from the parents. Consequently they are often the first to know that the father isn’t the father. A study in America found that more than 95 per cent of them would not tell a man that the child wasn’t his. (Around 95 per cent of genetic counsellors are female, and you have to wonder if more men would be informed if more counsellors were male.)

95% of genetic counselors, most of them female, would be willing accomplices to cuckoldry fraud.

Read that again. 95% of genetic counselors (nearly all women) would willingly lie for a lying cunt to imprison a man into eighteen years of indentured servitude to a child which he falsely believes is his own.


The word you’re reaching for is “evil”.

Gentlemen, don’t believe all women. In fact, don’t believe any woman. If you want kids, get a paternity test. And vote for politicians who promise to mandate paternity testing (which can be done prenatally, before the cuck consumes you).

If you go to a genetic counselor, ask her up front, “Would you tell me if the baby wasn’t mine?”. Get her on record. It will be useful in court should you prove her a liar.

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When toxic masculinity ruled the world…

From Empa Froga III,



From the link,

Now would be a good time to point out that Pier was seven feet tall, carried a six-foot-long greatsword that weighed approximately fifteen pounds, was so strong that he could bend a coin between his thumb and his forefinger, and was such a fucking maniac berserker in combat that he allegedly once decapitated seven enemy soldiers with one swing of his weapon.

The White Aryan quotient of this post should hit DEFCON WAN.

America needs less intersectionality safe space and more zweihänder.

Froga adds,

How many men in this age can use a weapon half the size of that sword?

How many men in this age can use their micropuds without crying in shame?

Read the bio of the guy. He was a quiet farmer until Saxons killed his two kids and his wife, then he turned into a berserker and the blood flowed under his feet.

Today, we have American “men”, whose daughters and wives were killed by illegal immigrants, going on social media to mewl that not all immigrants are like that.

The fall from grace has been, in a word, precipitous.

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In case you haven’t heard, the Great Media Purge of 2019 commenced this week.

PuffedHo laid off 15% of its propaganda team, most of them women.

Do you remember PuffHo? They’re the digital media cistern which gave us this, after Steve Bannon was fired:

Take a moment to retinally breathe that in, because the wails of poverty from recently fired PuffedHobags will lift your spirit into the stratosphere.

“talented and lovely” = talentless and ugly.

“literal PhD in romantic comedies”. LMAO. 90% of women in the workforce are dead weight.

Don’t call us, we’ll call you…..to laugh in your face!

One might say….aborted!

A culture/gender/politics reporter….I bet she brings a unique perspective! HARD PASS

Journowhores losing their jobs en masse?


How many of these laid-off globalist girl tweets are there? I think i’m falling in love with the feeling. Science will now have data to determine if prolonged jizzing uninterrupted by a refractory period is possible in those under the influence of acute schadenfreude.

Here come the desperate unemployment line camwhores! Sadly, this isn’t an attractive bunch. We can all do without the deluge of softcore pics from starving, ex-journowhores soaking thirsty soyboys for ramen noodle money.

G.V. suggests,

A mockup of the PuffHo front page with lay-off tweets prominently displayed around the text ‘GOY: “BYE”‘

I love the cut of that shiv.

Cornelius Rye dishes,

On this morning’s Fash the Nation, McFeels and Halberstram predict the end of National Review this year

rumors are going around that they really pissed off the last of their supporters/small donors with the Covington debacle

huge if true

My erection can only get so big.

A reminder that the media is shitty and in bed with Big Tech, licking the digital taint:

From MPC Status Updates,

the tech exec on his boat calling the journo in his rat-infested apartment “You guys are our everything”

Pman on media woes,

PMAN in CHANPOASTING format on the loss of media jobs:

> it’s true that google and facebook are gobbling up all the ad revenue, although craigslist started it years ago

> lots of newspapers got ruined by loss of classifieds

> none of these self-styled “digital journalists” cared about any of that stuff

> only now that they are losing their jobs are they having tantrums about it

> in fact, most of them were quite chipper as older reporters got retired early, finally they could replace those white men

when in reality it was just them moving up in the line to the wood chipper

An anon channer explains how modren media works: they take the “moral” low ground:

There is not enough misfortune that could befall lying, malevolent media propagandists which would satisfy my bloodlust.



Commenter P.K. Griswold,

Whole bunch of beta-exes just got a random text.

Back to that ol’ dependable well for the roadworn shrews. It’s gonna be funny when betaboys sack up and stop making honest women of these slatterns.

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Merry Christmas

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The verdict is in: all the dietary, exercise, and longevity science is converging on a holistic lifestyle recommendation for health, vigor, and anti-aging youthfulness.

Lift weights

Weight lifting better for heart health than running

Scientists looking at the health records of more than 4,000 people have concluded that, while both forms of exercise reduce the risk of developing heart disease, static activities such as weight lifting or press-ups have a greater effect than an equivalent amount of dynamic exercise such as running, walking or cycling.

The research challenges commonly held assumption that so-called “cardiovascular” pursuits like running are of greatest benefit to the heart.

However, it backs up previous studies which suggest that heavy static exercise gives the circulatory system a better workout because the oxygen expenditure is more intense.

Replace Carbs with Fat

How a Low-Carb Diet Might Help You Maintain a Healthy Weight

Adults who cut carbohydrates from their diets and replaced them with fat sharply increased their metabolisms.

…a large new study published on Wednesday in the journal BMJ challenges the conventional wisdom. It found that overweight adults who cut carbohydrates from their diets and replaced them with fat sharply increased their metabolisms. After five months on the diet, their bodies burned roughly 250 calories more per day than people who ate a high-carb, low-fat diet, suggesting that restricting carb intake could help people maintain their weight loss more easily.

Fast at least 16 hours each day, or 20-24 hours twice per week

Can the science of autophagy boost your health?

…fasting does stimulate autophagy [ed: cell cleaning], he said, and its benefits had also been proven by other studies.

Autophagy was first discovered in the 1960s, but its fundamental importance was only recognised after Yoshinori Ohsumi’s research in the 1990s.

“What we’ve discovered is that it protects against diseases like Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and certain forms of dementia,” said Dr Rubinsztein.

“It also seems to be beneficial in the context of infection control, as well as protecting against excessive inflammation.”

Let’s count off the limpwrists and soylibs BTFO by this information.

Blotchy-skinned vegetarians: your pasta and cereal filler food negates any healthful impact from eating leafy greens. Judgment rendered: BTFO

Skinnyfat marathon runners: Your heart health, and not to mention your aesthetics, would be better if you hit the weight room instead of the pavement. Judgment rendered: BTFO

Big Pharma: We don’t need your drugs. All we need is to intermittently push away from the table. Judgment rendered: BTFO

It’s Mangan’s world, we’re just living in it.

PS Steve Sailer on the latest diet study.

PPS This is interesting, and funny: “What a week of groceries looks like around the world“. I see a lot of crappy packaged foods in the US and UK, and fresh fruits and veggies everywhere else. Mongolians are big meat eaters. Mexifats love soda. Germans love beer. Italians love bread. And those aren’t Canadians. Or Australians. (And is it really that difficult to find a White family in America?)

PPPS Rogue Health & Fitness is a great website for quickly getting up to speed on the latest science in health and longevity. Mangan to his credit has been on top of this stuff for a while, and the legacy media is only now catching up. The proof is in the photo. Check the front page for a pic of Mangan. This post is particularly interesting — The Rise and Fall of Heart Attacks — because it explores reasons why the US heart attack rate peaked in 1970 and dropped precipitously by 2010 to levels not seen since 1910 (a trend most people are unaware of).

Dr. David Grimes wrote: “Few people are aware that coronary heart disease (CHD) has been an epidemic of the latter half of the 20th century. It is now almost over.” […]

Three Factors: Cigarettes, Hydrogenated Seed Oils, and Sugar

To see what factors may have caused the rise in heart disease, we should ask what factors were low to non-existent in 1900, and that are known to cause heart disease, which then increased in the course of the century.


Annual per capita cigarette consumption in the U.S. in 1900 was 54 cigarettes. (Source.) Machine-manufacturing caused the price of cigarettes to drop, and per capita consumption rose dramatically to over 4000 by 1965, and currently stands at about 1000. Less than 5% of Americans smoked cigarettes in 1900, while 42% were smokers in 1965. […]

The culprit is not nicotine, but the chemical stew of thousands of toxic chemicals that forms when tobacco is ignited.


Besides hydrogenated seed oils, regular liquid seed oil use became commonplace in the 20th century. Soybean oil use per capita rose more than 1000-fold from 1900 to 1999. Use of vegetable (seed) oils raises the risk of heart disease.


Sugar consumption rose greatly in the 20th century. Sugar is associated with coronary heart disease.

My candidates for the cause of its rise are cigarettes, seed oils, and sugar.

Meat didn’t have anything to do with it.

What’s notable is that the decline in deaths from heart attacks which began around 1970 coincided with the *increase* in obesity. Cigarettes suppress appetite, so the decline in smoking may have promoted a rise in the obesity rate. Sugar consumption has continued to increase right up until the present, so that likely played a role in the obesity pandemic as well. And finally, SOY. Soybean oil consumption really took off about the same time as the obesity crisis.

Why weren’t there many fat Americans in the early part of the 20th Century? Smoking was almost nonexistent then, so appetite suppression caused by cigarette use can’t explain it. Hydrogenated seed oil wasn’t introduced until 1911, so that seems a likelier cause of the increase in overweight Americans as mid-century approached. Sugar consumption has been rising since 1840 but really took off after 1880. That could be a culprit. But my guess is that Americans were thinner a hundred years ago because we a.) didn’t eat as much b.) moved our bodies a lot more c.) ate good fats and unrefined, high fiber carbs and d.) weren’t drinking water teeming with endocrine disruptors.

PPPPS Here is a map showing the geographic outlines of a future New America:

Off-topic? Only if you’re a small picture pleb.

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