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Long-time commenter Captain Obvious vividly analogizes modern liberalism to The Truman Show movie.

“She added that she couldn’t understand ‘how you could do that to somebody.’”

The problem in a nutshell. The only way someone could possibly think this is some sort of incomprehensible action after even a cursory glance at human history is a level of naivete that shouldn’t even be possible. People like this woman have no place in adult discussions.

The Gramscian Cocoon of Anti-Reality.

These Insula-dominant Amygdala-submissive sheep have lived their entire lives in an artificial world created exclusively for their delusional pleasure by The Frankfurt School.

It really is a psychological “Matrix” within which they are unwittingly imprisoned.

And this particular chick’s li’l sailboat just collided with the End of the World as She Knew It.


The only difference is that, in the movie, Truman tried to escape his artificially constructed environment once he realized it was all set pieces and illusion. In our world, shitlibs have no interest in escaping their anti-reality; in fact, they fear escaping it. The ego doesn’t take kindly to utter refutation.

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Ironsides triggered this post with reflections on ultra-posturing fathers of hotter younger tighter daughters,

Translation of all this huffing and puffing:

“I spoiled my daughter absolutely rotten, giving her an ego-swollen princess syndrome which is almost certain to launch her onto the Carousel with Saturn rocket boosters because she thinks that she’s so Precious and Special that no solid regular guy is worthy of her …

… and realizing my mistake at some level, now venting my futile beta rage by being as obnoxious as possible to young men interested in her, which has the effect of driving off the decent, hard-working betas who would actually care for her and make her happy with a family, while the alpha cads see right through my posturing and pump-and-dump her over and over again, laughing at me as they swagger out the door at 3 AM in search of greener puss-tures.”

Matt King strikes out a lot but when he connects he goes yard. His reply to Ironsides,

… now venting my futile beta rage by being as obnoxious as possible to young men interested in her …

The cuckservatives have queered this meme beyond all usefulness. It’s now nothing more than how to dramatize oneself as the Ultimate White Knight Orbiter to one’s own flesh and blood.

Fatherhood is a kind of game, and just as in game, a little mystery and a lot of ambiguity goes a long long way to getting her to behave the way you want. Putting up a Top Ten list of your intentions, along with the least subtle photo of a threat imaginable, creates the opposite effect. These are unreconstructed dorks who grew older but never left their beta insecurities behind.

To see schlubs fawn over the only alpha female (i.e., their young and attractive daughters) ever obliged to give them attention is one of the most putrid side-effects of the veteran-carouseler-incel-betamale alliance for the creation of one designer baby in wifey’s late thirties. I know how I’ll make pretty girls pay attention to me! I’ll make one!

“Omigod ur so hawt” in college transforms 20 years later into “My daughter is an angel.” Learning curve flat.

Fucking hardcore.

It shouldn’t go beyond most woke men’s notice that beta daddy soyboys, when they manage to convince a veteran cock carouseler to take them under her marital wing at the ripe age of 38 to pop out that one designer baby three years later (and not a baby more!), curiously produce some of the hottest prime nubility daughters this side of Kiev. The Helical Holy Spirit has a sense of humor about these recombinant mysteries, and with a little thought it’s easy to figure that feminine low T daddies shoulder more than their share of the burden of gracing the world with HBdaughters, should they have daughters who inherit daddy’s supple skin and manteats and mommy’s defined triceps and cock hunger.

(The sons of such unions tend to fair poorly in the physiognomy department.)

Thank the Cosmic Overlord that He has seen fit to ensure the sexual appetites are properly redirected to outside the immediate family circle, else these beta daddy orbiters of HBdaughters might wind up nursing a hellacious case of incestual blue balls. As it stands to everyone’s relief, their blue balls are strictly of the emotional, psychological variety. The captured company of hot daughters is likely the best chance daddy orbiters have had to monopolize the attention of the kinds of women who ignored them most of their lives or, worse, toyed with them by dangling effervescent promises of a future hookup in exchange for months and years of sounding board provisioning. It’s no wonder daddy orbiters are gung-ho to shove gun barrels in the faces of any suitor of his daughter-cum-sublimated girlfriend.

Apropos King’s comment and the Roy Moore moral panic of the past week, it’s a good time for this song:

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PA’s comment evoking the inherent tension between fathers and daughters — pitting protective instinct against sexual awakening over a Darwinian backdrop of expensive eggs and post-industrial delayed marriage — had me thinking about the kinds of affronts with which a daughter could burden her father, and how they would rank on a “bringing dishonor to the family and heartbreak to daddy” checklist.

When you come down to it, no father likes his daughter of any age “dating” any man, of any age. Tolerance of dating is a compromise with modernity.

(and WTF is an “LTR”, that most mealy-mouthed word of the century?)

He would be delighted with his mid-teens daughter marrying a proper 30-year old man.

LTR is shorthand for long term relationship. (I’m mentioning this for the few Philistines here who may not be familiar with the acronym.) It came into existence out of necessity, to describe the modern sexual market phenomenon of being with one partner for a long time without codifying the commitment in marriage. It has also entered our lexicon because short-lived flings became more common, and a more precise term to describe a romantic relationship longer than three months was required.

I agree with PA here, in that I believe “dating” (as opposed to courtship that quickly led to either rejection or marriage proposal) is a fairly recent creation in human history. Years spent dating multiple lovers until settling down into marriage and kids when the woman is on the downslope of her fertility curve is certainly a historical anomaly; I doubt humans would have survived as a species had the modern dating market been the norm throughout our evolution.

Daughter Guarding in the Time of Game and the Cock Carousel would seem to be paramount for fathers today, but that hasn’t panned out; in fact, more than ever fathers are abdicating their role as guardians of daughters’ sexuality, probably out of fear of losing status within their suburban soccer mom virtue signaling milieus. In the upper classes, there’s almost a glorification of daughters “sowing their yeast”, while in the lower classes, mudsharking is tolerated if not outright celebrated. Sheeeiit, the ex-President’s own daughters have been caught smoking dope at a rap concert; no public consternation was proffered from the Gay Mulatto.

What this suggests is that paternal investment is fading as a social and familial binding agent in the West, aka Africanization. As a Gabber put it,

Where’s the daughter-guarding when it counts?

They’re paying big bucks to subsidize her “independence” “adventures” and “travels” while she’s surfing “lotsa cockas” when she goes away to college, to the big city or overseas…

Another Gabber astutely commented that the death of Daughter Guarding and the removal of restrictions on female sexuality (along with the neutering of fatherly oversight) opens Glandora’s Box to shifting and corrupted definitions of sexual imprudence that no one can agree upon.

recreationalization of sex means that most “sexual misconduct” is morally equivalent to a 5 yard penalty.

A revival of Daughter Guarding means that fathers have to get back in touch with their native Disgust Response and relearn the ancient lesson that Disgust is the source pool of Morality. Society will have to grow smaller, as well, because scaling up way past the Dunbar limit like in Calhoun’s rat experiments inevitably causes breakdowns in the natural dynamics between parent and child and between family and community.

Using my powers of imagination, I’ve come up with this short list of what actions a (White) daughter could take that would crush her (White) father’s spirit, in descending order of soulkill:

  • Burn the coal/marry the coal (soulkill)
  • Turn to prostitution
  • Get fat and dye her hair blue
  • Become lesbian
  • Remain single, childless, and infected with toxoplasma gondii
  • Murder
  • Hook up with an inmate or psycho
  • Date a homeless bum
  • Date a hispanic or asian
  • Date a (White) “artist” or aspiring rock star
  • Date her debauched professor
  • Date a well-heeled man 10+ years her senior
  • Marry a well-heeled man 10+ years her senior
  • Briefly court then marry an Epic Chad with a square jawline (soulthrill) and family money

A healthy White culture denigrates the top 2/3rds of that list and poeticizes the bottom third. The message our Current Year culture instead delivers is the polar opposite. Epic Chads are rape hoaxed by seething hateful cunts and mudsharking is put forth as desirable progress.

Daughter Guarding is mostly a NW European White man thing. Even today the norm for most of the world is marrying off ripe teen daughters. Whites regulate this natural impulse with laws and cultural taboos, and the reason they can do this is because as a race they have evolved high paternal investment and a disposition to favor nuclear family formation.

Concomitant with this NW European Inner Hajnal White outbred nuclear family disposition is later marriage, but that cultural anomaly (compared to the global norm) was sustained by restrictions on women’s sexuality; i.e., unmarried medieval women didn’t have an opportunity to ride the cock carousel. Male chivalry was part and parcel of that restrictive regimen.

Daughter Guarding matters are best left to family and community oversight and not to an impersonal legal machine staffed and operated by Rebekahs, feminist cunts, Diversity™, and bitter spinsters. Mobility and urban atomization have neutered that oversight so we have chucked nuance for One Strike You’re Out, but this unjustly penalizes, for example, high status older men who want to start families with younger women.


FYI Your Daily Shitlord Science: Female obesity, not young maternal age or pelvic immaturity, is associated with fetal malposition. Roy Moore did everything right (he has four kids) with a loving wife fourteen years his junior.

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Libs love platitudes because they paper over ugly truths.
Love wins = Don’t fight back
Unity = Concealed disunity
Tolerance = Make the best of a bad situation
The essence of a lib is childishness. Liberalism is a juvenile ideology. It’s rationalizing retreat from adult concerns.

White liberals have a very low fertility rate. It’s concordant with human nature that childishness is associated with childlessness. The good news is that there are fewer White shitlibs with each generation, so this Clown World insanity won’t last. The only mystery is what will follow in the vacuum left by the end of the era of White shitlibbery.

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Millennials are having less sex than previous generations, according to research by the CDC and other outfits. This is likely bifurcated survey data (i.e., the number of sexually inactive soyboys and fatty bluehair Millennials has increased over previous generations but a sizable minority of bubbly babes and trumpening chads are going hog wild). Call it the 80-20 Piece-of-ass Principle of Female Hypergamy. Nevertheless, an explanation is out there, and it’s missed by lots of people because it seems so counterintuitive. Doktor Jeep comments,

So with all the dating apps and simpery at its peak, women get their validation with a swipe – post some cleavage on social(ist) media and get scores of likes by the thirsty hordes – this explains why (mainly white) teenagers are having less sex than previous generations.

The great paradox of social media and dating apps which were intended to facilitate hooking up and relationship formation is that the technology leads to LESS sex because, as the good Doktor noted, women get their egos stroked so thoroughly by thirsty swiping betas, they don’t need their kittens stroked.

How utterly ironic that the very tech that was supposed to usher Sexual Liberation 2 has instead flattened the romantic landscape into a dreary chafed handscape. The Whoring 60s, 70s, and 80s have given way to the DVZ: Devirilized Zone. Chicks get swamped with empty anhedonic come-ons and the mass of thirsty betas drains their energies into porn and their dignity into Tinder aka chick crack.

A stroked female ego is a dormant female libido.

A sapped male libido is a debased male ego.

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The Starbuckwheat is the term for the numinously accessible black mascot adopted by 115 IQ SWPL shitlib sanctimony-addict Whites who want to prove their moral righteousness to wine party circuit peers. Anon at Sailer’s uncorks a portmanteau with accompanying etymology that is so causticly readable and insightful it deserves a reposting here at the Chateau. In his example, the Starbuckwheat du jour assuaging shitlib egos is Ta Nigisi Coates.

With the ebbing of religion, Negro Worship became the new faith in America, esp among White Libs. It’s tied to MLK as the new founding father, the new messiah, the new christ, new martyr.

Blacks are seen as holy because they not only suffered slavery and discrimination but can sing & dance and do sports.

So, Negroes are supposed to be the Moral Arbiters of America. Whites are supposed to save and protect (instead of exploiting) black bodies so that blacks can save white souls.

Blacks bodies are supposedly impoverished because whites treated blacks badly. But because whites gained so much by robbing blacks, their souls have become sick and diseased. So, the New Race Deal (maybe should be called New Steal) is about whites healing black bodies and blacks saving white souls.

And MLK seemed to be that great leader. In a way, his death made the Negro-as-Saint bigger than ever. Turned into martyr, he could be worshiped like a god. If he’d lived on, he’d been just another Jesse Jackson.

So, there is this constant search for the Great Black Hope. The one who might live up to the white dream of Negro as Moral Redeemer. But too many blacks are into crime, ugly rap, corruption, or dementia. And stuff like BLM turns invariably into Trash Talk and violence.

Since blacks on their own are incapable of putting forth the Great Black Hope, white Libs must nurture and create them in their own Laboratory. The Lib-Lab. And Obama was a graduate from the Lib-Lab. His formative influences were hardly black. And even though The Nasty Coates grew up among Negroes, he found sanctuary among Nice White Folks who could channel his obligatory rage into pseudo-intellectual & pseudo-inspirational rhetoric. He is to social theory what Neil Degrassie Tyson is to science. A mascot for white Libs to show that they are into Diversity and the Great Black Hope. White Libs (and even White Cons) get high from over-praising blacks. (Thomas Sowell is smart guy but Paul Johnson praising him as the greatest thinker is just goofy.)

Because of the Negro’s role in the American Imagination, every era needs its
Negro Laureate.

It’s like white feminists were esp taken with Alice Walker’s COLOR PURPLE.

Also, The Nasty Coates looks like a turtle without a shell, a perpetually lost child in need of milk and cookies and kindness of strangers. He is Arnold for the intellectual class.

Also, there is something strangely satisfying about watching a Negro succeed in intellectual field. Though whites once resisted the rise of black athletes, it’s now long been established that blacks are good at sports and dancing and physical stuff. So, there is hardly any moral excitement in championing the black athlete. Ali was the last one to ride on that wave because it was the Civil Rights Era. So, his victory had racial overtones. There is still some of that when blacks make inroads into sports that tend not to be very black. Like tennis and golf and gymnastics. And of course swimming and winter sports, those associated with white privilege and culture of exclusion. Even so, it’s hardly surprising that blacks, if given the chance, would do well in something like tennis.
In some ways, there is a kind of subtle ‘racism’ in praising black success in sports. Some may see it as stereotyping blacks as BODIES who are more adept at brawn than brain. So, even as black success in sports is seen as triumph over ‘racism’, it is also felt as a kind of ‘racism’ since it stereotypes blacks as akin to beasts who can run and jump.

So, it is more surprising and satisfying to see blacks do well in brainy fields in which they’ve lagged behind other races. This goes against stereotype. It also means that blacks as thinkers are less threatening than blacks as fighters or athletes or thugs. But the problem with praising blacks-as-thinkers is it makes them less authentic. It robs them of their black essence that is closely associated with the thug, street hustler, musician, athlete, or big personality. It could be construed as whites trying to force ‘whiteness’ on blacks. This is why white Libs feel uncomfortable around black conservatives. Why, they are ‘uncle toms’, and white Libs don’t want that.
They want the non-threatening Negro but who retains his authenticity and this means Race & Rage. But for this Authentic Rage to be acceptable among white Libs, it must be articulated in less threatening manner. And the ‘genius’ of The Nasty Coates is he has concocted an intellectual coffee-grinder that turns his blackness into something more Starbucky. He is Starbuckwheat.

That wasn’t a shiv, that was a thresher to the shitlib id.

There are some phaggy male-things on liberal news outlets like NPR (Negro-mascot Purification Ritual) who virtue signal so hard when they have Starbuckwheats on their shows that their voices slip into a whisper and crack with welling emotion like a single tear is about to stain their soycheek.

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Julian Assange notices the same thing about hillary clinton that I’ve noticed for a long time: she’s a psychopathic creep. But the gaystream media has done a great PR job hiding and massaging the demonic nature of thecunt’s personality.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was revealed in the post-Clown World world on the way very soon now, that thecunt really did order the targeted killings of family and political opponents. When thecunt dies, Satan will hire the gaystream media as a spin doctor to stop her from making him look good.

This face, fam…

…is what greets you on a stick at the end of Doom, or in the previously unpublished version of Dante’s Tenth Circle of Hell. (Imagine that feel when you defeat the Prince of Darkness only to be ushered into a deeper supernatural plane of evil to face the Real Antichrist, and she’s wearing a “nasty woman” t-shirt.)

Speaking of Satan (and not unrelated to the HOT topic of this post), meet the latest virtue sniveling shitlib intervention to teach your children well:

From @Aquinas:

This was story time at Long Beach Public Library yesterday. Funded by tax payers, to normalize your children to satanism and sodomy.

Always part of the plan.

I heard a chirpy cunt on one of the shitlib radio news shows earnestly trying to normalize this level of kiddie abuse degeneracy agitprop. “The kids know it’s fun and laugh along with it! how can you deny a child happiness?”

Kids will nervously laugh at a lot of disgusting shit, that doesn’t mean you help them wallow in it you dumb bish. I dunno call me old school, but opening a portal to satanic tranny freaks to read little kids anti-natural order propaganda about two million genders and zero races is the sort of cultural regress that in a saner time would provoke a full body politic immune reaction. For now, everyone throws up their arms and sighs heavily. For now.

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