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The Supreme Court’s resident witch is about to kick the kiddush cup, so names of replacements are in the news. One of them is Amy Barrett.

I’m not sure which is the bigger deal-killer, Barrett’s krazykunt eyes, or her reckless virtue signaling.

From Heather,

I can finally confirm my suspicions about Barrett’s Catholicism and gloat that I was right. lol

She’s a member of ‘People of Praise’–a Charismatic group. This explains everything, including the Haitian adoptions.

In no way can you trust her to rationally, fairly, and unconditionally apply and interpret civil and natural law for mankind when her relationship with God is irrational, emotivistic, and conditional. She is a lefty on everything but abortion.

Dear God, I hope Trump reads this.


“Courage Goals”

Truly courageous: pulling this stunt in Riyadh. Or Rotherham.


The White bad guy/brown hero trope is pretty much de n!gueur these days.

Add Proctor & Gamble to your list of anti-White companies to boycott. They make a lot of center aisle shit for sale in supermarkets, so avoiding their products will benefit your health. Their recent ad for Gillette razors comes with the byline “shave away your toxic masculinity”. (They should’ve went with “tonic masculinity“.)

Discover the P&G brands for you to boycott:

You’re probably not at all wondering who was behind this anti-White, anti-male Gillette ad….


There has been a blackout of the ongoing Yellow Vest protests in France by our chaimstream media news (not surprising since the protests are anti-globalism and the protestors are White Frenchmen), so you may not know that Maricon has ordered his mercenaries to fire tear gas canisters FROM HELICOPTERS into groups of protestors.

From a reader,

Grenades next, napalm next, cluster bombs next? Whatever it takes. It’s just white people. Imagine world outrage if they were doing this to dark skinned types. Nothing at all about this MSM in US. Prelude to what’s planned for white people in US.

Prelude is exactly right. This is an instruction manual for our Deep State.

As a thought experiment, imagine the fucking HUE AND CRY from the media if Trump ordered tear gas thrown from helicopters at BLM or antifa protestors.


From a reader,

[Hamilton the POC Play] also gives shame-infested leftists permission to consume history because it absolves the audience of sin by wrapping the story in black skins.

this belief that just by being black someone can absolve you of a kind of sin you have just for not being black is one of the more vicious aspects of…n3gr0latry.

This really nails it. I know some shitlibs who saw Hamilton (when they got tix it was like they had won the lottery), and they couldn’t stop talking about “all the history in the play that you never hear about in schools”.

Wrap it in black,
It’s shitlib crack.


Trump was an experiment in unobstructed democracy. By unobstructed, I mean the media, the Uniparty, the Deep State, academia, entertainment, the MIC, and Big Tech lost just enough power to patrol minds that the people were able to break the stranglehold of “preapproved” candidates and truly elect a rebel from outside the system.

This successful flexing of muscle by the peons was too much for the Perfidious Establishment to bear, and they have since been slow rolling a coup to oust Trump from office, and they may yet succeed at the goal of invalidating the will of the American people. But praise kek, their coup has yet to hit pay dirt, and their subtly-shifting narrative keeps falling apart. If they win, and the Trump Experiment is nullified, we will never have another Trump, not without war. They may still lose if enough patriots embedded in the Deep State Machine summon the courage to expose the seditionists at the top.

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Ana Navarro, fat slob POC airhead who is tasked with farting out CNN’s daily anti-White agitprop, was caught on camera disdainfully filing her nails while a guest was talking about illegal alien (aka foreign invader) crime.

Class act. Ana Navarro can go choke on a double-wide burrito. Fucking c**t-faced b**ch.

This is what your replacements think of you and your kind:

Hear that? It sounds like accelerationism. And not the drunk driving dreamer kind.

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Aging, retired porn whore Jenna Jameson did not like Yann Moix pointing out that 50-year-old women are unloveable. She bitched back at him on Twatter. You’ve gotta read the responses in that thread to appreciate just how brutally this walking diseased orifice who opened herself to thousands of cocks to make a living was owned by a crew of shitlords with no patience for fluffing another slore for the skankocracy.

She unleashed a beast…

There’s no safe space for glorified hookers anymore. The id monster roams freely.

PS Jameson sobered up, got married, and had a daughter (who is a good bet to grow up to be a high-def receptacle like her mom). I suppose that’s a lifestyle improvement, but you really have to wonder about the man* who would wife up a Wall-imminent ex-porn actress with a back entrance video catalog of all the men she fucked before him. Talk about sloppy thousandths. It’s one thing to make an honest woman of a fresh-muffed college girl with a few regrets in her short life; it’s quite another to rescue a has-been slam pig from the brink of spinsterhood and lay with her aglow in delusional self-satisfaction as if your pink legume has a chance of applying any friction to a vagina warped beyond recognition by the jackhammering of a caravan of migrant cocks.

PPS I have to laugh at Jameson for becoming indignant at slurs against her age, but indifferent toward and even proud of insults directed at her career of spreading her legs on camera for random pile driving. This goes to show just how badly the Wall shiv pierces female vitals; women know at the deepest hindbrain level that their window of sexual allure is only open for a brief spell, and shuts with an authoritative thud. Zero-point-sero SMV is the threat that women fear most.

*Wonder no more. Here is a pic and relevant bio of Jameson’s hubby (he’s an Israeli criminal….the phyzz is hilariously on-point):

My speculation on the nature of Jameson’s marriage was correct. She converted to judaism as part of an implicit deal with her shyster israeli husband: “I’ll be all the [special person] you want if you rescue me from suicidal post-porn depression”.

A lifetime of shameful whoring and the approach of the Wall wonderfully focuses a ho’s mind on the value of becoming very pliable to the demands of men.

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Vixen signaling.

She looks like she has enough experience to know.

Trevor Goodchild provides the capstone,

This is the ideal Clownworld female. You may not like it, but this is what peak hypergamy and lack of social feedback loops looks like.

Remember the CH post about men experiencing better sex with hotter women? ANALogously, women experience better sex with more inconsiderate men. This isn’t a looks thing for women. A handsome niceguy won’t rock her womb like a beat-up jerkboy will. The Aloof Asshole Attitude is the special romantic ingredient that adds heat to a girl’s pink pleat.

Gently make love to the typical Americunt? Get outta here with that softbore coring. Toss her around like a rag doll and slap her face with your dick? Now you’re cooking with fash!

PS That thing to the t-shirt girl’s right? I bet it calls its dog “ruth bader ginsbark”.


Segueing the topic of this post to Game, Bdog comments,

I heard that exact phrase from a girl I met at a hostel last night (maybe it’s a meme? I wouldn’t know).

Here’s how it happened:

Halfway through the pickup she called me an asshole. I agreed and pointed to an omega guy nearby and said I would introduce her to the dude, since I’m an asshole and he looked super nice.

That’s when she said: ‘Yeah but nice guys cant fuck.’

No need to say what happened later that night.

Btw I 100% recommend offering to hook your target with another guy during pickup – it’s an incredibly powerful attraction spike.

Co-sign. This is a great reframe when a girl INDIGNANTLY *wink wink* calls you an asshole: Agree & Alternative.

SMASHER OF THOTPUSSY: “Yup, I’m an asshole. But that [omega male] over there looks nice. Right up your alley. I’ll introduce you to him.”

GIRL: “Wew, I’m sliding off my seat!”


From commenter sartaglo,

The shirt is available in XXL, for those with massive cognitive dissonance.

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This girl’s ex-boyfriend walked into the club with a new girl on his arm. She sees him. Her expression is priceless. (Commenter: “That is the face of someone who suddenly wants to go home”)

There are three great looks on a woman:

When she’s gazing up at you with her mouth stuffed full of your ocasio-cockas.

When her eyes dance the first moment she falls in love with you.

When her heart sinks at the sight of you with another woman, and her duckface retracts to a slack grimace.

If you cause any of these looks in a woman, you will feel like a KING. Strive to complete the trifecta.

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“Two parents listening to the heart transplanted from their 23-year-old son, who overdosed on opioids.”

It’s cruel of me to laugh at this, but I can’t resist. As a photo, this has everything a chronicler of White civilizational decline could want: The young death of yet another despairing White man to drug overdose, his heart donated to a fat, elderly, smug black man to keep him alive a few more years, two grieving White parents in the throes of a bioengineered Stockholm Syndrome desperately clinging for comfort and for waves of social approval to the unrelated beneficiary of their son’s sacrifice….

All together, it’s the perfect symbol of one people surrendering their future and homeland to another people, and finding in their surrender a reason for rapturous hysteria.

MPC had a term for something akin to the scenario in this photo, called “the 3p!k-n*6 cycle“. This is the ultimate realization of that social phenomenon: The White body parts-POC life extension cycle.

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The shitlibs who will chastise you for using a tranny’s birth sex name are the same shitlibs who snap at you for calling their cat by the wrong sex.

As if the average person should ignore the obvious difference between human males and females but should readily see the difference between male and female cats.

Shitlibs: Insane about human sexuality AND cat sexes.

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