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A recent survey of 100 social science studies discovered that 60 of them failed to replicate. (I’d like to reproducibility with that girl on the left.) In scientific terminology, that’s called a “poor showing”.

The new analysis, called the Reproducibility Project, found no evidence of fraud or that any original study was definitively false. Rather, it concluded that the evidence for most published findings was not nearly as strong as originally claimed.

The reasons given for the… oh what shall we call it… INCOMPETENCE of social scientists are:

  1. Pressure to publish novel research and “make a splash”.
  2. The misuse of replication studies by (often younger) scientists who want to attack the original author.
  3. Small sample sizes.
  4. Small methodology differences between the original and reproduced studies. (This would sometimes redound in favor of the original study’s findings.)

I’d like to offer another two possibilities for the wretched state of social science, that I believe more parsimoniously explain the weak and sometimes utterly useless “discoveries” that the field generates on a near-daily basis:

Diversity™ and Equalist Bias.

Diversity is the King of All Moral Crusades in 2015 America, which in practice means that too many non-Whites and women of dubious talent are replacing White men with obvious talent. Corruption, incompetence, and ethnic nepotism are fast becoming the rule rather than the exception in the West as the fields most susceptible to the Diversity™ siren call fill with diversity-quota hires and empty of skilled White men.

Equalist Bias corrupts a field that is dominated by Leftoid Equalists. Social Science has some good eggs (David Buss) but most social scientists are flaming liberal cranks and feminists who simply entered the field eager to co-opt a creeeeeedentialist imprimatur for their preexisting blank slate race and sex creationism religion. This is why CH has said that one’s working assumption should be that 99% of any social science research which comes out of a university with a large and well-funded women’s studies department is worthless drivel. The source matters. Shitlib emotional bias isn’t something the modern social scientist tries to overcome; it’s something she tries to back-rationalize with her work.

The cure for social science is clear: Less Diversity™, More Realtalkers. Hope this hurts.

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This is an open letter to a loser in love, a beta male who has become bitter about women through repeated romantic failure. You find yourself here, at the Chateau, seeking answers. I am your Prophet and because you are in the Flock I will share with you my field-tested wisdom.

I say this with no malice but you will not like it. But I am going to say it anyway because it is the truth and that’s what you’re looking for. You are projecting all of the characteristic traits of a LOSER. You want to associate with LOSERS for succor, because they don’t threaten the comforting bubble of your whiny persecution complex. You complain about your health, money, job, height, weight, datelessness. You complain that you’re being forced to dance like a monkey for girls. You look in the mirror and complain that you aren’t a Hollywood hunk, and you use this as an excuse for your failure to act with the women you desire. You complain about everything!

This is the key to understanding your problems with women.

Men don’t complain, they ACT. A woman wants to give herself to a man who emanates power and decisiveness and brass balls. A man who says “It’s my way or the highway, baby!” A man with no money, who is fat, who is stupid, who is clueless in every way EXCEPT that he radiates those zero fucks given alpha attitude vibes will get laid all the time.

You bitch about this jerkboy antagonist so you know that this happens. You’ve seen it happen. And the jerk doesn’t just bang out club skanks either. Cute, confident SWPL chicks get horny in the presence of such power. Even a feminist ideologue will beg such a man to fuck her up the ass just to have him pay attention to her for a minute.

Loser in love, your attitude sucks. If you want to start fucking hot girls with sexy bodies, be a MAN. The key to power is not cash or looks or cars or any of that conventional crap you read about in Maxim. Those things are incidental and are only important insofar as they alter your state of mind. The mind is the ultimate weapon. The power is within you. All you have to do is decide to tap it.

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The Trump 2016 campaign slogan is “Make America White Great Again”, and it is a good one, upbeat, energized, catchy, and embodying just enough downscale kitsch to attract both working class and SWPL hipster supporters.

However, there is an even better slogan — you could call it the complementary Bad Cop slogan to the “Make America Great Again” Good Cop slogan — that Team Trump should immediately start pressing into bumper stickers.

Courtesy of Canadian Friend (sometimes it takes a Canadian):

”Obama’s sons or Trump’s daughters? Vote wisely”

Congratulations, CF, you have earned the Shiv of the Week. Wield it with the expertise that causes cuckservatives to load their diapers.

One reason this slogan hits the id so hard is because it adheres to the Fundamental Premise. You just can’t go wrong obeying the laws of the god of biomechanics.

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Reader PA recoils at some dissident elements who are taking the morbid opportunity of Vester Flanagan’s homosexual black-on-white racist murder spree to dump on the victims for their sin of liberal SWPLness.

She was a pretty girl doing human interest stories. She and her three future White children are gone. He was a technician. Let’s wait to do a vicarious touchdown dance when an American Brevik takes care of a senior editor with a track record.

Yeah dumping on Alison Parker (or Adam Ward) doesn’t make any sense at all. She was an attractive SLENDER white woman (a rare commodity nowadays) who, by all accounts, had a feminine personality (even rarer). Her face radiated sweetness.

However, I was listening to the news (big mistake) and I heard her father (confirmed), give a statement to the press that was straight outta the SWPL SJW leftoid equalist playbook — blame guns, don’t mention the 800 pound faggot chimp in the room — that left me feeling utterly despondent that a large fraction of Whites will ever see the light. They will have to be dragged kicking, screaming, and maybe dying, to the truth.

The human ego is that strong. So strong that it can cloud an ideological liberal father’s mind and make him say things which are the equivalent of pissing on his daughter’s fresh grave. I understand that in his inconceivable grief he may not be thinking straight and is giving in to his cultivated compulsion to blame a convenient liberal token of the anti-White hate machine… in this case, guns… for his daughter’s murder. But a healthy White society doesn’t fill the heads of its liberal contingent with abject lies and false narratives so thoroughly that even the murder of a daughter is incapable of shaking her father from his cherished shibboleths.

A healthy White society speaks power to truth. Clear eyes, full hearts, unpolluted minds. In this aspirational society, a liberal White father who feels antipathy to gun owners would not, as his first instinct, lurch to parrot a liberal political agenda to explain away the murder of his lovely daughter by an envious, resentful, white-hating, violent, homosexually imbalanced black male.

Alison Parker’s father is far from the first liberal father of a daughter murdered by a numinous negro to avoid staring into the abyss for the comfort of his ideological purity. He will not be the last.

Until he literally is the last.

With heavy heart, I concede that liberal Whites are simply irredeemable. If a daughter’s sadistically televised and annotated murder by a buttfucking dindu can’t rouse a father, in his crisis moment of uncontrollable rage and grief, to surrender his conspicuously disproven liberal beliefs in a soul-cleansing warrior’s wail of righteous vengeance that honors the memory of his slain child…

then nothing will.

The inevitable logic of rancid ethnomasochism is death. Of the body and of the ego.

There is no other way out, but betrayal of their equalist-drenched anti-principles.

And when has that ever happened?

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Kunstler writes,

The thought of Trump actually getting elected makes me wonder where Arthur Bremer is when we really need him.

VDare author Cleburne adds,

Arthur Bremer of course is the man who shot George Wallace in 1972, wrecking the most extraordinary campaign surge before Trump’s. Given the vitriolic style of the rest of the piece it is not possible to excuse this as a joke.

Sounds like Kunstler endorsed the assassination of Donald Trump, emerging hero to the shat-upon, maligned, demonized White American host society.

How many words do the Eskimos have for snow job?

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Or, more precisely, less than nothing. She became unhappier.

The husband bent over backwards to fulfill his wife’s every demand, and the result is tragicomically predictable: gina tingles extinguished.

For the past year or so, my husband has ceased to be able to turn me on, to the point where I am almost repulsed by our lovemaking. Recently, I broke down and told him everything. Since then, he has done everything in his power to get us back on track. The problem is now me! Even though this is all I’ve wanted, I can’t bear to be touched in certain areas.

Never mind the couples therapist answer. As per usual for the quality of output typical of this field of inquiry, it’s garbage. A commenter’s sarcastic jab gets it more right: “I love you, but I’m not in love with you.”

Ok, just to torture the CH reading audience, here’s a sample of the couples therapist’s answer (a woman, natch):

This “hot potato” syndrome is not uncommon: one partner has an issue, but once he throws it off, the other catches something too hot to handle. In many ways, it is a good thing that your husband is responding so energetically to your plea for change, and you did an excellent job of moving beyond what had become a long-term impasse.

Yes, clearly what the husband needs to do is more of what didn’t work at all.

For example, you say you don’t like to be touched in certain places, so the exact details of this must be gently communicated to him, and he needs to be shown exactly what you would prefer.

As the feminist sages tell us, women are really turned on by having to read an instruction manual to their men on the proper use of their bodies during lovemaking.

You have done very well so far – be brave enough to address the next steps, which are largely about better communication.

“Better communication” to solve all your relationship problems! Empty platitude, the stock in trade of marriage counselors everywhere. The unhappy wife wrote to the worse-than-useless psychotherapist shell entity informing her STRAIGHT UP that she told her husband everything, and he did everything he could to meet her demands. What part of that suggests this relationship needs to be addressed with “better communication”? Sounds like they were communicating their marriage to an early bed death!

I shouldn’t be surprised anymore, but the alacrity with which marriage and couples counselors and creeeeeeedentialed “psychotherapists” resort to droning bromides devoid of any explicit advice that might prove useful to saving relationships but carries the baggage of gently disturbing the gentle egos of gentle wives with gently feminist views about the moral supremacy of the female prerogative and the assumption of the male’s automatic fault in any scenario stuns even experienced observers of the junk therapist scene such as yours truly.

This couple deserve better advice than what a one Pamela Stephenson Connolly can offer them. CH to the rescue…

To the wife: First, make sure it isn’t some serious physiological issue, like CVD or something that could affect your sexual response. For that, see a medical doctor, i.e. a real doctor. But, odds are it isn’t a medical problem.

The way to bet is that your husband is a beta male — that is, dependable, reliable, generous, deferential… and utterly unsexy — and that his beta maleness got worse the longer your marriage went on. It’s not uncommon for men to get soft in body and attitude once they’ve settled into the marital comfort zone.

If this is the cause of your turtling sexuality, I’m afraid anything you do could only make matters worse. This is because there is a natural disconnect in your female brain between what actually turns you on and what you think SHOULD turn you on. You will, therefore, be unable to give your husband any advice that would work.

To the husband: STOP doing what you’re doing, and do the opposite. Instead of appeasing your wife, ask her to do things for you. No, DEMAND of her those things. Stop supplicating, and instead assume that you are God’s gift to womankind and can do no wrong. Apologize for nothing, make no excuses for her. Be unpredictable. Leave her for a spell, preferably unannounced. Tease her, poke fun at her, squeeze her hip fat with a disapproving glare, flirt with other women as she watches. In sum, initialize the first sequences of Dread Game.

After a few weeks of this wifely romantic reprogramming, grab her when the mood hits you, and start tearing off her clothes, oblivious to her mewls of protest. If your psychological preparations have been successful, she will relent and shake off an orgasm like a dog shitting a peach pit.

If not, consider cutting her loose and saving your newfound self-confidence for another woman who will submit to your love in the way every man secretly desires a woman to do. Even the effete hipster manlets.

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Know a man by his enemies. If the GOP cuckservatives… and they appear to be legion, a limitless supply of them tepidly squirting off the ball-gag assembly line… devoted half as much energy and righteousness against their putative foes, the Democrats, as they do trying to stump the Trump, they might actually win a national election again.

But they won’t, because the truth is that the establishment right is just as liberal, in outlook and acquired lifestyle, as the equalist left, the only difference between them resolving somewhere in the former’s eagerness to bomb globocorporate democracy into the heart of middle eastern shitholes.

Trump is a populist, tapping a deep vein of white middle class unease that has been dangerously repressed by sixty years of Hivemind thought policing. This is why he is WINNING and this is why the Legacy Right is now, in the full clarity of legitimate opposition, showing their true colors: vagina pink.

Which brings us to this edition of White Male Pussy of the Month. Behold, The Ultimate Cuck, Ken Gardner:

The best response to nauseating Cuck Dolls like Ken is that old Game stand-by, Agree&Amplify:


A commenter sees that Trump is locking down the female vote.

Have you seen this list of the top 5 questions Google users search for relating to each candidate?


Trump’s are hilarious. They read like list of questions women would ask him on a first date:

1) How old is Donald Trump?
2) How tall is Donald Trump?
3) What is Donald Trump’s net worth?
4) Is Donald Trump married?
5) Who is Donald Trump?

Game, recognized?

How I imagine The Trumpening would answer each of those questions, were they posed to him directly.

1. “Younger than Hillary.”
2. “Tall. Very tall. You guys believe in the gene thing?”
3. “10 billion.”
4. “Yes. Marriage is great. I love marriage so much I did it three times. Couldn’t get enough.”
5. “The Gom Jabbar. Crisis and observation.”


A whiny Narrative gatekeeper who learned his craft throwing open the gates to his anus tut-tuts Trump for his use of the term “anchor baby”. Trump responds with Trumpian alphatude.

And some people still wonder why Trump is leading in the polls. Hey, here’s a thought… maybe Americans are sick and tired of mincing faggots?

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