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In an Animal Farm set in the President Trump timeline,

the media would be… (Squealer the pig/the sheep)

the alt-right would be….(Benjamin the donkey)

the GOP cucks would be….(Boxer the horse)

antifa would be…(the dogs)

the globalist elite would be….(mr jones)

Heritage America would be…(the hens)

YKW would be….(too easy)

And Trump would be…?

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During moments of pop media regurgitation, I have had White girlfriends say to me, a White man they were happily fucking and to whom they professed their love, that, in so many words, “White men are the problem with society”.

Try to wrap your head around that lawgic trap.


Atavator comments,

Heartiste, remember Larry Auster’s “3 person morality play” in liberalism? Good White, Bad White, Other. Just about every movie people watch follows this script. Shitlibs say this kind of crap so easily because they simply assume that YOU assume they’re putting you in the “good white/redeemer” category. And when they say “white men” are the problem, they mean someone… out there.

It’s a disgusting filthy lie of a worldview, but few women have the ability to think their way out of that programming, and would probably express surprise that you would even take offense.

A big part of what we all need to be doing is making people PAY in some way (even if it begins with disgust and anger) for parroting this loathsome garbage.

Perceptive. (RIP Auster) This is the mentality at work here. When women find out I’m very much the badwhite of their nightmares (defying their expectation of the form and style a badwhite should take)….well, they get a little hotter in the panty blotter!…even if long-term they must know it’s not gonna happen between us.

It’s evidence of a profound sickness in our culture when you really digest what’s happening here:

SWPL White girls are trying to connect with White men by slandering White men. In the twisted landscape of their damebrain, these chicks think that bashing BadWhites to a White man is romantic, an example of “shared values” that White girls need to feel with a man before they’re ready to receive his swarth-free seed.

That White chicks don’t even contemplate the possibility a White man will ever object is an extremely damning indictment of the SWPL White men who share their social strata: the girls are probably right; vanishingly few craven soyboys will ever call them out for their insipid anti-White posturing.

Until they meet a stone cold shivver like yours truly. A subversive who swims among them. A rebel right under their noses.

Batrachian writes,

Women relate to things on an inchoate, emotional basis. They don’t understand themselves, or what the fundamental drivers of their behaviours often are.

The same women that feel deeply offended by the very proposition of societal eugenics and hierarchy are also the first to be socially-Darwinian in their attitudes toward men.

CH Maxim #77: The fealty to equalism women signal is belied by the ferocity with which they sift and sort men in the sexual market.

Evolution likely saw to it that women would not be aware of their subconscious motivations, lest the fair sex lose the ability to dupe beta males (self-duping authenticates other-duping).

Complementarily, evolution saw to it that men would appease the Sexual Darwinism of women by avoiding any show of weakness or expression of emotional vulnerability…or die incel. Over the eons, men have been selected to indeed be less emotionally vulnerable because instinct usually trumps affectation.

Autarky writes,

[Women’s] biological programming is to avoid social exclusion. Only when white men are seen to be more powerful than the media will ‘their opinion’ change.

My quick rebukes may not have changed their opinions but it did shut their pieholes. For a spell. (My reply to anti-White virtue sniveling women is along the lines of “you have me confused with someone who will listen to your crap”. Or mouthlove.)

Batrachian again,

I’ve often wondered about the lack of self-awareness involved in this [White women signaling anti-White bona fides].

It’s understandable that they’re primarily acting out of fear (the west has become utterly isolating and tyrannical in a way that few are able to articulate) but I doubt anyone openly acknowledges this.

Is fear driving the epidemic of White women to posture against White men? Yes, if you believe that White women believe social ostracism is guaranteed if they don’t parrot the Anti-White Party Line. Something else is driving it, too.


SWPL, overeducated, over-employed, under-childed White women, for reasons I’ve explained at length in the pages of this blog, have become disgusted with their White men, the soyboys and bugmen and effete toadies and “Concorde-nosed moguls” who are their sexual market confederates. No man is standing up to them; worse, these low T lackeys are cheering on their race-traitor White women to ever greater depths of Hajnalian subversion of their shared homeland and culture. On a primal level, one has to wonder if shitlib White women are lashing out at their own weak men through the barbed tips of anti-White agitprop.

And why these same chicks flee to tumblrrhea to tell of how they relievedly surrendered to a proudly White MAGAman and were beginning to question everything they thought they knew about themselves.

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williamk’s signal-to-noise ratio is off the charts. Nearly every comment is COTW-worthy. Here he explains how the sexual market gatekeeper role of women and the marriage market gatekeeper role of men influences the politics of each sex.

An interesting interpretation of the data is that among college eds, White Men are watching the women for signals, that is they are only as conservative as they can be and still get laid. While among non-college eds it more likely the opposite, the women will be only as liberal as they can be and still get married.

In both cohorts, the gatekeepers (sex for college eds, marriage for non college eds) set the political trends. Of course, being a liberal doesn’t actually help you get laid, but this is a good take on the general pulse of what’s happening: When men are in control (marriage), women follow the men. When women are in control (sexual access), men follow the women.

This is a parsimonious theory for the ideological split we see between non-college White women and over-credentialed White women. Female college students are on the cock carousel life strategy (whether they actually ride or not is immaterial — the trajectory of their lives will follow a similar path to that of the sex and the city slut who rides all day and night). For these college girls — and note that college girls are dumber today than they were in the past, owing to the lowered admissions standards of McUniversities  — they are staring down the barrel of a decade’s worth of premarital sex. So their roles as sexual gatekeepers colors their interactions with men and their relationship to the State. College men, aka soyboys, will dance to the girls’ “welcome rapefugees” tune as long as they believe it gets them within the orbit of their nearest sex dispensary.

Non-college women, in contrast, have their eyes more strongly focused on marriage, because they can’t afford to blow a decade on cock hopping and mimosa brunches. They need a provider (a lot of the immiseration of the working class is a consequence of the lack of suitable provider males). Non-college women will therefore reflect the political views of their men to better sell themselves as marriage-worthy prospects.

A confounding factor to willamk’s theory is that ideology is partly heritable. It may be the case that women more interested in marriage and repulsed by the cock carousel lifestyle tend also to be more conservative in outlook. So college is filling up with the opposite — girls who aren’t as singularly focused on getting married and would prefer to monkey swing from soyboy to soyboy until latching onto a supergoy. Nevertheless, this gatekeeper theory of political affiliation is better than most I’ve read.

Executive summary:

Thirsty betas => shitliberalism
Desperate bachelorettes => shitlordism

I swear you’ll read more perceptive social analysis in one day on this blog than you’ll read in ten years at National Rejew.

FYI, williamk is the man who also introduced to this esteemed Chateau the concept of post-America liberalism as a “status cheating” strategy. Namely, as the nation has become more economically unequal, there are fewer avenues for striver SWPLs to gain real world, objective material and social status, so these locked out SWPLs turn to the raving lunacy of shitlibbery to gain unearned status by parroting anti-White pabulum. The solution to our shitlib problem may in part be returning to a more egalitarian (not “equal”) society marked by rising wages and less status whoring. Think anti-trust, tariffs, closed borders. So far, Trump is hitting two of three. I’m confident he’ll get around to the other one once all the GOPe cucks are jettisoned this November.

PS Do married White women continue voting like their husbands after years of marriage? If so, that would indicate a real shift in power dynamics in which married women mature into strongly identifying with their husband’s worldviews. If not, it would indicate there are social pressures pushing women to abdicate their marital duties.

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From Days of Broken Arrows,

Runaway Maternalism Is Female Narcissism.” It’s worse than that. It’s a form of revenge.

Most runaway maternalism comes from the childless-and-single crowd. They misdirect those feeling onto things like pitbulls and refugees BECAUSE they know these very things will harm the innocent children of the happy couples they resent and despise.

You know that awful feeling men get when we see a stunningly beautiful woman we can’t have? Well, barren women get that feeling when they see the children they never had. The different is that “10s” are few and far between but babies are everywhere.

This is what makes The Barren Womb crowd more insidious than the male incel crowd. They mask their hatred as altruism.

The end.

It’s brutal ’cause it’s true.

I really do think though that this is a multifaceted problem, and that there are multiple, positively reinforcing psychological motivations behind female xenophilia and pathological maternalism. Many childless women, young and spinster, seek an outlet for their unfulfilled nurturing instinct, and find it in pit bulls, rapefugees, and border beanlets.

But DoBA is right; revenge plays into the sick compulsion as well. Single White women are bitter and are taking it out on normal, healthy White America. Trump is their lightning rod to “resist”. The solution is not to give these bitterbitches what they want; you don’t bargain with a vengeful woman who wants to make everyone as miserable as herself. The answer is to defy their screeching and break their spirits with a campaign of mockery and shaming. Only then will they be ready to submit to the will of their White men.

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An astute comment from Ironsides earns him the coveted COTW,

“The odd part about the Trump Derangement Syndrome phenom is that so many jews revile the guy, but he is so in the pocket of Isra-hell at the same time.”

This was a puzzler to me as well, What I eventually decided might be the case — no idea if this is true — is that they’re not infuriated at HIM. They’re infuriated at US.

The entire media and government complex essentially ORDERED White Americans not to vote for Trump. White America disobeyed them and elected him anyway, with wildly enthusiastic crowds obliquely expressing a desire for racial/ethnic survival with chants of “build the Wall,” etc.

At this point, it doesn’t matter what Trump does from the viewpoint of the (((tribe))). He could give every jew in the US $1 billion and they’d still hate him, because they don’t really care about him. He is the symbol of our defiance to them, however rudimentary and quasi-subconscious it is in many cases. It’s that defiance which infuriates them — and terrifies them, which infuriates them even more.

Hence why International Shtetl organs like the NYBetaTimes are beginning to slip up and allow their unchecked fury at Trump (read: at White Christian America) to betray them, recently evident in their mishandling of the Sarah Jeong debacle. It’s harder to properly strategize and subvert a nation when you’re driven by fear and loathing to a pitched hysteria. Their desperation to maintain control of the horizontal and the vertical is making them sloppy. Anti-White Noise is leaking through the screen.

Ironsides is right. Anti-White hatred is channeled through Trump, which explains why the rage against Trump is so unhinged; (((they))) and their shitlib Gentile useful idiots who never met a phony virtue they didn’t want to signal correctly perceive in the phenomenon of Trump a resurrecting White consciousness and awareness of the malice that is directed against them.

Lashing out at Trump is a classic case of negative transference, in which Trump serves as the personalized stand-in for the hated White Heritage Americans who have shown a disturbing temerity to rise up and resist Globohomo propaganda demanding Whites accept their dispossession with good cheer.

As #TheDefiance movement grows among White Christians, the enemies of Heritage America become angrier and more terrified. Their hubris will mingle with their fear in a toxic emotional stew, and blinded by tribal rage they will be less willing to compromise, to cede rhetorical ground, or to step back from the cliff’s edge. Expect to see more heavy-handed censorship, more silencing and doxing of Defiers, more blindness to the growing threat of blowback, more unprincipled sophistry to scaffold a dying anti-White Narrative they are rapidly losing control over, and a quickening pace and saturation of increasingly brazen indoctrination in a frantic last-ditch effort to avert a loss in this existential war.

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A story that can only occur in this timeline, a female asian who has a Twatter trail of racist rants against Whites was recently hired (and defended) by the JewYorkTimes, and as it turns out, she also reached out to Supreme White Advocate Weev and had a cordial relationship with him.

The New York Times seems to be going through a redux with its latest hire of Sarah Jeong — who The Daily Caller News Foundation has just learned also had multiple correspondences with the white nationalist hacker Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer, better known as “Weev.”

Tweets discovered by TheDCNF show a number of tweets tagging and conversing with Weev, previously known on Twitter as “rabite,” from September 2013 to September 2014. (RELATED: NYTimes’ Newest Hire Sent Tons Of Anti_White Rascist Tweets)

Jeong references Weev’s litigation with the federal government and says how “awesome” it was that he “got the Supreme Court to invalidate the [Computer Fraud and Abuse Act],” in a tweet on September 26, 2014.

Other tweets by Jeong show a friendly relationship between the two. Jeong asks Weev what his favorite Harry Potter book is and then later calls him “a Hufflepuff at heart,” referencing one of the various “houses” wizards and witches join in the children’s series, in a tweet on August 2, 2014.


None of Jeong’s tweets seem to suggest an endorsement of Weev’s white nationalist’s views, which didn’t become public until October 2014. Still, many close to the hacker or who were in-touch with the hacker community knew that he did not identify with the far-right overnight.

Here’s my theory: Weev banged this aggrieved bamboofu and dumped her. She hasn’t gotten over it, and turned into a psychostalker…of all White men. Now she lashes out at White people, seeing sexy, badboy, unattainable weevs everywhere.

Let’s have an alllooksame-see at Sarah Jeong’s physiognomy:

As a blue tick verified member of the Diversitroid Fuggernaut, Spinstru Sarah isn’t the grotesquerie common for her kind, but she ain’t no catch worth baiting, either. I figure a man with the charisma of Weev could land much hotter, so maybe he didn’t bang her. Instead, she wanted his Proud White Cock badly, was politely denied, and didn’t take it so well. Here, for instance, a sampling of her racist hate toward Whites:

I can’t believe she hasn’t deleted these twats yet, but in case her new employer (“hi, chosen!”) memory holes them, here’s a screen capture of one of her uninspired anti-White racist Twatter rants:

Yes, Sarah, we should address the data head-on:

Two can play this game, except I play it much better, Sarah. Chalk it up to a Whitely inherited cleverness inaccessible to conformist-borg asians.

As a comparison, recall that Roseanne Barr was publicly humiliated by the media and forced out of her job for tweeting that some Deep State scuzz resembled an ape. Meanwhile, Mz Sarah (her name is a cultural appropriation) Jeong revels in her anti-White racism, tweeting exuberantly racist rants against Whites, and…she keeps her job. Not only keeps it, but is DEFENDED by the once-esteemed NewYidTimes.

What we are dealing with (besides Weev’s preternatural ability to get White-hating nonWhites to expose their ids) is an agenda that transcends politics, policy, or class. It is an ideology of anti-White hatred.

Take any one of Sarah Jeong’s tweets & replace the word ‘white’ with any other race- any other & you would lose your job at the very least.

It is ok to be openly racist towards whites.  It is acceptable to treat the white race like trash & not only do you keep your job- your employer defends it.

Folks, I’ve been saying it before anyone else: The Chaimstream Media and their Democreep political arm have a guiding philosophy which can be described very simply as “anti-White”. Glad to see people coming around to shit I noticed years ago.

I can’t wait for the day when Whites stop apologizing and start fighting. I got the ball rolling, let’s see if Whiteynormieville picks it up.

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Effete elites:

Collaborator Women:

Semitic Subversives:


H/t cortesar, for the pics and theme. This concludes today’s lesson in History Repeating Itself.

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