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A big pet peeve of mine is the smugness of our current elites. They’re all hubris, no perspective. Giant walking talking egos which must constantly feed or deflate instantly with the tiniest puncture to the moral, lifestyle and credentialati bubbles they live in.

They haven’t just abandoned noblesse oblige, they’ve trashed it and replaced it with its evil twin noblesse malice. Whatever tenuous organic and emotional connection the American ruling class had to the nation which they deign to lead is now totally severed. They act more like usurpers than as sons and daughters of the land.

And our elite buttress their entitlement and vanity with the requisite empty rhetoric deployed with no other purpose than to shut down criticism of their rule. Take Paul Ryantifa. FOR ONCE, I’d like to hear a reporter ask CuckRyan what he means by “that’s not who we are”? Who are we, specifically, Mz. Ryan? Explain in clear English and with no recourse to tautologies that invoke killwords like racist and white supremacy. Push these fuckers against the wall with their own vapid rhetoric.

As a reader wrote, “you don’t get to tell us who we are…we tell you who we are.”

Our Globohomo rulers seem to think they are gods, dispensing wisdom and truths which are only accessible to them through divine sanction. “WE will tell you who you are, pleb!” It’s like thecunt hillary saying she wouldn’t give “absolution” to those voters who didn’t bother to vote for her, as if she is some earthbound deity before whom the rabble must bow, and from whom mercy, or divine judgment, flow unchallenged.

Gabber @AlCynic calls this mental invanity “autodeification”, and pins the causative factor in its infectious spread on postmodernism, or what I have termed Equalism.

Postmodernism has resulted in autodeification.
They think they are divine by their own hand.
It’s not an illusion, it’s not rhetoric.
It’s insanity, but true.

Pride cometh before the fall, and there’s no greater pride than thinking oneself arbiter of all that is holy and right and those who would oppose you as unholy and immoral deplorables. What happened, Hillary? What happened is you thought yourself a god among mere mortals, when you are nothing but a rancid psychopathic narcissistic cunt of the most foul self-entitlement pedigree. And now you have jumped the precipice, and to shield you from the abject humiliation you so karmally deserve and which you have spent a lifetime imposing on your enemies through cackles of sadistic glee, your morbidly obedient Bezosian lackeys assiduously scrub one star reviews from your book’s Amazon page.

But the tenor of the times have changed, thanks in part to outposts of TruthLove and HateUgly like this ‘umble web abode. See through you and your ilk, we do. The GodCunt has no pantsuit. We point and mock and soon, the people will see you and your priestess aristocrats for what you all are: nakedly self-serving spoiled rich brats hawking a Fake Morality for a Fake Religion called Globalism, aka the vanity project of greedy rootless deracinated wealth capturers.

Another reader writes, “Equalism should be attacked like the start-up religion that it is. All value is derived from inequality. If we are all totally equal we are all totally unnecessary.”

It really is a start-up religion. Equalism is the perfect un-truth for the globohomoists to proselytize, because it presupposes equal outcomes and that any difference in outcomes is the result of discrimination (by BadWhites). The GoodWhites who sit at the top of the human hierarchy cashing in on their inherited suite of cognitive traits that allows them to maximally exploit the currently operative environment governing human status wars bear the duty to enlighten the Noticers and, failing that, to ostracize and silence them. An amorphous and ill-defined enemy is identified (“fellow White people”), and the elite are inoculated from the threat of precision-targeted rage of the masses. Equalism allows the elite to have their cake and eat it.

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Once again, shitlibs who love SCIENCE will have a major cogdis to overcome, because their totem to liberal reason and intellectualism has discovered that babies show racial bias in picking their playmates.

Two white adults divided the toys, one equally and the other unequally.

Seventy per cent of the toddlers chose to play with the researcher who distributed the toys fairly.

But in a second test, when one researcher favoured a white recipient over an Asian one, they picked the ‘fair’ researcher less often, the journal Frontiers in Psychology reports.

And the babies are more likely to help those who share the same ethnicity, which is known as in-group bias when people favour those with the same characteristics as oneself. […]

The study revealed when it came to picking a playmate, the babies seemed more tolerant of unfairness when the white recipient benefited from it.

They picked the fair experimenter less often when the unfair experimenter gave more toys to the white recipient rather than the Asian one.

The researchers say this implies that babies can take into account both race and social history when deciding which person would make a better playmate.

Professor Jessica Sommerville of the University of Washington said: ‘If all babies care about is fairness, then they would always pick the fair distributor, but we’re also seeing that they’re interested in consequences for their own group members.’

I’m really starting to wonder if there’s something to the disparaged evolutionary theory of kin-based selection.

This latest study lines up with a previous study finding that 6-to-9 month old infants show a marked in-group racial preference for own-race adults and for associating nice things with own-race faces.

Technically, babies aren’t racist, they’re racialist. They prefer to play with and to be supervised by own-race babies and adults, respectively. No doubt, further research would find similar preferences among nonWhite babies (for totally shocking reasons, the research to date has focused almost exclusively on the racialism of White babies. Things that make you go HMMMMMM.)

Racialist babies are proof that God loves the separate races and wants us to be happy with our own kind. Libs could use a gleeful reminder at this point of the post that the fact of racialist babies proves racialism is inborn and not the product of social conditioning or patriarchy or White privilege. Our racialism is normal, natural, healthy, and inspiriting. It is also comforting, particularly to the most vulnerable of us. Our beautiful inborn racialism is the product of millions of years of evolution, and it won’t be dislodged by a few decades of shitlib social engineering and anti-White agitprop, nor should it. If freakqualist shitlibs want to abolish Beautiful Racialism, they will have to do it at the barrel of a gun, for they are up against human nature itself, and we know how those Wars to Eradicate Human Nature usually go.

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It;s not just the low self-esteem, indigent, welfare class white-less girls who dig jailbird jerkboys. A well-off White woman who works for Google, excuse me Goolag, gushes (literally) over prison inmates in this article titled “Prison, Proximity, Pure Humanity”. (CH version: Delinquency + Proximity = Open Vaginity.)

The reader who emailed the link thoroughly cross-examines all its implications, so I’ll repost what he wrote rather than write essentially the same thing myself.

Fodder for your chicks dig jerks and criminals subseries, with a dash of Goolag. A white collar white woman who works for Google and verbally splooshes over the thugs in a California prison.

So, this woman by the hippie name of Sage Moon (she’s white, or maybe happa), who by the way is a full time Google employee, penned the following felon-sploosh essay about her outreach work at a local prison. If you don’t trust email links, it can also be found by Binging or DuckDuckGoing terms like “sage moon prison proximity pure humanity”.

On her LinkedIn, she humbly describes herself as “Story-Teller | Smart-Creative | Global Policy Wizard”. (Have you noticed public female egomania has became socially acceptable, even blase – every woman declares herself Wonder Woman meets Denerys Mother of Dragons?)

Self-glorification is practically a rite of passage for today’s gogogrrl. In stark contrast, men must abjectly renounce their egos and prostrate themselves before the GloboCunt.

By the way, ‘Policy’ at companies like Google usually is the go-to term for the people who deal with PR and government lobbying type stuff…..so this little slice of life may also shine some insight on the sort of employees who are the liaisons between Google and the Democrat party and Deep State.

Web of shrikes.

But I digress. Sage Moon starts by describing her experience with the prisoners: “To call it ‘life-changing’ diminishes my experience. This was soulful. Raw. Nothing but absolutely human at its core.”.

Bet ya she’s never talked about her interactions with the nerds at Google as ‘soulful’ or ‘raw’ or ‘absolutely human’. She drivels on with which bodice-ripping language such as

“Carl never took his eyes off mine, and I never took mine off his. Tears streamed down my cheeks but I smiled through them; I radiated every.single.ounce of love in my being to every man in that room.”.

Chicks need to feel desired by dominant men. When a prisoner locks stone cold killer eyes and unlocks his tongue to speak in powerfully emotive grunts and curses, the woman will feel something she has never felt with the masses of mediocre betas who flit around her inoffensively: she’ll feel vulnerable. Vulnerable and objectified. With no remorse, no apology from the man. What a feeling if you are a woman! It must be as if Lucifer Himself flicked her clit with a bony red finger.

It’s interspersed with sappy song lyrics. Then she talks about how Carl the crook gave her a rose to remember him. You can’t make this shit up.

I know there’s a Chateau maxim somewhere in the archives about one heartfelt cheap display of love meaning more to a woman than expensive vacations and jewelry.

The essay drivels on about emotion and humanity and how ‘we’re all ex-somethings’ (maybe Sage is thinking of her own exes from the carousel?)

So here’s what’s so hilarious to me: she isn’t some poor white trash skank who lives in a no-name town with a big local prison and naught else. If she works at Google in California, she is surrounded by nerdy genius-IQ white knight beta males pulling mid six figures, with the local gender ratio skewed in her favor, I guarantee it. And she’s getting paid to hang out with them 9 to 5.

Beta male nerds should spend some time in jail, or make up stories about jail time. It’ll help them get laid and get loved.

And yet she volunteers to spend unpaid hours on a bus going across the state to go do volunteer work and hang out with locked up thugs elsewhere in California. Then she – publicly, on LinkedIn, her professional social media profile – proudly pens this purple-prose essay about how raw and human it all is. (I’ll bet she was raw, after getting home and spending a few hours with the purple rabbit while she reminisced over Carl.)

When I first saw this, I was reminded of your heartiste posts about chicks and prisoners. If you make a post about this gem, don’t mention my email address in the post, but feel free to quote parts of my email. However my own words can scarcely do it justice – the essay truly speaks for itself, as you’ll see, and I can scarcely make reading between its lines even more obvious than it will be to you or any red-pilled heartiste readers.

Been reading for years. Keep up the party. I’m convinced that the mainstream percolation of terms like cuck and red-pilling all trace back to you. You’ve nudged the needle and Overton window on the culture.

Female nature is so poorly understood by so many men because one, they don’t have a well of experience to draw from and two, they actively fight against the dreary acknowledgment that their romantic ideals are built on a foundation of sand. Or on birth control pills and sappy poems written as odes to hardened inmates.

I’m not claiming that all women will rush to the local prison yard to meet a man, but I am saying that the nontrivial minority of women who do, or who fantasize about doing so, is a leading indicator that all women harbor in their souls an ancient and untamable urge to bend to their knees and break their hearts open to a man who has proved willing to laugh in the face of societal expectation and feminist demands, and to take what he wants without a consent form nor promises of lifelong provisioning.

If the role of man is to dominate, then by the principle of reciprocation the role of woman is to submit. And both sexes never feel more alive than when assuming their proper biomechanical roles.

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The hounding of Andrew Anglin from impolite internet company is a case study in the reflexive desperation of an elite losing the citizenry’s confidence in them to remain arbiters of culture and conversation. The mass purges of Real-Right websites over the last few weeks by domain registrars and social media technopolies is illegal, and evidence of fear. No one in power overreaches that badly and impulsively unless they have felt the first shiver of fear that an enemy at the gates inspires.

Why was @AndrewAnglin unpersoned? Why was the sum total of the leftoid fuggernaut’s firepower aimed at chasing Andrew Anglin off the internet?

It’s not offensive memes. Our DNS kkkommissars permit much worse than the c’ville fatty joke.

It’s not fighting racism. Racist nonwhites are given free rein by all the SJW thothouses of shitlib boilerplate.

It’s symbolism. A prize target is chosen for elimination as a demonstration of the elite’s power. The objective is intimidation of others who may similarly deign to fight the entrenched power of our corrupt and evil ruling class.

The Anglin Affair’s purpose is to fill your head with one question: Are you next?

Gabber @jackmckrack writes,

that’s why Based Stick Man, etc. TERRIFY them and it’s why they’ve cracked down on these guys and the Alt-Right in general. a non-cuck, potentially violent and vengeful opposition is completely foreign to them and makes them absolutely shit their pants.

The soft coddled elite want passive consumers of their poz. They don’t want fighters. A fighter inspires allies. A fighter squaring off against insurmountable odds can inspire an army to his side.

Gabber @mjag on the subject,

Anglin/TDS disrupted the gaystream C’ville narrative more than anyone else; instead of whining about a false flag (which it probably was), he simply mocked it and desensitized parts of the public using the left’s own normalization strategy. That’s why the reaction reeks of extreme desperation.

That’s a legit point. The Anti-White Left’s strategy has been very successful for them over the last sixty years, and this is why they fear and loathe any foe who co-opts their strategy — they know it can work against them as well as it has worked for them. Thus, their insane defiance of American values, social norms, and First Amendment legal precedent in the commission of commandeering every node on the internet to silence their alt-opposition. Maybe they get away with it, maybe they don’t, but in their twisted calculus, groomed from decades sitting plushly at the top of institutional power centers, the first biting wind of blowback scared them so badly they lashed out like a stuck pig.

Currently, there’s a lot of in-fighting among alt-right factions. This is exactly how the leftoid ruling technoborg wanted it to go; a few targeted SHUT IT DOWNs of alt-accounts and the survival instinct of the remaining alt-righters who still have their platforms to speak kicks in, leading them to vociferous denunciations and ostracism of “bad” crimethinkers from “good” crimethinkers. The rebel alliance is fractured, the Empire can continue its globohomo project unhindered.

Haidt identified purity as a moral dimension that righties score much higher on than do lefties, perhaps explaining why the Right gets bogged down with in-fighting. Maybe readers have noticed I tend to stay away from internecine slap fights. Perspective in everything. Eyes on the prime enemy. My instinct, when faced with a seemingly indomitable enemy of boundless malevolence for me and my kind, is to praise potential allies when they deserve my praise, and to ignore or chide them in good cheer when they stray too far off the realtalk reservation. But never will I rage at them with the passion I save for my true enemy, Anti-White Leftoid Equalism. Excusing one’s worst enemy while disingenuously railing against one’s occasionally intemperate allies is the way of the cuck. Do leftoids ever do this with their zealots? No. The Right could learn a thing or two from the Left.

For this reason, I support Anglin despite my stylistic differences with him, and believe that his censors should be hauled before court to answer for their egregious violation of the First Amendment.


PS Here’s the Z-Man on “killing chickens”.

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I’ve come to the conclusion that virtue sniveling anti-White shitlibs will never convert to Realtalk and Truthlove. It’s simple. Any moment in a shitlib’s life that she lets race-aware truth approach her obliquely, she’ll promptly retreat to some heartwarming pic or story of a single nonwhite behaving in accordance with societal White norms.

There will be plenty of these pics and stories for her to latch onto, not because there are plenty of nonWhites behaving in an exemplary (read: White) manner, but because the anti-White Gaystream Media is diligent about seeding their bird cage copy with a false impression of omnipresent numinous nonwhite feats of honor and basic decency (and equally diligent about seeding the false impression of omnipresent White treachery and ultraracism).

I call this the Reflexive Retreat to Pretty Lies, and it only takes a tiny dose of pretty lies to turn back a massive onslaught of Ugly Truths. There’s no way to permanently reorient shitlibs laboring under those precog conditions, because no matter how big your Truth, a bigger Lie will swamp it. There will always be some stray sappy pic or story that the shitlib can embrace like a Linus security blanket, to be used as an enchanted vestment against the torrent of unsentimental ugly truths that assault her senses from every direction every day of her hypocritical life.

You can’t convert such people, because there isn’t enough Truth in the world to cure them of their addiction to false narratives. If all it takes is one pic of a dead Syrian child (death caused by forces unrelated to White supremacy) to push a shitlib back into the comfort bubble of her open borders, welcome-refugees nonsense, then reams of data, appeals to logic and reason, gripping memes, and millions of counter-examples to the contrary will be impotent against the hardened bunker of her unreality. Her brain is incapable of any meaningful long-term adjustment in outlook and self-perception.

So what’s the solution to shitlib cocooning in the face of daunting Truth?

  • permit the fertility of the most pathologically altruist whites to drop to zero (this is the only option that will work permanently and decisively)
  • mockery. hammer libs relentlessly with the truth, packaged in such a way as to maximally overload their amygdalae until they voluntarily withdraw from public life
  • retake the institutions of media and thought control. good luck with that.
  • civil war (decisive, not as permanent as option #1, unless you salt the earth afterwards)
  • pray for Trump’s ultimate victory (and Javanka’s banishment from his trusted inner circle)
  • secession, separation, segregation. cordon off shitlibs in their own city-states away from sane Whites
  • enact whatever policies you can pass to diminish shitlib power to mold the media narrative
  • agree & amplify shitlib hostility to heritage america. relocate millions of feral dirt worlders into shitlib enclaves
  • build a parallel society, parallel tech, and parallel self-rule that effectively gerrymanders shitlibs into their own culture ghettoes
  • ban estrogenic endocrine disrupting compounds so that the T level of men and E level of women returns to a healthy base
  • sit poolside and enjoy the part of the ride where we have crested the final hill and are plummeting to the ninth circle of hell

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In Sane World, this photo would elicit gushing admiration. In our current Clown World, it’s eliciting howls of outrage and fissures of butthurt from the degenerate freak mafia.

An attractive, slender mother cradles her infant to her bosom, while a muscular White man — an anonymous hero with his cap brim pulled over his eyes — cradles them both and carries them to safety. Is there a better symbol of the natural hierarchy between man, woman, and child? It’s Beauty in its simplicity of Truth, and that’s why it’s a Weapon of Mass Triggering. The Bitter Ugly Mole People screech in pain when they are forced to stare at the sun.

Person of Color™ rescues his Nike Air Zooms as White supremacist asserts his White privilege upon his wife and child.
(h/t Mr. Frexit)

Allegedly, the White man is not the woman’s husband. Her husband is the man escorting his Nikes to dry land.


Disaster response, by race.
Chads: cooperate and coordinate rescue missions and charitable assistance
Looter-Americans: take advantage of chaos for personal enrichment, bitch about delay in charity
The Mohel Minority: find way to use disaster as pretext to politically weaken gentile enemy
Mexifornians: siesta

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You don’t have to read too deeply between the lines to know what Lauren Duca’s complaint is really saying about her:

This is the end game for veteran cock carouselers: an inability to escape the urban skank-a-rama, frequent awkward run-ins with current and former bang bros, and a gnawing sense of impending sexual invisibility with each deep cut run-in reminding her of the tick tock of the SMV clock.

Duca, childless manjawed Teen Vogue typist with illustrious works to her name such as…*wind whistles*…, finally married her boyfriend in 2016, (I’m sure he’s a soyboy who’s totally cool with his wife admitting in a public forum that he nabbed a paragon of chaste femininity who can’t stop bumping into pump and dumps who still loiter in her memory).

The anonymous, atomized urban pig pit that caters to hedonistas* like Duca offers a surfeit of sexual possibility, with the promise of no muss no fuss extraction should things head south. Break-ups can be buried in the heap of writhing humanity that scrapes along city sidewalks and walk-ups, or at least that’s what the hedonista tells herself. But should she acquire a sufficient number of round-the-way rides, even the masses and blurred mimosa-bleached neurons won’t shield her from the dreaded bump-in. And that same writhing mammal mass has a way of encouraging women to repeat rides on the cock carousel, a result not just of expanded options but of a false bravado and defiance of sexual market laws that city life uploads to the hivegine.

My advice to low disgust threshold, high T men who want to play the field before settling down, and don’t like the idea of committing the rest of their lives to a road-worn cock holster: Go to the big blue cities, have your way with the women (they’ll be ready), then escape and find your investment-worthy damsel in suburbia, a small town, or rural God’s country. You’re not guaranteed a virgin bride anywhere in America, but you can find more low notch count women outside the shitlibopolises who will, by dint of their relative lack of sexperience, bend the knee(s) to your magnanimous stewardship and genuine love. For only the low N woman with a conspicuous undercurrent of feminine vulnerability can wrest true, primal, “I’d kill for this woman” love from a man.

*As a skilled operator of the urban milieu, I have lain with many hedonistas, so I know how their gears turn and when their glib confessionals hide charred morsels of real pain and regret.


Days of Broken Arrows adds,

Beat me to the punch with this comment. Just the fact that she’s drumming up drama in public with it is a shiv to her husband.

One of the worst aspects of modern American women is their propensity to shame their men publicly. “South Park” riffed on this by having a female character who only ever wore an “I’m With Stupid —>” t-shirt.

Her Tweet is the high-tech version of “I’m With Stupid —>” or a variation on the women who complain about their “honey-do” list when other couples are around. The best women keep it zipped in public and will wait to give it to you when the door’s shut. Pun intended.

Haha, good stuff. Globalist Girls and “I’m With Stupid–>” Sluts as far as the eye can see, and people wonder why men aren’t manning up like they used to. Ladies, you’ve gotta woman up before men will man up.

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