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Female hypergamy isn’t equally voracious in all women, but all women are hypergamous to an extent. Absent social controls (aka a dominant and benevolently sexist patriarchy), women will revert to their primitive form: willing and eager concubines to an alpha male’s harem as the beta males are recruited for frontline fodder and emotional tampons.

Our Twatterer above is @missmayn:

Not too shabby for a broad touched by the mystery meat brush. Would bang……and bolt. She’s right to emphasize her fuckability, because with her attitude and thousand cock stare*, her value as relationship material is bargain bint.

*Her right eye is half-closed from an irritating wayward cumshot.

Of course, her LTR worthiness hardly matters in the hypergamous feminist dystopia she wants for her and her bastard progeny; as long as beta males are platonically squeezed dry for their civilization-sustaining efforts, women can afford to fuck around and have Beta Daddy State pick up the tab for their fatherless sprog. Welcome to Africa-lite, soon to be Africa-maximum when those beta males figure out the scam and decide to opt out of their fleecing. Then Miss Never A Mayn Squeeze can deal with the “best men” beating her like an untrained puppy and segregating her in the grass hut that is now her home because women don’t build things, maintain things, or lead anything.

Poolside looking better yet, gentlemen?



Here’s a photobooth picture of Miss Mayn with her bf:

Now what does her bf’s soy-soaked gaping betaphag mughole remind me of…..oh yeah: the nümale grimace aka Moneyshot Face.

This leetle detail explains everything. Miss Mayn is transferring her animal disgust for her soyboy onto every beta male who crossed her cum-eyed path. She has him, when what she really tingles for is…..him:

The date stamp on that booth photo is a year ago. Taking bets on whether they’re still together or how much longer they’ll last if they are still in unpolarized union.

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If you want a vision of the post-West wasteland, imagine a middle-aged white single mom with impeccable feminist beliefs shielding her brown rapefugee lover from the charge of raping her preteen white daughter, forever…..or until the last White is breathing.

A #Metoo feminist and a mother allegedly engaged in a relationship with an Afghan refugee has refused to report his sexual assault on her preteen daughter on the grounds that it would lead to his expulsion from Sweden.

I’m a cynical man concerning the primal nature of female sexuality, but even my wokeness on the Woman Question is strained to the breaking point by this story. To understand why, read on….

The middle-aged woman, who works at a migrant home, reportedly started a relationship with one of the “refugee children” and allowed him to move into her place. The cohabitation ended with her fosterling sexually attacking her 12-year-old daughter. However, the woman refused to report the assault and allowed the culprit to stay, the news outlet Fria Tider reported.

When Scandicucks suicide. The “my wife’s son” meme has a female version now: “my daughter’s rapist”.

During the trial, the girl said that her 45-year-old mother had worked at a home for “unaccompanied minors” in Sölvesborg, Blekinge County. When one of the refugees officially came of age and could no longer take advantage of the accommodation center, the mother started a relationship with him and let him move into her home.

Pathological altruism, or pathological tingle-storm?

Soon, the Afghan began to stalk the woman’s 12-year-old daughter, trying to kiss and hug her.

Hoellebecq on one of his most fevered satirical jaunts could not imagine a xenophilic Swedish cougar character for his novels if they didn’t already exist.

One Saturday night in late September 2017, the Afghan reportedly pushed his fingers into the girl’s underwear, while allegedly under the influence of alcohol. The girl responded by pulling away and running into her bedroom. Later, she told her mom about the incident. However, the woman let her Afghan boyfriend stay despite his dangerous ways.

tbh surprised the 12yo daughter hasn’t yet been arrested by swedish authorities for hate speech and intent to commit cultural privilege.

“He stayed with us, and it felt outlandish to me,” the girl said during the trial,

When children have more sense and wisdom than adults, you know a society is close to collapse. This story is the stuff that will weaponize Generation Zyklon.

There arises a hero who rescues the girl from this swarthy rapefugee migrant horror show….

The next day, the 12-year-old refused to go home from school to her mother without contacting her estranged father, who upon hearing the story, reported the incident to the police.

…the estranged beta White father. You know, the hero who for decades has been taking the brunt of slander and defamation from every establishment media outlet, elite institution, feminist cunt man-hater, and virtue signaling SJW. That hero.

According to the girl’s older sister’s testimony, the mother had told her to keep quiet about what had happened.

This is female sexuality unleashed. THIS…is what it looks like unshackled from male oversight and cultural regulation: a desperately lonely, post-Wall bitch queen single mom divorceé throwing her own daughter under the rapist bus so that she could keep getting pounded out by a dirty migrant who secretly loathes her and everything she represents as he grunts his way through her disgusting flab while dreaming of sticking it to her preteen daughter to help him get through the act of love with her old mom. A love which doesn’t exist except in the mom’s head.

After a while, however, the Afghan chose to leave anyway.

And another EatPrayRape romance comes to a totally predictable end.

Despite being sentenced for sexual abuse, he is allowed to stay in Sweden, as the prosecution did not demand expulsion. Instead, he was slapped with 100 hours of community service, as he claimed to have been 18 at the time of the crime.

Is Sweden just a giant corner stool?

The mother, who is said to be an active member of the #Metoo movement against sexual harassment, continued her involvement in her Afghan boyfriend’s destiny.

[the mom] wrote in a Facebook group against the deportation of Afghans, and that she had a “wonderful kid” who no longer had a permanent residence, asking if fellow feminists would want to take him in.

Afghan fux, beta bux.

The daughter was victimized three times: first, by her mother and/or the Swedecuck State taking her away from her loving, responsible father. Second, by her mother’s rapefugee pretend lover. Third, by her mother protecting her daughter’s rapist from prosecution.

Mamma mia
Sweden’s going fast
my my, how can she survive this?
Mamma mia
Stockholm’s turned to trash
my my, rape gangs stalk our sisters


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There used to be a “sex positive” feminist who would comment here and offer up such breathtakingly backward Feminist Cunt Wave boilerplate on men and women that I started to appreciate her cuntributions for their usefulness as reminders of the self-medicating delusions that modren society inculcates in the sexual market losers of our age. Whatever she wrote, I would tell readers, take the opposite to be the truth.

She never posted a pic of herself from what I recall, but her comments were written in the unmistakable “aging, fading slut” style, filled with the caustic, slut pride snark which our current crop of pussyhatters think is funny, that belied a life nursing spiteful man-hate. Imagine a Nordic feminist-Jewish feminist recombination, with a touch of commercialist Anglo feminist, seasoned to a sarcastic spiciness by the rapid approach of the Wall, and twisted into a false braggadocio of her receding sexual ensnareline and her ability to manipulate men to do her bidding, and you have a good idea of this woman’s character. I could practically see her stringy blond hair with streaks of gray, and her manjaw strengthened from years of cock gobbling and chewing out pretty subordinates.

In sum, she was a “Swipe Left Broad”, from both sides of the swiping ledger. If Tinder was around then, (not sure if it was), she’d’ve bragged about swiping left on tons of thirsty guys while she herself was the recipient of numerous left swipes.

AnyHO, one time the topic was broached about what to say to a date (or potential mate) inquiring about your sexual history. I had written that men shouldn’t run away from a storied sexual past, because girls are attracted to men who are successful with girls (preselection is a powerful predictive evopsych theory). I also wrote that men should avoid openly bragging about their notches — it would strike any normal girl as try-hard desperation — but instead to couch their personal history of successful womanizing in ambiguous or teasing language. For example,

GIRL: You seem like a player. How many women have you been with?


After my advice, embroiled as it was in a deep understanding and easy acceptance of innate male-female psychosexual differences, landed in the combox, Swipe Left Broad chimed in, acrid spittle nearly flying off the screen, to inform the assembled that her go-to line when a man inquires about her sexual history was:

“I lost count.”

Of course, I was compelled to spear her with the Shiv of Sexual Realism for her steaming feminist dropping, lest innocent girlies ambling into the free fire zone think her hag-words would be helpful to them. Swipe Left Broad didn’t take kindly to my informing her that a skeleton key which opens a lot of locks is more valuable than a slutty lock that can be opened by many rusty keys. ARGLE BARGLE, she replied, paraphrasing. Collecting herself, “Men love an experienced woman!”

No, men don’t “love” an experienced woman. Men may want to fuck an experienced woman, figuring (rightly) that she’d be an easy lay who will put out with a quickness, but men don’t cherish sluts like they do chaste girls with eyes and gines for their cocks only.

The thought occurred to me in the recounting of this tête-á-termagant that the three words “I lost count” crystallize with pithy efficiency the essential, core difference between the sexes. What works spectacularly to increase a man’s perceived SMV — a smirky allusion to his sexual experience — works equally spectacularly to decrease a woman’s perceived SMV. And in the crucible of this rhetorical clarification we see the power of the female ego when confronted with undeniable sexual market truths about her romantic worth to feed at the trough of self-delusion. Giant, gulping swallows of delusion. Deep-throated delusions. Every delusional drop swallowed, and a pearl of delusion whisked from her chin as an apéritif.

The crucial detail — the one that often trips up those accustomed to years of quaffing ego-assuaging platitudes — is the one embodied in the deepest, truest desires of men and women. These desires aren’t the same, and at the critical mate assessment junctures can be said to be contradictory and competing:

Men desire sex, women desire commitment.

Commitment is a euphemism for resources and protection, and love is the feeling women lean on as assurance they have secured a man’s commitment.

Women desire sex and men desire commitment, too, but these are secondary to the primary impulses which guide each sex, and guide them at especially important times, when life-changing choices are carefully deliberated or acted upon impulsively.

Women want an experienced man, and they project this want of theirs onto men who, for their part, want women willing to go all the way right away regardless of experience or, if the woman under carnal consideration is of exceptional beauty and modesty, want her to have a relatively unsullied sexual history and to at least have the sense to avoid bragging about the numbers of past lovers to whom she lays claim. To a man, a woman’s discretion is the better part of her allure.

It’s a self-defeating assumption women make, which they find out the morning after as their latest “conquest” is scurrying out the door, never to call them again.

This is why a slut bragging about her cock count is repulsive to any man with options, and why a pussyhound alluding to his gash and churn past is intriguing to any woman with a working tingle spigot.

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The harder a cuck or lib loses their…shit…over the Trump “shithole” story, the likelier it is they have thought to themselves that a shithole country was a shithole. The usual mental libness projection.

Imagine being a lib and having to pretend Haiti isn’t a shithole? All the time? That’s a recipe for mental anguish.

Libshits have to suppress a lot of crimethink to function in their soyciety. COGDIS is more than an annoyance to them, it’s their life partner. So whenever they have an excuse to act phonily indignant about a shitlord’s realtalk, and they have a plausibly deniable moment of freedom to air their deepest darkest suppressed word bubbles, they go bananas repeating the offending term over and over. Like a small child who just learned a certain word is naughty and runs around the house yelling it in every room.

CNN maxipads said the word “shithole” 36 times during one night’s broadcast. That’s what a leftoid does when he’s got cover to relieve the pressure-cooker in his skullcap.

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A 15-year-old girl was stabbed down on Wednesday afternoon in a drugstore in Rhineland-Palatinate by an Afghan boy of the same age. He was the girl’s ex-boyfriend. […]

The crime weapon is a 20 centimeter long kitchen knife. The weapon was secured, according to Dieter Lippold, leader of the investigation team. The Afghan did not resist arrest. There were no indications that he was under the influence of drugs. According to Lippold, he seemed quite indifferent. […]

She heard an argument, then the girl’s screams: “I did not hear what it was about.” Then, the girl was lying on the floor, teenagers stood beside her. Diana Jäger: “They said, ‚Mia, stay awake!‘”

Everything went very fast. Jäger also saw the alleged perpetrator, she says: “He had a dirty smile on his face.”

There is one accomplice to the crime who should pay dearly for this but so far walks free: Mutter Merkel.

Don’t gloat, Americans. We have our own Mia. Her name was Katie Steinle. And her vibrant murderer walked.

Whiskey comments over at Sailer’s about this case:

A comment on Heartiste had this tweet. It concerns a “Meet up” between teenage German girls and “rapefugees” ages 25-35 by their looks, one of whom became the first boyfriend, and then murderer, of a fifteen year old pictured in the group photo.

That group photo is everything wrong with the West, and pretty much why its collapsing. The attendance of pretty girls in their teens at a meet up for swaggering new conquerors ten years older? High. The attendance of pretty teen girls for boys their own age, let alone nerdy ones? ZERO.

Haha, yeah that’a s gruesomely funny observation. Only White betas have to endure sausage fests. Swarthy rapefugees get to go to parties where there are more girls than guys, and the girls are at least half the age of the Levantine gentlemen.

This is why White Women are the absolute and eternal enemy of the White man. They tolerated the innately beta male White man as long as there was no racial competition and no real welfare state, consumerist media culture, and deeply atomized society. It meant food on the table and provision for their kids. Maybe a good deal more than that. Now? The lowest IQ swaggering a-hole with a long history of goat molestation and little boy buggering is their preferred man.

I wouldn’t say White Women are the eternal enemy of White Men, but I would say that single White women are a shared problem that we defenders of the West have to solve before we are overrun by more stabby ex-boyfriends of our Mia’s, at the invitation of our own women.

The WN likes to White Knight like a tool for White women, making excuses with “the JOOOOOSSSSSS!!!!11!!! did it”

I know this is Whiskey’s schtick, but in point of fact the JOOOOOSSS!!! did have a heavy hand in creating our blooming Diversitopia.

instead of putting the cause squarely with the actors. Not that women are blameworthy, few women if any can think, and most would rather just feel. Women and especially smarter ones will just flow to whatever group of man is the most swaggering and personally dominant. This is why you see “together” and “smart” women with some drug addict/musician/bike courier, or the like. Invariably the smarter and prettier the woman, the more she’s likely to have a layabout louse for a boyfriend. Until she gets too old to keep him and he’s onto someone else. This writ large is Western Society — White women HATE HATE HATE White men on the cause of beta male — and are replacing us with foreign Third World goat molestors. Chance of being killed by said molestors is not a turn-off, but rather a turn on. Women would rather chance getting killed by a violent low IQ thug than listen to a beta male pedestalize her and suck up to her.

TLDR: The red pill is the SAME for both women and society. THE SAME THING is destroying both Western nations and male-female relationships: the pill, condom, atomized society, welfare states, advertising led female dominated consumerism, and critically — foreign male competition that most White women have decided is just better than us.

The solution is to up the ante, to a point where no foreign male or group of males can ever meet the call.

I’ve suggested a two-part program of WAKING UP normies and MOCKING virtue sniveling single White women. Use the natural female fear of social ostracism and urge to conformism against them.


Joseph Curwen comments,

I was in Germany, for 2 weeks, at the end of November; and stayed in Frankfurt, Paderborn, and Berlin. Here are some of my observations:

1. There are a lot, and I really mean a lot, of muzzies in the big cities like Frankfurt and Berlin. They breed literally like rats, you see muzzievater, muzziemutter and 5 little muzzies orbiting around (instead germans don’t breed, and the few german families I saw had only 1, max 2 children).

2. The ratio men-women, especially in little towns like Paderborn (which is a university town), is 1:3. Seeing that you understand that importing muzzies is specifically aimed to erase the germans by miscegenation. That verräter Merkel knows it, and she is willingly doing so.

3. Most german girls, especially the young ones, are beautiful. The downside is they are completely brainwashed.

4. Muzzies are totally empowered and stroll around like the meanest dog in the yard. I was assaulted by a gang of 5 muzzies in a park in Paderborn (of all places), only because I’m white; thankfully the incident was with no major consequences.

To be honest, I don’t see a future for Germany. In max 2 generations they will be gone.

This is the kind of thing that will make normies wonder taboo thoughts like, “what exactly precipitated Hitler’s rise to power?”.

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The Sex Pill, or what I’ve termed the Crimson Pill, precedes in importance the Race Pill, which is colloquially included under the umbrella of the Red Pill.

(The Crimson Pill is a sanguinary shade of wokeness which is why I use the term to contrast it with the over-the-counter Red Pill.)

As I’ve said many times, few who have swallowed the Race Pill haven’t already swallowed the Sex Pill. Illumination to the truth of innate sex differences opens the way to illumination to the truth of innate race differences, primarily because it’s socially easier to broach male-female differences than it is to broach, say, White-black differences. (The latter is more exclusionary and gauche to winebar circuit soylets.)

It rarely goes the other way (Race Pill -> Sex Pill), but when it does it usually means the race-awakened Red Piller is extremely and prejudicially opposed to the truths contained in the Sex Pill. A few hysteric White Knights come to mind (hi Prissyman!).

Anyhow, this came to mind when PA commented about a convo he had wondering aloud about the common thread connecting the Trump haters he knows.

Talking with someone, we were trying to grok the schizophrenic character a few people we know, who show no love for mud-diversity as revealed by their actions but are deranged anti-Trumpers and they spew shitlib points. “Hell yeah, alt-righters need to be silenced, because they are full of shit.” “Latinos are the hardest working people I’ve met, you’re the one who should be deported!” It’s not mere signalling, they work themselves into a froth.

The guy observed that a common factor is, that those people are blue-pilled on women, and from that all libbism follows: “if we’re nicer, they’ll be nicer,” they referring to vibrants.

There’s much brilliance in that little vaj-shaped gem of insight. Almost all the true believer male shitlibs I know — the ones who go above and beyond virtue signaling to obnoxious suicidal cheerleading for The Other — are likewise utterly contemptible suckup betaphags with a sordid history of orbiting libgirls for years with nothing but a hug to show for it, despite mouthing the requisite feminist platitudes they thought would pry open vagina sealed as tight as tropical remora on a great white shark.

The inability or refusal to swallow the Sex Pill means that there’s no chance the Race Pill will ever be taken to bring the needed clarification and maturity to the male soylib’s emotionally stunted mind. Coming to grips with the nature of women and how different they are from men necessarily means discarding that old cognitive albatross psychological projection, and all the self-defeating beliefs that come with it, for example “I like it when cute women are nice to me, so women must like it when niceguys such as myself are nice to them!”. Seeing with open eyes and refusing the black pill soma of projection and its attendant pessimism is a curative for race blindness — worse, racial projection — in which the pathetically sincere white male lib assumes nonWhites are all one hug and Lifetime TV affirmation away from becoming Good Soys.

The End of White Male Shitlibbery courses through this Chateau. No one (but apparently Strap-on Within) visits this place and leaves as deluded about women and the races as he was before arriving.

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Our resident yenta and Oprah’s #1 fan, Spiritual But Not Religious Rick the Menstruation Within, stopped by to drop another steaming NeverTrump knish in the comments.

Well troll is one one way to describe Fredo Trump.. As for real estate, anybody can be successful when you dodge your debts via not paying workers and declaring bankruptcy.

Yes, that’s why the world is brimming with formerly bankrupt billionaire playboys. /sarcasm

Strap-on’s tepid shitlib boilerplate got Greg riled up and he replied with the customary atomic wedgie that causes the Aryan Viking Ubermensch’s anus to flutter in anticipation of the stimulation it will receive.

Disingenuous shill, if you knew anything about the construction industry and real estate, you’d know that the bankruptcy laws are used by many successful people because things don’t always go right. But the ENTIRE TRACK RECORD is where the rubber meets the road, and if Trump never paid his workers and always declared bankruptcy, he’d never had gotten past his first building.

The fact that his track record is extremely good, much better than most in those industries, and that he’s provided payment and jobs for tens of thousands of people is the heart of the matter.

But you’re the type of (((clown))) k!ke who would see Christ walking on water and neener-neener Him for not being able to swim.

Rick the Emergency Room Rectal Extraction is typical of his species: his life is a record scratch of shitlibboleths picked up at the Daily Kosher. He’s so stale, he thinks his stuff is fresh.

But his unprincipled snark, gleeful self-contradictions, hypocrisy, and sophistry do illustrate something I’ve thought about modren shitlibs for a while: Trump Derangement Syndrome is sublimated Trump Envy.

It’s so simple to demonstrate how utterly disingenuous are The Talmud Within and her pussyhat ilk. Thought experiment: consider an alternate universe in which thecunt (aka thecunt) was the outsider, charismatic real estate magnate candidate upending the old order and gunning for the corrupt establishment as the heroine of the workingman.

Now imagine in this alternate universe (where strapon within is actually a man) the encomiums to thecunt that shitlibs like rickygirl and their chaimstream media megaphone would be writing….about her incredible business acumen, the rebellion she leads, the coolness of her MAGA branding, the david vs goliath theme of her against-all-odds mission from God to take on the whole entrenched elite and the deep state, her authenticity, her tell-it-like-it-is plainspeak, her pro-America agenda, her fight against fat cats and greedy international corporations, her rousing stump speeches, her quick-thinking when attacked, her rhetorical mastery, her yuge rallies, and her genuine love and sympathy for the downtrodden and forgotten American.

It would be a tongue bath of epic proportions. So, really, the psychological state that drives shitlibs like Clitty Ricky insane with envious rage is that the person they really wanted to throw all their passionate support behind and to lead their side was instead….

leading the other side.

That’s gotta burn.

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