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The Neediness Scale

Love is the alibi of neediness, and neediness is the accomplice of love. The two are rarely without each others’ company, yet they are an irascible, codependent pairing of old friends that would do one another a lot of good if they were separated and communicating via time-delayed diary entries.

It’s a short hop from self-directed purpose to neediness. A dash of neediness seasons the motivational stew, but too much spoils it right quick. We all know variants on the aphorisms “the hungry wolf gets fed last”, “we want what we can’t have”, and “women love a challenge”.

All true, and it’s why one of the first instructions at CH was to implore beta males to shore up their inner game by banishing the specter of neediness.

But beta males aren’t the only victims of crippling neediness, and it’s important that those who tend to gather their life lessons from the ego chamber internet instead of from the human world

The CH Neediness Scale, from most needy to least needy:

  1. sexless men
  2. loveless women
  3. sexless women
  4. loveless men

My chart is borne out in the real world, where it is common to see (and commonly agreed upon) that sexless men (blue pilled betas and blue balled omegas) are the neediest creatures, often sabotaging any chances they get in the dating market by chasing too soon and crashing too hard when their lust-love isn’t immediately and similarly reciprocated.

But then things get interesting. The next neediest group is the loveless women. Iconic representatives include your Wall-imminent single sex and the city ladies, your BPD headcases, your lonely fatties and fuglies, and your cock accumulating slut machines. Women over the long-run value love more than sex, give or take a few breathless moments getting buried under a tingle avajanche. The woman who is a loser in love (no matter how many cocks she’s coitally collared) will get more bitter, unfeminine, and emotionally damaged as the years grind her down. See: Amanjaw Marcuntte. There’s a lot of rueing in spinster nation.

The second to least needy group is the sexless women. Unwilling sexlessness — or what we in the caulk-gine community call incel — is rare among non-obese women of non-autistic child-bearing age. If a healthy, height-weight proportionate young woman wants sex badly, she can get it. She may not like the morning-after feeling, but that’s the sort of long-term thinking about accountability and consequences which the airier sex is ill-equipped to undertake. Therefore, actual involuntary sexless women who are worth sexing are rare, but they do exist; usually though their sexlessness has at its source, not a personal failing that turns off men, but an exquisitely conjured mental image of the perfect man that prevents the sexless woman from ever conceding her cooch to any man who falls short of her fantasy by even a cat’s whisker. The sexless woman can tolerate her condition for quite a while longer than can the sexless man, which is why she’s not often prone to the sort of self-sabotaging theatrics that are the desperately horny beta male’s stock in trade.

Finally, the least needy of the neediness groups is the loveless man. A CH maxim would serve us well here:

Maxim #80: For women, sex is validation of love. For men, love is validation of sex.

Sex validates that a woman loves a man, and that a man loves her. Women give their sex because they feel in love with a man. Or they give their sex because they want a man to fall in love with them. One night stands aren’t the hard exceptions you’d think, either. The same internal bargaining exists whenever a woman presents her most valuable asset for purchase. Inversely, women are susceptible to thinking that a man who fucks them must also love them, which is true enough to sustain their delusions.

Love validates that a man desires a woman’s sex, and that a woman sexually desires him in kind. Men give their love because they have fallen in love with a woman they love fucking. Or men give their love because they want a woman to keep giving them sex. Inversely, men are susceptible to thinking that a woman who loves them must also want to fuck them, which is true enough to sustain their delusions.

The scone code truth is that men who swim in pussy can go a LONG time without love, and not feel any ill-effects from it. Love is the perfect transcendence from the banal, and every man is more a romantic than the average woman, but unlike women for whom love is notarization of their self-worth and a green light on a future together, men receive their external validation primarily from internal penetration. Any validation of a man’s sexuality is already complete by the time penis is waylaid in vagina. Love, after that, is icing on the pound cake of a cad’s leavened ego.

Still, sexually fulfilled men can become love-parched; one sometimes sees this in aging players who never settled down and have lots of war stories with which to console themselves during bouts of fleeting loneliness. And however good the pussy is, love makes it that much better. In this way love injects meaning into all the sex the womanizer enjoys, by adding an extra layer of limbic fluffing. A sexed man feels on top of women; a loved man feels on top of the world. Furthermore, the loved man gains a sense of security over his sexual destiny, knowing that his penis is craved by the woman who loves him as a nearly divine object of spiritual commingling and a meaty medium of soulful consummation.

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The best way to think about America, now and historically, is as the battleground between rival White factions, with nonwhites and women as shock troops ordered to exploit, respectively, White men’s racial guilt and their white knightery.

One faction — the Runaway Universalists (RU) Whites — is engaged in biological warfare against the Fuck You (FU) Whites, via open borders to the third world.

This is not a recent invention. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the RU Whites (back then, Yankees of Quaker and Puritan blood) opened the borders to non-Anglo ethnic European immigration, seeking the same goal: defeat of their cousin FUs (loosely organized under the later umbrella term “WASP” for Anglo-Germanics, but including Southern and Appalachian Whites of Scots-Irish descent).

The RU Whites won a surrender and a temporary peace with the FU Whites in America’s first Civil War, but the ethnic faults and schisms persist, and have deepened since then, despite decades of “Diversity is our strength” propaganda.

The end game is the same: hot war. But RU Whites know they can’t win a shooting Civil War 2 now. So their strategy is demographic displacement. This is the strategic undercurrent that will strand a true “White nationalism” political platform from achieving social significance.

The White War pitting RU White ethnics against FU White ethnics will necessarily confine any emergent WN movement to within the FU White sphere of influence, as White Nationalism is inherently a defensive posture against memetic and cultural attack by the RU Whites.

In the latter half of the 20th Century and to the present day, the psychological lethality of the RU Whites’ anti-White subversion propaganda was amplified by a tacit alliance with various nonWhite and MENA-White tribes, most notably the Jews. This alliance has facilitated a rapid and nearly uncontested march through the American institutions by the RU Whites (or more specifically by their wealthy sponsors), who had won, until 2016 the Year of the Meme Wars, absolute power over shaping public opinion, news, entertainment, reeducation, and federal government legislation.

The latest RU White assault on the FU Whites is their active promotion of miscegenation which, given recent CDC data, is successfully chipping away at the fortress inner walls protecting an organic American White fellow-feeling from complete dissolution into a deracinated favela of the soul.

In sum, it’s helpful to see the intraWhite War (or inter-ethnic White War) through the lens of abstraction versus intuition, and conjuration versus common sense. RU Whites value abstraction and use their cognitive skill set to conjure labyrinthine justifications for their airy, abstract principles that have increasingly become unmoored from reality. FU Whites favor intuition and rely on their earthy, tried-and-true common sense (aka gut instinct) to validate what they intuitively know to be true, and this reliance is what has made them particularly vulnerable to RU rhetorical attack. But to the FU Whites’ advantage the same reality that is leaving the RU Whites behind is bolstering the esprit de corps of the (till now) unspoken, and rapidly growing, FU White ranks. The FUs enjoy now a consolidation of determined purpose they haven’t had in a long while.


In a follow-up post I will discuss the emergence of Trumperica as an unexpected setback for RU Whites, and outline a wartime strategy for FU Whites to defeat the RU Whites. The take-home lesson is this: We are at war, the White War, and the sooner you recognize that the quicker we can bring this interminable White self-annihilation campaign to an end.

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Trump won’t formally be declared winner of the Presidential election until December 19th, when the electors cast their votes. Shitlibs are hoping against hope that a sufficient number of faithless electors will throw the Presidency to thecunt. They’d better be careful what they wish for; that outcome would guarantee a hot civil war. And their side will lose this time.

Lately, don’t be surprised to hear butt-chafed quimlibs mewl about ending the electoral college system (which, btw, would be a great time to remind them that Alexander Hamilton created the electoral college and was an ardent immigration restrictionist). The lib line of reasoning goes like this: “The electoral college was invented to stop demagogues from taking power, but now it’s moot because a demagogue just won the electoral college, so let’s go back to a popular vote for President that would ensure we win every election going forward with the help of our twenty million noncitizen voters (all inconveniently located in CA, so we need more Section 8 to disperse them across the heartland).”

When reading lib reasoning, it helps to run their scuzzwords through a leftoid-to-human translator.

“demagogue” = “an insufficiently anti-White public speaker”

“moot” = “no longer serves the interests of shitliberalism”

“voice of the people” = “a full-throated advocate for nonWhites”

“popular vote” = Is the margin of victory delivered by Whites? “dangerous nativism” Is the margin of victory delivered by nonWhites? “democracy in action!”

Leftoids love their buzzwords because they serve as vapid, arty veneers concealing an intellectual bankruptcy. And wow just wow is the Left intellectually bankrupt today. They survive on the fumes of a civil rights era kumbaya feelz-amplification cognitive-suppression protocol of studiously ignoring race and sex difference realities and viciously slandering nonconformists who stray from the equalist reservation.

Their recent demands for ending the electoral college are of a piece. The real reason they crave an anti-republican (in the generic sense) nationwide popular vote to decide the Presidency is that the election of a nonWhite demagogue (or White demagogue lackey for the nonWhites) is perfectly fine with them. A popular vote gives them the edge in a nation getting less White by the year, given they can exploit the huge lump of illegal alien voters squatting in CA and the southwest, and soon to overrun Texas. Once Texas falls to the migrant colonization, a Republican who isn’t a complete cuck for the “acts of love” streaming across the border will never again win the Presidency (assuming the electoral college is still operative).

It always comes back to this essential formulation: Leftoids hate BadWhites and will gladly virtue signal their country into oblivion to give meaning to their hatred. Any rationalization, hypocrisy, cognitive dissonance, inconsistency, or slander is acceptable if it furthers their goal of pulverising heritage America into dust.

As for the popular vote notion, it’s a non-starter as long as there is one state — CA — which would be able to impose its will, its values, and its policies on the rest of America. At the point in a nation’s history when one state can eternally dictate the terms of government for people living in a state 2,500 miles away, a serious consideration must be given to allowing that state to secede into a more morally cohesive entity.

The alternative that keeps CA within the union is to make a deal with shitlibs. Tell them they can have their popular vote, but only if they agree to a strict national voter ID law, paper ballots, and mass deportations of illegals that effectively removes a reliable source of Democreep votes from the rolls. This will ensure the added benefit of inching the White percentage of the total population higher, which would help reduce the cultural and political chasm between the deep blue states and the deep red states.

Shitlibs will never agree to this sensible deal, though, so I’m not hopeful about the future prospects of a whole America. I foresee a crack-up of the US within our lifetimes.

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The dawn of Trumperica and the collateral empowerment of Shitlord, Inc. has supercharged three stereotypical neuroses of the Left, pushing them to the brink of mass psychosis and mental breaks with reality. These neuroses are cognitive dissonance, narcissistic rage, and psychological projection.

Bixxy Noodles explores the topic here, and it’s well worth reading in full (including the follow-on comments).

Cognitive dissonance is a major problem in our over-SCALEd society. The information control systems (education-media complex) used by our governing order to manage the people and keep them in line lead directly to the people adopting a lot of conflicting and wrong beliefs in order to adapt to the system and get by. The indoctrination of these conflicting beliefs happens mostly in education, while the purpose of the major media has been to reinforce them via “the narrative” and provide a vehicle for the management of any cognitive dissonance which does arise.

This election has been a case study in this dynamic. The regnant orthodoxy demands that its partisans believe all sort of incompatible and false things: everyone is equal except white males, faggotry is normal and healthy while traditional marriage is rape, debt is money, and way too many other examples to list. Because of the constant, competing cognition these nonsensical and contradictory beliefs generate, the people who hold them are in a nearly constant state of emotional disequilibrium. They are temperamentally brittle, and easily perturbed into emotional outbursts as their cognitive dissonance essentially causes their brains to lock up and blue screen.

The old media narrative control system evolved specifically to mitigate this problem. By dramatically narrowing the Overton Window and ruthlessly deprecating everything outside of it, the amount of contradictory stimulus and information generating dissonance was reduced. They also provided mantras as tools for people to use to insulate themselves from dissonance: extremist!, racist!, conspiracy theory!, dangerous!, insane!, etc.

The advent of the internet undermined and routed around this control and management system, to the point where, in The Current Year, the only people still using the old media are the ones who need it most to manage their dissonance problems.

When there is no direct threat or stimulus generating dissonance, their attitude is what I like to refer to as “aggressive complacency” or “belligerent apathy.” They are comfortable in their bubble and aggressively reject, ridicule, or ignore anything that might endanger it.

This was on display everywhere over the past 18 months, on both the establishment left and establishment right, as well as the major media gaslighting the whole nation right up to the end (and beyond at CNN).

This is a great point about “aggressive complacency”. It’s the same emotional phenomenon that explains the reaction of lifelong beta males upon exposure to realtalk about the true sexual nature of women. Betas love their loser comfort bubbles (after all, those bubbles serve to absolve them of personal responsibility for their romantic failures), and will lash out indignantly at the bearer of new information which challenges the primacy of their pussy pedestal ideology.

When aggressive complacency fails to insulate and cognitive dissonce occurs when conflicting and false beliefs run smack into cold, hard realities, you get strong emotional reactions.

Now, a psychologically-healthy person will generally respond to cognitive dissonance emotions by recognizing something is wrong and adjusting their beliefs and behavior to adapt.

What we’re seeing with these meltdowns is a long way from psychologically healthy. Light years away.

What it DOES resemble, quite closely, is Narcissistic Rage.

(Narcissistic rage) occurs when the narcissist perceives he is being personally “attacked” by someone else. Grandiose self-worth, vanity and entitlement are basic characteristics of this disorder; when these are challenged it often leads to narcissistic rage. Narcissistic rage is a reaction to” narcissistic injury”- a perceived threat to their self-worth or self-esteem. Their rages can be of two types: explosive or passive-aggressive. The explosive rages are just as they sound- explosive, volatile outbursts which may be verbal, physical, or both. The passive-aggressive rages are exhibited as withdrawal into a sulky, silent treatment as the means to punish the offender.


…they have strongly encouraged those partisans to closely associate the beliefs with their personal identity and self-worth. E.g. “I am a good person because I hate racism and vote for Hillary Clinton.”

This naturally leads to the narcissist’s flip-side of the equation: “Anybody who opposes these beliefs is an evil, bad person.”

The recent meltdowns we’re seeing are a perfect storm of these two dynamics. In the one hand, we have a belief system so contradictory and out of touch with reality, that a situation in which reality has contradicted it has generated mass cognitive dissonance. On the other hand, the people experiencing that dissonance emotion are treating it as an existential threat to their personal identity and self-worth, so they can’t respond in a healthy manner and are instead freaking the f**k out.

Reality — and the thrusting of reality into the faces of libtards by sadistic alt-righters — has forced the equalist leftoid bubblebitches to grapple with their amplified and aggravated cognitive dissonance. This unfamiliar threat to their cortical stability results in a narcissistic self-protection cascade; essentially, race and sex equalist shitlibs feel like they are under physical attack (even when the attacks are only verbal shivs) and that their worth as human beings — as reproductively judged human beings — is questioned and found wanting.

The political is personal for libs, and therefore the massive dissonant mental break between their signaled virtues and reality makes it feel to them as if their sexual attractiveness has cratered. They are in a state now that is not unlike how a fat chick or a loser man feel when her or his sexual worth is suddenly and unappreciatively thrown into stark relief by exposure to higher SMV women and men enjoying the romantic adventures that they futilely crave. This causes a bitter series of contradictory reactions to unkind reality that manifests as, for example, “fat acceptance” hitched to “thin privilege”, or to bring it closer to the origin source of this blog, as Game denialism contradictorily coupled to jerkboy shaming.

The one libshit neuroses I would add to Bixxy’s thesis is psychological projection, which is universally evident in liberal mental gymnastics, and never more so than now, when they are being undermined and subverted to a degree that they haven’t experienced in generations by an unleashed force of impertinent shiv-wielders. Psychological projection, like narcissistic rage, is the liberal’s emotional defense to cognitive dissonance. When the real world won’t align with one’s cultivated virtue-world, and one’s beliefs and actions are exposed as the menace to healthy society they are, then psychological projection becomes an ego emollient that spares the liberal any need for self-reflection, or even self-awareness. When one can readily project one’s personal malevolence (intended or coincidental) onto a perceived enemy, a release from guilt and shame is achieved.

Furthermore, psychological projection has the added benefit of opening a pathway for liberals to recommit to their virtue signaling and slandering of non-liberal realists. If you have tricked yourself into believing your foes are the shitbags that you really are, then you can return to the pleasure of feeling smugly moralistic.

So what does all this mean for the nascent White Awareness rebellion? When equalist leftoids are experiencing acute cognitive dissonance and narcissistic rage, the correct response is….


Cucks had it all wrong from the get-go. You never give emotionally breaking shitlibs an inch. Feed a rabbit a blade of grass, and he’ll pop out ten more rabbits to devour your lawn. When the rabbit warren is on the edge of annihilation, you put foxes in holes and wipe out every last one of them. Metaphorically, of course, by completely frying their ability to bunker their egos behind a gaywall of narcissism and projection.

Metaphorically…….until only the alternative option remains.

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Portland police released the fug shots of some of the anti-something or other shitlib protestors flinging poo at the dawn of Trumperica.


Now that’s a lineup of LSMV losers.

Top left: acid tripping Happy Gilmore
Top center: homeless wigger neanderthal
Top right: Edwina Scissorhands
Middle left: assembly line bluehair fatty
Middle center: Ricky Gervais pooping
Middle right: It’s Pat!
Bottom left: Thomas Middleditch
Bottom center: problem glasses gaywad
Bottom right: Alex DeLarge, post-aversion therapy

When high disgust threshold meets genetic mutational overload, you get these freaks filling their diapers in Portland. Inchoate shitlib rioters, particularly the white variety, are usually sexual market rejects acting out their failures with the opposite sex.

If you know what to look for, you’ll see the influence of the sexual market on just about every human activity.

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If you haven’t logged on all week (and I wouldn’t blame you), then you would have missed the latest revelations concerning the Clinton Crime Syndicate. Prepare yourselves, because what you’ll read defies credulity. If it involved anyone else but the Clinton Machine, I wouldn’t dedicate a post to it. But Clinton is exceptionally evil. No malevolence is beyond her reach.

whorefinder sums it up:

The fucking shiznit rumored to be going down today—terror alerts; FBI agents recalled to DC; Podesta doing Satanic rites; pedophilia videos of the Clinton—whew.

Say a prayer and gird your loins, keyboard warriors.

Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to a be a bumpy ride rape!

One (maybe more, I dunno) of the WikiLeaks Podesta emails contains a reference to “Spirit Cooking” and calling children invited to pool parties “entertainment”. There is now a mad investigative rush by the online samizdat to determine if thecunt, Bill, Podesta, and other Democreeps (rarely has that slur been more appropriate) are secret occultists or Satanists, with possible links to child sex trafficking.

I give the odds of this being true at 20%. More likely, the FBI has evidence that thecunt turned her State Department into a pay-for-play personal investment vehicle (committing high treason in the process by selling government favors to Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia), and that she LIED back in July when she swore she handed over all her emails to authorities.

Any or all these allegations, if true, would guarantee prison time for thecunt, if not the gallows. If…. a big if….she steals the Presidency, she won’t be in office for more than six months.

ps I also think there’s a real possibility that new evidence will show thecunt or one of her close operatives ordered the deaths of Seth Rich and Vince Foster. They knew fam…..apparently too much. Rule Number One if you’re an associate of thecunt: Don’t ever have a crisis of conscience.

pps Is yenta commenter The Spirit Within a secret member of the Spirit Cooking club?!? IT WOULD EXPLAIN EVERYTHING

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Of all the culturally revealing candid shots taken in the Year of Our Trumpening, this one has to top them all:


So much anguish….I love it!

Look at thecunt’s expression. Cold as Satan’s icy lair in the ninth circle of hell. A true psychopath. I look at that man-hating dyke and I can totally believe she’s ordered the deaths of political foes. (whatever happened to Seth Rich’s murder case, anyhow?)

And Huma….crying like a little girl. Is she a Saudi spy putting on an acting class or a lesbian lover brokenhearted that she let down her granny gash bedroom partner? Are those tears of regret and shame….or bowel-shaking fear?

Those two faces tell a much bigger story. This photo and the id-shaped reactions it has captured PROVE that thecunt and her scissor sister are hiding horrible crimes from the American public, and they KNOW IT.

Caption time.

thecunt: “What was on your computer, Huma?”

Huma the gina hoover: *sob* “ALL OF IT” *sob*

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