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The tech company is in the news because its celebrated female CEO, Elizabeth Holmes, was just charged with committing “massive fraud” by the SEC for misleading investors with false claims about her company’s tech.

And that little shitlord boy went HA HAAWW!

Watch this video of Holmes speaking in the patois of a souldead corporate diversiwhore automaton.

Wew. The Strange.

Under the skin of every female CEO you’ll find high T, manjawdibles, phallic clits, an excitable infidelity-cuckoldry neural feedback loop, a deep ocean vocal register, and quite often a leftover kippah from her bitch mitzvah.

In other words, a man. Parenthetically speaking.

PS Gaze into the technicolor funhouse abyss of her eyes. Crazy is as crazy glares. We live in the era of autistic psychocunts. #LOSING

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Anonymous unloads a MOAB of Truespeak about the reality of Whites adopting NAM (non-asian minority) babbies.

A decade ago I dated a Peak RBF career gal who, unable to have her own kids had adopted a mystery meat child out of desperation during the last few years of her failing marriage.

The kid, born to a drug-addict mother who basically sold him in a private adoption was picked up at birth and ensconced in the upscale family home in a predominately white community.

When I began dating her, said kid was 7. He had never met his mother but that didn’t stop the birth mom from getting in touch with the adoptive parents, claiming to need more money, which they often provided. Anyway, to get to the point.

This kid had never met his mother, no one knew who his father was, and he’d never been exposed to anything but western-European culture and values.

When I met the kid, my first observation was that he lacked any empathy whatsoever. He dominated his adoptive mother, even at 7, and out of guilt she acquiesced to his every demand. His world-view appeared to be one of “other people are there for my convenience and god help you if you don’t comply.”

Back then, I mistakenly assumed that a little tough love could help the child turn into a respectable young man. I would soon discover that I was mistaken.

I dated mom for a year and our time together was invariably spent dealing with the fallout from her kid’s behavior. His tantrums turned into rages which eventually turned into violence when he didn’t get what he wanted, when he wanted it and how. To wit, the kid exploited his mother’s empathy at his ‘being brown-skinned’ to his advantage over and over and over. When he discovered that his manipulations failed to work on me, I became the enemy.

What I came to realize is that here was a perfect example of nature vs nurture. Here was a child who had spent zero time in his native ‘habitat’ and still came to develop the nature that his genetic coding specified.

I ended that relationship when I saw that the kid was going to be a liability.

The worst part of this knowledge is that it is so utterly dangerous. We all know the truth but to speak this aloud often results in a mock social media trial and speedy immolation.

David French wept.

Some White shitlibs are truly naive. They put their virtue signaling to practice. And they pay the price.

Most White shitlibs secretly know the score. But they virtue signal — aka LIE — anyhow, because 1. they’re afraid to lose their social status and 2. their egos are fragile.

Because the White shitlib ego is almost wholly tied up with the White shitlib’s ideological commitment, very few shitlibs will renounce their ideology even in the face of overwhelming evidence that undermines it. But the smart ones know enough to mouth the freakqualism platitudes that stroke their egos while avoiding the practices that turn their platitudes into real life misery.

The dumber ones….they take their pain with them to the grave, a lifelong journey of self-delusion muttered through gritted teeth and betrayed by soul-killed eyes, consoling themselves at every step that at least they weren’t a Deplorable. Sad!

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I’ve teased in these pages the idea, buttressed by scientific evidence, that empathy may not be evenly, universally distributed. That the sexes are differently-empathic, and the races (whoa!) may not be equally empathic either. This is thought crime of the highest degree, because innate racial differences in empathy — some groups having tender feelz and other groups having an empathic response that seems developmentally stunted in the pre-adolescent stage — have huge downstream consequences in every aspect of our lives living in this Diversitopia.

Imagine the strains on our criminal justice system if the philosophy of the mind supporting it was overturned by the new knowledge that the criminal suspects of some races, on average, are less able to empathize with their victims and consequently have relatively less moral agency than the criminal suspects of more empathic races.

Well, on time and under budget, here comes my favorite whore ¡SCIENCE! to giggle and stroke my ego again with this latest finding:

Now scientists say empathy is not just something we develop through our upbringing and life experiences – it is also partly inherited.

A study of 46,000 people found evidence for the first time that genes have a role in how empathetic we are.

And it also found that women are generally more empathetic than men. […]

…in this new paper, published in the journal Translational Psychiatry, scientists looked to see if how empathetic we are can be traced to our genes.

Participants in the study had their “empathy quotient” (EQ) measured with a questionnaire, and gave saliva samples for DNA testing.

Scientists then looked for differences in their genes that could explain why some of us are more empathetic than others.

They found that at least 10% of the differences in how empathetic people are is down to genetics.

“at least”. It’ll wind up being a lot more than that once the genetic analysis data rolls in like an unstoppable tsunami, you can bet.

The dam is bursting on the curators of acceptable discourse. The direction of discovery is rapidly and remorselessly aiming toward more genetic influence, and less cultural influence, on human cognition and behavior. The Blank Slate thesis is badly wounded, and in our lifetimes it will be killed and laid to rest and the world will change forever from that point onward.


A reader says one reason the shitlib elite like their spanish-speaking brown help is because they have nothing in common, so they can’t empathize with them and therefore it’s easier to boss them around. I wonder if, ironically, it’s those of us who warn against diversification of a nation’s people who are the most empathetic by nature, because we see the damage diversity does to social bonds and how it robs us of the small victories of being able to share an emotional and psychological connection with our neighbors and laborers.

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wew if true.

Single momhood and broken families are the spearhead of the Fuggernaut.

We fight the Fuggernaut by reminding them of their Ugliness and Lies, not by retreating from our Beauty and Truth to help the Fugs feel welcome in our Elysium (which they will destroy in due time).

Large scale, widespread, obtrusive, encompassing, relentless and merciless social shaming of the degenerate freak mafia will make America great again.

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Two common cognitive biases, negative transference and psychological projection, are evident in most people but especially common in those of the leftoid persuasion. There are also racial differences in vulnerability to each of these ego-assuaging biases, manifesting typically in lower performing and worse-behaving groups who use these coping mechanisms to alleviate or accommodate their feelings of resentment and envy.

Negative transference is a subset of psychological projection. A quick definition:

Transference is having feelings that seem to be about one person when they’re really about someone else. For example, I sometimes think my therapist doesn’t want to listen to me. Really it was my mother who didn’t listen, and I’ve transferred those feelings onto my therapist.

Projection is where you think someone else is feeling or behaving in a particular way when actually they’re your feelings or behaviour. I find it hard to feel sad or angry about things I tell my therapist, but I imagine him feeling sad or angry – I project my feelings onto him. And sometimes people accuse others of doing things they are in fact doing themselves.

So transference is about the cause of the feelings, and projection is about who you think is feeling them. Does that help? So your therapist would tell by looking at a) the cause of the feelings and b) where you think they’re coming from.

If you experience your therapist as being distant when really a parent was distant, that’s transference.

If you experience your therapist as being distant when really you’re being distant, that’s projection.

Negative transference is similar to scapegoating and blame shifting. Basically, person [A] transfers negative feelings he has for person or group [A2] to an innocent third party [B] when person [A] has an affinity for or emotional connection to person or group [A2] and balks at blaming [A2] for his bad feelings.

Psychological projection is when person [A] accuses innocent person or group [B] of poor behavior that person [A] is doing himself, or which person [A]’s associated group [A2] is doing. Projection is also a form of blame shifting.

These two powerful cognitive biases are ego emollients because they shift blame away from a person, or away from a group with whom the person positively identifies, to a resented third party person or group.

Which brings me to this observation:

Just like “White racism” is negative transference by blacks who can’t admit it’s black dysfunction and criminal violence that bedevils them, “the patriarchy” is negative transference by women who can’t admit it’s female cattiness, gossip, innuendo, emotional manipulation, and envy of other women’s beauty that bedevils them.

In both cases, blacks and women (particularly feminists) also psychologically project their own bad behavior onto resented outgroups (Whites and men, respectively). So they are covering for themselves as well as for the groups to which they belong.

Negative transference and psychological projection explain A LOT of the current hysterics we see from the BLM crowd, the pussyhat bluehairs, and the…..well, you know who.

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It’s time to re-introduce classic terms of disparagement that have fallen out of favor with the snarkerati. I’m thinking words like “traitor”, “coward”, “f@ggot”, “skank”, and “whore”.

We really need these powerful, masculine words now more than ever as our nation increasingly is held hostage by traitors, cowards, f@ggots, skanks, and whores.

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Via TheExcrutiationator, a great comment by Matt in VA regrettably hitched to a Rod Dreher post, making the point that we live in a nation increasingly populated by sociopathic narcissists who aren’t all that different than the murderous school shooters they exploit as a springboard to the start of their left-wing political activism careers with CNN.

I am surprised that you don’t draw out the parallel between school shootings and another common theme on this blog — early-onset transgenderism.

Both are to some degree social contagions and media/extremely-online-culture phenomena.

The most recent school shooting in Florida is depressing but the school shooting itself is not the only thing that is revealing. What is most interesting from a cultural-criticism standpoint is the way the shooting generated a simultaneous parallel media spectacle in the form of the survivors who were already making videos for Youtube while bullets were being fired and who had media handlers and hashtags ready to go before the bodies had a chance to get cold.

I have seen the faces of the *gun control NOW* kids about 1,000 times since the shooting happened less than a week ago. I don’t think I’ve seen any photos of the kids who got murdered at all.

Generation Z will have two big cohorts:

alienated dysfunctional (to a greater or lesser degree) kids who engage in activities ranging from incredibly dedicated online trolling to can’t-get-a-girlfriend PUA forum posting to going crazy and school shooter speedrunning like it’s a videogame


smarmy cold-blooded strivers born on third base whose reaction to traumatic and horrifying experiences is to seek–instantaneously, instinctively, even while bodies are hitting the floor around them– to convert them to clicks, engagement, and fodder to pad college resumes with killer ways to sell themselves as passionate self-starters and change agents, hugely effective at doing exactly what Silicon Valley wants most — generating likes, comments, and shares.

100 years ago, many young people (not too much older than these high school kids) responded to the carnage they witnessed and experienced on the Western Front — how? By carrying around a well-worn volume of Housman and writing poetry (*the* characteristic response of that particular generation to the war.)

Now, kids’ primary response to something like this is to trample over the freshly fallen bodies of their classmates in order to throw themselves in front of as many TV and smartphone cameras as possible. The narcissistic sociopathy (cloaked of course, in repeated hysterical assertions of moral self-righteousness based not on acts but on political positions) is related, in a way, to the murderous nihilism of the school shooters themselves. This is how the winners and the losers of today’s society conduct themselves.

The question left to be asked is, WHY is there runaway narcissism in America?

Why do we have a generation of bratlings bouncing like hypertards from one hashtag to the next for a quick fix of social media applause? Why are there limelight hogs like David Hogg who will effortlessly segue from a traumatic school shooting to reciting focus-group tested shitlib lines in front of CNN cameras? Is no one else utterly repulsed by the sight of attention whores slipping in their dying classmates’ blood to grab headlines and harangue Congressmen with political talking points put together by craven chaimstream media propagandists?

Is this cultural trend not SICK AS FUCK to anyone with a scintilla of common decency left in him?

My answer to the narcissism question: it’s the feminization, stupid. Narcissism is an inherently female trait (and homosexual male trait). Both sexes have their narcissists, but the condition is more prevalent and manifests more acutely in women, who are natural attention whores constitutionally aware that their bodies and faces are their primary means of capturing male interest. Furthermore, in a sexual market becoming more r-selected (cads over dads), narcissistic men have a leg up on the male competition.

As our culture and institutions feminize, and media agitprop pathologizes normal healthy masculinity, we get more womanly narcissists. YouGoGrrlism and gay poz are yielding a bounty of narcissists for whom other people are either obstacles or accomplices to the public recognition of their glowing self-conception.

The explosion of Americans with the Dark Triad suite of personality traits means more psycho narcissists mugging for cameras and wearing pussyhats as substitutes for good character. Narcissism is being genetically or socially selected for via open borders mass immigration, sexual choice, cultural propaganda, and social atomization. The latter condition is particularly fertile ground for narcissists to flower, because a complete lack of social controls that otherwise small communities bring to bear on individuals means there is a lot of upside to using narcissistic exploitation to get similar social benefits from strangers that one would normally get in a rooted community from family and neighbors. And given that rootless itinerants are less likely to stick around for long after their sociopathic, narcissistic exploitation has shattered the lives around them, there is less possibility for corrective punishment like social shaming to curb the narcissist’s excesses.

The David Hoggs of the world aren’t far removed from the de Jesus Cruzes of the world. That’s something which should worry us all, because narcissism has a bad habit of burning itself out in a pyre of self-centered immolation that scorches everything in its radius of contact.

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