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The Auarian hits the bull’s-eye in his contrast of Trump and thecunt supporters.

Hubris is what it is but to make the point simple and clear, i’d say.

Everytime i’ve talked to a clitton supporter they sounded like her LAWYER,
Everytime i’ve talked to a Trump supporter they sounded like his SUPPORTERS,

Lawyers defend criminals from allegations of crime,
Supporters support people with vision.

That’s the briefest way i can put it.

thecunt and her legal team (her supporters) are in the defensive crouch, knowing full well the bitch they defend is a corrupt psychopath. Coincidentally, every lawyer I know is a huge thecunt fan.

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“The sexual market is the one market to rule them all” — CH

Whenever proposing big picture theories for ideological beliefs, I always refer to the sexual market and how the dynamics of reproductive fitness operating at the level of the hindbrain primarily influence higher order human interactions like social or political organization.

This came to mind while reading about (((Josh Marshall’s))) attack on the most un-hateful man on the internet, Steve Sailer.

(of course you’ll notice marshall never answered steve’s pinpoint charge against him, preferring instead to cry out in pain while flinging shit at steve, which is the wont of his evasive reptilian subspecies)

Anyhow, an astute Sailer commenter noted something about Josh Marshall that goes a long way to explaining his anti-Gentile bitterness.

Marshall’s bride looks like the result of some Semitic inbreeding program.

Lefties are always unhappy because of the women, by dint of they’re [sic] inherent dweebieness, they’re forced to be with.

All politics isn’t local. All politics is gonadal.

Male shitlibs generally are an effete bunch, and their masculine, ugly girlfriends and groace wives testify to that. A manlet stuck with an ugly woman will over the years build up a reservoir of caustic spite against masculine high T men and the feminine women who love them. Josh Marshall fits the stereotype perfectly. Many of his extended kin fit the stereotype perfectly.

In fact, the exceptions are so glaringly obvious that they prove the rule. The skype men who more closely resemble in face and physique the male Gentile aesthetic tend also to be less antagonistic toward Gentile culture and politics.

Executioner’s Summary: Physiognomy is creed.


plumpjack has a novel theory that connects vision quality with shitliberalism.

does poor vision predispose someone to liberal, immediate gratification-leaning politics? IOW, is there a link between actual vision acuity and future time-orientation?

where I grew up, very red area, and lots of hawk-eyed, self-sufficient folks. the coke-bottle lens-sporting folks were always in white collar-ish jobs, or on food stamps. now I live in one of the most shitlibby towns on the planet and I swear, I can barely find a single person who doesn’t wear glasses. I can glimpse through the side of their reality warping lenses and see just how totally fkd up their eyesight is. it’s scary.

it could also be that a person with poor vision feels more vulnerable and therefore favors gibs policies. or it could be that they literally and figuratively cannot see into the future.

this should be studied. (note: i apologize to any commenters here who wear coke bottle type glasses. no offense. I’m just raising the question.)

It’s absolutely true that liberals, especially the male of the species, are physically unimpressive in one or more ways compared to their shitlord brethren, and poor eyesight is a big tell of shitlibbery. A powerful correlation, but is it more than that, as plumpjack suggests? Adjusted for the White race, does poor vision directly alter feedback loops in the brain that dispose the liberal to prefer insta-feelz over grappling with the long-term consequences of their policies and governance?

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At the Al Smith charity dinner, Trump laid a trap for the elites and unleashed his vengeance on a gathering of effete plutocrats, smug globalist whores, lapdog media hacks, intellectually inbred urbanites, and the Wicked Bitch herself. You have to see this video to believe it, and if you ever doubted Trump’s sincerity or his commitment to destroy the old order and throw the corrupt money-changers out of the American temple, doubt no more.

Trump channeled the spirits of Skittles Man, Bring Da Movies kid, and Birthday Cat combined and went the Full ZFG Shitlord on a congregation of aristocratic shitlib scum. He nuked the ruling class and the Clinton Machine from orbit and took a piss on their smoldering ashes.

If you were disappointed that Twatter Trump didn’t make a grand entrance at the debates, well this is the UNCUT RAW TRUMPOCALYPSE you were waiting for:

THE ABSOLUTE SAVAGE (for telling the truth).

Trump got his revenge. For this:


For the dying and discredited legacy media’s Hillary-shilling, suckered into covering the killshots he couldn’t make at the debates.

For the insulated and decadent elites and their phony back-scratching rituals and mean-spirited sneering at non-elite White Americans:

Hopefully after Trump’s bravura impressionistic performance as Kull the Conqueror at this disgusting elite trough dinner he will end that and other phoney baloney traditions in favor of much more based gatherings and events.

I am 2000% sure he can function at all levels of culture from highest to lowest, but this sort of pseudo aristocratic gathering, especially when full like a blocked toilet of skypes, journalists and political parasites, is unAmerican. It’s un-Anglosphere. Anglosphere equivalents would never be catholic for starters or honor any other collectivist internationalist cabal. And there’d be senior front line soldiers and naval men front and center, as well as real cultural leaders.

Instead Trump got to carve his way through the soft underbelly of the synagogue of satan, which is cool, but hopefully to be consigned to the trash heap of history.

But they should screen his speech in full every Christmas.

And of course he got his revenge on the infirm Queen of Cunts, Hillary Rotten Clinton, for her lies and backroom dealings and self-enrichment scheming and last-minute malicious slandering of Trump’s character through bribed proxies.

The Queen and her courtiers didn’t see the blade swinging. They thought Trump was an entertainer, at the end of the day just another narcissist elitist like themselves, in on the joke and happy to yuk it up congenially with fellow plutocrats as middle America suffered under miseries visited upon them by the rulers in whom they put their faith.

But Trump is not like them. He’s a wealthy businessman with a commoner’s touch, and a honed sense for traitorous nümale-ocracy bullshit earned from decades immersed in New York real estate and politics. He knows where to find the underbelly of the lickspittle media and their scumbag Bezosian paymasters, and he studied them, watched as they betrayed him….and waited…

then plunged the knife in to the hilt.

Savor this moment when the elites realized they were more than the butt of Trump’s jokes; they were the target of his contempt:

And thecunt’s reaction?


Under the robot shell, the misshapen reptile inside screams with fear.

Trump didn’t wield a shiv at this dinner. He hoisted a war scythe and started lopping off heads. He was Hop-Frog to the terror-stricken Establishment.

This time, the time for yukking it up with the Establishment is over. Watch as Trump the court jester begins with his routine of juggling several glistening knives in the air, for the amusement of the white-tie audience, then calmly collects them one by one into his hands, and throws them straight into the chests of the plutocrats and the media.

The courtiers mocked him as a reality TV clown, and struck cruel blows against his little-people supporters whenever they felt like a little entertainment. So the jester decides to put on a show for the court where “Trump acts like Trump” and they’re all laughing along with the act. He convinces them it would be a riot for them to put on wax masks showing elitist caricatures, then begins a fire-breathing routine — only to spit the fire right onto their masks. As the courtiers scramble around the ballroom with their faces ablaze, the jester and his little-people companions storm out and burn down the rest of the palace.


Whatever happens November 8, know this….everything’s changed.

Related: Pat Buchanan on the panicked establishment.

PS: Cucks are delusional if they think Guacbowl or Foamboi would have been more viable candidates to beat thecunt. Could you imagine the ball-less beta wonder Jeb at this dinner? He would have spent the whole speech mocking his own low energy and then honored thecunt for her service at State. Afterwards, he would have congratulated Hillary for her upcoming win and reminded her to pass amnesty as part of her first 100 days in office.

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If this news story is true about Julian Assange being in US custody, then the Clinton Machine and their globalist puppet masters are VERY afraid of the scum and filth and corruption that WikiLeaks is exposing about Her Heinous. This is the kind of desperate, last ditch, strong arm silencing that one would expect of a banana republic dictator, BUT IT’S HAPPENING IN AMERICA AT THE BEHEST OF THECUNT.

In related Clinton Corruption News, WikiLeaks uncovered a deal signed off by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to give the Russian government control of 20% of US uranium production, after investors in the deal “”””donated”””” over $140 million to the Clinton Foundation.

Pay for play is thecunt’s modus operandi. Trump is right. #DRAINTHESWAMP

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Get ready for a visual gut punch:


Via Shrill, who writes,

This is the best political ad I’ve seen in a long time. Absolutely implicit.

A mother carrying a child is a rich image, one that’s imprinted not when motherhood starts but when girlhood starts; very little girls want to hold babies, almost as soon as they stop being babies themselves, and when they’re trusted to do so unsupervised (without the fear that they’ll drop the kid (“let them down”)) it’s a big deal. It’s a huge self-identity thing for females in general and mothers in particular (because of the emotional bond between mother and child).*

She’s wearing a windbreaker, which is a very white item of clothing. There’s nothing about it to make it stylish, but it also lacks the kind of branding or logos that would make it look prole. She and the kid are blondes, with blonde hair being a sort of lightning rod both for whites and for people who hate us. the red white and blue partition evokes patriotism, privacy (your ballot is secret), and tradition (these are currently only used in small towns, modern polling locations create privacy by spreading people out, rather than covering them up, which is a tangent rich in metaphor but let’s not).

*This is another illustration of the fatuity of transsexual men’s claims that they “feel like girls on the inside.” They don’t have the maternal instinct, they have the fashion instinct, which, of the two, is done somewhat more for their benefit. They’re saying to real women “the vision of you and your kind that I’ve created to inflame my lusts is the totality of your existence, independent of what you’ve actually felt in your life.”

I’ll add that the image is potent for another reason: it evokes primal race consciousness simultaneously through the emotional pathways of perceived threat and future promise. The child looks behind, her face a mix of perplexity and fear, at the dusky horde invasion and corrupt rulers; is she holding the curtain open for the viewer to peer at the gathering danger with her, or closing it in an act of defiance against the approaching darkness?

The mother is a guardian not only of her child, but of what her child represents: a lineage. We see only the mother’s shielding arm, her face hidden and focused on a momentous decision. She is the promise of a future. For her child. For her family. For her race. For her nation. The ad implores her, and all mothers like her: don’t let them down. You, White woman, aren’t voting for yourself. You’re voting for your children. Powerful. Provocative. And proof that the passion and the beauty and the art and the timeless truths are with the Trump revolution.

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A few brief updates on the clinton corruption news cycle (now turning over at a clip of one new revelation every hour courtesy of Julian Assange’s Wikileaks and other intrepid alt-right journalists):

  • thecunt and corporate media are in bed with each other.
  • thecunt is for a “hemispheric free trade and open borders” one world order. She also told Goldman Sachs moneymen that Americans who are opposed to open borders are “fundamentally unAmerican“.
  • thecunt said behind closed doors in speeches to Wall St fat cats that she would seek their input before imposing any government regulations on their practices. (has thecunt heard of conflict of interest?!)
  • thecunt admitted she speaks with a forked tongue and says one thing to the public and another thing to private donors.

This is just an appetizer of all the Wikileaks drops proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that thecunt is a scummy, corrupt, self-enriching, globalist whoremonger who lies as effortlessly as her husband shoves cigars up intern cooches. So what is thecunt’s response to the daily drumbeat of leaked emails that exposes her corruption, duplicity, and sociopathy to the American people? Apparently, it’s:

  1. Have a lapdog legacy media.
  2. Bribe a few dopey sluts to lie that Trump made inappropriate passes at them 35 years ago.
  3. Cut off Julian Assange’s internet access.

This psychotic broad should be in prison, not running for President. Please pass this post along to your shitlib friends. It won’t change their minds (that’s not the point), but it will make them squirm uncomfortably when they try to defend their bitch queen. They won’t be saying YAASSS QUEEN, they’ll be saying “Um, gotta go.” Dispiriting shitlibs should be your goal in these final weeks before Judgement Day: Trumpening vs The Poz.

PS I haven’t even gotten to FBI Director Comey’s ties to Thecunt Foundation. No wonder he refused to press charges against hillary for her use of a private server to send classified emails.

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I normally don’t lend much credence to conspiracy theories, especially ones involving dead bodies, but this is not a normal year in America. We now know the ruling class has it in for everyday Americans. So when Wikileaks uncovered a John Podesta email that alluded to a hit on Antonin Scalia, I thought it deserved close media examination…which we don’t get because we don’t have a free press anymore. We have an Orwellian Ministry of Truth posing as a free and objective press but acting as a propaganda arm for Hillary Clinton and the open borders oligarchs.

So the dissident press — the alt-right bloggers, really, and that’s it — is all that’s left to do the dirty work of actually investigating credible evidence of an assassination plot by Democrats and the Clinton Machine to murder Antonin Scalia, ostensibly to pave the way for a SCOTUS nominee who will gut the 2nd Amendment.

The theory comes from a WikiLeaks email from Hillary’s Chairman John Podesta to DC lobbyist Steve Elmendorf. Elmendorf was also the former chief of staff to Democratic leader Dick Gephardt. […]

The theory goes that Podesta’s use of wet work implies an assassination. And the references to pool and Vineyard refer to the Cibolo Creek Ranch where Scalia’s body was found.

The Ranch does have a pool and it is believed that a vineyard is just down the road.

The email was also written just four days before Scalia was found dead on February 13, 2016.


Chilling. I don’t want to get overly dramatic here, but for the first time since Inception Date: Trumpening, I sincerely believe truth-telling dissidents fighting against the Dem/GOP/globalist establishment have reason to fear for their lives in a country ruled by thecunt. Anonymity in this context is as powerful a weapon as a standing army.

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