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Gaily skipping along, was a mischievous sneak, on this joyous International Women’s Day, when a fortuitous Assening occurred and the firmament poured forth a perfectly formed testament to the sacrifices and contributions women have made to international internationality. To honor and celebrate ARE WAHMEN, beings of pure light and goodness beholden to no law of reason or accountability, I present…the perfect ass.

(note: photo may or may not have been taken on International Women’s Day)

Is this a stalker-ish snap of a random hottie’s pert derriere? You bet! But a wise shitlord once said, “what good does it do a man to publicly splash the squeezable asses of his sexy intimates, when his trouser eye can spy the fine behind of a stand-in twin who tweren’t the wiser for it?” Ergo: Ass memorialized.

Women will receive a lot of vapid encomiums and treacly today from mangina suckups, and they will politely thank their coterie of fluffers with appreciative emojis, but I guarantee the chickadee in this pic, if she were to stumble across the Chateau’s shrine to her behind, this pasture of assture, would be far more flattered than if she were to get yet another #heforshe hashtag shout-out from a thirsty beta.

We here at the Chateau have a motto: Asstags before hashtags.

On a more serious topic, what makes the perfect ass? Allow me.

It must sit atop slender legs (preferably long, but short can work in a pinch (heh))

It must emerge like a lava dome from a lovely swayback.

And anchored to a lithe upper body.

Steered by a pretty face (preferably White, but swarth can work in a pinch (heh)).

It is round, and firm, and unblemished by cellulite or spots.

It is framed with exquisite attention to detail and form, erupting from a waist 0.7 times the width of her hips, filling out a space in three dimensions, the fleshy width no wider than the structural hips, the height approximately 2/3rds the width, the depth (protrusion) from the pelvic wall approximately 2/3rds the height. Aka the Pooper Apportion.

Finally, the crack is symmetrical and modestly pruned, ending below the back dimples, and nestling within incomparable delights.

What the Perfect Ass is not:



Extra wide





On that last trait, a definition:

Steatopygia is a high degree of fat accumulation in and around the buttocks.

The deposit of fat is not confined to the buttock regions, but extends to the outside and front of the thighs, forming a thick layer reaching sometimes to the knee.

This is a widespread genetic trait of the Khoisan (more commonly known as Bushmen). […]

Steatopygia is often accompanied by the formation of elongated labia (labia minora may extend as much as 4 inches (10 cm) (!) outside the vulva).

Look how a Boer in the XVIII the century describes this trait:

“The lining of the body appears to be loose, so that in certain places part of it dangles out. They have to themselves this peculiarity from other races that most of them possess finger-shaped appendages, always double, hanging down from the private parts; these are evidently nymphae (labia minora).”

James Cook, the famous British navigator, noted in 1771, while passing by Cape colony:

“The great question among natural historians, whether the women of this country have or have not that fleshy flap or apron which has been called the Sinus pudoris. The most recent testimony of travellers commands us to put the cutaneous ventrale of female Hottentots in the same category as the human tail, and in like manner to relegate it to the fables.” […]

It seems that steatopygia in both sexes was common in early types of Homo sapiens.

Come for the perfect ass (heh), stay for the accidental realtalk.

PS A science-y word to describe the perfect White woman ass is callipygian {adj, “having well-shaped buttocks”}.

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No hoverhand.

My brah-love for this man expands like a supernova.

Trump has the charisma to unite the PUA-ReadSiege-le56%er-MPC factions of the Maul-Right.

It’s a new day for American Dreamers (previously known as American Deplorables).

ps choke on it, hillary!

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What Is Allure?

A woman blushing.

A blushing red tide slowly cresting over a White woman’s porcelain-skinned face as she takes in the power of your presence is a sight unequalled in the human kingdom for its primal allure. Only unfolding labia perform similar magic on a man’s swelling pride.

The full body blush is more intoxicating still. Watch as the crimson hue spreads over her chest, her breasts, up her neck, to her cheeks and her ears. Blushing is the body’s betrayal of the heart’s infatuation.

This is another one of those divine traits that White women have as a blessing of their lineage and which is the envy of the world’s nonWhite women. A few lightly toasted women can visibly blush, but you have to look closely, under good light, as the red struggles to emerge from the brown.

The palest White women, like the Irish, blush so hard that it hinders their ability to play coy for men because their true feelings are constantly revealed by the rush of lust to their faces.

When a girl blushes, a man falls in love again.

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A reader comments,

That’s Faith Goldy on the left, an increasingly based Canadian girl, who was kicked off (((Ezra Levant’s))) failing alt lite site “the rebel” for straying into JQ territory. I’m not sure if that’s alt lite cam girl Lauren Southron, but if it is, then, with the conquest of Brittany Petmyboner, it would appear that’s he’s in the process slaying the top tier of the right wing camgirl cadre.

It’s interesting to see how the outlaw bad boy lifestyle, and the accrued benefits, play out in real life. Based stick man (bsm) has been charged and probably has a record. He too to the streets and gained notoriety for engaging in political violence. Those two factors, the publick outing and the brush with the criminal law system, would ruin most of us. It would spell poverty.

Yet he manages to ride it out; parlaying his fame into a bit of shekels and smashing seriously good pussy along the way. But most of us can’t do that. If we went out and started crushing antifa/BLM goons at protests, we’d be charged, many of us would lose our jobs, and no one would care about our crowdfunding pages.

Lesson #1: Be an outlaw

Lesson #2: Don’t apologize for being an outlaw

Lesson #3: Act like you’ve been an outlaw before

Lesson #4: Don’t have a soyboy body

Lesson #5: Be preselected by women (or stay-at-home waifus)

Lesson #6: Whatever happens, your toes are still tappin’

Chicks dig jerkboys. You, too, can be the jerkboy chicks dig.

(Tradthots not exempt from the rules issued by the god of biomechanics)

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The opposite of the Hoverhand and the Chopstick Grip is the Smotherhand. It also goes by the name Hineyhand.

I’m not very familiar with the cast of Maul-Right characters, but this dude is supposedly Based Stickman, caught on camera claiming ownership of two tradthots by laying hands on their asses.

Tweet deleted! Here’s a zoomed-in thumbnail as backup:

A felony record and a waifu at home apparently fine with his road trip meet-ups? Hands firmly palming ass ledges? That’s just the jerkboy magic tradthots can’t resist!

Speaking of ass ledges and impudent palmistry, here’s what the official hand placement guide says about Based Jerkboy’s status with these two tradminxes:

Officially flirting, and scandalously close to assuming boyfriend privileges. Wew I knew there was something between those three!

PS You’ll never catch this God Emperor hoverhanding. Never.

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Proof: ScarJo at the recent Termagant March:

33 years old and she’s already hit the Wall. Shame.

Beautiful women who take up the cause of pussyhat feminism to join the ranks of Nasty Womanhood, Inc. quickly lose their looks and resemble the jewish dykes that front almost every femcunt organization. It’s as if a woman’s corrupted soul manifests in her prematurely aging face.

Extrapolating from the individual pussyhatter to the gynarchy at large, @TheExcruciationator writes,

“Women are the body that reflects the soul of her society” sounds like a pretty nice aphorism, come to think of it.

A beautiful society has beautiful feminine women who age gracefully and love their men. A corrupt, poisonous, ugly society has ugly masculine women who age gracelessly and prematurely and loathe their men.

Corollary: A beautiful society has strong masculine men who age handsomely and love their women. A corrupt, poisonous, ugly society has weak feminine men who age into lesbians and fear their women.

Look at American women: fat, obnoxious, self-mutilating, screeching harpies.

Look at American men: fat or skinnyfat, supplicating, uxorious, whiny nancysoys.

Our society’s soul is sick and our unloveable repugnant pussyhatter women are proof of it.

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Commenter Johnny Redux nails the answer to this post’s title with an ugly truth few men, let alone women, would be willing to confront head on, obliquely, or deniably:

A sexless marriage, in many (if not most) cases, is the result of a man marrying a woman his own age, and after time losing all sexual interest in her as she quickly morphs into an old woman before his eyes, much quicker than he is aging.

Men are maximally attracted to young women.

Men age more slowly than do women. (At least going by outward appearance.)

Men’s sexual worth climbs through their 30s and 40s while women’s sexual worth declines through their 30s and 40s.

Put the three preconditions together, and marriage between “age appropriate” men and women is a recipe for sexlessness, followed by lovelessness, and then finally divorce.

Which is why I advise men, if you’re gonna do something stupid like get married, make sure the deal is as sweet as it can be for you by choosing a younger woman to be your monogamously avowed last fuck. You’ll come to appreciate her extended shelf life when your married buddies are staring down the barrel of a dumpy hausfrau and dreaming of escape. You don’t want to wife up a woman on the wrong side of supple.

PS This post explains the true cause of “mid-life crisis”. The crisis is the rapidly diverging SMV values of the husband and wife. And the cure is trading up, fapping off, or dropping out.

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