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As the Circlejerk of the Offended widens, there remain fewer and fewer Offenders in the Oortlands of the Damned from whom to extract satisfyingly humiliating apologies. Take, for example, this latest Bowels Love Movement temper tantrum.

An organized protest at Cornell University supporting racial equality has been canceled after a black student group complained about the “lack of people of color in the planning and attendance” of the event, which appears to have been organized by a white student.

Not sure if troll or genuine “white” beta manboob fatso bowing down before his cuckmasters for the crime of insufficiently licking their boots.

This line:

“Thank you for calling me out on my ignorance.”

You may as well append that to America’s other two epitaphs ready to be etched on her gravestone.

We are a family… of friends!
Here lies America. She found closure.
Thank you for calling me out on my ignorance.

The group also stated that “although” the members appreciate “the solidarity and interest of our allies,” the organization would like to address prejudice “in [their] own way.”

I’m curious where all this is heading. When any silly “offense” can be summoned from the ether, and everyone has a trigger point and a safe space blueprint, who will be left to obsequiously assuage the egos of all these thin-skinned, feminized, emotional toddlers? I suppose John Scalzi will try to take up the slack. He wears a dress.

I’ll tell ya something else. This is what happens when you overstuff a bunch of underqualified blacks onto college campuses where they can feel in their bones they don’t measure up. The spite, resentment, and bile bubble over, and with the help of status whoring manlet leftoids and Hivemind Narrative police, explodes in some of the most childish, nonsensical tantrums you’ll ever see putative adults indulge.

No doubt it’s fun for the wholesome White family to watch shitlib grotesqueries cannibalize each other, but if you think this in-fighting will reduce their choke-hold on the culture, don’t bet on it.

Executive summary: Diversity + Proximity = War.

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Ryan DeLuca is the wealthy CEO and founder of Bodybuilding.com, (the misc forum is a funny read). Dan Bilzerian is some kind of D-list actor, pro poker player, and “social media personality”. DeLuca’s hot trophy wife was recently plastered in a compromising pose all over Instaslam by Bilzerian, who taunted DeLuca with the photo and claimed he had just finished banging her out “while wearing Gucci slippers”. Bilzerian, in true ZFG alpha male mode, later posted a pic of said slippers, festooned with additional taunts.

Reader shartiste gives a primer on the sordid affair and what it reveals about the competing goals at the heart of male and female sexualities,

yeah, [the bobdybuilding.com thread] got deleted by mods. pics are all over twatter though.

anyway, your point [about wealthy beta males] is correct, however the thread runs deeper for Mr. Ryan Deluca, former CEO of Bodybuilding.com.

He had a high school sweetheart who he was with before he started his business, when he was a dead broke Idaho schlub. She stayed with him and bore him three kids. Not only that, she was really hot and was a model for the site. Duckduckgo Bryna Deluca. Got into fitness and was upper echelon for her age.

Yet he divorced for the alluring whiff of prime pussy. I am not exactly hating, his PYT was very hot. This is a deep vein of CH teachings though. His hot high school sweetheart could do nothing to compete with a 20 year old slut, despite looking hotter than 99.99% of women her age. And DeLuca, despite no doubt loving his kids, absolutely could not swat aside his prime directive biomechanics to fly too close to the sun with the griddle hot nubile puss.

The kicker though: he is beta. He had money, reasonable looks, and little else. He couldn’t back it up and his young gf bolted at the first nibble of a real alpha rodding. A lot negative things can be truthfully said about Dan Bilzerian, but he is alpha.

And the little slut who was no doubt gold-digging from the start got her slooting plastered all over the internet in ZFG fashion by the alpha who used her to tool on DeLuca and will now continue fucking model quality women while doing whatever the fuck he wants. Anyone who dates her seriously after this is a complete fool. She’ll find a beta parachute of course, she is hot, but this was soul-crushing episode for her. Will other young babes take a lesson from this? Its doubtful.

BB.com has been my other time-killing vice besides CH so I know more about this than I perhaps reasonably should, but its been a great source for me both in fitness and lulz over the years, and it was just a truly awesome episode to see two worlds collide like this.

Deluca’s response to being outed as cuck:


Ever watch the recoiling body language of hot TV babes interviewing goony, mumbly poker tour winners? That’s all the evidence you need that money alone won’t melt the pussy. The kind of money that by itself can buy prime poosy loyalty and authentic love — and not just poosy services rendered — doesn’t exist in sufficient vastness. In fact, the more money you have, the less sure you can be that women you are fucking have fallen in love with you.

DeLuca by all accounts had a lot going for him, except the one thing that really matters to prime poosy: that teasing, charming, ZFG alpha male attitude. The wealthy, accomplished, good-looking beta male is still a beta male, and that will make all the difference to his golddigging rent-a-ho, who is, after all, a woman like any other.

Public cuckings are always painful to behold (I’d imagine they are pure torment for the victims), even to an unbiased third party observer. As men, we all can relate to the idea of getting cucked, even if we have no personal experience of it. The reason that taunts against the beta male cuck work so well is because the wincing is close to a shared experience by all exposed to the revelation, and not just those unfortunate participants. Every man knows instinctively the Darwinian catastrophe that would befall him if he were the victim of a cuckolding.

Game can save second marriages to sloppy sluts…. but foolishness in the rush to marry a sloppy slut is something no game can fix.

The best that will come out of this public cucking is that Bryna DeLuca gets to smile again for a day, and the trophy slut forfeits any and all claims to Ryan DeLuca’s HALF in divorce court.


da GBFM adds his sharp, if syntactically warbled, perspective.

hey heartsietstsetsz!!!

a woman has the right to her own body.

so that means that anyone can fuck it other than her husbandlzlzlzz, if she so desires!!!

“a woman has the right to her own body” = teh eskimoesz have the right to profit of your wife/daughter posting photos of her buttsz and boobiesz on tumblr the internetz, and/or other men posigs photos of your wife/daughter after they get done fuxxxingz themz in their gucci slippersz.

and the greatest thing about this system is that the wronged husband will respond to this carnal slight and adulterous behavior by pledging to gain more followers on the eskimoesz netwrok, thusly serving the eskimoses bottom line after dan brazilians sevres his wives bottomz linesz llzlzlozozoz

Anyone get the growing sense that this entire privacy-revoking social media internet culture will collapse soon? Or is that just my hope triumphing over the reality of the gathering detritus of American society?

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There are those “by the book” types who argue that there’s no such thing as pathological altruism; that there’s only evolved altruistic impulses more or less suited to the current environment. In other words, what was once a useful trait can become a handicap in another age and another environment.

I disagree. If we accept that there are lots of human traits which are expressed along a spectrum of intensity in people, then there can be White people whose evolved altruistic impulse, notably toward outgroups, situates them at the far tails of the altruism bell curve, where pathologies reign supreme. This is no different than any psychological pathology that is an extreme manifestation of an otherwise normal and healthy human behavior.

Case in point: Anna Stubblefield, the shitlib whackjob college ethics professor who fell in love with a literal diaper-wearing black retard and insisted she could divine deep meaning from his grunts, eye twitches, and “chirps”.

‘‘I was raised to believe that I have the responsibility of tikkun olam, repairing the world,’’ Anna wrote in her 2005 book ‘‘Ethics Along the Color Line.’’

In ANY environment, at ANY time, this would be an example of the altruistic impulse turned pathological. It’s hard to envision an environment where this kind of insanity redounds to the person’s survival and reproductive benefit.

ps should i have put White in quotes in the post title? nah, too easy. and too limiting.

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Steve Sailer unearths video of presidential candidate and ur-cuckservative George W Bush deriding “racial profiling” and calling for less scrutiny of Arab airline passengers eleven months before 9/11. Attaboy, W! For this, Steve earns the Shiv of the Week (sharing the shiv with MPC).

Trump, are you reading? Are your people reading? This is what’s known as GAME SET MATCH for your side. You win. Take every opportunity to shove this inconvenient truth into the plush betaBush faces, and make the entire Hivemind equalist leftoid apparatus and Cuckservatism, Inc. squirm with discomfort.

In related clown world news, a swarm of callow female Canadians and their manlet Cacucks elected a vapid shell entity multikultist, who loves foreigners more than he loves his fellow White neighbors, to lead their country further down the browntown shitter. This cipher, Trudeau, fabulously adores hijab-covered muslims so much he wants to import millions of them and preside over oath-swearing ceremonies that resemble a Charlie Brown Halloween costume party if Charlie Brown was a spiteful, backward ingrate committed to the creation of a worldwide caliphate.

Are we in clown world or the lunatic asylum? Ahmud the hoax bomb maker (yes, the nerdo and his fifth column CAIRhead parents knew what they were doing) was warmly received by president Butt Naked to participate in a ritualistic war dance becoming all-too-common nowadays: the celebration of another victory in the gleeful extirpation of Whites from their American cultural birthright.

Oh, and Butt Naked wants to take in thousands of Syrian refugees swindlers and no doubt resettle them in the Whitest parts of America. You know, as a lesson for the others still laboring under the delusion that their Diversity™-free neighborhood is safe from enrichment.

American Whites need to know EXACTLY what all this signifies. It is nothing less than CULTURAL GENOCIDE against White Americans, and White Men in particular. And, if left unchallenged, the ANTI-WHITE CULTURAL GENOCIDE will soon turn into an ACTUAL ANTI-WHITE GENOCIDE, red with the spilled hatreds and perfected vengeance of the degenerate freak mafia.

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Paging Kevin MacDonald…

Bryan Caplan’s Id made a guest appearance on his anti-Gentilism hateblog, confessing in starkly monochromatic detail exactly how much Bryan Caplan’s Ego HATES HATES HATES the idea of living in a nation with a majority White Gentile population.

There are a lot of open borders nutjobs currently in circulation, but Bryan Caplan’s Id is the most deranged of them all. The Sperg Total is so far removed from reality I wonder if his bubble is slowly asphyxiating him and destroying brain cells.

His pro-nation-destruction “””argument”””, if in a fit of magnanimity one could call it that, rests on the (false) (utterly inane) premise that when one group gets too numerically large and powerful, they will necessarily do scary things, the thought of which overloads Caplan’s RAM, and the way to prevent this is to make sure everyone is a minority in their own country, so that power is divided commensurately among the disparate tribes and the risk of its misuse thereby reduced. This will, according to Caplan’s readout, produce a utopia on earth where hundreds of tribes competing for status and power are replaced by one glorious tribe (his own, natch) calling the shots and an indentured commune of powerless peons content with a political and social arrangement that negates their tradition and culture and cuts them off from having any decision over the constitution of the nation they will bequeath their posterity.

Essentially, Bryan Caplan is claiming — against all the real world evidence and the historical record — that Diversity + Proximity = Peace. He is arguing for a state of nature that doesn’t exist, and never has existed. When disparate tribes accumulate in sufficient number under one governing authority, the eventual result is a dysfunctional government and, over time, the gradual (re)separation of those tribes into self-governing entities. That’s the best-case scenario. Worst case: rivers of blood.

Anyone who’s lived a day in his life outside a 1%er bubble knows this is true. But for the (ironically) Endogamously Benighted Bubbleborg the only data their algorithms can compute must be peer-reviewed and published in esteemed ¡SCIENCE! journals, so for spergitarians like Caplan, CH presents a partial list of studies finding that:








But, really, what is the point anymore trying to reason with the Caplan ilk as if they were anything but malevolent traitors with no intention of meeting their fellow citizens in good faith? The Open Borders Sperg Horde, like the Feminist Cunts, the Race Creationists, and the Pathological Altruists, have clearly shown themselves impervious to facts on the ground and to the expressed desires of the majority of Americans.

They’re immune to logic.
To reason.
To truth.
To beauty.
To facts.
To common sense.
To human decency.
To anything that vibrates the valence of their elemental spergomized purity.

They are human defectives with a sadist’s acumen for self-justification.

What appeals will reach the sadodefectives who are in positions of influence to spread their disease to the society that swaddles them? Mutter Merkel might be able to offer a suggestion.

Bryan Caplan is SMRT. So SMRT that he can’t perceive how ridiculously transparent his cheerleading for open borders and White majority submersion by tsunamis of third world refuse is a manifestation of his psychological projection. His own, numerically outnumbered but disproportionately powerful and influential, tribe puts the lie to his White Submersion Theory of Eternal Peace. He psychologically projects the rise of a Mormon tyranny should their numbers grow, when right now his tiny tribe has a near-tyrannical lock on controlling the levers of the media, entertainment, academic, political (have you seen the top ten political donor list?) and financial institutions.

As SMRT as he is, Bubbleboy Caplan apparently lacks the requisite IQ horsepower to extrapolate that a Babel of Bubbles under one dusty proposition parchment rapidly congealing into irrelevance through the mechanism of race-based antipathy will, in due time, mitotically divide into the border-bounded, separate nations he so irrationally loathes.

A thousand Bubbles will become a thousand Nations, Caplan, and then you’ll just have to start your Borderless Tikkun Olam Crusade all over again. You see, when you force a self-identifying people into powerlessness in their own homeland by flooding their commons with genetically antagonistic foreigners, they tend not to take it so well.


Bryan “Spergatron” Caplan wants to turn America into the Island of Misfit Goys, an icy wasteland for broken, demoralized outcasts with no home to call their own.

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Courtesy of Twatter account @MPCtxt, a video of an alpha shitlord crashing a slutwalk protest and provoking gina tingles in a narcissistic, emotionally volatile, BPD feminist, while her white knight manlet looks on impotently and limp-wristedly, wondering if there’s anything at the scene he can put up his ass.

YOU *finger point* WHORE :lol: :lol:

One of the YouGroove commenters summed it up thusly and verily:

Observations from the first few minutes I’ve seen this video.

– Alpha Body Language.
– Doesn’t Care if he sounds offensive.
– Based Hat + Sunglasses.
– Nice name, also.
– Defender of truth.

Random White-Knight:
– Manlet
– Body Paint
– Girl doesn’t allow him to slur Dean

– Cries because she is having a psychological battle between her feminist ideology and her biological desire to fuck Dean, the alpha Christian.


“I was excited for today to be a growing experience for me (in my bra and sharpie skin) and you are making me hurt so bad (in my fetid whore hole).”

This mentally deranged skank must’ve majored in Poopytalk 101. There’s America’s future. Write her epitaph in Sharpie marker on the giant dildo that replaced the Washington Monument.


TheDissident comments,

Somewhere around 9 minutes she described the details of her “rape” and it becomes so utterly obvious that she wholly invented a sexual assault as a means of convincing herself and her omega that she didn’t actually cheat on him.

That oft-repeated “1 in 5 college women are raped” lie should be rephrased as “1 in 5 college women whore it up and don’t want their beta boyfriends to find out so they concoct false sexual assault stories for sympathy from gullible white knights, feminists, and university administrators.”

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Reader Mel Gibson watched a few minutes of last night’s Democrat debate, and came away with an astute observation regarding this photo of the candidates standing together on stage.

All with passive and weak body posture – cover genitals, smile like a submissive chimp. Who’s that guy on the left? He’s the only one who looks like he isn’t a pansy.

That’s Jim Webb on the far left (heh). And yes, he’s the only one who has a non-shitlib face and non-shitlib body language. And not coincidentally he’s probably the least insane of the Dem leftoids running for president.

Reminder: Clasping your hands in front of your crotch to hide your impudent manhood from the world (and this includes Hillary) is a tell of submission and weak betatude. I don’t remember Donald Fucking Trumpening ever standing in this manner at a major public speaking event, and I doubt he ever will. (But I bet ¡Jabe! was born with his hands cradling his frank and refried beans.)

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