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Are you curious what kind of wormy male wriggles just above the stinking detritus at the bottom of the male SMV barrel? Meet our Lesser Beta of the Month:

I made this image in Texas while working on a story for MDS (Mennonite Disaster Service) about a group from an Amish community in Ohio that traveled down to Texas to help out local folks hit badly by rampant fires and flooding last year. I am posting this for two reasons. 1. This is my way of encouraging all of us (including myself) to find ways to involve ourselves in being rebuilders of brokenness. If not in the aftermath of Harvey currently ravaging Texas then perhaps in other areas of need in our communities. and 2. During coverage and other conversations about Hurricane Harvey, I’ve heard on more than one occasion about how this storm is going to require a “man sized” effort that could be drawn out for years and cost untold sums. In response, I am showing this image of this exceedingly capable and strong woman to help fight against that kind of sexist language, because of course the obvious truth is that women are as vitally important and as capable as any men can be. I know that many of us use languages like this casually and without meaning any offense or harm. I know that it's difficult to be mindful of such things when sexist language is so deeply ingrained in our cultural consciousness and subconsciousness (believe me I totally get it, because I catch myself more often than I like to admit). Nevertheless, I do believe it is vitally important being intentional about reducing our sexist language and actions as much as we are able to, because at its core it serves to dehumanize and to normalize the lie that one gender has more worth and is more capable and more important than others. Harvey has broken so many lives already. Let us not add to that by unnecessarily breaking each other further.

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Only a limp-souled mangina can be triggered to verbal apoplexy by the term “man-sized”. in response, he posts a photo of an Amish woman — a woman who supports and cherishes the most patriarchal subculture in America — either pushing aside or ducking under a slender tree branch as evidence in his stunted juvenile ball pit of a mind that women are as physically strong as men. This is the soiled diaper of inanity and virtue sniveling which the Lesser Beta is happy to squish around in all day if it means a pat on his ASCII head from fat feminists online.

What else does the Lesser Beta and intrepid defender of ye faire maiden’s honor excel at? Disavowing “female objectification”, of course! (While unwittingly disavowing the natural functioning of his own gonads.)

I grieve over the fact that I grew up in a society and a time period where one of the first things I was taught about women from the well meaning voices all around me were commentaries about the appearance or “usefulness” of their bodies. Look at how beautiful you are! Well aren’t you a gorgeous princess. Oh my watch out, she’s going to be heartbreaker! Wow, you’re so sexy. Oh that Dad is going to have a hard time fending off all the boys when she grows up. I grieve this for many reasons, but one of them is because it has obscured the fact that bodies truly are beautiful and mysteriously amazing beyond explaining. Not as the object of someone else’s judgement or commentary, but INTRISICALLY beautiful in its own right. Think about your body for a moment. Big or small, scarred or markless, flat noised or sharply angular, long or stout, curvy or straight. It is a marvel and should BLOW ALL OUR MINDS! The way we often talk about bodies (women’s bodies in particular) strives to strip away their universally intrinsic beauty and instead cheaply commodifies it and seeks to take ownership of it away from them and into a thing for others to posses and place a value on. Like everyone else, me included, she isn’t immune to the damages of such toxic narratives about our bodies and from time to time feels that her body isn’t particularly beautiful. I won’t tell you that she is beautiful. I will simply tell you what I try and tell her on my better days (and I fail at it more often than I like). I love you. Please know that love is a slow burner of a thing. It has taken me awhile to get here, but the impossibly kind and generous life you lead has redefined for me what it means to be beautiful. Your sharply intelligent and creative mind engages and challenges me. And yes…your body is amazing. Not because I say so, but because it simply is. And because I’ve earned the right for you to care a little what I think of you, on our walk the other day, I took one camera and this one lens and I wanted to show you, YOU, as I see you

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“I grieve this…” Would someone pass the vomit bucket? Spewage incoming. That’s a lot of rambling incoherent poopytalk to say “you’re a butterface, honey”.

The Lesser Beta avoids slipping into Omega Male incel status by somehow securing for himself a homely female. Naturally, the daily reminder of his low SMV causes him to polish his lover’s pussy pedestal with the vigor of a man hoping to be blinded by the turgid light reflected off it.

I've now been married to this woman a few years less than all the years I've spent not having known her. I've photographed her face more times than I could possibly remember. On certain days when we cross each other's space while we're carrying on with the mundane movements of our lives, I sometimes catch a glimpse of her face and realize that there isn't a line on her face that I don't thoroughly recognize. On other days, even when I'm gazing deeply into her eyes, lost in conversation, I realize her face is a total and utter mystery to me. Some days she is a vision of home–calming and steadfast and on other days she is a land foreign—a curiosity and complexity that I'm eager to discover and rediscover time and again

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My advice, kid. If you’re gonna do purple prose, take a T-boosting supplement before writing. It helps keep your readership awake.

Finally, our Lesser Beta in the skin-crawling flesh:

“sleepovers”. “fell in love wholly and with all my body and being”. What does he mean by this?

Oh, and you might want to stop manspreading. That insolent display of misogyny is apt to get you in the doghouse for years.

Well that was an unpleasant foray into manlet-land. Final thought: In the context of the US’s multiracial gruel, white knighting by nonWhites should be viewed as a proxy attack on sturdy White men. In fact, every whine and cringing exegesis on the patriarchy should be viewed as an extended play wail of desperation and bitter envy by the degenerate freak mafia against their Golden God White Man tormentor.

Placing bets how long it’ll be before Mrs. Lesser Beta steps out to indulge her secret fantasy of a righteous jerkboy MAGAfucking by a member in good standing of the objectifying patriarchy.

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We give white knights a well-deserved shellacking here at the Chateau for general inanity and counter-productive goofballery, but meeting one in real life is more a blessing than a curse. You just have to know how to leverage them for fun and profit.

For reasons I won’t get into in this post, white knight numbers seem to be on the rise, mostly online but occasionally offline. Confronting one in the wild provides the maester seducer a wonderful expedient to aid him in getting the bang with the very girl whose honor the white knight rushes to defend.

I love crossing paths with white knights because they’re the hanging curveball of cockblocks. It’s a pleasure to tool them in front of their girls whose vaginas they will never see.

White knights play the really long game, hoping the girl will one day wake up and appreciate their efforts on her behalf. Sometimes it happens, but by then the girl is a little rougher for wear and has been through a few cockas. It’s a piss poor strategy in an open unregulated sexual market, though, because the implicit rules favor those men skilled in maximizing short term gains. White knights are no match for jerkboys in an atomized and quasi-anonymized hookup market; their brand of chivalry works better under highly regulated courtship conditions in which fathers have as much input as daughters and the pill isn’t dispensed like candy.

Now that you know you’ll almost always have the upper hand against white knights, it helps to know the best strategy for neutering neutralizing them and turning them into an advertisement for your sexytime fitness. The best method that I’ve found is the ol’ standby Agree&Amplify. Assume the white knight’s good intentions, and praise him effusively. By doing this, you are

  1. tooling him as the hard-up lickspittle he is
  2. delivering a proxy neg/disqualification to the girl which will cause her to distance herself from the white knight

When a white knight comes in all m’lady-like, I tell them, “It’s good you’re looking out for this girl. Does she have a curfew? I wouldn’t trust her alone either. Lotta bad guys out there.”

This banter achieves multiple objectives. One, it demonstrates your high value. Now you’re the insinuated bad boy with whom she might get into trouble. Few girls can resist that delicious thought. Two, it embarrasses the white knight. He’ll get defensive and swear he’s not chaperoning her, he’s just being a friend yada yada, which now plants the perception in the girl that he’s not actually her protector he’s just a dud who likes asexually hanging around her.

Three, and most importantly, it will provoke an opposite reaction in the girl. She’ll laugh or act indignant (either one is a positive reaction for you), insisting she’s doesn’t need a babysitter, she can handle herself, and the white knight is cool with that (he won’t be).

At that point, it’s time to run the table. “I dunno are you sure you’re ready for this…being on your own and all? It’s a scary world. If you can’t handle it, I’ll check in with your buddy (always use the word buddy to describe a girl’s male orbiters) over there (point at white knight across the room) and he can safely take you to your parents’ place.”

Now you’ve set up the challenge — is she a strong independent woman or is she a nervous little girl? — and if you’ve learned anything here it’s that girls love challenging men with standards. It’s the flip-the-courtship-script ruse and it works because women have no defense against their own weapons.

If, on the off chance, you are confronted by a physically bigger white knight — rarely, a bouncer will white knight just to start fights — the better course of action is to keep it short and plausibly complimentary. Don’t directly engage the white knight, that’ll only wind him up. “Looks like you’ve got a bodyguard already. Lucky girl.” Leave her be after saying that, and there’s a good shot she’ll find her way back to you later in the night once Derp Lancelot is distracted and moves on.

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I really thought we had reached Peak Estrogen during the Cuck Menstruation of 2015/16 when Trump ran for President, but these past few days of cucks tearing up the 1st Amendment in their race to condemn self-aware White people for speaking unauthorized opinions on matters already settled by the Ministry of Untruth has been like free-basing soy and birth control pills. Pure estrus.

Rushing headlong to condemn violators of sclerotic social norms is such a womanly thing to do, but nobody ever confused GOP cucks for real men. McAmnesty, Magic Underwear, Fruitio…these hysterical, treasonous, and authoritarian queens have to be jettisoned from power.

Take a breather, post C’ville. The truth is just starting to dribble out past the Gaystream Media information curators (as usual it looks bad for leftists). When you feel dazed & confused by the swirl of events, ground yourself with the following truths:

1. The Prime Enemy is the media
2. A White majority is self-evidently good
3. Economic nationalism and de-urbanization are necessary correctives
4. Trust Trump. He’s the best friend you’ve got.

PS Trump’s “alt-left” is a linguistic kill shot.

1. isolates, freezes, and polarizes the left
2. easy to remember
3. sidesteps hoary old terms like marxist that normies tune out
4. opaque enough to smear entire left
5. forces Fake News to cover it
6. most crucially, PUTS THE LEFT ON DEFENSE

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Shitlibs are emotionally stunted escapists. If you imbibe any social media (rohypnol for the soul), you’ll notice that libs can’t stop feverishly drawing analogies between their favorite English Lit 301 book, Harry Potter, and Trumperica. So it is with tremendous relish that I forward this /pol/ meme that brilliantly satirizes the lib religious devotion to the Potter gooniverse while making an insightful point about the self-destructiveness of leftoid equalism.

After Voldemort is defeated and global wizard equality is achieved, the influx of half-breeds and less-capable wizards into Hogwarts and other magical schools grows dramatically. Criticisms of this change are met with accusations of bigotry, including calls of “you are starting to sound a lot like You Know Who with that talk!” This process continues, with miscegenation becoming “all the rage” for the next hundred years.

By the year 2100, magical bloodlines have become so diluted that very few people can actually use magic. Magical creatures find that they cannot communicate with students at school, wands begin to refuse ownership, and tensions rise as “pure” students begin to unite. The fear of a return to the Dark Days is still strong, and those critics who raise concerns over the decline in quality and use of magic are called “bigots” for their anti-muggleblood views.

In more progressive circles, prominent “intellectual” wizards begin to suggest that magic doesn’t really exist — not objectively, anyway. It is merely a social construct, and witchcraft and wizardry can manifest themselves in many different forms, most of which don’t involve the use of magic at all. This is met with great approval by the majority of muggleborns, though there is still discontent among those who continue to  actually use magic “correctly”.

To combat growing discontent, the Ministry of Magic decrees that “flagrant displays of magic” are now illegal on school grounds, as this can result in prejudice and feelings of unwelcomeness for muggleborn witches and wizards, who are utterly incapable of casting spells (even those who manage to keep wands). The school removes most of it’s “applied magic” curriculum, instead replacing it with “Justice-Oriented Magic” and “Muggleborn Studies”, which focus on present-day social issues and the various expressions of “Alternative Magic” that are popular at the time, such as Ouija boards, Tarot cards, and divination of palms and tea-leaves.

Please forward this post to every arrested development adult shitlib you know, for maximum triggering. The goal here should be mass suicide.

A Gabber adds, chillingly,

Cute, right?

Ok, now replace magic with engineering.

Not so cute now, is it?

There’s nothing cute about the wholesale destruction shitlibbery and cuckdom are visiting upon the White West.

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White shitlib credentialati have to be among the most short-sighted subpopulations in human history. What do these status whoring virtue snivelers think will happen when their collective 1.2 White children have to grow up in a society that jettisoned the buffer zone of its prole class racial kin in favor of imported swarthlords with a bad case of the gibs? Do our landed gentrifiers think they’ll be left alone by the Dusk World denizens to play their SJW-certified vidgya games, read libfruit social constructivist history books, amass useless gender studies post-grad degrees, watch black bull porn, strut insouciantly from cafe to cafe wearing camel-toe accentuating yoga pants, stroke it out to another snark cue from steven gaybert, and wonder which amazon drone delivered goodie they can stick up their ass?

Mass delusion is real, and our current incarnation of Western White liberalism is proof.

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Overseen in [REDÄCTËD]: A family of three, teen daughter (13 or 14yo), father and mother. The parents looked to be in their late 50s, which means daughter was probably a test tube baby. All were speaking German, looking obviously lost as they roamed the post-America sidewalks, rambling waywardly and approaching the most menacing-looking googles to ask in heavy German accents how to get to place X. The third google they approached gave them a hilarious WTF? look and then eyed the daughter lasciviously. Plenty of White people around who could have assisted, but this naive kraut family ignored them.

Poll time.

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Fake Indignation shitlibs were aghast that President Trump would innocuously flirt with a female reporter, expressing their Fake Outrage by claiming that his compliment of her smile was “creepy”.

That’s rich coming from libs, the crowd that loves the idea of tranny freaks whipping their she-dicks out to piss in front of their daughters in public restrooms, and back in the day mocking flyovers for finding offense in the president shoving cigars up an intern’s cooch.

And I certainly don’t recall any shitlibs tossing around the “creepy” label when Gay Mulatto mischievously flaunted his pants-stretched erection to a plane full of journoclits tittering like schoolgirls.

(Oops, it looks like free speech champion YooToob pulled the video for violating their frazzled lib egos.)

And when Uncle Joe Biden flirts with the incredibly underaged ladies, I don’t hear shitlibs calling it “harassment”. (Apparently, shitlibs believe it isn’t flirting if the woman doesn’t consent to it beforehand, thus retroactively annulling every relationship and marriage since time immemorial that began when a man approached a woman and gave her a compliment without first having her sign a consent form.)

The lesson is this: treat shitlibs like women. Watch what they do, don’t listen to what they say. JRH adds,

Does it surprise you?

Attention on action. Ignorance on words.

I have had a lot of girls who self-profess their hatred of me. Banged all of those minus the ones I genuinely wasn’t interested in.

“I hate masculinity” = words. They are crying for it, but too many limpwristed fags and those who have ulterior motives take it literally and run with it, like this sentence.

PS Reader midnighttoker astutely points out that Trump said “she has a nice smile on her face“, and this added clause has a subtle impact on how the compliment is perceived.

it’s interesting how he worded that. he didn’t just say she has a nice smile. most people would take that as a general compliment about her appearance.

instead he said she has a nice smile…on her face. that to me comes off as him pointing out that she has a nice smile right now, in this moment, because i’m talking to her, etc.

he wants everyone to know she is smiling because he is giving her attention. anyone else read it that way?

I read it the same way. Made charm often turns on these exceedingly nuanced semantic twists. Game is about managing perception — a man’s self-perception and a woman’s perception of him. Trump’s wording (and the dangling unspoken but palpably felt “…right now because I’m talking to her”) does shrewdly imply that it’s his presence and attention that is wresting a smile from the woman’s face, rather than that she just happens to have a nice smile which she carries with her everywhere and that Trump would like her to know he noticed. Trump’s essentially telling her, and anyone listening, that she lights up FOR HIM. Only the Trumpenführer could thaw an icy reporterette.

Trump is a master of Game, and a Natural Alpha. You could learn a lot from him about how to act around women just be eavesdropping on his Twatter feed or his Oval Office phone calls.

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