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The rancid media libocrisy on display in their latest manufactured hysteria over Trump’s comments to some pedofaced Paki whose son was killed in the Iraq War that Hillary Clinton approved, and subsequently flaunted at the DNC degenerate freak parade to score anti-White political points, is so over the top that I find it hard to believe normal Americans will put up with this clown world for much longer.

This is the media scum we are dealing with:


Trump should not back off from this fight, even if the entire corrupt establishment — Dems, GOPe, media, billionaire oligarchs — is arrayed against him. He has a more powerful weapon:


A Muslim migrant who lost a son in a stupid American war based on lies is a poor premise upon which to base a nation’s border policy. This toolbag Khizr Khan (or so he innocently postures; he could very well know exactly what he’s doing) has so many sharia-friendly skeletons in his closet that he’s starting to get nervous about all the publicity he, or the DNC, unleashed upon himself. Khan is an immigration attorney who specializes in getting more Muslims into the US; he has ties with the Saudi government; is alleged to be a Muslim Brotherhood agent; and has connections to the slush fund known as the Clinton Foundation. The latest news about him is that his law firm’s web site was recently deleted. THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HARAM….

Various shiv-righters on the Twatter and at MPC also gleefully pointed out the ¡SCIENCE-Y! numbers don’t support the Khan Is Who We Are Now Narrative: more American soldiers have been killed by Muslim-American soldiers than Muslim-American soldiers have been killed in action fighting for the US.

Unfortunately the link is dead, but assuming this is still around at MPC, it says it all about the Side of History we are being stuffed into, come hell or sharia law:



It’s amazing how coordinated the hottake on the DNC has been.

The new rally point is Mr. Kahn, the father of the Muzzie soldier KIA who held up a (pristine) pocket Constitution and challenged Trump to read it and discover the inviolable Zeroth Amendment (Sailer’s phrase) which guarantees limitless immigration to the U.S. for shitskins. Apparently according to the DNC, Mr. Kahn’s son was one of 14 killed on the American side in the GWOT. (Last night in chat I posted that this represents a 0.3% KIA rate for American Muslims compared to the total).

If I had the time to research it, we could probably come up with 1) the number of American Mohammedans killed fighting against the U.S. and/or for terrorist entities which likely exceeds 14; and, 2) the number of Muslim U.S. servicemen who turned on the U.S. while in uniform (Nidal Hassan, Hasan Akbar, etc.) which is not insignificant, and whose body count in the aggregate likely exceeds 14. It’s probably a significant net negative in either event and blows the proposition that Mr. Kahn was trying to establish out of the water.



Maximus, great observation!  I’ve been tweeting this hatefact at the usual suspects all afternoon.

The stats are:  Nidal killed 13 and Akbar killed 2, for 15 American soldiers killed by Muslim-American soldiers. There’s been at least one terrorist plot  planned by a Muslim-American soldier (Hasan Edmonds) thwarted. If you were willing to hammer it home, you could add the Beltway Sniper.

The number of Muslim-American service men killed in combat is supposedly 14, a number that was reported out of the House Homeland Security Committee by Chairman Peter King in 2011.

I actually have some doubts about the 14 number, but whatever.  The point is still valid….. More American soldiers (15) have been killed by Muslim-American soldiers, than Muslim-American soldiers have been killed in combat (14).

It’s great sadistic fun to rub shitlib faces in the FACTS, BIGOT! they purport to sacralize, but the essential nature of this war is a simpler proposition: No nation has a moral obligation to allow untold numbers of migrant foreigners on its soil. This goes double for immigrants who by genetic inheritance and habit are incompatible with American culture, and unlikely to ever become compatible. This is the tooth and nail of it: Neither the Constitution nor historically shared common sense sanctions that an endless infernal flow of alien peoples must necessarily remain unabated if America is to “live up to her principles”. The truth that even shitlibs acknowledge to themselves when alone in bed as a cold shiver sends them to sleep is that a limitless invasion of migrants will not only change America, it will change America’s principles. Forever.

The stakes could not be higher.


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Days of Broken Arrows writes,

I’ve noticed that no one — and I mean no one — despises Trump quite like barren older women. As with Sarah Palin, they seethe with envy because fertility. The biggest anti-Trumpers I know are dried up old tarts.

I think this is right. Basically, Trump’s biggest haters are TheCunt’s biggest supporters. Which is fitting. This epic cage match is, when you boil it down, a war between White self-annihilators and proudly fertile Whites (using fertile in both the biological and cultural meanings). Existential, you might call it.

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Germany has reached The Cuckularity. There are now state-sponsored “flirting workshops” that ostensibly instruct third world invaders — invading courtesy of the welcome mat put out by Mutter Merkel — in the art of picking up German women and, presumably, filling them with the seed of Saracen and the sperm of sub-Sahara until the White German race is sufficiently diluted as to be unrecognizable from the people of any third world shantytown idling under corrugated metal roofs.

I’m telling you, the backlash to all this insanity will be hellacious.

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Michelle Fields is a former reporter/present attention whore who was canned from her job at Breitbart for making up a story about Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowsky manhandling her and pushing her to the floor at a speaking event. She bubbled over to Twatter to show off her forearm bruise, and White Knights like Ben Shapiro jumped to her defense, choosing to take the word of a halfway decent-looking woman with slut eye at face value before the facts were in.

Security cam footage emerged a day after the incident clearly showing Fields suffered no assault beyond the jostling typical of a crowded room (she had claimed she was violently assaulted and pushed to the ground by Lewandowsky). Nonetheless she decided — or rather, she was encouraged by Shapiro — to file a formal charge with Florida police against Lewandowsky.

Unsurprisingly, nothing came of the trumped-up (heh) charge. The prosecutor (a Clinton lackey, no less) had no choice but to drop the case, citing lack of evidence for anything other than that Fields appeared in the video to fake a dive.

Palm Beach County won’t prosecute because video evidence shows Fields invaded Secret Service ‘bubble’ around Trump and touched him first

Lewandowski, they found, ‘reacted and did what he needed to do’ and bruises on Fields’ arm pictured days later were not visible that night

One witness told police he thought Fields staged ‘a fraudulent slip-and-fall’ and was ‘animated and acting’ – and ‘at first I thought she was drunk’

By the way, Trump stayed loyal to Lewandowski during this entire sordid skank-manufactured affair. That alone speaks volumes of Trump’s admirable character (and of his enemies’ lack of character).

This incident (among so many other alpha male-hating, feminist-fueled false accusations over the past few years) demonstrates the corrosive harm that beta male white knights can inflict on society, and on women.

Turning to little Benny Shapiro as an example, here’s a case of a white knight blowing up a woman’s career and killing what was left of her reputation as a reporter because he used his influence as an anhedonic orbiter and eunuch confidant to cajole her to elevate her fake assault game to the next level and file a charge with police (wasting taxpayer dollars in the meantime). Little Benny Shapiro hates the Trumpening and loves Michelle Fields’ cleavage, so he had every motivation to whisper sadistic nothings in her ear. She, being a woman, took the bait.

(I’m getting an image in my head of little Benny Shapiro dabbing bruise makeup on Fields’ arm, giggling like a schoolgirl as they conspire to END TRUMP’S NOMINATION RUN, and then little Benny, insistent boner denting his kid’s size jeans, looks “that way” at Michelle, & she quickly leaves the room.)

A far from exhaustive list of the ways in which white knights are bad for women:

  • white knights’ reptilian enticements to pursue futile revenge plots can destroy women’s careers
  • white knights’ cloying “m’lady” courtesies can simultaneously inflate women’s egos and deflate women’s labia, rendering them less likeable to the next man to talk to them, and therefore more likely to wind up an aging spinster
  • white knights’ quickness to jump to a faire maiden’s rescue when another man is hitting on her can ruin her chances at finding love
  • white knights’ ulterior motives (appeasement, flattery, and guardianship for the implied guarantee of sex at a later date) can sour women on all men, creating a resentful belief in women that every congenial interaction with a man is a pretext for sexual exploitation (which tbh is true if the woman in question is a hottie)
  • white knightss excessive you-go-grrlisms to their fat female friends can make those fatties insufferable to be around, as they assume every conversation with them is a romantic solicitation, and respond accordingly
  • white knights’ unctuous “supportiveness” toward their slutty female friends can convince those sluts to delay settling down to ride the cock carousel, possibly costing them a marriage and family to a quality (read: non-loser) man
  • white knights’ unthinking readiness to rush to a bitchy woman’s defense can encourage bitches to stay bitches instead of improving their personalities to attract good men
  • white knights’ instant and unquestioning forgiveness of women who have wronged them can create monsters incapable of guilt and tempted to take advantage of weak men for as long as they can get away with it

There is no end to the ways in which not being a white knight is better than being a white knight. The time when white knighting had any personal or social benefit was a long time ago; specifically when Western societies were structured around female deference and low cock counts. In that environment, male chivalry made sense.

PS The reader would do well to bracket this entire post in ((())) for improved understanding.

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Cirque du Solei is the most recent entertainment act to boycott North Carolina over a law passed in the state barring mentally ill men in dresses from peeing in front of your daughter in women’s restrooms.

CdS morally preens ans status whores about opposing “discrimination in any form”, (really? discrimination against necrophiliacs too?), but as Breitbart points out, Cirque du Sogay has no plans to cancel its shows in the United Arab Emirates where open homosexuals are put to death.

Cirque du Sashay is one of many examples of shitlib virtue signaling, in which the conspicuous assertion and indulgence of virtuous feeling is more important than virtuous deed. Boycotting a state for an eminently reasonable law to prohibit cross-dressing men from women’s restrooms while continuing to do business in a country that would throw cross-dressing men off buildings to cheering crowds below is as little virtuous as it is greatly hypocritical. Donning a mantle of virtue to impress friends and win plaudits from similarly signaling virtuomos is not the same thing as actual virtue.

There are three psychological motivations compelling shitlib virtue signaling about tranny “””rights””” (this bullet list can be applied to nearly every shitlib cause du jour).

1. Shitlibs don ‘t really believe Arabs (or blacks/mestizos/gypsies/etc) are as evolved, culturally or genetically, as Western Whites, and therefore can’t be expected to adhere to Western morals. Shitlibs are in truth extremely racist and expect more from Whites and less from nonWhites, which is why they punish (as they see it) minor transgressions by BadWhites more severely than major transgressions by NuminousNonwhites.

2. Shitlibs don’t really give a shit about tranny rights, they just want to act self-righteous and gain social status points with their amygdala-stunted SWPL peers. Their virtue, such as it is, is wholly self-aggrandizing in the pursuit of social benefits that will redound to their (awkwardly androgynous) reproductive fitness.

3. Shitlibs are one group of Whites that hate another group of Whites, and their moral causes are merely weaponized rhetoric to lower the social standing of the enemy Whites best situated to be the group that ousts shitlibs from power. Virtue signaling thus accomplishes two fitness-maximizing tasks for the shitlib: raising their own social status and lowering the social status of their most immediate and capable competitors: nonshitlib Whites and shitlib Whites who may grow a pair and stray off the reservation (taking many others with them to foment revolution against the reigning shitlib order). In this motivation, virtue signaling can as reasonably be called ‘virtue warning’.

As the scope of the battles in which shitlibs can morally posture shrinks, the ridiculousness of their causes approaches lunacy. We are reaching the logical end-game of shitlibbery, and it’s nothing less than wholesale normalization of mental illness. One can only guess what’s next on the shitlib plate, but advocacy for “benign” forms of pedophilia and bestiality are certainly a possibility.

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There is a theory to explain the origins of the core population of White cucks. (I use the term “cucks” in its shitlordy colloquial sense to mean White people who express more solidarity with antagonistic nonWhites than they do with their congenial racial kin.) This White cuck theory, associated with the writings of HBDChick, invokes two historical processes to account for the evolved psychological preferences of NW European Whites to feel altruistic urges and a moral duty toward strangers and particularly toward nonWhite strangers:

manorialism and non-kin marriage.

Basically, over a thousand-year period (or less) in the parts of Europe that today correspond to the Germanic nations, Scandinavia, and England, (aka core Europe), outbreeding (cousin marriage was prohibited by the Catholic Church) and circumstantial pressures (e.g., manorialism) that selected for more cooperative and docile individuals created a distinct type of people who are amusingly known by the acronym W.E.I.R.D.O. in social science circles — Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, Democratic, and Outbred.

I would add my personal theories to HBDchick’s emphasis on outbreeding and manorialism to explain the development of White universal altruism: the Buffer Zone Theory and The Culling. Core NW Europe, being a core, is surrounded by White nations and White tribes. Over millennia, this “ring of white” lands shielded core Europe from the worst depradations of the nonWhite world. This proto-NATO defense umbrella permitted the rapid selection for supranice Whites within the Bubblecuck region who had rarely had to confront violence on a regular basis from truly foreign-looking and -acting invaders. From other Whites, yes. But not so much from Vibrancy.

The Culling simply states that the great 20th century wars of White fratricide removed the hardiest and least cucked men from the gene pool. I don’t see how a continent’s character emerges unchanged by 80+ million premature deaths.

Whatever their provenance, altruistic WEIRDOS all have psychological traits in common, and one very noticeable commonality is their NICENESS. If you’re American, you’ll encounter this radical niceness in the Midwest and plains states, where White people of Core European lineage settled and multiplied. It’s practically the basis for the humor in the movie Fargo. Nice Germanics and Scandis and Anglos will have nary an unkind word to say about anyone, and warmly welcome any traveler who might wander into their lands. They are trusting (and trustworthy) and are just about the best kind of people to go to for a car repair, financial advice, or contract negotiation. They won’t screw you over, and they (perhaps naively) believe no one means to screw them over.

These are the people, not to put too fine a point on it, who practically built Western Civilization and modern society.

What can one possibly say about them that is less than fulsome praise? There is no end to the ways in which nice people are nicer than not-nice people…

except for one flaw in the WEIRDO algorithm.

One very big flaw.

Possibly an existential flaw that will negate every good thing achieved by these NiceWhites.

Their gullibility.

(Throw in a predilection for sanctimony, and you’ve got all the ingredients for supreme cuckitry.)

I agree with John Derbyshire that Midwestern NiceWhiteness “is America’s Achilles heel, and will bring down our civilization one day.” It’s becoming more apparent that these niceguy White cucks will go to their golly gee willikers graves dispensing unreciprocated niceness on the world’s ingrate riff raff, and in their misdirected zeal to be nice to the world’s 7 billion not-nice schemers and dirty dealers, they’ll take America down with them.

The Trumpening is illustrative. Twatter renegade @Ricky_Vaughn99 compiled a list of the state-by-state share of pro-Trump vs anti-Trump White ethnic groups that can be used to predict Trump wins.


The anti-Trump NiceWhites are mostly inside-the-Hajnal, core NW European ethnicities. (Keep in mind these are the cucks who happily voted for Marco Lubio, and who love open borders nutjob John Cucksich. Ironically, fake phony fraudulent slimeball Ted Cruz is a beneficiary of cuck love. Like I said, gullible.)

The pro-Trump Whites who love his fighting spirit, properly directed decency, and straight talk are borderlands, periphery, Southern, and Central/Eastern European ethnicities. These are the Whites who get, at least on a gut level, the danger posed to survival by the mass migration of alien peoples who have nothing in common with the White-centric heritage of America.

There might be an intervention which could save NiceWhites from themselves, and thereby save America and the West: forced integration with the blessings of Diversity™. You’ll note most NiceWhites live in very White states. And most RealWhites — Whites who are less gullible about the realities of the world and who prefer Realtalk over Poopytalk — live with or near nonWhite Diversity.

The hypothetical remedial emerges: expose the NiceWhites to those vibrant characters they claim represent “who we are”, let stew for a generation or two, and voila!… hardened shitlords speaking openly about the coming RaHoWa and assuming the aliases of ancestral Viking berserkers and Visigoth barbarians.

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Why is John “Cat Lady” Kasich — he who dribbles tepid platitudes like “migrants are made in the image of the Lord” and wants to hoard millions of them in the US as if they were stray cats — even in the GOP nomination race? He won’t win another state. Ohio was his hunchbacked cri de coeur. A 1-for-29 winning streak that can only get worse from here. Not to mention, the whole “aw shucks golly gee willikers” facade to dupe placid Midwesterners is just that; Cucksich is in reality a mean-spirited prick.

So what’s his angle? Obviously, he was employed as a GOPe suicide bomber. His job was to flush 66 delegates down the toilet so Trump couldn’t get them, increasing the hopes of the cuck traitors of a brokebacked convention that would cut Trump off from the nomination. Scum of the earth, these cucks, and how much clearer does it have to be shown to middle and working class Whites that their putative representatives in truth hate them with a passion and do nothing for them but make their lives worse?

Over on Twatter, Dick Brisket (@EmpireOfJeff) puts it well.

1. Consider: Kasich knows he has no shot at winning the nomination. So why would he stay in the race? It’s pretty simple, if depressing.

2. The GOPe has promised him some political plum in exchange for his help in keeping Trump from winning 1,237 delegates.

3. This is exactly the type of back-room dealing and betrayal of the voters’ wishes that got Rubio rejected so soundly.

4. It’s not that the GOP hasn’t learned. It’s that they hate you, resent even having to pay lip service to your demands, and now you’ll pay.

5. It may be suicidal for the party, but they don’t care. They will NOT share power with those they consider beneath them.

6. So what does that mean for the GOP? They’re finished. Expect at least 2 parties to emerge after this debacle. One Tea Partyish, one Estab.

7. Does this mean some time in the wilderness for conservatives? Of course it does. There was never any savior coming to fix our problems.

8. The country is now >50% Free Shitter. Hillary was president as soon as she announced her candidacy. That’s the America we live in.

Two thoughts. One, Hillary is not a shoe-in. Most Dems are secretly worried the most about Trump as a general election opponent. Trump has tremendous cross-over appeal that the GOP haven’t seen from their candidates since, oh, Reagan.

Two, Kasich was the Cucksters’ Last Stand. They don’t have any bullets left in the chamber. And I don’t think it will stumpening the Trumpening. At worst, the cuck show limps along all the way to the convention with Trump holding a comfortably large plurality of delegates, just shy of the 1,237 needed to lock the nom down. If the cucks’ menstrual flow hasn’t stopped by then, a GOPe split is a real possibility. I give it 40% chance at this point.

Either outcome — GOPe schism or GOPe acquiescence to Trump — means the end of the reign of “liberals are the real racists!” cucks. You could call it a Cuckularity. And it will be good.

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