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Anna Merlan has a post up at Jizzebel about Trump, Hitler, Nazis, White Nationalists, and Hitler. That’s really all you need to know. In full, it is as stupid and incoherent and rife with empty-headed aging Millennial snark as CH’s executive summary makes it sound. Basically, shitlibs are flooding their diapers that Whites are starting to do what other racial groups have always done: embrace a race-aware political identity.

But the real story here, as is usually the case with these indignant witch burning histrionics from the thin-skinned bluehair nosepierce generation, is the circus sideshow that defines the life of the author. Let us recall that Anna Merlan is the acid-blooded feminist xenomorph who helped breathe life into the UVA fraternity rape hoax (a hoax roundly exposed by numerous media outlets), who was rightly condemned for her poor journalistic standards (i.e., libel), who lashed out in a vengeful rage and initially refused to own up to her part in the lie, and who finally was forced to issue a snide apology for her efforts at menstrually smearing the reputations of innocent men.

Merlan the Lizard

Merlan the Lizard

A huge cunt, all in all.

Anna Merlan’s been lying her whole life. She’s a Nimrod Class sociopath and attention whore, who uses lies to construct her glowing self-conception. A sane society would shun her kind to the icy wastelands, and never allow her to sully any respectable organization.

Given the well-known background on Anna Merlan — her lying, dissembling, malevolence, man-hating, and unethical, incompetent journalistic practices that make mockery of the field — why is she still employed? How is it that she is still able to have a platform to vomit her lies and libel after everything that is known about her?

Could it be………


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Reader PA recoils at some dissident elements who are taking the morbid opportunity of Vester Flanagan’s homosexual black-on-white racist murder spree to dump on the victims for their sin of liberal SWPLness.

She was a pretty girl doing human interest stories. She and her three future White children are gone. He was a technician. Let’s wait to do a vicarious touchdown dance when an American Brevik takes care of a senior editor with a track record.

Yeah dumping on Alison Parker (or Adam Ward) doesn’t make any sense at all. She was an attractive SLENDER white woman (a rare commodity nowadays) who, by all accounts, had a feminine personality (even rarer). Her face radiated sweetness.

However, I was listening to the news (big mistake) and I heard her father (confirmed), give a statement to the press that was straight outta the SWPL SJW leftoid equalist playbook — blame guns, don’t mention the 800 pound faggot chimp in the room — that left me feeling utterly despondent that a large fraction of Whites will ever see the light. They will have to be dragged kicking, screaming, and maybe dying, to the truth.

The human ego is that strong. So strong that it can cloud an ideological liberal father’s mind and make him say things which are the equivalent of pissing on his daughter’s fresh grave. I understand that in his inconceivable grief he may not be thinking straight and is giving in to his cultivated compulsion to blame a convenient liberal token of the anti-White hate machine… in this case, guns… for his daughter’s murder. But a healthy White society doesn’t fill the heads of its liberal contingent with abject lies and false narratives so thoroughly that even the murder of a daughter is incapable of shaking her father from his cherished shibboleths.

A healthy White society speaks power to truth. Clear eyes, full hearts, unpolluted minds. In this aspirational society, a liberal White father who feels antipathy to gun owners would not, as his first instinct, lurch to parrot a liberal political agenda to explain away the murder of his lovely daughter by an envious, resentful, white-hating, violent, homosexually imbalanced black male.

Alison Parker’s father is far from the first liberal father of a daughter murdered by a numinous negro to avoid staring into the abyss for the comfort of his ideological purity. He will not be the last.

Until he literally is the last.

With heavy heart, I concede that liberal Whites are simply irredeemable. If a daughter’s sadistically televised and annotated murder by a buttfucking dindu can’t rouse a father, in his crisis moment of uncontrollable rage and grief, to surrender his conspicuously disproven liberal beliefs in a soul-cleansing warrior’s wail of righteous vengeance that honors the memory of his slain child…

then nothing will.

The inevitable logic of rancid ethnomasochism is death. Of the body and of the ego.

There is no other way out, but betrayal of their equalist-drenched anti-principles.

And when has that ever happened?

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Know a man by his enemies. If the GOP cuckservatives… and they appear to be legion, a limitless supply of them tepidly squirting off the ball-gag assembly line… devoted half as much energy and righteousness against their putative foes, the Democrats, as they do trying to stump the Trump, they might actually win a national election again.

But they won’t, because the truth is that the establishment right is just as liberal, in outlook and acquired lifestyle, as the equalist left, the only difference between them resolving somewhere in the former’s eagerness to bomb globocorporate democracy into the heart of middle eastern shitholes.

Trump is a populist, tapping a deep vein of white middle class unease that has been dangerously repressed by sixty years of Hivemind thought policing. This is why he is WINNING and this is why the Legacy Right is now, in the full clarity of legitimate opposition, showing their true colors: vagina pink.

Which brings us to this edition of White Male Pussy of the Month. Behold, The Ultimate Cuck, Ken Gardner:

The best response to nauseating Cuck Dolls like Ken is that old Game stand-by, Agree&Amplify:


A commenter sees that Trump is locking down the female vote.

Have you seen this list of the top 5 questions Google users search for relating to each candidate?


Trump’s are hilarious. They read like list of questions women would ask him on a first date:

1) How old is Donald Trump?
2) How tall is Donald Trump?
3) What is Donald Trump’s net worth?
4) Is Donald Trump married?
5) Who is Donald Trump?

Game, recognized?

How I imagine The Trumpening would answer each of those questions, were they posed to him directly.

1. “Younger than Hillary.”
2. “Tall. Very tall. You guys believe in the gene thing?”
3. “10 billion.”
4. “Yes. Marriage is great. I love marriage so much I did it three times. Couldn’t get enough.”
5. “The Gom Jabbar. Crisis and observation.”


A whiny Narrative gatekeeper who learned his craft throwing open the gates to his anus tut-tuts Trump for his use of the term “anchor baby”. Trump responds with Trumpian alphatude.

And some people still wonder why Trump is leading in the polls. Hey, here’s a thought… maybe Americans are sick and tired of mincing faggots?

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Commenter Dr Giggles passes along a funny real-life confirmation of the CH observation that pit bulls have become a save-a-thug-dog accessory for SWPLs who just can’t stop status whoring by redirecting their overcharged altruistic impulse past fellow badwhites (and the dogs preferred by badwhites, such as labs) and onto blacks and the dogs most resembling blacks in scowl and tendency to spontaneous violence.

I’d like to point out that this isn’t the first time CH has called out Shitlib High Priest Ira Glass on his mewling, manlet mannerisms. Years ago CH wrote about a trend involving SWPLs (predecessors to SJWs and Shitlibs) adopting rescue pit bulls. CH thoroughly dismissed their selfish intentions as nothing more than a savior complex gone sideways.


Well, guess who owns one and then did a story about how disastrous it has been for him? Not only does Glass’ pit bull, Piney, ruin his social life by attacking visitors, but the damn thing attacks him and his wife regularly. On top of that he has to buy exotic food, like kangaroo meat because Piney gets allergies. The dog also gets prescribed Valium by the vet. Glass puts up with it on account of his wife, and with the help of some monster sized hamster pellets.


A part of me would love it if more SWPLs adopted rescue pit bulls and had their faces torn off in the middle of the night because their pit bulls inexplicably went on unprovoked chomp-outs. But then there are the SWPL kids, innocent bystanders to their parents’ warped delusions about the world and need to preen for other SWPLs by taking on dog cuck projects, with whom one must sympathize. Pit bulls are known to have a real taste for yummy infant meat.

Predictably, after the shitlib gets his face eaten off, he’ll blame dog discrimination and his knapsack of white dog owner privilege, and say that although he was disappointed in his pit bull, Flaytavious, more needs to be done to lift this misunderstood breed out of poverty and hopelessness.


hosswire adds a comment about dog breeds so full of shitlib pants-wetting implications for humanity that it’s a wonder the Ministry of Hateful Anti-Hate Censorship didn’t flag it for “disappearance”.

Before 1835, the most vicious dog breed around was probably the Bulldog. It was bred to fight, or bait, bulls for entertainment. With an aggressive temperament, underslung jaw and thick neck, it attacked bulls in a ring, latching its teeth onto the bull’s nose and hanging on until the bull collapsed.

Once bull-baiting was outlawed in the UK, some called for the eradication of the breed. Instead, breeders deliberately bred the aggressiveness out of the breed, selecting the most gentle and calm specimens and eliminating the rest. Today, the English Bulldog is a pretty safe choice for a family pet.

The same thing could happen with pit bulls, if breeders and owners chose to do it. But it’s unlikely, as long as people continue to deny that it is inherently aggressive to start with.

The first step in progress is to stop telling lies. The rest of the steps are a piece of cake after that first step.

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Reader Alex has found Kevin Williamson of National Review behaving rudely and acting very, very disrespectful toward women.

Kevin Williamson of National Review called Melania Trump a “plastic surgery disaster wife.” Haven’t yet found a Goldberg column condemning this rude sexism.


Jonah Goldberg is on record condemning Donald Trump’s rudeness and lack of respect for women. I wonder what Jonah Fatberg, arbiter of polite discourse, has to say about his colleague’s violation of cherished conservative principles?

You see, NR cucks, when you play the “how wude!” card don’t be surprised if your weak hand gets trumped by a pair of sadistic shivs.


Trump: 1, Cucks: a great big glory hole. Cuck News chieftain Ailes tells the MegYnites to back off Trump. MMmmm… I taste the tears of unfathomable cuckery.


Reader Robert What? asks,

Am I the only one who thinks that NR is sounding more like NPR every day?

No, you’re not. This is crisis and observation. The crisis is the apt cuckservative label, which has wonderfully focused the minds of the cocktail party conservatives who are its target. Now, sadistic interpreters of the id like yours truly observe their response. It is a clarifying moment, and as expected the cucks are showing their true colors, dispensing with their usual cuck and hive “standing athwart history mewling ‘not just yet'” and fully embracing their inner shitlib.

The sooner these phonyfucks are tossed overboard by fed-up voters, and readers, the better.

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It will be morning in America when these low T manlets like Erickson and Rod Dreher are washed from the system for good. The country’s had enough of gutless pansies throwing their dresses over their heads every time they hear a naughty word or a dose of realtalk.



Jonah Fatberg, the amorphous cuckservative blob who loved throwing around the “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” insult, has been reduced to playing the “how wude!” card against The Trumpening. That’s all he and his kind have left: appeals to politeness. The “how wude!” card is the last hand of the weasel who has suddenly found himself the target of hate he himself has dished out for years.

Well, CH don’t play by Goldberg’s rules. Fuck off, fat boy. The front lines are everywhere now.


First post-debate poll finds Trump holding his lead over the little GOP girls in grown men’s bodies.


Commenter McGonzo quotes Jonah Fatberg, proving beyond a doubt Fatberg’s disingenuous cuckservative bona fides.

Fatberg: “Are we really going to go down the insane path of saying that real conservatives must abandon good manners and respect for women to demonstrate their purity?”

Versus constantly apologizing and atoning for the unforgivable sins of being a straight, rich, white, male married to a babe?

Check out that “respect for women” canard Fatberg throws out there along with his stinky red herring about “demonstrating conservative purity”. One, respect must be earned. MegYn Kelly’s grrlpower interrogation was an obvious hit job on Trump. She was ordered by higher-ups to take him out, so she went with the radioactive “war on women” smear so beloved by leftoid equalists. A totally insubstantial slander that added nothing to the debate or raised any pressing issues. Never mind that there are people, men and women, deserving of richly textured insults, Fatberg wants you to think politeness is the core tenet of the conservative philosophy.

Two, no anti-cuckservative Trump supporter said anything about “conservative purity.” Most dissident rightists know Trump is far from a pure conservative. That’s not why they support him against the wishes of the entire Hivemind apparatus. Trump is supported because he’s right, or more right than any other cuck, on the national question — unlimited immigration and demographic dispossession of the native Whites — and because he’s got balls and doesn’t immediately lick the taint of liberals when they throw SJW tantrums at him.

But obviously Fatberg knows nothing of balls, having surrendered his completely when NR purged the only interesting realtalkers they had writing for that recipe swapping rag.


In related news, Bernie Sanders got a taste of the vibrancy he champions while normally stationed safely at his 98.7% White state of Vermont.

:lol: Cuckservatives like Fatberg will tell you Sanders deserves this howler monkey mobbing because LIEBRULS are the REAL RACISTS.

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Via reader “Game for the Hunt”, a scathing quote from a great man that presages the current de-balling of America’s “conservatives”.

The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of the Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected.”

G.K. Chesterton, Illustrated London News, 4/19/24

A simple ‘heh’ will do here.

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