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Meet Francis Dominicus. He’s the memelord responsible for creating instantly iconic and stirring visual memes of Trump.

The Supertrump* smirk on that last one slays me.

*goodbye shitlibs it’s been nice
hope you find your peace of mind
tried to warn you of our memes
hope your tears will salt your dreams…

Joining Dominicus in the pantheon of maul-right street artists (a small but effective cadre of creatives who wield the technicolor shiv better than any leftoid art school phag does) is Sabo. We need more of these kinds of men to take it to the shitlibs’ turf. The triggering should go global, and spare no anti-White virtue sniveler. We attack now with words and art, because we know the horrors that follow when the words and art fail to disarm the enemy. If you’re not keen on all-out war, you make your words and art count. In this sense, men like Sabo and Dominicus are the real humanitarians to which the Leftoid Excrescence can only pretend.

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The vulnerable underbelly of the Leftoid Fuggernaut is the First Amendment. This is why leftoids have recently taken to dismissively snarking about “freeze peach” and claiming that hate speech isn’t covered by the First Amendment…they know that this is their biggest weakness if the Right decides to focus its firepower there instead of turning its guns against allies or retreating to the coward’s haven of fealty to high minded principles that conveniently excuse them from the battlefield fight.

I overhead a conversation at a table of Uptalking Vegetable Lasagnas…three un-hued males, two mystery meat women…talking politics. One of the soyboys croaked, “…it’s really problematic…”


I pause here for station identification and a programming note that this upstart male actually used the word “problematic”. For a time, I thought “problematic” was a funny meme cooked up in the 4chan labs to skewer how shitlibs talk. I didn’t think it was documentation of shitlib speech habits in the wild.


“…that the alt-right is trying to co-opt the First Amendment….”

I tuned out after that, but not before jotting a mental reminder to post about that particular snippet of lib-id. The Left is afraid, really afraid, that they are losing, or have lost, the moral high ground on the subject of free speech and free assembly. And they would be right to fear it, because they have done nothing but sneer at free speech contemptuously for the past few years, pass hate speech codes on campuses nationwide, violently protest alt-right rallies, dox and destroy the livelihoods of anyone caught saying a bad word somewhere on social media, kick crimethinkers off the internet, and glibly call for physical violence against anyone who speaks unauthorized opinions on subjects that shitlibs deem closed to further review.

It’s perfectly reasonable to accuse the shitliberal establishment of anti-Americanism and label them heirs to the Orwellian Big Brother nightmare, because their actions prove they don’t believe a word of the First Amendment. Deep in their BPA-saturated hearts, the saner shitlibs feel a twinge of discomfort about the anti-free speech direction their rule has taken of late. This is the fissure into which smart maul-righters can drive a sharp wedge fracturing the Anti-White Leftoid Alliance, peeling off some of the red-blue mixed Purple Pilled White libs from the nonwhites and (((whites))) who don’t give a flying fuck about the principles of Anglo governance and the racial temperament from which those principles derive. The White libs who still harbor a quaint respect for the First Amendment won’t convert, but they’ll “retire” from politics and take their competence with them.

Alt-Righters should be hitting this free speech angle HARD. Every rally should feature the defense of free speech and assembly as its unifying theme, because free speech permits the expression and exposure of every other theme that energizes the pro-White counterculture. Freedom to express ideas without getting fired or purged or blacklisted means that there’s a chance those ideas percolate into mass consciousness and the needle moves away from the Lies and Ugliness of Equalism and toward Truth and Beauty.

Free speech is the first right enunciated in the Bill of Rights for a reason. Without it, all other rights are effectively voided. Given its importance to a republic, the default defense of free speech should always err on the side of absolutism.

Codified free speech is uniquely American. It’s what sets us apart from the rest of the benighted world, and from our ancestral homelands in Europe. It’s why when we’re kids learning about the Bill of Rights, we feel pride in our 1A heritage. It’s as American as apple pie and imported chinese junk. The Wild-Right needs to own free speech and assembly, and hang the smelly albatross of speech criminalization on the Leftoid Fuggernaut. Champion 1A, and the rest of your revolutionary pro-White agenda starts to look more A-1 to normies.

PS In case I haven’t already linked to this, here’s Pleasurecel on the importance of fighting tooth and nail for the rights guaranteed in the First Amendment.

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Recall Poon Commandment VII, because Trump just obeyed it.

VII. Always keep two in the kitty

Never allow yourself to be a “kept man”. A man with options is a man without need. It builds confidence and encourages boldness with women if there is another woman, a safety net, to catch you in case you slip and risk a breakup, divorce, or a lost prospect, leading to loneliness and a grinding dry spell. A woman knows once she has slept with a man she has abdicated a measure of her power; when she has fallen in love with him she has surrendered nearly all of it. But love is ephemeral and with time she may rediscover her power and threaten to leave you. It is her final trump card. Withdrawing all her love and all her body in an instant will rend your soul if you are faced with contemplating the empty abyss alone. Knowing there is another you can turn to for affection will fortify your will and satisfy your manhood.

If you’ve been keeping abreast of the news lately (after dutifully sifting through the 99% of it that’s Fake anti-White and anti-Trump trash), you’ll have noticed Trump making overtures to some Dems on raising the debt ceiling and reworking the tax code.

Trump is doing exactly what I predicted he would do after eight months of the GOPe thwarting him at every turn: dissociating himself from Congressional recucklicans and threatening their 2018 midterm prospects by reaching out to Dems. This is CLASSIC push/pull Game. Works on girls, works on cucks.

It’s also a bracing demonstration of CH Poon Commandment VII: Always keep two in the kitty. Trump has some major Dems lined up as working partners (however temporary) who are situated to reap the legislative and midterm election rewards if their partnership is successful. The Dems are like plate #2 in Trump’s kitchen vaginet (aka his cherry-go-round). Their purpose is to instill dread in Trump’s primary girl, the GOPe.

But the GOPe cucks have been trying to divorce Trump since he announced his candidacy. They have withdrawn their love from Trump, so he has responded by reminding them he has another “woman” waiting for him on the side. This has had the predictable effect of scaring the shit out of the GOPe cucks, who stand to lose no matter what happens now — they either lose their midterm election prospects to the blossoming Trump-Dem alliance, or they lose their Chamber of Commerce big money donors by finally giving Trump the populist agenda he wants.

This is more evidence that he Game that works on women is the same Game that works on….well, womanly men like GOPe cucks and Dems.

PS Here’s an incredibly based video clip of Steve Bannon (pbuh) delivering a two minute shitlord salvo of realtalk that blows open the reality of the swamp’s existence and its tireless efforts to sabotage Trump.

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Trump’s Compliance Game

Donald Trump has Game. It’s a contributing factor to his improbable ascension to the White House. His message coupled with his charisma won the hearts of many Americans.

Trump’s command of core Game techniques is a marvel to behold. He reframes, he plows through resistance, he agrees & amplifies, he disqualifies, he assumes the sale. He’s a master seducer, of women and of voters, even of those who would not normally be his natural constituency. In this video, you’ll watch Trump deliver an excellent example of “Compliance Game” on a black dude who doesn’t at first seem too pleased with Trump. Skip to 4:20 for the relevant bantz.

The black guy complains about something and Trump listens, asks him to point out whomever it is the black guy is mentioning as part of his complaint, and then Trump tells him to “bring those people over here”, after which the black guy says “yes, sir” with enthusiasm and trots off to do the President a solid.

You’ll like a person for whom you do a favor more than you’ll like a person who does a favor for you. This is the Personal Investment Halo Effect that Game cleverly exploits to help men seduce women who might otherwise be out of their league.

The purpose of compliance testing is to gauge interest and, more powerfully, to increase interest through manipulating the perception of investment. If a person complies with your request, he or she will feel like they’ve invested something of themselves in you and your well-being, and thus will perceive you having high value or moral worth, because why else would they do something for you? Trump gets this aspect of human nature, and you can see it in action in the above video as he easily mingles among the “commoners” despised by our insular, credentially inbred elites, who have to take classes to learn how to communicate with them in the robotic patois that defined Hillary Clinton’s interactions with the rabble.

The triggering irony is that our first implicitly white nationalist president is more comfortable jiving with regular black folks than our first half-black oval office squatter Gay Mulatto ever was. Will the leftoid media accurately report this reality? HA.

FYI this is why I have always contended that obama wan’t our first black prez. He was our first SWPL president. A president for effete craft brew sipping urbane shitlib whites with zero muscle tone….because he IS one of them. Obama is exhibit A in the thesis that race is more than skin color…..race goes to the bone. And obama’s bone-deep race pilfered a lot of DNA from his megamandibled single white mama who was virtue sniveling before it was a thing.

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Maul-Right rallies and protests in the heart of shitlib shires are important contributions to shifting the Weltanshauung to sanity, because (as reader PA might say) it’s good strategic sense to let shitlibs know they can’t strut around the public space anymore like they own it.

But rightist rallies, whether peripheral alt-right LARPfests or stadium-sized Trump throngs of Heritage America normies, won’t get the MAGA job done by themselves.

It’s fairly well grasped by even Joe Schmoe that Trump has no friends in the corrupt ruling class. The Dems, the GOPe, the media, the Creep State, academia, Big Tech, the billionaires, the Mohel Minority…they all hate Trump and all work tirelessly to thwart his nationalist populism vision. The evil arrayed against Trump is truly impressive, and terrible in scope. Even a God Emperor can’t stand against those odds and win without a little help from his friends. His friends…the half of the American people who voted for him.

As Agnostic writes, we the people are Trump’s leverage.

The oligarchic groups all desperately want the general public to butt out of politics, and Trump has a unique and distinct ability to turn the public loose on the political battlefield, and the oligarchs have no way to immediately shove the public back off. So that’s quite a bit of leverage, if applied.

Maybe that means motivating them to turn out at the polling stations to determine the winner of an election, and maybe it means motivating them to turn out to the Mall in DC, where millions of citizens assemble to order the Pentagon to get the hell out of Afghanistan (and other places).

What is the RNC or the DNC going to do to counter-act our collective action at the ballot box — rig tens of millions of votes? And what is the Pentagon going to do to counter-act a massive assembly demanding an end to our failed and wasteful foreign policies — open fire on millions of normal citizens? I don’t think so. They won’t be able to ignore that level of escalation from the people, and will have to fold lest it get worse. […]

But left by himself, Trump has very little power to inflict damage on the enemy groups or individuals — he needs his supporters to act as a force multiplier.

That base is nothing to scoff at. They can rescue this nation from the brink of a suicidal plunge into globohomo banana republicanism and tyrannical corporatocracy. But only if Trump calls on them, and only if they — you and I — are willing to step up and be his force multiplier.

On that note, what we should strive toward is a Great Cuck Chuck of 2018. Political and social agitation can create a groundswell for the ousting of GOPe cucks, either by primarying them or, if necessary, by supporting any halfway sane Dems against them in the general mid-term election. Traitors first, enemies second.

Trump may have to wait until after the 2018 midterms when the cucks are swept from power to begin enacting his pro-Heritage America agenda with a vengeance. Trump can play a part in making the Great Cuck Chuck of 2018 happen by dissociating himself from Congress as much as possible. Withhold his endorsements, endorse upstart populists, talk about “working with sensible Dems because the GOP isn’t interested in making America great again”, etc.

I believe Trump has his heart in the right place, and he is being strangled into assuming a lowly figurehead status by the denizens of The Swamp. But our God Emperor should not think he’s alone. He may have no friends in power, but he has power in his friends — ordinary Americans who voted for him because they rightly sensed the Deep State Globohomo Establishment is their enemy.

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Goolag shuts down free speech. So what does 4Chan /pol/, the Army of the People, do in righteous retaliation? They disrupt Goolag’s advertising with bots, and it’s working.

EVERYBODY GET AdNauseam to fuck up google! Also use TrackMeNot so (((they))) getting fucked up profiles from u.



https://ageofshitlords.com/4chan-launched-war-Yes, it’s fucking working /g/ents! Google is issuing refunds to advertisers because of fake traffic and fake clicks.

>Google Issuing Refunds to Advertisers Over Fake Traffic, Plans New Safeguard
>Some advertisers question level of refunds, want more details about fraudulent traffic

>In the past few weeks, Google has informed hundreds of marketers and ad agency partners about the issue with invalid traffic, known in the industry as “ad fraud.” The ads were bought using the company’s DoubleClick Bid Manager over the course of a few months this year, primarily in the second quarter.

If you haven’t already, install AdNauseam. It’s a fork of uBlock Origin and it does everything that uBO does PLUS it sends fake clicks to advertisers and trackers and it confuses them and it fucks the people who pay for ads. The net effect is that advertising is becoming less and less profitable and people who pay for this shit are losing fate in the system.


This is the only way to kill Evil Google.


Beautiful. This is how you defeat a bigger enemy who has more resources and fewer moral scruples: Clever subversion. Remember that we have one thing our enemy does not: Truth. And with that Truth as our weapon, no Lord of Lies is too big to fall.

Defeating the anti-White Globohomo technoborg won’t be easy or painless. We’ll have to amass our forces for targeted strikes at the enemy’s weak spots.

Take a page from Hillary Clinton’s hero, Alinsky: Make shitlib companies who penalize Trump supporters suffer by isolating, freezing, and polarizing one shitlib company, as a lesson for the others. Trump has already done that to CNN. Now we return the favor. 4Chan is doing it to Goolag. If Goolag pays a price for their tyrannical suppression of dissident voices, then it’s likely other tech companies that control the carrier transoms will back off from their anti-White agenda to avoid a similar hit to the bottom line.

Attacking the anti-White fat cat oligarchs from all angles will get us to victory. #AltTech + anti-trust + class action lawsuits + counter-propaganda + government oversight + whatever else diminishes the power of the digital y1d. Pax Dickinson (Gab -> @pax), for instance, is interested in creating an AltTech communications platform immune to corporatocracy censorship campaigns and purges:

Here’s my #AltTech deck/manifesto which calls for the launch of an alternative tech industry re-dedicated to free speech and innovation. Ambitious and probably unrealistic but goddamn it would be so beautiful. https://www.slideshare.net/paxdickinson/alttech

The powers that be really fear an awakening White identity. You can tell because of how recklessly and desperately they’re trying to stop its rise and silence its best and brightest heralds. Naturally, their overreach will blow up in their faces. This is what happens when an elite becomes historically illiterate.

“Don’t be evil”

PS I’ve been alerted that Goolag recently dropped its “don’t be evil” motto. I guess Goolag decided evil is more in line with their mission statement. Or they couldn’t keep up the ruse any more with a straight face.

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Get this meme-wielding shitlord a Chateau VIP pass!

I laughed. More of this, please, and fewer of the self-serious nutzi arm band FBOy plants.

Given the massively coordinated gaystream media anti-White narrative boosterism following the police-antifa pincer movement in Charlottesville to disrupt an alt-right rally, it makes sense (for now) to abide some ancient warrior wisdom when confronting a much larger and stronger enemy: don’t present an easy target, move like water through the channels of power, subvert the power structure from within.

“Goy, Bye!” <== YOU ARE HERE does this effectively. Mockery, mockery, mockery. This is how the anti-White Left will be mortally wounded, if not outright defeated. So put down your spaztikas and start using your head before storming into battle with your flanks exposed. The enemy is clever; you must be cleverer.

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