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Trump’s substance — the wall, deportations, immigration moratorium, better trade deals, tariffs, noninterventionism — is what ultimately won over Heritage America. But Trump’s style — his Game — is what is destroying his enemies in and out of the media and keeping the morale of his supporters sky high.

Dawg writes,

It’s basic for Trump he has game and can handle women meaning our feminized elite and their followers.  Our betacons are stuck in the Ol’ Papa Conservative shtick and are utterly useless, Gen Z will pillow the fuck out of them, soon I hope.

Naturally, if Trump doesn’t follow through on his substantive promises, the bloom will eventually wear off his stylistic rose. And, inversely, if Trump had no Game, it’s not a sure bet he’d have been elected, or if he was if he could have manhandled the media and his enemies in the Deep State the way he has so far.

Dawg has hit the clit on the hood. The media/academia/globohomo bureaucracy are full-tilt feminized institutions staffed and womaned by feminized men, indeterminate androgynes, and masculinized manjaws pushing poz and shitliberalism by the metric ton. They are all, in effect, bitter cat ladies and BPD headcases with womanly sensibilities.

And this is why Trump owns them. He has Game. He has a history of seducing and screwing parades of beautiful women and, usually, leaving them better than he found them. Likewise with the female media, he screws them so good that they can’t stand afterwards, and act discombobulated for months on end.

The same Game that seduces the girl in the bar is the Game that seduces the feminized media to commit a series of self-discrediting own goals until they are begging to be loved again. (Which won’t happen, because they’re the equivalent of fat chicks. Hard pass.)

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I speculated on Twatter’s replacement that the infamous Deep-State-Exposed Memo would contain the following revelations:

1. mccabe sat on thecunt emails on huma laptop

2. secret society is real

3. lynch-comey-strzok collusion to exculpate thecunt in her email crime

4. FISA warrant issued from baseless evidence, sources and payment parties withheld by FBI from FISC judges

5. conclusion: fbi-doj-gaymulatto-thecunt conspiracy to influence election and subvert democracy

From what I’ve read of the publicly released memo, I was right on at least points 2, 4 and 5; thecunt loyalists in the FBI, DOJ, and gay mulatto admin spied on a political opponent using baseless “evidence” gathered by a firm hired by the DNC and by former British spy Steele who was being paid by the FBI for his services. The upcoming IG report should prove me right on points 1 and 3. (Rumor has it McCabe will be the one to sing for his freedom.)

That’s nothing less than the politicization of our law enforcement and intelligence agencies; a massive act of collusion between a presidential candidate and various unaccountable deep state actors in our three-letter agencies to spy on her opponent in the hopes of affecting an election outcome, or of undermining an incoming administration.

Bigger than Watergate would be an understatement. This is the Mother of All Political Scandals.

Others agree:

The entire “Russian collusion” hoax narrative is a political hit job by thecunt and her Stalinist lackeys in the Creep State. Is it time to officially declare the US a banana republic? Or are we Ingsoc now?

Via @Volbeck, “The FBI cries out in pain as it spies on you.”

Gummy Worm Comey is such an arrogant prick. Glad to see him get BTFO here, in the most shivvy manner possible (calling Phoney Comey what he is: a hillary hit man and treasonous eel).

The Hill reports the FISA memo is a “deep state bombshell”:

The Nunes memo is out, and it is a stunning rebuke of the prevailing Democrat narrative on Trump-Russia collusion. It shows, beyond reasonable doubt, that extreme abuses of authority and bad faith were instrumental in getting the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) to approve a counterintelligence warrant that circumvents normal 4th Amendment processes for an American citizen.


There can no longer be any doubt — oppo research was used to weaponize the intelligence collection process on behalf of one American political party against the other during a presidential election.


Their motivation for such an abuse appears to be that some or all of them shared the feelings of Steele, a British national, who according to the memo told the FBI he was “desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president.” The preponderance of the evidence now shows us Steele was not the only one who felt this way.


But we now have clear evidence that yes, Trump associates were targets of intelligence surveillance, using a flimsy partisan pretext that only makes sense if those advancing it from the corridors of government power were filled with a judgment-clouding hatred for all things Trump.


This seems like an appropriate time to quote Scripture at Comey,

But justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream” Amos 5:24

The Trump giveth, and the Trump taketh away.

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SOTU, Brute?

What I want to see tonight: SOTU, Brute?
What I will likely get: Unity pabulum
What reaction this will cause: Accelerated disunity
What this will mean for 2018: plausible cover for Trump to continue clotheslining cucks and Dems.


Ricky Vaughn names the cuck,

List of traitors:







I really hope Trump hits these fucking traitorous cucks right where it hurts in his SOTU tonight by mentioning how unrestricted immigration hurts blacks the most. Hang them by the penumbras of their own cuckery.


The best thing that could happen for Trump (and by extension for America) is if prominent Dems just come right out and start yakking about the benefit of making America less White. Stay tuned to those SOTU responses from the Treason Party!


I’m pre-jizzing at the happy thought that Trump stares down the CACA Caucus Dems and says, while pointing at the family members victimized by MS13 invaders, “their blood is on your hands.” (Won’t happen, but should.)


Trump getting co-opted in any way by the “polite” establishment has NO benefit for him whatsoever. He’ll lose his base and he’ll never get the support of the Left. He might be able to shave off a few nevertrump cucks, but that number is already low. He should stick to being Trump: a man called upon to wage war against a corrupt genocidal globohomo elite.


I really hope Trump doesn’t start blabbing about offering an amnesty as part of a “deal”. The word alone is kryptonite to his supporters. I’ll know this SOTU didn’t go over well if I see Lindsay Gayham clapping in the audience. I understand the need for CYA “unity calls” and vapid cucknoise of that nature; I just hope he doesn’t go overboard and get used to the applause from the enemies of Heritage America.


If time permits, I’ll be live-shivving cryin chuck schumer’s sweating merchant brow tonight.


Time did not permit. However, I read all about it. This is the best analysis of Trump’s SOTU:

It was a fantastic speech, though, and one that I’m making sure to spread to any independents I know that have negative or undecided opinions about Trump. My blue dog boomer parents are getting the transcript emailed to them this morning. (Actually, send this speech to every boomer you know, if only for the prescription drugs section.) This speech exists to drive a wedge between sensible moderates and democrats and their radical elements. This was pure divide and conquer. The more Trump doubters and haters you convince, the more effective the MAGA agenda becomes.

Look at the numbers for this speech that were posted online. Basically every republican, 1/2 of democrats, and 3/4 of indies liked this speech. That’s an election winner, every time. This is a winner’s speech. This has to be our tone, both in our lives and in our politics. This is the winning approach. As promised, Trump is teaching us how to win.

no_poz reminds me why sometimes the slow play — rather than the sick burn — is the better long-term strategy,

CH I get the desire to chew on the raw red meat of dems and cucks getting shiv’d by GEOTUS in front of millions. But I have noted you prodding readers to think outside the box and I’d encourage you to do it here. Surely you haven’t forgotten the three rules of Trump?

Give it time. He will not let us down. He is driving multiple wedges around the dems. They are being isolated and exposed as un-American, alien life forms. You are witness the complete decimation of a political party in slow motion. Schumer looked like fucking Golem and Pelosi is a Tales From The Crypt lich.

We’re just getting started here.

What I wanted to see for purely selfish reasons — shivs galore — was not necessarily best for Trump or Trumpism in this moment. He did the right thing by playing it down the middle. Now I hope that when the time comes to cash in the good will and leverage he’s built up for himself, he doesn’t go and ruin it with any permutation of a mass amnesty. In the end, it’s policy that matters. The road to get to the desired policy is great theater, but inconsequential when the costs and benefits are finally tallied and we are staring at either a rejuvenated America or a demographically doomed America.

Trust in Trump….but verify.

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More of this, please. Shitlibs on their turf should start feeling anxiety, dread, and fear. The public spaces they thought were theirs are no longer safe havens. The front lines are everywhere.


A thing is offended. Good.

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Like the “It’s Ok to be White” posters cropping up all over college campuses, you know a maul-right meme is spicy when it provokes lib snowflakes to an impotent rage that they can only relieve by tearing the offending signs down. And this one — My Borders My Choice — is extra spicy hot because it borrows the daffy feminist rhetoric of shitlibs, forcing our phony xenophilic single White women into grand mal cogdis seizures.

When these dumb broads are really kind of upset, America wins. Here’s another meme that gets under the thin skins of the right kinds of fishmouths: #OpenBordersForHotties.

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I’m not a black piller by any stretch, but it’s useful to read smart, iconoclastic black pill takes on Trump’s presidency to date, by people who have an affinity for Trumpism. Too much optimism or cheerleading can trap one into a dangerous complacency.

Complacency can lead to terrible outcomes like this one described by Butch Deadlift:

It’s not clear that the GOPe really minds a Dem wave in 2018.

They can win by losing, blame Trump-ism, claim it was tested and found to be unpopular, and that we need a Rubio-like candidate to win. Create ambiguity.

Meanwhile the Demographic clock is ticking.

Trump-ism needed a smart strategy to avoid this fate, doesn’t seem forthcoming.

Too much blind faith in Trump risks election losses that feed Uniparty delusions and will mean the next Trump, if he comes, won’t just chip away at the status quo. He’ll swing a sledgehammer.

So a little black pill every now and then helps unclog egoistic gunk. Just don’t get addicted to the pessimistic thrill. Not all black pills are created equal. Mendo had the best take on Black Pill taxonomy:

There are “the sky is falling” black pills and then there are “let me question some things” black pills.

Then again there are “ain’t I a-stinker” black pills, some of whom just love to post dour shit.

On the topic of reasonable skeptic black pills, Agnostic has been a good source (until recently…he too seems to have succumbed to the siren call of black pill overdosing). For instance, I don’t endorse this latest Agnostic thesis (too glib with the historical comparisons), but it’s interesting nonetheless: Is Trump the new Carter, and Bernie the next Reagan?

The triumph of the pure examples of the new zeitgeist will come as vindication to candidates who had previously run in their party’s primary (and when it was incumbent) but lost to a business-as-usual candidate. Reagan ran in the ’76 primary but lost to conventional Ford, and Bernie ran in the ’16 primary but lost to conventional Hillary. They were both just a little bit ahead of their time.

Why doesn’t the natural party for the new zeitgeist go with it right away? Probably because a major change is more likely to come from a party that is more desperate for a win, especially its voters. They’re more willing to take a high-risk high-reward gamble — Democrats on Carter in ’76, and Republicans on Trump in ’16. After being jolted awake from their laurel-resting complacency by these shock victories, the more natural party learns which way the winds are clearly blowing, and takes over its comparative advantage issue.


Like Carter — or at least, Carter’s administration — Trump, or at least his administration, will probably be remembered as one of the worst due to the schizophrenia, paralysis, and general malaise that comes during the necessary initial shifting of gears during re-alignment. Neither will get credit from the general public for giving the first push in the new direction, although historians will point that out.

Agnostic analyzes elections from a traditional economics angle. Who votes for whom is based entirely on personal economic well-being. The problem with this analytical premise is that it can miss big paradigmatic shifts in electorate behavior.

Polls and quadrennial elections are largely unaffected by slow demographic change, and therefore can be successfully analyzed from a purely “economic self-interest” angle even as demography (aka racial electoral power) churns the electorate from underneath. But eventually demographic tsunamis smash the old algorithms to smithereens. What worth is the White working class vote when Whites are a minority and US politics has descended into a third world theater of tribal gibs-jockeying?

Will Bernie win in 2020? The possibility is not remote, and Trump supporters should act now to prevent the election of a soft-headed commie with a love for open borders and Diversity that he got far away from when he moved to Vermont.

Bernie will be 79 by 2020, but I’ve no doubt that Trump fears a Bernie candidacy more than any other opponent. Trump has internals; he must know that Bernie eats into Trump’s White working class base like no other Dem. Thecunt won’t be around then to steal the nom from exotic sports car-driving Bernie. (she’ll be in jail)

All of which is to say, if Trump wants a second term, he had better get back to fulfilling his populist campaign promises instead of gloating over a tax cut and a roaring (for now) stock market. The afterglow of these old school conservative GOP initiatives has left Trump’s base muttering “meh”.

The reason a booming stock market (or for that matter a booming economy) doesn’t galvanize Trump’s support beyond his base to include independents and party-switching Dems is because the US has bifurcated into a dual economy. Forty years of stagnant wages and insane housing costs should have been a wake up call to CoC Congressional Republicans.

This is where Bernie, or a Bernie clone, can chip away at Trump’s support and win in 2020.

Bernie’s actual policy proposals are dumb as shit commie prescriptions like “free education for everyone”, but he talks a storm about fat cats and corporate malfeasance, and does so with apparent sincerity, so that alone will call back those White gaymulatto-voting Dems from their flirtation with Trump.

The risk of a Bernie-populist Dem winning in 2020 is that it’s a devil’s bargain that could sufficiently dupe the White working class into switching over from Trump and not realizing that the torn-up trade deals, tariffs, antitrust, and higher taxes on the wealthy come included with a poison pill: open borders and amnesty.

The counter to this scenario is that it’s a new era of White wokeness, and the White working class won’t nominate a populist from either party who wasn’t loudly opposed to mass shitholie immigration. Bernie would have to do a 180 — or rather a 360, back to the views he had before the BernieBro era — on immigration and borders to reinvigorate his chances in 2020.

Addendum: Take Agnostic’s black pilling with a dash of salt. As with all aggro-contrarians of Agnostic’s strand (hi pman!), you take the insight with the petulant refusal to vacate dead end lines of thought. (His “conservatives are cat people, liberals are dog people” was his most inane theory to date, and perfectly illustrates how try-hard he is about bucking conventional wisdom.) Agnostic is deep in his own kool-aid when he isn’t even giving a perfunctory nod to the obvious shitlib fanfiction that is Wolff’s book. FFS some of (((Wolff’s))) passages read like blue tickmark Twatter timelines of deranged conspiratorial celebs. All Agnostic has to do is listen to recent gloats by Wolff that he wished his book would “take down President Trump” to know that most of the book’s content is low grade lib wish fulfillment.

(Why Trump let that slimy reptile anywhere near the White House is a mystery for the ages. One look at Wolff’s liver-lipped physiognomy is enough to convince anyone with working vision to keep him at a million arms’ length.)


There’s plenty of time before the 2020 election, so here’s a ray of hope for shitlibs on the brink of a mental breakdown from all of Trump’s winning:

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Shithole Nationalism is basically White Nationalism minus the (((emotional))) baggage.

Other forms of implicit White Nationalism include but are not limited to:

  • White flight to the suburbs (getting farther away every year)
  • talking in euphemism about “good schools”
  • White reintroduction to gentrified, formerly nonWhite neighborhoods
  • Whole Foods, craft breweries, opposition to expanded mass transit from the inner city
  • the Founding Fathers and the Preamble to the Constitution

The Chaimstream Media and the gobsmacked shitlib masses it leads by the nose are menstruating over Trump allegedly asking why the US is “taking in immigrants from shitholes like Haiti and Africa instead of from Norway” during a meeting with Congresstraitors.

Everyone of sane mind asks the same question, but of course you’re not allowed to ask that aloud anymore. The worst sin in Clown World is to vocalize a truth (what are you, some ill-bred rube?) instead of suppressing it at great psychic cost and insisting the opposite is true so your soyciety lib friends won’t ostracize you or get you fired. Emperor has no clothes, on a mass scale.

And whom are these sanctimonious liberals fooling, anyway?

From MPC’s status updates:

Pres. Trump used the same word to describe Haiti that liberals use for the entire Midwest.

A reader suggested a Venn diagram to represent the latest self-manufactured shitlib outrage.

There’s a social signaling element to the shitlib reaction to Trump’s plainspeak, but there’s also an aggressiveness that belies an intent to humiliate the enemies of shitlibbery. @pen writes,

Refuting that “Haiti is a shithole” is the ultimate test of the communist apparatus’ power to humiliate.

2 + 2 = 5. (Orwell was a prophet)

Testosterone: “shithole countries”

Estrogen: “if i had a son, he’d look like trayvon”

mendo/eaux writes about how badly the libs have logic-trapped themselves with their insistence on not calling shithole countries shitholes,

…[libs] defending that those countries aren’t shitholes, then the obvious follow up, “then why are those people leaving?” puts them in a quandary.

Friggin’ checkmate!

It’s so unbelievably easy to checkmate shitlibs on the subject of uncontrolled mass third world immigration that it really speaks to the treachery, cowardice, or just plain stupidity of GOP cucks that they couldn’t do it for decades, as they presided over the US sinking into the mud.

“If these shithole countries are so great, why is everyone from there leaving them?”

“If White colonialism/imperialism/racism caused shithole countries to be shitholes, then why do shitholies want to come to White countries?”

“If America is an idea, why can’t we just send a copy of that idea to shithole countries so they can build their own cities on the hill?”

The fact is that shithole people (shitholies, to morally preening lib Whites) make shithole countries. Just as there’s no magic dirt in nice countries which will turn a Somali into a White Vermonter, there’s no magic dirt in shithole countries that turns them into shitholes irrespective of the people living there.

Which means, the more shitholies you bring to America from shithole countries, the more America becomes a shithole. The people, not the paper, make a nation.

Now I hear that Norwegians are twatting about the US being a shithole, in protest of Trump or something. Nobody virtue snivels like a scandicuck. They are world champions at disavowing their whiteness. NorRRREEgian anti-Trump poseurs who say the US is a shithole are thinking of the black ghettos, not the white parts of america. Or they’re outright lying for a pat on their pussies.

Ending on a positive note, Trump has masterfully pinned the Dems (and cucks) into a corner where they either have to deal with him or admit to the American Normie that they think the US should be eternally open to migration from the whole world, for any reason, at any time. A literal shithole depot. It would be tough for Trump not to look good when the dust on this settles. From a CH commenter: “The left will replay that “shithole” comment nonstop in 2020 and accidentally get Trump elected again.”

If, as it appears increasingly likely, Trump pushes the fuggernaut over the edge with a few coarse words and a couple of early morning shittweets, I have to just LOL that America may lurch into Civil War 2 and break up into regional entities because libs wept salty crocodile tears over DACA.


Great comment from a reader on the Left’s meltdown over the national conversation on immigration that Trump has forced:

Immigration is about sharing in the exploitation of the country, not sharing in the building or maintaining it.

To the Left, the US is something that White people found in North America and stole from Native Americans, and now we have to stop hoarding it and give it to the rest of the world.

Simple hooks are all Trump needs to destroy the Deceitful Uniparty and its leftoid lunatic army and win the approval of the majority of Americans. Simple hooks, like


PS The US State Department (no friend of Trump) believes Mexico is a shithole.

PPS Via /pol/ News Network, the US Department of State pays employees extra, up to 35%, to work in shithole countries.


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