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What the shitlibs bleating about “fascist Trump” don’t understand (or don’t care to understand) is that our president, Gay Mulatto, fits the criteria of a fascist dictator using the government as a tool to exact petty revenge on his political enemies.

Peter Thiel crossed Gay Mulatto and Gawker, (in my book Thiel’s role in destroying Gawker elevates him to a genuine American hero), and now it’s payback time. Recall this is the same spiteful, “peevish princeling” [ed: credit PA]  Gay Mulatto who sicced the IRS on conservative political groups. And who ordered Eric Holder to make an example of an innocent White cop in Ferguson.

Gawker and the rest of the shitlib media whore websites are octopus arms of the Democrats and their Muslimist leader, tasked with properly indoctrinating Americans to accept without question the inevitability of the White-hating Diversitopia. When Thiel cut an anti-White propaganda arm off, and supported the man (Trump) best positioned to forever tarnish the Gay Mulatto’s legacy, his transgression was too great an affront against the leftoid hate machine. Thiel must suffer. Here’s hoping he has the fight in him to take on the beast so directly.

Gay Mulatto is a petty tyrant, the exact sort of petty tyrant liberals bemoan Trump will be once in office. And thecunt’s pettiness, should she achieve power, will make his seem tame by comparison.

It’s shitlib psychological projection all the way down. If you wonder whether we’ve yet hit bottom, there’s always a deeper pit to excavate as long as the sworn enemies of White civilization remain free to scheme and indulge their hatreds.

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A Seattle Mariners catcher, Steve Clevenger, was suspended without pay for the remainder of the season because he let loose with some stone cold realtalk about the Charlotte BLM riots on the Twatter.



Clevenger spoke more truth in these two tweets than the entire hivemind media apparatus, as anti-White Narrative traffickers, have rammed down our throats in weeks. Decades, even.

Weev says it best.

Two days ago Steve Clevenger, a catcher for the Seattle Mariners, made a couple tweets that any decent red blooded American could not possibly bat an eye at.

This is not controversial stuff. Black Lives Matter is a criminal terrorist organization that murders police officers, burns American cities to the ground, commits looting on an unfathomable scale, and hunts white people in the street to subject them to physical violence. Deriding and mocking these google terrorists is behavior fitting of a role model for children. This guy should be held up singly as an example of integrity in a sport infested with scum and villainy. […]

Instead of praising this man’s intellectual honesty and bravery, [the Mariners] have stolen a five figure sum of joy from his wife and children. They have taken food off of a good white man’s table.

This hits close to home for me. Tons of amazing people in the tech field were driven out of their jobs because of these fucking commie liberal faggot skypes that seem to think that no white man anywhere should ever be able to speak his mind.

Weev provides email accounts for the Mariners team and executives to whom you should direct your patient but righteously furious rage to reinstate Clevenger, genuine American hero in these dark times. You should also send Steve Clevenger some supportive words to his Twatter account: @Clev_45.

Bob Aylward <baylward@seattlemariners.com>
Joe Chard <jchard@mariners.com>
Teresa Dugger <tdugger@mariners.com>
Tim Kornegay <tkornegay@seattlemariners.com>
David Curry <dcurry@mariners.org>


Shitlord of the Week runner-up is NC representative Robert Pittenger, who states as succinctly as I’ve heard from anyone the truth about Google Lives Matter.


What we are finally witnessing is the anti-White dam about to burst. A ruling elite can only suppress the truth for so long… can only humiliate a nation’s people with the most transparent lies for so long…before the truth finds fissures to escape and the people rise up to ride the soul-nourishing deluge of realtalk, feeling something they hadn’t felt in a while: pride.

It’s happening lightning-quick: Whites are coalescing into a formidable force against the Confederacy of Deceivers, and if the anti-Whites know what’s good for them they’ll step back from the brink now….or step off it later.

Swing High Sweet Lariat

Not unrelated, a great post from Those Who Can See offering a historical perspective of realtalkers past who were uncontroversial in their day discussing matter-of-fact truths about googles, skypes, etc, but today would run afoul of the Diversity Inc schlock troops. A reminder that as we rush to excise our great White ancestors from our public squares and honorariums and besmirch them in our textbooks and at our family tables, a lethal reaction builds that will catapult their rebellious heirs to a revolution bursting forth a reinvigorated America….or a broken America dissolved by the necessity of reconciling hatreds and antagonisms of the inevitably warring tribes.

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Confirming what I’ve long suspected, commenter BostonTea at Steve Sailer’s blog cites a paper concluding that the google violent crime rate is higher — in fact much higher — than the already disproportionately high rate shown in official FBI crime stats, because hispanics are almost entirely classified as “White” in federal statistics.

Steve, did you read this paper – Steffensmeier et al, “Reassessing Trends in Black Violent Crime, 1980-2008″?

We know that black males and females whose race was identified are responsible for over 50% of nation’s homicides. But there’s a huge problem with official assessments and conclusions about trends in violence based on national statistics published annually in the FBI’s UCR.

In federal statistics an overwhelming majority of the U.S. Hispanic population is classified as White (93%), whereas 4% of Hispanics are considered Black. Also crime-reporting programs typically record Hispanic arrests as White arrestees, failing to separate ethnicity from race – in particular, failing to separate Hispanics from non-Hispanic Whites. This does not only limit understanding of ethnic involvement but also hides the true disparity between White-Black crime rates (when ethnicity is NOT considered the disparity between the two races is less extreme) and tends to inflate White rates and deflate Black rates. It is called the “Hispanic effect”.

After creating estimates of “clean” White and “clean” Black arrest counts that do not include Hispanics, Steffensmeier et al. discovered that the Black share of violent crime was enlarged from 51% to 64% for homicide category and from 59% to 70% for robbery. As far as ratios are concerned, the average Black–White ratio for homicide was 7:1 using official FBI’s figures and jumped to almost 12:1 after adjusting (after separating Hispanics from non-Hispanic Whites). Same for robbery: ratio jumped from 10:1 to 15:1.


In essence, classifying Hispanic arrestees with Whites (or Blacks) deflates the Black fraction of arrests and deflates the Black–White arrest rate ratio, particularly for the more reliably reported offenses of homicide and robbery.

And likewise classifying hispanic arrestees as White (or google) deflates the hispanic crime rate. Someone should inform Ron Unz of this paper.

There’s a good reason why shitlibs cling to the cognitive emollient of rank hypocrisy. As urban dwellers they know the truth about google propensity to violence, and would prefer the expediency of hypocrisy (i.e., the disconnect between their stated beliefs and their real world actions) to the torturous ordeal of exposing their hysterically fragile egos to honest self-reflection that could potentially give succor — and a mischievous Pepe-ian smirk — to their eternal enemies, the deplorable BadWhites/Goyim.

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A week ago, the liberal media outlets (but I repeat myself) crowed about a Census Bureau report claiming that the 2014-2015 percentage increase in median household income was the largest since 1998.

A commenter at the Census Bureau blog, Dr. Noman, throttles the claim,

“I would also appreciate any comments from the Census Bureau that elucidate the “one-off” uniqueness of this rate?”

Don’t expect one. The Census Bureau has pulled a fast one here just before the election. A lot of the increase is due to the redesigned questioning for median income and they know it. Google search ‘2013 redesign census’ and follow the PDF links especially.

Or look at a previous blog post here:

Their own studies show that the redesigned questions inflate median income figures, and they’ve mentioned in the fine print several places that comparisons for median income for now prior to 2013 should be made with caution, but they didn’t mention it when pitching these numbers to the press, and they didn’t exercise that caution on their own.

That’s why the note about the recent increase not being significantly different than 1997-1998 is there. It’s cover.

So the Census Bureau has proved itself another corrupted wing of the Equalist Leftoid State, pulling a globalism-monger shenanigan intended to hurt Trump and nationalist spirit and aid the legacy of the Gay Mulatto and thecunt’s election chances. The anti-Whiters want so badly to say, “See? Diversity really IS our strength! Median household income is up as Whites are down!” And the Narrative-ensconced Census Bureau has stepped in to help them assert their lie with a patina of plausibility.

Welcome to low-trust America. We hope you enjoy your stay in a nation run by people who actively lie to you, day in and day out, because they hate your guts and dream of ushering a nightmarish deracinated America subsumed in total to the mystery meat market of the world.

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Five people were shot dead in a Burlington, WA mall by a skittle who had migrated from his home country of Turkey to the US. Naturally, the leftoid anti-White media hatemachine has mostly ignored the story except to report the most banal details (“five shot dead at mall”), preferring to focus their rhetorical firepower on anti-Trump narratives and the police shooting of a google in Charlotte, NC.

A commenter adds,

From Eric Simpson’s post on that link:

“Add another one to the list:
Orlando shooter: CHILD of ‘vetted’ Muslim immigrants.
San Bernardino shooter: CHILD of ‘vetted’ Muslim immigrants.
Boston bombers: CHILDREN of ‘vetted’ Muslim immigrants.
Fort Hood shooter: CHILD of ‘vetted’ Muslim immigrants.
Chelsea bomber: CHILD of ‘vetted’ Muslim immigrants.
Washington Mall shooter: CHILD of ‘vetted’ Muslim immigrant.”

Don Trump Jr’s Skittles analogy was spot on. Leftoid freaks squealed like stuck pigs and desperately tried to “debunk” the analogy with vapid cross-references to White crime (as if anyone on the realtalk right claimed White crime doesn’t exist) but all their efforts did was draw everyone’s attention to the elephantine skittle in the room: when there’s a mass shooting or other terror-related crime spree, odds are good the perp will be a skittle, and those odds are damning when one considers that skittles only constitute 1% of the US total population (at least until thecunt and her master soros fuck the US border eight ways to Sunday).

We used to have a media for the purpose of calling out traitorous government and corporate officials for pushing lies and propaganda. We now have a media that is a fully functional propaganda arm of those same officials. With those forces arrayed against the common man, what chance does he have?

He has this: Everyone’s cards are on the table. The battle lines are clear. Now the fighting can begin without the crippling handicap of doubt or guilt.

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The “Calais Jungle“, a decrepit third world outpost established in Calais, France by their traitorous elite and housing disgusting “””refugees”””, has a secret to divulge. (It’s not much of a secret to enlightened Chateau guests.)

Volunteers in the Calais Jungle have been accused of sexually exploiting refugees and even child migrants.

The Independent has discovered a serious row has broken out among some unpaid charity workers at the camp in northern France, with some believing forging sexual relationships with adult refugees is natural in such circumstances, while others say it breaches all usual codes of conduct.

Wait for the twist ending.

One man who raised the alarm was later subjected to a barrage of online abuse.

Have you guessed it yet?

The man wrote: “I have heard of boys, believed to be under the age of consent, having sex with volunteers. I have heard stories of men using the prostitutes in the Jungle too.

“I have heard of volunteers having sex with multiple partners in one day, only to carry on in the same vein the following day. And I know also, that I’m only hearing a small part of a wider scale of abuse.”

Sex with underage boys? Multiple migrant partners? Maybe you’re thinking this is a homosexual meeting place.

The man added that the majority of cases in question involved female volunteers and male refugees – which he claimed risked the objectification of women volunteering in the camp.

Bleeding heart (and bleeding bush) Frenchwomen are lining up to fuck the rapefugee dregs of humanity….in a romantic setting that looks like this:


Contrast: There are White beta males at this very moment paying for dinners and nights out in glittering cities to impress unenthusiastic dates, while women make pilgrimages to the Calais Sex Camp to volunteer as eager holsters for penniless, smelly migrant meatsticks. The Crimson Pills don’t get harder to swallow than that.

PS LMFAO at this revealing betaboy blurt:

He wrote: “Female volunteers having sex enforces the view (that many have) that volunteers are here for sex. This impression objectifies women in the camp and increases the risks.”

How cucked, craven, and pusillanimous do you have to be to reinterpret women’s freely choosing raw dog refugee sex as some nebulous patriarchal assault leaving an “impression” that “objectifies women”. NO DUH IT LEAVES AN IMPRESSION. Just not the impression that this micropeen of a male thinks it leaves.

His comments prompted accusations of sexism and misogyny from female members of the group. One commented on the post: “I find this attitude incredibly patronising and paternalistic with added sexism and racism.

“There is a serious point in here among all the moralistic bullshit but I find it very off-putting. I find the assertion that women choosing to have sex encourages rape quite frankly disturbing.”

She’s right, of course, but her rightness is self-damning.

Weak beta males have a studied aversion to placing any blame for women’s ill-conceived romantic choices on women themselves. To do so, in the beta male mind, would mean having their puritanical romantic idealism dashed against the rocks of the bitter reality of primal female desire. The weak beta male suffers his morbid prostration to the pussy pedestal gladly, and is loathe to have it detached from his pursed lips. For if the day comes that his precious pussy pedestal is gone from his life, he’ll have no celibate space to retreat to for self-pitying comfort, and will be forced to deal with women as they are, not as they materialize unsullied in the brainscape of his sentimental daydreams.

tl;dr it was a big mistake to give women the vote.

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This story had me laughing. A little boy who didn’t know any better drew a picture of his fat mom looking like a blob.


But the turning point came in February 2014 when her son Thomas proudly came home with a picture he had drawn at school.

Meryem added: “It was a family portrait with all members as stick figures except for me who he’d drawn as a round blob.

“It really upset me when I saw it but I didn’t have the heart to tell Thomas, I just went upstairs and cried.”

That, combined with an incident on holiday when Meryem couldn’t take part in activities because she was too out of breath, inspired a change.

She said: “My children called me ‘fat’ because they couldn’t fit their arms around me when giving me hugs. It was very upsetting.”

😅 Obesity destroys quality of life. Obesity kills romance dead. Obesity will not escape the merciless judgment of children. Not even a mother’s own son. A son who, by the way, has earned a Shiv of the Week accolade for his expert artistic rendering.

Can a child fat shame if he doesn’t know he’s doing it? He sure can. The shame burns the same — maybe even burns worse — when it’s unintentional. Is a fat mom going to rationalize her son’s fat shaming as “insecurity”, or as being “intimidated by strong fat women”? Will she oink in protest that her little boy isn’t a “real man” who “loves curvy women”?

Haha, no. She’ll cry herself to sleep and then, like this mom, push away from the table and lose a hundred pounds, slimming down to human form. Realtalking kids who shame without remorse can save lives.

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