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Mitch Cumstein has a story about a careergrrl nursing pained regret that, while entertaining on its own, contains within it an eternal truth that CH house lords thought proper to feature and expand upon.

Off-topic…a career woman ghost story I thought CH and the readership would enjoy.

I ran into my ex at a party a few days ago. I haven’t seen her in a couple years, but she moved back into town. We used to date and she was into me, but she had to pursue her dreamz out of state. Career woman heh. We did the long distance thing for a couple months before it fizzled out. I wasn’t happy, but I found this site and used it to shed my beta ways over time. I learned to become detached and implemented tips and suggestions here to hook up with other girls. I even used them successfully on the ex a few times to hook up when she was in town, but only until it got boring for me.

So at the party, I was civil and brief. When I got home, I got a text from her, saying how great it was to see me. I texted back, “I did look good, didn’t I?” She ate it right up. Kept texting me for the next day or so, until I dropped the hint that I’m seeing someone and it’s serious. She went silent for about an hour. And then, a string of text bombs.

“I’m afraid that no one will ever love me like you did. When I was younger, I thought career was the most important thing (she was 23), but now, I know better (now she’s 29).” “I fucked up my life by choosing my career and now I only do it in hopes that it pays off somehow.” I poured myself a drink and just watched the confessions pile in. The last one was, “If you wanted to elope this weekend, I would do it.”

Years ago, I was devastated that I lost this snowflake. Fast forward to today, I sit amused as the clock is running out and she’s throwing hail Mary passes. I’m going to take the screen grabs, print them out, and show them to my future kids. To my sons: a lesson about oneitis. Life goes on. Half the people on the planet are women. Find a better one. To my daughters: a lesson about The Wall. It’s real and hits like a motherfucker. Play the game wisely and don’t be left without a chair when the music stops.

Don’t let any mincing manlet tell you otherwise; it feels good to have hand. Power always beats powerlessness.

Now, to the real gem in this post: Oneitis and The Wall. There are many lessons to teach your son or daughter, but these two are the most important for their future happiness. These are lessons that only a father can teach, because, quite frankly, mothers are constitutionally incapable of dispensing useful dating advice to their children, particularly to their sons. Restating Mitch:

Fathers, teach your sons about Oneitis. If there’s one lesson in love that will do them immeasurable good, it’s the belief that girls are interchangeable, at least during the time when a courtship is fresh and finding its footing. Later, when your son graduates to more serious relationships, he can learn to be more selective about the character, personality, and maternal instinct of the women he games into bed woos.

Oneitis is truly the mind killer of men. Besides all the time wasted on THAT ONE GIRL who knows she’s THAT ONE GIRL and parcels her weakly reciprocated interest accordingly, there is the psychological damage Oneitis perpetrates against a young man’s self-conception. Oneitis is the opposite of that crucial alpha male attitude to cultivate: The abundance mentality. Your son will never have that “TAKE HER OR LEAVE HER” attitude that is so intoxicating to women if he pops a years-long hard-on for the red-haired girl with the jerk boyfriend.

Fathers, tell your sons, “Don’t get hung up on this one girl. I know what you’re feeling… I’ve been there. And I’m telling you from experience that you’ll be far better off, and feel so much happier, if you allow more women into your life, and don’t put so much of your faith and hopes in any one of them.”

After teaching your son about Oneitis, teach him about Game.

Fathers, teach your daughters about The Wall. So much regret, spinsterhood, low fertility, and smelly cats can be avoided if young women are sternly and firmly warned against the danger of waiting too long for the right man. Use stark, unsparing language, if necessary. You’d be surprised how much of what you say sinks into their minds, even if in the moment they appear to not be hearing you at all.

Daughters must be cautioned to USE IT OR LOSE IT. Tell her with uncompromising bluntness that she is pretty now, and all the boys notice her, but her prettiness will disappear faster than she knows (or can possibly know at her tender age), and there will come a time, always much sooner than she had hoped, when none of the boys will notice her. And when that time comes, if she doesn’t have a loving husband by then, the rest of her life will be a horrifying trial of inescapable sorrow.

After teaching your daughter about The Wall, teach her about jerkboys and niceguys, and how you know she’ll fall hard for the former, but she must seriously consider giving the less exciting boys a shot, and to be patient with them as their self-confidence grows into adulthood. Tell her, if she does fall deeply in love with a jerkboy, to be certain he is the kind of jerkboy willing to commit to her, and to be aware of the other kind of jerkboy who will most certainly break her heart, if not her body, and leave her less attractive to better men after he is gone.

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Chateau Heartiste was the first warning about consequences from the coming sexbot revolution, and how it will radically distort the sexual market and push the West into chaos.

Today, a chorus of voices from various scientific fields are echoing what CH wrote long ago. “Sex with robots will be the norm in 50 years”, expert claims. 3D printed models can make a sexbot face that looks exactly like your favorite hottie.

(The reader who supplied the links comments: “This will blow up the world.  It will make crack cocaine look like decaffeinated coffee.”)

Soon, sexbots will be animated and be able to talk (programmable with your preferred phrases of sexy come-ons).

Once the uncanny valley is ascended, all bets are off. As men are, above all else, visually stimulated to reproductive ardor, sexbots present a real challenge to flesh and blood women and, ultimately, to the sustaining of civilization.


I foresee a massive groundswell of support for polygamy & polyamory coinciding with the widespread introduction of affordable sexbots to the consumer (male) market. It’s hard to predict if this outcome — that is, the complete removal from the dating market of omega and lesser beta males — will be dysgenic or eugenic, because women could just as plausibly want to share callous, undependable jerkboys as to share morally sterling, credentialed alpha male captains of industry. Then, in a sexbot saturated world, the pressure on women to look their very best for the few men left in the dating market who are still suitable mates will be immense.


MT avers,

Loyal companionship, his cheerleader, heart of the home, a submissive nature to compliment his naturally dominate one, soft heartedness and in the words of the comedian Sinbad, his nurse when he is elderly. Attributes a fembot cannot give.

True (well, mostly true, but things change). However, female beauty is necessary if not sufficient to men’s romantic happiness, especially to men with sexual market options (and sexbots would add a lot more options). Female beauty is not just necessary to men’s happiness, it is dominating, over every other consideration a man would make when evaluating women for both short- and long-term mate worth. Stone cold truth: A typical American fatty with attitude to spare has no chance against a sexbot with a pretty face, a slender BMI, and a perfect hourglass shape.


latchkey kid asks,

what if women also take to acquiring male bots to satisfy their womanly wants? After all, it’s not uncommon for them to say that all the good men have gone, they might as well start having a bit of artificial action like men do with them bots.

Male sexbots for women will never happen, at least not to the degree that female sexbots for men fly out of the factories. For a simple reason: Women’s sexual and romantic desire is not nearly as visually-oriented as it is for men. Just one of those uncomfortable truths about immutable differences between the sexes that market disruptors like sexbots help clarify for the masses.


Prediction: The vast majority of sexbots produced for worldwide male consumption will be White women with a diverse palette of hair colors. Asian women sexbots will compete with Latin women sexbots for second place. I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader which race of women will be least represented among the ranks of assembly-line sexbots. Hint: Black male sexbots will probably outsell this last category.

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Via reader StAugustine, who supplied a quote from Irvin Cobb as an answer to the Hivemind media propaganda blitz asserting that women are just as funny as men.

Seriously. From Irwin S. Cobb’s memoirs (1923), I’ve treasured this nugget:

“You may have noticed that in making this classification, I have used the masculine gender exclusively. I have done so advisedly and after due thought, because all the best authorities agree that it is not in the nature of a woman to take a joke, for better or for worse, the first time she meets it face to face. In the matter of being shown, the average woman, so far as humor is concerned, is so far out in Missouri that she’s practically in Kansas. She is up on the tallest peak of the Ozark Mountains, very skeptical, not to say skittish. She wants to hear a thing that’s funny several times and let it soak into her and mingle with her other ingredients; then after a suitable period of time she begins to care for it and forever after bears it a deep and lasting affection. At least, soothe authorities confirm.”

Cobb captured a particular feature of women very well: their conformist herd mentality influences almost everything they set about to understand, even the world of humor. But once woman has latched onto a novel observation (or narrative) she won’t easily relinquish it, until signaled by her peers that it’s ok to do so.

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Via: (zoom-able link)

Sounds reasonable. Now, compare and contrast with this 2015 “guide” to brainwashing re-educating your daughters to be cock carousel-hopping urban careerist manjaws with the femininity of a toad.

Beginning at a very young age, kids notice differences between girls and boys that can develop into narrow understandings of gender. Cultivate family practices that widen kids’ sense of gender roles and alert them to bias.

Yes, nothing quite like making a kid miserable and confused and man-hating and turning her against her healthy, natural psychology to serve as a guinea pig for your twisted feminist sociological experiments.

Leftoid feminists = anti-human wreckers of souls.

I spot a contradiction in leftoid poopytalk. What about those boys who “feel like girls on the inside”? Your typical child-corrupting leftoid would encourage a boy like that to go the full transgender, because “that’s who he is”. Similarly, boys (and girls) who think boys are better natural leaders should be encouraged in their beliefs as well, because “that’s who they are”.

Eh, why bother? Nothing will get through to these malevolent cunts, besides this:

Swing High Sweet Lariat

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Tell the studio audience the things that come to mind when you look at this photo.

Examine your feelings. Is a story starting to form in your head?


Take some time to digest your thoughts.






Now look at this photo.

Ok, have you looked closely?


Has the story in your head changed in any way? If it has, how so? Take us through your thoughts in the comments section.

I’d imagine for many of you, an official news report is hardly needed. You know, instinctively, the terrible reality behind these photos, even if you don’t know the dreary police blotter details. You know, too, that the horror is multifaceted, and goes deeper than the official allegations.

And you’d be right.

Reader Johnny Redux explains,

I believe myself to be a pretty tough guy, but this story, which points out a lot of what you fellows talk about, almost brought me to tears. I (unfortunately) came across this story in a foreign (UK) paper, even though it occurred in Florida. I looked at local media coverage, but few had more than just a couple photos, obviously bowing to PC.

If it was reported here already, I do NOT apologize for bringing it before you again, as this story must be read, and the message spread. Here is the tale of a white woman (25) who had at least two children with a white man. Both children are beautiful white blond/blue specimens. So, for whatever reason, the white woman splits from her white husband (probably because, as a Beta male, he finally succumbed to the fact that you cannot train a whore not to be a whore, despite the Pretty Woman, White Knight fantasies), and gets involved with a black man who does not work, has raped his former gf (probably more), has a long list of violent criminal offenses (those are just the once that he got caught for, that is), and was left the WATCH the two children – the boy just a toddler, and the girl a mere 5-year-old, while she worked at a strip club! Now, did you get that? This stripper left her two small blond/blue children with an unemployed black man who was a violent, drug-addicted rapist.

And so, the boy has now disappeared, and the police say the negro male is lying about someone stealing him out of the car while he went back inside to DO COCAINE before picking up the white trash female.

Where to start (as I want to SCREAM)?
* Did he just kill the blue-eyed devil, or sell him to some pedophile for some easy drug money?
* Get rid of the boy, as no need for him, but keep the girl for sex and future income (prostitute) potential (like her mom)?
* How many times has the blond girl been sexually abused by this negro while left alone with him for hours at a time? Hope the doctors examine her.
* Where is the real father? I would rather kill the mother and go to jail, so that the children go to the grandparents or foster care – where at least they would have had a chance at a decent life.
* Where are the motherly instincts of the woman? Besides all of the obvious arguments regarding her stupid decision to get involved with any black man, let alone a POS like this one, where is her natural protective instincts for her young?

As to the last point, above, I liken this behavior to animals in a zoo, that give birth in unnatural environments and have no parenting skills, sometimes outright killing their young. That sums up this female, and this putrid society that we now live in.

Crisis and observation.

A dumbfuck, or impossibly self-deluded, attractive white mother and wife, dumps her betaboy white husband, for reasons we can all pretty much suss out in the second photo: He was a supplicating niceguy who bored his wife into anhedonic divergence, and she was a high maintenance drama queen with poor impulse control and a mind polluted by a steady diet of anti-white, pozzed cultural sewage. In her EatPrayCockCarousel stage, she shacks up with a buck nigra with a mile-long rap sheet and, one day, to no one’s surprise except her own, the seething envy and race hatred constantly percolating in her mandingo reaches a culmination in the disappearance, and likely death, of her precious 2-year-old son at his hands.

Now we watch you. If you’re a black person, let’s be honest, you don’t feel much. It’s understandable, if repugnant to more empathetic souls; you are what you are and violence against white children doesn’t rouse your emotions beyond obligatory SMH disappointment. Tribal blood is thicker than interracial empathy.

If you’re a white shitlib, you screech about demagoguery and execute evasive maneuvers that move the topic to white privilege or police misconduct. You feel something resembling anger and indignation, and even nascent, healthy hatred for the black perp and white cunt, but your predilection for abstraction and moral status whoring and your deadly fear of concrete reality and its emotional resonance transforms you into a sophism robot tasked with the prime directive of ego protection. You are the anti-human leftoid borg at war with your own primal feelings.

If you’re a white cuckservative, you twitch, and wait for your betters to signal the approved response. What do you do? Character is destiny. You say this is a tragedy… (note that word “tragedy”, stripping any and all agency from the evil)… and your heart is with the family of the lost boy, and then you hope and pray… oh do you pray hard to your Glory Hole God!… that nobody brings up the malevolent race aspect of the sordid crime.

If you’re a carver of ids, you suggest, first, and with utmost politeness, that the dindu meet the firing squad and the mother be stripped naked in the public square and paraded in shame as a lesson for the others. Then, you draw back, and present the bigger picture… a most ugly scene of a world where Diversity™ has won the day and the shrinking space for whites has them scrambling in confusion like Calhoun’s rats, and strange, incredible things begin to manifest, like mothers abandoning their children to loping demons and normal, if unexciting, husbands jettisoned by bored housewives with a psychoskank itch for a hellscape of vibrant pain, torment, and tingles. And a mudshark monocle.

Crisis and observation.

What next?

Greg supplies a fitting coda,

Your pain is shared, my friend… foremost by the Most High God.

All accounts will be settled… until then, prepare, have faith, and harden your heart.

Hope and change. Some are not so sanguine. Rot and ruin can have impressive staying power. The collapse may be fated.

When truth recedes
remember this
it won’t be found
until #HateWins.

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This is fun. Reader PA creates a useful reference list of shit that cuckservatives say.

“Sadly, most victims of black crime are other blacks.”
“Unions destroyed Detroit”
“I’m all for legal immigration, just not illegal immigration”
“America is safe and free thanks to our troops.”
“Only terrorists would have a reason to oppose the Patriot Act.”
“America is a nation of immigrants.”
“I don’t agree with everything [Buchanan/Coulter/CH/etc] says, but…”
“I’m not a racist but…”
“I don’t care if you’re black, white, green, or purple, but…”
“Edward Snowden is a traitor”
“I stand with Israel”
“Family values don’t stop at the Rio Grande”
“Putin is the new Hitler”
“There is no room for hate and bigotry in the Republican party”
“We must court the Latino vote to stay relevant”

A few more:

“the GOP needs a big tent philosophy”
“LIEBRULS are the real racists”
“we’ve forgotten the lessons taught to us by Dr Martin Luther King, Jr”


Courtesy of the Hatepoasters of Whyte Preenage:

Support tax cuts for corporations that adopted rainbow Twitter avatars after Obergefell
Support tax cuts for rich liberals like Warren Buffett and George Soros
Whine about how Edward Snowden is a traitor
Whine about how badly Hillary Clinton messed up with Benghazi
Ensure that whites become a minority in the U.S. through legal, not illegal, immigration
Ensure that defending Israel remains our #1 foreign-policy priority
Claim that although border fences work for Israel, they would never work for the U.S.
Claim it’s un-Christian to stop non-Christians from immigrating to the U.S.
Give Obama oversight-free power by approving the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Make insincere, ineffectual efforts to repeal Obamacare
Make insincere, ineffectual efforts to restrict abortion
Venerate Martin Luther King Jr. as a national saint and claim him as a conservative icon
Claim that “Democrats are the real racists!”
Get infinitely more offended by the far right than the far left
Think that vague abstract principles matter more than flesh and blood


“I’m a fiscal conservative and social liberal.”
“Some of my best friends are black.” Cuckservative circa Mad Men era.
“Discrimination on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sex, and sexual orientation is abhorrent.”
“Our diversity is a strength, and as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a tragedy, I think thats worse”. -General Casey


National Review cucks earn a special place in the cuckservative canon:

NR’s Michael Potemra on election night 2008:

“I ask a rhetorical question: Can we McCain voters, without embarrassment, shed a tear of patriotic joy about the historic significance of what just happened? And I offer a short, rhetorical answer.

‘Yes, we can.’”


“I would be proud to have a (half) black grandkid”
“Nuclear talks with Iran is like marching Israel to the ovens.”
“I think it’s great the Arizona Cardinals hired the first female NFL coach”
“We all bleed red!”
“George Wallace was a Democrat!”
“My friend, Senator Ted Kennedy.”
“America is a nation of immigrants.”
“They said the same thing about the Irish and Italians back in the day!”
“Abortion is racist because 50% of black babies are aborted.”
“Multiculturalism is awesome because I like mexican and chinese food.”
“Without immigrants, we couldn’t have housemaids, landscapers, or ethnic food!”


The Boy Scouts have gone the full cuck:

“For far too long, this issue (ed: faggots in the Boy Scouts) has divided and distracted us,” said the Boy Scouts’ president, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates. “Now, it’s time to unite behind our shared belief in the extraordinary power of Scouting to be a force for good.”


“I’m sorry.”


“I believe in a colorblind society.”
“I don’t have ‘white interests.’ I have the Constitution.”
“What’s good for business is good for America”
“the liberal/Democrat plantation”


“I just called my opponent to concede…”


“America is a proposition nation.”
“[insert rebel rouser’s name] should apologize.”
“Not enough minorities own their own homes” -President George W Bush

Readers are encouraged to add to the “Shit Cuckservatives Say” list. CH will update the SCS list as contributions roll in, with the goal of making it a one stop reference shop — with a dedicated page at the masthead of Chateau Heartiste — for other blogs to link at their leisure.

The mockery of venal, pusillanimous cuckservatives will continue until testosterone levels improve.


You might be a cuckservative if…


The official flag of cuckservatism:


Matt Lewis, prolapsed bottom of cuckservatism:

h/t @ThornLockerson, the battle cry of cuckservatives:

My father’s grave
my daughter’s womb
Please take them both
and seal my tomb.

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Vapid shell entity Caitlin Dewey is at it again, snarkily uptalking in her late Millennial patois and squirting out mental masturbation material for bitter feminists left behind by a merciless sexual market. She links to a study which found that male Halo players who were losing the video game badly were aggressively hostile to female players and aggressively submissive to better male players.

Dewey uses the “””findings””” that are a little too conveniently friendly to feminist shibboleths to grind her cunty battle axe. Unfortunately for her religious tenets, the study is so flawed as to make it nearly self-debunking.

Nowhere in the linked source for the study did I see a reference to ages or races of the study participants. Were these all white kids trash talking what they thought were female teammates who were letting the team down? Or was there an unfortunate racial skew the study researchers felt disinclined to note?

And what about the ages of the male players? 12 years old, or 25 years old? This makes a huge difference. No one should be surprised when a 12-year-old boy lashes out at UGH GIRLS. But these natural and normal development behaviors of boys tend to dissipate by adulthood.

Here’s an ugly scientific and common-sensible truth with which the Caitlin Deweyettes of the SJW world should acquaint themselves: Sexist men are more attractive to women. Or, in urban SWPL ditz parlance, sexist men are QUITE LITERALLY winners.

Here’s a quote that will simultaneously trigger Caitlin’s man-hating ego and jerkboy-loving vagina.

And, in what is sure to be a shot straight to the flabby feminist gut, women are more sexually receptive to assertively sexist men.

Sexist men are socioeconomic winners and sociosexual winners. Women LOVE LOVE LOVE men who scoff at feminist poopytalk.

Now, this is not an endorsement of the 12-year-old boy variety of hostility to women. The sexist adult men who win women’s hearts are best classified as “benevolent sexists”; that is, they aren’t hostile to women; they are patronizing to women. Chicks dig a man with amused mastery. You know what chicks don’t dig, in the digging way that truly matters? Avowed male feminists sucking up to them at every turn.

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