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From FoxNews:

Parkland suspect Nikolas Cruz showered with fan mail, donations: report

Lovestruck groupies from around the country are showering the Parkland, Fla., gunman Nikolas Cruz with fan mail, including sexually provocative photos and donations, according to a Wednesday report.

One 18-year-old from Texas purportedly professed her love to Cruz in a March 15 letter adorned with smiley faces and hand-drawn hearts, South Florida’s Sun-Sentinel reported.

“When I saw your picture on the television, something attracted me to you,” the letter said. “Your eyes are beautiful and the freckles on your face make you so handsome.”

The missive flatly concludes: “I’m really skinny and have 34C sized breasts.”

She knows the way to a man’s heart. Ever notice how quick girls are to validate their sexual and romantic worth to stone cold killers, while they give doting beta buxmales the endless runaround?

There’s a lesson there. (Fame + Killer Cred = Moist Pussies)

Another Texas woman reportedly sent a bizzare handwritten love note less than a week after Cruz gunned down 17 people Feb. 14 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

“I reserve the right to care about you, Nikolas!” read the unsolicited declaration.

Her love for deJesus Cruz is so strong she challenges social expectation and defies opprobrium. “I reserve the right!”, she yells indignantly as she shakes her fist at a world that cannot understand the humanity in Cruz’s soul which only she can see.

A Chicago woman reportedly sent Cruz numerous suggestive photos, including one in which she slurps a Popsicle while wearing a bikini, and another in which she shows off her backside for the camera.

Gainfully employed and law-abiding beta males are never sent unsolicited naked pics. They are sent divorce court lawyer bills.

Cruz, who jail officials say has received nearly $800 in donations to his prison commissary account since the shooting, has also caught the eye of some members of his own sex.

First, that’s more money than most feminist bloggers make. Second, did you know that a disproportionate number of serial killers are homosexuals? It’s true.

A New Yorker with a bushy moustache sent Cruz a card featuring a cat and a photo of himself sitting in a white 1992 Nissan convertible, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

Anthony Weiner has gone native.

At least for now, though, the mass murderer’s suitors are pining at the wind. Jail officials, who screen all letters to inmates, said Cruz has not seen the letters, and remains on suicide watch.

#ReleaseTheMemos! All those girls making themselves sexually available to him should perk his… spirits right up.

Nikolas and Zachary Cruz reportedly discussed their newfound popularity in a jail visit.

Someone mentioned that innocence has been lost when, in the past, men would seek fame because they wanted to achieve something great that moved a lot of people and getting women was a secondary reward to that but, today, men seek fame explicitly to haul in pussy. We know too much now. And maybe there’s no going back from that (absent worldwide conflagration).

“We read a few religious ones to him that extended wishes for his soul and to come to God,” Broward County Public Defender Howard Finkelstein told the Sun-Sentinel, “but we have not and will not read him the fan letters or share the photos of scantily-clad teenage girls.”

LOL. Finkelstein will take good care of those photos.

Finkelstein added that he’s “never seen this many letters to a defendant” in his 40 years as a public defender.

The unseemly interest in Cruz may stem from women with poor parental relationships, or a strong desire to save an apparently lonely and vulnerable figure, mental health experts told the paper.

As usual, “mental health experts” miss the forest for the trees. Those observations are often associated with hybristophilia — the academic term for “chicks dig jerks” — but doesn’t get at the root of why women swoon for le 56% killers. The answer you’ll find here at CH: women love killers because those men have demonstrated their dominance over others and their environment. They are proven commodities who have shown, by proxy, they will commit atrocious violence against enemies and interlopers and secure a woman’s place in her tribe.

From the Sun Sentinel, reporting on the same story,

The South Florida Sun Sentinel obtained copies of some of the letters showing that Cruz, who had few friends in the outside world, is now being showered with attention.

Social Circle Game recognized.

The reverent note takes up all available space on the front and back of a kiddie-like greeting card showing a furry bunny holding binoculars looking out at the ocean. The inside of the card says, “Out of sight, but never out of mind.”

Women should not be allowed to vote.

A teenager wrote on March 15: “I’m 18-years-old. I’m a senior in high school. When I saw your picture on the television, something attracted me to you.”

That something is your Gine Directive — to secure the blessings of a stone cold killer’s seed — honed to exquisite precision over millions of years of evolution (and perhaps….perhaps…out of place in a modren post-industrial society…but the jury’s out on that).

An 18-year-old from New York wrote: “No one else is dealing w/your demons, meaning maybe defeating them could be the beginning of your meaning, friend. I know you could use a good friend right now. Hang in there and keep your head up.” The letter closes with hearts colored in pink ink.

You will never see a woman so recklessly offer her emotional and sexual support to a straight-n-narrow beta male like you will see her do for a mass shooter.

“The letters shake me up because they are written by regular, everyday teenage girls from across the nation,” he said. “That scares me. It’s perverted.”

It’s the God of Biomechanics.

On the “Nikolas Cruz – the First Victim,” a now-secret group that until recently had 300 members, one young woman solicited photos for a collage to send to the killer. “I want him to see how many people love and care for him and all the beautiful faces,” she posted.

If only fat wives would put in this much effort to please their beta hubbies.

“I want you all to know that Nikolas knows about us and he had the biggest smile on his face when he was told that we all support him,” a female commenter wrote on March 16. “Keep the letters coming because he can’t wait to finally get them.” She wrote that “hate mail is filtered out so no one can upset our boy!!! Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate.”

It’s unclear how Cruz would be aware of the group, but when Zachary Cruz visited his older brother in jail, he was overheard telling the killer that he’s now very popular with the ladies.

“[Zachary] has been heard and observed discussing how popular his brother is now. That his face is everywhere and his name is national,”

Congratulations, ladies, for increasing the likelihood of another mass shooting.

“There is discussion of starting some sort of pen pal or fan club and how many girls he’s capable of attracting — referring to his brother, Nikolas,” Murphy said.

When life gives you lemons, make a harem.

Lieberman has analyzed Cruz and wrote a book about groupies of incarcerated killers, “Bad Boys: Why We Love Them, How to Live with Them and When to Leave Them.”

Why We Love Them: because they’re bad.
How to Live with Them: in deep, exhilarating love.
When to Leave Them: under duress.

He’s referred to in some posts as “our Nikolas” and described as “cute.”

Post-tingle rationalization.

Gentlemen, see women for they are. You will become handsomer in her eyes if you are more attractive in your attitude.

One supporter who uses the hashtag #NikFam is selling $2 purple bracelets on eBay.com, declaring “Justice for Nik.” The seller lists a litany of reasons for supporting the confessed mass killer, including that “we believe EVERYONE is worthy of love.”


On the website PrisonTalk.com, would-be Cruz pen pals are inquiring about writing to him.

“I feel bad for him and after reading about him I want to get to know him so he’s not as lonely,” one person wrote. “[I don’t know] why I feel like this because he committed an awful crime I can’t help it but I want to talk to him.”

There are a lot of lonely nonviolent niceguys, but for some strange reason women aren’t as compelled to ease their loneliness. It’s enough to make a hamster…

A.A. channels his inner Chateaulord to vivisect this story with his own special panache,

One thing that beta male white knight faggots don’t want to hear about is the obsession that bitches have with wanting to fuck mass murderers. […]

If you want to live in some fantasy dreamworld where “they’re not all like that” then go ahead, but if you don’t accept the truth you’re just going to go through your entire life getting fucked over by these skanks.

Conversely, if you look at them as what they are – stupid, wild animals – they you might have a chance to make a relationship with one work. Just always remember that as a boyfriend/husband you are basically a zookeeper, trying to keep control over a twisted amoral beast.


[Cruz] is obviously not handsome.

He’s a complete twerp.

But her brain is telling her he’s handsome because her biology is driven towards giving birth to psychopathic murderers.

It’s a reproductive fitness maximizing strategy that only stopped working recently….if that.

You don’t need to go MGTOW and swear off women just because you realize how disgusting they truly are. On the contrary. Once you grasp the levels of depravity you are dealing with, you enter a state where you can tame these creatures.

The taming of the sloot.

The first thing is to never treat them as though they have value. Always understand that it is her that owes you something, not the other way around. There is no romance. You can use romance on her, but don’t believe any of it. Don’t EVER let yourself feel like you need that skank.

Outcome independence.

No matter how good she looks, I can promise you: she is absolute trash.

Flip the courtship script. She has to qualify herself to you, rather than the usual way these things go.

What you always have to be able to do is walk away – remember that if nothing else. You always have to never need a bitch.

“Don’t let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner.”

Firstly, don’t get legally married. Secondly, don’t let her have the self-esteem to believe she can exist without you.

A.A. is angling to be the successor host of Le Chateau. If I had to pass the tumescent baton, I can’t think of someone more worthy. Maybe GBFM.

They are driven solely by animalistic pussy-drives, in particular the drive to fill their pussies with the seed of the most extreme psychopathic murderers alive.

i fucked my american cunt
i loved my english romance


fire and ice
you come on like a flame
and you turn a cold shoulder
fire and ice
i wanna give you my love
but you just take a little piece of my heart

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Choose wisely.

The consequences are permanent.

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2016Avowed polyamorists are almost universally VLSMV (Very Low Sexual Market Value). This is especially true of polyandrous arrangements. The male facsimiles who volunteer to be shared by one (ugly) woman are so wretchedly unlovable that only the mentally diseased leftoid webzine Salon can identify with their cause.

2010Maxim #109: Consensual polyamory is a contrived hookup service for undesirable sexual market rejects.

2014Open relationships are almost never two-way.

One party to the “creatively ambiguous” polyamory agreement is getting the metaphorical shaft, and the other the actual shaft. The shafted is typically, but not always, the male (no need to sully the word “man”), whose role is as the eminently mockable “beta bux” (or beta hugs) available for service during those three weeks of the month when the female’s libido goes into hibernation. That he may live with his openly open-legged girlfriend doesn’t mean he’s getting the lion’s share of her vagina. But he is getting the lion’s share of her feelings and tantrums and moodiness. […]

Genuine, egalitarian, open polyamory for all practical purposes doesn’t exist among white Westerners. There’s always one or another party out in the asexual or anhedonic cold, nursing feelings of rejection and traumatic self-doubt. And if that party is a willing participant to his or her sexual/romantic exclusion, it’s a good bet he/she is psychologically broken, mentally unstable, physically repulsive, or suffering from clinically low sex drive. In other words, human trash.

Open relationship participants are almost always hideously ugly.

Polyamory is a mating ground for human rejects. Whatever else it offers, the open relationship ruse assists the comically low value sector of humanity to live amongst each other and experience pleasures of the diseased flesh.

True open relationships are predominantly polyandrous.

The general complexion of contractual open relationships — where all participants are voluntary and aware of proceedings — is one ugly to mediocre-looking woman on the pre-Wall fast track lavishing in the flaccid attention of two or more omega males. Invariably, the more masculine (and it’s all relative, so maybe it’s better to say “the less androgynous”) of the males would be the one who is actually porking her.

Illicit open relationships are predominantly polygynous.

“Open” relationships that form organically from the unspoken (and initially unacknowledged) impulses and romantic decisions of one or another partner nearly always manifest into polygynous arrangements: That is, illicit open relationships are distinguished by one high value alpha male discreetly juggling multiple concurrent female lovers. Pickup artists call the illicit open relationship the MLTR: Multiple Long-Term Relationship. Genghis Khan called it Tuesday. […]

In the real world, the openly polyamorous nirvana of ‘sex at dawn’ is really the circus sideshow abattoir of ‘sex before personal hygiene’.


Thank you, SCIENCE, for once again taking my balls on the chin.


PS If our society seems to be efflorescing with more openly proud polyamorous arrangements connecting ugly bluehairs with low T soyboys, that is likely because our society is filling up with more lsmv losers desperate for love and affection. Look around, is America currently an HSMV or LSMV nation? Obesity, pussyhattery, sluttery, and soylent grins are an epidemic.

HSMV men create good times.
Good times create LSMV men.
LSMV men create hard times.
Hard times create HSMV men.

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imo this is the most bizarre unreported fact to come out of the Parkland shooting: Unedited video of David Hogg coaching a girl, as they’re presumably hiding in a closet during the shooting, to say “we need diversity”. Creepy af and hints at a much larger scandal looming.


Many prominent leftoids are now calling for repealing 2A. I can’t think of a better turn of events for GOP fortunes in the midterms than Democrats going hogg-wild with calls for repealing the 2nd Amd. Instant right-wing voter turnout surge!

If Trump continues baiting the Dems into running on 2A repeal and coddling illegal aliens, he could raw dog every porn whore in LA and still see his favorability polls go up.

Dems and their invasive kudzu pets are overreaching on the gun issue, calling for repeal of 2A, but one can understand why they make this mistake: recent history shows huge and rapid gains for the degenerate freak mafia on issues such as tranny bathrooms and gay marriage. The typical Dem sees how easy it was to take a mile, so…


The Left’s ultimate goal is the restriction of free speech for their political & social opponents, by creating for themselves the power to deem what is and isn’t acceptable speech.

2A has to fall before 1A, to get the people accustomed to losing their cherished Rights, and ofc to remove the final obstacle to realizing their totalitarian dreams.


WHITE PILL: Trump’s Commerce Dept just added a citizenship question to the 2020 census. This move could significantly cut into California’s representative apportionment and electoral power.


Judeo-Christian heritage. From DEUSVULT: Norway is still a very homogeneous white European society “so there is a job to done” says Ervin Kohn, President of The Jewish Community in Oslo and the Deputy Director at the Norwegian Center Against Racism.

tick tock it’s 1:10 o’clock.

The Semite’s lack of self-awareness is necessary to their success as a diasporic tribe. If they understood the consequences of their malice and showed empathy towards those it hurts (Gentiles), they’d not be as powerful as they are because good will and empathy work against the accumulation of raw F YOU power.

Atavator writes,

More importantly, it would probably work against their continued existence as a tribe. They would continue to exist as people, but not as A people. They’d simply get along with those around them, and then intermarriage would basically erase the identity, subsuming it into the surrounding group of goyim.

Listen closely to Jews, and you’ll occasionally hear this: intermarriage is feared nearly as much as a shoah.

This is why the state of Israel is such an interesting experiment. You’d think if the primary interest of Jews was to survive as a group, they’d all go there. But they’re evidently splitting their strategic chips, as it were, not fully trusting the way of other groups. Whether this is conscious or subconscious is hard to say.

My opinion has always been that Israel is necessary for this reason. Played correctly, it allows us to force Jews to make a choice: assimilate or go there — you can’t have it both ways. Nobody else gets it both ways.

Game theory experiments have proven that ethnocentrism defeats humanitarianism as a survival strategy, so…


The high IQ and educationally accomplished of the nonwhite races will clink glasses with elite Whites, but when tribal push comes to immigration restrictionist shove those articulate, well-to-do nonWhites will post-haste ally themselves politically with their dumb brutish co-ethnics to stick it to Whitey. There’s no whitewashing blood.


I’m still looking incredulously at this pit crew of mutants and wondering how in the hell the british decided it was a good idea to invite them in by the millions. hey brits, it would be a lot faster if you put the gun in your mouths. Right-o chap, you banned guns. Try throwing yourselves in the Thames then.

These gargoyles are no more “Oxford men” than I’m a shogunate man.

Soul cleanser and loin girder: “What do they know of England”:


The reason this meme…

…has triggered leftoids so hard and emboldened the Right is because it hitches the Boomer-friendly Constitutional Crisis angle to the face of a brown dyke, hitting that subconscious reptilian part of our brains that lights up when our way of life and our values are under threat from foreign invaders.


One of those 56%er Parkland narcisshits admitted to bullying school shooter Nikolas deJesus Cruz.

J.R. quips,

so wait – we have to give up our guns and tear up the Constitution cause some Bald Brown Dyke bullied an autistic kid until he went postal?

that doesn’t seem fair

Heh. Memed:

Double barreled heh:


The Senators should be asking these mini-tyrant tech reptiles why they routinely ban the speech of users with differing political views. And then smash their companies to bits and turn them into common carrier utilities.


How about that! Another thot-for-teacher caught banging her underage charge. (As always, we here at Le Chateau wonder if the lucky boy was a colorful lad.) Wait for the sequel: hubby makes a tearful announcement that he will “support and forgive” his wife “during this challenging time”.


White power couple Martin and Brittany listened to my advice and released a photo of themselves with the harmonious dominant alpha/submissive female body language. That’s the spirit!

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Watch this video and you tell me if Tucker isn’t woke to the White Question.

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Don’t write off Steve Bannon yet. The man is smart as a tack, and has the moral worldview the Left hasn’t had since abolition. Here he is talking about how social media empires debase “digital sovereignty”. Via:

“Central governments debase your citizenship, central banks debase your currency, and the central, technocratic state capitalism we have with Google and Facebook take your personhood, and basically take away your intellectual property, your digital sovereignty” Bannon continued.

“Right now, you’re serfs. You’re well-paid serfs, but you’re serfs. They’ve debased your currency, and so you’re continuing to underwrite debt for sovereign governments at zero interest rates, so you’re always on the spinning wheel like a little hamster, trying to get ahead,” he told the audience.

“Because they’ve destroyed the ability of thrift, of you to save, to get ahead. It’s the same thing on your digital assets, your intellectual property: They take it all for free.”

He added that Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg’s “entire business model” is based on these activities, “taking [your] data for free and monetising it, and then writing algorithms behind a wall that treat you like hamsters on a wheel.”

Barber was keen to steer the conversation to more comfortable topics, trying to suggest Bannon was an admirer of Fascist leader Benito Mussolini and proposing that U.S. President Donald Trump’s plans for a military parade in Washington D.C. made him a kind of latter-day Julius Caesar — but failed to land any telling blows.

Hold on, people.


is da GBFM!

It all makes sense now.

GBFM is Bannon drunk-poasting!

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Henry Mueller concludes his special counsel investigation and astutely notes that the men who are hostile to women are often the ones claiming the mantle of gentleman supremacy.

A funny thing that confirms what we’ve been saying for years is that feminists like to strawman by saying men who run game are fundamentally hostile towards women. When in the actual [Seinfeld] episode, the point of “the Opposite” is that George becomes magnetic only when he totally gives up caring what women think of him.

It’s the Supreme Gentlemen who have the real seething hatred towards women, because they actually care what women think. It takes a new level of confidence to tell the beautiful blonde “this probably isn’t going to work” when she asks why you didn’t shave.

I always regretted that after such a spectacular transformation, the George character in Seinfeld returned to being a nebbish nerd. It always felt to me like that episode was the series peak, and after that it became a little looser at the seams.

This helps explain all those rape-y shitlib males in the news recently. They’re lsmv chinless dweebs who appease, supplicate, and dance like lackeys for the manjaws in their midst in the hopes that one of them will look kindly upon their obsequiousness and toss them a pity fuck. When the libwomen decline the anhedonic offers on display in their open office bughives, the shitlib males freak out and become angrier than Elliot Rodger after watching another yellow pearl fall into the hands of a White Chad. “Why doesn’t this blue hair feminist with the blowjob enhancing tongue stud appreciate my male feministery? THE BITCH”, wails the shitlib male, psyching himself up for an awkward tit grope at the HuffPo retreat.

If you, as a member in good standing of the male feminist Castrati, care a lot what women think of you, then when women inevitably let you down after all the effort you put into giving them what they claim to want from men, your reaction is likely to be seething resentment. It’s the Real Entitlement Mentality that femcunt women complain about, located most centrally in their own weaselly lib “niceguys”.

Of course, libchicks are practiced in the art of negative transference, saving themselves the discomfort of looking closely at exactly which types of men make them horny. In the leftoid universe (a smelly place rapidly contracting to a twinkularity), a misogynist is “a sexy White man I want but can’t have” if the accusation is hurled by a woman, and “a popular White chad who used to stuff me in lockers” if the accusation is hurled by a soyboy mangina.

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