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The two most virulent and mentally handicapping strains (perhaps the only two strains worth noting) of feminism in America are Nordic Feminism (NF) and Jewish Feminism (JF). Those BitterBitchMarch protest photos of screeching SJW fish-mouthed feminists? Odds are those lovely ladies have a dollop of Nord DNA. And all the feminist bilge pouring out of the anti-White Krull machine known as Hollywood and academia? That’s created by Jewish women (and their astoundingly cucked men).

Commenter PA explores the two feminism camps and how they may differ.

There is a strain of feminism native to Nordics that’s driven to break boys. It comes from a fear of strong or dissolute men. What makes it different from Jewish feminism is that it doesn’t seek to corrupt the famiIy, only to subordinate the famiIy to the woman’s authority. Those kinds of women aren’t inclined toward hypergamy — they despise alphas, marry betas whom they might henpeck but to whom they’ll stay faithful, and they will castrate their sons.

I think that’s basically right, except that NFs only superficially despise alpha men; I’ve known too many NFs with sexual histories that could read like instruction manuals for how to fall into bed with alpha badboys and bitch about the inevitable pump and dump for months afterward.

Same for JFs; they’re very adept at rationalizing a vocal hatred for masculine alphas, but when push comes to love, they can’t resist the crow of the cocksure cock.

I also have noticed, to buttress PA’s insight, that NFs do often settle down into egalitarian anhedonia with the wimpiest honey-do betaboy male feminists. JFs are more ethnocentric in their settling calculus, preferring the betas of their own tribe, male feminist or not, or when they out-marry, preferring to engage in long-term subterfuge to mold their goy toys into affiliative Jews. The NFs tend to choose born-cucked hubbies who come pre-equipped with the whole suite of insipid feminist fantasy beliefs.

Another difference (besides the relatively greater ethnocentricity of the JF and the more sincere universalism of the NF) is the anger that fuels their man-hatred. Give or take the expected slate of exceptions, in my observation NFs are ANGRIER about their feminism than are JFs, who wield their feminist ideology more like a lawyerly brief to undermine goyciety than like an emotional call to arms against the patriarchy which will never go anywhere but in the battlefield of their fevered imaginations.

It’s all a bit odd when one considers that

  1. Judaism is traditionally a patriarchal religion and
  2. the Nordic countries are among the most sexually dichotomous in practice, according to research, where men take man jobs and woman take woman jobs and physically their women are among the most beautiful on earth.

I’ll open the floor to more discussion of this topic, since it’s a fascinating one that potentially can reveal a lot about the female-driven leftoid hysteria and demand for open borders to the swarth world that is currently gripping America and fated to destroy the nation as we’ve known her.

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Commenter cortesar writes — while on the topic of globohomoist John Bercow’s slut wife and his cowardly acquiescence to their rotten marriage — of the paradoxical retreat from love underway by the very equalist leftoids who wave the banner of love aloft as their rallying cry.

There is no doubt in my my mind that if George Orwell was alive today he would have been on our side
I could not think of any quote that would come close to this one in depicting today atomized soulless globalist world by simply contrasting it to a principle that love is not opposite of hate but of indifference
The whole concept of family, community and nation has been for thousand years based on the idea that love means choice, that loves means discrimination
that loves means preference
To love means to choose and therefore there is nothing further from love than indifference


Cortesar, and Orwell, are right, and as usual shitlibs will have to deal with another hot flash of COGDIS when they encounter this Orwell quote that aligns more closely with Maul-Right truths than it does with their vapid #LoveWins hashtag attenuation of human nature.

Buried in the Chateau tomes of Everlasting Knowledge of the Mortal and the Transcendent is the truism that Indifference, not Hate, is the opposite of Love.

Anti-White leftists who wail and rend their H&M garments for more of the wretched refuse to teem toss’d upon America’s shores are as far removed from being champions of love as their sainted mulatto obama was from his Kenyan biological father. Indifference to whoever squats in one’s homeland is a political act of self-love; it’s certainly no love that anyone but the haughty poseur would recognize as such.

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Partner attractiveness has a corrosive effect on relationship stability.

Those rated as more attractive in high school yearbooks were married for shorter durations & more likely to divorce.

Across four studies, we examined the relational repercussions of physical attractiveness (PA). Study 1 (n = 238) found that those rated as more attractive in high school yearbooks were married for shorter durations and more likely to divorce. Study 2 (n = 130) replicated these effects using a different sample (high-profile celebrities). Study 3 (n = 134) examined the link between PA and the derogation of attractive alternatives, a relationship maintenance strategy. Study 4 (n = 156) experimentally manipulated perceived PA and examined its relation with both derogation of attractive alternatives and current relationship satisfaction. PA predicted likelihood of relationship dissolution and decreased derogation of attractive alternatives. Furthermore, PA predicted greater vulnerability to relationship threats—in this case, relationship alternatives—resulting from poor relationship satisfaction.

Shorter version: Options = Instability.

This particular study found no sex differences, but other similar research has found sex differences in attractiveness and relationship stability.

Think of the relationship permutations this way:

Man with options + woman with fewer options = man with peace of mind and wandering eye + happy but anxious woman + lovingly prepared home-cooked meals.

Woman with options + man with fewer options = unhappy woman with wandering eye + happy but anxious man + microwaved dinners.

Man with options + woman with options = stable relationship. Both are happy and infidelity or rupture risks are minimized.

Man with few options + woman with few options = stable relationship. Both are unhappy yet infidelity or rupture risks are still minimized.


A recent study found that relationship length is partly a function of the attractiveness of the woman’s face.

Generally, relationships in which the man has more options than the woman are less likely to rupture than relationships with the inverse dynamic. There are a few reasons for this discrepancy, but the primary reason is that men, especially HSMV men, are natural “harem builders” and are by wont of their male sex less interested in blowing up a marriage if they have a side piece for fun and relaxation. Men can more easily than women compartmentalize multiple concurrent relationships, and this includes outside flings pursued from within marital confines.

Cheating women, in contrast, have psychological and emotional resistance to maintaining their marital facade when they are fucking around on their husbands or boyfriends. A cheating wife will be more likely to initiate divorce than will a cheating husband, and ironically more likely to do so than the faithful wife of a cheating husband. This is the nature of women influencing our rationalized principles.

The claim that relationships/marriages are more stable when the man has more options than the woman is proven undeniably true simply by dint of the fact that 70% of divorces are initiated by women. Cheating husbands often don’t initiate divorce because, well, two women in the rotation beats one woman on repeat play.

Naturally, given the lop-sided divorce initiation stats, one may wonder if there are more women today than in the past who have, or feel they have, increased sexual market options. Certainly the bulging (heh) obesity epidemic can’t be contributing to American women feeling more full of themselves, but the increasing infantilization and effeminacy of America’s beta boys can certainly convince women to stop and ponder if they have settled too hastily or downwardly.

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As if we didn’t already suspect, The Strapon Within and his leftoid protestor comrades are, according to a Berlin study of arrestees, losers living at home with mommy and daddy.

92% of left-wing activists live with their parents and one in three is unemployed, study of Berlin protesters finds

The vast majority of left-wing protesters arrested on suspicion of politically-fuelled offences in Berlin are young men who live with their parents, a new report found.

The figures, which were published in daily newspaper Bild revealed that 873 suspects were investigated by authorities between 2003 and 2013.


A third of them were unemployed, and 92 per cent still live with their parents.


Between 2009 and 2013, the Bild report claims, left-wing assassins attempted to commit 11 murders.

The arrest records confirm the theory that leftoid street protestors are mostly LSMV men trying to get laid by exploiting an avenue that projects an image of badboyness.

But we know better.


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This is what happens to childless women when they get old and their wombs turn to dust.

A song is in order to pay tribute to Sarah Silverman’s call for a military coup. Sing along, why don’t you!

Dust in the Womb

(first stanza courtesy of Twatter contributor @DrGarnicus)

I froze my eggs only for a moment, and the moment’s gone
All my queefs pass before my thighs, a curiosity

Dust in the womb, all my eggs are dust in the womb

Same old womb, just a drop of semen and dead ovaries
All you screw finds no fertile ground, except a wizard sleeve

Dust in the womb, all eggs gone to dust in the womb

Now, don’t bang on, cats cannot recover a womb left to die
Eggs slip away, and all your crying won’t a single child buy

Dust in the womb, all you are is dust in the womb (all you are is dust in the womb)
Dust in the womb (every skank has dust for a womb), infertility of the womb (dead womb)

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This is a more accurate graphic depiction of the message delivered by Shepard Fairey’s original poster, which Steve Sailer identified as the Orientalist hijab fetishism of White male liberals who fantasize about a submissive hot babe underneath the tents, and of White female liberals who fantasize about submitting to a strong swarthy non-liberal man.

A reference photo from real life Sharia Law that White liberals want to import to the West:


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