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Hypocrisy is the tribute vice pays to virtue, but what if the hypocrisy isn’t a tribute but a misinterpretation of a separate rule book?

chris comments,

It is not hypocritical to treat different things differently. It is hypocritical to treat same things differently.

Are men and women the same? Are the fitness costs for promiscuity the same for men and women?

Short and sweet. Parents are more vigilant about Daughter Guarding than they are about Son Guarding because daughter’s eggs are far more precious than son’s sperms, and there’s the fact that if daughter gets knocked up she’s bringing the baby home to family. So slut shaming women while rake praising men isn’t hypocrisy, but the expression of naturally formed sociopsychological rules to navigate two separate and distinct playing fields. It’s different standards for different things.

Real hypocrisy would be what we see virtue sniveling shitlibs offer up as alms to their Equalism God: they speak of the blessings of nonWhite Diversity™ as they retreat to homogeneous gated communities and gentrified urban cloisters. Here the rulebook governing what they preach and what they practice is the same; it’s different standards for the same thing.

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….the world of bitter bitches and spiteful betas.

From Chavo Ruco (Gab @chavoruco):

Look at these respective ages and you can see why Jonah Goldberg is so invested in white-knighting and moralizing.
Jonah Goldberg, 48
Mrs. Jonah Goldberg, 54
Mrs. Roy Moore, 56
Roy Moore, 70


That wasn’t a shiv, it was a battle axe that cleaved Goldberg’s soul in two.

So much sublimated bitterness and spite from prissy white knights who couldn’t pull the young tail Roy Moore pulled. The history of the world can be explained by the envy of the beta bitchboy mob and ugly feminists clawing and tearing at anything beautiful and true and natural.

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Recall the CH maxim “the God of Biomechanics will not be disavowed” while reading this 2017 study which found that men have choosy sperm, subconsciously and autonomically saving their best loads for the hottest babes. From the study:

Although men are (relative to women) indiscriminate in which women they’ll bang, their sperm pick up the discriminating slack, releasing tepid disfigured dribbles for plain janes and explosive jizz missiles for HB10s. The Virgin Cum Bubble vs the Chad Jizz Rip.

Most interestingly, HSMV men produce higher quality sperm loads for attractive women, suggesting that the limbic system somehow knows on a primal level beneath conscious awareness that hotter women deserve better sperm to increase the likelihood of conception, and the id-testes axis of love is able to call up these elite soldier sperms for duty as needed.

Truly remarkable stuff, when you think on it, and one can just imagine the cognitive shutdown that is induced in feministards by lovefacts like this one.

Also noteworthy:

  • women fake orgasms and moan during sex to make their betaboys feel like they are loved (and their alpha toys to feel like they should stick around)
  • fresh pussy is intoxicating to men, from their forebrains all the way to their testicles
  • “men who engage in fewer mate guarding behaviors produce higher quality ejaculates”: betas mate guard, alphas assume the sale. If you catch yourself mate guarding too much, you are probably driving your woman away from you.

If this research reminds you of an older CH post, well, your memory is reliable:

Hotter Women, Better Sex

How your body responds to a woman during sex tells the tale.  The hotter I find the girl, the better the sex is, all else being equal.  Since men remember sex acts with crystal clear clarity, it’s easy for me to recall the exact specifications of my sexual encounters with each woman in my life.  Not to put too fine a point on it, but my jizzbombs were heavier and the distance ejected farther with the prettier girls.  Since this is something I cannot consciously control, it is proof of the innate characteristics of the male sex drive.

SCIENCE has sucked my dong so much I need a lengthy refractory period to give it the quality sperm it begs me for.

“CH, give me your thotkiller sperms!”

“Baby, only the best for you.”

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¡SCIENCE! says….

sexual polarity for the win!

Men report stronger attraction to femininity in women’s faces when [the men’s] testosterone levels are high

Many studies have shown that women’s judgments of men’s attractiveness are affected by changes in levels of sex hormones.

Alpha fux, beta bux.

However, no studies have tested for associations between changes in levels of sex hormones and men’s judgments of women’s attractiveness. To investigate this issue, we compared men’s attractiveness judgments of feminized and masculinized women’s and men’s faces in test sessions where salivary testosterone was high and test sessions where salivary testosterone was relatively low. Men reported stronger attraction to femininity in women’s faces in test sessions where salivary testosterone was high than in test sessions where salivary testosterone was low. This effect was found to be specific to judgments of opposite-sex faces. The strength of men’s reported attraction to femininity in men’s faces did not differ between high and low testosterone test sessions, suggesting that the effect of testosterone that we observed for judgments of women’s faces was not due to a general response bias.

Soyboys are despised even by other soyboys.

Collectively, these findings suggest that changes in testosterone levels contribute to the strength of men’s reported attraction to femininity in women’s faces and complement previous findings showing that testosterone modulates men’s interest in sexual stimuli.

The more masculine the man, the greater his desire for feminine women. The less masculine the man, the greater his tolerance (if not desire) for masculine women.

Note that high T and masculinity are the primary drivers of male libido, so the preferences or tolerations of effeminate men don’t matter all that much to the Darwinian prerogative if low T males can’t get sexually aroused for the manjaws in their midst. The boner doesn’t lie.

Executive Summary: The God of Biomechanics will not be disavowed.

A reader writes,

this [study] helps us understand why more masculine female faces have become the norm in media.

Heh. The Gaystream Media is filled to brimming tears with low T limp-wrists who aren’t bothered by the lack of feminine female colleagues. You couple that with the natural selection effect of obnoxious status striving fields like media whoredom drawing in manjawed careerist shrikes and you get what we have today: Snarky, virtue signaling Fake News brought to you by the sexually amorphic androgynes who have swarmed like insects into media brothels, and who have corrupted the integrity of their occupation with the presence of their own corrupted minds and bodies.

This is why sexually chadmorphic masculine men like Trump trigger them so badly; the fear and loathing of the fancy male feminist and fierce female ballcutter for Trump is reflective of much deeper emotions than those provoked by political disagreement; this bitchback goes to the id and its force multiplier is raw envy and suppressed desire.

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Diversity + Proximity = War update (the hits (to the Narrative) just keep on coming!): Cities in the predominately White hold-out of the Midwest have the highest social capital scores. Diverse cities the lowest.

While entertainment, climate and recreation are no doubt important considerations for many people, there are many other location-related factors that influence quality of life. Social capital, for example, is rarely factored into the various indexes that rank and rate cities according to their quality of life.

As the World Bank defines it, “social capital refers to the institutions, relationships, and norms that shape the quality and quantity of a society’s social interactions.” In other words, social capital looks at community relationships and social cohesion. People living in places with high levels of social capital are likely to feel more connected to their local community and less isolated from their surroundings, while the opposite is true in places with low levels of social capital.

Generally, people build social capital through their participation in organizations and institutions. Examples may include attending religious services, volunteering at a special interest organization, joining a sports league or any other activity in which people can build a common bond or share a common goal. Social capital, therefore, is not necessarily a reflection of “quality of life” as many city planners understand the concept. While a community may have a high number of nice cafes and art galleries, they do not necessarily improve an individual’s quality of life if he or she holds no personal or emotional attachment to them.

Richard Florida BTFO.

According this index, the places with the highest social capital scores are mostly Midwestern cities where “quality of life” scores based on nightlife and natural amenities are lowest. These cities mostly have small, relatively homogenous populations. By contrast, many of the smaller, ethnically diverse cities in Texas, Arizona and California, as well as many cities in the smaller cities in the Southeast are at the bottom of the list in terms of social capital. Joining them near the bottom are large auto-dependent cities like Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Houston.

Diversity is our lonesomeness. Homogeneity is our tight communal bonds. But, hey, you can get a Korean taco in your favorite Diversitopia to eat your despair!

No one but a virtue sniveling White liberal would be surprised (or pretend to be surprised) to learn that ethnic and racial homogeneity — that is, genetic closeness — buttresses stronger, healthier communities because people feel more at ease with those who are similar to themselves. Diversity isn’t a strength at all, unless you’re a globosouled bugman whose religion is your Faceborg quest for Likes and whose patron saint is your iPhag.

The article notes that for those who want to strike a balance between consumerist amenities, natural beauty, and social connectedness, the Pacific Northwest is the place for you.

In addition, small- and medium-sized cities in the Pacific Northwest and the Intermountain West offer a good balance between social capital and quality of life concerns. These cities have both the physical and social infrastructure to help people enjoy their community while also building the sort of emotional attachment required for long-term civic health.

Unfortunately, the PNW is also loaded down with the worst shitlib Whites in the country, a veritable outpost of soylandia uptalkers and bluehair fatties. You have to get away from the coast before people start resembling normal, sexually dimorphic humans again.

PS I’ve added this research to the Diversity + Proximity = War Reference List on the front page of the blog, bringing the total number of linked, lib-triggering studies to forty-three.

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This is what a takeover of America by nonWhites looks like: A hostile alien force flexing its growing demographic power and preying on its constituents’ fear of and loathing for Whites with campaign ads that portray Heritage American White men as stone cold killers:

Paid for by the White Victory Fund…..haha but not really kidding. This is the kind of Dirt Worlder racial gloating that will push more Whites into the arms of a de facto White Party, aka the Trump Train.

Takeover, land grab, colonization, invasion, conquest….call it what you like, it’s indisputable that the engineered demographic swamping of White Americans by nonWhites is tribal war in all but formal declaration.

The reality of course is the exact opposite of this blood libel video. Whites are preyed upon by violent, criminally rampant aliens and nonWhites in the cities and suburbs where they are resettled by the Globohomo Forced Integration Project. These locusts then proceed to shit en masse on the history, culture, and symbols of White America, smearing the descendants of White Americans who founded, built, and brought glory to the nation as redneck pickup truck drivers running down beaner babies on the streets.

Are they begging for RAHOWA?

And if America is so full of White devils, WHY THEY HELL ARE THEY COMING HERE? Is it a masochistic thrill? Surely they and their 50-to-a-room families will be a lot safer in their homelands where there are no redneck neoconfederates to strike fear in their hearts.

No, the answer is that they have swarmed, they have sucked at the White gibs teat, and now they are ready to plant their tribe’s flag in the nation they are conquering. The age of tokens is over, there’s no longer a need for the fig leaf of multicultural respectability…it’s Tribal Time now.

But maybe they have begun their victory dance a little too early. They can feel their power rising, but like the impulsive dummies they are they have pounced too quickly, imprudently, for a clarifying fight with the alpha male White lion. Instead of playing the long game of reducing the White population ratio to a sufficiently small number, they have chosen macho confrontation before they have the strength to defeat the gringo/infidel. Their puppet masters are in retreat, having lost an election and the meme wars, and are too weakened to properly manage and coordinate their primitive charges.

Virtue sniveling shitlib Whites are playing with fire. They think they can morally preen their equalist enlightenment over their benighted BadWhite kin forever without paying any consequences. But they badly underestimate how moronic, tribalistic, and impressionable our dirt world colonizers are. Savior-complex shitlibs seeking religious redemption through their imported riff raff have unleashed the braying mob, and the mob won’t stop with the heads of rednecks; they will come for the soyboy libs too, and they will be consumed with just as much glee and fury.

PS PA writes about the implications of this ad, here.


A commenter quips,

Damn, that guy really wants his truck stereo back.


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Women are being misled by the Globohomo Mendacity Machine and Grrlpower Cuntsortium into delusions about the time left on their fertility clocks. From reader TLM,

There is one career girl that really stood out to me. She was close to 40, or early 40’s, and having a myomectomy done (Her uterus was full of fibroids-round hard benign tumors). She had so many that the doc was having a tough time getting them all out. The surgeon is a fertility specialist I knew well enough to ask, “Why didn’t you just schedule her for a hysterectomy”, which would be standard for a case like this with the patient’s age, condition, etc. Doc says patient, a childless unmarried business woman, still hopes to conceive a child some day. Talk about wishful thinking. No way her post-surgery Frankenstein uterus is in any condition, at her age, to provide a safe environment for a baby.

In the end, the God of Biomechanics wins. The genes of these sex difference denialist careerist shrikes will fade from the helical strand of humanity. They will be replaced by more feminine, nurturing women who love babies and love having them at a young age. The hard-charging, leaning in, credentialist whore megabitches who blow their prime fertility windows on bed hopping and grad school genderqueer studies degrees are not long for this world. Nature doesn’t long tolerate deviants to the Prime Directive. A cleansing is coming, one way or another.

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