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Steve Sailer wrote about pit bulls, (at 6.7% of the US dog population, the breed accounts for half of all dog-related human fatalities). Over there, commenter Oldeguy frest about “breedism” against pit bulls.

America will continue have this tragic carnage until:

1) it finally owns up to its centuries long oppression and degradation of pit bulls.

2) Abolishes every disgraceful form of institutional Breedism ( e. g. denial of or higher rates for Homeowners Insurance for Pit Bull households ) that blights this nation founded on equality for all.

3) Require that Labradors be required to attend Labrador Privilege Awareness training sessions.

4) Finally have sufficient decency to address the national disgrace of Pit Bull over-incarceration in the nation’s Dog pounds!

5) And have sufficient honesty and humility to admit that The War On Bites was Breedist motivated and has been a spectacular failure.

Pit bulls have long been vice signaling accessories for low class thugs and assorted worthless scum who use the dogs as projections of menace (guns on a leash). But lately, as I have noted here, pit bulls have been adopted by SWPLs in a lame attempt to virtue signal their disavowal of the idea of genetic dog breeds (races) having inherent personality profiles, and to brag about their ability to rescue a nasty dog breed from of a life of maulings by teaching it the values of middle class labradors.

I love talking about purebreed dogs with SWPLs, because it doesn’t take long into that kind of conversation for me to slip the realtalk shiv in their plump ids. Shitlibs are eternally fascinated and horrified by genes and inheritance of all sorts of physical and psychological traits, and dog breeds serve as a “safe” outlet for them to talk about heredity without constantly double- and triple-checking themselves for dangerous thoughtcrime. But I don’t let them enjoy that safe space for long before I pass an oh-so-innocent remark about “how interesting it is that personality types like aggression can be bred into subspecies.”

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The title of this post is something a grandmother would say to her granddaughter warning her against drinking as a gateway to sluttery and morning-after “regret rape”.

On this wonderfully anti-feminist subject, reader pavetack describes a photographer’s social experiment in girls and their drunkenness.

Photographer takes photos of friends after 1,2,3 glasses of wine.
Notice by the second glass every woman is trying to appear seductive, and by the third it’s “devil may care”. Drinks that go into you may make her more attractive, but ones that go into her definitely do.

These were my favorite “RBF-to-DTF” series of increasingly besotted women photos:



Two thoughts:

Smooth Gs who can successfully bed sober women earn more of my admiration than womanizers who rely on drunk girls exclusively for their make notch count great again.

Important lesson here for the ladies: If you don’t want to regret sleeping with a man the next day, don’t get drunk with him the night before. Hooch cuts the line between your brain and cooch.

Glancing over the men’s photos, the overriding pattern is “sober serious face” -> “drunk smiley face”. I don’t see many seductive faces appearing on the male mugs. Chicks don’t much dig smiley men, so it may behoove you smoov dudes to move on the gina groove when you’re sober. Otoh, if you’re drunk, the girls you’re with are likely drunk too and probably won’t notice how stupidly you’re smiling at them.

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This is great. Cracks in the Hivemind honeycuck are beginning to show, as more and more honest men of integrity and heavy sack speak outside the anti-White narrative. Our Shitlord of the Week is an anchorman for a Fargo, ND local news channel. Not only does he use the term “open borders” with less-than-obsequious reverence, he calls out the traitorous oligarchs conspiring to turn American into, as president Floppy Wrist once put it, a “hodge podge of folks”. Via:

“Partnership for a New American Economy”. Twatter’s “Trust and Safety Council”.

It’s as if the leftoids currently holding the megaphone and the moneymen currently holding the GOPe by the short n curlies read Orwell’s 1984 not as a cautionary tale but as a manual for running the country.

The arrogance of our New American Traitors is breathtaking. Their fall will be equally awesome.

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There is a theory to explain the origins of the core population of White cucks. (I use the term “cucks” in its shitlordy colloquial sense to mean White people who express more solidarity with antagonistic nonWhites than they do with their congenial racial kin.) This White cuck theory, associated with the writings of HBDChick, invokes two historical processes to account for the evolved psychological preferences of NW European Whites to feel altruistic urges and a moral duty toward strangers and particularly toward nonWhite strangers:

manorialism and non-kin marriage.

Basically, over a thousand-year period (or less) in the parts of Europe that today correspond to the Germanic nations, Scandinavia, and England, (aka core Europe), outbreeding (cousin marriage was prohibited by the Catholic Church) and circumstantial pressures (e.g., manorialism) that selected for more cooperative and docile individuals created a distinct type of people who are amusingly known by the acronym W.E.I.R.D.O. in social science circles — Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, Democratic, and Outbred.

I would add my personal theories to HBDchick’s emphasis on outbreeding and manorialism to explain the development of White universal altruism: the Buffer Zone Theory and The Culling. Core NW Europe, being a core, is surrounded by White nations and White tribes. Over millennia, this “ring of white” lands shielded core Europe from the worst depradations of the nonWhite world. This proto-NATO defense umbrella permitted the rapid selection for supranice Whites within the Bubblecuck region who had rarely had to confront violence on a regular basis from truly foreign-looking and -acting invaders. From other Whites, yes. But not so much from Vibrancy.

The Culling simply states that the great 20th century wars of White fratricide removed the hardiest and least cucked men from the gene pool. I don’t see how a continent’s character emerges unchanged by 80+ million premature deaths.

Whatever their provenance, altruistic WEIRDOS all have psychological traits in common, and one very noticeable commonality is their NICENESS. If you’re American, you’ll encounter this radical niceness in the Midwest and plains states, where White people of Core European lineage settled and multiplied. It’s practically the basis for the humor in the movie Fargo. Nice Germanics and Scandis and Anglos will have nary an unkind word to say about anyone, and warmly welcome any traveler who might wander into their lands. They are trusting (and trustworthy) and are just about the best kind of people to go to for a car repair, financial advice, or contract negotiation. They won’t screw you over, and they (perhaps naively) believe no one means to screw them over.

These are the people, not to put too fine a point on it, who practically built Western Civilization and modern society.

What can one possibly say about them that is less than fulsome praise? There is no end to the ways in which nice people are nicer than not-nice people…

except for one flaw in the WEIRDO algorithm.

One very big flaw.

Possibly an existential flaw that will negate every good thing achieved by these NiceWhites.

Their gullibility.

(Throw in a predilection for sanctimony, and you’ve got all the ingredients for supreme cuckitry.)

I agree with John Derbyshire that Midwestern NiceWhiteness “is America’s Achilles heel, and will bring down our civilization one day.” It’s becoming more apparent that these niceguy White cucks will go to their golly gee willikers graves dispensing unreciprocated niceness on the world’s ingrate riff raff, and in their misdirected zeal to be nice to the world’s 7 billion not-nice schemers and dirty dealers, they’ll take America down with them.

The Trumpening is illustrative. Twatter renegade @Ricky_Vaughn99 compiled a list of the state-by-state share of pro-Trump vs anti-Trump White ethnic groups that can be used to predict Trump wins.


The anti-Trump NiceWhites are mostly inside-the-Hajnal, core NW European ethnicities. (Keep in mind these are the cucks who happily voted for Marco Lubio, and who love open borders nutjob John Cucksich. Ironically, fake phony fraudulent slimeball Ted Cruz is a beneficiary of cuck love. Like I said, gullible.)

The pro-Trump Whites who love his fighting spirit, properly directed decency, and straight talk are borderlands, periphery, Southern, and Central/Eastern European ethnicities. These are the Whites who get, at least on a gut level, the danger posed to survival by the mass migration of alien peoples who have nothing in common with the White-centric heritage of America.

There might be an intervention which could save NiceWhites from themselves, and thereby save America and the West: forced integration with the blessings of Diversity™. You’ll note most NiceWhites live in very White states. And most RealWhites — Whites who are less gullible about the realities of the world and who prefer Realtalk over Poopytalk — live with or near nonWhite Diversity.

The hypothetical remedial emerges: expose the NiceWhites to those vibrant characters they claim represent “who we are”, let stew for a generation or two, and voila!… hardened shitlords speaking openly about the coming RaHoWa and assuming the aliases of ancestral Viking berserkers and Visigoth barbarians.

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Twatter tartlet @clairlemon passes along a study sure to get on the nerves of neckbeard atheists and secular anti-Christian (((feminists))). She writes,

Interesting paper suggests that monotheistic religion is a paternity-certainty facilitator.

With paternity certainty, comes paternal investment. Men who don’t know if the kid is theirs are less likely to stick around and support mom and child. The blowback from that is an exercise in imagination I leave for the readers.

From the abstract,

The major world religions sprang from patriarchal societies in which the resources critical to reproduction, whether in the form of land or livestock, were inherited from father to son down the male line (13). Consistent with patrilineal inheritance, the sacred texts set forth harsh penalties for adultery and other behaviors that lower the husband’s probability of paternity (48) (SI Discussion). The scriptures also place greater emphasis on female than on male chastity, including the requirement of modest attire for women and the idealization of virginity for unmarried females (6, 8). Previous studies have considered the evolutionary biology of patriarchy, but have focused on primate antecedents or cultural factors rather than religion (2, 911). Here we test the hypothesis that religions that more strongly regulate female sexuality are more successful at limiting the incidence of cuckoldry, defined as offspring sired by extrapair copulations (EPCs).

SCIENCE! lands another sloppy wet kiss on the Chateau’s turgid…ego. Female chastity and fidelity really are more valuable to men than male chastity and fidelity are to women. (Male chastity is actually a subtraction from women’s appraisals of men’s mate value.)

The study population is the Dogon of Mali, West Africa, who practice four religions: Evangelical Protestantism introduced by conservative American missionaries; Catholicism introduced by French Jesuits who focused on humanitarian projects; Islam; and the indigenous Dogon religion, which is monotheist. Our quantitative analysis supports the hypothesis that religious ideology serves the purpose of defense against EPCs.

CH is on record (check the archives) predicting that the wholesale abandonment of religion by Western societies will lead to higher rates of cheating and cuckoldry, by both men and women. Recent CDC data on infidelity supports the CH observation that cheating is up, especially (and critically) among women. And as I have argued, unrestricted female sexuality is FAR MORE dangerous to civilizational health than is unrestricted male sexuality, and this is why thousands-year-old religions have evolved to specifically curtail the existential threat of female infidelity.

Muh dik is the slogan of the black ghetto; muh muff is the dirge of the dying White West.

Discovery of the reproductive consequences of religious practices is helpful for understanding the interface between the sacred and the secular, a neglected terrain despite growing interest in the evolutionary biology of religion.

Atheists and other irreligious types nursing an exaggerated spite against (mostly) Christianity have no idea the forces of chaos they are working towards unleashing. If they can’t tolerate pious platitudes and Sunday Church services, they are gonna have a really hard time getting accustomed to the worldwide Zimbabwe that an areligious “state of nature” will portend for their sexdoll time. Once you kill paternity certainty, you have signed the death warrant on Western Civ.

We show that paternity certainty was higher in the indigenous religion than in Christianity, which we attribute to the abandonment of menstrual taboos by the Christians.

The liberalization and feminization of Christianity will mean its death, either through attrition or transmogrification.

Women in the traditional religion are exiled for five nights to uncomfortable places called menstrual huts; during the day menstruating women work in the fields (23, 24). The indigenous religion uses the ideology of menstrual pollution as the supernatural enforcement mechanism to coerce women to disclose their menses by going to the menstrual hut. Hormonal data showed that fear of breaking these religious taboos enforced honest signaling to the men of the husband’s family, who situate the menstrual huts in close proximity to the toguna, which is a shade shelter specific to the males of a given patrilineage.

“Modern” feminists balk, but there’s a good reason for the existence of these religious rituals that appear, superficially to the comically stunted shitlib mind, to be relics from an antediluvian past. Stupid shitlibs think they can ignore the wisdom of their ancestors without consequence.

These findings for an evolutionary purpose to religion are often hard to disentangle from the native traits of the people that constitute the major world religions. Maybe Africans and Arabs have a psychology that requires draconian religious strictures to ensure paternity? And maybe White European women are sufficiently swayed by less onerous religious dictums? However you approach the question of causality, it’s fair to be concerned that the rapid demise of Christianity, and the concomitant rise of feminism, in the West will have downstream effects on the basic reproduction structures of civilization, and that in the future atheism and agnosticism and secularism may even influence the process of sexual selection and change the genetic characteristics of the people to something that resembles the anti-civilization shitholes of today.

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Feminists bitch and moan and lie about a mythical “rape culture” that permeates America, but if you look at the numbers instead of wallowing in poopytalk it becomes clear that, in parts of the West at any rate, a far better case can be made that we live in a Cuckoldry Culture rather than a rape culture.

Britain has a fairly accessible data set on national rape and cuckoldry statistics, so we’ll examine the UK as a proxy for the larger Anglosphere.

(For those new to the Chateau and unfamiliar with some of our terms of enshivment, “cuck” is the colloquial term for men, usually married beta males, who unwittingly raise the bastard spawn of women who have cheated on them and gotten pregnant by another man, usually a jerkboy alpha male. The term is so descriptively brutalist that it was ported to the political arena as a hard-hitting insult — cuckservative — aimed at Republican pundits, pols, and voters who surrender to leftoid race equalism premises in order to curry favor with the gatekeepers of polite discourse. Rhetorically, cuckservatives sell out their children’s and their nation’s future, and their ancestors’ pasts, on the altar of liberal dogma, in practice “raising another man’s ideology”. And they do so oblivious to the humiliations they visit upon themselves.)

New research has shown that the cuckoldry rate in Britain is 2% — 1 in 50 British fathers are unknowingly (or without prior consent) raising the offspring of another man.

Researchers at Leuven University in Belgium said that they decided to conduct the first ever in-depth study after being surprised and intrigued to learn that the issue has received little serious scientific consideration, despite being a concern felt by many men.

That’s because, contrary to dumb feminist assertions about “the patriarchaaaaaahh”, women are treated as the more valuable sex in most societies, particularly in Western societies. This instinctual social, economic, cultural, and legal favoritism toward women is a psychological phenomenon which stems from the fact that, biologically, eggs are more expensive than sperm.

2% sounds like a blessedly low number, but if you take into account the absolute meta-extinction level event that cuckoldry represents to a man’s genetic and personal interests, 1 out of 50 is a rate that should give most men a little pause, and some men a lot of pause.

It’s an especially damning statistic when we compare that 2% cuckoldry rate to the UK rape rate for women.

The 2006–07 British Crime Survey reports that 1 in every 200 women suffered from rape in that period.

A 1-in-200 rape rate for UK women is 0.5%, or four times smaller than the cuckoldry rate for UK men.

Cuckoldry Culture is four times more likely than rape culture to be the operative paradigm.

But you won’t ever hear TheCunt or feminists or their Hivemind manlet lickspittles honestly broaching this ugly truth.

And note as well that the physical violation of rape last minutes, with recurrent bouts of psychological distress, but the physical and emotional violations of cuckoldry can last eighteen years, uninterrupted.

So maybe it’s time to discuss “the matriarchy” and “the cuckistocracy”, and how these social constructions amount to a “War on Men”.

PS Sparing a moment to pontificate abstractly, it might be somewhat eugenic in the long long term to permit, or at least to ignore, a low level of cuckoldry in an advanced White society. Unfortunately, while this may have been the case in the distant past, today it seems women will “cheat down” just as often with layabout badboys as they will “cheat up” with corner office kahunas, obviating any overall eugenic effect from cuckolding their wimpy beta hubbies.

PPS And let’s not forget that however eugenic a sexual market transaction (and any attendant social stigmas or sanctions), there are individual men who get caught on the wrong side of the sexual market equation and suffer immensely.

PPPS A real rape culture is emerging in Sweden, but the blame for that rests squarely on all the swarthy migrants GoodWhite Swedes have allowed into their country. Lying, cuntfaced feminists don’t have much to say about that, unless they have an opening provided by the leftoid media to (erroneously) blame White men.

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This song could be the rapefugee anthem. Listen to young women, really listen, and you’ll come to realize the ancients were wise to cut women off from political influence.

A quick Crimson Pilled analysis of the lyrics.

Ohhh Ohh Ohhh Ohhh Ohhhh Ohhhh

She’s orgasming just anticipating the noncommittal attention of a bad boy.

Ask me to stay and I’m not gonna leave
Don’t make me wait with my heart on my sleeve
Cause I won’t go ‘less you want me to
I’d surrender it all for you

She would sacrifice her first-born for the love of a bad boy.

Friends turn to foes I don’t know who to trust
You say I worry, I worry too much
But I can’t help what I’m feeling now
I just want us to be somehow

Is her bad boy cheating? Careless whispers! Suspicion of his unfaithfulness only intensifies her love for him.

I said there’s somethin ’bout the bad boys
That makes the good girls
Fall in Love

They are bad, ergo they are lovable.

Clear as a crystal or sharp as a knife
Words will be words ’til you bring them to life
Show the whole world that you’re mine alone
Tell them girls to go find their own

Female preselection boosts male sexual market value. She loves that other girls are after her bad boy, but her erotic power is so complete he ignores the others to be with her. Or so she tells herself.

(and if you’re no good for me)
Don’t leave me stranded

She can only take so much foot-dragging (measured in prime years wasted).

(and if you’re no good for me)
Don’t lead me on

Shit or get off the pot.

(and if you’re no good for me)
I’d rather feel abandoned

Better to have loved and lost a bad boy, than to never have known a bad boy’s love at all.

(and if you’re no good for me)
Please be gone

She has to beg her intransigent bad boy to dump her, because she doesn’t have the inner strength to do it herself. This is a good time to remind yourself that hot girls have no trouble dumping non-bad boys on the flimsiest of pretexts.

PS Zara Larsson, the singer, is Hey Nineteen in this video.

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