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Comment of the Week winner Days of Broken Arrows, writing from the perspective of a former insider to the print magazine world, has an excellent summary of what drives a lot of the magazine and newspaper poz that is nearly reaching saturation point in America.

I used to write for magazines and newspapers and, in fact, wrote for a former Teen Vogue editor at one of the newspapers. And I can tell you this: In the mags, close to 100 percent of what’s written is advertiser-driven.

Those “outrageous” articles on anal sex and subjects like that aren’t so outrageous when you learn that the makers of K-Y Jelly (or some other such company) has bought full-page ads and that’s why the articles are being written. And all those other oh-so-wild “boundary-breaking” teen sex articles? Check the ads for contraceptives. There’s big money there. Mags don’t get that kind of advertising revenue writing about nice flowers or coffee tables.

Advertising didn’t always drive content. Once upon a time there was “a wall” that separated the ad division and the editorial division. The reason for this was so that the editorial side could operate independent of influences and be objective. But by the mid-1990s, fewer people were buying newspapers and magazines, so out of desperation, editors started to “tear down the wall” and grudgingly accepted some influence from advertisers.

But then came the massive influence of the Internet, which no newspapers could foresee (because editors lived in a bubble and didn’t heed warning of writers like myself). The Internet decimated newspaper and magazine circulation. Craigslist alone destroyed classified sections, which kept many a newspaper’s cash flowing.

The Web’s popularity caused advertisers to run from print and ran to the Web. So, to keep the revenue coming in, editors willingly tore down that advertising/content wall. They then let the ad execs march into the newsroom to give marching orders (metaphorically speaking).

And this brings me to my main point. Liberals/Democrats are now gloating about how it’s so wonderful that “the revolution is being led by Teen Vogue and Cosmo.” It isn’t. It’s being led by the big corporations that buy the ads that keep those mags in business.

So, once again, we see that the so-called “independent thinkers” are pawns of the corporate state. What they think is liberating is basically Big Pharma forcing the hand of editors to assign articles that will help them sell The Pill, the Morning After Pill, and whatever else women are taking these days.

I hope it’s not too bad a surprise for shitlibs when the curtain is pulled back and they’re forced to realize that the “leaders” they’re following aren’t Ivy League writers but Merck and Johnson & Johnson.

Gullible shitlibs suck the cock of corporate fat cats and praise poz-pushing greedy CEOs as “the moral conscience of America”, not realizing that they are utter dupes of “the Man” and the machine that they used to rage against but now enrich with their virtue sniveling support.

Interestingly, the wall between advertising and editorializing that is now crumbled to the ground corrupts not just editorial content, but the hiring process at these pozpaganda factories. If Merck or Amazon are running the editorial boards and deciding the content of our esteemed newspapers and glam mags of record, then those essentially corporate PR organs will gradually attract into their hiring pools the kinds of typists and pundits who sincerely believe in the degenerate, lying, fake crap that corporate America wants them to write to better push their products.

So I think gaystream media shitlib writers are more than just useful idiots scammed by the capitalist pigs they once hated; they are true believers. And the corporatocracy loves nothing more than a phalanx of faithful poz-dealers who don’t have to be bribed for their services. They’ll just show up with a smile and a thesaurus of snarky lib phrases, ready and eager to do the fat cats’ bidding.

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Trump has done well in the aftermath of the Texas hurricane, so naturally the Gaystream Media are turning the focus of their agitprop firepower onto Melania Trump’s shoes in order to deny the Golden Don any positive covefefe. Via Gabber @kgrace:

Just for perspective:

THIS is the vogue writer who wrote about Melania’s inappropriate shoes upon arrival in Texas.

The mutant leftoid hag above is Lynn Yaeger, fashion typist for Vogue. She’s a fashion expert, you see. You do see it, right Winston? Right? *caged rats chitter hungrily*

The Ugly resentfully lash out at the Beautiful, and the media frame it as the moral reprimands of unbiased third party sources.

The cleansing fire of Truth and Beauty can’t come soon enough.

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Before and, predictably, after:

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We are immersed in a sexual market that, for reasons I have explained at length on this blog, greatly disadvantages beta provider males and encourages female solipsism and romantic recklessness. Beta male thirst is at an all-time high (this despite the enervating effect of porn and vidja gaming), and with this thirst comes an aggressive retreat from early marriage and child-bearing and a decade of prime female nubility spent in the urbanite pleasuredome squandering supple snatch on usually quixotic quests to nab an alpha male winner as husband and king.

The upside to all this beta male thirst and beta female folly is that the poz-facilitated bluster of the latter exposes the former to the gearbox working under the hood of female sexuality. More beta males who would normally go to their graves devoted polishers of the pussy pedestal are being forced by the unleashed female id to confront the bankruptcy of their romantic ideals, and the reality they are getting front row seats to observe is not a pretty one.

No heretic is as zealous as the former acolyte betrayed by a gullible adherence to his earthly faith, and so what we unsurprisingly hear is a growing chorus of bitter-tier beta males and sympathetic woke females calling out the grimy grasping alpha fux beta bux biodirective to which women used to silently acquiesce but lately have taken to announcing their fealty loudly and proudly.

It’s a stretch, but I can imagine a near future when our debased dying culture so profoundly exposes and amplifies female sexual nature, giving it free roam, that the beta males who would normally resign themselves to a lifetime in nuptial service to sloppy seconds (which they now know were parceled for free to jerkboys when freshly firsts) decide that such a dispiriting fate — paying through the nose for pussy with only a few years of shelf life left — isn’t worth the effort, and deign to do something about it by either holding sluts and spinsters responsible for their romantic choices or learning how to charm girls and get a little of that sweet maximally fertile action that the cads enjoy free of charge.

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The Dutch monarchy adheres to very strict rules concerning the mating and marriage practices of its royal family.

The monarchy of the Netherlands passes by right of succession to the heirs of William I.
The heir is determined through two mechanisms: absolute cognatic primogeniture and proximity of blood.

The Netherlands established absolute cognatic primogeniture instead of male preference primogeniture by law in 1983.

Proximity of blood limits accession to the throne to a person who is related to the current monarch within three degrees of kinship.

The Dutch Constitution prescribes that every royal who is eligible for the throne and wants to marry someone, must get permission from Parliament to marry that person.

Therefore, members of the Dutch royal family/The Crown Prince(ss) cannot have a same-sex marriage, unless he/she abandons his/her right to the throne.

Hybrid vigor? Hah, that’s gene dilution agitprop for the plebs. White royalty in nations like Holland are into a finer form of aesthetic and behavioral supremacy: eugenics.

In Gregory Clark’s book A Farewell to Alms, the central thesis is that 800 years ago a process of natural reproductive culling started in England and continued long enough to birth the Industrial Revolution. Smart, conscientious, upper class English people had more kids, and dumber, impulsive, lower class people had fewer kids. What then occurred was an over-production of the wealthy elite, whose sons and grandsons, from lack of elite positions, fanned downwardly in social status to occupy middle class and lower jobs. There they mated with sub-elite women — you could call this a “dribble down effect” — and spread their superior genes amongst a wider swath of the English population. The genetic profile of the English thus improved, and this led to them helming the Industrial Revolution.

The process outlined in A Farewell to Alms sounds eerily similar to the BOSSS strategy I have recommended to make America great again. Smart HSMV men should eschew marriage to overeducated cunty shrews in favor of marriage and family with feminine, under-educated, sweet White secretaries from less stellar social classes. Then their good genes will spread out rather than be sequestered in a credentialati hothouse of low fertility shitlibbery.

Right now in the West, the opposite fertility pattern is happening: A+ men are matching up with hand-picked female specimens from within their social and educational (and royal) circles. They may preach the wonders of miscegenation, but their actions are solidly in the camp of purifying their blood. Miscegenation for the plebs, genetic purity for the landed gentry.

In order for this insular and ultimately deleterious genetic pattern to break, there has to be a concerted effort via culture channels of communication to explain to the masses that the elite don’t have their interests in heart, in fact want them genetically destroyed in a slurry of mixed race breeding, and that they are setting themselves out quite literally as a special race of Eloi with their mating and marriage habits. We have to dump feminism, in other words, so that upper class White men can feel unashamed to pursue those lovely submissive under-educated White women who would be happy to take their seed by the wombfuls.

This is genetic egalitarianism, and in the final analysis all forms of egalitarianism issue from the genetic substrate.

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Because I am a humanitarian and love to give and give until it hurts, I submit this uplifting essay to fat chicks everywhere who need to hear these 14 things for their mental health and mortal souls.

14 things every fat girl absolutely needs to hear:

  1. push away from the table
  2. coffee, not sugary milkshake with coffee added
  3. eat less, exercise better
  4. weight room, not treadmill
  5. fatness ruins your health and quality of life
  6. your romantic life will suffer because men prefer slender women
  7. if you are a white fatty, your odds of mudsharking rise
  8. intermittent fasting and portion control are your friends
  9. curvy doesn’t mean beach ball. it means hourglass.
  10. you’ll have to put out faster to keep a man’s interest
  11. even an extra five pounds makes a difference to men
  12. the fatter you are, the lonelier you’ll be
  13. the fatter you are, the farther down you’ll have to settle to find a man willing to stick with you
  14. excuses and feminist boilerplate won’t make men hard for you

HTH, fatties!

FYI this is a response to the same femmedia-elevated fatty satirized in this CH post who is beloved by her fellow sexual market losers for “telling it like it is”. More like “scarfing it down like it is going out of style”, right, Jes Baker?

For years, Jes has worked in this sphere of reminding people— especially women— of their right to feel beautiful.

Women and poopytalk, inseparable! Explaining simple concepts to fat feminist retards loses its allure after the third iteration, but here I go again, into the breached whale. Nothing is stopping fatties from their “right” to feel beautiful, a meaningless conceit at any rate. But ginned-up Fake Feeling and reality are two distinct universes, and no matter how much a fatty exercises her right to feel beautiful and assuage her butthurt ego, that won’t change the fact that most men will deem her falling far short of beautiful. No fatty self-motivational in the world can convince men she’s hot.

My 14 pieces of fatty-smiting flair, if followed to the letter, will reunite fat chicks with genuine feelings of self-worth that no feminist happy-clappy feedgood nonsense can hope to accomplish.

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Never often enough, the YASS QUEEN gaypedoface brigade and catlady consortium need a reminder that thecunt (aka hillary clinton) achieved power and a near-miss at the Trump House solely by using her husband as a stepping stone. From Harry Dexter White,

Eternal reminder that the only reason Hillary Clinton has a political career at all is because she is a woman. She married a man who was a much more charismatic and adept politician, a natural leader, and used his popularity to gain national prominence. She admitted this to the entire world when she was cuckqueened by Bill and remained – remains – in the marriage because she needed him to win her Senate seat.

All the posturing about “she overcame”, and glass ceilings, and yass slay independent and strong queen must be seen in this light. She did what women who managed to gain any degree of prominence in human history typically did – married the right man. And there’s nothing wrong with this, it’s just how woman navigate their way into the corridors of power. But don’t for one f**king second pretend she’s some exception, some revolutionary, the first of her kind.

She was handed her fame and fortune on a silver platter, but her incompetence, narcissism, and general inhumanity led her to fail where many other women would and already have succeeded.

thecunt literally got to where she is used to be by leaning on a man — her charismatic and much more successful husband — to empower herself. Without Bill, thecunt is nothing more than a corrupt, two bit trial lawyer in Little Rock. And yet she is a feminist icon. The lack of self-awareness among girth wave feminists never ceases to amaze, but thecunt’s life story is especially discrediting of the feminist elevation of her to goddess-like status, given that she was entirely dependent on a man to achieve sufficient notoriety to be able to claim the mantle of independent woman.

Or maybe this is what bitter middle-aged women think when they envision an empowered she-bitch: a woman willing to exploit the man in her life for personal gain and have the gall to assert she did it on her own.

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