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Another drearily familiar rapefugee news story contains a portentous subtext.

All over Europe, women are suffering the consequences of the Muslim invasion disguised as a refugee crisis, and one reporter’s encounter was captured on video. A group of Muslim migrants thought she was too attractive, then showed her what happens as a result.

The video is at the link above. There’s nothing NSFW in the video; it’s just the usual enriching perspectives we’re instructed to appreciate from our colorful third world Diversity.

A reader gives his interpretation of this vibrantly multicultural scene, and issues a warning to the White Men of the West.

Here is the reality.

These guys have monumental, stone cold asshole game.

They treat this woman like absolute shit, and she is fascinated by it, she keeps calling them back for more.  She lets the guy take the microphone out of her hand.

In the pussified world of Western European girly-men, these guys stand out as masculine, hard men who say what they want, take what they want.  They walk down the street like they own it.  They don’t smile.  They double down when challenged.  They give sub-zero fucks.

CH readers will see where this is going … .

The dried up miserable vaginas of Europe’s women will be engorged and dripping at the sight, and they will be blushing and squirming in their chairs and playing with their hair even as they say, oh, how awful … .  Then they will do everything they can to get more of these unapologetic bastards into their country, and look for the opportunity to be called a slut, have their hair pulled, their clothes grabbed and pulled off, be slapped, be violated, be dominated, be owned.  As more of these videos circulate, the man-starved women of Europe will become increasingly desperate to spread their legs for a vicious and hateful pummeling by these invaders.

They will forget their own so-called men ever existed.

And to get all “meta”, feminism was a civilization-wide shit test, and the men of Western Europe and the USA failed.  They have been reduced to sniveling beta status ever since.  The poon of the West is desperate for a stern and iron Alpha ramming by anyone, and the first guys who showed up are these Muslim dirtbags.

Looks like it’s their lucky day.

Note that the foregoing is clearly correct for the Germanic countries.  The Muslims will own the place in a generation.  This is not true in Eastern Europe, only the west.  The Poles, Hungarians, Serbs, will absolutely without blinking shoot, hang, stab, run over with trucks, set on fire with gasoline, or club to death every Muslims they can get their hands on before they will turn over their women.

Hyperbolic, but he’s onto something. After watching the video, I wouldn’t go so far to say the female reporter is sexually aroused (she could just be chirpily stringing the rapefugees along to make sure she gets entertaining quotes), but the wider theme explored by the reader is by and large true: when stronger* men invade your public space, your women will eventually, and often in contradiction to their own stated wishes, gravitate into an orbit with the dominant invader male valence and assume the submissive position.

*Stronger in a sexual market context means less appeasing, bolder, and firmer of frame. IOW, an asshole.

The lesson is that when an existential crisis threatens the nation, its women simply can’t be trusted to correct course. Men must steer the ship. And if that means dismissing their women’s opinions while they get to the hard job of making their country great again, then so be it. The dismissiveness will probably reignite their women’s desire for them.

The conclusion one must draw is the utter incompatibility of the White K-selected races with the less-than-White r-selected races. Multiculturalism is a failure. Worse, it’s a deliberate failure; an attack by the ruling classes against their own people.

The saracens are a different breed, possessing a natural ZFG attitude and patriarchal insolence towards women that may not buy them much poon in their homelands but acts like a tingle generating explosive reaction in secular, betatized, domesticated, and effeminated European societies. The shy, shoe-gazing, polite White European beta male – representative of his tribe – is rendered impotent when contrasted against the brutish brown man’s street theater, and the White man’s women notice the contrast, and their hindbrains, despite the best intentions that some may have, map out sexual market hierarchies accordingly.

PS Refreshingly, there are some young women who know the score.

If there is hope among White women, it lies with the virginal cuties. But, as reader Diversity Heretic averred, the White man’s chivalry comes with a necessary cost.

Okay, you want male protection. Male protection comes at the price of female deference. If you want to compete with (and displace) men in the job and education marketplaces, if you want women to be defense ministers, if you want to pursue a career at the expense of being a wife and mother, if you want income and status equality with men, if you want to ride the alpha cock carousel until your early thirties, then expect to find a beta male provider who’ll buy with a ring what you gave away free when you were younger and hotter,


PPS PA writes about white knighting (when it’s appropriate, and when it’s self-toolage.)

PPPS Reader Philomathean adds,

I’m not convinced the majority of White women support the invasion because they long for a mud breach in their vaginal canals. It’s state sponsored, socially approved moral posturing no different in spirit than an Oprah inspired kaffeeklatsch.

I reply: But women lead the moral posturing to open the borders. They are lapping men in their eagerness for more diversity enrichment. There is a deeper psychological compulsion that animates women’s politics, and I contend it begins at the source of female sexuality: their innate desire for strength and dominance in men. Right now, that female desire has been redirected to outsider males, because their own men are hamstrung from reacting in the proper masculine manner to the alien threat (and too many are donning miniskirts as feeble signs of protest).

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If you look hard, there are outposts where Shitlords and Realtalkers feel free to speak unassailable truths. One reader passed along this quote from an Israeli politician who was offering an explanation for Europe’s open borders madness and supine welcoming of their rapefugee replacements.

Israeli politician agrees with your observations on the women of Europe + Migrants.

“Western Europe is kneeling and inviting the noble Muslim savage to rape it,” wrote the maverick politician on his Facebook page. “What is the meaning of this phenomenon? Were there only German women at that train station in Cologne? Where were the men?”

The Muslims who leave their home countries seek Germany, Sweden and Finland not just for financial reasons, he speculated. “There is something much deeper at play here. Western Europe is actually the most secular place in the world. Most of humanity believes in God – the US, too, is mostly populated by believers. Western Europe is an island of atheism; the situation there is reversed.

“This is a culture that has removed God from its consciousness. It took God out of the game and locked Him up in museums,” Feiglin theorized. “The pressure of the Allahu Akbar culture bursts naturally into the irreligious vacuum – it is a matter of physics, really. Of intercontinental maleness and femaleness.”

“Generations of denial of God have engendered a craving for authority and meaning,” the philosopher-politician explained. “The police does not attempt to prevent the rape just as it did not attempt to prevent Kristallnacht, because in truth, it is desired. The battered woman syndrome, the subconscious, the political correctness of Merkel and those who invite in the immigrants, actually desire it. […]

“The circle closes with crazy speed,” Feiglin observed. “Women’s liberation disappears. The State will not protect you – get used to it. Your Godless religion has evaporated. Find yourself a man – a Muslim one, of course – to protect you. There is no other masculinity.

“The battered woman syndrome” is just another way of politely saying “generic female sexual nature”, because all women, to lesser or greater degree, desire their submission to a powerful and dominant alpha male. And the dominant alpha male needn’t be manifest through the individual man; the strict orthodoxies of patriarchal religions like Islam also fill the role of authority that people, but particularly women, deeply and profoundly crave, beyond even conscious apprehension.

This is an important topic, because it befuddles not just equalist leftoids (who were never going to be un-befuddled) but also race-aware white knights who despite their willingness to grapple with many ugly truths that frighten mass media and the culture gatekeepers, nonetheless exhibit a strong allergy to thinking clearly when the subject is (White) women and their peculiar habits of mind. (These alt-white knights also co-opt a rhetorical crutch preferred by the shitlibs they hate: glib and snarky ad hominem against those who do speak truthfully about female nature.)

Men invade, women invite. The essential sex distinction is the male disposition to conquer and acquire power and the female disposition to accede and acquire the charity of the powerful. All real world evidence points to these diverging male and female essences. It would be funny if it weren’t dead serious that every single global crisis contradicts the feminist (and lickspittle manlet) worldview.

Today, a Swedish woman was stabbed to death by a Muslim refugee. Add her body to the running count of White female victims of rapefugee runaway entitlement. It has been three weeks since the Cologne mass sexual assaults on German women at the hands (and groins) of Middle Eastern men. It has been two months since the Paris attacks when Muslims killed hundreds of White Frenchmen and -women.

Dwell on recent history. Now consider this: two days ago, a German poll revealed glaring sex differences in male and female support for various German political parties. “Frauen” are women. The “AfD” is the anti-immigration party.


I don’t think you’ll see anything more shocking than this snapshot of the German female id. It calls to mind that Plath pith, “Every woman adores a fascist”. What’ll it take to convince White women that it’s in their best interest to shut the borders to hordes of nonWhite orcs?

“Best interest”? Maybe that’s the problem. Women’s best interest isn’t necessarily aligned with their men’s best interest. That Israeli politician quoted above is onto something dark and ominous when he accuses the West of assuming the role of intercontinental femaleness — the psychological condition responsible for civilizational ennui and exhaustion and prostrate submission to invading foreigners. Western men have become their women — gelded freaks who dress in mini-skirts to “support” victims of the Cologne sex attacks — and into that masculinity void unapologetically patriarchal Muslim migrants rush to provide that “other masculinity” which animates the hindbrains, and the ginewaves, of so many young fertile WHITE women.

Because who is going to protect these White women? White men in mini-skirts? It is to laugh. And though many women will claim otherwise to reporters holding microphones and even to themselves when uncomfortably alone with their thoughts, their actions expose a different motivation.

I call this sex-disparate phenomenon “The Feminine Mistake”. It was a mistake to hand to women inordinate power – at 51% of the population, women hold the levers in democratic societies – over public policy and the nation’s constitution. Women are who they are; they can’t help themselves when they vote for equalist leftoid nation-destroyers.

If the White West is to save itself from its worst instincts and sentiments, it’s going to take something that most cucks, manginas, and male feminists are loath, or scared, to do: tell women to step aside, because they are royally fucking up the place.

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A reader describes the societal stage at which empathobesity becomes life-threatening.

The commenter knows his history:

“To illustrate using the example of England, starting with the Magna Carta in 1215, we have the English civil war in 1642, the glorious revolution in 1688, Habeas Corpus, the reform acts of the 19th century, the representation of the people acts of the early 20th, feminism, Welfare, the sexual revolution, mass migration, gay rights, animal rights, transgender rights and so on.”

I’ve studied the fall of empires dating back to the Babylonians, and boiled the causes down to three (not mutually exclusive):

1. Deficit spending
2. Imperialism
3. Social factors such as mass immigration, debauchery, and dependence on welfare or other subsidies.

Basically, with #3, we are looking at the tipping point from where the people feel they have to collectively participate for the good of the nation to the point at which they start approaching it with their hands out.

As someone who seems familiar with complex systems theory, you’ll understand that a symbiotic relationship can become parasitic, given some sort of divergence or disparity. Empathy is no exception.

Human ecosystems rife with Debt, Deception, and Diversity™ exist in very unstable equilibria for only short periods, usually while sustained by a reserve of dwindling prosperity. Once any residual faith in the system is lost, it’s lost for good, and the mad rush to the cash out of the country begins in earnest. Those with universalist impulses are sucked dry in a parasite swarm, their gullibility and empty moral posturing feeding the bloodsuckers until citizen duty gives way to culture cannibalism.

I’d call this advanced disease state Morbid Empathobesity, suggesting the suicidal altruism status signaling that is symptomatic of empathobesity has metastasized and threatens the survival of the nation.

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Why are mudsharks and White male race cucks so reviled? One reason is the intuitive understanding existing in all people (even nonWhites) that White woman pussy is the Moloko Bush of earthly pussy. And being a holder of the world’s Number One Nethers means that with such power one accepts great responsibility for its stewardship. Now ask yourselves, does it seem like White women are exercising good stewardship of their Golden Gashes? The obesity epidemic, let alone the slow rise in WW-BM interracial dating, suggests White women have fallen down on the job of keeping their down above the mob.

On that depilated note, here’s reader syonredux on another post-Western Civilization trend among White women falling out of favor with their own wombs: the adoption and raising of third world sprogs in place of White children.

You know what might be even more sickening than White male (one can’t call them men) race cucks? White females (one can’t call them women) who gleefully raise the cuckoo’s young as though it were their very own.

Take Charlize Theron as a case study. A truly gorgeous woman. At her peak, a definite 10. Now, in any kind of sane society, her life would have followed two possible paths:

A: Married and had kids at her physical peak (say, 18-25)

B: Acted/modeled until she was maybe 30, then, just as the bloom starts to fade, marries and has kids.

In either case, she would have put her solid-gold vagina to good use by marrying an Alpha White man and pumping out 3-4 (minimum) White children.

In our insane society, though, she lets her White ova rot and adopts some Black kids:



To call it madness is no hyperbole. Beautiful white woman pussyfruit rotting on the vine. Cucks would have us import millions of dusky malcontents to pick that fruit so that it can be sold on the open sexual market at discount bin prices. But we don’t even need the cucks; too many White women appear ready and eager to spit on their glorious race and culture heritage, and to disavow even the Darwinian Prime Directive.


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The stereotype of liberals as emotionally underdeveloped children who feel first and think later now has support from the very entity liberals have raised to divine status: SCIENCE!

Liberals and conservatives exhibit different cognitive styles and converging lines of evidence suggest that biology influences differences in their political attitudes and beliefs. In particular, a recent study of young adults suggests that liberals and conservatives have significantly different brain structure, with liberals showing increased gray matter volume in the anterior cingulate cortex, and conservatives showing increased gray matter volume in the amygdala. Here, we explore differences in brain function in liberals and conservatives by matching publicly-available voter records to 82 subjects who performed a risk-taking task during functional imaging. Although the risk-taking behavior of Democrats (liberals) and Republicans (conservatives) did not differ, their brain activity did. Democrats showed significantly greater activity in the left insula, while Republicans showed significantly greater activity in the right amygdala. In fact, a two parameter model of partisanship based on amygdala and insula activations yields a better fitting model of partisanship than a well-established model based on parental socialization of party identification long thought to be one of the core findings of political science. These results suggest that liberals and conservatives engage different cognitive processes when they think about risk, and they support recent evidence that conservatives show greater sensitivity to threatening stimuli. […]

These ideological differences between political partisans have been attributed to logical, psychological, and social constraints and past scholarship has focused primarily on institutional political processes or individual policy preferences, rather than biological differences in evaluative processes. But recent work has revealed physiological correlates of the differential responses to risk and conflict by liberals and conservatives. Consistent with the previously identified attitudinal divergence, conservatives have more intense physical reactions to threatening stimuli than liberals. Conversely, liberals had stronger physiological responses to situations of cognitive conflict than conservatives.

The insula (shitlib predominant) and the amygdala (shitlord predominant) serve different roles in the brain, affecting human response behavior.

The insula and amygdala often function together in processing situations of risk and uncertainty [30]. The amygdala plays a critical role in orienting of attention to external cues [31] and fear conditioning [32]; however, this structure is also important for other emotional information processing and behavior [33]. Functional neuroimaging studies have shown amygdala activation in reward related processing [34], encoding of emotionally salient information [35], risk-taking [36], processing positively-valenced stimuli [37], and appetitive/aversive olfactory learning [38]. In comparison, neuroimaging studies of insular cortex have observed critical involvement of this neural structure in pain [39], interoceptive [40], emotion-related [41], cognitive [42], and social processing [43]. In particular, the insular cortex is important for representation of internal bodily cues crucial for subjective feeling states and interoceptive awareness[40], [44]. That differences in the processing of risk and uncertainty differentiate liberals and conservatives suggests an alternative way of conceptualizing ideology.

In layman’s terms, liberal brains give preference to their own feelings before any externally-generated, real world hatefacts have a chance to make an impression on them. Shitlibs are literally slaves to their FEELS. They see the world through a gauze of their emotions, like a toddler might make sense of the alien adult world that swirls around him.

Shitlibs analyze the world, and all its threats, as if refracted through a prism of their subjective feelings. Hordes of invading, antagonistic third worlders eroding civilization in White homelands? After passing through the shitlib antiWhite Feels Filter, (they can’t help themselves), this clear as day observation gets mutated into a rationale for the shitlib’s yearning need to believe all people and all races are equal in worth and compatibility with White European societies. So the shitlib sees [unassimilable orc hordes], feels [I am an antiracist GoodWhite], then thinks [White privilege prevents orc hordes from assimilating].

If shitlibs suffer from a genetically imprinted brain structuring that renders them helpless to defend their nations from invading nonWhites, then the only solution, and only escape from this intraWhite quagmire, is expulsion of shitlibs from positions of power in times of crisis. When demographic survival is at stake, shitlibs who are cognitively unable to resist throwing their White nations under the bus must receive the HARD NEXT from shitlords, like one would do to a drunk chubby girl coming onto you during 2AM garbage hour.


Related study results: Testosterone level influences amygdala functioning.

The activity of the emotion centres in the brain – the amygdalae – is influenced by motivation rather than by the emotions themselves. This can be concluded from research carried out into the hormone testosterone. Testosterone increases amygdala activity in a person who is approaching a socially threatening situation and decreases the activity when such a situation is avoided. It was already known that the amygdala response to images of angry faces was stronger in a person who had received testosterone. This new study shows that this only happens when people approach angry faces and not when they avoid them.

Men with adequate T levels can more accurately perceive threats, while low T manlets are not much different from women, failing to perceive threats and, worse, inviting those threats into their lives oblivious to the consequences.

SCIENCE! continues to confirm the Chateau thesis that Western societies – particularly their men – are rapidly feminizing in both body and mind, and this effeminating process has grave implications for survival of the nation. A low T nation is a laid-low nation. In places like Cologne, we are watching it happen in real time.

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The Freelance COTW winner is “Anon” (of course) from S. Sailer, ridiculing the “nation of immigrants” platitude and describing the emerging entity I like to call the “Globo-Homo Elite”:

The problem.

If the premise is ‘America is a nation of immigrants’, then America is no longer America unless it keeps taking in more immigrants. And it means immigrants are ‘more American’ than those with deep roots here. So, native-born Americans must reverse-assimilate to the world filled with potential immigrants.

It’s like if man is defined as a consumer, he must keep buying (even stuff he doesn’t need or can’t afford) to be a man. US, as currently defined, must keep consuming immigrants.

The elites prefer immigrants cuz the immigrants have no roots, claim, and memory in America that boost goy nationalism. Instead, the immigrants are merely grateful to the sector of America
(the globo-elites) that facilitated their easy entry.

Also, the immigrants’ children, being raised on PC, are useful as agents who spread America-style ‘culture and values’ back to their home countries. A kind of neo-imperialism.

Look at Mexico. Its ‘values’ are becoming more globo-Americanized with stuff like ‘gay marriage’ in urban areas.

In a way, the ‘anti-American’ and pro-minority aspects of PC fool the children of immigrants into believing that the New American culture and ‘values’ are on their side and empowers them against ‘racist’ whites. After all, ‘leftist’ Obama is president, a development that suddenly made so many nations pro-American even though Obama is merely a servant of Jewish-homo oligarchs who seek to weaken the national sovereignty of every nation but Israel.

In truth, PC is really designed to aid globo-minoritarian-elitism in every nation but Israel.
What does American-style PC do in Russia, Iran, Mexico, Vietnam, etc?

It promotes homos allied with the globo-US empire.

America is a nation of colonists, to which immigrants were later added, often at great social and fiscal costs. And never more costly than now, when the bulk of the immigrants are as far from the White European gene/culture norms as is possible.


There were more freelance comments around the alt-web worth showcasing. This one by Curle (at LOTB’s) is pretty funny. He recaps president Butt Naked’s recent State of the Banana Republic address.

Here’s a recap: blah, blah, blah

Diversity is our strength . . . blah, blah, blah

Did I mention that diversity is our strength? . . . blah, blah, blah

You know, few people remember that diversity got us to the moon . . . blah, blah, blah

We could go to the moon again if we were only more diverse . . . blah, blah, blah

If we become really, really, really diverse we might even make it to Mars . . . blah, blah, blah

Some people [dog whistle Donald Trump] don’t value diversity enough which you know, is our strength . . .

blah, blah, blah

INNER VOICE: Boy, the lighting in this place makes Michelle look pretty weird, especially when she’s clapping overly hard and has that frantic look on her face . . . blah, blah, blah

Some day I won’t be President . . . [INNER VOICE: Nooooooooo!!!!!]

“Diversity is our strength” is the Prime Lie of our age. Which should make it ripe for incessant, unrelenting, merciless mockery, if our comedians had any balls and weren’t just shills for the shitlib Narrative.


The Anti-Gnostic makes an astute observation about the ruling class putsch to overthrow America’s native White stock and turn the country into a soulless market bazaar.

In the space for “about me,” she wrote, “I [live] in the usa,

USA as flophouse/shopping mall. Ask a native white or black American in my home state where they live and they tell you, “Atlanta,” or “Dahlonega” or “Brunswick.” Americans are apt to express regional pride: the South, the Appalachians, out West.

But to immigrants it’s all one undifferentiated, AMERICA!, and they gravitate to wherever their patronage networks are or the green card-spouse, etc. and drift around from there. Never really settling in, adopting a consumerist, shallow, secular lifestyle. The perfect citizens for an all-grasping federal government and its mega-corp sponsors.

The math is quite simple. The more Diversity in America, the less America in the Diversity. But math class is hard, for Dems and GOPe alike.


Finally, a Very Special FCOTW goes to SOBL1 (you can follow his Twatter feed @SOBL1) for one of the pithiest and truest descriptions of the current US political parties.

The Blank Slate Left = The Boot Straps Right

The ignorance on the cucked Right about race and genes nearly equals that found on the Left. Race Creationism schmaltz top to bottom.

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Piggybacking on the previous post (and perhaps modifying it), here is a research paper (h/t Irving) authored by Chateau VIP guest Satoshi Kanazawa which uncovered some ugly truths about sex differences in xenophilia (pathological love of foreigner).

For foreign conquest and alien rule, the evolutionary psychological perspective suggests that women should fear alien rule much less than men, but only so long as they are reproductive, because they then have a good chance of being spared by the conquerors and have the option of marrying into them. Accordingly, the analyses of the Eurobarometer data show that young women are much less xenophobic than young men, but the sex differences disappear around age 50. […]

Interestingly, a separate analysis (not shown) demonstrates that the interaction term between sex and age in a combined sample of all ages is not statistically significant, except for religion. It means that, at least for nationality and race, women do not gradually and linearly become more xenophobic over the life course. They suddenly become qualitatively more xenophobic sometime between the ages of 40 and 50.

The entire paper is a great read, beyond the salient finding quoted above. Kanazawa is a skilled messenger of evolutionary psychology, even when putting forth theories that are more speculative in nature than established fact. Kanazawa’s basic contention – that wars are fought ultimately for access to, or protection of, pussy – dovetails with the CH premise that the sexual market is the one market to rule them all.

Anecdotally, I have heard far more support for rapefugees, and more generally for open borders, from young White women than I have from any other group of people. (The men I know don’t bring it up, but a few of them, when forced into a conversation about it, hemmed and hawed or meekly cosigned their girlfriends’ opinions. Even the alphas are susceptible to this inglorious path of least resistance.)

The women might not truly believe what they claim to think about letting in Muslim refugees — CH Maxim [X] explicitly advises watching what women do instead of listening to what they say, for the two are quite often at odds, especially in a mate market context — or they might believe it only insofar as they are signaling their conformity to GoodWhitethink, and otherwise don’t feel very strongly about helping rapefugees and throwing open the borders to the third world.

Whichever it is, there is no doubt young, single women (and yes, this includes single White women) vote IN DROVES for the antiWhite leftoid candidate on the presidential ticket. Kanazawa would appear to be onto something regarding the evolutionary psychology underpinning the easy acquiescence of young fertile women to invasion by foreign conquerors. And, as is becoming dishearteningly more obvious, when invasion isn’t looming on women’s horizons, invitation extended to the foreigner to traipse into their White homelands will substitute nicely.

To swipe a page from the Alinsky playbook and pin a suitably baneful term on the phenomenon: women suffer from ignorant xenophilia, and the cure is (*smarmy liberal voice*) education.

I hope that I’m getting a skewed impression of women’s true feelings regarding border control and White demographic displacement, because if I’m not then the fate of our White nations is sealed, barring repeal of the 19th Amendment.

Alternately, a YUGE increase in the population of marrieds and decrease in the age of first marrieds would also improve the electoral prospects of proto-nationalists, because married women tend to vote like their shitlord husbands. Care of children and preservation of family has a way of focusing female minds.

On a hopeful coda, data analysis of profiles on the OKCupid online dating website tangentially contradict Kanazawa’s finding that maximally fertile White women fetishize foreigners more than do men. If dating preferences can be extrapolated to immigration preferences, then White women want to import swarths as much as they want to date swarths… which is to say, not much.

Related, Kanazawa has a shitlord face, for an Asian.


Woops, that’s not Kanazawa. Here he is:

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