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Continuing on the theme of “WOMEN…THEY REALLY ARE NOTHING LIKE MEN”, another study (h/t Arbiter) finds that not only are rape fantasies common among the female of the species, but, contrary to conventional tradcon wisdom, it’s the HIGH SELF-ESTEEM women who have the most frequent and pleasurable rape fantasies.

This study evaluated explanations of rape fantasy in a sample of female undergraduates (N = 355) using a sexual fantasy checklist which included eight types of rape fantasy, participants’ detailed descriptions of a rape fantasy they have had, a rape fantasy scenario audio presentation, and measures of personality. Three explanations of rape fantasy were tested: openness to sexual experience, sexual desirability, and sexual blame avoidance. Women who were higher in erotophilia and self-esteem and who had more frequent consensual sexual fantasies and more frequent desirability fantasies, particularly of performing as a stripper, had more frequent rape fantasies. Women who were higher in erotophilia, openness to fantasy, desirability fantasies, and self-esteem reported greater sexual arousal to rape fantasies. Sexual blame avoidance theory was not supported; sexual desirability theory was moderately supported; openness to sexual experience theory received the strongest support.

It appears women have rape fantasies because… wait for it… it TURNS THEM ON. Which makes sense. Fantasy is based on real desire. (For proof of this, ask yourself when was the last time a woman admitted she fantasized about sex with a dutiful beta provider.)

Rape fantasies aren’t reactions to negative real life experiences or evidence of imbalanced psychologies; quite the opposite, rape fantasies are the domain of women who think highly of themselves and are comfortable with their sexuality.

Arbiter interjects,

Yet another finding that contradicts the feminist worldview. The women who like sex the most and are the most daring, are the ones who fantasize about rape the most. These are the toughest women, the most independent women.

Feminists claim that “rape is about control”. It is “a way for men to control women”. In that case it should be the women who feminists consider traitors who have the most rape fantasies, shouldn’t it? The women who are the most “submissive”, women who are obedient slaves to the evil men, shy and afraid, quiet as a mouse, “seen but not heard” and all the things feminists imagine about conservative women since they don’t know any. Instead it’s the toughest women who enjoy rape fantasies the most, since rape is about sex, not the “patriarchy’s” control.

What’s equally interesting is why women who are lower in sociosexuality and in self-esteem have fewer reported rape fantasies. Maybe they are less honest about their true desires, thinking them shameful? Or maybe they simply have lower libidos than more erotically feminine women, and this is reflected in their lower incidences of the sorts of sexual/romantic fantasies that preoccupy the female hindbrain.

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Tucked into an epic post about the myth of immigrant assimilation into America over history, written by the blogger and hatefact analyst M.G., is a shivvily shimmering quote by late 19th-early 20th Century economist (and progressive) J. R. Commons:

We find that our democratic theories and forms of government were fashioned by but one of the many races and peoples which have come within their practical operation, and that that race, the so-called Anglo-Saxon, developed them out of its own insular experience unhampered by inroads of alien stock. When once thus established in England and further developed in America we find that other races and peoples, accustomed to despotism and even savagery, and wholly unused to self-government, have been thrust into the delicate fabric. Like a practical people as we pride ourselves, we have begun actually to despotize our institutions in order to control these dissident elements, though still optimistically holding that we retain the original democracy.

M.G. adds, “Commons wrote these words in 1907; he may just as well have penned them last week.”

Commons understood the threat of open borders and the danger of demographic replacement of the native stock of people who created the civilization that attracts the world’s benighted. He, like, ahem, we here at CH, understand all too well the abiding truth of the formulation


and that this WAR can manifest in many ways, including as a slow but inexorable corruption of the civilized institutions which must accommodate, with increasing tension proportional to the numerical pressures, the different and often antagonistic values of the genetically and culturally distinct migrants.

And just how much danger is there of the dispossession of America’s NW European White Man creators, builders and maintainers?

The term “self-cucked” comes to mind.

Bonus: Commons nailed the motivations of the ruling elite and reasons they embrace open borders and try to sell their self-interest with equalist rhetoric.

It is an easy and patriotic matter for the lawyer, minister, professor, employer, or investor, placed above the arena of competition, to proclaim the equal right of all races to American opportunities; to avow his own willingness to give way should even a better Chinaman, Hindu, or Turk come in to take his place; and to rebuke the racial hatred of those who resist this displacement. His patriotism and world-wide brotherhood cost him and his family nothing, and indeed they add to his profits and leisure.

Where are the men of Commons’ perspicacity today? If ever the nation needed their clear thinking and their courage, now is the time. Perhaps Trump will pick up the banner of Realtalk™ and march with it over the battlefield, crushing ethnomasochistic, autogenocidal shitlibs underfoot. We’ll see.

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Ryan DeLuca is the wealthy CEO and founder of Bodybuilding.com, (the misc forum is a funny read). Dan Bilzerian is some kind of D-list actor, pro poker player, and “social media personality”. DeLuca’s hot trophy wife was recently plastered in a compromising pose all over Instaslam by Bilzerian, who taunted DeLuca with the photo and claimed he had just finished banging her out “while wearing Gucci slippers”. Bilzerian, in true ZFG alpha male mode, later posted a pic of said slippers, festooned with additional taunts.

Reader shartiste gives a primer on the sordid affair and what it reveals about the competing goals at the heart of male and female sexualities,

yeah, [the bobdybuilding.com thread] got deleted by mods. pics are all over twatter though.

anyway, your point [about wealthy beta males] is correct, however the thread runs deeper for Mr. Ryan Deluca, former CEO of Bodybuilding.com.

He had a high school sweetheart who he was with before he started his business, when he was a dead broke Idaho schlub. She stayed with him and bore him three kids. Not only that, she was really hot and was a model for the site. Duckduckgo Bryna Deluca. Got into fitness and was upper echelon for her age.

Yet he divorced for the alluring whiff of prime pussy. I am not exactly hating, his PYT was very hot. This is a deep vein of CH teachings though. His hot high school sweetheart could do nothing to compete with a 20 year old slut, despite looking hotter than 99.99% of women her age. And DeLuca, despite no doubt loving his kids, absolutely could not swat aside his prime directive biomechanics to fly too close to the sun with the griddle hot nubile puss.

The kicker though: he is beta. He had money, reasonable looks, and little else. He couldn’t back it up and his young gf bolted at the first nibble of a real alpha rodding. A lot negative things can be truthfully said about Dan Bilzerian, but he is alpha.

And the little slut who was no doubt gold-digging from the start got her slooting plastered all over the internet in ZFG fashion by the alpha who used her to tool on DeLuca and will now continue fucking model quality women while doing whatever the fuck he wants. Anyone who dates her seriously after this is a complete fool. She’ll find a beta parachute of course, she is hot, but this was soul-crushing episode for her. Will other young babes take a lesson from this? Its doubtful.

BB.com has been my other time-killing vice besides CH so I know more about this than I perhaps reasonably should, but its been a great source for me both in fitness and lulz over the years, and it was just a truly awesome episode to see two worlds collide like this.

Deluca’s response to being outed as cuck:


Ever watch the recoiling body language of hot TV babes interviewing goony, mumbly poker tour winners? That’s all the evidence you need that money alone won’t melt the pussy. The kind of money that by itself can buy prime poosy loyalty and authentic love — and not just poosy services rendered — doesn’t exist in sufficient vastness. In fact, the more money you have, the less sure you can be that women you are fucking have fallen in love with you.

DeLuca by all accounts had a lot going for him, except the one thing that really matters to prime poosy: that teasing, charming, ZFG alpha male attitude. The wealthy, accomplished, good-looking beta male is still a beta male, and that will make all the difference to his golddigging rent-a-ho, who is, after all, a woman like any other.

Public cuckings are always painful to behold (I’d imagine they are pure torment for the victims), even to an unbiased third party observer. As men, we all can relate to the idea of getting cucked, even if we have no personal experience of it. The reason that taunts against the beta male cuck work so well is because the wincing is close to a shared experience by all exposed to the revelation, and not just those unfortunate participants. Every man knows instinctively the Darwinian catastrophe that would befall him if he were the victim of a cuckolding.

Game can save second marriages to sloppy sluts…. but foolishness in the rush to marry a sloppy slut is something no game can fix.

The best that will come out of this public cucking is that Bryna DeLuca gets to smile again for a day, and the trophy slut forfeits any and all claims to Ryan DeLuca’s HALF in divorce court.


da GBFM adds his sharp, if syntactically warbled, perspective.

hey heartsietstsetsz!!!

a woman has the right to her own body.

so that means that anyone can fuck it other than her husbandlzlzlzz, if she so desires!!!

“a woman has the right to her own body” = teh eskimoesz have the right to profit of your wife/daughter posting photos of her buttsz and boobiesz on tumblr the internetz, and/or other men posigs photos of your wife/daughter after they get done fuxxxingz themz in their gucci slippersz.

and the greatest thing about this system is that the wronged husband will respond to this carnal slight and adulterous behavior by pledging to gain more followers on the eskimoesz netwrok, thusly serving the eskimoses bottom line after dan brazilians sevres his wives bottomz linesz llzlzlozozoz

Anyone get the growing sense that this entire privacy-revoking social media internet culture will collapse soon? Or is that just my hope triumphing over the reality of the gathering detritus of American society?

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If You Want It Bad Enough

…you’ll do what it takes.

The truth is that most men don’t want it bad enough, and that is why they don’t do what it takes. They prefer the egoistic and corporeal comforts of routine, self-satisfaction, inertia, and dreary rutting with a fattening sow.

Oh, they will complain about these things.
And then they will still do nothing.

That’s how you’ll know their complaints are hollow.

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Commenter Aspiring Asshole stumbles onto a mellow-harshing truth:

So here I am, early 50’s, lifelong beta, chained to a bloated slob. Will probably take care of here to the end but would like to snag a bit of life before it’s too far gone. Discovered ‘game’ within this last year and have been soaking up as much as possible, mostly here at CH, damn this place is rich!

Most new people think my wife is my mother, creates much discomfort, and I have to bite my lip to keep from laughing.

I’m in good shape, I lift, and I look pretty young. I can catch the attention, but where to go with it is where I’m lost. Just had another interaction at the grocery and couldn’t come up with a damn thing to say, so I’m asking for examples of how to play this latest incident out.

Mid 30’s 7 in shorts bouncing around with a 8-10 year old kid in the dept. store, catch her checking me once. I get my stuff and go to the nearby grocery. I see her in the grocery and end up behind her in line. No ring, banters around with the cashier about which kind of apple she bought and was it better than the one the kid bought. She then made a comment about the noisy conveyor and that something must be done. She had a playful manner about her and she looked back at me a couple times seeking some interaction I believe, and I couldn’t come up with anything.

Would be interested in hearing some ideas, maybe get my brain working in the right direction for next time.

A good measure of the manly life well-lived is whether your wife looks more like she could be your mother or your daughter. If you routinely date, and/or are married to, women who could age-wise pass for your daughter (or at least your younger sister), you’re doing something right. If people mistake your gf/wife for your mother, my friend your game is weak.

Regarding A.A.’s game-related question about a chatty cutie in a grocery store check-out line, so many pickup avenues were open that it’s hard to say any one would be better than another. Just off the top of my head, if I were there I would have made a comment about her apple choice, chiding her for her inferior apple variety, and suggesting some other expensive breed “if it’s not too hoity-toity” for her. Mild teasing, a bit o’ disqualification, and then a rebuke accusing her of “breaking the conveyor” for attention. Or maybe I would’ve told her she looks more like a banana gal, if I was feeling especially saucy.

But, really, any response would’ve beaten saying nothing. Even something lame. Too many men get wrapped up in their heads trying to think of witty replies to girls, and the result is a try-hard mess of confusion passing for banter, or tongue-tied silence. Wit is great to call upon in a pinch, but if you aren’t naturally witty the next best thing is saying whatever shit comes to mind. The important thing is not the words, but the attitude with which you speak them.

If you’re honestly stuck for ideas, just repeat what a girl says back to her, reworded slightly for a human effect. For instance, you’ve overheard a woman talking to the cashier about the type of apple she bought, and how it compares to her kid’s apple? Say, “You wondering if you bought the right apple?”, and stop there. Nine times out of ten she’ll reply in a manner that will open the conversation and supply you with “banter bait” that you can use to push more energy into the interaction. Men tend to underestimate how easy women will make it for them if the men give it the college try. Once a man has proven his boldness in action by breaking through the invisible wall of silence and self-doubt, women will happily cooperate to ensure that a fledgling flirtation is given a chance to breathe.

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…and fantasies are based on real desires.

The nature of women’s rape fantasies: an analysis of prevalence, frequency, and contents.

This study evaluated the rape fantasies of female undergraduates (N = 355) using a fantasy checklist that reflected the legal definition of rape and a sexual fantasy log that included systematic prompts and self-ratings. Results indicated that 62% of women have had a rape fantasy, which is somewhat higher than previous estimates. For women who have had rape fantasies, the median frequency of these fantasies was about 4 times per year, with 14% of participants reporting that they had rape fantasies at least once a week. In contrast to previous research, which suggested that rape fantasies were either entirely aversive or entirely erotic, rape fantasies were found to exist on an erotic-aversive continuum, with 9% completely aversive, 45% completely erotic, and 46% both erotic and aversive.

When fantasy becomes all too real, women’s true desires still shine through like a heartlight.

Among college-aged women,approximately 40% of rape victims report continuing to date their attackers (Wilson and Durrenberger 1982; Koss 1989).Women’s positive expectations for a relationship correlated to self-blame and reduced anger in response to coercion (Macy et al.2006).

Pulp romance novels featuring badboys, jerkboys, and yes, rapeboys, are a $1.4 billion-a-year market (consumed almost entirely by women). Erotica-slash-porn for women is by far the most popular book genre. This tells us something very profound about women and their sexual nature that frightens feminists and tradcons alike. But we shouldn’t shy from confronting sex differences, however distasteful or discomfiting, just as we shouldn’t shy from confronting uncomfortable truths about race differences.

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CH is fond of asserting that stereotypes don’t materialize out of thin air. They usually have a kernel of truth. The intent of stating this bleedingly obvious fact is to drive equalist, race creationist leftoids insane in the membrane. But, perhaps the truth embodied in common man stereotypes is more than a kernel.

There are many different ways to test for the accuracy of stereotypes, because there are many different types or aspects of accuracy.  However, one type is quite simple — the correspondence of stereotype beliefs with criteria.  If I believe 60% of adult women are over 5′ 4″ tall, and 56% voted for the Democrat in the last Presidential election, and that 35% of all adult women have college degrees, how well do my beliefs correspond to the actual probabilities?  One can do this sort of thing for many different types of groups.

And lots of scientists have.  And you know what they found?  That stereotype accuracy — the correspondence of stereotype beliefs with criteria — is one of the largest relationships in all of social psychology.  The correlations of stereotypes with criteria range from .4 to over .9, and average almost .8 for cultural stereotypes (the correlation of beliefs that are widely shared with criteria) and.5 for personal stereotypes (the correlation of one individual’s stereotypes with criteria, averaged over lots of individuals).  The average effect in social psychology is about .20.  Stereotypes are more valid than most social psychological hypotheses.

Generalizations about groups of people are useful because they are short cuts to evaluating another group’s values and predicting their behaviors in a variety of social contexts. Generalizations, aka stereotypes aka your lying eyes, work because they are more often right than wrong. There are big social (and reproductive) advantages to the person who is comfortable stereotyping ethnies, races, and sexes, not least of which is the ability to tailor one’s trust response according to the likelihood that a member of a different group shares one’s values, or will behave similar to oneself given the operative environmental cues.

As for the relevance of stereotyping to Game, if you enter the dating market believing that every woman is a unique snowflake (as opposed to feigning this belief with the purpose of moving a seduction forward), you will encounter a lot of failure from your inability to accurately gauge how women will respond to your romantic efforts. Learning from your mistakes becomes impossible if you refuse to notice patterns. There’s no faster route to incel than to go on believing that any one woman’s bad reaction to your beta supplication predicts nothing about how other women will react.

Which raises a question:  Why do so many psychologists emphasize stereotype inaccuracy when the evidence so clearly provides evidence of such high accuracy?  Why is there this Extraordinary Scientific Delusion?

There may be many explanations, but one that fits well is the leftward lean of most psychologists.

Color me shocked. Soft science field filled to the rafters with delusional shitlibs churns out slanted studies and deceptive interpretations of findings that validate their fragile cuckbaya egos.

And when something happens where they can’t avoid looking at [unpalatable findings], they have denigrated its importance.  Which is, in some ways, very amusing — if, after 100 years of proclaiming the inaccuracy of stereotypes to the world, can we really just say “Never mind, it’s not that important” after the evidence comes in showing that stereotype accuracy is one of the largest relationships in all of social psychology?

Can zero-integrity shitlibs really just utterly contradict themselves without a second thought? Does a fat feminist simultaneously claim fat is beautiful and beauty is in the eye of the beholder?


Via Canadian Friend,

This year, a team of scholars from six universities studying ideological diversity in the behavioral sciences published a paper in the journal Behavioral and Brain Sciences that details a shocking level of political groupthink in academia. The authors show that for every politically conservative social psychologist in academia there are about 14 liberal social psychologists.

Arthur C. Brooks, New York Times, October 30, 2015

How ironically banal that the group which preaches the endless benefits of Diversity™ is the group with the least amount of thought diversity in their academia bathhouses.

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