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¡SCIENCE! dropped two beautifully ugly truths this week that the Gaystream Media will never cover because their libshit audience craving dopamine hits of pretty lies would abandon them:

  1. Fat women have an increased chance of delivering malformed babies
  2. Straight men are as disgusted by two men kissing as they are by the sight of squirming maggots

That second study is sure to outrage all the right creeple. The sight of gay PDA — PDGay — is as disgusting to straight men as is the sight of maggots.

In heterosexual men, pictures of rotting flesh, maggots and spoiled food induce the same physiological stress response as pictures of two men kissing each other. That is the surprising finding that was recently published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Psychology & Sexuality. […]

“In comparing the salivary alpha-amylase responses of participants to the various slideshows, we found that participants had higher salivary alpha-amylase responses to the images of two men kissing and the disgusting images. In both cases, these responses were significantly different than the responses they had to the neutral stimuli.”

However, Blair warned it was difficult to interpret the finding at this stage.

“It is difficult to specifically state what this means…”

I can tell the researchers what it means: homosexuality is a major vector of disease and social disruption, to which normal-sexuality men have evolved a disgust response that functions as a social shaming quarantine limiting their tribe’s exposure to debilitating and sometimes lethal gaysex pathogens. If gayness itself is caused by a pathogen, as Greg Cochran has theorized, then straight male disgust at the sight of PDGay is a perfectly plausible evolved reaction to a real biological threat, a threat that is particularly dangerous to any unborn children who could contract the gay disease and thus render themselves Darwinian dead ends.

Previous research has found a strong link between sexual prejudice and the emotion of disgust. For instance, a 2008 study found that individuals who are more easily disgusted are also more likely to make unfavorable moral judgments about gay people.

High disgust threshold libs will steer orderly civilization to the brink of extinction, at which time low disgust threshold chads will offer an oasis of health and vigor to a tired, sickly population who deputize the chads to pull us back from the blight side of history and return the HDT gene carriers to the cesspit of social invisibility and political impotency.

But it was clear that the physiological reactions in the present study could not be explained by the participants’ sexual prejudices alone.

“What is most important to note is that the responses did not differ as a function of self-reported levels of prejudice or self-reported levels of aggression towards gay men,” Blair explained. “In other words, it was not our highly prejudiced individuals who were experiencing a heightened physiological response to the images of same-sex couples kissing, it was everyone in the sample, even those with very low levels of prejudice.”

Haha, so #LoveWins “tolerant” straight shitlibs (practically an oxymoron) are just as disgusted by PDGay, a feeling which they spend inordinate energy denying to anyone who will listen. Libocrisy is the crisis of our age!

The finding provides more evidence that the so-called “gay panic” defense — the assertion that a person’s sexual orientation can “trigger” a crime against them — is bunk. The defense was used by the two men who beat, tortured and murdered gay student Matthew Shepard in 1998.

“Whatever is happening physiologically when someone witnesses same-sex PDA, it is not something so strong, or so uncontrollable as to explain the patterns of violent LGBTQ-hate crimes that have been repeatedly reported in the media,” Blair told PsyPost.

Lying homosexualist agenda BTFO.

“Why do people low in prejudice still show an increased physiological response? We can’t say definitively, however, it could be that society has socialized the notion of same-sex sexuality and affection as being ‘disgusting’ or immoral so strongly, for so long, that merely witnessing it causes a slight physiological stress response. It would be interesting for future research to examine whether this physiological effect is more likely to be found in cultures that still evidence high levels of prejudice compared to those who have made more progress towards normalizing same-sex affection and sexuality.”

This is exactly how I expect the typical logic-trapped shitlib to respond to evidence that straight men are disgusted by gay men kissing.


It’s funny, but having lived in areas flush with homos, one does become somewhat inured to the sight of gay men holding hands or kissing in public. The disgusted feeling never goes away; instead what happens is that one’s emotional reaction is deadened. It’s probably the same emotional deadening that surgeons undergo as they adjust to years of slicing open broken bodies, or that city dog owners experience from years scooping poop. It’s also similar to kissing an LTR…the electricity just isn’t the same as when you first met her, even if the feeling is still enjoyable.

I suppose that’s the point, eh? Shove PDGay down everyone’s ocular throats until we have lost any connection to our valuable inherited sense of disgust and related self-preservation.

Of course, shitlibs arguing for a mass inurement program to solve the problem of straight male disgust for PDGay would never argue the inherent goodness of the battle-scarred soldier who becomes habituated to killing swarths. No, in that case, the shitlib would cry to the bowels of hell for the soldier to find his inner compassion and disgust reflex and return to the world of indiscriminate love for all and all for indiscriminate love.

Because really that’s the centrally flawed conceit of shitlibs: support indiscriminate love and oppose discriminating hate. But the problem with that world view is evident. Love requires discrimination to have any meaning, and discriminating hate is the natural consequence of discriminating love, given that the former guards against threats to the latter.

Not that a study confirming the ick factor of gay male makeouts is needed to buttress common sense and layman’s observations, but shitlibs are the ones who hold ¡SCIENCE! up as the imprimatur of all that is right and good in the world, so it’s only reasonable that their delicate egos should be hand-wrung and roller-pinned by their own meme bestie, Ms Science.

It’s almost like the science-loving shitlib crowd don’t really love science so much as the idea of science which they can use as a rhetorical cudgel to silence those who have the gall to discuss actual scientific data.

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Non-black men are viscerally disgusted by fat blobby broads, and this disgust has its evolutionary logic at least partly in the fact that fat moms are more likely to birth children with congenital malformations.

Results A total of 43 550 (3.5%) offspring had any major congenital malformation, and the most common subgroup was for congenital heart defects (n=20 074; 1.6%). Compared with offspring of normal weight mothers (risk of malformations 3.4%), the proportions and adjusted risk ratios of any major congenital malformation among the offspring of mothers with higher BMI were: overweight, 3.5% and 1.05 (95% confidence interval 1.02 to 1.07); obesity class I, 3.8% and 1.12 (1.08 to 1.15), obesity class II, 4.2% and 1.23 (1.17 to 1.30), and obesity class III, 4.7% and 1.37 (1.26 to 1.49). The risks of congenital heart defects, malformations of the nervous system, and limb defects also progressively increased with BMI from overweight to obesity class III. The largest organ specific relative risks related to maternal overweight and increasing obesity were observed for malformations of the nervous system. Malformations of the genital and digestive systems were also increased in offspring of obese mothers.

Conclusions Risks of any major congenital malformation and several subgroups of organ specific malformations progressively increased with maternal overweight and increasing severity of obesity. For women who are planning pregnancy, efforts should be encouraged to reduce adiposity in those with a BMI above the normal range.

Lay with a land whale, unprotected, and you raise the risk of bringing into the world a child with severe organ malformations and limb disfigurement.

I wonder what the fat acceptance and fat encouragement crowds think about the horrifying deformities that fat moms visit upon their newborns? Rhetorical. They don’t think about it at all. They stuff their giant bloated heads in the sand and wait for the bad feels to pass, like an impacted carboturd.

Fat Acceptors = Child Manglers. It’s more than just sadistic fun to shiv the blubbery hides of fat apologists; it’s a fucking moral imperative.


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A great comment from Rotten, on how Whites from different American regions have responded to the forced desegregation of their nation.

Heartiste has talked about ‘Good Schools’ and other hidden taxes on whites, like the above examples of regulations and HOAs.

He’s also commented on how these taxes drive down “affordable family formation” by significantly raising the costs to have kids.

All of this relates to how boomers handled desegregation.

The California/Western approach was Racial Covenants, but the govt outlawed this (example: two future presidents lived in all white Compton, CA in 1947, blocks away from the beach and 6 miles from downtown or 5 miles to the port, but, by 1987, Compton is the most famous ghetto in America.)

The Sothern Approach was to live in the same neighborhood but have segregated facilities (similar to today’s Northern Ireland). This was struck down by courts (famous example, Selma AL was turned from a prosperous nice working city into an impoverished hellhole).

The Northern & Midwest Example was for whites to live in and sell to their own ethnic groups informally and extralegally. A city might have a little Italy and a little Germany and a little Poland. And some of this approach survives today in places like Madison, WI. But, The government mostly crushed this with school bussing, part of the Johnson and Nixon administration’s attempt to crush the power of ethnic whites within the Democrat party. (White people fled bussing, their ethnic neighborhoods didn’t re form, and midwestern cities like Detroit, or more recently Milwaukee, became shitholes).

The last legal was to discriminate was to the Puritan method (found almost exclusively in cities founded by former Puritans). Simply make everything so expensive that the diversity can’t come. To this day, San Francisco, Boston, Portland, Seattle, are all relatively peaceful and prosperous. It’s the only currently legal way to prevent diversity. But this costly model isn’t affordable or sustainable. White fertility is such places nears zero.

And cities everywhere are now trying to copy the Puritan approach, which is making the bigger problem (low white fertility due to high costs and the destruction of the white lower and middle classes) even worse. Moreover, those whites who are able to buy their way out of diversity by paying hidden taxes coalition with the Democrat party to preserve their way of life from all of the diversity that free enterprise will inflict on them. And this coalition prevents any honest discussion of race in America.

Western Whites – Racial Covenants
Southern Whites – Jim Crow
Midlands Whites – Ethnic nepotism
Puritan Whites – Discriminatory pricing

Jim Crow has received the brunt of GoodWhite Fake Moralizing, but all four approaches are designed to help Whites avoid the same end: racially mixed District 9 neighborhoods and all the crime, dreariness, annoyances, and ugliness that entails.

On the moral ledger, Puritan Whites are NO MORE MORAL than the BadWhites they have spent the past sixty-odd years demonizing for social status points and virtue sniveling accolades. The only difference is that Puritan Whites have tackled the problem obliquely instead of directly, through price and zoning controls, allowing them the necessary plausible deniability when confronted on their covert race realism.

Another civil war is all but assured as long as the regional Whites see fit to posture and deny reality for the pleasure of beating each other up for a warm glow of sanctimony; the system just cannot accommodate another sixty years of this race denial bullshit. The money or the patience will run out, and then the score settling begins.

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I’m convinced Jordan Peterson, perhaps Canada’s only shitlord worthy of the appellation, is a long-time reader of the Chateau. Watch this video of him discussing the reality of female hypergamy (a topic covered extensively at this blog) and its influence on the dating market and you’ll see why I think that he’s been a guest at the Chateau under a pseudonym.

1:26 — “human females engage in hypergamy…women mate across and up dominance hierarchies, men mate across and down”

1:49 — “the socioeconomic status of a woman determines almost zero of her attractiveness [to] a man, whereas the socioeconomic status of a man is a major determinant of his attractiveness to a woman”

“and it isn’t his wealth [that’s attractive to women]… it’s his capacity to generate and be productive and to share”

Welcome to the Chateau, Jordan. I’m sure you’ve enjoyed your stay here.

Game is learned charisma. Another way to look at it: Game is male hypergamy, allowing men to date “across and up” in the instinctual manner that women date. The art of charisma and social dominance is essentially a flip of the evolutionary script, in which the savvy man pulls the same biomechanical levers that the average woman pulls to satisfy her urge to date up or at minimum to date across.

A good metric for determining whether your Game is Tight is to keep a mental tally of the quality of women you bed compared to your pre-Game dating life. If the number of times you dumpster dive is decreasing and the number of times you successfully grab the HBrass ring is increasing from what you used to pull in your beta days, then Game has been your friend in fitness maximization.

PS Here’s Jordan on “the shackles of marriage”:

I laughed at this because it’s a backhanded and cynical defense of marriage. JP is saying that the benefit of the marriage shackle is that you’re forced to surrender the illusion of romantic idealism for the low expectations of a humdrum honesty. Hence, the popularity of Fifty Shades of Bullwhip with married women.

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One oft-ignored or unremarked upon consequence of proximal Diversity™ is the feedback loop it establishes with rootlessness. Rootlessness — aka social atomization — can enter a dissolution spiral when racial diversity passes a numerical threshold in which its social impacts are widely perceived and even more widely denied by anyone caught within its vibrancy perimeter.

White homeownership is probably the best economic indicator of the social connectedness that has defined Heritage America until 1965; most people buy homes for the long haul, so they expect to spend many years living side by side with neighbors they hope to tolerate, if not warmly befriend. If neighborhood churn is too high and demographic transitions from White to non-White are the norm across America rather than isolated trends, there will be a White generational retreat from home-buying because no one wants to invest in a neighborhood that may turn to shit in ten years time. Occurring alongside this retreat will be an increase in the numbers of Whites willing to roam the country and temporarily settle far away from friends and family for the promise of affordable rents and glimmers of a past homeland unfractured by racial shock waves.

So what happens in a Diversitopia is an increase in the White rate of renting and in the years spent renting before buying, negative trends which an obstinately pro-diversity, open borders government will try (and fail: cf 2008 housing crash) to artificially reverse. Juvenilia, urban coccooning, ideological cuckery, and arrested psychological development can be seen as ego-stroking accommodations to expanding diversity and the disincentive it creates to home-buying. If age of first home purchase and age of first marriage and first child are delayed, then a suite of emotionally regressive adaptations to the changed reality will help Whites rationalize their lowering living standards.

As the native White share of America’s total population dips below 50% in the coming decades, expect the juvenalization trend to accelerate.

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Joe Sobran, a journalist of integrity and fearlessness before the occupation became utterly discredited by venal leftoids, on racial envy of Whites:

And yet we in the West (hi, single white women!) are inviting into our homelands millions of nonWhites with burning, searing racial envy in their hearts, to live as our neighbors in name only, waiting, waiting for the day when their numbers are sufficient that they feel empowered to release their envious hate in an orgy of vengeful bloodletting.

Bad move.

An irony of the ugliest truths is that remembering and accepting them will best preserve the most honest beauty in the world.

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A cheeky wag commenting on a blog post titled “The Five Stages of HBD” offered the Game version of the post’s subject:

Stage-1 (Denial): “What is this cavemanish-sounding “Game” of which you speak? Actually, I’d rather you didn’t answer that.”

Stage-2 (Anger): “SEEEXIIISST!!!”

Stage-3 (Bargaining): “… but even if Game is real, it doesn’t mean anything, does it? You know, women like soft cuddly fat guys, right? Game only works on a certain kind of girl… (or something).”

Stage-4 (Depression): “Who could possibly have imagined that reality was so evil?”

Stage-5 (Acceptance): “Feminism really has been a mountain of dishonest garbage, hasn’t it? Guess it’s time to learn Game or die lonely in Mom’s basement playing World of Warcraft…”

Interestingly, that post was from 2013, so the Rude Word of Game has been percolating through the blogocultural consciousness for a while. Le Chateau Heartiste may be a world wide web outpost, but its ideas have traveled the globe enlightening minds and engorging…souls….from a time when the red pill was still a Matrix movie gimmick and not a manosphere or alt-Right buzzmeme.

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