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The Shalom Jabbar

How long can you make it through this video before tapping out? I got to 32 seconds.

Just skip the vid and go straight to the comments. Wokeness is the rule rather than the exception.

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Yankee Supremacism

it really is true. it’s why White shitlibs throw around the term so much. They’re airing out the nooks and crannies of their subconscious.

Sanctimony always follows from a feeling of exorbitant self-regard.

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Man, that Ariana Grande is a slutty little lolita, ain’t she?

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Last I checked, one day before Election Day, CNN, Fox, NBC, and Faceborg have pulled the ad. Seems like a clear-cut case of election interference. Time to rescind broadcast licenses and arrest media commissars.

Faceborg is indisputably defining itself as a publisher, not a platform, which means BRING ON THE ANTI-TRUST, LIBEL, AND IP SUITS.

Shitlibs, naturally, are spitting mad that Trump dares to pull back the curtain on their despotic plans to end the rightful reign of White America and replace it with a Dirt World dystopia. They hate that Trump’s “hate speech” calls them out for acting as accomplices to border hopping murderous degenerates.

Facebook says Trump campaign’s anti-caravan ad featuring convicted cop killed Luis Brocamontes violates policy against paid ads “dehumanizing or denigrating entire groups of people and using frightening and exaggerated rumors of danger.”

I watched the ad. Where is the lie?

TRUTH: 1st generation and later Amerindians in America commit violent crimes at a rate twice that of White Americans. It is probably more skewed than that, given the predilection of law enforcement authorities to wrongly classify hispanics as White.

TRUTH: an unknown but nontrivial number of violent criminals will be among the millions of illegal border hoppers.

TRUTH: Democrats are almost to a person on record supporting the abolishment of any border controls, opposing the construction of a border wall, and fanatically advocating EVEN MORE illegal and legal immigration into America. This will undoubtedly have the effect of allowing into America more scum of the earth like Luis Brocamontes.

Shitlibs mewl that Brocamontes illegally entered the country during Bush’s tenure, so the ad is “””false””” on a disingenuous technicality. This is typical shitlib obfuscation by irrelevancy. Trump is not claiming GOPe cucks don’t exist; he’s saying that as a party, Democrats are universally supportive of open borders and the implied overrun of the USA by the Brocamonteses of the Bleak World. It is with absolute certainty that there will be more vile filth like Brocamontes in America if the Democortez Party’s open border wishes become national policy in perpetuity.

The ad is stone cold truth, and that is why it chafes shitlib hides. It reveals what shitlibs don’t want revealed so openly about themselves: that they not just welcome, but desire and actively work toward the abolition of a White majority America, and will accept the resettling of violent third world thugs into America as a small price to pay to realize their dream of a nonWhite Post-America.

PS Here’s old video of Bill Clinton, once hero of the shitlib left, saying the EXACT same things Trump is saying today:

I guess Bill Clinton is retroactively Hitler now.

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A toddler was professionally photographed throwing a tantrum somewhere south of the border, and now America must impeach Trump and accelerate the nation’s demographic displacement.

I kid you not. This is really happening, in our brave new Down’s World.


Many Chateau commenters had a field day mocking this obvious PR stunt.

Every time they want to emotionally blackmail and sentimentally manipulate the white goyim, they use the image of a brown toddler. Aylan Kurdi, the drowned Syrian boy, started the #refugeeswelcome madness and the mass-invasion of Europe. Than the “howling beanlet” Guatemalan girl started the “children in cages” and “abolish ICE” insanity.

It seems they prepare the field for another “humanitarian” fake crisis with this photo, to shame again the white goyim to accept another “caravan” of invaders.

I’m so sick of this strategy.

I coined it “The Great Bawlin’ Beanlet Hoax of 2018“.

As some have noted below, the clothes and shoes look pretty pristine for having “trekked unto exhaustion”.


It looks more like a spoiled kid who didn’t get any of her favorite candy for Halloween.

It’s a nicely paved road FFS!!!!

Has anyone actually BEEN to Central America? Paved roads without wear, tear and potholes are like snowballs in Kalgoorlie.


Who walks thousands of miles in hot pink patent leather ballet flats?


I’m pretty sure that would be the result of making any child that age walk more than what half a mile or maybe three quarters for the tougher ones or if there is ice cream or something at the end? You can probably go to any shopping place and see this several times a day.


That’s some brand spankin’ new looking Target gear she’s got on there. Nary a sweat stain or dust from all the trekkin’ across the jungle and desert! Fresh off the 50% rack?

Clean face too, no dust or soot at all. Very clear to see all the fresh tears.

BTW, no kid sinks to their knees from exhaustion. They pass out on their feet and fall the hell out.

That staged pic is some prime time movie-of-the-week drama right there.

Is anyone else sick of this gaslighting bullshit? Apparently not women and [the special people]!

She looks pretty well-fed too. Look at those chubby arms.

And mom’s shoes got a nice sheen on ’em too… don’t look too walked in.


The pose is reminiscent of Willem DaFoe in Platoon. Very dramatic!

Poor choice of footwear for ‘trekking’ across central America…and horrible taste to boot…

Seriously though, that pic was taken outside some Target/Wallmart parking lot in the US while the kid was throwing a tantrum. I’de bet next weeks paycheck that was taken anywhere but in the caravan.


Yeah, they could find better agitprop photos. Is this supposed to look like a long-suffering, exhausted child who walked half a continent crossing mountains and valleys? She seems more like a girl throwing a tantrum at the toy store because her mother didn’t want to buy her all the dolls on the shelf.

Hey, Chaimstream Media, if you are permanently in propaganda mood, at least do it intelligently. You are not even trying anymore.

Read through the comment thread at that Twatter link. Have a vomit bag at the ready, because the bathos has curdled into lumpy-throated schmaltz.

Women, of course, are hardest hit by this agitslop. Are women really this gullible and manipulable?

YES. Resoundingly.

Which is indirect proof that Game works, because women will fall for anything that tugs at their emotions, whether maternal or libidinal.

I figure the savvy player can repurpose this nation-wrecking sy ops into fruitful courtships. I’ll call it Dramatic Toddler Game. You can fib to a GloboAmeriGirl that you spent last month helping migrants cross the border, and one day you had to literally carry an exhausted toddler across the border into the waiting arms of crying US Marines. Everyone was touched. Please impeach. Go the extra mile and pantomime yourself carrying an invisible toddler. Look deeply concerned and sympathetic. Stroke the invisible toddler’s forehead. Say a few cooing words in Spanish. mi pobrecito…

Or, if you prefer the shock and awe approach, cast yourself as a sort of grown-up toddler throwing a dramatic fit because the girl you’re hitting on won’t laugh at your jokes (or some other suitably humorous pretext). Drop to your knees just like Dramatic Toddler, clutch your breast, wrest a few Fakes Sobs, and look heavenward while lamenting out loud, “I JUST WANT TO CROSS THE BORDER OF YOUR HEART”.

PS A funny video:

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Tourette’s Game

This is hilarious. An emailer links to a video of Tourette’s Guy, with the following note:

Tourette’s game. This is up there with $2 big towels.

lol yeah I remember $2 big towel guy. Girls sends him an epic post-argument love letter, and he replies “JC penny have 2$ big towels” (garnished with the requisite insouciant anti-grammer). The astute reader will note that the girl did not say she broke up with him after that. In fact, she sounded rather proud of him. Wanted to show him off to her social media girlfriends.

How is there such a thing as Tourette’s Game?, the naive newb asks. TG is real because it’s the purest form of outcome independent, ZFG attitude you will see in a man. Take supplication and appeasement and sappy romanticism, and do the opposite. That’s the M.O. of $2 Big Towel Boyfriend and Tourette’s Guy. Distilled Uncaring Asshole Game.

Bonus vid: More Tourette’s Guy hilarity, plus a cameo by Santa Claus aka Tourette’s Guy’s Dad.

Tourette’s Game examples:

Girl: Where do you see us going?

Tourette’s In Bed: Does this look like the ass of a man who knows where this is going?! *moons her*


Girl: I love you.

Tourette’s In Bed: I could shit a better sentiment!


Girl: You never listen.

Tourette’s In Bed: Oh, fuck me!


Girl: Are you dating anyone right now?

Tourette’s In Bed: What is this?! Shit load of personal questions day??


Girl: I have a boyfriend.

Tourette’s In Bed: *leans toward her face* You got some shit on your nose. Little piece of shit right there on the end of it.


Girl: I can’t make Wednesday. Maybe we could try Friday?

Tourette’s In Bed: Bitch!

PS Is it wrong to laugh at a son taunting his Tourette’s Syndrome suffering father?

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I dare you to watch this Beta O’Rourke campaign ad without violently retching.

Jeeez, I wince with embarrassment for them.

The lack of shitlib self-awareness is astounding. Do they not recognize how cringingly puerile they come across?

It must be a Fuggernaut thing. When you’re amongst fellow fugs, swaddled in mutually supportive fugliness, you let it all hang out because no one will judge you. All it would take is one Chad to show up and point at them, laughing, for the fug facade to crumble and the catladies and soyboys and noseringers to scatter, red-faced, for their underground dwellings.

Anyhow, it appears Beta O’Rourke is the new cult leader to fit the bill for shitlibs’ need to be part of a cult. A know-nothing, zero-accomplishment, effete catboy who plucks the feels-strings of hippie retreads, bitter spinsters and snarling sluts. And he has a hit-and-run DUI on his record, which fulfills another shitlib need: to spend inordinate mental energy rationalizing away the flaws of their godheads.


From DavidTheGnome,

The left has entered 90’s, rapping preacher territory as far as “coolness” goes. I don’t see it turning around anytime soon. In fact I suspect the harder they try and reclaim it, the worse it will be. It makes me think of the chapo trap house guys and their reddit stream in particular, which has all the cultural energy of a super popular guys terminally dorky younger brother.

That’s really the heart of it: the Left has become uncool. Utterly, totally, uncool. They are now the alliance of very uncool people with massive chips on thier shoulders about the popular kid Trump’s inherent coolness and the Chads and Beckys he attracts to his social circle.

And of course, the Left is now trying way too hard to seem cool again, but as DTG notes, when you have to try to be cool, your failure is inevitable. The spiral downward into uncoolness intensifies, as the try-hardness strains to recapture a charisma that was lost long ago.

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