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This is so sad, but not for the reasons ankle-biters think. A Frenchmanlet (you’ll understand the appellation in a minute), lost his wife, a fetching White woman, to the Muslim murderers in Paris, and now raises his infant son alone. He has what he imagines is a dispiriting message for his wife’s killers.

Dear beta males afraid to hate,

CH has a message for you that I hope will stir as many hearts as your message has lulled to sleep:

There is no virtue in denying your hatred of those that would kill you and yours. Cowardly shirking mincing mewling faggot shitlibs think your high-mindedness and your determination, or stupidity, to “not cast a distrustful eye to your fellow [Muslim] citizens” is the stuff of true heroism.

But it’s not. Hate is the yang to love’s yin. Your refusal to allow a healthy hate to course through you, and enliven your spirit to action, is surrender. It is retreat from a vital emotion that, when welcomed as circumstances require, will motivate a man to protect his family, his friends, his countrymen.

Maybe that’s the cause of your descent into hollow calls for impassive stoicism in the face of grave threat from outsiders.

There are no White countrymen with a sense of shared heritage worth preserving in the West anymore. Diversity™ saw to that. And there are no White families anymore. Diversity™ is seeing to that, as well, as native birth rates plummet in reaction to the loss of public space. We have our friends, but they disappear behind blue screens and shut-in lives enabled by internet delivery services. So what is there to protect, besides one’s moral posturing? If all you have is desolate ego validation from faceless, deracinated defeatists on social media, then it follows naturally to throw the memory of your pretty wife under the bus for the reward of the one thing that matters anymore in your shattering world… your grandiloquent moral rectitude.

Necessity is the mother of rationalization.

Refusing to hate murderous aliens in your midst who laugh at your haughty self-righteousness as they draw the knife across your throat is not noble

not heroic

not admirable

not morally superior.

It is the payment of meekness for comfort. Of weak-minded shibboleth for solace. Of saccharine platitude for avoidance of conflict.

White European Man, this is, if you’ll pardon the pun, your Darkest Hour. If there is a light at the end of this tunnel, it recedes to a pinpoint, flickering and threatening to extinguish… or to explode suddenly at its densest gravitational collapse, like a supernova, flooding your eyes and your conscience with the true nature of the war being waged against you.

La haine est aussi naturel que l’amour.


PA explores an angle that has bothered me, too. What was this Frenchmanlet’s wife doing at a death metal disco? Without him, presumably?

I don’t know anything about that man’s marriage but I can say with confidence that most Western men have never known the love of a woman because most Western women’s capacity for love is strangled early and often. In this case, his wife, an ageing mother, died at a disco. How do you love a woman who does not submit herself to you?

Did that French man ever sit on his couch sipping his favorite poison, while she curled up on the floor and snuggled up to his feet? Do you miss a woman who never showed you, with every gram of her devotion, that you own her fully?

If she did that, how would you mourn a woman like that? Would you go mad with sorrow? Would you coldly plot something that would land you in hell except for God’s mercy in this particular case?

She is gone. I don’t know what his wife was like and how he felt about her before she died. But he has a small child, to whom he can’t explain that mama is never coming back.

A wife and mother in her 30s spending her leisure time head-banging at da club, while beta hubby and infant child wait for her at home, is a powerful symbol of Western White decline. The message has to get out, otherwise White women will head-bang their way into race oblivion, and ultimately fulfill the White race cuckoldry fantasies of the degenerate reptile mafia.

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Will this be the counter-propaganda antiviral that cures White civilization of its autogenocide disease?

IF this one is taken down, try the LiveLeak version.

Equalist leftoid traitors better hope so, because if video like this one fails to rouse the survival instinct in Whites, the immune response that assuredly follows will be more emphatic than memetic…

Swing High Sweet Lariat

PS The Poles find their balls. I like that the photos are mostly of rebellious White men, instead of the usual glamour shots of zero-threat level hotties inspiring slavish (heh) neocuck swooning. Not that there’s anything wrong with a few Polish hotties mixed in the crowds…

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The Muslim invader smells weakness and fear in the enemy. He is aroused in his confidence, and reveals his id monster in all its primal glory.

Germans, and GoodWhite equalist leftoids in general, have no one to blame but themselves for their autogenocide. The occupiers they have let in are just doing what occupiers do when no native sons will put them under the boot. Will the White man find his heart again? Or has the rot reached the bone? The answer to this question will determine the shape of the 21st Century.

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I like the uploader’s description of the video:

As you can see, the scenery is clearly racist and problematic. You can see at least 9 Europeans there.

This hate must end. We must all work together to make Germany a hate-free, multicultural country free of Germans.

This is the inevitable logic of anti-White leftoid equalism, unless leftoids want to argue that they will work to protect native White German interests if their share of the total population falls below some predefined number like, say, 30%. But then we’re just arguing numbers, not morality, and once the leftoid goes there they have no tool left in their moral torture chamber to argue against a Germany that is 100% native German.

It all circles back to an inescapable truth:

This is what separate nations are for.


The Pushback, continued: Heather Mac Donald recently unloaded a full clip of Narrative-busting Realtalk™ on the assembled at a frickin’ Senate hearing! The woman has balls.

Any member who was paying the least bit attention to her mass destruction knowledge droppage could not in good conscience leave that room and ever again mouth the lies of anti-White BlackLivesMatter propaganda. But I suppose that would presume US public servants have an ounce of personal integrity.

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Reader Sig Sawyer wonders about the coming Diversitopia and how it will change everything we (used to) love about America.

When whites become a minority, not even in the free world at large but simply in higher education, does anyone doubt that European cultural history will be lost?

Do you think Plato will still be taught in schools in 2065? Shakespeare? Or do you have any doubt at all that Shaniqua de’Ungabunga, head of the Grievance Department, will institute classes studying the great canon of Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian? Sound ridiculous? Those classes already exist. The coming Dark Ages (heh) are the best case scenario. I leave it up to you to imagine the worst that’ll happen when white demographic share ticks down to 49%.

If you want a vision of the future in an America where Whites are a set-upon minority, this video seems awfully prescient. Note the passivity of the White onlookers.

“It’s oooooovaaaahhhhhh.”

Ain’t that the truth.

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Invoke the Trump for the Hump!

How powerfully alpha is future President Donald Motherfucking Trump? You can can laid by channeling his mojo and slapping shitlib hos upside the vajflaps with the invocation of his name.

Eric Wilson writes,

So, I’m on a date a couple of nights ago. Had seen this girl quite a bit about 6 mos ago, she cut it off then asked if I wanted to grab a drink before she moves to France. She’s super liberal, so we are talking about exciting acts or shows or people we’d like to see or did see.

Me: There’s only one person that I would go crazy to see right now, but I can’t tell you, cause you’d just walk out the door.
Her: Now you have to tell me.
Me: Nope. Can’t do it.
Her: Ok, how about if I tell you one really embarrassing one from when I was a kid? I got super excited to see the Jonas Brothers.
Me: Fair enough, Donald Trump is mine.

She about fell on the floor and was so flustered, she didn’t know what to do. Although it was funny. She started out almost angry and by the end she was kind of rationalizing my choice in politicians to herself.

If a girl has become attracted to you, she will rationalize your penchant for keeping the bodies of craven manlets under the floorboards.

She had to teach school in the morning so I walk her to her car, give her a kiss.

Me: How does it feel?
Her: How does what feel?
Me: Kissing someone who’s a yuuuuge Donald Trump fan?
Her: *tingle explosion*

Later that night she texts me saying how great it was to see me etc. etc.

I call it Donald Trump game.

Make Vaginas Wet Again. Vote Donald Trump.

PS: Trump’s alphazoom knows no speed limit, stops for no one, and rolls on for the journey as much as for the destination. Here he is yet again demonstrating mastery over the game concept known as “Agree&Amplify”.

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When mom and dad are out walking about with their teenage-early 20s daughter, something I’ve noticed a lot is the way the daughter will ostentatiously flirt with me (not a teenager), even to the edge of vulgar leering, right under the noses of her parents. Some of the sloppiest, most provocative eye fucking I’ve received has been from barely legal babes wedged in between parents while out for a stroll.

(This is a good time to head off at the pass the usual cunterie of disingenuous, slanderous feminist fugs and their white knight manlet lapdogs: “barely legal” refers to teenage or very young-looking early 20s women who have assumed the full suite of secondary sexual characteristics and who possess a womanly form of narrow waist, pert tits, and firm ass that would excite any psychologically healthy man with a functioning libido.)

Why this is I can only guess. Maybe teen girls in the brightest bloom of their ripening womanhood feel a devilish compulsion to test the boundaries of their feminine power over older men when that power is at its zenith but still, ostensibly, under the authority of their parents. Freud was a crackpot but some of his insights have merit, and a Freudian take on this would say that the teenage nymphet subconsciously desires to exert the same power over high status men that she perceives her mother exerts over her father. She is “feeling her oats”.

Anyhow, as a matter of course, if the girleen is stunning enough to suit my tastes, I won’t hesitate to volley back a daringly lascivious smirk, maybe to unsettle her from her perch of power paid for by her parents’ presence, and then, as an orbed forewarning, meet her dad’s eye with a balefully shaming squint. It is required.


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