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Sam Hyde (of Million Dollar Extreme fame) trolled the holy fuck outta CNN goobers.

At 0:18, watch for the Easter egg crotch blackout.

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Pay close attention at around 0:28.

Make no mistake, the mainstream leftoid media reads dissident Realtalker sites like this one. Our language and our ideas and our memes are hijacking their equalist regurgitation algorithm. The gleaming truth has a way of radiating through the brain bunkers of even the most loyal Party apparatchiks. Dissent is sown.

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The Wall In Song

Via reader Red Eleven, a 1996 outtake of bluesy female singer Eva Cassidy cooing the song “Tall Trees in Georgia”, a somber folk tune about The Wall.

Tall trees in Georgia,
They grow so high
They shade me so
And sadly walking
Through the thicket I go

The sweetest love I ever had
I left aside
Because I did not want
To be any man’s bride
But now I’m older
And married I would be
I found my sweetheart
But he would not marry me

When I was younger
The boys all came around
But now I’m older
And they’ve all settled down
Control your mind my girl
And give your heart to one
For if you love all men
You’ll be surely left with none

Tall trees in Georgia,
They grow so high
They shade me so
And sadly walking
Through the thicket I go


sniff. I’m all choked up like Boehner when his daughter first brought home her rasta boyfriend.

With rare exceptions, a song like “Tall Trees in Georgia”, about a woman’s precious few peak pulchritude years on this earth and the risks of riding the cock carousel, would not get recorded or promoted today.

Post-1990, female singers became strident, bitchy, and vengeful, rarely missing an opportunity to slip quasi-radfem and penis-resenting talking points in their lyrics. Before then, their songs’ themes were vulnerable, feminine, and filled with genuine affection for, and loving exasperation with, men.

Feminine women are unafraid to confront the realities of the sexual market. Their femininity and trust in the good of most men allows them the psychological room to be honest artists, telling it like it really is for women. Unfeminine women like we have today, full of sound and fury and marbled fat, are so enraged with their lot in life and with the men who, unsurprisingly, keep letting them down, that they have no psychological space left to explore themes and tell of experiences that might put them in an unflattering light. When you are a loser, or you feel like a loser, you struggle hard against admitting flaws in yourself and against inherent, immutable unfairness in “society” and in the human condition.

This, btw, is how you know the bravado of aggro sixth wave tankgrrls is a smelly crotch of shit. Bravado in women is especially off-putting, because everyone instinctively knows that this is a pose struck by bitter harpies who can’t afford even a tiny bit of introspection. When a feminist loser peers into the abyss, she gets sucked all the way down to the bottomless void.

So what happened around 1990? GenX and Millennials happened. That’s one thing. Another is that the dynamic of the sexual market changed. It turned coarser and sluttier (in proclamation if not in actual PIV) and more marriage-averse (age of first marriage for men and women has been steadily increasing for decades). CH has explored this theme many times in previous posts, but I’ll quickly summarize the working hypothesis:

When men are denied their deepest desire — sex and romance with a cute slender young woman — they become embittered and prone to dropping out.

When women are denied their deepest desire — romance and family with a strong, charming, admired man — they become embittered and prone to lashing out.

The sexual market we have today is one that, incredibly, manages to deny men and women both of their deepest desires. Men are deplored and effeminate, withdrawing to pron and Halo 19. Women are desperate and aggressively slutty, obese, and ill-mannered, withdrawing to tumblrrea and fifty shades of sadistic billionaire cock.

I expect this state of no affairs to reach a breaking point within the next five years, to be replaced by lucifer knows what, but probably something worse thanks to the added spice of open borders and the Randi Lee Harperization of American culture.

PS The stereotype is true: Southron women are earthier and more “real” than Northron women. The branches reaching skyward from Albion’s seed slung heavier in the South.

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WAKE UP WHI…. oh. I see you are starting to rouse from your slumber. (opens blinds) It’s morning in Europa.

PS The Germans are an “in it to win it” race. That means they pursue their social movements to the extremes. When Germans turn multicultural liberal, they’re the biggest poz-pushers on the planet. When they turn back… well, you get the picture.

PPS The globocorp elite have come right out and announced they want to dispossess Whites from their homelands. Quoting Peter Sutherland, Goldman Sachs executive and an actual (not euphemistic) Scots-Irish (!): “[The EU should] do its best to undermine the homogeneity of its member states.” If this isn’t treason worthy of the rope, I don’t know what is. Skewering White babies over an open fire pit and feeding the third world hordes the charred bits?

PPPS Donald Trump is half-German (anglicized “Drumpf”).

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This is a great video getting at the truth of the Ahmud hoax bomb story out of Texas that the mainstream Hivemind neglected to fully investigate (or did investigate but concealed the anti-Narrative facts from public knowledge).

Ahmud made a hoax bomb, he likely knew it looked exactly like a bomb that would frighten his teachers, the school was right to report the little shit to the cops, and his family are a bunch of fifth column CAIR agents who have a deep hatred for White Christian America and who obviously believed they could rely on the equalist leftoid media, and President Butt Naked along with his cackling sneering army of techworld oligarchs, to carry their antiracism message unquestioned to the masses for yet another round of anti-White brainwashing.

That about sums it up.

Oh, except for this:


PS Stefan Molyneux has a non-shitlib.png face.

PPS Bring back physiognomy.

PPPS Photo of Syrian migrants desecrating graves in Serbia. This is all related.

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Here is a mayor of a Hungarian border town, telling his fellow Hungarians, and the world, that THIS BORDER IS CLOSED. (Stay tuned for the epic trolling near the end.)

“Hungary is a bad choice. Asotthalom is the worst.”

Laszlo Toroczkai should be included as a representative in the MPC “non-shitlib-faces.png” thread.

PS Bring back physiognomy.

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