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Sung to the tune of AWOLNation’s “Sail”, a brilliant parody of the dogmatic leftoid hivemind (h/t Jay in DC):


BTW the lyrics on that ‘cover’ NPC version of AWOLNation are fucking comedy gold, a sample:

♫♫ FEEL!!
I’ve got no inner monologue
I bow before the Syangogue
Maybe I’m an NPC, baby

This is how the ego dies
I’m taking my SSRIs
Maybe I’m an NPC baby.

Feel! ♫♫

lzolzolzolzolzolzolozlol dude nailed it

Leftoids really don’t think for themselves, so this meme hits them right in the….feels.

Jay adds that this timeline is unbeatable,

does anyone else find it absurd and ironic and somewhat befitting of clown world that Taylor Swift who was meme’d into Third Reich ubermensch status has come out as a virtue signaling shitlib and her nemesis Kanye fucking West! is /ourguy/

That is some bizarro world type shit, innit?

Abandon Boomer tropes, all Ye who enter here.

PS Paul Watson has a good take on the NPC meme phenomenon:

I know PJW catches flak from some quarters of the Maul-Right, but I think his vids are polished explainers about the shitlib insanities of the day that effectively reach a normie audience.

PPS I wonder if MPC will see a bump in traffic from people mistyping searches for “NPC”?

PMS Anglin has a funny take on the NPC shiv. (It’s been promoted from meme to shiv status, based on the anguished wails coming from butthurt leftoids.)

Here’s another great follow-up NPC post by Anglin, riffing on the JYTimes coverage of the meme.

[The NPC meme] speaks to the core nature of this unhinged leftist mob: that they are not real, that their entire lives are faked, that their emotional state is the result of a marketing campaign.

It trivializes all of them in the most brutal conceivable way.

Spot on.

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You have to see this swedish TV ad to believe it, because the cuckery level is so off the charts it would violate Pornhub’s TOS.

I don’t even know wtf I saw here, but I know it was bad. It looked like an ad for interracial surrogacy. A White woman births a mystery meatball, then a sexually indeterminate black xir trots in for a group hug with a HuWhyte man holding the newborn “swede”. (Sneer quotes are the new triple parentheses.)

cortesar adds,

someone in the comment section says/asks
“I do not even know what is sold”
well my swedish friend I will tell what has been sold
Your history, your grand-grand-grandfather your father your children and their yet to be borne children,
that is what is sold

It’s a fire sale! Commenter Roy agrees,

Fritz. Get the flammenwerfer.

From TheGopnik,

Unholy shit !!! Did Barbara Lerner Spectre direct that one herself ?

It’s morbidly funny that the j__iest nation in the world is also one of the most Gentile nations in the world. J__iness through pozmosis?

The problem with sweden (undeserving of capitalization) is that they inherited the biggest load of cuck alleles, AND the government is run and staffed by catladies. This is a recipe for delirious jim jones cult-style mass suicide.


Daniel indignantly rebuts,

international marketing is true. This was very likely made by a marketing firm owned by a marketing firm located in New York. We’ve seen this on TV a hundred times. There is no evening without episodes of shows with gays and race mixing. It’s really disingenuous to use it against Sweden when it all comes from Hollywood. And I’m not responsible for Hollywood. Just like ordinary people in Sweden aren’t responsible for this commercial. No one chose this, it was foisted on us.

Have people forgotten who own the media? Does that need to be repeated because some people seem to forget it over and over?

Fair point. Isn’t there a governing body in sweden that can prohibit ads like this one from airing on swedeTV? Anyhow, I’m heartened that there are still some Swedes left with fight in them.

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You want quality entertainment? Here it is.


What’s more humiliating to a shitlib than to wind up your sucker punch, get stuffed mid-swing by a grinning shitlord’s intervening palm, and then receive a condescending finger wag by said shitlord wearing a REPENT SINNER shirt?

The big guy took one look at that soyboy and realized he was no threat to anyone except little girls in MAGA hats. And buttplug dispensaries. No aggressive counter-attack warranted; only a shaming tut tut and our soy was completely deflated. A most public of public emasculations.

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Big Ballsonaro

Who cadela this is?

Tropical Trump Jair Bolsonaro, to Stephen Fry (((gay BBC whorenalist))): “We’re thinking of having a heterosexual pride [parade] also…you won’t be invited of course, but it’s ok”

Stay tuned starting at 0:50 for the Trumpian laugh that “chills” Fry.

PS Bolsonaro survived an assassination attempt by stabbing about a month ago. It was almost fatal. (The perp was what you’d expect: a subhuman piece of filth.) I trust the brush with death has only whetted Bolsonaro’s appetite to charter helicopter rides.

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It’s funny cuz it’s tragically, morbidly, catastrophically true.

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It’s time to add another international shitlord to the select few who could qualify as ZFG Trumpian figures: Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro. In this video, he confronts a Brazilian femcunt reporter after she falsely accuses him of being a rapist:


“I’d never rape you because you don’t deserve it.”

That isn’t a neg, it’s a hamster nuke. I see nothing but tufts of fur bouncing around like tumbleweed. Bolsonaro just told this bitch that his cock is so good and she’s so ugly that she hasn’t earned a raping.

There’s more good stuff. He calls her a slut, tells her to “go play the victim now”, threatens a retaliatory slap if she slapped him, and pushes her on the shoulder when she gets in his face. All she can do in reply is sputter “What is this?!”. Which is what all nasty cunts would do if they were called out on their man-hating shit.

Bolsonaro is a hero for defending himself against the FRA Pussyhat cuntsortium. He’s more Trump than Trump. And last I checked, he was leading in the polls.

More Bolsonaro quotes:

Pinochet should have killed more people.


It’s my advice and I do it: I evade all the taxes I can.


I never hit my ex-wife. But many times I wanted to shoot her.


I will not fight against it nor discriminate, but if I see two men kissing on the street, I’ll beat them up.


If one’s son begins acting kind of gay, then when he is spanked he’ll change his behavior.


Preta, I’m not going to discuss promiscuity with anyone. I don’t run that risk because my children are well educated and they don’t live in the promiscuous environment such as is, unfortunately, yours. [ed: LOL]


PSOL is party of dicks and faggots. I will respond to the senator with toilet paper.


I would be incapable of loving a gay son. I wouldn’t be a hypocrite. I prefer that he die in an accident than show up with a mustachioed man.


The day of losers. [About the United Nation’s International Human Rights Day]


The scum of the world is arriving in Brazil, as if we didn’t have enough problems to resolve.


If I were a cadet in the Agulhas Negras Military Academy and saw you on the street I would whistle at you.


This idea of oh poor little black person, oh poor little poor person, oh poor little woman, oh poor little indigenous person, everybody’s a poor little something!


Since we are a Christian country, God above all. This history of a secular state doesn’t exist, no. The state is Christian and the minority that is against it can leave. Let’s make a country for majority! The minority must bow to the majority. Law must exist to defend the majority! The minority suits itself [to the law] or just disappears. [ed: that’s what separate nations are for]


I was at a quilombo. The slightest afrodescendant weighed 7 arrobas [230 pounds]. They don’t do anything. I don’t think they even serve for procreation anymore. [ed: a quilombo is a black settlement in the Brazilian hinterlands]


Has anyone ever seen any Japanese begging? It’s a race that has shame in its face.


I have five children. There were four men, the fifth I got weak and a woman came out. [ed: LOL]


I used that housing allowance money to fuck people. Are you satisfied? Because that’s the answer you deserve.


What debt [of slavery]? I never enslaved anyone in my life. Look, if you really look at history, the Portuguese didn’t even step foot in Africa. The blacks themselves turned over the slaves.


With distance education, you help to combat Marxism. [ed: is this the brazilian term for home schooling?]


Jesus Christ was not totally passive. He drove the money changers from the temple. If he had a firearm, he’d have used it.

Congratulations, Jair Bolsonaro, you (along with Orban, Salvini, and Trump) have won a VIP guest pass to stay at Le Chateau Heartiste for as long as you’d like. OUR NUMBERS GROW

Jay in DC adds,

This man, Trump, Italian Prime Minister, Austrian PM, and Viktor Orban should sign a new agreement of some sort, The Great Reset. Call it whatever you want but it would allow for immediate consequences such as this for shit-lib cunts who think they are ‘safe’ when a news camera is there.

She just… like… COULDN’T EVEN… like, WOW, just wow. He almost bitch slapped her and would have been well within his rights. She will go home tonight and furiously flick her bean until its raw and bloody thinking about how he treated her like she secretly wishes to be treated.

Repeal the 19th worldwide indeed. White Sharia now. (Or whatever you want to call it, you get the idea)

PS Is this a perfect manifestation of the Trump Curse?

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It’s exhilarating to have a Heritage President with a set of brass ones who isn’t afraid to slap them against Globohomo chin. Trump’s balls are a beacon that will coax America’s collective balls from its soy space.

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