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What a fruitcake. His poll numbers are single digits, but that’s way too high. He should have trouble scraping together the support of fifty gaypedoface voters.

Trump is right not to even mention this dope’s name. He’s a self-discrediting circus sideshow freak. But I wonder to whom his votes will go on election day, because libertardian voters always abandon the official Libertardian Candidate at crunch time. My guess is most of Fruitcake’s voters stay home to savor a day-long pot bender, or split their votes between Trump and thecunt.

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Pay attention at the 0:14 mark for a coy cryptogram carefully inserted into this Trump campaign ad.

That’s Sam Hyde and Pepe, two Notorious A.L.T. figures in the flourishing shiv-right rebellion.

Reader plumpjack writes,

a Donald Trump campaign app ad that subtly features Sam Hyde and Pepé. just a coincidence, right?

from DS:
“An ad like this is not done at random. Each frame is composed carefully. They had to select the tweets being featured by hand.

It doesn’t seem like the media has caught on to this like wink at the Alt-Right yet, but our friends at TRS were quick to notice.

It’s interesting to see what’s going on regarding Trump and the Alt-Right; the Glorious Leader himself has never made any open references to us, all the while Clinton made a whole speech on the subject. Instead, he makes all these small references, with plausible deniability. These are enough to whip the Jewish media into a frenzy, however, but they look completely unhinged conspiracy theorists when reporting about it.”

Let’s face it, popularizing a cute frog as the avatar of unauthorized crimethink was a brilliant marketing coup. At once serving as a potent, open air symbol of resistance to the equalist leftoid hivemind while sabotaging the enemy leftoid agit-prop machine reduced to ponderously assessing the risk level of a cartoon frog. Win-win. Alinsky would be proud if his psy ops weren’t being used against him and his schlock troops.

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Hillary’s id emerges for a romp in this video: a scolding, entitled, screeching, mentally unhinged, hysterical, stilted, crazy-eyed sociopathic harridan with late stage parkinson’s.

Yeesh. Dat awkwardly artificial pitch change at 0:10. This is the look of desperation. Scott Adams on the clip: “the election is over“. Hillary’s voice and mannerism are crypt-onite to straight White men. I can’t listen to her for more than 30 seconds before I want to punch a hole in the wall. She’s distilled post-menopausal evil.


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Reader Mister Bicks digs up a very old tune (originally written in 1917!) with a message that’s more honest than you’ll hear from any singer today.

Thinking about your assertion that looks aren’t as important as charisma (for lack of a better word at the moment), I think of a great song The Andrews Sisters called “Oh Johnny” (written in 1917). Please read the lyrics, noting especially that in the song, even though Johnny is NOT handsome, the girl wonders why she is so infatuated with him. Well, it’s because he’s “very very bad” and he knows about love.

People back then knew well what we try to avoid today.


Oh, Johnny! Oh, Johnny!
How you can love
Oh, Johnny! Oh, Johnny!
Heavens above
You make my sad heart jump with joy
And when you’re near I just can’t sit still a minute
I’m so, Oh, Johnny! Oh, Johnny!
Please tell me dear
What makes me love you so?
You’re not handsome, it’s true
But when I look at you
I just, Oh, Johnny!
Oh, Johnny! Oh!

All the girls are crazy for a certain little lad
Although he’s very very bad
He could be oh so good if he wanted to
Bad or good he understood about love & other things
For every girl in town followed him around
Just to hold his hand & sing

Americans, and women in particular, from a century ago were a lot more aware of, or at least a lot less antagonistic towards, ugly truths about the sexes and romance. It seems as if there was this pre-post-America age when Realtalk™ wasn’t a rebellious act of defiance but a normal, gentle undercurrent governing the flow of human society.

The explanation for this is multivariate, but I’ll stick to one that I believe is a major contributing factor that doesn’t involve an endless stream of propaganda by the gynocratic hivemind: American women were more “red pill” a long time ago because their contemporaneous American men were less beta. When men are alpha and in control of their nation’s public spaces and curators of their nation’s heritage, they’re giving women more of what women want (whether they’re consciously aware of it or not). Women in that kind of sexual market have daily reminders of how admirable and yes even sexy men can be, as opposed to Thee Current Year when American women are getting daily reminders of how contemptible, effeminate and anhedonic their men have become.

Women (and men) have forgotten about sex differences partly because the sexes have shed their dimorphic sexuality to conform to a unisex amorphous androgynous blob of mood-killing homoplasm. Women are now the aggressors and men the deferential lapdogs. Our cultural messages reflect this sorry sexual devolution and, not coincidentally, our native stock birthrate plummets as we import less progressive barbarians to fill the womb void.

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Trump entered the stage in Miami to a piece of shitlord political showmanship we haven’t seen the likes of in America since well, forever.

TheCunt called 1/3rd? 1/2? 3/4ths? of Trump supporters “deplorable”. So what does Trump do? Why, naturally, he co-opts the theme tune of a beloved shitlib Broadway musical, Les Miserables, and struts out under the Les Deplorables banner to a roaring crowd of American revolutionaries.

Folks, this is a TEXTBOOK application of the Game technique Agree&Amplify. Trump is a MASTER of so many Game principles that his meteoric rise should be studied by generations of young beta males for REAL WORLD EVIDENCE of the efficacy of Game. Trump will be studied by political historians for sure, but his life demonstrates so much more than mere political acumen. It’s no surprise he’s had a parade of some of the world’s most beautiful women as lovers.

MAGA 2016

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A White prankster (who’s doing more good for the cucked world than he can possibly know), bix noody-trapped his bike with a taser, and then left the bike unattended and unlocked in his neighborhood, recorded by a hidden camera. Hilarity and uncomfortable pattern recognition ensued.

See if you can spot the common denoginator.

Reader quixotic adds context:

This is freaking hilarious

So reddit is freaking out because fans of Trump have turned the site from a liberal safe space into a painful (read: honest and realistic) forum.

The video was posted to a thread and people familiar with reality noticed that hey all these thieves have something in common…

That did not go over well with the censorship loving lefties who dont like that
reality doesn’t match up with their oasis of equality. Now the thread is nearly scrubbed of comments that discuss the fact that the thieves are all dindus. Every day we get closer to 1984.

Also thanks for your help fellas i picked up my first AR this weekend people were in a frenzy for a m m o and finding lowers

White “asserted virtue on the cheap” shitlibs will just have to come to terms with the lovefact that White morality doesn’t port smoothly to other races. Assuming nonWhites share the same moral and ethical impulses as Whites is a mission-critical error of judgment.

Projecting White morality onto other races was always going to end in tears. And caustic laughter.


The same prankster did something similar with an empty, unlocked car and a fake bomb in the backseat. The usual suspects turn out for their shot at YouTube fame.

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Sam Hyde, funny guy and Trollocaust survivor, has taken his ballsy street theater — punking shitlibs on their turf — to the airwaves. His show, “Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace“, has premiered on Adult Swim. It airs Fridays at 12:15AM, Eastern Time. (I haven’t watched it yet, but plan to. Anyone who has, chime in with your thoughts.)

Here’s Sam asking an asian girl about her asian privilege:

Sam Hyde earns CH’s Shiv of the Week. He sets a good example for aspiring shitlords everywhere.

(One reason Sam effortlessly trolls shitlibs into self-mockery is that he’s a sturdy dude. Most of his targets are smaller, and this disparity would reduce the risk of a prompt physical altercation while increasing the odds of a tempered humorous exchange.)

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