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Niceness pays in nice societies.

Nice societies are an effect of the nice people in them.

Fewer nice people, less nice society, less niceness pays.

As America becomes more Diverse™, expect to see an avalanche of articles explaining that niceness doesn’t pay. Because it won’t. Not any longer. America is filling up with not-nice immigrants who will feast on the shrinking pool of nice Americans like vultures picking at a carcass.

A reader adds,

“nice” just means that you behave in such a way that no one fears the consequences of mistreating you

it is dysfunctional in a world full of sociopaths and people who hate you

Welcome to Post-Niceness, an America that has become like the rabble that used to look longingly toward her from the bleakness of their shithole homelands.

Now they’re here, and they’ve brought the Bleakness with them.

Exhibit A:

Black Refuses To Pay Asians For Pedicure, Asians Call Cops, Race War Ensues

Diversity is our pay-per-view entertainment.

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Why is this post titled “Spot the Chad” instead of “Spot the Alpha”? You’ll understand why after seeing the photo I’ve attached:

This is REO Speedwagon, pre-snowflake era rockers. Despite the classification I’m about to reveal, all these guys got mad pussy. Comes with the job.

They were (are) all alpha males according to the CH and Darwin definition of alpha male:

The alpha male attracts hot women, attracts women strongly, and attracts a lot of women.

Quantity and quality of female interest defines the alpha male.

By that metric, all the members of REO Speedwagon were alphas, hauling groupie pussy in its prime like a shrimping net.

But within the subset ‘rocker’, we find subtle and not-so-subtle physiognomic differences of male value. In the photo above, there is a clear Chad and a clear Cuck.

CHAD: far right (ofc)
INTENSE ALPHA: 2nd from left
NICEGUY: middle
CUCK: 2nd from right

FYI, “intense alpha” is the brooding artist type who may or may not leave a lover before morning light. “Goofball alpha” is the class clown if the class clown wasn’t a secretly low self-esteem basketcase.

The Cuck with the homo pose is the lead singer, Kevin. The Surfer Chad is the bass player, Bruce. So did their real lives match their physiognomies? reactionary writes,

Mostly. Kevin was their lead singer and had a very effeminate/annoying voice. Bruce was there bass player and would occasionally do vocals. “Back on the Road Again” is sort of an alpha song.

So what distinguishes the Chad from the generic alpha male? Politics, for one. No Chad is With Her. In point of fact, very few alpha males are With Her, so that’s not telling us much. The Chad phenotype tends to more often align with conventional views of what characterizes an alpha male (heavy jawline, Eastwoodian squint, overhanging brow ridge, mesomorphic frame, perpetual smirk). This serves as a reminder that more often than not, real life alpha males don’t look like central casting alpha males. They don’t look like soyboy cucks either, but the physical properties of the alpha male span a wide spectrum.

Crucially, I think the biggest delineator of the Chad is his aversion to emoting. He keeps it “close to the vest”, except when he’s giving atomic wedgies to nerds. There’s an IDGAF vibe about him that says “when the time comes, I’ll gladly take up sword and rid our land of these locusts”. Balancing this is a hint of playfulness in the eyes, honed from years in middle and high school teasing girls to heights of tingle eruptions.

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As we reported yesterday, boatloads of migrants are already washing up on Spanish beaches in scenes that have shocked observers.

Now according to a report in Spanish newspaper El Mundo, North Africa is becoming a “pressure cooker,” with at least 50,000 African migrants desperate to cross into the European country via the Strait of Gibraltar.

The report explains how criminal people smugglers are helping the migrants circumvent border controls in Morocco while telling them that Spain is their “paradise”.

The number of migrants waiting to storm Spain is currently at 50,000 and “continues to grow,” with the men becoming more “violent” in their efforts to reach Europe.

Spain has become the number one point of arrival for migrants crossing the sea to Europe in 2018, with over 21,000 arrivals so far, a process that has quickened after the country’s socialist government gave the green light for open borders.

Camp of the Saints happening right before our eyes.

Get ready for more scenes like this one, all over Europe, as Africa’s excess fighting-age males storm the beaches of European Christendom like a conquering force:

LOL at that clown car raft. It looks like it could safely hold ten vibrants, then two hundred kunta kintes spill out of it racing for the nearest White woman’s bedroom (she welcomes them).

These numbers are also extremely conservative given that governments are disincentivized from registering migrants thanks to an EU directive that only allows EU members to deport migrants to the very first member-state they arrived in.

As bad as it is, it’s even worse.

Last week, around 800 sub-Saharan migrants attempted to cross the border between Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, throwing feces, burning quicklime, stones and Molotov cocktails at border police while using homemade flamethrowers and saws to dismantle barriers.

Doing the jobs native stock Europeans won’t do.

Around 600 of them succeeded in crossing the border. Video from the scene shows migrants wildly rampaging through the streets while screaming deliriously.

You’d be delirious too if you escaped Hell and landed in a nirvana of endless gibs.

Watch this video of the invading conquerors. You’re struck by the quality of invader. Feel your sanctimony swell as you tick off another virtue signal. Surely, these numinous, numberless neegs will power the 21st Century economies of Western Europe!

A suggestion: Save your hate for the Western elitists who threw out the welcome mat to the invading horde. Their rampaging mercenaries are the mindless weapon the shitlib White elite wields to destroy Heritage America and Heritage Europe. Crush the Globohomos, and the merc problem will take care of itself.

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More precisely, this is what half of a realignment looks like. Stay tuned for the Democreep version coming soon to a district near you.

PS A daily (hourly? minutely?) reminder of the manipulative, reality distorting propaganda pushed out by the Fake News Chaimstream Media:

A clarifying analysis of Fake News Media starts and ends with “these scumbags want to make Whites a minority in their own nation and to elect anti-White Democrats.”

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Preselection by women, jealousy plot lines, ZFG aloofness and indifference, a discriminating racial wokeness….the Child Heartiste, breaking hearts before I was old enough to know better!

PS Stills from this video would virally rival the “roving eye boyfriend” meme.

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Think for a second about what they are demanding. If you don’t automatically accept the imprecise, unspecific, never-fully-explained findings of shadowy intelligence agencies with long, documented track records of making serious mistakes, you’ve somehow betrayed your country. The very people who assured you Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, the ones who said the Shah would never fall in Iran, etc, etc…..THOSE people must be accepted without question or else.

On television this group is called the “Intelligence Community.” That’s an Orwellian name if there ever was one….where exactly IS this community we hear so much about? Does it have a ZIP code? A public library system? A youth football league? How long before Congress demands unthinking obedience to the “Lawmaker Community?” It’s a community after all, you must obey it…dissent is unpatriotic, and if you don’t agree, you’re working for Vladimir Putin.

That’s where we’re headed, by the way, and fast.

In some ways this whole story is about Donald Trump and what he said and what he does. But on a deeper level, it has nothing to do with Donald Trump. This is about democracy–whether or not voters rule their country. It turns out the very people telling you they are saving our democracy are working overtime to destroy it, and scolding you as they do.

There is a threat to our democracy, but it isn’t coming from Russia. It’s coming from the malevolent nexus between the Uniparty, Deep State and the Chaimstream Media, a powerfully evil alliance that’s hellbent on seeing through its Globohomo agenda and dispossessing Heritage Americans from their homeland, wherever their hearth.

Lest we forget in the current climate of anti-Trump (read: anti-White) hysteria that our intelligence agencies utterly discredited themselves in the lead-up to the Iraq War:

Respect and trust must be earned, and both can be easily lost. The “intelligence community” lost the respect and trust of mentally sane Americans when the three letter agencies discredited themselves over and over again, betraying either gross incompetence or treasonous malice. Now that Trump is calling them out, we’re supposed to genuflect before his nefarious Deep State enemies and take their word that Trump and what he represents is a threat to American institutions and values?

We should be so lucky that this threat materializes and rids our nation of these loathsome globalist scum.


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Listen for the *preen* cue starting around 4:40…

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