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Ironsides triggered this post with reflections on ultra-posturing fathers of hotter younger tighter daughters,

Translation of all this huffing and puffing:

“I spoiled my daughter absolutely rotten, giving her an ego-swollen princess syndrome which is almost certain to launch her onto the Carousel with Saturn rocket boosters because she thinks that she’s so Precious and Special that no solid regular guy is worthy of her …

… and realizing my mistake at some level, now venting my futile beta rage by being as obnoxious as possible to young men interested in her, which has the effect of driving off the decent, hard-working betas who would actually care for her and make her happy with a family, while the alpha cads see right through my posturing and pump-and-dump her over and over again, laughing at me as they swagger out the door at 3 AM in search of greener puss-tures.”

Matt King strikes out a lot but when he connects he goes yard. His reply to Ironsides,

… now venting my futile beta rage by being as obnoxious as possible to young men interested in her …

The cuckservatives have queered this meme beyond all usefulness. It’s now nothing more than how to dramatize oneself as the Ultimate White Knight Orbiter to one’s own flesh and blood.

Fatherhood is a kind of game, and just as in game, a little mystery and a lot of ambiguity goes a long long way to getting her to behave the way you want. Putting up a Top Ten list of your intentions, along with the least subtle photo of a threat imaginable, creates the opposite effect. These are unreconstructed dorks who grew older but never left their beta insecurities behind.

To see schlubs fawn over the only alpha female (i.e., their young and attractive daughters) ever obliged to give them attention is one of the most putrid side-effects of the veteran-carouseler-incel-betamale alliance for the creation of one designer baby in wifey’s late thirties. I know how I’ll make pretty girls pay attention to me! I’ll make one!

“Omigod ur so hawt” in college transforms 20 years later into “My daughter is an angel.” Learning curve flat.

Fucking hardcore.

It shouldn’t go beyond most woke men’s notice that beta daddy soyboys, when they manage to convince a veteran cock carouseler to take them under her marital wing at the ripe age of 38 to pop out that one designer baby three years later (and not a baby more!), curiously produce some of the hottest prime nubility daughters this side of Kiev. The Helical Holy Spirit has a sense of humor about these recombinant mysteries, and with a little thought it’s easy to figure that feminine low T daddies shoulder more than their share of the burden of gracing the world with HBdaughters, should they have daughters who inherit daddy’s supple skin and manteats and mommy’s defined triceps and cock hunger.

(The sons of such unions tend to fair poorly in the physiognomy department.)

Thank the Cosmic Overlord that He has seen fit to ensure the sexual appetites are properly redirected to outside the immediate family circle, else these beta daddy orbiters of HBdaughters might wind up nursing a hellacious case of incestual blue balls. As it stands to everyone’s relief, their blue balls are strictly of the emotional, psychological variety. The captured company of hot daughters is likely the best chance daddy orbiters have had to monopolize the attention of the kinds of women who ignored them most of their lives or, worse, toyed with them by dangling effervescent promises of a future hookup in exchange for months and years of sounding board provisioning. It’s no wonder daddy orbiters are gung-ho to shove gun barrels in the faces of any suitor of his daughter-cum-sublimated girlfriend.

Apropos King’s comment and the Roy Moore moral panic of the past week, it’s a good time for this song:

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Another seven years of this glory left to go! It’s Hardening.


Here’s the very first post in which Trump is mentioned at Le Chateau.

Here’s the very first post (dated June 17, 2015) in which CH endorsed Trump for President. I was ahead of almost everyone but a few perceptive samizdat bloggers.

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This is what a takeover of America by nonWhites looks like: A hostile alien force flexing its growing demographic power and preying on its constituents’ fear of and loathing for Whites with campaign ads that portray Heritage American White men as stone cold killers:

Paid for by the White Victory Fund…..haha but not really kidding. This is the kind of Dirt Worlder racial gloating that will push more Whites into the arms of a de facto White Party, aka the Trump Train.

Takeover, land grab, colonization, invasion, conquest….call it what you like, it’s indisputable that the engineered demographic swamping of White Americans by nonWhites is tribal war in all but formal declaration.

The reality of course is the exact opposite of this blood libel video. Whites are preyed upon by violent, criminally rampant aliens and nonWhites in the cities and suburbs where they are resettled by the Globohomo Forced Integration Project. These locusts then proceed to shit en masse on the history, culture, and symbols of White America, smearing the descendants of White Americans who founded, built, and brought glory to the nation as redneck pickup truck drivers running down beaner babies on the streets.

Are they begging for RAHOWA?

And if America is so full of White devils, WHY THEY HELL ARE THEY COMING HERE? Is it a masochistic thrill? Surely they and their 50-to-a-room families will be a lot safer in their homelands where there are no redneck neoconfederates to strike fear in their hearts.

No, the answer is that they have swarmed, they have sucked at the White gibs teat, and now they are ready to plant their tribe’s flag in the nation they are conquering. The age of tokens is over, there’s no longer a need for the fig leaf of multicultural respectability…it’s Tribal Time now.

But maybe they have begun their victory dance a little too early. They can feel their power rising, but like the impulsive dummies they are they have pounced too quickly, imprudently, for a clarifying fight with the alpha male White lion. Instead of playing the long game of reducing the White population ratio to a sufficiently small number, they have chosen macho confrontation before they have the strength to defeat the gringo/infidel. Their puppet masters are in retreat, having lost an election and the meme wars, and are too weakened to properly manage and coordinate their primitive charges.

Virtue sniveling shitlib Whites are playing with fire. They think they can morally preen their equalist enlightenment over their benighted BadWhite kin forever without paying any consequences. But they badly underestimate how moronic, tribalistic, and impressionable our dirt world colonizers are. Savior-complex shitlibs seeking religious redemption through their imported riff raff have unleashed the braying mob, and the mob won’t stop with the heads of rednecks; they will come for the soyboy libs too, and they will be consumed with just as much glee and fury.

PS PA writes about the implications of this ad, here.


A commenter quips,

Damn, that guy really wants his truck stereo back.


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Watch and learn. Trump negs the shit out of the gaystream media and comes off charming as a mf while doing it. GAME RECOGNIZED

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This video is the most effective bit of pro-White European COPROP I’ve seen to date. You don’t even see the colonizing hordes in the video…you don’t have to, because you know that’s the dark shadow that lurks in the background…and this artistic choice gives the video greater power. The evil is all around us, choking us like dirty air, driving us from our homes.

Unfortunately, I can’t hot link the video to WordPress, because Twatter has likely shadowbanned the account which pinned it. Catch it now before it too, like all the Great and Beautiful Truths, is stamped out by our perfidious overlords.

Here’s a link to the video on PewTube.


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It’s good to be alpha. Women will let you do things to them that would make Harvey Weinstein fertilize the nearest potted plant.

Beta males should watch this video below for real world proof showing how cute, “good” girls honestly and naturally react in the company of an alpha male. What gets lost in the moral panic about famous men groping women is that, like Trump said, the women LET THEM DO IT. Ben Affleck is to women what a random HB10 is to men: a passcode that unlocks the sexes’ most primal desires.

If you walked up to a girl like that as a total stranger and, after introducing yourself, drunkenly grabbed her all over like Affleck is doing here, I think you can guess what would happen to you.

Fame Game and Power Game are unstoppable arousal triggers and disinhibition stimuli of female sexual desire.

Untutored beta males and insol bitterbitches need to see this side of women, because it’s routinely hidden from social consciousness by anti-male propaganda and by women themselves who don’t want their depraved natures exposed to idealistic young betas who may be their provider hubby fall-backs in ten years time after the cock carousel has made them sore. That pussy pedestal requires a lot of good PR to keep its squeaky clean vajeen sheen.

Male power is both intimidating and intoxicating to women, and as I have argued (and others like commenter PA have as well) the rush of women into the workforce has undermined marriage and poisoned relations between women and the mass of betas who don’t glitter with fame and power, by exposing so many women to alpha male bosses.

Keep in mind that in women there is the natural pleasurable impulse to submit to a dominant man…it’s instinctual really… so when you read women who describe such men as “intimidating”, know that the intimidation psychologically strikes women much differently than it strikes men who would be the natural competitors or worker drones of powerful men. When a woman meets an “intimidating” man there is a part of her that is sexually and romantically aroused, and if conditions are right that part will flourish and manifest at the expense of the cautious part of her. When a man meets an intimidating man, he is aroused to fight, fold, or flee, all of these reactions serving in their particular ways to guard his honor, preserve his dignity, and spare his social status. Sometimes even spare his life.

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If only there were more Clay Travis’ storming the clitadel at ChosenNewsNetwork, we outnumbered but not disheartened shitlords would have the media back in control of Heritage America within the fortnight.

A couple thoughts. First, this is a sly meta defense of the First Amendment by Travis that logic traps the talkingcunt into tacitly disavowing the free speech protections of the 1A. “Because as a woman, I can’t even….why are you sitting here on CNN…why would you even say that live on national television and WITH A FEMALE HOST…to the reeducation camps with you, sir! RAKE SPEECH IS NOT FREE SPEECH”

Second, it’s not often you’ll see a 100% undiluted dindu humorlessly white knight an overtanned hapa. But I suppose the urge to stick it to Whitey overrides any other innate compulsion.


PS Take some time today, gentlemen, to manspread extra wide whenever the opportunity presents, because the gynarchy deserves nothing less.


A great comment by williamk,

This vid highlights for me one contemptible quality of liberals: The insincere posing.

Here Ms. Brooke Baldwin is playing the part of a woman who is really offended by the word “boobs”. How dare you sully the presence of a lady with such words. Meanwhile, we all know damn well that this 38 yr old never married powerslut fucks dudes who joke about her boobs. Probably the dude she’s currently banging made some remark about her tits after the news of this blew up. She probably laughed, then fucked him.

They don’t believe in any of this shit. They buy houses in 100% white areas, feminists fuck the baddest bad boys their collagen can get them, and everybody takes jobs that immigration can’t threaten if they can.

The world is separated into people who admit plainly obvious facts, and people who lie about it for brief pats on the head.

That second paragraphs sez it all about the Lie Machine that is post-America shitliberalism.

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