Marco Roboto

Marco Rubio is stupid. And maybe gay. He’s taking heat for his latest debate performance, where he repeated an obviously scripted line five times — “[president butt naked] knows exactly what he’s doing” — like a robot remotely controlled by GOPe puppet masters.

In honor of Marco Fruitio’s scratched record intellect, here is a remix of an old Styx song.

Domo Arigato, Marco Roboto
Domo Arigato, Marco Roboto
Mata ahoo Hima de
Domo Arigato, Marco Roboto
Himitsu wo foam party

You’re wondering who I am
(Secret, secret, I’ve got a secret)
Pool boy or neocon
(Secret, secret, I’ve got a secret)
No borders are my plan
(Secret, secret, I’ve got a secret)
I am the donors’ man

I’ve got a secret, I’ve been hiding under my skin
My heart is foreign, my blood is Cuban
My brain is for rent, so if you see me
Acting dumbly, don’t be surprised

I’m just a toady who takes his orders
From Norman Braman
To keep me alive, my campaign alive
Soundbites all night to keep me alive

I’m not a robot without emotions
I’m not what you see
I’ve come to help you
With your problems, so pass amnesty
I’m not a hetero, I’m not a señor
Forget what you know

I’m just a cipher whose campaign circus
Went beyond his control
Beyond my control, we all need control
I need control, big donor control

I am the Davos man
(Secret, secret I’ve got a secret)
Who had a simple task
(Secret, secret, I’ve got a secret)
Mouthpiece for globalists
(Secret, secret, I’ve got a secret)
To shun nationalists

Domo Arigato, Marco Roboto
Domo, Domo
Domo Arigato, Marco Roboto
Homo, Homo

Domo Arigato, Marco Roboto
Domo Arigato, Marco Roboto
Domo Arigato, Marco Roboto
Domo Arigato, Marco Roboto
Domo Arigato, Marco Roboto

Thank you very much, Marco Roboto
For handing over jobs to H-1B scammers
And thank you very much, Marco Roboto
For helping Mexicans
Crash in my backyard
Thank you, thank you, thank you
I want to thank you
Please, thank you, oh and Zuckerberg too

The problem’s plain to see
Too much corrupt elite
Pushing race blindness lies
Cuck lies, de-humanize

The time has come at last
(Secret, secret, I’ve got a secret)
To throw away this mask
(Secret, secret, I’ve got a secret)
Now everyone can see
(Secret, secret, I’ve got a secret)
My true identity

I’m Merkel, Facebook, Google, Soros

The Future You Choose


In the id-carving business, this is what’s known as a future vision shiv. Oracular serration.

Can we spare a moment for some brisk Realtalk that’s liable to send a certain contingent reaching for their smelling salts? Facials are hot. The giving of them, if you’re a man (or a man not named John Scalzi). The receiving of them, if you’re a woman (or a man named John Scalzi).

Check that, if you’re a certain kind of woman.

Depraved though facials may be, there’s no denying the act’s electrifying sexual charge. A facial is the Pollock splattered symbol of incontestable ownership by the man of his woman. It isn’t the Christian thing to do, but damn me if the devil’s bedroom blueprint isn’t a schematic leading straight to the jizz-soaked id.

The catch-22 is that the woman who will eagerly welcome into her face and upturned eyes the beatific brandishing of your white hot boner brew is not the woman you’d trust to leave alone for more than a week without a champion series labia lock set to impregnable.

It is the reality of woman: she who most excites your manly humors is she who least assures your manly honor.

My advice: If you love a woman, and you love the idea of giving her a facial, try it out. If she allows it, but only after expressing an initial and thereafter rolling reluctance, (i.e., she puts up some resistance and isn’t parting at the lips to try it again), she’s your long time gal instead of your good time gal.

One (hot) girl telling another (less hot) girl about her disappointment in a man she’s dating.

“He won’t do anal. Not like I asked or anything, but he kind of made a face and backed off when it started going there. He’s not adventurous with sex. Not at all. Like, so plain vanilla. White bread. *laugh* Do I want this? Am I crazy for wanting more? He’s got a big money job. But so what, that’s not gonna get me off.”

The best thing about overhearing this conversation was the other girl listening patiently. Her facial expression never changed from neutral. Not even a twitch. She sat and nodded her head solemnly, as if she was listening to a lecture on geopolitical trends.

Tradcons and feminists have more in common than either would care to confront. Browsing popular alt-right outposts, I’ve found that a significant number of them — not all; I don’t mean this to be a sweeping indictment of the tradcon right — share with feminists a misunderstanding of sex differences and of the functioning of the sexual market (hint: it’s transactional in nature, and sneering at the messenger won’t change that fact).

So what false notions do tradcons and feminists share?

  • Pussy pedestalization

That’s one. Feminists and (some) tradcons reflexively defer to the contradictory premises that female entitlement both a. doesn’t exist and b. must be catered to at all times.

  • Sexual desire uniformity

Tradcons, like feminists, wrongly assume men and women share reproductive goals, or that the triggers and the expression of their desires are similar. They are not.

  • Sinful male sexuality

Tradcons, like feminists, express a wanton cruelty toward male sexuality, never missing a chance to pathologize it. Where it really shows is in their hate for sex differences in attraction and arousal, which they dismiss by denying the biocentrality of visual stimulus and mate variety to male sexuality. Or, if they don’t deny those things, they demonstrate their contempt of male sexuality by deriding its emotional and sensate power over men, and belittling men who “can’t control” their natural urges.

  • Denial of female hypergamy

Female hypergamy is real, (and different in kind from male mate choice motivations). Maybe tradcons are upset by the science-y terminology. That’s another deficiency they share with feminists. If it helps them get over their anxiety about being mistaken for an autistic, they could call it “dating up”.

  • Denial of depraved female sexuality

No one in the “Sex Pill” community argues that male sexuality can’t be depraved. Gang bangs, facials, and homosex come to mind. But tradcons, like feminists, have a peculiar habit of denying the facets of female sexuality that tend toward depravity and darkness. For instance, female rape victims often go on to have consensual sex relationships with their rapists. And, oh yeah, there are all those coercive rape fantasies women indulge.

Similarly, tradcons (maybe not so much as feminists) tend to overestimate women’s inclination toward faithful monogamy. Studies consistently show women are less monogamous than tradcons assume and more monogamous than men as a sex.

  • Denigration of male sexuality as “entitlement”

Tradcons, like feminists, have a hysterical hatred of men trying to improve their romantic fortunes. They slander normal male desire for a quality dating life as entitlement, when it’s nothing of the sort. (Entitlement is the feeling one is owed something for nothing; most men who want to get better girls know that they have to put in the effort commensurate with the quality of girl they’re aiming for.)

The entitlement slur is one of the more toxic tradcon smears against men. The tradcon mercilessly mocks the man who strives for a cuter girlfriend, but lavishes praise on the woman who screens for Mr. Right. Self-discrediting.

  • Belief that marriage is an equal sacrifice

Tradcons, like feminists, want to believe that women sacrifice as much as, or more than, men do when deciding to marry. Not true. Men must tacitly renounce the heart of their natural, God-given sexuality to marry; women don’t. Women have a greater disposition for monogamy than do men, and a weaker urge for sexual variety and profligacy. Marriage is therefore an easier transition for women to make than it is for men to make. This sex discrepancy in monogamous marriage sacrifice demands an array of legal and informal cultural recompense for married men. (This recompense can take form in big and small ways; e.g., “king of the castle” privileges, wife taking his name, etc.)

Btw, Tolkien and CH are on the same page about men and their greater marriage sacrifice:


  • False equivalence between male and female cheating

Tradcons, like feminists, abhor sex-based “double standards”, refusing to accept that double standards are a fact of life when the species in question is sexually reproducing. Tradcons love to lump male and female cheating under one umbrella of equal awfulness, but the comparison deserves more nuance than that. One, female cheating can result in pregnancy (especially true before the Pill and latex condom, which was the environment humanity evolved in for most of its history). A cheating wife impregnated by her dalliance was a serious cuckold risk to her husband. The same cannot be said of a cheating husband.

Two, when women cheat, they tend to hypergamously cheat, (they turn the sex spigot off to their husbands). Men cheat in the harem-building style, mostly for physical pleasure (as opposed to the yearning for romance typical of cheating wives), and often retain love for their wives even during the times of their extramarital trysts.


My evidence for tradcon resemblance to dumbfuck feminists comes from reading what a lot of them who are normally straight thinkers on a number of hot button topics have to say about sex, love and women. I don’t attack all tradcons, but I do note there are quite a few of them who are as dumb about sex as shitlibs are about race.

(This is a good point to remind tradcons that one can be both clear-eyed about innate sex differences in desire AND about the importance of monogamy/marriage to Western Civ.)

The reflexive tradcon white knighting for the female sex finds its source in the same place all people tap when considering the lamentations of the women. It all gets back to the Fundamental Premise. Women are the reproductively more valuable sex (by order of the cosmic overlord), and this eternal truth explains innumerable societal phenomena related to the instinctive urge by both men and women to favor women’s concerns at the expense of men’s concerns.


It’s been claimed that the Sex Pill is the gateway drug to the Race Pill. But I’ve noticed a lot of race realists have trouble with sex realism. Is it a problem of demographic bias? Maybe race realists are older (less naive about race) and settled down. They’ve been out of the seduction game for a while and have forgotten what climbing-the-walls horniness feels like, or how much tougher it is to seduce younger, hotter, tighter chicks than older, hoarier, looser women?

“Who Bitch This Is?”, Redux

Who Bitch This Is?” stands as the battle cry of a resurgent patriarchy. Now we have another entrant to add to the glorious WBTI revolution.

The referring reader writes,

This story reminds me of the video of the black guy who was confronted by a fat feminist at a gaming tournament.  He ignored her and looked for the responsible man by asking “Who bitch this is?”

In this video some guy stands by while his she-whale of a girl friend gets in the face of some guy.  The guy beats the crap out of the boyfriend.

Control your women CH readers.

It’s an ugly video (in all ways), so prepare yourselves. A sheboon shoggoth starts the fight, and an all-too-typical Black Lives Shatter scene of chaos erupts. The large city worker answers the woman’s taunts by pummeling her weak husband into submission.

An infuriated straphanger restrained himself when a foul-mouthed woman showered him with obscenities and saliva aboard a subway train in the Bronx. Clearly reluctant to strike the woman, he took it out on her spouse.

“I won’t hit a b—h,” the enraged straphanger shouted as he stood with both fists raised in a boxing stance. “But I will f–k your (man) up.”

Is this Black White Knighting? I don’t think it qualifies. He’s not coming to the pigwoman’s defense. He’s acknowledging (in his high-browed way) that his strength could seriously smash a woman – even one as fat as this charming specimen – to death. And so he has deemed it necessary to attack her via proxy, (sort of like how Muslim tribes get revenge by attacking family members of foes — Muslims, like this black man, understand that enemies don’t act in a vacuum; they are supported and enabled by a network of relations).

Another angry passenger asks the woman to get off the train as they idle on the tracks.

“Someone’s gonna have to give me my $2.75,” the passenger finally snaps, referring to the cost of a single ride on the train.


As the situation escalated, the woman’s husband tried helplessly to calm the situation.

“Yo, chill, man,” he said as no one paid any attention.

Black beta male. They exist. A man’s woman is so very revealing of his character. Take up with a disgusting blob of crass stupidity and people will assume you’re a beta loser. And most of the time, they’ll be right.

On balance, I think it’s an idea whose time has come for the weak, supplicating beta male partners of repulsive anti-social women to be held partly responsible for their women’s shit behavior. Maybe if these betas paid a price for their unmanly submission to gross, stampeding wildebeests we’d begin to see fewer of these self-entitled women despoiling the public space.

How many women will posture like enraged gorillas when they don’t have the security blanket, however tattered, of a beta boyfriend lurking alongside? I bet not too many.

Who bitch this is? No one’s? Ok, then. *SLAM THE CLAM*

Sidewalk Love Affair

Recently, I had box seats to a brief lovers’ spat on the sidewalk. The couple starring in the show crossed my path perpendicularly. It was a telling scene, flush with unspoken truths about the differences between men and women. She’s following him, begging for his attention. The girl has that frantic look like her baby is floating down the river in a basket and she’s chasing after it.

All the while (not a long while, maybe twenty seconds total), he’s striding purposefully ahead of her, oblivious, or affecting an air thereof, to her fevered pleadings. He stands tall, a confident posture and a neutral facial expression leading his way. He looks kind of like a dick.

I couldn’t make out what the drama was about, but it didn’t matter. There was a larger message in this theatrical release. I thought:

“This is the direction love should go. It’s natural. Woman to man. Woman gives love, man receives love. (Man gives desire, woman receives desire.) No matter what happens next, this woman desperately chasing down her man will eventually fall into his post-coital arms, the both of them happy with their respective statuses in the relationship.”

I tried to imagine by way of thought experiment how my perception of the scene would have changed if the roles had been swapped. If instead he had been pleading with his girlfriend to slow down, and she kept walking ahead of him. I twitched at the thought with instinctive revulsion. There was only one-way love in that reverse scenario, him to her. Submissive Male to Dominant Female. A guarantee of relationship extinction.

No one loves a needy man, not even himself.

How will you know your relationship is on solid ground? If she’s running after you, red-faced and trembling with love and yearning and desperation and desire and, yes, fear. The sexual polarity is aligned. The love amplified.

If you’re running after her, afraid to lose her love? You already have.

A good, if abstractedly imperfect, test of a woman’s love for you is to ask if she would she die for you. You can ask yourself this question, and if you’re honest you’ll know the answer.

Would she die for you?

Because most women wouldn’t.

I watched TED talks today and a woman there defined love as you would give your life for that person. I would die for my son without question..but for my husband probably not. I do love him, but I wouldn’t die for him..would I die for my husband when we first started dating when I was CRAZY in love with him? Nah..

You’ll know you own your woman if she’s so in love she’d at least claim in online scribblings that she’d die for you.


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