I ported the following photo from the Goodbye, America blog because it’s just too good to secret it away at a samizdat subsidiary.

See how many signs of American decline you can identify in the pic.

Right off the bat, gloryhole faces. (He sucks cock, she sucks another man’s cock.)

Commenters answer the call,

1. Babel polyglot signage
2. Switchface in both genders
3. Speaking of genders, dimorphism at historical low [ed: srsly, her jaw is as big as his]
4. No children in sight
5. Obesity standard push button door


Sick of that open-mouthed tongue-flattened fake-enthusiasm smile. Been seeing it more and more over the past year, it seems to be replacing the duckface as the go-to selfie mask, along with the ubiquitous Snapchat eye enlargements and kitten ears.


I’m still trying to decide who’s the woman here.


Press button to open.

Button not working.


Signs of third-world decay:

1) Soyboy and birth control femme smiles.
2) Signs in many languages for citizens that are required to read/speak English.
3) Wearing “I Voted” stickers like a three year old child would receive for successfully using the toilet instead of wetting themselves.
4) Finally, the To Open Doors Press Button sign for fatties, but a sign under it that appears to read Button Not Working.


There’s a lie behind these smiles. A profound lie.

That someone else is meant to pay for.

That is what is so vexing.


You missed one. The woman allowed to vote. [ed: LOL]


The fact that there is even a taped up sign _at all_. Think about it. Why would a real nation, say with real traditions and standards and the will to enforce them, in a real city, have to tape up signs? All the real citizens would just know, like that question Tom Cruise asked in A Few Good Men about how a Marine would know where the mess hall was. There would be natural, organic communication and instruction and guidance. And newcomers would need to make their bones first before taking part in the political process.

There’s also a subsidiarity aspect to this. Where to vote, the seat of political power, would matter more. People would ask. Talk. It wouldn’t just be a once a year thing.

And it wouldn’t move around. It wouldn’t go from one apartment complex rec room to another based on the latest MBA stats analysis on voting patterns and tax records or likelihood for screwing around or whatever. It would be an honored location, fixed, firm; a place dedicated at least in part to that purpose by a people at least in part dedicated to a good political economic system —and willing to do the work to achieve that. Not some casually dressed immature drones of the propaganda matrix.

That’ll be all, America. That’ll be all.

Did we miss anything?

Will we miss this shit show when it’s gone?

The Case Against Tipping

Tipster thoughtfully rants about “tipping culture”, labeling it a wealth transfer from men to women, and therefore a reinforcement of a structurally misandrist system.

Tipping is just another forced transfer M>>>F

I don’t tip. Why should I tip the person who brings food to my table, but not the chef? I don’t tip retail workers, fast food workers, or my delivery guy, so why am I expected to tip at a restaurant?

White knights will screech that wait staff can legally be paid less than minimum wage. So what? Take another job if that’s such a problem.

I think the Euros have it right and we in America should have laws against service industries underpaying wait staff on the expectation of customer tips covering the difference. Oh, but then Fatty Matty Yglesias will have to pay more up front for his authentically amerindian infarction platter.

The REAL reason we’re expected to tip wait staff is that they’re mostly young women. Fuck off, it’s not my problem, pay them a decent wage.

In the cities, the wait staff are young women, gays, or vibrants. White, conspicuously heterosexual male servers are a dying breed.

Escorts give WAY better service than waitresses but they come with an agreed price up front. If I don’t have to tip a woman for pounding her in every hole, why should I tip her for moving some plates around?

The final argument I’d like to address is the “it’s the only job many single mothers can get”. If a MAN was in that position no one would care. “Hey bro, truck driver is the only job I can get, give me an extra fifty for delivery of the pallet.” His feet wouldn’t touch the fucking ground on the way out.

Tips are a semi-forced transfer of money from men to women. Ideally stop tipping completely, practically stop tipping anywhere that you’re not a regular.

The reason the entitled male truck driver would get laughed out of the deal for demanding a tip is the same reason women in general are coddled and men have to stoically endure their hardships:

The Fundamental Premise.

Eggs are expensive, sperm is cheap. Every psychological dynamic you see playing out in mass societies liberated from artificial constraints on the sexual market flows from this premise. This means, as a systemic matter, women are coddled, men are upbraided. Women are victims, men are victimizers. Women need a leg up, men need to man up. Women have advocacy groups, men have equal opportunity violations. A woman subjected to the indignity of eavesdropping on a tame joke about dongles makes national news, while the chilling fact that 95% of all workplace deaths are suffered by men barely pings the media consciousness.

It is what it is, and it will never change so long as humans are a sexually reproducing species. All the laws in the world can at best only paper over the very primal compulsion of people to value the life of the average woman more than the life of the average man, and sympathize accordingly. Railing against it is akin to shaking a fist at sunspots and gamma rays.

Commenter PA once had a suggestion that you should only tip young White men, reasoning that economically self-sufficient White men are more critical to healthy sexual and marriage market functioning than are young women with spending cash (who are liable to ride the cock carousel with their economic freedom and liberation from needing beta male provisioning). Not to mention, young women can spread their legs for the easy life, which is an option unavailable to men.

I think that’s a good rule of life, and if you balk in the manner of a purs’d-lip white knight or quivering mangina, maybe you should remind yourself that tipping, however generous, never got a man laid.

Criminalizing Pranksters

This to me looks like boys having fun pranking their uptight stuffy elders:

I spot a couple of asian supremacists in there.

Pranksterism is a lost art that’s regaining a toehold in Post-America with the maturation of Generation Zyklon. It’s a beautiful thing to take in, like a breath of fresh country air.

Naturally, the [special people], Fuggernaut mob, SJW rejects, Twatter blueticks, social media schoolmarms, and catlady hall monitors who constitute the leftoid equalism hivemind want to destroy these boys’ lives forever, by criminalizing their prank and branding them with a Scarlet N, so that they will be blacklisted at every college* and potential employer, where kkkommissars have instant online access to everything anyone’s ever said or done going back to infancy.

Ingsoc will NOT be mocked.

I can’t think of a surer way to birth an army of vengeful adult shitlords than to crush the hopes and dreams of every fledgling young shitlord for the mortal sin of partaking in a funny prank, so keep at it [special people]. The hate, on both sides, will soon grow beyond your ability to control.

PS The guy in the back row, right, is

a. giving the white power ok sign out of sight

b. smugly gay

c. shitting his nerdo pants

d. angling for media fame and a guest column with either Huffington Post or National Review.





welp, we have our answer:

“these classmates have bullied me since entering middle school…”

looks like (b) and (d). a smugly gay “resister” angling for a Puffed Ho column.

You know what that posed class photo looks like to me?

Welcome Back, Cheeky America!


From Cornelius Rye,

Now watch as a seemingly-unconnected group of plucky and courageous underdog journalists dedicate the next 6 months of their lives to doxing and destroying each and every one of these boys. So brave!

Stop it, my righteous hate can only take so much engorgement.

*Aaaaaaand, right on cue these young men are being embargoed from colleges.


It’s one of the precious blessings of living in a freeman’s nation that no group is protected from mockery. And the most mockable group is the one that thinks itself untouchable.

Your Daily Arrow Of Causation

Ann Coulter:

Selfie saves a man from 99 years in prison.

Also, another woman who lied about a man attacking her. Because apparently people don’t think this happens.



she claimed her old high school boyfriend – who she hadn’t seen in years – broke into her residence and carved an ‘X’ into her chest

luckily for him he took a selfie 65 miles away with his mom
cops still raided him w/o warning and put him in jail
cause Berieve Awl Wahmen and whatnot
he had to post $150k bail

notice you can tell it’s self-inflicted by how neat it is


ps obvious cutter is obvious. aren’t there any police who know how to identify a headcase cutter? or are we just gonna lock up every White man at birth and spare the expense of due process?

This is a useful enemies’ list to keep at the ready, to remind you of the nature, identities, and scope of Globohomo.

NeverTrump’s Billionaire Leftist Benefactors

Just hours after Jeff Sessions resigned as attorney general last Wednesday at the president’s behest, #TheResistance found its newest target for destruction: Sessions’ interim replacement, Matthew Whitaker.

[The special people] HATE HATE HATE Whitaker’s Aryan phyzz.

NeverTrump “conservatives” are aiding Schiff and the media in their campaign to paralyze if not remove Whitaker. Commercials attacking the acting attorney general were aired on several Sunday morning political shows. The ads were sponsored by “Republicans for the Rule of Law,” a group founded earlier this year by Bill Kristol, the editor-at-large of The Weekly Standard. The group’s primary role so far appears to be pimping for the Mueller probe, a political witch-hunt that Kristol and his fellow NeverTrumpers pray will lead to the impeachment and removal of the president. The Left and their NeverTrump footsoldiers fear Whitaker will thwart the special counsel’s investigation instead of rubber stamping Mueller’s ever-expanding investigation as Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has done over the past 18 months.

Buying primo air time on network television doesn’t come cheap. So who is funding “Republicans for the Rule of Law” and their attacks on the Republican president and his acting attorney general? Is it big Republican donors?

We haven’t found any, but we have learned learned that one of Kristol’s benefactors is progressive billionaire Pierre Omidyar, the co-founder of eBay.

Omidyar -> not a Heritage American.

The Omidyars have also been among the most prolific supporters of  left-wing causes for years. According to a 2014 report by the Media Research Center, “Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffett, Pierre Omidyar, Tom Steyer and George Soros’s son, Jonathan are major funders of the left.

Fuck, there’s another Soros sprog. What do all these fine, upstanding, salt of the earth “Americans” have in common? They are united by their desire for

cheap labor
wealth concentration
weakening of the White Gentile majority

And lately, Omidyar seems to have become a big fan of Kristol’s, probably because of their mutual hatred of Donald Trump. Digging a little deeper it looks like they may have more in common since Kristol has recently found his “inner socialist” and he now opposes Republican candidates.

LMAO Kristol didn’t “find” his inner socialist, he just stopped concealing his “inner tribalist”. Immigration restriction advocacy has that effect on the [special people].

One of Omidyar’s nonprofits is the Democracy Fund. In 2015, the Democracy Fund awarded nearly $9 million in grants, “many of which went to left-wing organizations.” One Democracy Fund recipient is currently in court fighting the results of the Georgia gubernatorial race, which was won by Republican Brian Kemp.

Left-wing billionaire money corrupts democracy.

An affiliate of that fund disclosed on its website that it has given as least $600,000 to Kristol’s umbrella group, Defending Democracy Together, since May. (Other NeverTrumpers involved in the group are author Mona Charen, strategist Linda Chavez, and former governor Christine Todd Whitman.) Republicans for the Rule of Law operates under the purview of Defending Democracy Together.

“Rule of Law”. Pure _ewspeak. You can throw Kellyanne Conway’s disgusting, fat husband in that mix of Globohomo seditionists.

So why is a group of so-called principled “conservatives” accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars from a leftist billionaire who has shown zero dedication to conservative causes, an activist who finances interests that are inimical to conservative values and policies, and who bankrolls Democratic candidates hostile to mainstream conservatives?

Because the same phonies who claims to be all about principles and integrity are now the folks willing to do almost anything to take down Trump. (Remember that the next time they lecture pro-Trump Republicans about being a cult.)

Well of course. They even have the symbols. The pussyhat is the Stahlhelm of this cult.

Omidyar is a virulent Trump foe; he donated $250,000 to the NeverTrump PAC in 2016. Calling Trump a “dangerous authoritarian demagogue” during the presidential primaries, the Iranian-born

Why is he in America? I don’t remember getting a say in this turd’s application for invasion.

Omidyar also is tied to another billionaire archenemy of the president: George Soros.


Omidyar has donated millions to Soros’s pet projects, including the Open Society Foundations, a main funder of Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and the Center for American Progress.

Meanwhile, rich conservatives are funding Friday night football programs.

Among the goals of the Open Society Foundations are “creating a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, cutting the number of prison inmates by 50%, enacting comprehensive immigration reform, increasing welfare handouts, and raising taxes to redistribute wealth.”

Sounds like a Dr Evil plan to me. How does this Globohomo agenda significantly differ in its practical effects from actual genocide of White America?

(The Standard has other ties to Soros-linked projects and seems to be running a lot of cover for the global financier of late. More on that in an upcoming piece.)

The Weekly Standard is run by Bill Kristol, a very special person, who has turned his rag into a PR machine for international financiers.

Now look, I’m not gonna say stereotypes R real, but yeah stereotypes R real.

It’s one thing for a political pundit like Kristol to brand himself as a Trump-hating “conservative” to earn hits on cable news shows and get fawning coverage in elite media publications.

Shitlib media outlets like Non-Player Radio routinely introduce Bill Kristol and Jonah Goldberg as “conservatives”. This is classic “make words mean something entirely different than what they actually mean” psy ops.

It’s quite another to partner up with the sworn enemies of the very principles one has claimed not only to champion, but of which he has insisted he is the last, best defender.

It makes sense if you keep in mind that kristolniks are sworn to nothing but what is good for kristolniks, and immigration restriction is like a crucifix and garlic to them. THEIR WHOLE LONG-TERM PROJECT IS TO END THE CONCEPT OF WHITE CHRISTIAN MAJORITY NATIONS.

His new friend is a foe of these causes and has been for decades, which makes it appear as though Kristol is ready to sell out to any deep pocket just to damage the president while hiding the fact that his crusade is financed, at least in part, by a major anti-Trump, anti-conservative left-wing billionaire. (There is no information posted on Republicans for the Rule of Law’s website, or Kristol’s umbrella group, that discloses their funding sources.)

Vampires hate Sunshine laws.

The irony is rich indeed that “Republicans for the Rule of Law” is financed by a Democrat.

Expose the funding streams, and you are halfway to a Mass Woke Event.

So here are the billionaire soy’s club names you need to know:

Any and all members of the Soros clan
Pierre Omidyar
Michael Bloomberg
Warren Buffett (fucking quisling)
Tom Steyer
Jeff Bezos (he funds the Left through his agitprop blog, The Washington Post)
Carlos Slim (same as Bezos, except his plaything is the NYTimes)
Sergey Brin
Mark Zuckerberg
Jack Dorsey
The Koch-suckers (h/t mendo)

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it hits all the big traitors.

PS Ace of Spades covers the story.

PPS J.R. expertly summarizes the sordid globohomo network of billionaire nation wreckers,

so, here’s what’s going on:

Pierre Omidyar, the Left-Wing Billionaire, runs the Democracy Fund which gives cash to left-wing groups to advance anti-white causes

Democracy Fund gives $600k to Bill Kristol’s Defending Democracy Together Fund which then creates the Republicans for the Rule of Law group which then buys ad time on FoxNews to bash Trump

I’ve coined a term for this:

Anti-White agitprop laundering.

PPPS “Defending Democracy Together Fund”…so Orwellian.

PPPPS From Smash Islamophobia:

Black pill:
There are no conservative megadonors.
Vulture fund billionaire vulture fund billionaire (((Paul Singer))) is a top Republican donor.
His #1 cause?
Homosexual “marriage” & other issues related to promoting homosexuality. He also funded the Pissgate “dossier,” of course.

MAGAmen, I’m afraid we’ll have to save America with nothing but the steel in our spines and the righteous fury in our hearts.


A few hours ago BitChute received a notice that our PayPal account has been permanently limited, with immediate effect, and that we will no longer be able to accept or send payments.

Up until today PayPal had been our main source of revenue.

From commenters,

We need to seriously do something about this. PayPal stops payment and seeks to censor anyone that’s a threat to the establishment. Bitchute threatens YouTube, stop payment. Gab threatens Twitter, stop payment. Free speech threatens globalism, stop payment.


We are being shoved out of the market. There will be no other options to partake within the market. We have to create our own, there is no other way… other than them repenting. [fat chance] I am wholly dependent on paypal to pay my stock deliverers for repairs.. other options immediately drive the prices up 8 fold.


Lots of alternative payment processors.
But the underlying problem is that if alternative payment processors allow payments to dissident sites that are on the list, then MasterCard/ Visa will threaten to cut them off/ shut them down.


When is someone with Center to Right convictions going to open a Bank, Credit card, or online payment process, they would capture 50% of the market in one week!

Paging Palmer Luckey

Paypal’s CEO Dan Schulman – fan of the LGBT movement – one of the Silicon Valley heavy players – he’s right in the wank circle. I’m getting fed up with watching this, when will POTUS step in and disband big-tech?


(((red diaper baby)))

Schulman once told The NYT, “I was born with social activism in my DNA. My grandfather was a union organizer in the garment district in New York City. My mother took me to a civil rights demonstration in Washington in my stroller.”


Liberals don’t need to be elected to office 2 put the squeeze on us, they get thier monopolies to censor us, time to switch services to an up-and-comer


Politics is downstream from culture. The reason politicians get away with so much crap is because we don’t have a cultural consensus that this crap is wrong.

BINGO. Diversity + Proximity = Nonconsensual Culture

Sue Paypal for harm to your business, a tort.

Conservatives had better get acquainted with retaliatory lawfare, because leftoids have been battering them with it for decades.

They can’t beat the competition so they’re doing everything to shut them down (same as Gab). They know they can’t debate the ideas (and win)…so they need to shut everyone down.
You can bet that social media platforms will be regulated soon enough.


Shouldn’t PayPal be under banking rules? They do nearly everything a bank does. You can save money there, withdraw money, deposit money, transfer money, they even issue credit cards. Sounds like a bank to me and it sounds like a bank denying service based on a client’s political views.


But PayPal still processes payments for the domestic terrorism organization known as Antifa…

Oh and ISIS too…


Money in, money out should be anonymous to paypal. Why they would treat a particular vendor different from any other is insane. Its an exchange service built to process dollars not political ideology. What kind of business works against their own model? This really should have serious legal and Federal law investigations against paypal. Something is wrong here.

What kind of business works against their own model? The kind of (((business))) that prefers mind control over profit.

PayPal are scumbags.

All that needs to be said.

“Stop Payment” is the gun that leftoids shoot before they reach for real guns.

Reminder: This is a shitlib gun:

PS Here is a list of money transfer service alternatives to GayPal.

PA earns another COTW with a Theory of Eurasian Oneitis,

Oneitis is a symptom of frustrated pair bonding instincts in the higher humans, who are wired to marry their first girl at 14 – 17 and bond for life.

Game is a way for men to get over oneitis, but at a cost of a piece of their romantic souls. Once you lose your oneitis, you have lost a dizzyingly euphoric innocence that you’ll never regain. But most men are willing to sacrifice that for an end to their involuntary celibacy.

Alternately, young men could avoid oneitis by, as PA said, locking down their first true love. (Alternately, these alternatives only exist in an alternate universe that isn’t lashed by intergalactic clouds of poz matter.)

Interestingly, another commenter noted that women respond to their thwarted pair bonding instinct by becoming LESS able to bond, (beta men go the opposite direction and become supplicating and desperate for an authentic monogamous bond).

The thwarted pair bond coarsens both sexes. In men who overcome oneitis, a clear mind and heart exposes them to the interchangeability of women and erodes their protector and provider instinct, coaxing them to repudiate their natural male role as a “bridge over troubled water”. These men accumulate a lot of notches, and may even fall in love with a few of them, but they will rarely if ever be captivated by their own yearnings. Their passions are compartmentalized and controllable and thus, earthly.

In men who are overcome by oneitis, their scrote-shaped anima is venesected and their urge to stand firm in the face of female drama is weakened. They are worse off than men who have defeated oneitis, because the former have no command of their love lives. They are buffeted by female whims, and this creates a negative inward spiral of anhedonic navel-gazing betatude. They only experience one-way love, and that’s akin to being tortured by one’s desire.

There is no such thing as a woman overcome by oneitis. We call a woman like that, a “woman in love“. Men will treasure her.

The woman who has overcome her oneitis is a force of darkness. She spreads filth, disease, malice, dysfunction, hysteria, and vice wherever her pain finds a victim to possess. The woman who is denied her deepest desire for a lovestruck pair bond is a future catlady, pussyhatter, careerist shrike, feticidaire, STD factory, recyclable mistress, and barren womb. She is She-vaj, Destroyer of Nations.

Why do women and men diverge in how they respond to thwarted pair bonding? Part of the reason is simple biomechanics. Women can more easily access empty sex to distract from their distress, to give their egos a shallow and fleeting boost, and so that’s what they do. And women who fuck around a lot are ruined for love.

Men don’t have that avenue of easy sexual access, so their denied pair bonding urge manifests as cloying neediness (picture a drug addict seated and strapped in, just out of reach of a gram of happiness). These men aren’t ruined for love if they can’t get any love to ruin. If these men could get a woman, they would bond instantly, strongly. Too strongly. Hold on tightly, until she lets you go.

Another reason is the inherently deeper well of romanticism that both blesses and curses men. When a man’s romantic yearning is continually denied, he either gives in to cynical solitude or recommits himself to his frisson quest, in which his frantic paddling for the slore pushes him farther out to sea.

Oppositely, when a man who has overcome his blue-balling oneitis is dispirited by flings with broken unloveable women, he gives in to ennui and inconsideration. These men haven’t lost the ability to pair bond so much as they can’t find a reason to do so. Their romanticism is only partly fulfilled by sex and the aping of frenetic love with chronically un-bonded women. The magic is gone; every sleight of hand and hidden trap door is beheld by increasingly jaded eyes. He goes to the show to amuse himself, but the wonder is left behind to stalk his dreamy nostalgia. Still, if a rare woman were to present herself, he would remember that old feeling, and it would come storming back.

Women have a stunted version of male romanticism. As the more practical sex (see: women spreading their legs for invaders to save their hides and genetic legacy), women whose pair bond window has closed or shattered don’t react as do men stricken by oneitis; the romantically underdeveloped woman is an all-business bitch-in-waiting. When her brief moment of romantic abandon is denied (her teenage to early 20s years), she will swap her bonding instinct for a predatory sexuality and rationalized self-centeredness. When the Wall hits, there will be no safe passage to the other side for her.

Finally, women react to a deprived pair bond the same way they react to any desire of theirs that is deprived: Sour Grapes. They spite that which they cannot immediately possess, consume, and control. Their spite provokes self-defeating behavior, for example pushing away good men, staying with bad men, and denigrating the True and Beautiful for the solipsistic gruel of gogrrlism. It’s the “if I can’t have it, I’ll curse it” egoistic howl.

This is why women denied an early-in-life pair bond are, unlike men, less able to bond later in life: what is cynicism in men is destructiveness in women. The cynic can be uplifted; the vandal only restrained.

Multiple flings genuinely reward men with higher self-esteem despite germinating cynicism. In contrast, multiple cockas scar female self-esteem, and the longer the cocka line, the lower her self-esteem — which is attuned to different rewards that include love and commitment and family — until her self-hate is propelled outwards at men and society. This is why the woman denied a pair bond is driven to remake society in her misery, and why it is in the interest of a nation to prevent the growth of a large, enfranchised group of bitter single childless women.


COTW runner-up is R.G. Camara, with his HAGiography of Jessica Valenti,

One favorite story about Valenti, when she wrote her “autobiography”, she revealed she was a massive, drug-addicted slut back in her NYC high school. At one point, she got sick of the skinny-armed NYC guys and hooked up with a bodybuilder whose body she loved to get banged by because his body “felt like a real man should”—who was apparently in his mid-20s while she was in high school. Then he dumped her.

Then she partied her way out of college, and only got her groove back when she became a professional man-hater.

Why human failures like this are listened to and given a platform is a combination of human stupidity and deliberate propaganda by those in power.

Again, fuck this gay world.

Women denied their fleeting moment of youthful pair bonding with an alpha male become forces of feminist destruction for the rest of their lives. Beta hubbies hardest hit.

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