Because the mass propaganda media suppression machine is close to full spectrum, insurmountable censorship of dissident opinions. Alcofribas Nasier explains,

Owning propaganda channels like schools and television has worked well for the Left so far.  You’ll notice that they’ve also gotten through Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube censorship through in the last few months, with very little complaint.  The system is reacting to the Trump victory and making any similar outbursts of populism impossible for the future.

The Right needs to get serious about disrupting Left media domination on every front, starting now.  Anti-trust investigations of big media + school hiring reforms + new advertising regulation.  If they instead sit back and wait for the free market to fix everything, they’ll be waiting a very long, if not infinite, time.

Amen. Free market ideologues have been dribbling the same tepid shibboleths for decades, and all we’ve seen is a steady march of leftoids through every information medium, where they have relentlessly (and predictably) solidified their stranglehold on communications to entrench their anti-White narrative while ousting legitimate, non-cucked opposing voices from any position of serious influence. And now the Left is upping the ante with active measures at censoring and removing for good from the public information sphere even the faintest voices of resistance to the Globohomo orthodoxy.

The time for reasoning, or compromising, with the Left is over. They’ve taken the battle to a much higher pitch, on far more dangerous territory. Their hubris compels them. The defeat of a prideful enemy like the modern Left Media necessitates a war footing in response, not ideological navel-gazing that the free market will work its magic when it hasn’t done so in 70 odd years. I would think Trump of all Presidents understands the existentialist nature of this battle, and is moving to bust open the media monopolies.

Here’s a thought experiment about the consequences of runaway globohomoism and the post-employment future that mass automation will usher.

Imagine robot tech advances so that in a future not far off 99% of present-day jobs are rendered useless. In this post-employment techtopia, only the top 1% have meaningful jobs. This 1% would include the superbrains who design the robots and code the AI, plus their real estate agents. (Don’t scoff; Amazon already has plans for cashier-less supermarkets that record the point-of-sale via your phone.)

The growing wealth and income inequality is a clue that we’re already well on the way to this post-employment economy.

Yeah, yeah, I can hear the libertardians…”new jobs will be created”. But what if they’re not? What if the new jobs have a 150 IQ barrier to entry? So let’s stipulate 99% unemployment. How do all those jobless people buy the shit that the 1% make with their robot armies?

My best guess is that the government will provide a guaranteed basic income, paid for by the 1%ers in taxes collected. The sub-150 IQ plebs will use their Fed-provided income stipend to pay back the 1%ers what they have lost in taxes to the government. A closed loop feedback system is created, in which no new money beyond that needed to match any population growth (unlikely….a post-employment economy is also a post-fertility sexual market) is minted for circulation (at this point paper money will be obsolete).

The government prints money (rather, electronically fills bank accounts) for the plebs, who pass that money to the oligarchs, who return that money back to the government. The system is only soluble if the plebs actually spend their GBI instead of saving it. Then of course there’s the wild card of popular revolt and guillotines, this time with the added twist of Skynet to protect the robotocracy managers from their inability to fully reconfigure human nature.

So the question becomes: is a post-employment economy the same as a post-fiat economy?

Native European Beauty

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This is the unearthly beauty that the Globohomoists want to deface and expunge from the world under a torrent of mass migration and miscegenation. If you have to put your finger on what you’re fighting for, this image will easily suffice as your Coat of Charms.


Anonymous White Male writes,

Why don’t more people notice the fundamental difference between White and black music? The dindus’ music exists solely on the physical plane. It is body oriented, rarely rises above primitive rhythm, and crude to the point of contempt. White music, not what passes for music today, is concerned with higher themes, more melodic and harmonious music, higher lyrical quality, and very little “Look at me! Look at me! See my hand jive? Watch me bust a move!” Children vs. adults.

As evidenced in all modes of expression, northern latitude whites on the whole are the transcendent race.
Whites: transcendent
asians: mystical
latins: celebratory
blacks: primitive

Before Antifa, After Antifa

Before Antifa:

After Antifa:

Via. The girl is Louise Rosealma, currently moonlighting as a porn prop and hilariously ineffective antifa foot soldier.

Her real name is Emily Rose Nauert (((possible echoes))). She lives in an all-White town and her parents divorced when she was twelve (a dangerous age to leave a daughter unmoored). At the Berkeley road war, she was seen throwing bottles and threw the first punch at the man in the above gif.


Most antifa dweebos would think this female degeneration was a feature, not a bug, increasing as it does her perceived sexual accessibility to waaaaahhhtifa nü-males who will never get a woman in her pre-cocksaed pure state.

In a nod to famed CH commenter GBFM, I could have just as well titled this post “Before Desouling, After Desouling”. Antifa is a tentacle of the dehumanizing globalism project, which itself is a mass psy ops backed by the force of the state to deracinate and desoul Whites, severing them from rootedness to their homelands.

Globohomo desouling can take a young woman from an earthy prettiness to a cock-scarred pornslut cavorting with anti-white filth in a few years time. Our Western Civ is degrading so quickly that we can see this degeneration unfolding in real time.

Thankfully, we can also see our salvation rising with nearly equal quickness.

Powerlust Moves

You can ramp up a woman’s ardor with a few simple “powerlust moves”. One that has never failed to generate hot hot heat beyond the usual steamy release is when I sidle up to my ladyhawke from behind, put my arms around her waist (one hand slithering to a shaded resting place in her underboob), and, as she begins to twist around to meet my intrusion, whisper in her ear “Ah ah, don’t turn around”.

Her head might swivel backward a little after that, revealing the corner of a lip-parted arousal, and I’ll reiterate, “Don’t look”. Now she’s stuck facing forward, maybe over the kitchen sink noticing tree leaves ripen in the summersun through the window, engulfed by my body while my patriarchy presses into her behind. I lift her dress, or unzip and yank down her pants, and explore like a White colonialist of old. All the time she is yielding to my loving molestation, her back is to me; she never locks eyes. This combination of male entitlement, commanding presence, and her sensual vulnerability is lethal to the female limbic system, dynamiting her dendritic fuses in a volcanic shower of molten gash-ash.

Male dominance is the female rationalization hamster killer. No woman can resist. No man should underestimate the allure of his controlled dominance to women. The Powerlust Moves are about projecting dominance through aesthetic, physicality, and word. Set the romantic scene, invade her personal space, and issue the command. The pussy has been waiting to submit for too long.

Sexbot Revolution Update

The revolution will be atomized.

Here’s Le Chateau back in 2007 writing on sexbots and the existential threat they pose to the sexual market, and hence to civilization.

March For Science Signaling

The March for ¡SCIENCE! that served as another shitlib therapy session in cities across the US was a perfect opportunity for dissidents to troll the cartoon science lovers marching with their papier mache effigies. Did anyone record themselves approaching the degenerate freak parade and asking “What are your thoughts on the science of race and sex differences?” One man with a set of brass ones could’ve sent an entire march of libfruits into hysterical meltdowns with that simple direct question.

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