The Wash Post-Op anti-White propaganda blitz by Jonathon Morgan.

The debunking.

Will the Post-Op issue a retraction?

Not holding breath…

Five people were shot dead in a Burlington, WA mall by a skittle who had migrated from his home country of Turkey to the US. Naturally, the leftoid anti-White media hatemachine has mostly ignored the story except to report the most banal details (“five shot dead at mall”), preferring to focus their rhetorical firepower on anti-Trump narratives and the police shooting of a google in Charlotte, NC.

A commenter adds,

From Eric Simpson’s post on that link:

“Add another one to the list:
Orlando shooter: CHILD of ‘vetted’ Muslim immigrants.
San Bernardino shooter: CHILD of ‘vetted’ Muslim immigrants.
Boston bombers: CHILDREN of ‘vetted’ Muslim immigrants.
Fort Hood shooter: CHILD of ‘vetted’ Muslim immigrants.
Chelsea bomber: CHILD of ‘vetted’ Muslim immigrants.
Washington Mall shooter: CHILD of ‘vetted’ Muslim immigrant.”

Don Trump Jr’s Skittles analogy was spot on. Leftoid freaks squealed like stuck pigs and desperately tried to “debunk” the analogy with vapid cross-references to White crime (as if anyone on the realtalk right claimed White crime doesn’t exist) but all their efforts did was draw everyone’s attention to the elephantine skittle in the room: when there’s a mass shooting or other terror-related crime spree, odds are good the perp will be a skittle, and those odds are damning when one considers that skittles only constitute 1% of the US total population (at least until thecunt and her master soros fuck the US border eight ways to Sunday).

We used to have a media for the purpose of calling out traitorous government and corporate officials for pushing lies and propaganda. We now have a media that is a fully functional propaganda arm of those same officials. With those forces arrayed against the common man, what chance does he have?

He has this: Everyone’s cards are on the table. The battle lines are clear. Now the fighting can begin without the crippling handicap of doubt or guilt.

Reader quixotic unleashes an epic call-to-memes (soon to be a call-to-arms if the Confederacy of Degenerates doesn’t relent) and earns the COTW trophy.

It’s amazing to see the switch. I remember when liberals were calling conservatives chicken little because they made it seem like the possible election of Obama would be the end of the world. I am seeing polls now that libs think Trump is gonna launch nukes/jail or kill the vibrant Googles/piss in the punch bowl. The level of pearl clutching is beyond anything I have ever seen.

Here’s what I don’t get: In my opinion, every sane adult sub-consciously knows that moderation is the key to nature and life. Balance. It has many names, Buddha called it the middle path and Emerson called it the law of compensation. There cannot be good without evil and vice versa. Nature is a pendulum that swings back and forth between the poles. If you eat too much you get fat, if you don’t eat enough you starve. The left needs the right and the right needs the left. Therefore Clinton to Bush to Obama to Trump makes sense. That is the contrapuntal balance of nature in action. During this election, we are seeing people on the left fight nature like never before to deny nature. Men chop of their dicks and call themselves women. Fat people call themselves strong and attractive. (Some) White people trip over themselves to signal their goodwyte credentials by pissing on their own and giving a helping hand to ingrates who will never appreciate it.

This election represents a secret war. The Red pilled versus the blue pilled.
I feel bad for them sometimes. The same guy patting himself on the back for “respecting other cultures” and being inclusive will be crying himself to sleep in 5 years when his wife is out late again getting turnt up and posting pics of her dancing with someone vibrant. This is not fear-mongering. This is reality. Why people shoot their own self-interests in the foot to appear virtuous is beyond me. I understand that humility and giving are noble virtues. But blue pilled people don’t have any virtues, they just want to *signal* virtues. They want someone on facebook to like their post…and that’s about it.

But redpilled thinking cannot be broken. If the fucking internet went out tonight and never returned, I know the men on this site would continue on living by the same principles. They would recognize each other on the street without a word ever spoken. They would be the guy across the bar who sees what you see and knows what will happen next before a fight breaks out. And that TERRIFIES the left. Because in the end, these are just words. But they represent something greater than words. That something is in our genes, our very existence. We are programmed by nature/God to seek truth and beauty and abhor ugliness. You cannot TRICK me into agreeing that something ugly is beautiful. That something corrupt is innocent. Because that feeling in my gut will always be there to guide me.

This is the reason meme magic is real; because it cannot be faked. This is why shillary has an army of paid Correct the Record shills and she still is worried enough to post that rant about “why aren’t I winning by 50 points?!” This is why we willingly spend time for free to try and help Trump. Because Trump is just a symbol; he represents hope to us. The hope that we can imagine and create a world of beauty and truth in our minds and make it real in meat world. Trump doesn’t need shills because he has fans who believe in HOPE. Hillary has fans who hate trump. Hillary has fans who know she is corrupt, crooked, rigged the primaries, did all kind of shady shit with classified emails, has a secret illness and they STILL will vote for her out of spite for trump…not out of love for her.

We at the Chateau can see America in poolside time; most Americans are just rearranging deck chairs on the titanic.

Blue pill = huddled in the corner crying like a banshee
Red pill = laughing about it, having a last drink/screw, playing on with the band, trying to keep the ship from sinking.

Expanding that Heartistian poolside spirit to fighting the existential war to make America great again is just the sort of co-opted psy ops that befuddles the sophistic, degenerate, schoolmarmish Left.

We ride to glory, with a smirk and a manspread.

Alpha Male Body Language Face-Off

Chateau Heartiste has featured snapshots of men executing flawless alpha male poses because these men are lessons to learn from if your goal is capturing the love of women (and the admiration of men). You should, as often as humanly possible, aspire to the alpha male body language aesthetic. Supplicating beta males and bitter feminists may not like it, but the following photos are what peak male performance looks like.

The curious reader wonders what qualifies as the best alpha male body language pose? I’ve culled some pics from the archives and consolidated them here in this post for you, Chateaulords, to determine which iconic alpha male pose is the one the God Emperor would assume, even when taking a dump.

First, a new addition: Michael Caine claiming ownership of a meat-stiffening minx. Note the direction of his gaze, the lean of his upper torso, the delightful choke-hold, and the nascent smirk.



Next up: Prince Harry.

begone, peasant girl!


Here’s Jason Stratham (in the ideal location for a man to be when he’s got a woman wrapped in his arms…back to a mirrored wall, surveying his kingdom).



The Brazilian Shitlord (photo cropped by press agents because he had his penis out to taunt the smelly participants at a feminism rally).

wait your turn, ladies


Donald Trump, whose year leading a new American Revolution has provided a master class in various victorious alpha male poses.


Steve McQueen, whom many women consider (as much as their hindbrains can take under consideration anything of a primal nature) the iconic coolasfuck jerkboy.



Birthday Cat, because no matter how hot or bitchy or manipulative the girl, this cat keeps his cool.

The voting:

Hunting The Hunters

The monopolistic social media tech giants have declared open war against “trolls”, aka memetically mischievous truth-tellers who have found the thermal exhaust ports of the globalist oligarch traitors and are happily dropping protip bombs down the shaft.

Google has really outdone themselves these past few weeks. As if their new terms of service update that would see several YouTubers lose monetization for their videos wasn’t enough, just two days ago, YouTube launched “YouTube Heroes“, a program that encourages users to mass report and flag videos for deletion. But it gets worse; Google just launched a new AI (Artificial Intelligence) program known as “Jigsaw Conversation”. The purpose of this AI is to find, delete and block comments and posts deemed as offensive. These includes comments that are “sexist, racist, transphobic, anti-immigration, Islamophobic….etc”.

The AI works by detecting keywords and terms related to offensiveness. Typing words like “Nigger, Faggot, Tranny, Kike…” etc, will get you flagged and labeled a harasser. YouTube videos, search results, emails and basically everything you do online including those words will get you in trouble. Blog posts that contain these words will not show up on Google search results (This article you’re reading right now will not appear on Google search, because I technically used those words). In short, Google just declared a war on Trolls.

The Trumpening has had the salutary effect (among others) of smoking out the anti-White Narrative enforcers. These enforcers — SpoogleFaceborgTwatter Inc — have been pushed into a conspicuous war-footing by the Realtalk Rebellion crashing their gated comboxes. The globohomogarchs see the storm rising and events swirling out of their control, driving them to desperation. War declared, they reveal their malevolent intentions and identify enemies of the global order for thoughtcrime liquidation.

But the rebellion is not so easily crushed. What has fueled the accelerating and amplifying successes of the shiv-right (and heralded the humiliating failure of the cuck class) is a taste for the fight. And not just any fight. The fight of the perennially hunted who have learned the path to victory is to hunt the hunters.

And so from the ranks of the troll berserkers of 4chan a counterattack is devised, an assault on the very heart of the Globohomo Hivemind that could end their wicked reign forever.

Since this is a war on Trolls, it sounds to reason that the greatest Trolls online, 4chan, weren’t going to take the news very well…

It was from that thread that the idea came from. If Google wants to block offensive words, then they are going to give them the most offensive word to block: GOOGLE.

The plan has already taken root on 8chan’s /pol/ board and several other 4chan boards. Every time they want to use the word “Nigger”, they’re going to use “Google” instead. Let Google block that […]

And it seems to be working so far, searching “Google rapes white woman” gives you similar results to what you’d expect when you search “Black guy rapes white woman”.

In paradigm shift parlance, this is a kill shot. From now on, it will be Chateau Heartiste policy to substitute the word “Google” as a term for the primary protected class of the Equalism Underlords: blacks.

“A gathering of googles”

“google-on-white crime”

“he a good boy, he google nothin”

“googles have a higher incidence of the MAOA violence alleles”

Likewise, “Facebook” and “Twitter” will substitute for….well, I’ll leave that as an exercise for the readers.




What a fruitcake. His poll numbers are single digits, but that’s way too high. He should have trouble scraping together the support of fifty gaypedoface voters.

Trump is right not to even mention this dope’s name. He’s a self-discrediting circus sideshow freak. But I wonder to whom his votes will go on election day, because libertardian voters always abandon the official Libertardian Candidate at crunch time. My guess is most of Fruitcake’s voters stay home to savor a day-long pot bender, or split their votes between Trump and thecunt.

The woman in this photo is a robot (aka sexbot, for that inevitably will be her primary utilization).


The uncanny valley — that stage in lifelike robot development when near-but-not-quite-there-yet-similarity to real humans provokes a creeped-out response — has always been an obstacle to nerds designing anime-tronic lovers. We like our cute Wall-E robots; we don’t like our cute fucktoy robots that look a little bit “off”.

But recent rapid advances in sexbot tech hint at a future that is not far off when the uncanny valley is ascended and sexbots are almost indistinguishable from real (Playboy Centerfold) women. When that future arrives — and it will, barring a cleansing patriarchal cataclysm — millions of romantically unsuccessful or unsatisfied men living in Obesitopia and Androgynopolis and Sheryl Sandberg-La will face a choice:


Their choices will be easy to understand, even if it is the final choice civilization makes before its disappearance from the earth.

Houellebecq chuckled.


Reminder that Le Chateau was the first alt-realist to bring you news and opinion of the impending sexbot revolution, and how its arrival would radically reconfigure the dating and marriage markets.

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