Audacious E has an illuminating post about just how far Left the residents of America’s Capital City, Washington, DC voted.

How acidified by leftoid equalism are the brains of DC’s voting population? This: DC apparatchiks voted in greater number for thecunt than did blacks, liberals, and Democreeps nationally. wew lad.

Part of the reason for the discrepancy is the uh… exceptional nature of DC’s demographics. Self-identified Jews are 5% of DC’s population (and you can safely bet that percentage is higher once you include atheists, agnostics, nontheists, and (harhar libsnark incoming) “flying spaghetti monster” believers, among whom Jews are disproportionately represented). So Jews in DC are more than double their national representation. And as I’ve shown, Jews vote extremely Left even after controlling for mean IQ.

Gays are likewise more disproportionate in DC, at 10% of residents. That’s over four times their number nationally.

So right off the bat you’ve got 15-25% of DC’s residents about as deep in the pantsuit pocket of thecunt as one can go (before hitting dusty old vagina smelling vaguely of kebab). Gays, Jews, and gay Jews swarm DC’s halls of power. That’s a lethal Lefty combination. You’d have more luck hitting the lottery than finding a Trump supporter among that bunch.

Now add to that twee-brew a concentrated mix of extremely liberal White Gentiles with advanced manifestations of cuckface, gayface, pedoface, and gaypedocuckface, and you’ve set up a jurisdiction that, incredibly, votes more Left than even the shitlibbiest liberals outside of DC.

Trump had better hire his staff from outside DC, because the number of people he’ll be able to trust within DC is smaller than Jeb’s political stature.

There’s a larger point here that needs reiterating. Evoking Rome’s decline (because how can I not?), it’s a bad, very bad, omen when an empire’s Capital City is as ideologically removed and emotionally and financially detached from its territories as Washington, DC currently is from the rest of America. Trump honestly could not have arrived on the scene a moment later than he did. America is at the precipice.

A cabal of rootless globohomoists, puffed up to arrogant self-regard, breezily spending mounds of discretionary cash on tiny apartments and boutique furniture, eating at buzzy restaurants that will be gone in six months, and sneering contemptuously at those bigots in the heartland who have to work with their hands to make ends meet, is reminiscent of past empires’ capital residents, prettified and dandified as the revolution swept them away to their bitter, bloody ends.

All that’s left to wonder is if our insular, intellectually gated and egotistically myopic elites will acquire the good habit of self-reflection and humility and change course before their inevitably dreary fate is sealed.

I doubt they will.

You’re expecting a toe-curled encomium to my bedroom prowess, but as satisfying as those coital compliments are, the most flattering words I’ve ever heard from a woman are, “You make me feel like a teenager with a crush.”

Arousing a woman so thoroughly that she emotionally regresses to the state of a teen girl who can’t stop thinking about a boy who’s captured her heart is a worthy goal for any womanizer. A woman’s truest, deepest, rawest, most irreconcilable and primal love strips her ego bare of any mundane considerations of a man’s value to her and leaves her drifting on an ocean of her innocent, uncut desire.

What are the most flattering words you’ve heard from a woman?

whorefinder: “I love your rape”

Richard Spencer And His Glib Heil

A few quick thoughts on the recent media frenzy that erupted after the nominal leader of the alt-right allowed himself to be photographed at a bar in DC dramatically thrusting up a seig heil with a Jewish friend and a female compatriot, Tila Tequila, an Asian reality TV star.

(I won’t link the photo. You can do a Startpage search and find it easily.)

First, remind yourselves that if no edgelord alt-rightist was available to mischaracterize in service to the anti-White Narrative, the leftoid media would invent one out of a moderate alt-rightist, (or even a gullible dope like Jeb). So whatever you think about Richard Spencer’s cheeky antics, know that a less trollish Spencer would not mean the sudden efflorescence of a fairer leftoid media hatemachine.

Second, the media assault was pre-planned with the sole purpose of cornering Trump into, once again, “disavowing” an alt-righter. Trump disavowed, but as usual did so in that way which makes it hard to miss he was subtly mocking the character assassination rituals of shitlib media. The end game is the same for the dying legacy media:

Alt-Right: *assaults public square with realtalk*
Trump: *disavows*
Media: *preens*
Alt-Right: *continues realtalk assault*
Media: BTFO

The American public is inured to the media anti-White shell game by now. A couple of grinning doofuses Roman saluting with an Asian girl? It won’t ping any normal American as a threat…or even a story worth reporting on. Meanwhile, the fashy photo op opens the Overton Window so wide the media is left blind-sided to the erosion of their narrative.

Although given to immature public attention whoring, Spencer isn’t a schmo. He’s a bright guy and his website, Radix Journal, has better writing and better ideas than anything that National Cuckview has put out in the last ten years. Spencer can intro the American public to ideas that legacy media conceals. So this pile-on by the media just might backfire in the long run.

Spencer is not the enemy. The media is the enemy. As hbr nrx twatted, “Reminder: Tim Wise is far more extreme than Richard Spencer, but Tim Wise gets paid large sums of money to give speeches at universities.”

Having softened Spencer’s public persona and decriminalized his nazi-larper signaling with just as much flattery as I can muster before feeling a bit nauseous, I hasten to add that the stunt he pulled did no favors to the Realtalk Revolution he wishes to lead into the limelight.

Semi-ironic meme war is most effective online, and when the media is complacent to the memetic threat. The Meme Wars are not as effective in real life when the media converges for a kill. Multiple tributaries of memetic warfare knock media libs off their game. Focusing the slippery White Nationalist memes onto one live person — in this case, Spencer — plays to the media’s strength.

The best response to the media’s smear and caricature tactic is to diffuse alt-right power to many sources and have self-disciplined leaders. By self-disciplined, I mean controlling the urge to upload dank visual memes into real life actualization. Prankster hijinks hitched to a leader occlude seriousness. One silly photo can cause a movement to be stillborn when the media maintains ironclad control over perception, which they still do when single photos capturing a moment in time are the standard by which the media sustains its White dispossession narrative.

The uniting theme of the alt-right is rejection of race & sex equalism. I like to think Chateau Heartiste was among the first online repositories of dissident speech to smash the Equalist Megalith. However, CH is in the shadows, so media management is not as much a concern for our ‘umble retreat in the dank wood as it should be for public figures like Spencer. As long as the guiding principles of the alt-right rebellion stay true to the fundamental premise of intrinsic race and sex differences, it can withstand the bad optics of a few drunk-happy thought leaders mischievously mugging for the camera.

That said, bad optics aren’t always blessings in disguise. There is a risk that poor message discipline and sloppy public relations will discredit the alt-right before it has a chance to get out of the Twatter ghetto.

A free piece of advice for the burgeoning alt-right revolutionaries who are now grappling with standards of entry:

Publicly defend, privately cull.

No enemies to the Right is excellent public policy, but a bad way to manage private affairs. The Left is currently destroying itself by forgetting the second half of my advice and allowing the degenerates and misfits to run the ship aground. It’s time to discourage the alt-right from doing the same.


Before anyone gets the wrong idea, this post should not be read as a call for Spencer to apologize or backpedal. Good lord n butter, that would energize his media tormentors a thousand times more than they are already. If we’ve learned anything at this blog and from the past year’s events, it’s that one should NEVER apologize to the rabid Left, even if what one has done is bad form. (Spencer did nothing wrong except violate style rules.)

A way for Spencer to turn this bad press around and come out looking better is suggested by commenter Lovekraft:

The next time Spencer speaks in public, he should be wearing a Malcolm X t-shirt with his hand raised high giving the Black Power salute.

When media ask him why he’s wearing it, he looks them in the eye and asks them if they’re now ready for a real discussion.

(which won’t happen because the narrative is still locked, but the ‘get down to business’ approach with the media could shift them into Trump territory).

While the Nazi-Black Panher comparison isn’t perfect, it will “reset” the optics and put the leftoid hivemind media on the defensive. It’s a finger in the eye of the media, pointing up their hypocrisy in how they cover White vs black tribal salutes.

Trump won’t formally be declared winner of the Presidential election until December 19th, when the electors cast their votes. Shitlibs are hoping against hope that a sufficient number of faithless electors will throw the Presidency to thecunt. They’d better be careful what they wish for; that outcome would guarantee a hot civil war. And their side will lose this time.

Lately, don’t be surprised to hear butt-chafed quimlibs mewl about ending the electoral college system (which, btw, would be a great time to remind them that Alexander Hamilton created the electoral college and was an ardent immigration restrictionist). The lib line of reasoning goes like this: “The electoral college was invented to stop demagogues from taking power, but now it’s moot because a demagogue just won the electoral college, so let’s go back to a popular vote for President that would ensure we win every election going forward with the help of our twenty million noncitizen voters (all inconveniently located in CA, so we need more Section 8 to disperse them across the heartland).”

When reading lib reasoning, it helps to run their scuzzwords through a leftoid-to-human translator.

“demagogue” = “an insufficiently anti-White public speaker”

“moot” = “no longer serves the interests of shitliberalism”

“voice of the people” = “a full-throated advocate for nonWhites”

“popular vote” = Is the margin of victory delivered by Whites? “dangerous nativism” Is the margin of victory delivered by nonWhites? “democracy in action!”

Leftoids love their buzzwords because they serve as vapid, arty veneers concealing an intellectual bankruptcy. And wow just wow is the Left intellectually bankrupt today. They survive on the fumes of a civil rights era kumbaya feelz-amplification cognitive-suppression protocol of studiously ignoring race and sex difference realities and viciously slandering nonconformists who stray from the equalist reservation.

Their recent demands for ending the electoral college are of a piece. The real reason they crave an anti-republican (in the generic sense) nationwide popular vote to decide the Presidency is that the election of a nonWhite demagogue (or White demagogue lackey for the nonWhites) is perfectly fine with them. A popular vote gives them the edge in a nation getting less White by the year, given they can exploit the huge lump of illegal alien voters squatting in CA and the southwest, and soon to overrun Texas. Once Texas falls to the migrant colonization, a Republican who isn’t a complete cuck for the “acts of love” streaming across the border will never again win the Presidency (assuming the electoral college is still operative).

It always comes back to this essential formulation: Leftoids hate BadWhites and will gladly virtue signal their country into oblivion to give meaning to their hatred. Any rationalization, hypocrisy, cognitive dissonance, inconsistency, or slander is acceptable if it furthers their goal of pulverising heritage America into dust.

As for the popular vote notion, it’s a non-starter as long as there is one state — CA — which would be able to impose its will, its values, and its policies on the rest of America. At the point in a nation’s history when one state can eternally dictate the terms of government for people living in a state 2,500 miles away, a serious consideration must be given to allowing that state to secede into a more morally cohesive entity.

The alternative that keeps CA within the union is to make a deal with shitlibs. Tell them they can have their popular vote, but only if they agree to a strict national voter ID law, paper ballots, and mass deportations of illegals that effectively removes a reliable source of Democreep votes from the rolls. This will ensure the added benefit of inching the White percentage of the total population higher, which would help reduce the cultural and political chasm between the deep blue states and the deep red states.

Shitlibs will never agree to this sensible deal, though, so I’m not hopeful about the future prospects of a whole America. I foresee a crack-up of the US within our lifetimes.

NPR is a propaganda arm of the Democreep Party. This past year their shilling for thecunt was particularly egregious; the station was like a circus of shitlib tropes and blatant lying as they pulled hard on hoisting thecunt’s dumpy body across the finish line.

Listening to them was, if nothing else, a revealing window into the corrupt soul of the amoral degenerate shitlib.

I’ve advocated defunding NPR, and a Trump administration moves that possibility a little closer to reality. Others have countered that rushing to defund NPR will only trigger normies (nevermind shitlibs) into a cucked defense of the supposed virtues of public radio.

Reader whorefinder offers a WINNING compromise that Trump’s team ought to read in full:

Or we could do what Giuliani did to his local NYC-based NPR station during his tenure as Hizz Honor, the Mayor:

Demand a one-hour show each day to spread his views. As a government-controlled station, they were pretty much forced to do it.

It was a brilliant move, got him a free talk show while mayor and allowed him to spread his message on the left’s dime while simultaneously taking a valuable hour of propaganda away from his enemies.

Look, NPR and PBS, while unpopular, can’t be destroyed so quickly; too many lefty foundations support it, and too many non-lefty folks aren’t too worked up about it to demand the smashing—-when people bring it up, the easy block is “wait, you hate Elmo and Big Bird???”.

But Trump could demand that the government (i.e. his administration) get at least 12 hours of programming per day (1/2 the total programming blocks) on both NPR and PBS would work wonders, and is a win-win-win for him.

Why is it win-win-win (yes, three wins)?

1. If his administration’s 12 hours of programming turns off viewers/listeners, he’s weakened NPR/PBS to the point of no one tuning in/funding, meaning any resurgence attempt will take years. Boring people would actually be a good thing.

2. But If his administration does a decent job retaining viewers and spreading his message and being entertaining, he’s again gotten free advertising for his message while severely weakening the left-win mothership.

3. OR: If NPR/PBS refuses and fights him and digs him and refuses “equal time”, he’s got a YUUUUGE cudgel to wield against them in moving for defunding/delegislating—in that NPR/PBS would be all but admitting they oppose anything that isn’t George-Soros-funded-Lefty-talking points. And that kind of moral authority could be enough to get rid of them politically.

Think strategically rape!

NPR and its ilk (read: the entire media oligarchy) are leftoid anti-White hatred signalers who essentially run their equalist propaganda unopposed. NPR’s audience may be small, but they contribute beyond their audience numbers a hefty load of snark to the shitlib zeigeist, funneling approved talking points and moral indignation into an intricate web of mutually reinforcing hatemachine agitprop. Defunding them will accrue benefits to the wider culture far greater than the dissolution of their tiny audience of religious libfruits suggests.

As for triggering normies, keep in mind that Sesame Street was bought out by HBO. So libs don’t even have that YOU WOULD DEPRIVE THE CHILDREN OF BIG BIRD emotional leverage any more.

Whether the strategy is salt-the-earth defunding or whorefinder’s flanking maneuver, something has to be done about the 100% leftoid media monolith. The days of empty cuckservative promises to bring more balance to public media are over. Time for action.

Step back for a moment and marvel at all the knees bending before Trump has even taken office. Courtesy of shill, who bullet points the shit out of the glorious shitlordery following in the wake of Trump’s election win.

It’s been a fortnight since the election, and trump has already

1. gotten ford to keep their plants in america
2. intimidated apple into moving manufacturing to america
3. ruined the latest extolled faggy broadway play with a 140 character bitchslap on twitter
4. picked an old fashioned southern gentleman, sweet-tea drinking, nagger-hating lawyer to run the justice department
5. appointed steve bannon, a conservative nationalist in the european sense (versus some libertard/cuckservative/etc), as his top advisor
6. Driven the entire liberal hive to stuttering apoplexy to the point where they need to pet therapy dogs to ameliorate their anxiety attacks

And he hasn’t even been inaugurated.

I want to know. I’ve had a big indelible intransigent smirk on my face for the past 2 weeks, but… will we honestly get tired of winning?

If suffering through eight years of compassionate cuckservative W and eight years of anti-White spitemeister Gay Mulatto was the price to pay to enjoy even one week of Trumperica taking the media, cucks, and shitlibs to the wood chipper, then mein gott it was worth the price. All that’s left to wonder is whether my shitjoy, multiplied and magnified by eight more years of The Trumpening, will leave me any dopaminergic room to equally appreciate competing pleasures, such as five hour sexathons with HB9s or defunding NPR*.

*Leftoids control the vertical and horizontal of information gateways. Cons have argued for a long time that the solution to NPR’s egregiously mendacious leftwing bias is to inject more uncucked cons into their line-up, but when has that happened? Still tapping foot….

No, the solution is defunding. Let the shitlibs wail (their peals of pain are its own reward) and then counter with a mercy offer to refund contingent on the creation of a new board balanced with shitlords.

Via 28Sherman, a series of photos of Trump and Romney shaking hands, with their faces cropped out, and a challenge to the viewer to determine who is who by the attributes of the handshake.


I bet most CH readers will ace this Spot the Alpha test with barely a cortical strain. Pulling the hand of the other man into one’s torso is a classic alpha dominance move. (For you noodle-armed newbs, there’s a sneaky way to pull off this alpha handshake prestidigitation that doesn’t required ballsy muscular flexion; swivel the free-hand side of your torso into the person whose hand you’re shaking, which will give the visual impression that you’re pulling the person’s hand inwardly to your body.)

Verdict: Mittens is Trump’s bitch.

PS An LA Times story on the alt-right. Richard Spencer appears to have congealed as the official face of the alt-right. I have nothing against the man, so good luck to him. From what I’ve read (about himself and of his views), there isn’t much with which I’d disagree. I wouldn’t stress objectives like mandated racial segregation or mass deportations of nonWhite citizens, (that kind of stuff just serves red meat to an automatically antagonistic media), but his world view strikes me as mostly in line with a realist appraisal of the eventual fate of hyperethnic, multiracial societies.

The other criticism I’d level at him is the embrace of the ghey. Enough already with this fruitcup glorification as a perceived means of lending a revolutionary movement a sophisticate’s credibility to make it more palatable to a pozzed culture. I really don’t see NPI going anywhere if its brand is embroidered with the gay rainbow. The Trumpening is a clarion call to a resurgent masculinity, not to the poseur campulinity of roided up gays.

PPS An oldie-but-goodie: feminist women have masculinized digit ratios. Bonus LOLs: Swedish WOMEN have more masculine digit ratios than Swedish MEN. Sweden is so cucked it’s fucked….by swarthy invaders. Too bad. Say goodbye to the Swedish phenotype. It’s not long for this world.

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