The Dutch monarchy adheres to very strict rules concerning the mating and marriage practices of its royal family.

The monarchy of the Netherlands passes by right of succession to the heirs of William I.
The heir is determined through two mechanisms: absolute cognatic primogeniture and proximity of blood.

The Netherlands established absolute cognatic primogeniture instead of male preference primogeniture by law in 1983.

Proximity of blood limits accession to the throne to a person who is related to the current monarch within three degrees of kinship.

The Dutch Constitution prescribes that every royal who is eligible for the throne and wants to marry someone, must get permission from Parliament to marry that person.

Therefore, members of the Dutch royal family/The Crown Prince(ss) cannot have a same-sex marriage, unless he/she abandons his/her right to the throne.

Hybrid vigor? Hah, that’s gene dilution agitprop for the plebs. White royalty in nations like Holland are into a finer form of aesthetic and behavioral supremacy: eugenics.

In Gregory Clark’s book A Farewell to Alms, the central thesis is that 800 years ago a process of natural reproductive culling started in England and continued long enough to birth the Industrial Revolution. Smart, conscientious, upper class English people had more kids, and dumber, impulsive, lower class people had fewer kids. What then occurred was an over-production of the wealthy elite, whose sons and grandsons, from lack of elite positions, fanned downwardly in social status to occupy middle class and lower jobs. There they mated with sub-elite women — you could call this a “dribble down effect” — and spread their superior genes amongst a wider swath of the English population. The genetic profile of the English thus improved, and this led to them helming the Industrial Revolution.

The process outlined in A Farewell to Alms sounds eerily similar to the BOSSS strategy I have recommended to make America great again. Smart HSMV men should eschew marriage to overeducated cunty shrews in favor of marriage and family with feminine, under-educated, sweet White secretaries from less stellar social classes. Then their good genes will spread out rather than be sequestered in a credentialati hothouse of low fertility shitlibbery.

Right now in the West, the opposite fertility pattern is happening: A+ men are matching up with hand-picked female specimens from within their social and educational (and royal) circles. They may preach the wonders of miscegenation, but their actions are solidly in the camp of purifying their blood. Miscegenation for the plebs, genetic purity for the landed gentry.

In order for this insular and ultimately deleterious genetic pattern to break, there has to be a concerted effort via culture channels of communication to explain to the masses that the elite don’t have their interests in heart, in fact want them genetically destroyed in a slurry of mixed race breeding, and that they are setting themselves out quite literally as a special race of Eloi with their mating and marriage habits. We have to dump feminism, in other words, so that upper class White men can feel unashamed to pursue those lovely submissive under-educated White women who would be happy to take their seed by the wombfuls.

This is genetic egalitarianism, and in the final analysis all forms of egalitarianism issue from the genetic substrate.

Regression Towards The Latrine

The title of this post is lifted from a comment by mendo, who wins COTW for it.

Regression towards the latrine (a pun on the genetic hatefact “regression towards the mean”) is a succinct, clarifying statement on the reigning ethos of our time, which is the Harrison Bergeronian ideology that demands the destruction and deconstruction of all hierarchies, aesthetic and transcendent, so that the degenerate freak mafia may feel the equal of their betters.

Oliver Elkington writes,

Everything is beautiful according to these freaks, cancer, facial disfigurements, vomit, camel droppings. To be honest it is virtually impossible to reason with them, the best one can do is try to stop them having unlimited airtime.

mendo adds,

The idea behind that is that once everything is “beautiful” then nothing will be.

The Antiwhite and Antibeauty Left, if given unchecked power, inevitably ends in one place: the latrine. For it’s only in the cesspit of the latrine that the Left can finally claim victory and realization of their vision for humanity: Nothing to admire nor aspire to, all envies pacified, all ambitions mollified, all behaviors sanctified, all filth normalized.

The Equalist Ideology is, in sum, the doctrine of the garbage dump.

Alpha Male Body Language

America found its cock again! Just look at the alpha male body language on display here:

Checking off the alpha boxes…

  • not smiling like a goof
  • forceful hand gestures
  • open torso (chest puffed out, arms held wide)
  • back straight and rigid
  • steely-eyed gaze mixed with a hint of condescension
  • feet planted firmly on ground, shoulder width, and possibly positioned contrapposto
  • crotchal area impudently unconcealed by little else but feathers
  • hair rising to a spire of self-entitlement
  • general yugeness

This cock is here to chew gum and slap shitlib faces, and it’s just about out of gum. A better alt-right tribute to Trump would be hard to find.

What’s that you say? The giant cock was the work of lefties?


and that it was appropriated from the original Chinese Year of the Cock model which itself was meant to honor Trump?

The Left has run out of creative juice. They’re spent. Or they’re subconsciously ready to surrender the mantle of avant garde revolutionary, because that fightin’ cock inflatable they situated near the Trump House to supposedly mock Trump only makes him seem like a friggin’ bad ass. Talk about meme-erang.


The New York Times agrees with CH: Sundar Pichai, the current CEO of Goolag, must go, to make way for under-represented diversity at the top.

Goolag’s sex and race skew among its employees is an affront to gender and racial justice. The company has to make up for its institutional white, asian, and brahmin privilege by hiring a black female CEO to take over and clean house.


Get it trending and rending! Google can’t be its best unless a black woman is running the show.

#BlackWomanForGoogleCEO, because the sexes and races are identically talented and representation matters. There should be no problem finding a qualified black woman to head Google. What’s stopping them? RACISM??

We enlightened warriors for social justice want Google to succeed for many more years, and the way to ensure that is to hire a #BlackWomanForGoogleCEO.

#BlackWomanForGoogleCEO, so Google can remain competitive in the 21st Century. We need you, Google! Your search engine is the best and fairest and your doodles remind people that 3% of the world’s great achievements were made by nonWhites. So hire the best!

How do you turn a meek nerd into a ZFG shitlord? You deposit his dignity and livelihood in the Leftoid Equalist charnel house and make a martyr of him.

This is the new profile photo James Damore uploaded to his social media. (via):

That’s the steely gaze of a man who has suffered his enemies’ bloodlust and lives to visit his vengeance upon them.

Damore, for those readers who don’t know, is the Goolag (formerly known as Google) software engineer who wrote a “manifesto” (aka an essay of common sensical observations and associated empirical evidence in support) about the Diversity KKKult that suffocates dissent at tech oligarchies in Silicon Valley.

In sum, he reminded the fungibility cultists that women are different than men, and that this immutable fact of humanity has implications for representation in fields like computer programming that cater to the inborn talents and preferences of men. He said Goolag’s fevered efforts to achieve employee sex and race ratios that spergily align with their ratios in the total US population is a fool’s errand that will inevitably heap miseries and injustices on those who are genuinely good at their jobs and uninterested in helping push the Diversitopia Propaganda and Anti-White Humiliation Protocol.

Damore, a mild-mannered, socially awkward young man, is being transformed by his experience with the Equalism Fuggernaut into a hardened soldier for Truth and Sanity. He is a herald portending the arrival of Generation Zyklon. There will be more like him to come, because deranged power hungry shitlibs with their backs against the wall and their egos on the line will only become more committed to their witch hunts and ritual defamations of realtalkers and honest men.

But as the souls of the Damores of the West are piled high in the purgatory of shitlib animus, stripped of their jobs and voices and made persona non grata to future employers, the hunger for righteous retribution grows stronger among those remaining who are next in line as sacrificial Whites bilked and discarded to placate the shrieking circus freaks demanding surrender to the Lords of Lies and their vision of a deracinated Globohomo Slurry ruled by a rootless disconnected credentialati and merchant class who buy their way out of the consequences of their societally destructive policies.

The Day of Fire and Fury nears.

There’s a disturbance in the farce. It’s White men finding their light sabers again.

The Black Goo

These scenes of colonizing migrant hordes remind me of the black goo in Spiderman. And bringing with them the same deleterious consequences. The comparison works on both the aesthetic and symbolic levels.

A reader likes the analogy,

Damn that’s apt. Peter Parker inherits the suit in Secret Wars 8, dons it in the canon in Amazing 252. Parker learns the suit addles his brain, wages war on his identity, relegates the symbiote. The symbiote then takes on a new host.

Another reader,

“The Alien Costume” where the said phenomenon debuts is the most memorable American superhero story I’ve ever watched.

A people that aren’t willing to protect their homeland from invasion deserve to die.
A people that actively encourage the invasion of their homeland deserve much worse.

Mockery Will Kill The Left

Mockery, and denying leftoid globocorps the ability to do business. And if that combo doesn’t kill the Left, there’s always option #3.

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