Alpha Attitude Is Everything

paddy unsheathes a shibboleth-smashing shiv.

Trump and Jeb! Bush similarities:

both taller than average, attractive enough
both wealthy from birth
high-ish IQ, educated

Yet look at the differences in their women!

Says it all. Will this open the eyes of the sexual market deniers? The Game deniers? The sex difference deniers? No, but it will make them squirm. Which is nice.

The Myth Of Sexual Shame

Commenter Karl Marx (fitting) wonders if sexual shame is the real reason why good-looking men with no Game fail with women.

Are you not conflating mental problems with no game? Most good looking guys who can’t get laid have some sort of mental hangup. If parents embed deep sexual shame into their sons no amount of PUA tactics can save a man.

Garden-variety introversion and dullness are common afflictions and not indicative of “mental hangups”. Sexual shame is a useless Freudian concept that has almost no basis in reality outside of weird religious communities and mentally ill autogynephilic trannies.

You go to great lengths about the effectiveness of shaming women, fat people but consider sexual shame “no basis in reality”?

Shaming “women”? No, shaming “fat women”. And the reason is obvious: fat kills romance dead. But I have never met a man who did poorly with women because he had some deep-seated “sexual shame”. That’s not how it goes for the vast majority of men who have trouble getting women. Just the opposite really; men have NO sexual shame and a great desire to FULFILL their sexual craving, but lack the courage and acumen to satisfy their lust. The tension between their sexual SHAMELESSNESS and their sexual FAILURE is what causes them to swallow black pills by the mouthful and grasp discredited Freudian gobbledygook to rationalize their incel torment.

How you are treated throughout your childhood affects you your whole life.

Hm, a loaded statement that, while containing nuggets of truth, has come under fire from geneticists who haven’t located any strong correlation between shared environment and life outcome. The evidence appears to be heading in the direction of genes piloting the ship of fate, with environment (parents and peers) playing a smaller role as co-pilot.

Anyhow, social shaming of boys will never be powerful enough to override their later sexual desires. Like I said, most men aren’t deviants acutely ashamed of their insolent boners. What they are is supplicating, fearful dullards who place pussy on the pedestal thinking that will help them get laid, and yes that should be shamed by better men who know it’s not what women want.

Secular Muslim Syndrome

J.Ross asks about the Hajnal Line and social phenomena that may account for White ethnic differences in eagerness to cuck on a national scale.

Could you say by way of illustration of the Hajnal Line that Polacks and Magyars have met both Muslims and unrestrained leftism, and are therefore “redpilled” from experience, whereas Londoners and Parisians have only encountered Muslims who either behaved themselves or kept to their enclaves, and leftists balanced by other political elements, and are therefore falsely confident?

J.Ross is touching upon what I call Secular Muslim Syndrome. That is, lib whites living in expensive culture (and often racial) bubbles only come in contact with the 0.1% of muslims who are competent and compatible with White civilization. This distorts the White libs’ worldview and feeds their insatiable appetite for open borders virtue signaling, but that reality distortion field will crack once the numbers of vibrants exceeds the carrying capacity of White libs’ self-delusions.

Secular Muslim Syndrome is real, and can be applied to any nonWhite group that creates friction once transplanted to a White society (see: the Talented Tenf), but it isn’t the whole story, not by a long shot. It’s more of a downstream effect than a first cause, which if the theory of Hajnalianism is true would pinpoint the first cause as an evolved disposition toward outgroup empathy and loyalty leapfrogging. In that case, Secular Muslim Syndrome would be more precisely an example of White libs seeing what they want to see because it fulfills their cuckological needs. This is why you can find craven White shitlib hipsters cowering in diverse shithoods who still cling to their silly numinous negroism.

In short, no, I don’t think Poles’ exposure to more foreign enrichment fully explains their innate red pillness (though it certainly could have been a contributing factor). Instead, Poles are simply more clannish than, say, Germans, and this genetic inheritance has in effect shielded them from adopting the suicidal excesses of Anglosphere Whites.

Like I’ve written before, there is an optimal balance between particularism (clannishness) and universalism (outbred altruism). In my 100% TRUEFACT opinion, the Whites perfectly situated to be the salvation of White nations in our currently operative globohomo environment are those Whites who are Hajnal half-breeds; genetically, partly or even mostly Inner Hajnal with just enough Outer Hajnal blood to ground their cooperative, trusting nature in stone cold common sense. Can you think of any Whites like this in your own life? See if your experience with them matches my assertion.

Courtesy of Reb, a very, uh, vivid anecdote of life after nofap.

Every 7 days is what I heard. I went no fap in jail a few times. I had the power of an animal. Fucked the first blond woman with big tities whom I approached when I got out. She was on birth control so her pussy sprayed the kid out like a plate of spaghetti two days after.

There should be a healthy balance between nofap and gofap. Strict nofap is an ascetic demand too great on the male body, unless the man is supplementing his literal downtime with a rigorous protocol of vajfap. But gofap — constant and unregulated personal indulgence of fapping — poses risks to a man’s health as well, mostly I’d guess through gradual wearing away of psychological defenses against crippling self-doubt. The gofapper is typically a man who struggles in the acquisition of the preferred vajfap release, so each crabbed-hand fap over time reinforces limiting beliefs in his sexual and seductive prowess.

The optimal ejaculation frequency is therefore going to be lower for gofappers, higher for nofappers, and like baby bear’s porridge, juuuuuust the right amount for vajfappers. There’s something to be said for “cleaning the pipes”, but more to be said for laying pipe. Really, there’s no upper limit on vajfap; the healthiest (in every measurable way) men I know vajfap like it’s their last. If there’s attractive vaj that wants fapping, the good and honorable vajfapper will never turn it down. Hedonism has its privileges.

The Hajnal Line, Abbreviated

There’s a lot of discussion about the Hajnal Line within the HBD and Maul-Right wokeweb, and rightly so because it’s an important concept and theoretical framework which goes a long way to explaining our current scourge of pathological altruism afflicting Anglosphere Whites. That in mind, I offer a succinct primer on Hajnalianism for any readers who are unfamiliar with the idea.

Enfant Terrible asks,

What’s a East-hajnalian?

It refers to any White European born and raised outside of the Hajnal Line, a geographic boundary that roughly separates Northwest Europe from South and East Europe based on historical patterns of out-group altruism (ie cuckery) that likely evolved under selective pressure from a variety of sociocultural inputs and that has now become pathologically suicidal in the modern environment of rapid intercontinental travel and social media-fueled virtue signaling status arms races.

The Hajnal Line may be the key that explains every insane leftoid subversion of Western White nations that we see unfolding today.

Hope this helps.

The Underground Resistance

MOST REGRETTABLY, I may have accidentally deleted an email sent by a CH reader about a month ago. I regret it because the reader had included a photo he/she took of one of those anti-Trump spray-stencil street artworks that are lately all the rage in shitlibopolises, except in this particular photo some devilish rascal had come along, presumably in the dark of night to avoid being set upon by a mob of limp-wrists slapping him ineffectually, and spray-painted in black our very own reader PA’s international symbol for the Alt-Right squarely over the cucked lib graffiti.

I meant to put this awesome photo in a post, but now I can’t locate it. (not in spam either) If the original emailer is reading, could you resend plz? And as a lesson for other maul-righters, you too should STEP THE FUCK UP and do the same. Spray your dissident seed all over shitlib towns and cities. Let them know they no longer own the public space, that Wokensteins lurk in their shadows. Making libs uncomfortable in their lily-White gentrified bubbles is the least a true patriot should do.

This seems like big anti-anti-Trump news (which means the leftoid legacy media won’t report it). The cybersecurity firm Crowdstrike collected erroneous findings about Russian hacking, findings which Gay Mulatto’s DOJ and FBI relied on to justify ongoing surveillance of Trump campaign associates on suspicion of collusion with the Russian government.

The CrowdStrike report, released in December, asserted that Russians hacked into a Ukrainian artillery app, resulting in heavy losses of howitzers in Ukraine’s war with Russian-backed separatists.

But the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) told VOA that CrowdStrike erroneously used IISS data as proof of the intrusion. IISS disavowed any connection to the CrowdStrike report. Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense also has claimed combat losses and hacking never happened.

The challenges to CrowdStrike’s credibility are significant because the firm was the first to link last year’s hacks of Democratic Party computers to Russian actors, and because CrowdStrike co-founder Dimiti Alperovitch has trumpeted its Ukraine report as more evidence of Russian election tampering.

Alperovitch has said that variants of the same software were used in both hacks.

It would be nice if GOP Congresscucks grew some balls and pushed Comey to clarify the nature of his investigation, when it began, who authorized it, and what if any sources he’s consulting that may have credibility issues. Not holding breath….

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