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When I was a kid, we worried that we’d destroy our civilization in nuclear fire. Instead, we destroyed it by trying to play Captain Save-a-hoe to the whole world’s supply of drunks, sluts, layabouts, petty criminals, and low-IQ Third World proles. I’m not convinced this is really better.

Death by nuclear fire at least leaves the soul intact.

Twatter link. JClod throws around a lot of pedophile insults. Skypological projection? (yes)

More predictable lack of self-awareness from our chosen caricature:

Do bottleneck tribalists have no mirrors in their homes?

Save these confessionals of distilled anti-White Christian hate from the likes of JClod, because when #110 arrives no one will be able to feign ignorance about why it happened.

Fake News

A couple of Fake News updates for you today, (because somebody has to record this perfidy for the benefit of future historians digging through the tomes of Western Civ for the source of its ruination).

First, the primary Roy Moore accuser has confessed she forged his writing on her high school yearbook. You’d think that would be enough to blow her credibility out of the water, but no, ABC News jumped in to provide cover for her.

In a shameful and coached interview with ABC News reporter Tom Llamas, Ms. Nelson was allowed to explain away the forgery as “notes” added by her to a legitimate signature.

As People’s Pundit Daily (PPD) reported, the inscription was clearly written in two different inks and appeared to be two different sets of handwriting. However, no expert would go on the record without physically analyzing the yearbook, which the Moore campaign called on Allred to agree to do.

She repeatedly refused. And now we know why.

“Nelson admits she did make notes to the inscription,” ABC News’ Llamas says in his narration. “But the message was all Roy Moore.”

“Beverly, he signed your yearbook,” he asked Nelson.

“He did sign it,” she responds.

“And you made some notes underneath,” he coaches in a follow-up.

“Yes,” Nelson replies.

The inscription in the yearbook reads “Roy Moore D.A,” which was purported to stand for “District Attorney.” Aside from the fact that Judge Moore was a D.D.A., not a DA, the “D.A.” matches initials on court records for “Delbra Adams,” who was Judge Moore’s assistant at the time.

In 1999, Ms. Nelson filed for a divorce against her husband and, as it turns out, the case ended up in Judge Moore’s court. That’s another detail that stood in contrast to her story, which claimed she did not have any contact with Judge Moore after the alleged assault attempt. The ruling made by Judge Moore against Nelson is motive, one that Big Media either failed to uncover or omitted.

The media lie by omission more than they lie by commission, which affords them plausible deniability if their truth-tampering is exposed. But omission lies are in critical ways worse than commission lies, because a BIG FAT LYING NARRATIVE can be sustained much longer with the former.

This old bitter crank Beverly Nelson is clearly making shit up to deep six Moore’s election chances. Forging his name (badly) and liner notes reveals a person of bad character. She’s mad af still to this day that Moore didn’t marry her, and now she’s gonna play a game of “gotcha!” by conspiring with a willing accomplice — the Jewish Interest Media — to take him down.

It’s more important than before that Roy Moore win his election, because it would be a killer rebuke to the Globohomo Uniparty.


Item #2: CNN misreported (i.e., lied about) a news story concerning Don Trump Jr receiving an email with Wikileaks information. They framed the story as if DTJ got advance knowledge of a Wikileaks dump of Clinton emails when in fact they botched the date and DTJ actually received the email the day after the Wiki dump was made public, turning CNN’s BREAKING NEWS into a broken work of shitlib fanfiction.

Like I’ve been saying, the only solution to Fake News is a mass culling of shitlib emotional and mental runts from their position of predominance in big media. Oh, and Trump has the green light to fire Mueller now, and end the witch hunt against him by Mueller’s squadron of hillary lackeys. Or are the MAGAmen just gonna sit idly by as thecunt and her surrogates methodically execute a coup against a fairly elected President and the American citizens who support him?

Ethnic Foodism

Hey, here’s a great idea! Let’s destroy the cultural continuity, interpersonal trust level, institutional competence and transparency, and social fabric of our nation for a taquito food truck! Recipe? What’s that?


I can’t think of a stupider or more banally treasonous political philosophy than Ethnic Foodism. Our enemies are ridiculous. Only the media sustains this clown world, and their hold over the gooniversalism narrative is rapidly loosening.

The United States Of Ingrates

Trump’s Press Secretary Sarah Sanders triggered a roomful of leftoid media runts when she asked them to name something for which they were thankful. The narcissistic leftoids were caught off-guard, perplexed by this question that targeted their soft underbellies, and immediately took to Twatter to wail about fascistic calls for gratitude. The leftoids wow just wowed that a press secretary would have the gall to imply they owed some measure of gratitude to someone or something at some point in their miserable lives.

We’ve become the United States of Ingrates. Illegal aliens storm our land and demand our treasure and deference, sanctimonious virtue arbiters of the priestly class rob us blind and destroy our social fabric and then demand we abide their predations, crazy old cat ladies and fish-mouthed sluts for whom post-patriarchy life has been a soft pillowcase of negative struggle demand more government largesse and cultural favoritism while libeling the very men who provide them their comforts, nonWhites suck us dry and visit immense aesthetic and criminal violence on our communities and demand our apologies and our blame for it, foreign economic mercenaries arrive at the behest of wage-gutting globocorps and promptly lecture the native stock on their racism and lack of commitment to importing more foreign scabs, members of the most privileged minority race in America sit atop the heights of achievement wealth and influence in astronomically and suspiciously disproportionate number and use their power to undermine those beneath them while demanding encomiums to their victimhood…..

What a loathsome lot has settled on this land like a locust plague. If there’s one sign of hope, it’s this: ingratitude is the howl of hubris, and hubris comes before the fall.

May-December Game

For May-December alpha cads, the best gambit to pick up much younger women is this disqualification line: when she starts to think you may be flirting with her, gently chide, “Don’t get the wrong idea, you’re too young for me.”

9 out of 10 naifs will react by proving they’re not too young for you.

Alpha Or Beta?

This one’s a close call. In a poorly written “news” story, Jennifer quit her day job to breastfeed her boyfriend Brad.

However, they have a very unique bond that has caused Jennifer to quit her job. The former bartender is now planning to stay at home and begin what is known as an adult breastfeeding relationship. […]

Jennifer has taken a leave of absence from work in order to further the relationship. She consumes herbal drinks and pills that are designed to stimulate milk flow. Brad is also excited about the health benefits that her milk has to offer. He is a workout buff who prides himself on working hard to look good for the woman he cares about most.

They plan to become married one day. For now, they are in no rush at all. Jennifer and Brad have yet to tell the whole world about their relationship, but they have shared the news with a few close friends.

Woops, whole world notified!

The Breastfeeders:

Literally breastfeeding as an adult is beta, but persuading your girl to turn her life upside so you can latch onto her tits all day long and suckle at her life force is alpha.

When my ability to judge a situation like this one is so badly clouded by contradictory inputs, I revert to the old stand-by criterion: How hot is the dude’s girlfriend? She’s a 3 or, generously, a 4, so my verdict is that breastfeederboy is beta.

PS The most important factoid from the story:

She has never fed a baby of her own.

That’ll be all, clickbait internet. That’ll be all.

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