2016, the Gay Mulatto’s Columbus Day message:

Obama’s proclamation acknowledged Columbus’ spirit of exploration. But he said the nation should “also acknowledge the pain and suffering reflected in the stories of Native Americans who had long resided on this land prior to the arrival of European newcomers.”

2017, President Trump’s Columbus Day message:

The president’s proclamation Friday directs the U.S. to celebrate his discovery of the Americas, noting “the permanent arrival of Europeans … was a transformative event that undeniably and fundamentally changed the course of human history and set the stage for the development of our great Nation.”

Trump’s proclamation only praises Columbus, Spain and the explorer’s native Italy.

The difference between Trump and Gay Mulatto is like the difference between white and black, testicles and ovaries, a 300 pound bench press and pendulous man titties. You may think this is small potatoes, but symbolism in act and speech matter. Leaders set the tone and can demoralize enemies and uplift supporters. Gay Mulatto’s instinct was to demoralize Whites and uplift anti-Whites. Trump’s instinct is the opposite, and America is better, and more closely aligned with Truth&Beauty, for his sensibility.

Before Primo Paisan Columbus:

After Primo Paisan Columbus:

PS From #MPCStatusUpdates:

“They tear down Confederate monuments and tell me losers don’t deserve trophies, then they want to call it Indigenous People’s Day”

PPS Not that this matters in any assessment of Columbus’s contribution to the glorious explorers’ canon of White Western Civilization, but if you’re in the mood to troll shiltibs tell them the 100% TRUEFACT that 95% of the New World Indian deaths were the result of European Hispanics — an “invasive species” for the greenies — unintentionally infecting the natives with diseases for which they had no immunity. In other words, there was no deliberate genocide, but there was open borders and a giant “sanctuary land” for pathogens. Heh.

Age Of Chaos

Beckow, commenting at Steve Sailer’s blog, writes about the primary purpose of nations and why a de jure or de facto policy of open borders undermines the authority, credibility, and even necessity of central governments.

One of the main functions of a central government is to control the country’s borders. That is why there is a central government. This used to be more military based, with occasional actual wars, but today it is about who comes across the border, who gets to stay, in other words migration policies.

In the last few decades this core function performed by central governments has been gradually abandoned. So when parts of these larger states – like Catalonia in Spain – look at their capitals they don’t see much value. With unguarded and open borders, large centralised states make no sense.

This is one reason for the rapid increase in separatism. There are of course many others, cultural, economic, linguistic, etc… But I believe opening borders also creates a vacuum in the centre of the current states. Almost nothing they do makes sense with open borders and mass migration. How can there be educational or health policies with open access from outside? Or a normal labor market leading to a normal economy? Or cultural policies? Mass migration with effectively unprotected borders make all central state functions pointless. One reaction is an increased desire to separate by constituent parts of the state. This is what the Brussels (and Washington) ruling elites don’t get. They have been so obsessed with not allowing a ‘power vacuum’ internationally, that they stopped caring about not creating a de facto governing vacuums inside the countries they are supposed to be governing.

Disintegration is one consequence of not having effective external boundaries. The global mandarins have been dreaming about a seamless, integrated, one-world with no borders global super-state (or a smaller European one), but they lost sight of how that changes the dynamic inside their existing countries. We are heading towards a period of more nationalism, more separatism, more disintegration that is really just re-integrating in a different way what has been stupidly abandoned by the global utopians. It will be messy. I wish both Catalans and Spaniards good luck – but if Madrid wants to stop the separatism, they should do their job and control the external borders.

We can either have one large national border, or millions of smaller borders within the disintegrating state. There will never be a borderless world; like water, borders will find their level. And that level is usually contoured by race and ethnicity.

We’re in the Age of Chaos. The near future for us is marked by centrifugal separation into constituent elements that have stronger binding valences. Things fall apart, the center stopped bothering to hold. Asabiya (social solidarity) is down, the economic and sexual markets are splintering into haves and have-nots, faith in our institutions is at an all-time low, multiracial diversity imported into relatively homogeneous countries has destroyed social trust and happiness, outsourcing and mass migration have crushed the spirits of our workingmen, national borders have shattered paving the way for the organic emergence of gated community borders, intensified partisanship, pathological assortative mating into hardened neo-castes, and secessionist movements defined by their own well-protected geographical and cultural walls.

To save us from this, we have elected an agent of chaos, Furor Trump, to manifest our primal scream for change and a return to a better past. A past that we know in our hearts as Heritage America. We also know, instinctively, that only chaos and its avatar in Trump can crush the Globohomoists and their war against human nature. The rulebook is shredded, the righteous are released from their duty to a failed authority. As Chaos works its mercurial magic and the insulated and disconnected globalist moneychangers succumb to its all-consuming energy vortex, a clear vision takes shape from among the debris and rubble: the resurrection of nations woven with the ancient threads of kith and kin.

Trump wants his staff to portray him as a “crazy guy”.

In an Oval Office meeting earlier this month, President Trump gave his top trade negotiator, Robert Lighthizer, an Art of the Deal-style coaching session on how to negotiate with the South Koreans.

Trump’s impromptu coaching came in the middle of a pivotal conversation with top officials about whether or not to withdraw from the U.S.-Korean trade deal. Sources familiar with the conversation paraphrased the exchange for Axios, and the White House did not dispute this account.

A number of senior officials and cabinet secretaries were present for the conversation, including Defense Secretary Mattis, Agriculture Secretary Perdue, and Secretary of State Tillerson. At issue was whether the U.S. would withdraw from the Korean trade deal — an action Trump threatened but still hasn’t done.

“You’ve got 30 days, and if you don’t get concessions then I’m pulling out,” Trump told Lighthizer.

“Ok, well I’ll tell the Koreans they’ve got 30 days,” Lighthizer replied.

“No, no, no,” Trump interjected. “That’s not how you negotiate. You don’t tell them they’ve got 30 days. You tell them, ‘This guy’s so crazy he could pull out any minute’.”

“That’s what you tell them: Any minute,” Trump continued. “And by the way, I might. You guys all need to know I might. You don’t tell them 30 days. If they take 30 days they’ll stretch this out.”

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a consequence of having a President you hate who’s smarter than you and knows how to push your buttons. In other words, Trump has Game.

All that’s left to hope is that Trump uses his mindfucking powers for Nationalist Good instead of Globalist Evil. DACA, imo, will be the first real test of his loyalties. The entire Globohomo establishment, the uniparty, the media, plus a majority of shitlib Whites and their yippy nonwhite pets want DACA enshrined in law. Those of us who see the demographic nation-wrecking writing on the wall want DACA whacked, all 800,000-leading-inevitably-to-millions of illegals sent packing for their native homeland. 4D chess means nothing if you’ve boxed your own king into a corner to save one of your pawns.

If only there were more Clay Travis’ storming the clitadel at ChosenNewsNetwork, we outnumbered but not disheartened shitlords would have the media back in control of Heritage America within the fortnight.

A couple thoughts. First, this is a sly meta defense of the First Amendment by Travis that logic traps the talkingcunt into tacitly disavowing the free speech protections of the 1A. “Because as a woman, I can’t even….why are you sitting here on CNN…why would you even say that live on national television and WITH A FEMALE HOST…to the reeducation camps with you, sir! RAKE SPEECH IS NOT FREE SPEECH”

Second, it’s not often you’ll see a 100% undiluted dindu humorlessly white knight an overtanned hapa. But I suppose the urge to stick it to Whitey overrides any other innate compulsion.


PS Take some time today, gentlemen, to manspread extra wide whenever the opportunity presents, because the gynarchy deserves nothing less.


A great comment by williamk,

This vid highlights for me one contemptible quality of liberals: The insincere posing.

Here Ms. Brooke Baldwin is playing the part of a woman who is really offended by the word “boobs”. How dare you sully the presence of a lady with such words. Meanwhile, we all know damn well that this 38 yr old never married powerslut fucks dudes who joke about her boobs. Probably the dude she’s currently banging made some remark about her tits after the news of this blew up. She probably laughed, then fucked him.

They don’t believe in any of this shit. They buy houses in 100% white areas, feminists fuck the baddest bad boys their collagen can get them, and everybody takes jobs that immigration can’t threaten if they can.

The world is separated into people who admit plainly obvious facts, and people who lie about it for brief pats on the head.

That second paragraphs sez it all about the Lie Machine that is post-America shitliberalism.

There are a lot of strange circumstances and suspicious details surrounding mass murderer Stephen Paddock’s massacre of Harvest country music festival attendees that lead me to wonder if there’s a cover-up by authorities and/or the gaystream media. Specifically, multiple eyewitnesses claim there was more than one shooter, there is a credible claim that a woman menacingly warned concertgoers of their impending deaths 45 minutes before the shooting started, and now we have a photo showing a possible suicide note left on the table in Paddock’s hotel gun nest which no one has yet reported on in the media and which the police have yet to mention.

Video proof of multiple shooters?

A Mandalay Bay hotel guest staying in the room adjacent to Paddock’s room says he saw multiple gunmen.

Stephen Paddock’s brother, Eric, has given a number of interviews and in each he comes across weirdly unbalanced, like maybe he knows something he’s not telling. My impression is that Eric Paddock is trying too hard to convince people his brother was apolitical and had no discernible motive for committing his atrocity. A body language expert agrees, noting that Eric’s facial expression when denying Stephen had any political affiliation betrays insincerity. She also believes Eric has the behavioral tics of someone who may have co-plotted with Stephen and bailed on him at the last minute.

That same body language expert says the eyewitness who claimed a hispanic woman had announced to a crowd of festival attendees that “you’re all going to die tonight” is honestly recalling a real memory.

According to Flightaware.com, a plane once registered with Stephen Paddock (he had a pilot’s license) is currently registered as active with the Virginia company VOLANT LLC that does work for the “Defense/Intelligence community”. Flightware pulls its data from the FAA; however, the FAA has the tail number associated with Paddock’s-VOLANT’s plane listed as inactive.

Paddock’s Filipina girlfriend, Marilou Danley, used two social security numbers and was married to two men at the same time. Paddock wired $100,000 to a bank in the Philippines one week before he committed his mass shooting.

Speaking of atomized Boomers and their Flip green card lovers, both Paddock’s ex-wife and current girlfriend are Asians. I’ve lost the link, but someone posted a screencap of the Faceborg page of Danley’s ex-husband, Geary Danley, which revealed he’s a major BernieBoomer leftie. Very curious.

In all the media coverage since the shooting, I didn’t hear the one question that should have been asked by our discredited journalist class that might shed light on Paddock’s motives. Why did he target a country music concert, the type of event known by anyone not living under a rock to be favored by Trump supporters? Line of sight convenience? But mass shooters usually have deeper reasons for choosing their specific targets. Paddock allegedly scouted other hotels near leftie-ish events like Lollapalooza but that doesn’t mean he intended to target those leftie concertgoers. He could have been scouting different hotels more as a training exercise to prepare for the BIG DAY firing on Trump people.

I smell a cover-up coming of Paddock’s left-wing political and social affiliations.

For instance, unconfirmed photo evidence has emerged of Paddock hanging out with Pussyhatter friends.

Humorous aside, courtesy of Gabber @AshinFurnacestein,

Virgin Stephen
-Sad Boomer
-No kids, likely never had sex
-GF loves Chad
-Squinty eyes, can’t even see
-Ugly shirt with pocket protector

Alpha Chad
-Superior Gen. X
-Gook and Hapa Harem
-Fucks Stephen’s bitch, doesn’t even like her
-Sick indoor outdoor glasses
-Only buttons 2 buttons he DGAF

More tellingly of his ideological leaning, Paddock himself donated to a Democrat Party PAC called ActBlue.

Was Paddock also a Bernieboomer? Police have said Paddock acquired most of his 42 gun arsenal  starting in October 2016. Did the impending election of either thecunt or theTrump drive Bernie-lover Paddock into a state of nihilistic despair, which was later inflamed by antifa incitements to violence and the constant Fake Media demonization of Trump and his supporters in 2017?

I don’t buy the mental illness theory. Paddock planned this out for at least one year, and probably longer than that, going back to when Bernie was primaried by a sociopathic man-hater. Schizophrenics don’t do that kind of long-range meticulous planning, learning how to bump stock semi-automatics and dropping thousands of dollars at high end hotels to test their security systems. If Paddock had schizophrenia his whole life, family and friends would have known something was off about him. Most who knew him say he was secretive, not odd or mentally unhinged. He may have had autism, but that condition isn’t associated with violent outbursts.

Paddock’s father was a diagnosed psychopath, though, who was on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list for serial bank robbery back in the 60s. Psychopathy is heritable. However, if Paddock had a psychotic break just before he decided to commit mass murder, what explains his year-long acquisition of an arsenal of death and his decades spent paying for everything in cash so he could remain essentially untraceable? Nope, not mental illness; he knew what he was doing and he did it with a clear mind.

All of this is so strange that even übercucks like David “LOOK AT AND ADMIRE MY PRECIOUS ADOPTED BLACK CHILD YOU BENIGHTED PLEB” French question the official reporting on the shooting.

This post speculates about Paddock’s motive, based on the available evidence, so conclusions are subject to change as more details come to light (if you can trust the media and cops to deliver trustworthy information). As it stands, it looks to me there is a real possibility Paddock killed for ideological reasons, or that he conspired with antifa or another anti-Trump far left-wing group. We need to get to the bottom of this, because if this was a left-wing operation designed to undermine support for the Second Amendment or frighten Trump supporters to retreat from public life, then we have no choice but to acknowledge we are in open civil war.

She Cheated On You. What Now?

If a woman cheats on you, there is only one acceptable response:
And don’t look back.
Anything else is accommodation.
For if you decide to “stand by” and “support” your cheating ho, you’ll have doomed yourself to being a second class man in her eyes.

Female infidelity is the septic tank of shit tests. Trying to “pass” this shit test within the boundaries of a relationship will only cover you in liquid shit. If a woman knows she can get away with cucking you, there’s no end to the mischief she’ll visit on your dignity. The surefire way to lose a woman’s respect is to forgive her cheating. You will forever be that pitiable beta spittoon who stood by her side soothing her worries and relieving her guilt after she opened her furrow to another man’s plough. You set yourself up as a man for whom no woman’s insult to his pride is too great to endure.

“Ladies night out with some random men in tow? Of course my boyfriend is cool with it! He forgave my cheating.”

“Getting drunk with my boss at an after-work function? Of course my boyfriend is cool with it! He forgave my cheating.”

“Attending an underwear and dildo party with a casting couch director? Of course my boyfriend is cool with it! He forgave my cheating.”

“Getting pregnant while on a two-week ‘business trip’ in Ibiza alone and telling my boyfriend it’s his? Of course he’s cool with it! He forgave my cheating.”

There’s no turning a ho into a loyal harem primary. You could Game her into a more compliant and respectful lover, but the stink of her infidelity, and your disgrace, will waft over the detente. No real love can find purchase in that poisoned ground.

Remind yourself that female cheating never occurs in an emotional vacuum, or without downstream consequences. (Male cheating often does occur in an emotional vacuum, because of the male psychological wiring predisposing to visual-triggered arousal and polygyny when the option is available.)

If she cheats because she’s impulsive, then what’s stopping her from giving in to her urges again? If she cheats because she is horny for the alpha fux to supplement your beta bux, then how will you feel knowing that your worth as a man to her is as an asexual sounding board with a wallet? If she cheats to fill a romantic void, then she likely had a long emotional affair accompanied by nightly fantasies before she physically consummated her infidelity, in which case you would be tolerating and forgiving not one isolated cheating event, but months and perhaps years worth of emotional betrayal, creating a horrible imbalance of power that will corrupt any attempts to salvage the relationship. Very rarely will women cheat spontaneously and out of the blue if their relationships bristle with sexual polarity.

A reader asks,

What about beating the shit out of her?

Scoundrels would argue that’s an option for a more enlightened age in the past. But we’ve regressed as a society, so the best move is to move on, and leave her to suffer the fallout by herself.

Another reader suggests the playa protocol (aka the “I don’t give a shit about her feelings anymore” full throttle pump and dump alternative),

Ah might I suggest banging her sister or best friend? Takes some good frame control to be sure but it is one way to do it…or for the hardcore men her mother.

Make lemonade out of sour pussies.

Banging another woman within the social orbit of your cheating ho is the MOAB of Dread Game. You drop that explosive load and you’ll wipe the patronizing smirk right offa dat ho’s mug.

Ghosting on a cheater is for men who had good intentions and wanted to get serious with the girl. If you’ve made a bad investment, cut your losses because that slutstock will never rise again….for you. But if you’re just playing around with a girl and you discover she cheated on you, the option remains to continue fucking her, if she’s still putting out and you double bag it. I have done this once with a fling; we had a few great months of fucking, and then I came across evidence suggesting she may have cheated — although under the circumstances, I’m not sure it qualified as cheating since I never gave her promises of exclusivity. Anyhow, instead of confronting her about her whoring, I ignored it and continued the Plow Protocol, knowing it would end soon. The important detail was that it would end on my timetable. Three weeks later, after loading her up with a few more gallons of souljuice, (and sensing by her erratic behavior that the time to move was then), I told her I couldn’t see it working out, and that she was great but she wasn’t the one. Her face instantly morphed from distracted indifference to twisted rage. WHAAAT, she bellowed, are you taking about? You’re not good for me, I said. Red-faced, she fumed, Whatever, maybe you should know I’ve been cheating on you! Eyebrows raised half-staff, I feigned mild surprise. Ok, then no harm no foul. This works out for both of us.

The key to really sticking the shiv under the skin of a cheater is state control. You knew she was like that, you didn’t care, the fucking was great regardless, but there was no way she would be anything more than a fun time for you.

Recovering Beta has what I consider an important Game-related question about girlfriend management.

Need game advice guys!

If a girl you been seeing starts to lose respect for you.

Do you call her out and say: “- I feel that I don’t get the respect and admiration from you and its a big turn off for me”

jfc no. Pity ploys never work unless you’re a rape-y syrian refugee. That’ll only earn her growing contempt.

…or something like “- Cut that shit off right now. I need respect from you or its over”?

The first half of this response is good. But you should’ve stopped there. When you spell out the reason for your demand, it loses potency. Telling a girl you “need respect” is borderline mewling. If you have to ask for it, you don’t deserve it, and you’re not getting it.

Because I believe respect is something a guy earns, not demand and calling a girl out on this may even make her feel even less respectful for you.
Because I just admitted to her that she is losing respect for me, something she might even noticed herself.

What to do?

Exactly, you verbalized the reality of her disrespect, validating it in her mind. Instead of causing her to reconsider treating you shittily, she’ll double down in the reconfirmed belief that you’re not worth her feminine respect.

What you should do is call her out when she disrespects you, but without airing demands for more “respect” that you feel you “aren’t getting”, which will almost always sound like the butthurt pleas of a lower value man. Just tell her to cut the bullshit, and if she keeps it up, kick her out (or kick yourself out).

If she’s disrespecting you as a shit test of your character because you’ve acted too beta of late for her taste, then slapping her with the verbal pimp hand and walking out if she doesn’t comply will encourage her to reassess your alpha cred, and she’ll likely come back to you full of apology and begging for a reconciliation bang.

If, otoh, she’s disrespecting you because she has lost that loving feeling and is just fishing for a way out, then walking yourself out of her life will give her the denouement she wants while preserving your masculine dignity. Either way, you win.

This is the short-term solution. Long-term, you’ll want to apply some patented CH Dread Game to permanently reorient her behavior towards a more respectful tone. There are only so many times you can tell a girl to cut the shit before her excessive need to be dominated and told to shut up soils your spirit. You want to avoid girls who incessantly crave their disciplining; this is the kind of shrew who will cheat the moment you slip up and forget to administer her daily ration of taming.

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