The Noticing

Rand Paul: People crossing the desert with kids is ‘essentially child abuse‘.

Telemundo staged a fake caged kids scene:

The Wall is kind to no one but it saves its most destructive impacts for women. Clearly, The Wall needs to be sued for sex-based discrimination.

It’s safe to say Tucker Carlson is fully enlightened. /ourguy/ with an audience of millions. I wonder how much longer Lox News will tolerate his Gentile realtalk?

Regarding Tucker’s Noticing, the goal of the Globohomoists was always to destroy the nuclear family. They knew all along that the origin source of the resistance to their depredations was the nuclear family, so they set about to dissolve its bonds. Hence, perverse financial incentives for single mommery, miscegenation agitprop, open borders, the divorce industrial complex, gay marriage, trannyism, sexbots (cumming soon), glorification of careerism for women and denigration of the masculine virtues, normalization of polyamory and (soon) bestiality and pedophilia.

Once you’ve seen their evil agenda, you can’t un-see it.

The trajectory to Civil War 2 goes like this:

The Noticing
The Angering
The Dividing (*we are here*)
The Reckoning

Manly boldness triggers girly arousal (preferably in women, but you might want to watch your bold self around “tender brained” soyboys. Have a fainting couch at the ready. They’ve been known to swoon at the slightest provocation).

As I wrote, a bold unwavering approach triggers a tingle cascade in girls. They can’t help their autonomic responses; the sight of a man confidently striding toward her for the romantic solicitation may not produce love and marriage but it will produce a submissive arching of her back, widened eyes, parted lips, and a delightful shiver in her cock quiver.

The reason for this reaction is found in the fear-arousal axis in women’s limbic picnic basket. The unnerving truth (to those with fragile constitutions) is that fear is tightly wound with arousal in women; it’s why women have rape fantasies and why the dankest of studies have shown a nontrivial percentage of rape victims orgasm during the act (I’m not making this up).

The love of fear as foreplay is likewise why prime lubricity women flock to horror movies, and why they line up to propose marriage to death row inmates.

When a man can incite fear, he has demonstrated dominance cred, which is the male version of T&A to women.

This highlights yet another innate differences between the sexes; fear and arousal aren’t connected in men. When men are afraid, their boners go into hiding; the survival instinct takes over because men don’t have the option of converting themselves into fungible wombs for invading tribes. The only options men have are to avoid the thing producing the fear or to fight it and defeat it. Women can, and often do, spread their legs for the Fear to save their hides.

Now, consciously, women don’t want to be afraid (or to be raped) — unless the urge is so powerful that it escapes her hindbrain holding pen — but subconsciously, where all the Darwinian action takes place, fear and desire commingle in a toxically feminine stew. It’s why the jerkboy is so alluring to girls; his unpredictability, his defiance of polite norms, and his implied threats of easy abandonment, among other traits of the outcome independent man, stoke a nascent and vaginally compelling fear in the fairer sex, a fear which releases a pulse of horniness to her nethers. It’s why even playacting as a jerkboy can quickly invigorate a flagging relationship.

The triggering is the thing that matters, because once triggered a woman becomes much more pliable to further meaty entreaties. When you boldly go where few betas have gone before — right up into her grill for the meet and greet — she is at once overcome with a ripple of desire and a little afraid of what this big strapping man has in store for her. The seemingly contradicting emotions swirl together to excite her innermost submissiveness and feelings of feminine vulnerability, the psychic ingredients which electrify her womanly lust. The bold approach is then an instrument of female catatonia induction, permitting the man a smoother penetrating path to the girl’s neural womb, which is the prerequisite to lowering the defenses on her actual womb.

FYI the bold approach does NOT necessarily mean the direct solicitation. It can as easily mean moving in purposefully on your target…and then negging her or ignoring her to pretend to get yourself a drink to be followed up by some anodyne comment about the crowd. The point is that by your actions — no extended eyeplay or tentative milling about her perimeter waiting for that “perfect” approach invitation before moving in — you create a feeling of being “frozen in place” in the girl, a delightful feeling that presages an unfreezing of her furrow.

This smarmy beanpole. The shivlords at MPC had some choice commentary. (scroll through the thread) My favorites:

The only thing missing from Comey’s tweet is a smarmy, self-serving Scripture quote. Watching this twerp present himself as a martyr is beyond galling. Well, it will make his eventual imprisonment (a accompanied by savage Trump tweets) all the sweeter.


This is soy in human form, the bugman in a fully developed skinny fat stage.

Notice the slumped shoulders and head leaning forward, the posture of a muscle-less man. Chickens have skinny necks – how are they killed by predators or farmers? By snapping their necks. Further, you see his stomach protruding in sync with the head. His core strength, despite his large frame, leaves much to be desired. And the most glaring trait of his lack of physical strength is his flat ass. Strength begins in the core, hips and glutes. It doesn’t take a homo to notice when a man has average strength. This bugman has nothing to show for such a large frame. He is pathetic. Add to it that he’s a mewling fag like everyone else has hilariously noted, this clown wouldn’t last two seconds in the Road War.


I’m sure part of his plan to rehabilitate his image has a team of millennial jews or some other kinds of f****ts to curate his social media presence for maximum compensatory effect. Comey seems to know that he is super-f**ked, these gay theatrics make that certain


And here we see a deep state creature exposed in the open, weary of predators, seeking its natural habitat, the curtain to hide behind at a moments notice.

PS Phony Comey lies:

PPS this looks INCREDIBLY BAD for the FBI:

Editing testimony from interrogations is pretty much the worst possible thing FBI officials could do, outside of actually ordering hits on people (or on Trump). If true (and I’ve no reason to doubt it based on the past two years of Deep State perfidy), then so many heads are gonna roll at the FBI that the organization could very well be disbanded under Trump’s reign. Call it…Ruby Ridge’s Revenge.

Ban Jack Dorsey

Twatter CEO Jack Dorsey. Physiognomy is squeal. (were you expecting anything different?)

*giggle* *squeal*…i have your alt-right account info and i’m about to get you fired from life…*gigglesqueal*

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey shared at least 17 tweets from a Russian troll between late 2016 and mid 2017

Ban Jack Dorsey. He has colluded with Russia to undermine our democratic process.

PS Petitioning readers to scrape together a Deep State Reckoning Countdown Clock meme. The hour is nigh, and Phony Comey is all outta arrogant smug sighs.

Cock And Awe

Recall a time when you noticed something you needed from across a room, and then, focused on the object or person, you beelined with urgent purpose toward your target when, upon approach, you also noticed that an attractive woman happened to be situated near the thing you were walking quickly toward, and that her face lit up and her eyes widened into a sudden spasm of delight, arousal, and a little fear as you neared her and you realized she probably thought you were moving in her direction to hit on her (you weren’t, but she didn’t know that…all she had to go on was your purposeful stride to where she was sitting/standing).

Unless you have never left your vidjafapatorium, you will have seen something like this in your life. Take the lesson to heart. Chicks dig the bold approach, no matter the discrepancy between her SMV and your SMV. The positive, tingle-betraying reaction of women to a man’s unintentional bold approach is proof that an intentional bold approach — see your mark, move in on your mark, do not deviate from your mission — will have the same effect. Call it Cock and Awe; home in like a pleat-seeking missile and drive through crowds, splitting them like an icebreaker, and drop your ordnance right between her fore- and hindbrains.

Girls love powerful men, and very few actions in this world communicate raw masculine power quite as unmistakably as giving less than zero fucks and blasting through the fog of humdrum daily life to impose yourself on a girl and make her feel like a vulnerable, sexy minx again.

FYI, the above scenario reveals one way to get over approach anxiety. Instead of approaching girls, tell yourself instead you’re approaching someone or something next to the girl to chat up that other person/check out that intriguing thing. Then, when you’re right next to the girl, you suddenly “notice” her and “decide” to talk to her because she looked like she needed the company.

A MAGAman trolled vapid Trump-hater Robert “Punchy” De Niro during a De Niro-directed Broadway musical by hoisting, front row center, a “Keep America Great, TRUMP 2020” banner.

Good stuff. You know what would have been even more ruthless? If the banner was nothing but a photo of Punchy’s polychromatic family.

No caption needed. The pic is enough of a subtle reminder to De Nullified that most normal parents go into the enterprise thrilling to the prospect that their kids will resemble them, and his don’t.

The psychological burden of this awareness has obviously taken on toll (heh) on De Zero’s sanity, and he lashes out at Trump and what Trump implicitly represents: a return to biological reality, truth, and beauty.

An audience member at that musical creatively disrupted by a Trump minion had this to say about it,

“It’s sad that people can’t enjoy a beautiful show and embrace its unifying message without politicizing it,” Del Vicario said.

Lack of Self Awareness Achievement Level 99 Unlocked.

Another hot take from a hair dresser,

Brian Strumwasser, a hair department supervisor on “A Bronx Tale” and several other productions, agreed — saying the man “disrespected” the cast and crew.

“Whoever the low life scum bag who thinks it’s ok to post their political views at a Broadway show and disrespect everyone there who paid to watch a show that is ALL ABOUT INCLUSION was thankfully removed from the theater Saturday night,” Strumwasser wrote Sunday on Instagam.

Lack of Self Awareness Achievement Level 100 Unlocked. I wonder if this fruit cup was equally indignant about all the alt-right speeches and events closed down under pressure from anti-free speech left-wing protestors? Rhetorical. A reader astutely recalls similar hypocrisies of the Left,

This is how the insane liberal religious marxists have turned things into. What about the idiot actor from hamilton that started preaching his garbage at our vice president pence?! Fuck the left

Leftoids are getting an overdose of their own medicine from ZFG alpha chadlord dissidents ripping pages from the Left’s Rules for Radicals, and it is chafing their soy-mottled hides HARD.

When leftoids are force fed their own gruel, watch how quickly they backpedal and beg for civility.

NOT THIS TIME. The days when the Left could steamroll cucks who spoke out of turn are over; it’s the dawning of the Age of Atomic Wedgies.

Trump (and yours truly if I may) have shown that there’s nothing dishonorable about the fight, that the Left are paper ligers, and that having big brass balls is the best friend you’ll ever need in the battle to crush the creepy anti-Whites who to a soyboy and bluehair will fold like cheap lawn chairs under the slightest bit of unapologetic pushback.





Take the fight to the leftoid freak mafia, on their turf, in their house, and scatter their chinless foot soldiers, nasally consiglieri, hysterical hall monitors, and obese usurpers to the winds to carry their howls of pain across our MAGA plains.

If the leftoid cowers for your mercy, remind xir that it was the Left which started this war, which sadistically relished humiliating its enemies, and which never backed off an inch in its march through the institutions to leave behind corrupted de-souled husks as disfigured monuments to their malice and scorched earth depravity…and that their current ordeal of pain was necessitated, indeed fated, by the savage rules of total war they themselves brought to the battlefield.

Then strap another limb to the breaking wheel, as a lesson for the others: everything’s changed, there’s no word smithery to save you now.

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if our esteemed institutions were run by snarky tween brats? Look no further than today’s FBI!

Sounds like another Captain Save A Ho exchange, except this being the FaggBI the roles are probably reversed, so “FBI Employee” is the male and “FBI Attorney 2” the female lawyercunt.

The two wrist flappers above aren’t Strzok-Page. They’re *another* couple of lovebirds making full use of FBI broom closets to whisper sweet nothings about how much they hate Trump and the half of America who voted for him.

The G-cunt can’t believe Trump might win and calls his supporters “dumb, uneducated, lazy POS”.

If you’ve ever doubted what your “betters” in the degenerate ruling class think of you, dispel your doubts. You now know. And you should be thinking of them in only one way: frog-marched to the public gallows.

Lookee there, FBI lolyers seem really nervous about the incoming Trump Reign. Could it beeeeeee…..GUILT? (yes)

Cornelius Rye comments,

A friend on Gab makes an insightful and important point about these emails and texts. It’s not about what’s in the texts, it’s about what’s NOT in the texts. Not once is there mention of Russia. It’s a smoking gun, as far as I’m concerned:

“What you see: FBI officials privately expressing hatred for Trump and Trump supporters.

What you don’t see: FBI officials privately expressing fear of Russians.

If there were texts or internal memos full of worry over Russia, they would have been leaked by now. No one actually believed the conspiracy theory; it was only ever an excuse to spy on Americans.”

Yup. Trumpists everywhere are beginning to smell Globohomoist blood in the water. Tucker Carlson:

The details tucked within Horowitz’s IG report — that there was systemic bias for Clinton and against Trump at the highest levels and strongly suggestive evidence of a coup to take out Trump — are damning, and at odds with the milquetoast conclusion offered to the press today. What gives? Here’s one take:

And this take:

I dunno what to make of the discrepancy between the substance and summary of the IG Report. Read through it and it’s clear there’s enough damning information in there to put multiple heads of the FBI and DOJ on trial for treason. Or at least to appoint a special prosecutor whose job it is to lock up as many Deep State creeps as he can while razing the institutions to the ground and rebuilding them in the image of the God Emperor.

Either (((Horowitz))) is /ourguy/ or he’s /theirguy/. There’s no such thing as an objective human being; everyone has their biases which necessarily taint their work and their interpretation of evidence. If he’s /ourguy/, then why the weak sauce summary that is utterly belied by the report’s substance? Maybe he’s playing a long game to set the stage for arrests of high ranking Deep Staters down the road so that normies aren’t scared off by the spectacle, and he didn’t want to come out too strong (recall that the second IG Report into the FISC abuses by the FBI is coming out next). Or he’s /theirguy/ and he deliberately watered down the summary knowing shit tier leftoid outfits like NPR would gleefully ignore the substance to report on the conclusion that there was no political bias found (laughable on its face).

IG Report goodies:

FBI employees received tickets to sporting events from journalists, went on golfing outings with media representatives, were treated to drinks and meals after work.

The Media-IC-DNC-FBICIADOJ Deep State is nothing if it isn’t greased with kickbacks, bribes, and payola.

More exposed FBI and DOJ corruption to tilt the election in favor of thecunt:

Oh, and Peter Strzok, the soyboy at the center of this Deep State tootsie roll? He wasn’t just some low ranking underling:

Strzok was in charge of

the HRC investigation

the FBI’s contribution to the hacking report

the Flynn investigation

the Trump/Russia investigation

and the first months of Mueller’s investigation.

His bias and malfeasance is kind of a big deal.


FFS is an understatement. Where is Jeff Sessions in all this? High treason occurs under his nose and…wtf is he doing about it? Waiting to pounce when the time is right? Jeff, the midterms are just months away; you don’t have much time left to make a move before a horde of screeching anti-American mystery meats and pussyhatters take the lower chamber.

Sexually de-polarized Strzok texted his equally sexually de-polarized butch lover Page a promise that “we” (the FBI) would “stop” Trump from becoming President:

That’s a leetle bit worse than personal bias; it’s open rebellion against democracy.

Everything you need to know about Strzok’s character is revealed in a text exchange with his horse-faced manjawed careerist shrike lover Lisa Page. They’re having a tiff over affirmative action for some beaner kid, and Strzok begins to grow a tiny pair of raisins which Page promptly cuts off and feeds to him, after which he assumes the submissive position. It’s malefeminism.txt.

Strzok is illustrative of elite degeneration (genetic and environmental) and rapid androgynization of the sexes. It’s not just him. It’s everyone who deigns to rule over us, including Comey who posted on his Instagram a pic of himself jumping up in the air like a teen girl in the grip of an attention whoring fever:

Just how institutionally gay is the FBI? This gay:

That exchange is real, if you can believe it. Terrence Rhine adds,

as with the lovebirds and Comey, and to some extent Brennan, one of the darkest elements of all this is the way these agents write like witless teenagers. there’s something far more incriminating about our society than the corruption in the fact that everyone in all these badass seats of authority are ultimately just shallow barely-mediocre brats.

I say “darkest” but it’s also why the carnivalesque burn-it-all-down element that comes with Trump is so appropriate. No one cares that powerful adults are like this, they like it that way because a society of shallow millennials (of all ages) is more docile and more devoted to consumption than a society of thoughtful adults.

The snarkification of once-esteemed American institutions, (and the apathy of Mewllennials to the corrupting influence on those institutions of late nite comedy sensibility), is one of the great un-reported facets of late stage republics morphing into gynarcho-tyrannies. This, for instance, is meant as a joke, but it’s not far removed from reality:

The bottom line: the FBI and DOJ under Gay Mulatto invented a Russia collusion hoax story in the hopes that it would lead to the impeachment of a duly-elected president:

PS An explainer on Ghey Gowdy’s recent shilling for the Deep State. tl;dr follow the hourly billing rates.

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