Nine million dollars.

[Marie] Holmes, of North Carolina, decided that she was going to accept her $188 million winnings in one lump sum, meaning she was awarded $127 million. After taxes, she received $88 million. And while Holmes announced that she had plans to pay her tithes and set up college funds for her children, she’s ended up doing something entirely different with her riches.

Shortly after she won the money, Holmes posted $3 million bond for her boyfriend Lamarr McDow. McDow was in jail, facing heroin trafficking charges. McDow was implicated after an investigation unearthed more than 8,000 bags of heroin. […]

She then spent an additional $6 million to get McDow out of prison. He was released with a GPS monitoring device.

Meanwhile, everywhere in America a beta provider niceguy buys dinner for a lovely 31-year-old educated woman with an encyclopedic knowledge of ethnic and racial penis shapes, who dumps him via text one week later.

Two other people in the house were also charged with simple possession. Three children were present at the time of the arrest, McDow said they were his children.

But he wasn’t sure, just a guess, he later told the reporter.

Marie Holmes, “the 26-year-old, single mother of four, [who] had won the Powerball lottery”, is not bad-looking for a nubian princess.

Naturally, there is the race angle. It’s very impulsive to splurge for a jerkboy’s bail to the tune of $9 mil, so we can expect to encounter more measured judgment from a white or asian woman. So let’s say the white woman coughs up $4 mil for her white jerkboy inmate, and the asian woman pays $200 for her asian jerkboy.

In other “grrlpower gone wild” news, a bindi feminist ran a marathon purposefully dripping period blood out of her gross vaganges and down her legs the whole way. Photos are at the link. Even I, the Great Shivver, cannot bring myself to inflict this level of intestinal distress on the CH readers by posting pics here on the hallowed grounds of Le Chateau.

Thanks to her overriding femcunt need to whore for attention, no man will touch this mahatma menstrual show with Amanda Marcotte’s dick. Maybe she’ll get lucky and attract some creepy pervert who’s into “blood stuff”. It puts the curry in the basket…

Reader Alex has found Kevin Williamson of National Review behaving rudely and acting very, very disrespectful toward women.

Kevin Williamson of National Review called Melania Trump a “plastic surgery disaster wife.” Haven’t yet found a Goldberg column condemning this rude sexism.


Jonah Goldberg is on record condemning Donald Trump’s rudeness and lack of respect for women. I wonder what Jonah Fatberg, arbiter of polite discourse, has to say about his colleague’s violation of cherished conservative principles?

You see, NR cucks, when you play the “how wude!” card don’t be surprised if your weak hand gets trumped by a pair of sadistic shivs.


Trump: 1, Cucks: a great big glory hole. Cuck News chieftain Ailes tells the MegYnites to back off Trump. MMmmm… I taste the tears of unfathomable cuckery.


Reader Robert What? asks,

Am I the only one who thinks that NR is sounding more like NPR every day?

No, you’re not. This is crisis and observation. The crisis is the apt cuckservative label, which has wonderfully focused the minds of the cocktail party conservatives who are its target. Now, sadistic interpreters of the id like yours truly observe their response. It is a clarifying moment, and as expected the cucks are showing their true colors, dispensing with their usual cuck and hive “standing athwart history mewling ‘not just yet'” and fully embracing their inner shitlib.

The sooner these phonyfucks are tossed overboard by fed-up voters, and readers, the better.

This is funny. Roosh was attacked in a Montreal bar by a shrieking mob of hags and male feminists, aka Canadians. It’s all on video.

Canadians once again demonstrating their open-minded tolerance for differing points of view. O Canada: Land of the raving lunatic femcunts who LITERALLY throw a man in jail for six months on the charge of disagreeing with a feminist.

Roosh has taken to the stage to deliver a Trump-ian victory speech.

It’s all well and good. Anytime a malignant leftoid creampuff gets humiliated is a good time. I do have a word of advice for Roosh: Next time you’re in enemy territory, make sure you roll with some dudes who have experience throwing punches and pimp slapping skanks, or at least look like they do. When the internet SJW gets a little too big for his underoos and tries something in real life, like flicking a limp wrist in your general direction or tossing a beer on your head, he or she will be met with a very upsetting macroaggression. And it’ll all be legal, assuming Canada still honors the principle of self-defense.


In related ♂SCIENCE♂ news, there are few women in STEM fields because… wait for it… women don’t know math. But no worries, Jessica Valenti, et al, will be along shortly to tell you just how goddamned much math women really know if only the patriarchy weren’t keeping them down, and they’ll wave their Wymyn’s Studies degrees in your face as proof.


VICTORY IS AT HAND! update: In a post-debate Iowa poll, Trump maintains his commanding lead over the warren of GOP cucklets in his wake.

The Joy Of Game

I don’t think it gets told often enough here at Le Chateau, but Game, when executed with flair and precision, can be quite a joy to experience, both for the giver of Game and the receiver of Game. Reader Lichtof supplies an anecdote which demonstrates this truism about the crimson arts.

Girl at work – she’s 25..I’m 37..she had a history of not getting her timesheet in on time. This week she did

9.27 Me : Timesheet- boooooooo! Hiss!!
9.29 Her: Are you unhappy that its already done?
9.37 Me: Yes – now I can’t bug you
9.39 Her: LOL – I’ll try to slack off next time
9.42 Me: I can only handle predictability
9.43 Her: Gotta keep you on your toes!
9.45 Me: And there’s no beer left (in staff kitchen)
9.45 Her: I drank it all. Dark times here at (firm’s name)
9.55 Me: Not into dark beer but (bar name) has a grolsch – we will go sometime – wait haven’t I been here before?

Within minutes she was by my desk and 2 hours later asked me to lunch.

I bet you smiled reading this. A skilled seduction has an almost harmonic lilt to the ear. Flirtation is the poetic transmogrification of primitive desires. Notice, too, how a man with tight game energizes a woman, and summons the best of her; namely, her playfulness. A woman who is fortunate to be the lust object of a man with a nimble tongue and mischievous squint is a woman eager to relinquish her resting bitch face to the full flowering of her feminine soul.


It will be morning in America when these low T manlets like Erickson and Rod Dreher are washed from the system for good. The country’s had enough of gutless pansies throwing their dresses over their heads every time they hear a naughty word or a dose of realtalk.



Jonah Fatberg, the amorphous cuckservative blob who loved throwing around the “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” insult, has been reduced to playing the “how wude!” card against The Trumpening. That’s all he and his kind have left: appeals to politeness. The “how wude!” card is the last hand of the weasel who has suddenly found himself the target of hate he himself has dished out for years.

Well, CH don’t play by Goldberg’s rules. Fuck off, fat boy. The front lines are everywhere now.


First post-debate poll finds Trump holding his lead over the little GOP girls in grown men’s bodies.


Commenter McGonzo quotes Jonah Fatberg, proving beyond a doubt Fatberg’s disingenuous cuckservative bona fides.

Fatberg: “Are we really going to go down the insane path of saying that real conservatives must abandon good manners and respect for women to demonstrate their purity?”

Versus constantly apologizing and atoning for the unforgivable sins of being a straight, rich, white, male married to a babe?

Check out that “respect for women” canard Fatberg throws out there along with his stinky red herring about “demonstrating conservative purity”. One, respect must be earned. MegYn Kelly’s grrlpower interrogation was an obvious hit job on Trump. She was ordered by higher-ups to take him out, so she went with the radioactive “war on women” smear so beloved by leftoid equalists. A totally insubstantial slander that added nothing to the debate or raised any pressing issues. Never mind that there are people, men and women, deserving of richly textured insults, Fatberg wants you to think politeness is the core tenet of the conservative philosophy.

Two, no anti-cuckservative Trump supporter said anything about “conservative purity.” Most dissident rightists know Trump is far from a pure conservative. That’s not why they support him against the wishes of the entire Hivemind apparatus. Trump is supported because he’s right, or more right than any other cuck, on the national question — unlimited immigration and demographic dispossession of the native Whites — and because he’s got balls and doesn’t immediately lick the taint of liberals when they throw SJW tantrums at him.

But obviously Fatberg knows nothing of balls, having surrendered his completely when NR purged the only interesting realtalkers they had writing for that recipe swapping rag.


In related news, Bernie Sanders got a taste of the vibrancy he champions while normally stationed safely at his 98.7% White state of Vermont.

:lol: Cuckservatives like Fatberg will tell you Sanders deserves this howler monkey mobbing because LIEBRULS are the REAL RACISTS.

Via reader “Game for the Hunt”, a scathing quote from a great man that presages the current de-balling of America’s “conservatives”.

The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of the Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected.”

G.K. Chesterton, Illustrated London News, 4/19/24

A simple ‘heh’ will do here.

Trump’s Only Weakness

His motormouth. (Which is a stand-in for his narcissism, not necessarily a bad thing in a man gunning for the grandest of thrones.)

I’ve know quite a few socially savvy, silver-tongued men who, like Trump, were skilled in the art of the deal pickup persuasion. These men knew they had a rare talent, and exploited their advantages ruthlessly. But that talent was also, sometimes, their undoing. A man in love with his voice and the effect it has on people will find it hard to resist the temptation to use it to excess.

If CH were Trump’s campaign adviser, this is what I would tell him. “Don’t second-guess yourself, but equally don’t become too publicly enamored of yourself. You’ll get sloppy. Keep it tight and quietly, to yourself, check your pride on occasion. And cut back on the late night Tweets.”

Giving Trump the benefit of the doubt (and why not? he’s earned it), he may be rightly calculating that it’s crucial to make a big splash in the early rounds, pick up momentum, and later, when his frontrunner status is secure, dispense his fighting words more sparingly, and delegate more of his broadsides to subordinates he can trust not to fold like weepy vaginas, because a King — or a King-in-waiting — doesn’t get into the mud with his yapping toy dog antagonists.


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