The Page Gap

Ever notice how little published material is marketed to straight (White) men? There’s a reason for that: The Page Gap.

But just how many more women work in publishing than men? In PW’s recent Salary Survey (Aug. 2) one statistic stuck out: 85% of publishing employees with less than three years of experience are women. So, while everyone knows there are more women than men working in this field, that statistic raises the question: is an almost all-female publishing industry bad for business? Does it matter?

Those last two questions wouldn’t even be broached if the publishing industry were 85% male. Instead, there would be calls for immediate congressional action and Million Cunt Marches on the Mall. #RepresentationMatters

Total Responses:1,584
70% Female 30% Male
Under 3 Years Experience: 164
85% Female 15% Male
3 to 6 Years Experience: 388
82% Female 18% Male

And you can bet a majority of the male publishing industry employees are gay.

The publishing industry is dying and it’s because of women. When a tipping point of women are embedded in admin and managerial slots of any institution, its decay and dissolution are not far off.

The first comment at the link gets to the meat of the matter:

This is not really a mystery. I just finished a semester graduate course in literary theory in the English department. We spent about 3 weeks in that course studying feminism. Not feminist literature; feminism. The only feminist literature we looked at was “The Yellow Wallpaper”. In fact, now that I think about it, that was the last piece of literature we looked at, about 6 weeks ago. We spent the entire second half of the course studying Marxist theory, feminism, continental philosophy, and gender and race.

If you read College English, the journal of English teachers, you’ll see that the English department is now really the Cultural Studies department, and a very large proportion of that is feminism. It is not surprising that men are hesitant to enter a field in which they must sit through 2 years of being blamed for everything, especially when they’re told (as our (female) teacher mentioned off-handedly at one point) that males didn’t have much chance of getting a faculty position in America unless they worked in feminism or post-modernism.

Nuke the universities, civil war now.

The only way out of this cultural toilet bowl in which we find our nation swirling is to do an end-run around the femkunt kkkollective and self-publish or start up publishing houses with the express mission statement of JUST SAYING NO to vapid diversity hires and feminist agitation. A new industry dedicated to the proposition that all White men are created superior and on average produce better literature than fat dykes and degenerate trannies.

Moral of the (unread) story: Give the misfit leftoids a taste of power and they’ll use it to smash every last bit of good from the earth on their way to constructing the EXACT sort of exclusive privileged sexist society they railed against when they were, rightfully, cast out of the halls of power by their betters.

Female hypergamy is real. How real depends on which data set you take as gospel. One study claims that 8,000 years ago, 17 women reproduced for every one man. (Tribal ancestor of CH confirmed for top 6%) This skewed reproduction ratio is so large it can’t possibly be accounted for by the pre-reproductive age mass deaths of men alone. Women at that time had to have been sexually selecting a few alpha males and sharing these lucky few men with other women. The researchers hypothesize that the transition from hunting/gathering to agriculture allowed a few men to accumulate a lot of resources, possibly by exploiting the labors of less ambitious or aggressive men. This naturally aroused many women who as a sex are instinctively drawn to powerful men who can provide a bounty for their future family.

A notable geneticist, Greg Cochran, objected that the study failed the plausibility test. He figures that at the worst of runaway female hypergamy (or premature male deaths), 80% of men made it to the bang and the follow-up banglet.

Such a society would be like the famous car-wash scene in Cool Hand Luke – all the time.

Whatever the disparity in the reproduction ratio, it is evident that throughout history more women than men reproduced. If this were not so, other selection pressures (e.g., child mortality) would have to take up the slack for the loss of a major driver of human evolution.

What is also evident is that the dawn of civilization has had a dampening effect on female hypergamy. Civilization requires engaged and committed beta males. Lots of them. A sex market that radically disenfranchised a big chunk of those betas would sabotage any civilizational momentum. Severe sex restrictions and runaway female hypergamy can exist in a state of nature, but putatively only for short periods of time. Entrenched and unrestricted female hypergamy would sexually and reproductively dispossess too many men and remove the ROI foundation upon which advanced societies are built.

So civilization and its dampening effect on female hypergamy selects for women who perhaps are more averse to sharing an alpha male, less averse to settling with a beta male, or sufficiently sexually muted to resist the orgasmic promise of pump and dump sex with a harem leader. (The reader is free to draw up a compare and contrast chart with present-day Europe and Africa.)

Not to mention civilization provides a reproductive safety net that was unimaginable in the preindustrial world. That safety net goes a long way to evening the reproductive playing field between men and women.

Nevertheless, civilization is not a perfect tamer of the sloot. There are still more postindustrial age men locked out of the sexual gratification market, and to a lesser degree from the procreative market.

In more recent history, as a global average, about four or five women reproduced for every one man.

Now of course there are two variables in this sex market equation: procreation and fornication. Just because the procreation ratio may be close to equal doesn’t mean the fornication ratio is as egalitarian. Birth control, penicillin, and social sanction have permitted a long, premarital flourishing of a consequence-free open legs sexual market, aka the cock carousel. And within that market, one may reasonably observe a minority of alpha men monopolizing a majority of pussy, particularly the choicest pussy.

While civilization has been good for beta male family formation, it has not been so generous for beta male furrow incursion. Settling for a post-prime, high cock count gogrrl in her 30s to pop out 2.1 kids may brighten up the genetic balance sheet nicely, but it doesn’t do much for the abacus of self-worth that animates a beta male’s id. He has procreated….but at great cost to his ego’s ledger of lifetime pleasure.

Given this sex disparity reality, we may say that in the modern, “civilized” sexual market, there are two parallel mating systems: the enforced marital one and the single lady free-for-all. In the wall-approaching marital market, women settle and satisfy their evolved hypergamous compulsion with clitlit and cheating. In the sexually liberated anonymously atomized urban cock carousel market, you have the 20-80 bang ratio rule in effect: 20% of men drinking the milk of 80% of the cows (which they bequeath to their beta brethren to nuptially purchase at fire sale prices).

Any computational geneticist would say beta males win out under civilized conditions, but the numbers don’t tell the whole story of the hardened hearts and blue-ish balls that these beta bux must endure for a good portion of their most sexually…insistent…years. I have argued in these pages that the current sexual market configuration is unsustainable for just this reason; generations of dispirited betas missing out on prime pussy, even if they get the consolation prize of an older wife and two kids, will eventually erode societal bonhomie and lead to civilization eating itself. Eating its seed porn, if you will.

Civilization tames the sloot, but only reproductively. Carnally, the civilized woman is no more tamed than her preindustrial forebear. Ironically, civilization in the process of guaranteeing beta males a place at the procreative table may have unleashed women from pre-civilization restrictions on their sexuality, giving women a sexual bounty of alpha males — and a larger pool of beta males to reject — that they would not have in a world without birth control, abortion, penicillin, dissolved community oversight, or social acceptance and even glorification.

The question begging for an answer is this: How long can modern civilization accommodate both beta male reproductive success and beta male sexual isolation? Both female resource exploitation of beta males and female sexual wantonness with alpha males?

One thing is certain: the current system configuration is a boon to, and the reason for, men with Game. Western women are now culturally, economically, and perhaps cognitively optimized to disregard negative consequences from casual sex and to ignore potential risks from “hookups”, while simultaneously readjusting their mate value calculator to de-emphasize the beta male traits of dependability and resource hoarding. Into this steamy, globalized and civilized sex market stew the charming jerkboy strides confidently, knowing no pregnancy threat, angry father, or watchful town squire with a genetic kinship to more than a filament’s worth of his neighbors’ DNA is there to stop him from plundering and ghosting and plundering again.

Weak men create HARD times, indeed.

Twatterer whalefish had some great commentary on the nature of media-manufactured consent, and how it has had to change into something much more nefarious to adapt to the emergence of the internet and the alt-right.

substantial wealth and effort went into constructing the prog monopoly over narrative.

not just the billions poured into the hungry maw of the leprous media, but university and foundation endowments, ngos, para-state.

up to now this was achieved in a largely indirect, decentralized, and deniable manner. what narrative? that’s just free market!

“fake news” is the evolution from prog’s realization that its method of monopoly is broken.

consent can no longer be manufactured; it must now be actively enforced. moving from mixed to command economy of thought.

The leftoid equalist megaphone monopoly power needed a gestation period — say, most of the 20th Century — to consolidate its reach and influence over public opinion and government policy. The Equalist anti-White Narrative (self-contradicting, but that’s the point) couldn’t achieve its breadth of propaganda control if it had assaulted the public mind from the get-go. It needed, as whalefish notes, the cover of “free market” thought-stoppage to lull skeptics into gradually yielding to the Narrative megalith.

But now that the Equalist anti-White Narrative monopoly over information and opinion is breaking apart (and much faster than even I — the Wielder of the Shimmering Shiv of Shibboleth Smashing — had anticipated), the leftoid media monopoly has caught a whiff of, for the first time in ages, its demise. Desperation and panic rush through the legacy media ranks, discipline is lost, and their Narrative shatters into a jumble of confused, chaotic, slapdash counter-maneuvers against a resourceful, cunning enemy far more dangerous than any the hivemind has faced since their coming out party in the late 1960s.

“Fake news” is the latest, and most transparently desperate, Narrative-shoring ploy by the media to beat back the rebel alliance high T-fighters about to drop a broton bomb down their shemale exhaust shaft. The barbarians are at the information gates, and all the besieged occupants can muster is the equivalent of the Chewbacca defense (“ladies and gentlemen of the jury….Chewbacca!”).

Like whalefish ominously observes, what this last hail mary strategy by the media monopoly intent on keeping its power amounts to is enforced consent — we have moved from the “planned economy” stage of media manipulation of public opinion to the “kulak extermination stage”, and dissidents from the leftoid equalist orthodoxy will be literally shamed from the marketplace of ideas by a concerted and coordinated attack of weaponized vilification rhetoric.

The dissident realtalkers won’t be defeated by this, because they gained their power by refusing to bend the knee to the leftoid hatemachine, unlike their cuck forebears who never saw a cowardly posture of impotence they didn’t happily assume.

Something I’ve noticed, and which has been increasingly evident of late, is the leftoid legacy media’s penchant for leading off their lifestyle and culture stories with un-captioned and unidentified stock photos of attractive people intended to mislead readers into assuming the photo is of the author[s] or of the people covered in the article.

This stock photo snow job is legacy media SOP now, and the purpose is to fool the reader about the ugliness of the author[s] or of the people interviewed for the article, for if readers fully grasped that almost all feminist-friendly and shitlib-gratifying culture and lifestyle stories were written by warpigs, about warpigs, then there might be fewer credulous readers lapping up the legacy media’s runny gruel.

Polyamory stories are a classic case of the stock photo snow job, in which one will often see a good-looking couple at the header of the article, only to discover upon further investigation that the featured polyamorists are all physically as well as mentally repulsive.

See through you media, we do. This is pure narrative conditioning, meant to impose a gaslit clown world on gullible readers and exploit their natural human instinct to associate beauty with truth (and hence with social acceptability). I guarantee that if every dumb shitlib article extolling degenerate “progress” had the zoomed-in photos of the authors and subjects occupy half the page, public support for the Narrative would collapse to single digits.

  1. nepotism
  2. disloyalty
  3. cheating
  4. status whoring
  5. androgyny
  6. pedo sex rings

If you encounter a marked increase in the occurrence of one of these signs, rush to your nearest Shitlord Shrine and make an offering to Kek, because your nation is sick and in need of intervention.

If you encounter a marked increase in the occurrence of up to four of these signs, grow a pair and stop kowtowing to mau-mauing shitlibs, because your nation is accelerating toward an ignominious end and needs your bravery of love.

If you encounter a marked increase in the occurrence of all six of these signs, PLUS evidence of incest and pedophilia normalization, your nation is teetering on the brink of total collapse and civil war. Prepare your survivalist duffel and kiss the grid[s] goodbye, because the poz has won and all that’s left is hope for the disease to bring a swift and merciful death to make way for a new foundation upon which to build a better nation for your posterity.

Now, truth be told, I sense, using nothing but my keen powers of observation, an increase in numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…..and possibly 6 (pending a review of pizzagate that isn’t transparently dismissed as “fake news” by nervous legacy media guardians). If there are sociological studies floating around that can confirm or contradict my impressions, I ask the Chateau guests to kindly link to them in the comments. I’ll put them up in the post.

In the meantime, I think it’s best to assume America is going the way of Rome, except on a much more compressed time scale, and to make your decision for poolside or frontline. Trumperica could turn things around….but that might be the triumph of hope over historical experience and acceptance of human nature.


PS Here’s a good article on the legacy media’s three-point plan to recapture and reinforce their anti-White Narrative at a time when they’re under attack like never before by dissident realtalkers. You’ve been warned.

I’ve seen it unfold over the years winding my way through the dating trenches, and the personal observations of other men, plus the occasional sociological study, provide mounting (heh) evidence for what I’ve noticed: that the configuration of the 2016 America sexual market has shifted to extreme female selectivity. It’s why women feel like they can be all the fat fugly tatted up slutted out femcunt they can be without negative repercussion.

(Women’s feelings about their sexual market options are, of course, often at odds with their sexual market realities, but that’s a topic for another post.)

The question naturally arises: how should a man position himself to best neutralize the putative advantage that would seem to accrue to energetically selective women?

The answer is clear to Chateau VIP guests, but will seem to normies like a paradox.

A man should act like he’s selective and women are competing for the pleasure of his company.

This is a truism regardless of the selectivity of women, but it’s even more relevant when women act like they can do no wrong and a TripleA rated Alpha will still land in their sexpot-LARPing laps.

In a culture of extreme female mate market selectivity, the best defense a man can have is Game, i.e., the art of flipping the script. When women are extremely selective, beta males (most men) tend to respond by sucking up to them. The man who acts like he’s selective will intrigue women, and the intensity of this female intrigue is directly proportional to female selectivity. The more demanding the woman, the more aroused she will be by the man who not only refuses to entertain her demands but makes his own demands upon her.

The man who carries himself like he’s God’s gift to women in an age when women believe the opposite dynamic is standard operating procedure will shine like a diamond amid the mass of mediocre males striving way too hard to capture women’s interest. This means, once you clear the debris from your defeatist, rationalizing beta ego, that a sexual market of extreme female selectivity (EFS) is in reality a POON PORNUCOPIA for men with Game.

Remember the old CH maxim: CONTRAST IS KING

Here’s what an alpha man living in an EFS environment sounds like when he understands women and has made his decision for the God of Biomechanics:


You laugh, but I guarantee Tom gets more pussy, and higher quality pussy, with this profile than your average beta male straining to showcase his career accomplishments, male feminist bona fides, and sky diving adventure over the Steppe of Pussboy Servility.

Amoral of the story: Female selectivity is just a green light for male selectivity.

plumpjack makes the case that a common thread of existence binds humans with creatures as lowly as the parasite worm.

the message that people need to get is to ignore all the party lines and focus instead on the biology.

you have hosts at one extreme and parasites on the other. parasites have no morality. once you start seeing parasitism as a “legitimate” survival strategy you cease to be shocked by it. it just IS, and you deal with it appropriately, which, BTW, ISN’T teaching it to be something it is not. you deal with absolute parasites in absolute terms.

parasites need hosts for survival. hosts, oth, NEED parasites because they keep them strong. think about the alt-right movement. why does it exist now, and not 20 years ago? it is the host’s reaction to feeling threatened at a fundamental level. if there were no threats, the host would get soft, which is exactly what happened, and it’s why the strong (shitlords) are now being compelled to act decisively.

hosts vs. parasites. very simple.

And fat hosts = fat parasites.

The obesity epidemic is a physical manifestation of the blubbery softness of the American soul. It’s why the soul is being eaten from the inside out. Let’s hope the immune system reaction is still strong enough to repel the parasitic infestation, and that our next generation of men will be the ZFG Thors our current generation of weepy androgynes cannot even fathom for themselves.

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