thecunt has been saber rattling for war with Russia. I wish that was hyperbole. She is an insane evil witch who hates Putin for whatever godforsaken neocon reason and would work hard to thrust America into a land war in Asia, her finger shaking with Parkinson’s as it dangled over the nuke button.

But maybe there’s another, even more twisted, motivation for thecunt’s rush to an unwinnable war?

Days of Broken Arrows explains,

Hillary wants to send your sons off to war so your daughters will get their jobs. It’s a deliberate attempt to kill off large segments of the male population.

Maybe it’s conscious on her part; maybe it’s unconscious, but the end result is that lots of men will be pulled from the labor force making way for women. I’m surprised no one else has picked up on this. To me it perfectly explains why she’d be gunning for a war with Russia before she’s even in office. Has she been pushing for a female draft? No. Therefore, a large-scale war would be the ultimate “full employment” program for women.

The final solution for feminists, so to speak.

A feminist utopia.

I’ve been saying from the beginning that thecunt is a man-hating dyke. Literally. She hates men and she eats pussy. This is why she was so quick to forgive Bill’s affairs; she didn’t give a shit. Her heart was with other women. This is also why Trump’s unapologetic alpha male masculinity enrages her. She has a visceral hatred of men, and especially of men who act and look like men. It’s no wonder her campaign is filled with bitterbitch cat ladies, gay men, and effete nümales. Not a drop of testosterone between them to offend thecunt.

*The title of this post is modeled on the typical Salon article.

The Wikileaks data dump of John Podesta emails contains one that reads like the script to a movie about a secretive deep state organization running a soylent green operation. It is absolutely surreal and shows the lengths to which the Clinton Machine holds the American people in utter contempt.

The email was sent from Bill Ivey, a former Clinton administration official, to thecunt’s campaign chairman Podesta, on March 13, 2016.


If you can’t make it out:

“And as I’ve mentioned, we’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry.

The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly. This problem demands some serious, serious thinking – and not just poll driven, demographically-inspired messaging.”

Did you catch that, fellow deplorables? Your compliance with the Ministry of Equalism is fading rapidly. You have committed unauthorized “freethink” and “awarethink” as described under statute 4-B of the Ingsoc Sanitization and Unawareness Act, and the Inner Party is very displeased with you all.

This….insolence…by you, the voters, demands some serious, serious thinking….to rectify for good. Your commitment to the Party is….problematic. Please report to your local Ministry of Love Wins for the Rectification Procedure. A Soros agent will assist you in finding Room 101, where you will find a single blue pill….and an arsenic cocktail. Choose wisely.

Big Biddy is watching.


MAGA 2016

GALA 2016

thecunt 666

DOTR 2017

Get Out The White Vote

If Whites vote in this year’s election in record numbers, Trump wins. It’s that simple. Typically, working and lower class Whites don’t vote. They can make The Trumpening happen, but first they’ve gotta register to vote.


cavoritegroup writes,

Reminder to get out there and register people or canvas, especially in battleground states (Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado). There are 47 million unregistered White voters.









Here are links to voter registration information for the rest of the states:


Please forward this post to every White person you know and don’t know. White Americans can make America great again. But they have to pull themselves away from the goddamned sportsball!

There’s uncovered footage of Bill Clinton, while he was Governor of Arkansas, sticking his hand between a female assistant’s legs, who responds by pushing it away. (h/t chris)

8Chan discusses the video here.

In case Twatter deletes the tweet (they will), here’s a YouTube link (don’t expect this to stay up for long either):

Remember folks, this is the man whose numerous sexual assaults were shielded from scrutiny by feminist superhero Hillary “thecunt” Clinton, (with an assist from a friendly media).

Hillary “thecunt” Clinton enabled Bill Clinton’s predatory sexual assaults and went so far as to intimidate his rape victims into silence and to drag their names through the mud. All so she could retain her access to the levers of power and fulfill her political ambitions.

PS Let me explain this post. It’s called war. And in a war you use the enemy’s weapons against her.


Here is a list — a lackey list, if you will — of all the scummy journolisters who essentially work as pro bono freelance operatives for the Hillary “thecunt” Clinton campaign.

The Riptide

Sometime after last night’s debate, I was outside for a run and three well-built college-aged White men were walking toward me on the sidewalk. As they approached, I could hear the word “Trump” punctuating their animated conversation, (one of them referenced Trump’s jail comment). Nearer, I could see they had probably watched the debate at a bar and were returning home a little tipsy. As we approached, the closest man to me shouted “Trump! YEAAHHH!”, and I returned an affirming “MAGA”. He grinned.

It was a fleeting vignette of life in pre-Trumpening America that hinted at a new reality, much deeper and broader than the elite fear to know, beginning to impose its will on the gated mental communities of the liars and crooks and traitors and ingrates who have been running the show into the ground for so long.

What I heard unspoken but radiating outward like a supernova during that brief exchange was White men reclaiming their pride. Reclaiming their balls. Reclaiming their birthright. Reclaiming the nation their fathers and grandfathers built, from the diversity trash and trash-enablers who have spent the better part of the last sixty years conniving and scheming to take the White man’s homeland away from him and turn it into a formless soulless atomized market bazaar of corn and porn trading in the currency of anti-White propaganda and visiting endless lies and humiliations upon heritage America.

The Trumpening is the unstoppable riptide of proud, competent, clear-eyed and heart-swelled White men pulling diseased leprous America underwater and baptizing Her in the reinvigorated blood of White patriots. It is White America taking back what is rightfully theirs, from the grubby paws of the clockboys and the bomb brothers and the BLMers and the bluehairs and the parenthetically privileged and the slut walkers and the fat acceptors and the sneering academics and the vapid celebrities and the cheating chinese and the tim wises and the kardashians and the mudsharks and the cucks and the mexican drug lords and the gay mullatos and the oligarchs and the ethnic dining autist aficionados and the hypocritical virtue signalers most of all who imagine their wealthy retreats will forever shield them from the inevitable consequences of their self-abolishing moralism.

It is a sight to behold, and don’t doubt for a minute that the anti-White globalist whoremongers know the cleansing tidal wave is coming for them.

Self-parody, or mask-slippage? You be the judge.

Bret Stephens admits that the globalist cabal is comprised of a disproportionate number of Semites, which ipso facto forbids criticizing the globalist cabal for pillaging Western White nations and flooding them with third world colonizers.

They think this sophistry still works.

They’re in for a rude awokening.


mendo writes,

I’d say it’s mask slippage more than self-parody.

They’re so enraged that the wool they’ve had over everyone’s eyes is being lifted and there’s nothing they can do to stop it.  It’s getting so bad that they’re losing their cool, letting their emotions guide their actions and the harder they try, the worse it gets for them.

You know what this emotional reaction resembles? The beta male who’s losing his girlfriend and he doesn’t know what to do. His fear and desperation drive him to appease her with ever greater intensity, thinking that’s what she wants, but instead it makes matters worse and firms up her resolve to leave him.

Trump with the pre-debate opening salvo: He punked the media into covering his press conference…with Bill Clinton’s rape victims! The beast is angry. This gonna be good.




The perfect response to thecunt’s “diversity, not divisiveness”:

“Dear Secretary Cunt, diversity CREATES divisiveness. Less diversity, less divisiveness. This is why open borders is a BAD IDEA for America.”







Ever since the convention, I’ve been saying Trump wins if he stays true to his Trumpian essence. Tonight, he was Trump, and he earned a glorious battlefront victory. He was the Trump that Americans would follow into war. And the war, gentlemen, is begun.


The cuntshot:

That line is killer, but Trump’s body language and facial expression right at the moment he sticks the shiv in thecunt is TEXTBOOK alpha male. Watch and learn from a master growing stronger by the day.


So many good fly jokes tonight after a fly landed on thecunt’s face.

“It can smell the manure.”

“Fly landing on the corpse.”

“When Hillary was talking about a no-fly zone….”

“I think you do have to give hillary credit for not eating the fly that landed on her face… had to be tempting”

My contribution: Where’s a telepod when you need one?


Cryptogenic wins the Comment of the Day:

Trump grabbed Anderson Cooper by the pussy.


Clinton News Network has completely dropped any pretense to abiding a journalistic code of ethics. Here they are literally feeding pro-hillary answers to their debate panel. Is it possible to rescind their broadcast license for violation of journalistic duty?

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