A hopelessly lovelorn beta male high school junior hired a pilot to fly a black helicopter over his school’s football field to drop a stuffed animal via parachute with a message attached for the girl he loves. The message asked her to a school dance.

(More precisely, his father, (who should have known better), a senior official with US Customs and Border Protection, hired the pilot. He can’t close our nation’s borders but at least he can close the vaginal borders of the girl his son loves.)

The girl, a kicker for the high school football team

and future lesbian, responded to her suitor’s romantical betatude with the sort of shiv twist that only young women still familiarizing themselves with the extent of their power over horny teen boys are capable of delivering.

“He knew it was my senior year, and I’ve been asked some pretty creative ways before this,” said Victoria Burress, 17, a soccer player and kicker for the football team. “Everyone thinks that we like each other, but it’s not like that at all. It’s just unusual to be that close with a guy and to have him still do something nice for you.”

I bet you felt the sting of that through your screen.

This is the kind of female id napalm that burns so cruelly, that is so publicly humiliating, and is consequently so very illuminating as a lesson for other young men, that the Washington Post, man-hating feminist shitlib bastion, couldn’t bring itself to publish the boy’s name (the paper claims they couldn’t verify the boy’s involvement. yeah right).

High school is a time to make these sorts of mistakes, so it’s easy to forgive this fledgling beta his ignorance of women’s sexual natures and his self-defeating gamelessness. But if a strong alpha male authority figure doesn’t lead him to the light, he risks falling into soulkilling and incel-ifying beta male patterns that will make his dating journey over the years that much more perilous. The time for high school boys to BUSTAMOVE in the ways of women is sooner rather than later.

To the younger men reading CH and still finding their way through the thickets of the sexual market: you don’t want to be that try-hard, overeager, starry-eyed beta male, struck with a severe case of oneitis, who hears that scrotally deflating “but it’s not like that at all” from any girl you like. You want to avoid that at all costs. You want to be the man who hears instead from girls, “I hope he likes me back”.

You can be that man by welcoming the Rude Word of CH into your life.


Commenter eyes open notices something funny in the girl’s quote:

It’s just unusual to be that close with a guy and to have him still do something nice for you.


Eh, too. My guess is the girl was misquoted or….

she unintentionally revealed a deep truth about the modern American dating market: girls don’t judge close friendships with boys based on how nice the boys are to them. Niceness isn’t a characteristic that girls value very highly as a measure of the closeness of their relationships.

Under the classic Game model of picking up girls, Trump has passed through all three stages of the Attraction phase of his seduction of the American voter.

– He has approached the people and opened them.
– He has created attraction and demonstrated his high(er) value to the people through a mix of effective game techniques (anchors, reframes, cocky/funny, body language, AMOGing, push-pull, and storytelling).
– He has forced the other candidates to qualify themselves to him and has refused to comply with the hoops thrown at him by the antagonistic media.

Trump’s Game has been masterful so far. The people are intrigued. Mass Vaginal Tingles (MVT) rocket through the electorate. But this is not enough. It’s one thing to arouse the people to curiosity; it’s quite another to take the people home and bang them silly.

Trump needs to move on now to the Comfort/Trust Phase of his seduction of the American voter. It’s time for him to:

– Build rapport with the people. The Game is played in rapport. This is where Trump must elicit the electorate’s values, mirror those values back to them, and capture and lead their imagination.
– Build an emotional connection with the people. Trump must tap into the deepest fears and hopes and desires of the people and have them believe he is the one who “gets them”.
– Get intimate with the people. At this stage, Trump is speaking past the media gatekeepers directly to the voters, and moving them into position for the final seduction and relinquishment.

The Comfort Phase of Trump’s seduction of the American voter means he has to start spelling out his policy proposals (values) and winning the voters over with promises of something deeper and more intimate than bombastic displays of his alpha sexiness. It shouldn’t be too hard, but it will require some more patience and temperance from him. He’ll have to spend time learning at least cursory details of policies (women) that may otherwise not interest him.

It’s time to “get real” with the people and kiss some babies (women). When he has earned their trust, he will be able to move this glorious love affair to his bedroom for the finishing move — the presidency.

COTW winner is (and maybe for the first time?) regular ranter extraordinaire Matt King, giving his take on GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson and, by extension, the unmoored culture in which Carson’s rise is enabled.

He is a goddamn nagger. Next.

Please, white man, start speaking clearly.

The minute you start examining him beyond his race, you begin — ever so subtly — aiding and abetting the enemy. Maybe that’s not your preferred world, but that is the shitshow we have been given. I’m sure Uncle Ben is really nice. He might even be as smart as Thomas Sowell.

But we are in a fight to the death. All that matters is strength vs. weakness. That’s why Trump can be a secret socialist manchurian candidate for all I care so long as strength is seen winning. The standards of social intercourse have been turned on their ass. Up is down, man is woman, black is white. Nothing can be accomplished until we unfuck the skew that distorts everything. Nothing.

CH pat himself on the back in the prior post for his contribution to a renaissance of this world view, and he should congratulate himself (just like Trump does). He has promoted a return to manliness — albeit with too much focus on the wrong ends, limiting his appeal — and Trump is its first manifestation in politics.

This is not the time to go wobbly. This is not the time for subtlety. This is not time for fairness or justice or correctness. This is not time for an accurate accounting of “the content of his character” or for hammering out the nuances of policy. This is the time for choosing. Time to declare Yes or No, With or Against, Nagger or Afro-American, Cuckold or Conservative, Cunt or Womyn, Live or Die. Punch first, ask questions later.

I chubbed a little.

COTW runner-up winner is Greg Eliot, providing more context to Matt’s comment above.

Yeah, everyone has their “black friend” and “good negro”…

Most still don’t “get it” that

a) they’re “good” until they’re among their own and then see which way the wind blows.


b) the baggage of the rest of their kind isn’t worth tolerating the 20% or so “good” ones.

Sidenote: a local private school in the past few years has, for some odd reason, appointed a mulatto headmaster. Seems like a decent enough fellow and all that, wife has that ol’ fashioned negro “class” (think of the lady that coached the Supremes).

Yet oddly enough, over the past few years, the number of negro parents who are now able to afford the $25K to send their little pickanninnies to the elementary school portion of the school seems to have swelled significantly, and “Diversity” curricula now gets pride of place on all the signage of the school that was founded several hundred years ago.

And of all the foreign languages offered now, not one is that of the founders… go figger.

Diversity™ erodes the nation-state through invidious psy op mechanisms. You are soothed into a comfort bubble of warm altruistic feels, and then one day you wake up to find yourself robbed blind and left in the street half-naked, with no home to go to for respite from the storm.


COTW consolation prize goes to Beautiful Truths Ignored, commenting on the foreign policy the US should have if it weren’t beholden to domestic hostile forces.

1000 Hungarian police on the Serbian border and 1000 Russian troops in Latakia have done more to protect Western Civilization in the past week than millions of American servicemen have done in the past quarter century.

That shiv hit a vital.

How Deep Is The Poz?

For new readers: “poz” is shorthand for the propagation of culture degeneracy, filth, freakishness, and antipathy toward normal, psychologically healthy humans. The epithet is retrofitted from its original use in the gayfag “bug chaser” sewer, where poz is a term of endearment for HIV positive gay men.

The poz is everywhere in America, but just how deep does it go? We turn our attention to the top five films hailed as “masterpieces” at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. Synopses of each movie follow.

The Danish Girl – Set in the 1920s, a M2F tranny freak lops off his penis to become a woman. His wife supports him and takes photos of him in erotic poses.

About Ray – Three generations of single moms, bitchy lesbians, and proud sluts create a huge cunty hug box to help guide a F2M tranny freak teen girl through her testosterone therapy and tit chopping surgery.

Freeheld – Brave lesbian cop, compassionate gay rights activist, homophobic county officials, transformations, and payment transfers.

Truth – Historical revisionism recasting Dan Rather as noble truth-teller instead of as the lying, pathologically partisan shitlib in self-denial that he is and always will be.

Spotlight – Hagiography of Boston Globe shitlib journos who reported on child abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. Not mentioned: over-representation of homosexual deviance in the ranks of the priesthood, Bryan Singer’s Hollywood boylove pool parties.

To answer this post title’s question: The poz goes very, very deep. If your girlfriend asks you to accompany her to one of these fruity, implicitly (and sometimes blatantly) anti-straight white man flics, tell her no way. If she insists, tell her you think less of her for wanting to indulge this garbage.

October 10, 2008, Chateau Heartiste:

VIII. Say you’re sorry only when absolutely necessary

Do not say you’re sorry for every wrong thing you do. It is a posture of submission that no man should reflexively adopt, no matter how alpha he is. Apologizing increases the demand for more apologies. She will come to expect your contrition, like a cat expects its meal at a set time each day. And then your value will lower in her eyes. Instead, if you have done something wrong, you should acknowledge your guilt in a glancing way without resorting to the actual words “I’m sorry.” Pull the Bill Clinton maneuver and say “Mistakes were made” or tell her you “feel bad” about what you did. You are granted two freebie “I’m sorry”s for the life of your relationship; use them wisely.

September 11, 2015, Donald Trump:

“I think apologizing’s a great thing,” [Trump] said. “But you have to be wrong. I will absolutely apologize, sometime in the hopefully distant future, if I’m ever wrong.”


Chateau Heartiste, as usual, is way ahead of the curve. Donald Trump may or may not be a CH reader, but he’s putting CH principles into action, and it’s paying huge dividends.

The latest liberal screech-out is high dudgeon over some prankster teenage muslim mud in Texas who brought a “””clock””” to school as a science project that looked suspiciously like a suitcase bomb, and his teacher justifiably freaked out and called the cops.

Status whoring badwhite-hating disingenuous shitsack liberals, of course, are springboarding off the incident to claim, for the umpteenth time, that racist White America keeps the mudman down, neglecting to mention while in thrall to their righteous indignation that White kids have been tossed out of school and hauled before court for, to wit, bringing in a pop tart bitten into the shape of a handgun.

America, fuck yeah!

Anyhow, as details have leaked past the Hivemind information bottleneck, it’s become apparent to anyone who isn’t a robotic, race creationsist leftoid that the kid was doing the bidding of his white-hating black muslim family. The “clock” was deliberately mocked-up to resemble a suitcase bomb and frighten White authorities, who would react in the appropriate way (and according to Texas law which explicitly forbids bringing objects to school that look like jihadi weapons of area-wide destruction).

The oh-so-innocent Ahmed’s darling parents are lined up behind him in faux outrage, delivering speeches to the media that sound like they were scripted by a team of Alinskyte shock-troop Eskimos.

An emailer adds to the evidence that this bomb/clock story is a giant middle mudfinger in the face of White America,

RE: Ahmed’s completely innocent homemade clock.

When I first heard about Ahmed, the kid who made the news for his “bomb” clock project, I took his side. I played with discrete electronics as a kid. I built breadboards, I soldered, and I experimented with early robotics… In this STEM obsessed educational system, why couldn’t the school officials quickly dismiss this scare as a science project? Why did this make the news? I just didn’t get it… and then I saw a picture of the clock.

From CNN: “A teenager with dreams of becoming an engineer, he wanted to show his teacher the digital clock he’d made from a pencil case.”

Anyone with an understanding of electronics will immediately see this “homemade clock” is not the tinkering of a child or teen. It was never Ahmed’s idea to begin with. This isn’t some innocent science project. The picture of the clock exposes the lie. Ahmed did not lovingly patch together IC chips and resistors, as the media would like you to believe. What you see is the guts from a manufactured digital clock, right down to the 9 volt memory backup, and the prefab button board. Absolutely nothing was made. It’s the equivalent of taking the plastic surround off of your TV and claiming you “made” a TV.

Look at the case itself. CNN calls it a “pencil case.” Please. The whole package is vaguely sinister, and it’s intentional. Notice the nondescript packet of unidentified white powder. See that nice dent in the side? I wonder if you could stash plastic explosives behind that huge LED. Why is the lining so bumpy? Look at the shoddy taping and the twisted wire used to close the case. It’s almost as if someone designed this clock to look like a questionable object.

Again, from CNN: “”I built a clock to impress my teacher but when I showed it to her, she thought it was a threat to her,” Ahmed told reporters Wednesday.” It was really sad that she took the wrong impression of it.””

Ahmed, you didn’t build a clock. You’re a pawn to your Dad’s political and social agenda. This is all a creation of your father. I’m sure he involved you in the process, and made you feel as though you were truly making something, but you didn’t. It’s a clock without its case. Everything in the “pencil case” was made in a factory. See, a legitimate electronics project full of diodes and resistors looks innocent. It usually runs off of a battery, not an exposed AC to DC transformer… speaking of science projects, Ahmed, why again did you bring this to class? Was it part of an assignment? Oh, you just wanted to impress your teacher with a clock you rearranged inside a small briefcase? Hmm…

From dallasnews.com: ““He fixed my phone, my car, my computer,” Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed said. “He is a very smart, brilliant kid.”

If he were so smart, he’d know the difference between creating a circuit and stripping the guts from a manufactured clock. His dad helped him “make” this, and dad helped to make this “project” look as questionable as possible, within the realm of plausible deniability.

The dad is a politician.  He made this happen. Whatever agenda he’s advancing, it just further demonizes western society, and reminds us all to be guilty for how racist we all are. Maybe that’s the agenda.

It’s propaganda.

Yes, and these anti-White ingrates wouldn’t get nearly so much mileage out of their schtick if they weren’t enabled by a ready and willing army of millions of fanatical white leftoids (and their eskimo paymasters) to see how much they can freely shit in the faces of normal White Americans.

Perchance to say, wake up white man. It’s getting ugly out there.

Yet more proof of the CH ur-maxim:


Strip away the particulars of these increasingly unhinged and ludicrous attacks against BadWhite America, and we are left with two insistent questions:

Why are all these ingrate nonWhites even in America in the first place?


Why do White Leftoids have so much power?

Someone’s gotta ask the first principle questions; it may as well be CH.

Uplift Of The Day

Here is a mayor of a Hungarian border town, telling his fellow Hungarians, and the world, that THIS BORDER IS CLOSED. (Stay tuned for the epic trolling near the end.)

“Hungary is a bad choice. Asotthalom is the worst.”

Laszlo Toroczkai should be included as a representative in the MPC “non-shitlib-faces.png” thread.

PS Bring back physiognomy.


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